1 (293)- "Watashi, Kawarimasu! Kawatte Misemasu!!" ("I Want to Change! I'll Show you That I Can!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 01

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 01

Airdate: February 7, 2010

Cure Moonlight fights against Dark Cure before the Tree of Hearts while Sabaku, Chypre and Coffret watch. Claiming that protecting the Tree of Hearts is her destiny, Cure Moonlight summons her Moon Tact; Dark Cure does the same with her Dark Tact. Cure Moonlight manages to give Dark Cure an injury, but suffers a severe blow herself, making her deform half-way. Sabaku watches as the Tree of Hearts, to his surprise, does not die even though all the flowers have fallen. Cure Moonlight tells him that as long as Pretty Cure exist, the tree will never die. Dark Cure attacks Cure Moonlight once again, and the latter uses her Pretty Cure Seed to protect Chypre and Coffret, telling them to take the Heart Perfumes to go search for her replacement. Just then, the Pretty Cure Seed breaks, and to Dark Cure's shock, Cure Moonlight readies herself for her fate. An explosion is last seen. Suddenly, Hanasaki Tsubomi wakes up from dreaming about Cure Moonlight's defeat while she and her parents drive to Kibougahana, where they are moving to.

Although surprised at the dream's realistic feeling, she soon forgets about it when she meets her grandmother Hanasaki Kaoruko, who is waiting for them.

Some days afterward, Tsubomi runs over to Myoudou Academy, where she is starting, talking about her situation and her shy and reserved personality that she promises herself to change from. However, she encounters problems when she introduces herself before her new class, as Kurumi Erika always cuts her off because she either speaks too low or writes her name with too-small letters. Because of this, Tsubomi gains a slight dislike toward Erika, though Erika does not mind and is very familiar with her. Tsubomi soon finds out that everyone except for Erika had quit the fashion club, making her the only member. Seeing the new girl, Erika asks her to join to avoid being cut off, but Tsubomi rejects her before running away. At the end of the day, while Tsubomi notices that Erika is following her, it turns out that they are actually next-door neighbors, and upon getting to know that Tsubomi is trying to change from her shy personality, Erika forces Tsubomi to come into her family's shop, Fairy Drop, to let her change her look.

After some time, Tsubomi is given a new hair style, contact lenses and a new dress, but she runs back home in embarrassment afterwards, as Erika's personality clashes too much with her own for her to be with. Kurumi Momoka, Erika's older sister, tries to give Erika some advice, but Erika shoves her off, going back to her room in frustration. Meanwhile, Tsubomi wonders if she ever will be able to change her personality, and falls asleep, dreaming once again about Cure Moonlight.

After putting on the dress Erika gave her, Tsubomi goes outside, thinking about her dreams and why they feel so realistic, before Chypre and Coffret fall down onto her face. Feeling that the Desert Apostles are close, they hide underneath Tsubomi's dress, making her breast appear large. Sasorina then appears, asking her if she has seen the two fairies, which Tsubomi denies in fear. Although suspicious of her large breasts, Sasorina scoffs before continuing to look for the fairies, and when she is out of sight, the fairies introduce themselves to Tsubomi, the latter doing the same afterward before being asked to take Chypre and Coffret to Cure Flower.

Meanwhile, Erika is at a playground and Sasorina, spotting her wilting Heart Flower, steals it. Seeing this and being explained to about the situation, Tsubomi asks Sasorina to give the Heart Flower back, but Sasorina only uses it to create a Desertrian that tries to hurt Tsubomi, causing the latter and the fairies to run away from it.

When they find a place to hide, the fairies explain to Tsubomi that the Desertrian is made from the Heart Flower's owner's worries, which explains why the Desertrian constantly talks about Erika's hatred and jealousy for her older sister.

Realizing this, Tsubomi stands up for Erika and tells Sasorina not to insult or use Erika's feelings and this caused Chypre's Heart Perfume to react. Now assured that Tsubomi is a part of Pretty Cure, they give her the Heart Perfume and tell her to transform. Although not understanding what they are talking about, Tsubomi does as they say, and transforms into Pretty Cure. While Sasorina is too shocked to act, the fairies tell the Cure to give herself a name, and upon having a vision of a tree in blossom, she names herself Cure Blossom.

2 (294)- "Watashi tte Shijō Saijaku no Purikyua desu ka??" ("Don't tell me I'm History's Weakest PreCure??")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 02

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 02

Airdate: February 14, 2010

After transforming and naming herself, Cure Blossom gets cheered on by Chypre and Coffret, but Sasorina tells the Desertrian to attack them, causing Cure Blossom to panic and jump away, but because of her new powers, she jumps several hundred meters in the air, which panics her even fruther thanks to her fear of heights. When she lands on the ground again, Coffret asks Chypre if it was a good idea to make Tsubomi Pretty Cure, which makes Chypre wonder.

The Desertrian comes closer, which causes Cure Blossom to panic and run around, eventually hitting a tree because her Pretty Cure powers makes her unable to stop normally. Again and again she and the fairies have to avoid the Desertrian, but it ends with Cure Blossom just hitting another tree. Sasorina wonders if she really is Pretty Cure, and Cure Blossom admits that her powers are too strong and that she cannot control it. When the Desert Apostle tells the Desertrian to finish her off, Cure Blossom once again runs away, but the fairies tries to stop her by holding her skirt, embarassing them all. Sasorina stops her from running away by attacking her with her hair, and the Desertrian takes a strong hold on her to squeeze her to death. Just as Cure Blossom is about to give up, a rose petal falls down, and the scenery turns dark and blue. A storm of rose petals forces the Desertrian to let go of Cure Blossom, and when it disappears, a mysterious man is protecting her. Seeing his gentle face, she falls asleep, and the fairies thank him for saving her. Just as Sasorina orders the Desertrian to attack, he uses a heart-shaped item to distract them long enough for him to disappear with Cure Blossom and the fairies. Tsubomi wakes up by the sound of her grandmother calling her name. She finds herself in her grandmother's botanic garden, and Kaoruko explains that she found her there. Chypre and Coffret come out from the stomach of a giant creature and hug Kaoruko, calling her "Cure Flower". Tsubomi is shocked that she knows them and that they called her Cure Flower, and Kaoruko admits that she used to be Pretty Cure. She says that although she has always been the director of the botanic garden, when she did research on the Tree of Hearts, she met Coupe and became a Cure. Chypre and Coffret are shocked to see Coupe there, and exclaims their admiration for him, making Tsubomi feel awkward. When the fairies call Tsubomi the history's weakest Cure, Kaoruko gets an explanation about the situation. In return, Kaoruko explains to Tsubomi the concept of the Tree of Hearts and the Heart Flowers. Coffret then gives Tsubomi the crystal of Kurumi Erika, whose Heart Flower was stolen. Just then, an explosion occurs, and they go out to find the Desertrian and Sasorina, who tell them that this time, they will not get away. The Desertrian, being made out of Erika's negative feelings, admits that Erika only wanted to make Tsubomi popular, but that her older sister still treats her like a child. Seeing Erika's body in pain, Chypre sees that more flowers of Erika's Heart Flower, the white cyclamen, are turning red. Tsubomi is informed that white cyclamen means purity, the red cyclamens means jealousy, and that when all the flowers have turned red, the Heart Flower will wilt, making Erika sleep inside the crystal in eternity. Tsubomi tries to find her Heart Perfume, but does not find it. The Desertrian prepares to attack, and they all hide behind the bushes. Kaoruko gives Tsubomi the Heart Perfume, stating that it was laying beside her when she found her. Telling Erika to keep fighting, Tsubomi stands before the Desertrian and transforms into Cure Blossom, claiming that she will save Erika. She manages to fight it in the beginning, but again runs away when the Desertrian creates a giant hammer and gains the ability to teleport.

Cure Blossom then falls before some wild flowers, and by witnessing the Desertrian destroying them, gains a new power. She destroys the giant hammer and beats down the monster. Although surprised at her rise of power, Sasorina uses her tail hair to grab her, and prepares to stab her with her poison needle. However, angry at Sasorina for stepping on people's heart, releases herself and drags Sasorina down. Chypre and Coffret explains to her that in order to properly defeat the Desertrian and take back Erika's Heart Flower, she needs to summon her Blossom Tact. Summoning it and using Pink Forte Wave, the Desertrian is purified and separates into the doll and the Heart Flower, which changes back to the original color. Connecting the two crystals, Erika returns to normal, and apologizes to Tsubomi for her energtic personality. Tsubomi promises to join Erika's fashion club as long as Erika makes the doll from before pretty again. After thanking Tsubomi and her grandmother she leaves, and Chypre lets out a Heart Seed. Kaoruko explains that the Heart Seed is born from the Heart Flower when it is purified, and Coffret gives Tsubomi the Heart Pot, where she must collect all the Heart Flowers in order to restore the Tree of Hearts. Kaoruko warns Tsubomi that the Desert Apostles' attacks will keep getting stronger, but Chypre is assured that Tsubomi is all right. Coffret admits his doubt for Tsubomi being the history's weakest Cure, and wants to find someone to become a Cure so that he can be a partner, too.

On their way home, Kaoruko again warns Tsubomi about Pretty Cure's powers, and Tsubomi tells that she feels like she has changed by becoming Cure Blossom. Her grandmother admits her worry for Tsubomi getting into danger, but Tsubomi assures her that she will be okay. Ready to give her best, she falls backwards into a bush, and the episode ends with them all laughing under one shining star.

3 (295)- "Futarime no Purikyua wa Yaruki Manman desu!" ("The Second PreCure is Full of Energy!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 03

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 03

Airdate: February 21, 2010

At a hill in the night, Cure Blossom is looking up at the mysterious guy, wanting to thank him for saving herHPC01. However, he surprised her by gently embracing her, and saying that he is being too forward, pushes him away. Accidentally she pushes Chypre and Coffret, as the whole meeting was just a dream. The fairies ask her what the dream was about but she blushes before stating it is a secret. At the window, she meets Erika, who greets her before asking why she doesn't have the school uniform on. Tsubomi realizes that she did not turn on the clock before going to bed and hurries to change.

On their way to school, Erika expresses her happiness when pointing out that Tsubomi followed her advice about taking off her glasses and changing her hairstyle. Tsubomi admits that she thinks that if she changes her outer look, her personality might change, as well, which Erika agrees on. The school clock rings, but when Tsubomi calls Erika "Erika-san" (a common formal way to say someone's name in Japanese), she tells her to stop using "-san", or else Tsubomi will have to buy her milk.

At lunch, Erika takes Tsubomi to the roof, where she claims is the best place to eat thanks to the great view. While eating, Erika mentions that she recently has dreamed about someone called Cure Moonlight who get defeated, and much to Erika's shock and Tsubomi's grief, Chypre and Coffret jumps from Tsubomi's lunch box, exclaiming that it is a sign that Erika can become a Cure as well. Tsubomi explains everything to Erika, saying that her dreams about Pretty Cure were all real, and that she is Cure Blossom, which shocks Erika.

Erika thinks back to Cure Blossom's cute outfit, but before she can give an answer, the student council president Myoudouin Itsuki appears, asking her where the member list for the fashion club is, as he cannot allocate clubs without it. Upon leaving, Tsubomi is blushing and says that Itsuki is cool, in which Erika states that it is the grandchild of the chairman they are talking about, after all. Chypre and Coffret come out from their hiding place, reasking Erika about becoming Pretty Cure, but although Erika likes the thought, she declines the offer, stating that she does not have time. She then leaves and thanks Tsubomi with her for help. Not knowing what to do, the fairies go to Cure Flower for advice. Meanwhile at the Desert Apostles' head quarter, Sasorina reports the news of the new Pretty Cure after Cure Moonlight's defeat. Sabaku states that it will be a bother if she continues to collect Heart Seeds, but Sasorina claims that since she recently became Cure Blossom she can be easily defeated before leaving. Back at school, Tsubomi and Erika, now with banners promoting the fashion club, visits a first-year classroom to ask them to join, but nobody is interested. However, Erika notices a girl looking out at the window. She asks her if she wants to join the club, but the girl Ueshima Sayaka, states that she does not want to join such a weak club. Seeing Erika getting angry, Tsubomi takes her away before a fight starts. At the end of the day, Erika is depressed that they did not recruit any new members when they hear Sayaka askin the soccer coach to join but he refuses as girls cannot join this club.

Erika tries to recruit her again, saying that soccer is stupid. But Sayaka tells her to to insult the Soccer Club before turnning away in tears. Under a bridge, Sayaka asks herself why they can't let girls play soccer, before angrily training with the ball while Sasorina notices her wilting Heart Flower. Sayaka sees some elementary students play soccer, and she is reminded of when both genders could play soccer. Kicking the ball one final time, Sasorina grabs it and steals her Heart Flower.

Having seen Sayaka's Heart Flower being stolen, they see as Sasorina makes a Desertrian out of it, ordering it to lure out and defeat Pretty Cure. When they are gone, Chypre takes care of the body crystal. Meanwhile Tsubomi asks Erika again to become Pretty Cure, but before Erika can explain to her, the Desertrian is threatening the elementary students, asking them why girls cannot play soccer in high school. Seeing the chaos, Tsubomi transforms into Cure Blossom in front of Erika, who admirers how cool she looks. Cure Blossom tries to fight the Desertrian, but is losing. Understanding how much Cure Blossom want to protect everyone's heart, Erika is given the second Heart Perfume by Coffret, and surprisingly transforms and names herself Cure Marine without any guidance, explaining that she learned everything from her dreams, and that she had been thinking of a name ever since they revealed themselves to her at lunch. Cure Marine is much better at fighting off the Desertrian than Cure Blossom, telling the latter that she gains strength meanwhile. After purifying the Desertrian, Sasorina furiously tells Cure Marine that she will be her opponent, but then Cure Blossom comes forth and tells her that she would have to fight both of them. Sasorina then decides to leave. They put the Heart Flower back to the body crystal, and Sayaka wakes up, Tsubomi explaining that she fell asleep during training. Sayaka then apologizes for insulting the fashion club, and tells them that she plans on starting her own soccer club for females, and happily runs toward the sunset while Tsubomi explains the red pionsettia's meaning to Erika. On their way home, Erika gives Tsubomi back the doll from yesterday, now all repaired, but a little girl and her mother comes, and she recognizes the doll as hers.

