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Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Kazuya Hatazawa


Years on Air 2001-2012
Seasons 3
Episodes 24
Movies 3

Japanese Title: 時空警察ヴェッカー

English Title: Chrono Police Wecker


The series follow a group of young women who are police officers over the flow of time, and are usually led by a male investigator while they fight various monsters while in hi-tech suits.

  • First Season: Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker (2001)

3 Episodes

  • Second Season: Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker D-02 (2002)

9 Episodes

  • Third Season: Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker Signa (2007)
Dvd w signa

12 Episodes


First Movie: Jikuu Keisatsu Hyperion

Db 16808
Airdate: July 25, 2009

Second Movie: Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker Sight

Airdate: February 25, 2011

Third Movie: Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker DNS (Deadly Night Shade)

Airdate: October 10, 2012

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