Junpaku no Koibito

Bizarre Jelly

General Information
Type: Show within a Show
Appear On
Tittle No More Heroes
Type Wii Video Games
Created by Grasshopper Manufacture
Years on Air 2008-2010
Others 2 Video Games

ECCHI WARNING: This Magical Girl may contain nude scenes and some scenes may refer to sexual themes. The level of it depends on the Show. Be careful about this.

Japanese Title: 純白の恋人 ビザールジェリー

English Title: Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly

Concept / Plot

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly logo
This is a fictional japanese anime existent within the universe of No More Heroes video game. It is a magical girl mecha series which centers around three schoolgirls who fight monstrous beings, primarily using a giant mecha called Glastonbury and its individual, perfectly autonomous units. They are Ichigo Beniyama (Strawberry), Ichigo Aota (Blueberry) and Ichiko Kigawa (Cranberry). The fictional franchise serves as a parody of "moe" themed entertainment and their occasionally questionable design elements attracting fans like Travis Touchdown (the main character of No More Heroes Video Game).

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 logo
In No More Heroes 2, the second season called Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly 5 is introduced. Two new magical girls are included to the group: Ichiko Kurogi (Nutberry) and Ichigo Kisaradzu (Gooseberry). This sequel has also an official anime opening.

Appearance in No More Heroes Video Games

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 Strawberry


Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 Nutberry


Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 Blueberry

Blue Berry

the anime does not exist in reality, its appearances in No More Heroes imply that it is a commercially successful series in that universe. Travis Touchdown, the game's main protagonist, owns dozens of pieces, if not hundreds of pieces of Pure White Lover Biz
Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 Gooseberry


arre Jelly merchandise. His motel room contains several obvious examples of action figures, pillows, clocks, soundtracks, stickers, a calendar, a poster, and even a video game. Travis can also obtain a number of official clothing from the series, sporting such designs as the likenesses of the three main characters a
Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 Cranberry


nd even of their individual Glaston units. A limited edition pink and white-toned jacket, pants and belt set also sell high to merchandise collectors. In "No More Heroes 2: Desparate Struggle", Dr. Naomi built Travis a fully-working, full-sized version of the combined Glastonbury, controlled by Travis' motorcycle, and complete with all the same weapons. The Glastonbury emerges from the pool of the late Death Metal's estate when summoned. He uses this to fight Charlie MacDonald's (Assassin #25) giant mecha, the Santa Death Parade. At the climax of the fight, the Glastonbury throws the
Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 Group
Santa Death Parade into outer space and finishes it off with its ultimate attack, "Anarchy in the Galaxy." Sylvia congratulates Travis on a job well done, but was forced to confiscate the mecha, the UAA considering it a public nuisance.

In the second game, Travis can play the Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 game and an anime opening is shown if he clear the stage.

Picture Gallery

Video Gallery

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 - Opening01:10

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 - Opening

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 - Gameplay05:54

Junpaku no Koibito Bizarre Jelly 5 - Gameplay

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