Tsubomi explains how Erika fixed it for her, and after encouragement from her mother, thanks Erika. Erika states that doing that gave her a happy feeling, and they vow to do their best to protect people's Heart Flowers and save the fashion club.

4 (296)- "Hayaku mo Purikyua Konbi Kaisan desu ka?" ("Is the PreCure Duo Disbanding so Quickly?")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 04

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 04

Airdate: February 28, 2010

People are running from a Desertrian while a man with red hair is smiling down at the scenery. Pretty Cure are seen running toward the monster, Cure Marine saying that they should do a combination kick. However, Cure Blossom trips, and the distraction causes Cure Marine to be hit by the Desertrian. Recovering, Cure Blossom summons the Blossom Tact, but before she can use Pink Forte Wave, she sees a little boy unable to move from the monster, and thus she runs over to him to help. However, the Desertrian knocks the Blossom Tact away from her, and as it is about to attack them, Cure Marine steps in and uses Marine Impact to distract ot long enough to use Blue Forte Wave. Both the boy and Cure Blossom are impressed, though when the boy admits that Cure Blossom was not as cool, Chypre and Coffret appears and tell her to find the Blossom Tact. The red-haired man then appears to them with the Flower Tact, giving it back as a "present". Introducing himself as Kumojaki, he leaves claiming that Pretty Cure are still the weakest Pretty Cure even after Cure Marine joined.

The morning after, Tsubomi feels down for causing Erika trouble, feeling useless. Erika then calls her from the other house, wishing her a good morning. After Tsubomi and Chypre return it, Erika tells them to do their best, and Tsubomi agrees with hesitation, but then decides that she has to cheer up. At the Desert Apostles' homebase, Sasorina is reporting Cure Marine's appearance to Sabaku. Although she states that Cure Marine is stronger than Cure Blossom, Kumojaki appears and states that they are still weak, and asks to fight them once again, as previously it was only to observe how strong they were. Meanwhile, at Myoudou Academy, Tsubomi observes as she realizes just how courageful, strong-willed, strong and popular Erika is, feeling that she is not worth being her partner. At lunch, Erika asks Tsubomi to come over at Fairy Drop after school, as there is something she wants to try. When they arrive, Erika explains that they should try to practice some activities in the fashion club, including finding clothes to use. Tsubomi suggests black and gray, which makes Erika, who is studying color therapy, aware that Tsubomi is feeling down. She tries to cheer her up by taking her on a run, where they witness Kumazawa Ayumi leave Ogasawara Mao, saying that she wants to practice alone for a while. Not knowing of Tsubomi's dilemma, Erika tells Mao that she is much stronger than Ayumi and should look for a better partner, making Tsubomi think that Erika will abandon her and look for a better partner in Pretty Cure. Erika's statement makes Mao angry, and Tsubomi leaves, saying goodbye to Erika without explaining what she is talking about. Chypre and Coffret watch them, worried that the Pretty Cure duo is disbanding so fast.

Later, Tsubomi goes to Coupe and asks him why she became Pretty Cure when all she does is being a burden for Erika and Cure Marine alike. Her grandmother appears to comfort her, telling her that what makes someone Pretty Cure is a strong will and love, something Tsubomi possesses.

Meanwhile, while Mao is training to become strong enough to work with Ayumi again, Kumojaki appears and steals her Heart Flower.

5 (297)- "Kyohi Sareta Rāmen! Oyako no Kizuna Naoshimasu!" ("The Rejected Ramen! Repairing The Father-Son Bonds!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 05

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 05

Airdate: March 7, 2010

Kurumi Erika sees that one of the houses in the neighborhood is opening to be a Miura Ramen Shop, in which the Miura family's ramen is her favorite. However, when they meet the son, Miura Akira, he coldly tells them to not come to the opening. Erika proceeds to tells Tsubomi how he would proudly promote the first Miura Ramen Shop a year prior, so his present attitude is strange.

It is revealed that Akira thinks his father has stopped to care about him and his baseball activities ever since he started with ramen, and so his Heart Flower is withering. This makes him easy target for Cobraja, who is skipping his job to take pictures of himself. Then, he reveals that Akira's Heart Flower was wilting, before he steals it.

Afterwards, the girls turned into Pretty Cure and Cobraja introduced himself. He then throws his images to the Pretty Cure, making them unreasonable. Now, the ramen-like Desertrian prepares to attack the raman shop, but he refuses then starts to sob. Now, the Pretty Cure uses Floral Power Fortissimo to bring back Akira.

After they saved Akira's Heart Flower, Akira's father asks him to play some baseball. Now, Akira's feelings grew elegant, when his father tells him that cheer him at baseball is also his dream.

6 (298)- "Sukūpu! Purikyua no Shōtai Barechaimasu!?" ("Scoop! PreCure's Covers are Blown!?")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 06

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 06

Airdate: March 14, 2010

Kurumi Erika watches as Hanasaki Tsubomi waters the flowers, as she was worried for them throughout the weekend. Then they notice that Myoudouin Itsuki is training at the dojo, but then a girl revealed to be Tada Kanae storms in and takes pictures of Itsuki, after then a person sees her and warns her not to take pictures, he kicks them out and closes the door. However, Kanae is satissfied that she got a picture of one of the most popular students at school. At lunch, before Tsubomi and Erika can go to the roof, Kanae presents pictures of classmates in different comical situations, two of them being Erika when she falls while skiing and Nishihara Daiki when he gets a football to the face. Neither of the two, liked the pictures, but Kanae excuses herself by saying that they bring laughter and happiness to the class. Tsubomi, however, is only focusing on the picture of Itsuki, thinking of it as cool. Kanae then claims that her next goal is to take pictures of the rumored Pretty Cure, which awakens and shocks Tsubomi. Kanae then tried to get proof however, she had failed she then went to visit her idol, Kurumi Ryuunosuke. Ryuunosuke sees through her comical pictures and tells her that they lack love, which triggers Kanae's Heart Flower to wither. Sasorina finds her and steals her Heart Flower, creating a Desertrian out of her camera. The camera-Desertrian takes several pictures of running students, in which the flash turns them to stone. Tsubomi and Erika transform into Cure Blossom and Cure Marine, but in the middle of the fight, Cure Marine turns into stone when she takes Cure Blossom's place. Without the strongest Cure, Chypre and Coffret tell Cure Blossom to use the red Heart Seed, which speeds up her abilities. Confident with her new-found powers, Tsubomi purifies the Desertrian, which turns everyone back to normal again. They reunite the Heart Flower with the crystal, and when Kanae wakes up, Tsubomi encourages her to not give up on taking pictures. The next day, Kanae gives Tsubomi a thank-you for her encouragement the other day: the picture of Itsuki. As she leaves, she sees Erika teasing Tsubomi for her crush on Itsuki and, wondering if they have the love Ryuunosuke talked about, takes a picture of them.

7 (299)- "Akogare no Seitokaichō! Otomegokoro wa Kakusemasen!!" ("The One I Admire, the Student Council President!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 07

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 07

Airdate: March 21, 2010

Ootsuka Tatsuya is reading Tsurezuregusa (徒然草? "Essays in Idleness") for the class, but Erika notices that Tsubomi is not listening to him, only looking at the picture of the student council president in admiration. While trying to make her pay attention, Tsurusaki has Erika translate the essay, but knowing that she got chosen for not listening, Tsubomi explains Erika's situation and translates instead. Her translation, thanks to her experience with her grandmother gains admiration from the whole class, but just as Erika thanks her, Tsurusaki once again asks Erika to read.

After the class, Sawai Naomi, Sakuma Toshiko, Kuroda Rumiko praises Tsubomi for her well translation, but then Itsuki comes to the class to inform Erika that if the list of fashion club members is not reported to him before the day is over, they will have to dismiss the club. Knowing that she only needs three more members, she asks Naomi, Toshiko and Nanami, who are interested in fashion, to join by giving then 20% discount from her family's Fairy Drop shop, plus the Fairy Drop fashionable item, which they accept after some hesitation. Tsubomi and Erika go to the student council room to give Itsuki the list, but to their shock, Itsuki has already gone home and decided to disbound the fashion club. Not wanting to give up, the girls go to Itsuki's home where the butler guides them to the dojo room where Itsuki is training with other students. Tsubomi is amazed watching, but Erika tries to tell her that she should give up before she is shocked, though Tsubomi tells her to be quiet as not to disturb Itsuki's training. After Itsuki is finished, Erika tries to speak, but finds her legs having fallen asleep, making her unable to stand.

They walk outside to talk, and although Itsuki is not sure if it is okay to redo the club list, it is decided that the fashion club will be an exception for now. While the girls are glad, one of the dojo students arrives with tea and calls Itsuki "Lady", which shocks Tsubomi. Erika tells her that everyone at school knows that Itsuki is a girl, and that Tsubomi probably just did not catch it because she is new and often dozes off. Itsuki explains that she has reasons to act like a boy, though she is really a girl.

On their way home, Tsubomi is in despair while lamenting that her first love was for a girl and lasted for three minutes as Erika drags her along while trying to cheer her up. However, Erika fails to find any good words to lighten up her mood, and so only expresses her gratitude that the fashion club is saved. Meanwhile, Itsuki is taking a walk with her older brother, Myoudouin Satsuki, to the lake, where they talk about Tsubomi and Erika and Itsuki's situation, as she has to act like a boy because he, the original heir, is too ill to take over the dojo. Itsuki claims that she is satisfied with the life she has, but when Satsuki grabs her hand and tells her not to force herself, she begins to have doubt.

At the base for the Desert Apostles, Cobraja asks Sabaku permission to go and try defeat Pretty Cure once again, claiming that their last meeting was just a greeting. Having gotten the permission, Cobraja leaves, this time without any Snackey. At Kibougahana, Chypre tells Erika that the shock from Itsuki's gender has given Tsubomi a fever, making her unable to attend school for the day. As the same happened with Erika the year prior when she got to know about Itsuki, Erika understands and tells Chypre to wish Tsubomi well. Meanwhile, at school, some girls give Itsuki girly presents to her, and she accepts them, not knowing that Cobraja is watching her.

Not knowing that Itsuki is a girl, Cobraja is amused that there is someone as handsome as him, but notices that her Heart Flower has just started to wilt. Itsuki hides the presents behind her grandfather's statue as to hide her affection for cute things, but Cobraja approaches her as she's hugging the rabbit doll. As Cobraja rips the doll's ear open, Itsuki tries to attack Cobraja, but he dodges and, using a picture of his as a distraction, steals Itsuki's Heart Flower and creates a Desertrian with it and the statue. Watching this, Erika transforms into Cure Marine. Itsuki's Desertrian catches a girl, but looking at her uniform, she admits that it is cute and that she yearns to wield one, which makes Cobraja ask what she is talking about. She tells him that she is a girl, which shocks him just as much as it did with Tsubomi.

Just then, Cure Marine kicks the Desertrian away and saves the girl, telling her to run while she fights it off. However, the Desertrian tells Cure Marine that she as a girl is so cute, which makes both her and Cobraja feel awkward, before it starts to attack with its lazer eyes that turns people to stone. Back at Tsubomi's, Coffret has arrived with the imprisoned Itsuki and tells Tsubomi that Cure Marine needs Cure Blossom's help. Back at the school, thanks to Itsuki's karate skills, Cure Marine has problems defeating her Desertrian, but when Cobraja comments that as a girl, the Desertrian is strong, the Desertrian gets offended and kicks him away while telling about Itsuki's worries. Cure Blossom, having heard this, gets angry at the Desert Apostles for using Itsuki's maiden heart, and together with Cure Marine uses Floral Power Fortissimo to purify the Desertrian, making the stoned people at the school come back to normal along with Itsuki.

Before the school starts, Itsuki wakes up in the student council room, and Tsubomi asks her if she would like to join the fashion club, as a way to make her relax between student council duties and judo training. Although hesitating, Itsuki says she will give it thought before asking Tsubomi why she is wearing pyjamas. Because she cannot tell that she did not have time to change clothes in order to help Cure Marine, Erika excuses them by saying that Tsubomi is often bumbling and takes her outside.

With a smile, Itsuki goes back to the statue to repair the rabbit doll's ear, and decides to take it with her when she meets two of her male friends. When asked why she has the doll, she answers that she happens to like it, which makes one of the boys say in amusement that Itsuki is allowed to be girly. Tsubomi and Erika watches Itsuki as Chypre brings forth a new Heart Seed and Tsubomi explains the meaning of Itsuki's Heart Flower, the white peony, as it means rebirth of a ruler and radiant confidence. Erika then points out that she still is in her pyjamas, and Tsubomi runs back home to change in embarrasment.

8 (300)- "Karisuma Moderu no Tameiki! Tte, Naze desu ka?" ("Why is the Charismatic Model sighing?")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 08

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 08

Airdate: March 28, 2010

Erika woke up as always and was really tired of her sister being a model, since Momoka has been popular these days, while talking then Momoka told Erika to become a model, Erika then got angry and then was discusing the model job with her, as then Erika and Momoka's parents took a picture of it to save it and show it to them. In school, Tsubomi came with a magazine with Momoka in the cover of it, then Erika saw it but had nothing to do with it then, Tsubomi asked her if she knew Momoka and then Erika said that she was her sister making Tsubomi shocked.

Then, Tsubomi with Erika went and talked together about her sister, then Erika said that her mother was a model making Momoka be one but Erika was jealous of it becaue she wasn't beautful like her. Then in Tsubomi's mind she thought that was why that when Erika's Heart Flower was taken, the Desertrian was saying about her and that she was jealous of it. Momoka then was coming in her school when she arrived everyone was talking about her and that she was cute making her not feel good, then she was abou to eat and then Yuri came as no one else did talking about books.

Momoka became sad and went to Erika but then her friends came at her and then Tsubomi told her friends that Momoka was Erika's sister, then Momoka invited her friends to see her in a photoshoot and then everyone came at Erika and hugged her. In home, Erika showed her designes that she drawed and then Erika became shy and took it feeling like Momoka wasn't going to like it. Then they came to the photoshoot and were seeing her posing making everyone love it but Momoka then saw Erika no heaving fun but then she was talking with her friends, the thing Momoka wanted always.

Then, Kumojacky came as then he saw Momoka's heart and turned it into a Desertrian, which then made Erika sad and angry about it, and they transformed. Cure Marine was about to attack but she then heard Momoka's Desertrian talking that she always wanted to be gathered by people being nice and kind as Erika's friends were to Erika, and then she got kicked by the Desertian, Blossom tried many times but it didn't get defeated, as if then Marine became angry and did Blue Forte Wave and the Desertrian got defeated. Then everything got back to normal, after that Erika and Momoka were talking then Momoka said she liked her drawing making Erika happy.

9 (301)- "Sukauto Sareta Otōsan! Ohanayasan o Yamechaimasu!?" ("Father got Scouted! Is This the End for the Flower Shop?!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 09

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 09

Airdate: April 4, 2010

Obata went to Tsubomi's father as he was talking to him that he had done a company and was about flowers then Obata told him if he wanted to join his company. Tsubomi was with Erika and was hearing the whole thing as soon as she heard about the request that Obata made she freaked out. Then after a walking with Erika she felt better, Erika went curious and asked how her parents had met, and she told the story as they both were in a garden which was with flowers, her father was a proffesor and her mother was searching for a flower, then they bumped without noticing, then Chypre and Coffret then were acting like them but then Erika got annoyed by it.

Then it was night as then they were eating, but Tsubomi wasn't, she really wanted to know if they accepted Obata's request but then they said they weren't. The next morning, Erika was with Tsubomi then they saw Obata talking and then Obata was saying why did her father always rejected his offer. After they went to the garden and talked about flowers then Obata said one more time about hher father to come but then he got dissturped by Kaoruko and then she started to tell the past.

She said that Tsubomi's parents lefted her since she was young, and years, after years she was alone with her grandmother, once then she had grown up, she started crying which made her parents change their work and choose Tsubomi then work. After all that Tsubomi said sorry to Obata and he left. In sunset, Obata was talking as then Cobraja came and took his Heart Flower and summoned a Desertrian as Obata's cellphone, which represented his busy times. Then in the same time, Erika and Tsubomi were talking and then saw a bad noise which was a Desertian and they turned into Cures.

As then they were fighting, but it got hard because the Desertian made bad music, then the Desertrian was talking about Obata's feeling which he always wanted to make new flowers but if he told his company he was afraid that he would get fired. After hearing that, the Cures got power and were attacking which then they defeated the Desertrian by doing Floral Power Fortissimo and everything got back. Obata still got refused by got tips by Tsubomi's father, in the same time, Chypre had a Heart Seed which had made people happier as Tsubomi and her family.

10 (302)- "Saidai no Pinchi! Dāku Purikyua ga Arawaremashita!" ("The Biggest Pinch! Dark PreCure Has Appeared!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 10

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 10

Airdate: April 11, 2010

Tired of their constant loss, Dark Cure asks for permission to go and defeat Pretty Cure, taking Sasorina with her upon her request. At Kibougahana, the girls finish homework and take a walk outside, ending where Tsubomi met Chypre and Coffret the first time. They talk about their fights against the Desert Apostles, but then Ueshima Sayaka appears, telling them how she has made a team of female football players.

While Sayaka and her team is training, Sasorina and Snackeys, dressed as football players, challenge them. As they are losing, Dark Cure appears and, claiming to be a part of Pretty Cure, sends the ball at Sayaka and her friends, injuring them heavily. Tsubomi and Erika find them and take them to the nurse, only to hear that the flowers are crying. They meet Dark Cure, but Chypre and Coffret are kidnapped before they can transform. At the botanic garden, the girls has lost hope, but Tsukikage Yuri gives them some advices about friendship and trust, encouraging them to give their best to save the fairies, who trust them. Where they planend to meet and bargain, Tsubomi and Erika fight through the Snackeys, but then the Mysterious Guy appears and rescues the fairies, giving the girls back the ability to transform. As Pretty Cure, the girls defeat the rest of the Snackeys, but as they are about to take down Dark Cure, the latter opens her eye and sends them down. Seeing how easily they fell, Dark Cure compares them to Cure Moonlight, but Cure Blossom tells her that they are friends and that they will never lose to her. They then use Floral Power Fortissimo, but Dark Cure uses her powers and defeats them, leaving them to deform. As she is about to kill them, however, she sees Yuri in the distance, and decides to leave them be. At the end, Yuri is looking down at a part of her Pretty Cure Seed, which she keeps as a charm.

11 (303)- "Achō!! Kanfū de Pawā Appu Shimasu!!" ("Acho!! Let's Power Up with Kung Fu!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 11

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 11

Airdate: April 18, 2010

While walking to school, Tsubomi noticed that the flowers were blooming, and was happy, but then she asked Erika, what would happen if they had no power to beat the Dark Cure, Erika answered, as to not worry, and they would work it out. Then sudddenly, fromt he garden they heard shoutings as it was Sakai Masato, and Yoshito. Tsubomi then became intrested, but Erika left. In class, the students were reading books, while then Tsurusaki-sensei, asked Masato to read, but he wasn't finding the page, then Tsubomi told him, but too late, Tsurusaki was there, and asked him not to wear "Kung-fu shoes". Then Tsubomi hearing asked herself what was kung-fu.

As it was break, Masato thanked Tsubomi. Then Tsubomi asked where he did kung-fu, and he said that he knew more martial arts than that. Suddenly, Erika laughed at him, and told him he didn't know real fighting. Then, Tsubomi asked Masato if he could teach her kung-fu. At the end of school, Tsubomi wore her sport clothes, and then was with Masato. Far away, Yoshito, arrived as he was mean to Tsubomi. Yoshito then said to her to call him, Yoshito-senpai. Then Tsubomi said it as, "Yoshito-senpai" (senpai meaning elder; the best).

The practice began, with nunchuks as they had to do it by themselves, Tsubomi got it wrong, and hit herself in the head. Far away, Erika, and Chypre, and Coffret were seeing it. Then they had to practice on their stances, but Tsubomi fell, making Erika worried as she shouted Tsubomi's name out loud. Masato, and Yoshito saw her, and invited her. Erika, and Tsubomi then began practicing. Then they left as it got darker. While walking, Erika asked why Tsubomi wanted kung-fu a lot, and Tsubomi asked that she wants to be stronger to defeat enemies.

At gym, Tsubomi got hit by the volley-ball, and then she saw, Masato getting beated at judo. After school, Masato told Yoshito to go home. Then the guy who beated Masato came and was joking with him, Yoshito seeing it then wanted to fight but, Masato didn't let him. Then Yoshito ran away, because of his brother. Erika and Tsubomi arrived, and were telling him where was Yoshito. Masato answered that he went away, and Erika, and Tsubomi left to find him. Meanwhile, at Desert Apostles, Kumojaki was pracicing martial arts too, as he defeated all the Snackeys.

While running to a temple, Yoshito got stopped by the Snackeys, who took his nunchucks.Then Kumojaki appeared and summoned a Desertrian, from his heart flower. Erika, and Tsubomi were walking and then suddenly heard the Desertrian's voice calling Masato's name. The girls then guessed that it was a Desertrian, and then transformed. The Cures arrived and began fighting. The same thing happened to Masato, as he heard his name being called out. Then suddenly he saw a monster, and the Cures fighting. Then he guessed as it was Yoshito, and then suddenly Coffret, and Chypre said no, but the crystal ball was Yoshito.

While fighting more, and seeing that the Cures were having a hard time. Masato went to get the crystal ball, where Yoshito was trapped. Cure Blossom, then was thinking of the lessons that Masato had leaned her, and was quickly fighing the Desertrian. Then, Cure Blossom, performed her finishing attack, Pink Forte Wave, and purified the Desertrian. After everything got back to normal, Yoshito woke up, as he saw Masato, he asked where the monster was, but Masato said that he had seen the same dream, and Yoshito noticing that his brother was hurt, then he said that he was his hero.

Far away, Tsubomi told Erika, that with full power, and friendship nothing could be broken. Then as Tsubomi imitated the Desertrian's voice, she was preteting as she was fighing Erika.

12 (304)- "Dokkidoki Desu! Puropōzu Daisakusen!!" ("Heart Throbbing! Operation Proposal!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 12

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 12

Airdate: April 25, 2010

The episode begins with Sakura, who had call Mizuki to throw a BBQ, party, and they accepted. Meanwhile at the Youichi's flower store, Yuuto had come, and in Sakura's store, Risa had come. Risa told Sakura if she had the most amazing clothes, while Yuuto asked for the flower which bloomed forever, this news made both families shocked. Then Youichi, asked why he wanted those kind of flowers, Yuuto said that he wanted those flowers because they would represent always love, Youichi then said that he could give him fake flowers. While, Sakura asked Risa why she wanted cute clothes, and she answered by saying to get him back.

Yuuto then shouted that he was going to propose to Risa, this made Tsubomi's family shocked. Mizuki started modeling the flowers, while doing that, she saw how Yuuto felt. Yuuto then told her that they didn't see each other much, and that she would, be shocked at the proposal. While Risa, told them Sakura that, she didn't see him much, and if he saw her, he would hate her. The both sides seemed sad because of each other thinking they were in love with another person. Then, Erika took Risa, and showed the best clothes, she then went away, with the clothes, while Yuuto, went away with the flowers.

Meanwhile, at Desert Apostles, Cobraja was afraid that he would be old, if he got beated again by the Cures, then Sabaku came and said that it was his turn to defeat the Cures. At the BBQ, Erika and Tsubomi noticed the same people again, and said that they were lovers, this news made Tsubomi, and Erika happy. Then while making food, Erika, told Tsubomi that it was a misunderstanding as if they both dated other people, then Erika went to tell them but, Tsubomi said not to, since Yuuto was going to propose her. Then Erika, and Tsubomi grouped and made a plan at the bridge, as they would take Risa, and Yuuto, and leave them alone.

They invited them and went at the bridge. Erika, and Tsubomi quickly went away to the river, and had a camera filming them both, and see what was happening. Once the air, blew, Risa felt like she was going to fall, but then Yuuto was holding her. Erika, seeing this then was shouting happily. Then Risa, thinked that she had to have courage, and then was going to tell Yuuto, but suddenly Cobraja came, and summoned a Desertrian out of her flower. Yuuto got scared and was shouting where Risa went, then he saw a monster made of water.

Erika, and Tsubomi seeing it, then turned into Cures. Cure Blossom, and Marine then began hitting the monster, with the help of Blossom, Cure Marine got in the center of the Desertrian, and was going to do Marine Impact, and thought it worked but badly, Cure Marine's arm was absorbed by the Desertrian. Then the Desertrian, took Cure Marine and putted in her body as there was water, once Marine was there, she couldn't get out, and couldn't breathe. Coffret then fast took a bamboo stick and putted in the body for Marine to breathe.

Then Blossom began attacking. Cobraja told then not to fall for love, then Yuuto told him and the Desertrian, that love is life, and then showed the ring, and tulip flowers to the Desertrian, then he shouted to marry her. This made, Risa, and the Desertrian, cry. Then as the Desertrian, was bacing up, Blossom was going to do, Pink Forte Wave, then she performed it, and the Desertrian was purified, and then Marine was in the ground and was trying to breathe. Everything got back to normal, as Yuuto was carrying Risa, then he asked her to marry her, then Risa began to cry. Chypre, then said that she just produced another Heart Seed, this made everyone happy.

13 (305)- "Shinjitsu ga Akasaremasu! Kyua Mūnraito no Shōtai!!" ("The Truth is Out! Cure Moonlight's Identity!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 13

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 13

Airdate: May 2, 2010

Hanasaki Tsubomi is contacted by her grandmother Kaoruko, who tells her that the agave, a rare flower that only blooms once every ten years, has bloomed. Tsubomi hurriedly heads toward Kaoruko's botanical garden, where she sees Tsukikage Yuri. Remembering how Yuri helped her and Kurumi Erika before,HPC10 Tsubomi wants to thank her, though Yuri coldly rejects it, stating that she only told them the meaning of a flower.

Meanwhile, at the train station, Dark Cure appears with the Snackey! Tsubomi learns of it from Erika's phone call and soon arrives at the station. However, Yuri arrives at station before Tsubomi, as her mother is at the station shop, frightenly protecting the lagging children. Yuri elegantly dodges the Snackeys one by one, helps out her mother and the children in the blink of an eye when Tsubomi and Erika appears and transform into Pretty Cure. The Cure Blossom and Cure Marine challenge Dark Cure, but for some reason, she targets only Yuri. At that moment, Dark Cure says something to Yuri which shocks Pretty Cure: Yuri is Cure Moonlight.

14 (306)- "Namida no Haha no Hi! Kazoku no Egao Mamorimasu!!" ("A Tearful Mother's Day! Protect the Family's Smile!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 14

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 14

Airdate: May 9, 2010

Erika forgets her lunch, leaving her hungry through the pause. Tsubomi offers half of her, giving Erika her idea of asking food from every classmate. She ends up asking Shiku Nanami, whose lunch looks graceful. Tsubomi comments how good Nanami's mother is in cooking, but Erika shoves Tsubomi aside, telling her that Nanami's mother died years ago. However, when Tsubomi thinks Nanami is angry for mentioning her mother, instead she tickles her and tells her to smile, as smiling is the most important thing. Later, Nanami shows some signs of artistic talent, but rejects the offer to join the fashion club, as she has to take care of her little sister.

Later, after school, Nanami takes her little sister Rumi around to shop for dinner. As they know most of the people at the street, they are not afraid to bargain down the prizes, even when they eventually come to the Hanasaki Flower Shop and find a carnation that Rumi wants to give to her mother's memory picture. At home, when Rumi looks at the picture, she starts crying, not wanting the comfort Nanami offers. After dinner, Rumi walks away from home, and when Nanami tries to follow, tells her older sister that she hates her and wants her mother. Nanami, angry and hurt, tells her that she does not care, which hurts Rumi and causes her to cry as Nanami walks away. However, in a corned, Nanami cries and hits herself as she tries to force herself into smiling, as that is the most important thing to do. But she is questioning this statement, and it is revealed that her Heart Flower is in fact locked, so that Nanami is unable to tell her real feelings to anybody. Sasorina sees this and manages to open the cage, stealing her Heart Flower to make a Desertrian.

Tsubomi and Erika transform to Pretty Cure to get the Heart Flower back, but before they can defeat it, the Desertrian, finally out of the cage, cries out Nanami's real feelings, telling a present Rumi that she, too, misses their mother, but has to do her best and hide this pain for Rumi's sake. Eventually, Pretty Cure manage to heal Nanami's wilting Heart Flower, causing Sasorina to run. In her sleep, Nanami remembers when she made a carnation for Mother's Day she did not like the results of as little, but her mother told her that she loved the carnation and that Nanami should smile, as the most important thing is to smile. When she wakes up, she finds Rumi crying into her lap, apologizing for her bad behavior. Nanami, finally understanding why smiling is important, whipes the tears away from Rumi's face like her mother did in the past and tells her to smile. Tsubomi and Erika look from a distance, explaining how the carnation that was Nanami's Heart Flower means a mother's love.

The day afterward, Nanami and Rumi appear before Hanasaki Flower Shop again, Nanami with a carnation from Rumi. She asks if she still can join the fashion club, as long as she can take some days off because of family, which Erika accepts. At Mother's Day, it is revealed that Hanasaki Mizuki, Tsubomi's mother, and Kurumi Sakura, Erika's mother, received the presents the opposite girl usually gives to her mother.

15 (307)- "Nanto! Seito Kaichō ga Kyūto na Fuku Kichaimasu!" ("Unbelievable! The Student Council President in Cute Clothes!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 15

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 15

Airdate: May 16, 2010

Myoudouin Itsuki still likes feminime clothes, but her family troubles keep her from wearing anything. Tsubomi and Erika try to make her join the fashion club to explore more of her feminime sides. Before her practice, Itsuki creates her own design, but hides it when her grandfather came to her room.

The next day, Tsubomi and Erika came to Itsuki's dojo and explained about Itsuki's fashion design. Then, they show her how to make her clothing by cutting and sewing. Tsubomi showed Itsuki how to sew the clothing before she done it with her own. The girls wanted her to wear the clothing, and Itsuki became shocked. She then wear her own clothing, and her older brother, Satsuki, came and tells her that her shirt fits for her as the real Itsuki.

The new dojo student, Hiroto, came by and take over the dojo. Now, Itsuki and Hiroto made a match, and Itsuki finished Hiroto. But, Hiroto starts to cheat on her, by flipping his hair at her. Hiroto takes the Myoudouin board, because of Itsuki's loss.

Itsuki starts to worry about her martial art skills, but the girls encourage her to be honest. Hiroto was upset and doomed, because he has a foul play by Itsuki and was disqualified by the dojo. Kumojaki appeared and steals his Heart Flower. The girls transformed into the Pretty Cure, and Itsuki knows that their costumes are cute. Now they use the Floral Power Fortissimo, but Kumojacki released a new power, the Big Bang, to break apart of the road. Itsuki saves Prettty Cure, and fights Kumojacki. Finally, Pretty Cure continues their Fortissimo to save Hiroto.

This evening, Itsuki appeared by Hiroto, making him apologize to her grandfather about the foul play. Itsuki's grandfather explains about Hiroto's self-betrayal of martial arts. Then, Itsuki shows respect to her family.

16 (308)- "Raibaru wa Erika! Engekibu kara no Chōsenjō desu!" ("Erika's the Rival! Written Challenge From the Drama Club!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 16

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 16

Airdate: May 23, 2010

Takagishi Azusa, the leader for the theatrical club, arrives and challenges Erika and her fashion club to a contest in whose designs are best. While they seem to be enemies, Azusa and Erika are actually on good terms, despite their very different kinds of leadership. Azusa judges the designs Erika has to offer before going on to state they need a fabulous rich womans attire for the Drama clubs performence. So the Fashion Club begins to redesign.

At the many commands Azusa makes, the drama club members soon become tired and aggitated and all end up quitting. Azusa, who is depressed goes to think about things while she comes by to see Erika and the fashion club having fun. Which begins to make her wonder about why her club may have quit on her.

Cobraja appeared dramatically and steals her Heart Flower to create a show light Desertarian. Chypre and Coffret go to find Tsubomi and Erika to make them transform into Pretty Cure. As they fight, the drama club members begin to hear and are shocked by Azusa's true feelings. To which Marine ues Blue Forte Wave to save Azusa.

Azusa soon wakes up to realize what she was doing wrong as the club members begin to return to her. she is very surprised by this and after she promises to be kinder to them and listen, they begin to practice harder then ever before! The performance goes on perfectly and everybody loves the designs the Fashion Club had made for the show.

17 (309)- "Mitomete Kudasai! Watashitachi no Purikyua Damashii!" ("Please Acknowledge Us! Our PreCure Spirit!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 17

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 17

Airdate: May 30, 2010

The girls go to the botanic garden so that Tsubomi can show Erika some Otome Lilies they have there. While there, they meet Tsukikage Yuri, who was invited by Tsubomi's grandmother to see the lilies too. They talk over a cup of team and Erika whispers to Tsubomi that it is a good opportunity to ask Pretty Cure advices from Yuri. When Kaoruko ran out of tea snacks, the girls and Yuri decide to go and buy them, the girls using the chance to ask heradvice, since she was Cure Moonlight before. She, however, explains how she fought alone her whole life as Cure Moonlight, and that she does not accept Tsubomi and Erika as Pretty Cure. Over at the daifuku store, they meet Harano Masahiro, who also struggles to be accepted by his superiors, his father and grandfather. Before Tsubomi, Erika, and Yuri leaves, Masahiro brings the daifuku to them so that Kaoruko can eat them, but Erika tastes one daifuku delightfully. At the botanical garden, Kaoruko says the daifuku is delicious, but it still has a long way to go. Tsubomi and Erika wonders if Yuri thinks the same way about them. That night Tsubomi has another dream of Cure Moonlight's defeat and goes to talk with her grandma. She tells her how the Desert Apostles are trying to take over the world ever since the ancient times. She was chosen as Cure Flower while studying the Heart Tree. Time passed and after her Yuri was chosen as next Cure - Cure Moonlight. She wanted to finish the Desert Apostles alone and for all, but there were new enemies - the strong Dark Cure and mysterious Professor Sabaku. Tsubomi asked if Yuri will accept them if they become stronger. Kaoruko said she might,but being accepted is not the most important thing - sht told her to think what is. Later that night, Masahiro works making the daifuku seriously to pass. The next day, Masahiro fails, because his father and grandfather were unsatisfied by his daifuku, even though he put the same ingredients they were using. Masahiro runs away from his father and grandfather. Sasorina appears to steal Masahiro's Heart Flower to turn him into a daifuku-making Desertrian. Tsubomi and Erika see this and transform. Pretty Cure return to save Masahiro. Then, the daifuku-making Desertarian uses sausages to attack the Cures. Tsubomi tells him the most important thing isn't to be acknowleged, but to make sweets that customers like. Desertrian attacked again, but Yuri, who was watching it, saves them with her half Pretty Cure Seed as a shield. Before the shield broke, she used the flash to knock over Desertrian. Then she told them to quickly finish him. The girls thanked Yuri, but she just said she did nothing and walked away while the Cures returned Masahiro's heart flower. Later Masahiro was making daifuku with his superiors again and they were accepting his daifuku.

18 (310)- "Saikyō Densetsu! Banchō Tōjō, Yoroshiku Desu!!" ("The Greatest Legend! Pleasure To Meet You, Big Boss!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 18

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 18

Airdate: June 6, 2010

Ban Kenji leaves the school and purposely slammed the door. The people laughed at him, and he glares him with his left eye. The students and very frantic and grave, except for Tsubomi. Erika starts to felt shocked about Kenji, then tells a story about Kenji as a "legendary delinquent" but scary leader.

Next, Tsubomi and Erika visits Ken's mother at Ban's house. Ban sneaks and hide from his mother at the bushes, but Erika sharply sees him. Ban begins to panic silently and scares Erika with his left eye. Then, the girls ran away, but Kenji starts to chase them. Tsubomi fell at the stairs; Kenji and Erika rescue her. The three woke up during the fall, then Kenji shows his secret work of his shoujo manga starring the Pretty Cure. The girls are shocked and Kenji starts reading it. He tells that Cure Blossom will be the love cupid and Cure Marine fell in love with him (unfortunately, with long hair). Kenji was unable to finish the manga, but the girls helped him.

At his house, Kenji tutors the girls how to draw the manga, but his mother and Kurumi Sakura came to the house. Tsubomi, Erika, and Kenji start hiding the drawings panickly and bring their studying materials out. The mothers came to Kenji's room to see what is going on with them. Sakura begins to open the curtains and spies Kenji's drawings. He explains his mother that he lied, because he was drawing manga secretly, then ran away.

Kumojaki spies that he was going to read Kenji's manga, but was terrified when the Pretty was in the manga. He then steals Kenji's Heart Flower. Pretty Cure begin to rescue Kenji turning himself into an ink Desertrian. They use Floral Power Fortissimo finally.

Kenji felt like he was going to chase his dream of being a manga artist, so his mother will not be worried anymore.

19 (311)- "Namida no Yomeiri! Chichi no Hi Kinen Shashin Desu!!" ("A Tearful Wedding! Father's Day Souvenir Photograph!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 19

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 19

Airdate: June 20, 2010

The episode starts with Tsubomi looking at Erika's father's pictures. She wants to see their family pictures, but Erika says her dad is always left out, since he did all those pictures. He decides to go on a family trip with everyone and takes Tsubomi as their cameraman. They arrive at the farm where Horiuchi Tadashi and his daughter Aki live. Aki tries talking her father to move away with her, but he doesn't want to. While staying there, they help the with farming jobs. Tsubomi and Erika are in super high spirits, harvesting potatoes and tomatoes while the rest cook freshly harvested vegetables, and they are placed in a row on the table. The topic for the fun dinnertime is Aki, who will soon get married. But even though she talks happily, her face occasionally becomes gloomy. After dinner Tsubomi and Erika look at the pictures while Aki comes. She sees her father smiling with tomato and starts crying, saying she can't leave her father alone. Meanwhile snackies take pictures of Cobraja, but the backround doesn't suit him so they all go out somewhere more natural. In the morning Tsubomi and Erika are taking a walk when they see Aki tring to talk her father into moving with her to the city, but he refuses to leave his farm. Aki says she won't get married that way, but her father tells her he'll still be farming after she gets married. Aki gets mad and runs away. Erika tells everything to her father. He tries talking with Aki, but he only makes her angry. Erika tells this to her mother and sister. Her mom tells her how he cheered her up when they met. She says everything will be fine if they leave this to him. Later he wants to take the family photo of Aki and her father, since feeling in pictures never fade. Tsubomi and Erika go to call Aki, while Cobraja arrives at the same farm. He tries talking with a scarecrow, but it doesn't answer. Aki comes to tell him to don't step on a farm, when he sees that Aki's Heart Flower is weakening and creates a scarecrow desertrian. Tsubomi and Erika transform to Pretty Cure. Desertrian is too fast, so the 2 Cures use Red Heart Seed to speed up. They try spinning desertrian, but they get tired soon. Desertrian sticks them to the ground, unable to move. Then Erika and Aki's fathers come. The desertrian shouts out Aki's feelings, that she can't marry and leave father alone, and Erika's dad shows desertrian a photo of their family, and it makes the desertrian stop moving. Cobraja just laughs at them when the Cures get away with Giant Explosion. Marine defeats the desertrian with Blue Forte Wave. After that Erika's father takes the family picture of Aki and her dad. Their dog Maru joins too.

20 (312)- "Daisan no Yōsei! Popuri wa Kawaii Akachan Desu!!" ("The Third Fairy! Potpourri is a Cute Baby!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 20

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 20

Airdate: June 27, 2010

The episode starts with Chypre and Coffret sleeping on Coupe, when suddenly his heart started shining. The fairies took out the shining Heart Pot. Meanwhile, at the Heart Tree, yellow fairy appears. At the Desert Apostles' hideout, Dune contacts Sabaku. He says something helped Cure Flower to defeat him back then and they must find this thing. The clue is at the Heart Tree, so Sabaku sent Dark Cure to look for it. At the Fairy Drop, Momoka suggests Tsubomi to be a model with her - the model who was playing her little sister suddenly dropped and the model is around Tsubomi's height. Back at the Heart Tree, the yellow fairy was playing when Heart Tree told it to hide. Dark Cure appeared near the Heart Tree, but the fairy created a shield to protect it. Dark Cure realized, that there is a fairy inside and Sabaku told her to capture it, since the fairy might be a clue Dune was talking about. Dark Cure tried destroying the shield and almost did that, when the Heart Tree told the fairy to escape. She did this and the Heart Tree disappeared. Dark Cure wanted to chace it, but Sabaku told her to look for the Heart Tree, since the fairy probably flew to the place where the Cures are, and this is Sasorina and others' job. He calls the trio, but Sasorina came to hunt Pretty Cure already on her own. Meanwhile, in the photo session, Momoka tries making Tsubomi look good when she notices Karin, the girl who was supposed to be her little sister, watching the photo session. All 3 girls ran out while Karin was hiding, angry, that Momoka changed her so fast. The fairy was flying over Kibougahana and crying. Chypre and Coffret heard it and went out. Meanwhile, Karin remembered how Momoka was telling her how she hogs too much spotlight and shouts on her, that she, born from so much talent, can't understand her at all. Momoka was telling the same story to Tsubomi and Erika. She said Karin has talent and she just wanted to help her. The staff also wants her to be back. Karin was walking the street angry, when Sasorina found her. She made a mannequin desertrian from her wilting heart flower. The desertrian headed to the studio for Momoka. The fairies returned and told everything to Tsubomi and Erika.The 2 girls transformed to Cure Blossom and Marine.The Cures were fighting desertrian and was about to defeat it, but Kumojacky and Cobraja caught them. They threw Cures to the wall, prepared to finish them with their moves, when the fairy used her shield to save them. Chypre and Coffret explained, that the fairy was born from the Heart Tree and she introduced herself as Potpourri. While the Cures were squeeing over her cuteness, Sasorina ordered Desertrian to attack. Marine defeated the desertrian with Blue Forte Wave. After that the girls brought Karin back to Momoka where the staff told her Momoka was worried about her. Karin apologized to everyone and started crying. At the end of the episode, Tsubomi realizes, that if 3rd fairy is born, that means 3rd Cure is here!

21 (313)- "Yōsei Adobenchā! Purikyua Sukauto Sakusen Desu!!" ("Fairy Adventure! PreCure Scout Plan!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 21

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 21

Airdate: July 4, 2010

Tsubomi showed Potpourri to Kaoruko that she was just born from the Heart Tree, Erika then was hugging her but then she spotted a Heart Seed but Potpourri then took it, Kaoruko also spotted that saying that it was somthing powerful which gave the Cures power, while talking about things Potpourri said to the girls that they should find the 3rd Cure or else the Heart Tree would be on danger, then Potpourri said she knew who it was and hugged Kaoruko as she said that she was but mistakenly Kaoruko answered that she had already a partner making Potpourri sad.

As a plan to find the 3rd Cure, Chypre and Coffret with Potpourri were dressed as a grown up to look for the 3rd Cure, they went to Tsubomi's school but it made a mess as Potpourri thought the teacher was the 3rd Cure but it went wrong. After that, in the yard filled with flowers they saw people photographing flowers, but Potpourri thinked as it was rude to do that, then Potpourri told people that she was a "Pretty Cure Scout" but then people sayed that they wanted to be a Cure but then people started to chase Masked Potpourri because she flied.

In classroom, people were saying about the Masked person but then the teacher came making them sit and not talk while she looked for the Masked person, while searching Cobraja came and took her Heart Flower and the teacher had freaked out about it but then Cobraja summoned a Desertrian, then Tsubomi and Erika came and turned into Cures as they were fighting the Desertian was talking that she was scared of monsters as then Cobraja heared it he just was laughing about it, but the Cures felt bad and then destroyed the Desterian and retunrned the Heart Flower and Cobraja was mad about it.

As then they were at Kaoruko's to speak about the 3rd Cure but then Yuri came as she found out who the Masked person was, then Potpourri saw Yuri making her the 3rd Cure but Yuri coudn't since she was already one but her Heart Seed was broken. Potpourri then was sad again but still curious for the 3rd Cure as and the other's also.

22 (314)- "Tsui ni Mitsukemashita!! Sanninme no Purikyua!!" ("Finally Found Her!! The Third PreCure!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 22

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 22

Airdate: July 11, 2010

The girls spotted that the yellow flowers are wilting and Tsubomi remembers, that she needs to go to the Gardening Club. At the Gardening Club, they meet Mizushima Aya, a nervous Gardening Club president who adores flowers, but did not take proper care of them. Aya starts to run for it with Tsubomi and Erika, then trips at the wheelbarrow with dirt. the dirt spilled the flowers and Aya panics, but Tsubomi helps her. Aya starts to whimper and other members told her to don't cry. Tsubomi apologizes for missin yesterday and Aya starts crying again. Erika, who dragged along with Tsubomi, mentions, that Tsubomi is Kaoruko's granddaughter. Aya wants to meet her and Tsubomi lets her.

Potpourri felt impetuous about being the fairy without the third Pretty Cure. Aya and the girls come to the bonatical garden, and greets herself frantically, but mistakes Kaoruko for by Coupe. Aya tries explaining Kaoruko her worries and Kaoruko says she needs love and patience. And a bit of self-confidence

The next day, Aya recieves a message from Myoudouin Itsuki that the Student Council needs some green curtains (layers of leaves that can cover some parts of the building). Aya and other members (including Erika) create green curtains, but the typhoon starts blowing. Meanwhile, Kumojacky creates a deathblow called the Typhoon Punch. Snackeys were blown away by the typhoon.

Next day the school was closed because of the typhoon, but Tsubomi and Erika rushed to help protecting the Green Curtains. Aya was here to help too. Everyone were protecting green curtains, but Aya sees, that part of the curtains is wiltingand blames herself. Aya runs away and Itsuki came worried about the green curtains too. Kumojaki steals Aya's Heart Flower, and turns her into a cucumber desertrian. Tsubomi and Erika transform to Blossom and Marine.

After some fight Marine purifies Desertrian with Blue Forte Wave while Blossom was fighting Kumojacky. He used his Typhoon Punch while Tsubomi uses Blossom Screw Punch. The 2 attacks tie. Kumojacky leaves. Blossom returns Aya's heart flower and before they can de-transforms Itsuki comes. The Cures tell Aya just got tired from working so hard. Itsuki notices Potpourri on the ground and hugs it, thinking it's just a cute plushie. Potpourri feels somehing about her. Then typhoon stopped and sun came out. When Aya woke up, Tsubomi and Erika told the plant will be fine and it hadn't wilted completely so it'll get better. Aya determines to don't get too emotional and have patience.

23 (315)- "Kyua Sanshain Tanjō Desu!!" ("Cure Sunshine is Born!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 23

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 23

Airdate: July 18, 2010

After Myoudouin Itsuki found Potpourri as a doll, Potpourri woke up Tsubomi that night and wants to see Itsuki as a Pretty Cure.

Potpourri became more impetuous to see Itsuki as Chypre and Coffret calm him down. Itsuki visits the hospital when Tsobomi and Erika spies upon what was happening. She wants to take care of her brother, Satsuki, but he does not remind the light.

The next day at the hospital, Potpourri came by Itsuki, making her freak out. However, Itsuki sees her brother trembling. It is revealed that Satsuki is afraid of what will happen after the eventual successful operation, and fears the changes that will happen.

Sasorina catches this fear through his wilting Heart Flower, and decides to steal it and fuse it with his wheelchair to make a Desertrian.

Itsuki, Tsubomi, and Erika founded out that Satsuki was missing, but revealed that he is taken by Sasorina. Pretty Cure try to fight it, but are useless. Potpourri protects Itsuki from the Desertrian, feeling the same thing as Itsuki was doing. Wanting to protect her brother, Itsuki transforms into Cure Sunshine.

24 (316)- "Kokoro no Taiju no Kiki! Purikyua, Tobimasu!!" ("Crisis of the Heart Tree! Time to Fly, PreCure!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 24

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 24

Airdate: July 25, 2010

After the battle, Sunshine encouraged her brother to don't be scared and defeats the Desertrian with Gold Forte Burst. When her brother woke up he told Itsuki how he saw a beautiful girl, sparkling like the Sun, encouraging him. He apologized for letting her see his weak side. Then he went to have a surgery with his mother and grandfather supporting him. Meanwhile Itsuki thanked Tsubomi and Erika for letting her become a Cure when suddenly Potpourri's heart necklace started shining. The Heart Tree was calling them because Sunshine was born. Meanwhile, Sasorina came back and told Sabaku and Dark Cure about the third Cure with jealousy. Dark Cure realized the third fairy is with the third Cure and teleported away. The girls quickly went outside and the mascots told them to fly to the Heart Tree in the sky. Then they transformed into magical capes on the girls' backs and let them fly. Itsuki promissed Potpourri to defend what Potpourri wants to defend and the 3 girls flew to the Heart Tree. Dark shadow was listening to their conversation before disappearing. The girls flew in the sky with Erika enjoying and Tsubomi being scared of heights. Itsuki told her to hold her hand and she'll be less scared. Then they reached the Heart Tree. Tsubomi and Erika introduced themselves to the Heart Tree. Heart Tree accepted their feelings. Erika talked about the dream where Cure Moonlight is fighting near the Heart Tree and Itsuki said she had the same dream. Then they noticed some flower buds growing. Suddenly Dark Cure came.They all transformed. Dark CUre attacked and everyone started fighting. One of the attacks hit the Heart Tree, making the buds fall. Potpourri got angry at her and started shouting, making Dark Cure attack her and the tree and all the buds fell. Potpourri wanted to cry but Sunshine comforted her. Blossom used her Pink Forte Wave, but it didn't work. Dark Cure used her Dark Forte Wave. Sunshine used Sunflower Aegis to repell the move back to her and then used Gold Forte Burst to stop her. Blossom and Marine used Fortissimo to distract her while Sunshine and Potpourri created a shield on the Heart Tree. Dark Cure tried attacking but didn't make it in time as the shield fully covered the tree and disappeared with everyone. The Cures appeared at the neighborhood hill and the Heart Tree was safe fying where the Desert Apostles couldn't find it. Later, at the hospital, Satsuki woke up and his operation was successful. Everyone were happy.

25 (317)- "Umi e Gō Desu! Itsuki Ukiuki Natsu Gashuku!" ("Let's Go To the Beach! Itsuki's Lighthearted Summer Camp!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 25

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 25

Airdate: August 1, 2010

Satsuki got better so he with Itsuki and their mom were walking outside. Itsuki's mom told Itsuki to go out with her friends more since it's summer vacation. Suddenly Tsubomi and Erika came to them and called Itsuki by her first name. Itsuki called Tsubomi by her first name too. They invited her to go to Fashion Club's summer camp and her mom agreed. Erika was really excited for the trip with Tsubomi having to remind her about the reason they are here: club activities. When they arrived at the sea Erika was having fun and others were surprised, that the Student Council President belongs to the Fashion Club. Itsuki also worried if it was right for her to come, since it's their summer camp after all. Erika quickly, with Tsubomi's help, changed Itsuki's school uniform into the dress she made. Everyone loved it even though Itsuki was kind of embarrassed. The girls felt, that Student Council President suddenly became Itsuki-san. With everyone's hearts as one, they started having fun. Later Erika told everyone to design a theme for autumn's Fashion Show with Itsuki being worried what will other members of Student Council think. Tsubomi and Erika encouraged her. The theme is A New Me. Meanwhile, the Desert Apostles were also having their summer camp to defeat Pretty Cure. During the night Erika wanted to tell horror stories while others wanted to know about Itsuki. Itsuki answered their questions and wanted to know more about everyone. Meanwhile, Cobraja couldn't sleep because of Kumojacky's loud snoring. He went out and saw beautiful moon. Itsuki was watching the same moon when Tsubomi went to her. She said she had fun today with everyone. Cobraja noticed them, but decided not to attack, since the Moon is too beautiful today. Next morning the 3 Cures were running at the beach followed by the fairies, having Pretty Cure training camp when all 3 Desert Apostles came. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Blossom was fighting Cobraja, Marine was battling Kumojacky and Sunshine was against Sasorina. After fighting a bit, Sunshine used Gold Forte Burst to purify Sasorina, but Kumojacky and and Cobraja saved her and disappeared. Later the girls continued designing and Itsuki drew a lot of designs, since after meeting everyone ideas just kept popping into her head. The girls continued their summer camp.

26 (318)- "Yūki o Dashite! Tomodachi ni Naru tte Suteki nan desu!!" ("Have Courage! It's Wonderful to Be My Friend!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 26

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 26

Airdate: August 8, 2010

The girls continued their summer vacation/training camp by splashing with water though Naomi seemed to be troubled about something. Later the girls were drawing designs and while they all were tired, Tsubomi insisted for them to keep drawing. However at the mention of rare flowers growing Tsubomi agreed. The girls high-fived eachother, though Naomi's high-five was weak. Later when they were going through the forest, Erika saw a spider and everyone got scared. Itsuki calmed everyone down and moved the spider away. Tsubomi started talking with Naomi, who told Tsubomi how she always looked up to Itsuki and wanted to become friends now that they're on the same club and same summer camp, though she wasn't sure how. When they reached their goal, Erika decided to have lunch in there. Tsubomi and Erika went away to talk and Tsubomi told her about Naomi's wish. Erika then decided to play musical chairs and switched everyone's places so Naomi would sit next to Itsuki. Erika pushed her to chat with Itsuki, but she ran away, followed by Itsuki. Meanwhile, Kumojacky was training with Cobraja and Sasorina, or so he thought. Cobraja has left, since training is not beautiful and doesn't suit him while Sasorina was just drooling from the previous attack where she got affected by Sunshine's purification attack. Later Kumojacky with some snackies found Naomi alone and Kumojacky transformed her wilting Heart Flower to Desertrian. Itsuki found the Desertrian and after Potpourri caught up with her, she transformed to Sunshine. Sunshine was fighting alone until Blossom and Marine joined her. Desertrian started shouting, that she wants to become friends with Itsuki, though doesn't know how. Kumojacky was just teasing her wish, but Marine said, that they already are friends, since they think the same way. Blossom confirmed and Sunshine also admitted it, making Desertrian happy. Kumojacky tried getting the Desertrian to attack again, but Sunshine purified it with Gold Forte Burst. Kumojacky used his new move and Blossom countered it with Pink Forte Wave. Marine used Blue Forte Wave on him, but Kumojacky disappeared. Later the girls finished their designing and went to watch fireworks. Meanwhile, Naomi woke up with Itsuki near her. Itsuki called her by her name and Naomi asked her to become friends. Itsuki agreed. The girls changed into their yukatas. Later Naomi called Itsuki by her name too.

27 (319)- "Ojii-san wa Ikemen-san? Kyua Furawā no Hatsukoi desu!" ("Who is that Handsome Old Man? Cure Flower's First Love!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 27

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 27

Airdate: August 15, 2010

The episode starts with a boy walking near the railway. Meanwhile, Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki and Kaoruko were going to Kamakura - a place where Tsubomi and her grandma grew up. Erika asked Kaoruko what was her maiden name. When she said, Itsuki recognised her as Godai Kaoruko, the youngest person to become champion in the Japan Karate accociation, much to everyone's surprise. Later the girls were hanging out near Tsubomi's previous place when they met Tsubomi's childhood friend, Nakano Mitsuru. He thought Itsuki was a boy and was jealous of Tsubomi to her. This reminded Kaoruko of her first love too. Later Erika was wondering about Tsubomi and Mitsuru's relationship. Tsubomi told her, that Mitsuru was always defending her. When they decided to move to Kibougahana, Tsubomi wanted to thank him for everything, but he didn't come in time. Later everyone were cleaning their old house when Tsubomi accidentally koncked out a stack of books. One of them had a picture of young Kaoruko and a guy similar to the Hot Guy who always saves her when she's in trouble. Kaoruko revealed, that this is Sora, Tsubomi's grandpa. Kaoruko told everyone how they met: She was training alone in the mountain for a karate championship but she felt lonely. She went for a walk at night and heard someone playing cello. She went there and saw a man playing cello near a house with her favorite lavenders planted. He invited her inside and she listened to him playing his cello. She asked him if he wans't lonely, but he said trees, flowers and leaves were his friends. Then he gave Kaoruko a music box he made and told her to listen whenever she feels lonely. Later Kaoruko won the karate championship and started studying botany. She and Sora got married and later had Youichi, Tsubomi's father. Sora promissed her to plant a garden ofher favorite Lavenders. Sadly, he died before he could do that. Youichi married, had Tsubomi. However Kaoruko still remembers everything like it was yesterday. She showed the girls the cello, saying it's the only thing she has reminding her of Sora. Erika askd about the music box and Tsubomi confessed, that she loved the music box and kept listening to it, but she lost it when they were moving. Kaoruko wasn't mad. It was revealed, that Mitsuru has the music box. Later he came and told Tsubomi and others about a lavender garden he saw and everyone asked him to take them there. On the way Tsubomi fell on the branch and Itsuki caught her. Miteru saw, how Tsubomi calls Itsuki by her name and got angry. he went ahead. Alone he said he wanted to use the lavender garden to give Tsubomi back the music box. However Sasorina found him and turned him into music box desertrian. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Desertrian confessed, that he always had the music box. He wanted to give it back and tried chacing the car, but couldn't catch it. He was about to tell something more, but Sasorina stopped him. Sunshine weakened the desertrian with Gold Forte Burst and Blossom finished it with Pink Forte Wave. Later Mitsuru gave Tsubomi her music box back in the lavender garden. She thanked him. He also tried to confess to her, but the music box started playing. He changed his mind and asked if they'll meet again instead.

28 (320)- "Sabāku Shijō Saidai no Sakusen! Natsuyasumi no Shukudai Owarimasen!!" ("Sabaku's Greatest Plan! We Won't Finish our Summer Homework!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 28

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 28

Airdate: August 22, 2010

It's almost the end of Summer vacation and Cobraja was waiting for this time: it's hot outside and lots of kids didn't finish their summer homework yet. This means lots of wilting heart flowers and a bunch of Desertrians from them. Meanwhile, Erika is sleping until afternoon during summer because of staying up late and isn't eating her meals properly, having ice cream for breakfast. Then Momoka went out to Yuri's place to do her homework since she didn't have time to do it at all yet. Erika was calm, saying it's whole month left, but Tsubomi says there's only half of it left. They suggest to do homework together today, but Erika decides to play for the rest of summer and just do homework on the last day. Tsubomi and Itsuki, who were at Erika's place, wanted to go to the library since Tsubomi still needs to write book report and Itsuki has a book she wants to read. The girls also noticed how sloppy is Erika's fashion sense, wearing just a gaudy sweather and shorts. Erika said it's fine since it's summer vacation. In the library the girls chose books and Erika said she couldn't read in such heat. Itsuki suggested to read in the morning when it's cool, but Erika is never awake that early. Then they noticed, that elementary school kids are not playing in the playground like usual. This was suspicious and suddenly a desertrian jumped down. The girls transformed. They quickly defeated the Desertrian. Too quickly. Suddenly a lot of homework-hating desertrians appeared. The all shout how they hate homework and Blossom realizes they're all homework-hating children. Cobraja appears and confirms it. The girls all fight them though Marine has problems doing so. She said she can't get her full powers out and Coffret said it's because she didn't have proper breakfast. Then Cobraja told the Desertrians to destroy school and all the Desertrians headed there. Marine suggested destroying Junior High school too, but none of the Cures agreed to it. The Cures got there too and defended the school. Marine scolded Cobraja for not understanding how frustrating homework is. Cobraja just attacks again. Suddenly the Desertrians all fused into one, injuring Blossom and Sunshine. It was all left to Marine to finish it. Marine used the Magneta seed with her motivation. After injuring the Desertrian, she used Blue Forte Wave, but the Desertrian was too big for her to defeat. Blossom joined her with Pink Forte Wave, but Desertrian still resisted. Sunshine used Gold Forte Wave and the three Cures managed to defeat it. The Cures revived the children, but they were all sad that summer vacation is almost over. Then the kids met their teacher at school. Tsubomi encouraged them to ask for help with homework. She told Erika to do her homework too, and she started working on it.

29 (321)- "Natsu, Rasuto Supāto! Watashi no Doresu Dekimashita!!" ("Summer's Last Legs! My Dress is Finished!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 29

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 29

Airdate: August 29, 2010

The episode starts with a boy going by bike to Tokyo. Meanwhile, Tsubomi at school is sewing something from up-close. It's revealed she's sewing her dress. Itsuki came to the class and asked why is Tsubomi working at school. Tsubomi said, that today Hayashi-kun from her class returns from his bike trip. Before the summer vacation he said he'll go by bike all the way from Kyoto to Tokyo, around 500 km. Tsubomi, Erika and the teacher supported him. Tsubomi decided to make a dress for her new self all by herself and she's almost done, only one difficult part is left. Tsubomi decided to make him a medal from the same material. She made it and gave it to Hayashi for reaching his goal. However Hayashi seemed to be upset about something. Tsubomi and others then left. Teacher noticed hayashi's knees are scarred and bandaed them. Then Tsubomi and Erika came in, saying Tsubomi needs a band-aid. Tsubomi told Hayashi about her goal and how the medal is made from the same material as the dress she's making. She just wanted to give something to the hard-working Hayashi. Later he was looking at his medal and noticed how Tsubomi is still having difficulties with one tricky part. Erika suggests to do the part for her, but Tsubomi insists of doing everything by herself. Hayashi remembered how he tried to go up a difficult hill, but got distracted by a car and fell on the grass, scrapping his leg. He wanted to have a drink, but he was out of water. Suddenly Tsubomi called him, returning him to reality. Hayashi gave Tsubomi back her medal, He tried saying something, but Itsuki came out and asked him to give a speech. He gave Tsubomi the medal and ran away. Meanwhile, Kumojacky was training with Snackeys. Later Hayashi was being interviewed for school's newspaper and when he got asked about his most memorable moment in the trip, he instantly thought of how he got on the bus and then escaped from the joirnalists. He was going by bike when he met Kumojacky. He saw Hayashi's wilting heart flower and turned him to Desertrian. At the same time Tsubomi was trying her new dress she made and everyone said how cute she looked. Then they heard Desertrian rampaging and transformed to Pretty Cure. Desertrian Hayashi confessed, that he took a bus partway. He gave up halfway, but everyone thought he was amazing. Sunshine then used Gold Forte Burst and stopped it from moving. Desertrian kept calling himself failure and Kumojacky just laughed at him and called him weak. Blossom used Pink Forte Wave and purified it. Hayashi woke up and complimented Tsubomi's dress. Then he decided to return to school and tell everyone. He returned and told everyone the truth, how he wasn't on his bike all the time and took a bus in Hakone because he couldn't climb the hill. At first classmates were disappointed, but Tsubomi told everyone how brave he is just for telling the truth to everyone. Hayashi decided to go and challenge that hill again. Tsubomi gave him the medal and Hayashi returned and challenged the hill with Tsubomi's medal on his bag.

30 (322)- "Popuri ga Iede! Itsuki, Boroboro desu!!" ("Potpourri Runs Away! Itsuki is Falling Apart!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 30

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 30

Airdate: September 5, 2010

The episode begins with Potpourri throwing a tantrum because Itsuki refuses to play with her. Itsuki explains that she doesn't have time because summer vacation is over and she has to go back to school (behind her, Tsubomi, Erika, Chypre, and Coffret frantically try to warn Potpourri to calm down). However, Potpourri insists that they have to stay together since they are partners. Erika and Tsubomi try to relieve her by saying that school will be over quickly and that Chypre and Coffret will play with her in the meantime. Potpourri still insists on playing with Itsuki, so Chypre and Coffret suggest playing at school. Itsuki rejects the idea, however, stating that school is a place for learning, not for playing. Potpourri continues to throw a tantrum until Itsuki finally loses her patience and firmly tells her no. However, this only manages to hurt the baby fairy's feelings. She flies out of the botanical garden, telling Itsuki that she hates her. Itsuki and the others call out to Potpourri from a nearby window, begging her to come back.

Itsuki, Tsubomi, and Erika run out of the botanical garden, still calling for Potpourri. However, since the girls have to go to school soon, Chypre and Coffret volunteer to look for her. Though Itsuki agrees to let them go, she still has some concern for her fairy.

Meanwhile, Potpourri is sitting on top of a crawling tube in a playground, pouting about the fight she had with Itsuki. She questions why her partner is mad at her, saying that she didn't do anything wrong. Suddenly, she notices a young girl named Haruka sitting close by, who also says she didn't do anything wrong, and that her parents are the one's who are wrong. Frightened that the girl might have seen her, Potpourri quickly hides inside of the tube. However, this only increases Haruka's curiosity. She crawls into the tube and grabs Potpourri before she can fly away. After the baby fairy introduces herself, Haruka hugs her, calling her cute. Above them, Chypre and Coffret are still looking for Potpourri, yet they completely fail to notice her.

At school, Itsuki asks the rest of the student council members to take care of cleaning up after the opening ceremony while she's away. After they affirm that they will take care of the work, she prepares to leave with Tsubomi and Erika to go search for Potpourri.

Back at the playground, Potpourri tells Haruka about her role as a member of Pretty Cure, but she then moves on to talking about her fight with Itsuki for refusing to play with her. Haruka then explains how she had a similar fight with her parents, who promised to do special things with her over summer vacation, like go to the beach or to an amusement park, but were too busy to do so. Thinking that her parents didn't care about her anymore, she decided to run away from home. Realizing how much their stories have in common, Potpourri comes to the conclusion that Itsuki doesn't care about her either, and she agrees to run away with Haruka.

Meanwhile, at the base of the Desert Apostles, Cobraja is frantically searching about, looking for his makeup. However, Sasorina tells him that Kumojaki threw the makeup away because it wasn't useful for defeating Pretty Cure. Cobraja becomes furious, though Sasorina just tells him to go defeat Pretty Cure if he's that upset about it. He quickly teleports out of the base.

At the playground, Haruka and Potpourri are running around and playing. They decide to make the playground their new home and make some of the playground's features a part of their "house" (such as using a drinking fountain as their kitchen, a swingset as their bedrooms, and a slide as their bed). Suddenly, the sky grows dark and it starts to rain. Haruka and Potpourri quickly run to find shelter.

Itsuki continues to search for Potpourri out in the rain. She runs into Tsubomi and Erika, who have not found the baby fairy either. Itsuki starts to blame herself for making Potpourri run away, wishing that she was more sensitive to her feelings. Tsubomi and Erika refuse to give up, however, and decide to check the botanical garden one last time. Itsuki thanks them and runs off in the opposite direction; though Tsubomi and Erika are concerned about her running off without an umbrella.

Elsewhere, Yuri is walking Momoka home in the rain. As the two friends say goodbye, Yuri decides to walk through the playground. As she stares off into the distance, she recalls a brief flashback of Dark Cure defeating Tsubomi and Erika in battle. She suddenly hears Haruka and Potpourri talking to each other inside the crawling tube. Haruka tries to keep an optimistic mood and suggests that they take a bath out in the rain, but Potpourri rejects the offer due to the rain being cold. As the two friends lament, they suddenly hear footsteps outside. Thinking that it's her mother, Haruka rushes out to greet her, but she finds Yuri instead.

After Haruka and Potpourri tell Yuri about why each of them ran away, Yuri tries to reason with them about how what they are doing is wrong. She tells Potpourri that she could have been found by someone dangerous rather than by an innocent child like Haruka; and she tells Haruka that she is certain that her parents love her very much, even if they are too busy to show it. Potpourri questions how Yuri knows that their owners care about them, while Yuri replies that she knows how there are those who are sad when their loved ones are gone. As Haruka and Potpourri start to reconsider their actions, Yuri offers to take them home.

Cobraja decides to bask out in the rain, finding it relaxing and hoping that it washes away his sorrow. He suddenly notices Haruka's mother running through the street, calling for her missing daughter. He inspects her Heart Flower and discovers that it has started to wilt.

As Haruka walks with Potpourri and Yuri, she spots her mother in the distance, but she is too scared to go to her, thinking that her mother is still angry. The trio suddenly encounter Chypre and Coffret, who are relieved to finally be reunited with Potpourri, and they thank Yuri for finding her. Potpourri asks them where Itsuki is, but she is disappointed that she sent Chypre and Coffret while staying at school.

Their conversation is interrupted when they spot Cobraja cornering Haruka's mother. He steals her equally-wilted Heart Flower and fuses it with a telephone pole to create a Desertrian. Haruka frantically calls out to her mother as Yuri carries her away to safety. However, the Desertrian jumps in front of their path and prepares to attack. Potpourri attempts to block its attacks with her shield, but the Desertrian proves to be too powerful, and the shield breaks. Just before the Desertrian can attack, Itsuki arrives, grabs Potpourri, and jumps out of the way, with Yuri carrying Haruka, Chypre, and Coffret. They quickly run to a nearby bridge for cover.

Under the bridge, Potpourri is touched when she finds out that Itsuki was actually looking for her. Itsuki apologizes to her for not being more sensitive about her feelings, and Potpourri gives Itsuki a hug and a tearful apology for running away. Yuri quickly realizes that Itsuki is the third Pretty Cure, while Itsuki suddenly realizes that Yuri is the former Cure Moonlight. Yuri also warns Itsuki that she should be careful, or else she could lose her partner for good.

Looking back at the Desertrian, Itsuki realizes that she has to stop the monster, while Chypre and Coffret fly off to look for Tsubomi and Erika. Working together with Potpourri once again, Itsuki transforms into Cure Sunshine. When she first attacks the Desertrian, her moves prove to be formidable, but the monster suddenly knocks Cure Sunshine into the river with its lazer vision and then charges towards the bridge. However, Potpourri once again blocks its path with her shield. Cure Sunshine escapes from the river and runs to protect her partner, but the shield breaks once again and she worries that she won't make it in time. Suddenly, Cure Blossom and Cure Marine arrive and attack the Desertrian, saving Potpourri, Yuri, and Haruka.

However, the Desertrian gets back on its feet quickly and starts to emit the negative feelings of Haruka's mother, which are her fears of never finding her daughter. Haruka starts to cry for her mother, but Yuri consoles her, reassuring that Pretty Cure will save her. Using multiple attacks, the Pretty Cure manage to knock the Desertrian into the river, but it once again emerges and fuses its hands into a hammer.

It attemps to smash the Pretty Cure into the ground, but they try to lift the hammer up above them. As they attempt to protect themselves, Cobraja starts to gloat about how all of the Desertrian's anger came from merely losing a child. He then questions why the mother never stood by her daughter's side if she loved her so much. Potpourri intervenes and starts to yell at him, saying that staying beside someone has nothing to do with how much people love each other. Cure Sunshine joins her by saying that even when she and Potpourri, or Haruka and her mother, are far apart, they are still precious to one another. Cobraja shrugs her off and tells the Desertrian to finish Pretty Cure off, but the Pretty Cure gain power and push the monster back with Pretty Cure Impact. Cure Sunshine then finishes off the Desertrian by summoning her Shiny Tambourine and performing Pretty Cure Gold Forte Burst. As the Desertrian disappears, Cobraja disappears as well, complaining that this is why he doesn't like going out without his makeup.

Later, Haruka's mother wakes up to see her daughter in front of her. The two tearfully, yet happily, embrace each other, and Haruka apologizes for running away. In the background, Tsubomi tells Erika and Itsuki that Haruka's mother's Heart Flower, the verbana, represents the happiness of a family in the Flower Language, and also represents how Haruka and Potpourri were able to make up with their loved ones. Chypre suddenly produces a new Heart Seed, which Tsubomi puts in the Heart Pot. Potpourri decides that she will train to impersonate a stuffed doll in order to go to school with Itsuki. As Chypre and Coffret try and teach her how, Yuri looks down at them from the top of the bridge and walks away as Potpourri and Itsuki continue to enjoy each other's company.

31 (323)- "Kanashimi no Shōtai! Sore wa, Yuri-san no Yōsei Deshita..." ("Her Sorrowful True Colours! That was Miss Yuri's Fairy...")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 31

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 31

Airdate: September 12, 2010

The episode starts with the Cures fighting crane Desertrian by Sasorina. After some encouraging words, the Desertrian stops moving and Blossom with Marine defeat it with Fortissimo. Annoyed Sasorina teleports back and sees a blooming cactus, surprised how beautiful flower is. Later Tsubomi sees Yuri at the greenhouse, but she's as cold as always. Next day Erika tells everyone to start preparations for the autumn fashion show. They already completed the clothes during the summer camp. One of the girls decided to invite Momoka as special guest. Erika said she'll ask her. Tsubomi decided to invite Yuri too, with Itsuki agreeing. Later the 3 girls met with Momoka and Yuri and asked them to participate. Momoka agreed, but Yuri got scared of the theme "new me" and left. Meanwhile Sabaku was talking with someone named Dune, who was accusing them of being weak. Then Sabaku and Dark Cure came to the 3 generals and gave them something called Dark Bracelets. It makes Desertrian even more dark, bad and evil. Sasorina got it first and black thunder electroduced her. Sabaku explained, that she was affected by the Cures' light and now her heart is back to being evil and dark. Sasorina became even more evil and decided to go and defeat the Cures. After Tsubomi returned home from school, she heard Yuri talking with her grandma. Kaoruko liked her being model and said this might help her Heart Flower to heal. Yuri told her, how her heart flower is lost like her fairy and half of her heart. At night and next day Tsubomi kept thinking about this and couldn't concentrate on the Pretty Cure training. She told about this to the others and she said she asked her grandma, but Kaoruko said, that Yuri will tell them when she's ready. Meanwhile, a boy, Hideo, that preiously challenged Yuri to a battle about the exam scores, lost to her again and his heart flower was wilting. Sasorina dound him, but Yuri covered him. She told him to run, but he didn't listen. Sasorine attacked Yuri to get her away and summoneda computer Desertrian from Hideo's heart. The Cure fought it and were about to defeat it, when Sasorina used Dark Bracelet to make the Heart Flower wilt even more. The Cures had difficulties defeating the Desertrian and the mascots wanted to help, with Yuri being scared for them. The Cures broke free and showed the results of their training - their new combined move - Shining Fortissimo. It defeated the Desertrian. After the battle, Tsubomi told Yuri, that she wants to design clothes that will make her Heart Flower blossom again and asked her to be their model again. Yuri left coldly, but told them, that she will when her heart flower blossoms again. Tsubomi promissed that it will.

32 (324)- "Ikemen-san to Taiketsu? Sonna no Kitenai desu!!" ("Showdown with a Hot Man? That's Not In Our Plans!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 32

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 32

Airdate: September 19, 2010

The episode starts with the Cures fighting against Snackeys, but Dune attacksed, reverting the Cures back to their shiny dresses and wilting the Heart Tree. It was revealed to be only Kaoruko's dream. Later the girls told Kaoruko, that they faced a new Desertrian before. They won, but it was tough. The fairies remembered, that Kaoruko had awesome powers as Cure Flower and asked to make the Cures stronger, but Kaoruko told them, that they're too early for Heartcatch Mirage. She told them, that 50 years ago she faced Dune and as last resort she used Heartcatch Mirage. The battle ended in tie, but because of using too much power she can't transform to Cure Flower anymore. When the girls ask where is the Heartcatch Mirage now, Yuri comes and says that it's in the Pretty Cure Palace. Kaoruko agrees to take them there. The girls got inside and transformed. they went further and saw Heart Tree coming. Yuri said, that it comes to watch over the warriors who want to get the Heartcatch Mirage. She remembers that time when Dark Cure met her and Yuri lost to her. The she felt, that somebody else is in there. They saw Kaoruko standing and she said, that she'll be the one to test them. Neither Kaoruko or tsubomi wanted to fight eachother, so Kaoruko told the guy who always saves them to do it. The Cures fought and were losing at first, but they read his movements and finally in the end defeated him with Shining Fortessimo. The guy was revealed to actually be Coupe, Kaoruko's fairy. Yuri said, that he takes the form of the one Kaoruko loves the most, since he is her partner after all. Kaoruko told the 4 girls (Yuri included) to put their hands over hers and the seed she used to unlock the palace changed shape as a proof of them passing the test. Then the will of past Cures revealed a magical chair-like thing. It was the Heartcatch Mirage. The girls thought, that maybe the Heartcatch Mirage may help Yuri to become a Cure again, since it has a lot of possibilities.

33 (325)- "Kyua Mūnraito, Tsui ni Fukatsu desu!!" ("Cure Moonlight is Finally Back!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 33

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 33

Airdate: September 26, 2010

Yuri was in the bridge as she was thinking about her friends saying that she could be a Cure. But as then it was imposibile since her Heart Flower was broken. Meanwhile, Tsubomi, Erika and Itsuki were in Kaoruko as they were asking her for information on Yuri. Kaoruko said that Yuri got to be a Cure right after her father dissapeared, he dissapeared in France searching for the Heart Tree, then Yuri was chosen as a Cure because of Cologne, then Yuri to overcome her sadness transformed into Cure Moonlight to fight Dessert Messengers.

After talking more, then Chypre and Coffret said to the girls that, Cologne was very kind and because he wasn't there for Cure Moonlight, Cure Moonlight got defeated by Dark Cure, which Sabaku was there also making Cologne die as Sabaku wanted to kill Cure Moonlight. Then after hearing all the story the girls got sad and Erika then got up and went with the girls to cheer up Yuri. As then it was morning, the girls were tring to make things for Yuri to make her happy. Kaoruko then was seeing a light shining from Coupe and then it was a new item and then Kaoruko said to Chypre to get Yuri with the Heartcatch Mirage.

Meanwhile, Dark Cure went to Sabaku to show him Yuri's Heart Flower and then Yuri arrived at Kaoruko and saw in the Heartcatch Mirage that Cologne was in there but his body wasn't as then the Dark Cure arrived with Yuri's other half Heart Flower. Yuri then went in the Heart Tree and then the other girls transformed to duel the Dark Cure. Then Yuri was looking for Cologne and then he showed up, Yuri wanted to touch him but he was only as a ghost and after that he said to Yuri that she could say to the Heart Tree to become a Cure again making Yuri afraid....

Thinking, in the Heart Tree a heart showed up, making Yuri see what was going on with the Cures, and in there it showed up that the Cures were getting defeated as they were trying their best, then Yuri was feeling sad for them and then told the Heart Tree to become a Cure again. Dark Cure was about to kill the Cures after that Yuri showed up making Cure Sunshine happy then she trasformed as her half Heart was complete making her Cure Moonlight and then she was going to fight Dark Cure for everyone's sake.

34 (326)- "Sugoi Pawā desu! Kyua Mūnraito!!" ("Amazing Power! Cure Moonlight!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 34

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 34

Airdate: October 3, 2010

The episode starts with Yuri regaining her powers as Cure Moonlight due to the Heart Seeds. She transforms in front of the 3 Cures and Dark Cure. They started fighting and Moonlight revealed, that her Heart Seed grew back to full when she transformed, even though Dark Cure has the other half in her hand. She also is stronger than that time. She sent Dark Cure flying away and the 3 generals appeared. They helped Dark Cure and while she was busy with Moonlight, the 3 started fighting other Cures using their Dark Bracelets. the battle was tough but Moonlight said she's not alone anymore. As long as Cologne watches over her, she won't lose. The 2 Cures used Fortissimo on eachother and their powers collided. Afthe the battle, Moonlight slipped a bit and Dark Cure was happy for victory, but then she felt the full power of Moonlight's attack. She fainted and Sabaku came to take her. After Dark Cure left, Moonlight came to help the other Cures. After defeating the generals, the 3 Cures used Shining Fortessimo, but the generals disappeared before they could be hit. Later Moonlight went to the Heart Tree and said goodbye to Cologne. Later the fashion club members found Erika and asked if Yuri agred to be their model. Erika asked again, and Yuri agreed. Erika measured her sizes by sight and she was correct. The girls hurried to make clothes for Yuri.

35 (327)- "Wakuwaku Gakuensai! Fasshon-bu wa Batabata desu!" ("Exciting School Fair! Chaotic Fashion Club!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 35

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 35

Airdate: October 10, 2010

The episode starts with everyone preparing for the festival. Yuri is going home after school. At the fashion club, everyone are worried they won't make it, with Tsubomi hurrying to make Yuri's clothes, Erika bossing and worrying around, Itsuki having student council business and everyone else are in the executive comitee meeting. Tsubomi says she'll make Fashion Club's first event a success.With 2 days left, Tsubomi goes out to search for Yuri to try the clothes on. She went to the high school division, but Momoka said, that yuri went home already. She might still be in the Junior High division. Tsubomi went to look for her but Ban Kenji asked her to model for his manga. He also commented how similar she looks to Cure Blossom. After finishing, she went to look for yuri, but Tada Kanae caught her and asked to help with pictures theme. Tsubomi suggested the preparations for festival. Meanwhile, Erika was looking for her notebook and saw 2 girls who will be working in a cafe. They said, that their uniforms don't look good enough and Erika just told them how to make it more fit. Itsuki, meanwhile, is busy with student council work. She had to stamp some papers when vice-president called her out. Potpourri wanted to help her and started stamping papers at random places, messing everything. When Itsuki returned, she was surprised, but thanked Potpourri for the help. Itsuki finally got free but couldn't find Yuri anywhere. She bumped into a guy from movie Research club who was in a hurry too. Since tsubomi couldn't catch Yuri today, she said she will tomorrow. At night Erika is dreaming about the fashion show too. Next day Yuri went home early again, but Momoka tried her clothes, saying that if they fit her, they will fit Yuri too. They finished almost everything, but they still need to make signs and poster. They thought they might not make it, but Ban Kenji and Tada Kanae came and the girls asked them a favor. Tadokoro Azusa passed by too, so the girls asked her to be MC. When she accepted, they needed someone for the lighting. Meanwhile Kumojacky transformed the guy from movie research club into Desertrian. Itsuki went to tell everyone to run away through broadcasting system. Tsubomi and Erika wanted to transform, but nobody could leave them alone. Yuri was alone and transformed to Cure Moonlight to hold the Desertrian. It wanted to destroy festival, but when Moonlight was about to talk it out, Kumojacky activated the Dark Bracelet. Kenji, Azusa and Kanae wanted to take a closer look at Moonlight, but a gust of dust flowed at them. Tsubomi told everyone to bring Kanae to the nurse's office. Meanwhile, Moonlight used Silver Forte Wave to purify Desertrian. The girls returned his heart flower back. The guy told the girls that he wants to present the movie at tomorrow's festival. Erika then remembered, that they don't have anyone to do lighting. The guy they saved told them, that he can do it, since he still has time. The girls returned to the fashion club and found Yuri wearing their clothes. They really fit her. Yuri also revealed, that she was going home early every day was to look for fitting shoes. Now everything was ready for tomorrow's festival.

36 (328)- "Minna ga shueki! Watashitachi no steji desu!!" ("Everyone is Main Star! Our Stage!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 36

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 36

Airdate: October 17, 2010

It's finally the festival time and fashion club is almost done with the preparations, but Tsubomi is really nervous. Erika and others try calming her down. Later Tsubomi and Erika are working in the cafe when both of their families came. They closed the shops and came to watch. Itsuki came to talk with the girls about their fashion show and saw her own family in the cafe. Her grandfather too. They got outside for a bit and Itsuki told them, that they're going last, after the light music club. They went to see the stage and it was big which impressed the fairies. Itsuki mentioned, that usually light music club is going last. Tsubomi and Erika felt the need to apologize to them.

They went to the Light Music club and saw boys kneeing before girls asking them something. Girls refused and and ran away, much to the surprise of Tsubomi and others. Boys told them, that their main vocals, Aya and Mayu, decided not to participate in today's festival. Since Kurumi Momoka is participating in the fashion show, there will be a lot of people and the girls got scared. Erika and others apologized for this and for taking their place. Boys weren't mad so Tsubomi and others wanted to find Aya and Mayu.

The girls comforted Aya and Mayu, saying everyone are supporting them. Tsubomi said she's also scared going on stage but Erika and others are here for her. They brought Aya and Mayu to the stage right when Light Music Club was about to perform. The girls got near the mics, but they couldn't sing.

Then Cobraja came and stole the spotlight. His song, however, wasn't appreciated. He turned Aya and Mayu's Heart Flowers into desertrian. Yuri came and the 4 girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They fought the desertrian and Cobraja used Dark bracelet. After fighting the powered-up Desertrian, the 3 Cures finished it with Shining Fortissimo.

Aya and mayu woke up at nurse's office when Fashion club's turn came. Due to the commotion they ran out of time. Erika suggested for them to still perform. Then the fashion show started with Light music club performing Live music. The girls modeled their clothes (Itsuki wearing a dress too) while the light music club sang HEART GOES ON. The fashion show was a success.

37 (329)- "Tsuyoku Nari Masu! Shiren wa Purikyua tai Purikyua!!" ("We'll Become Strong! The Test is Precure vs. Precure!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 37

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 37

Airdate: October 24, 2010

The episode starts with the girls having fun at the greenhouse, when suddenly a meteor falls from the sky. The girls went to the place and a strange desertrian-like creature was there. It saw some flowers blooming and turned them all into a field of desert.

The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They tried fighting, but the monster turned more flowers into desert. the Cures decided to use their Forte Waves and it purified the monster, but some strange thing remained. Then a voice was heard from the thing. It was Dune, King of Deserts. He showed the girls how he sent a strange seed to a green planet and it became a desert. He revealed this to be Desert Seed, a Desert Devil.

He sent one to Earth too. He said, that it will turn the Earth to Desert and wilt everyone's Heart Flowers. The girls couldn't let this happen. Dune said goodbye and the strange thing disappeared. The girls wondered what to do, since they knew they weren't strong enough for this. Kaoruko came and told them, that there still is hope - to pass the final test at Pretty Cure palace. The girls agreed and went to the palace.

Potpourri inserted the seed and the girls all got in separate universes. Blossom was in a field of cherry blossom petals, Marine was in huge ocean with some poles, Sunshine was in a huge sunflower field while Moonlight was in a field full of purple flower petals. All of the fields had solar eclipses. Suddenly girls with similar hairstyles, black dresses and lab coats appeared in each world. They revealed themselves to be the Cures' shadows, their past selves.

Past Marine, wanting to be a famous model like Momoka, past Sunshine, wanting to surpass her love for stuffed animals and cute stuff in order to train, past Moonlight, grieving for the loss of Cologne. After fighting, the 3 girls all accepted their past selves and their statues appeared in the Pretty Cure palace. However, Blossom was still having difficulties with her shadow, her shy and unchanging self.

38 (330)- "Purikyua, Sūpā Shiruetto ni Henshin desu!!" ("PreCure transforms into Super Silhouette!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 38

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 38

Airdate: October 31, 2010

The episode starts with Blossom still fighting against her Mirage. Others are worried and waiting for her. Kaoruko says, that if Tsubomi doesn't pass the test, nothing will change. Blossom's Mirage keeps saying, that Blossom can't change. That even after becoming a Cure she is still shy and always relies on others.

Meanwhile, Desert Devil finally reached Earth and landed near the Pretty Cure palace. The 3 Cures went to fight it while Blossom completes the test. They had difficulties while Blossom's Mirage kept telling her, that she will never change. However Blossom said, that she used to think so, but now she did change.

And she accepted her shy past too. Then she joined with Chyphre and went to fight Desert Devil. Moonlight joined forces with Sunshine to do Fortissimo. Blossom and Marine did too. However this didn't work. The Cures then used their new power - transformed to Super Silhouette and used their new move - Heartcatch orchestra.

39 (331)- "Erika Pinchi! Marin Takuto ga Ubawaremashita!!" ("Erika's in a Pinch! The Marine Tact Is Stolen!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 39

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 39

Airdate: November 14, 2010

The episode starts with the fairies being happy about the Cures gaining their Super Silhouette forms and they think they need to thanks their partners somehow.

Coffret thinks of how to please Erika when she pulls him in and tells to transform. Erika transforms to Cure marine with Coffret's help, but there are no Desert Apostles. Marine summons her tact and reveals, that she wants to use it's powers to clean the room. Coffret starts shouting that she's using the tact wrong way and tells her to clean her room. Marine tells Coffret to do it for her and falls asleep, detransforming. However the Marine tact fell.

Coffret took the tact and went to Chyphre. He saw her and Tsubomi planting some bulbs and how grateful was Tsubomi for her help. Coffret knew, that even if he helped Erika to clean her room she wouldn't thank him. He left and met Itsuki going on one of the martial arts championships. Potpourri came out of the bag and started cheering on Itsuki. Itsuki was really grateful for this. Coffret went to the greenhouse and saw Yuri looking at the Heart Pot. She said there were important memories of Cologne. Coffret realized, that Yuri still loves Cologne. He flew away and noticed Kaoruko with Coupe. He flew away before Kaoruko could see her. Then Rumi and Haruka noticed Coffret. He let them play with the tact for a bit and the girls gave it back, realizing how important it is.

Meanwhile, Snackies were training alone, but Sasorina didn't appreciate them trying, sayingthey're not needed and they will still fail. Then the gang went to battle the Cures and took the Marine Tact from Haruka before they could give it back. Coffret tried getting the tact back, but Snackies surrounded him and the girls. They were about to attack him, when Erika came to rescue. She transformed to Marine. Since there wer only Snackies today, Marine thought she'll be fine by herself. She attacked, but Snackies were stubborn and jumped on her, catching her and Coffret.

They even took Haruka and Rumi as hostages. Then Blossom came to rescue. The snackey boss tried using Marine tact to attack, but the tact can only be used by Cures. Marine and Coffret were still fighting, but when snackey hurt Coffret, Marine got angry. She got Coffret and her tact and used Blue Forte Wave on them. She purified one snackey from grey to white while others escaped. After the battle, Haruka and Rumi thanked Blossom for saving and scolded for fighting with Coffret and not protecting her tact.

After the battle, Coffret asked if Erika wants to do something. Erika said, that she wants her room to be clean and homework done. Also some fashionable clothes and shoes and accessories. But she was just kidding and right now she's fine with just Coffret being by her side. However her room was even messier than before, since she was looking for the tact all over the place.

40 (332)- "Sayonara Sasorina... Sabaku ni mo Saku Kokoro no Hana desu!!" ("Goodbye Sasorina... A Blossoming Heart Flower, Even In a Desert!!")

(さよならサソリ―ナ… 砂漠にも咲くこころの花です!!)
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 40

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 40

Airdate: November 21, 2010

The Cures were fighting Desertrian by Sasorina and when Moonlight purified it, Sasorina barely escaped, but started feeling a warm feeling in her heart. Next time she was looking at the moon and wondering if it's ok for them to keep it up. Cobraja explained, that her heart was affected by the Cures' saint light and it's not evil anymore.

Meanwhile, Itsuki said, that she won't apply to be Student Council president anymore, since the battles with Desertrians are getting tougher and tougher. Instead the vice-president Satou will. Satou, however, only wants to become president so the girls at school could like him. When he was thinking about this loudly, Itsuki heard him. She scolded him for entering the election with such selfish thoughts. He apologized and ran away.

Meanwhile, Kumojacky and Cobraja asked to return Sasorina to the castle planet, since she can't fight anymore. Sasorina came angry and asked for the last chance. Sabaku gave her final chance. Kumojacky and Cobraja gave them their Dark Bracelets, so she can have more power, however they tire her body so she has to finish them quickly.

She went and saw embarrassed Satou. She tuned his heart flower to school Desertrian. Luckily everyone managed to evacuate in time. The 4 Cures transformed. They tried fighting when Sasorina used the Dark Bracelets to change the Desertrian. The 4 Cures used Forte Waves but it didn't work. The Desertrian was about to defeat them, but the Dark Bracelets started tearing Sasorina and the Desertrian. The Cures quickly decided to end her suffering with Heartcatch Orchestra.

After that they got back Satou's heart flower and saw Sasorina dying. She was crying and thanked the other 2 generals for the dark bracelets she gave back and thanked them. Then she started lighting and all that was left from her was her heart flower - Katakuri, that in the flower language means to withstand sadness and jealousy. The Heart Flower flew off somewhere and the 2 generals disappeared. The Cures put Satou's heart flower back. Sasorina's heart Flower, meanwhile, flew off to a mountain clinic and a woman very similar to Sasorina woke up.

The children returned to school finding their desks and other stuff messed. The students obviously had to clean everything. Satou took the initiative to help clean the school and other students were helping him.

41 (333)- "Yōsei ga Henshin!? Purikyua Gekidan Hajimemashita!!" ("The Fairies Transformed?! The PreCure Troupe has Begun!!")

(妖精が変身!? プリキュア劇団はじめました!!)
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 41

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 41

Airdate: November 28, 2010

The episode begins in the botanical garden, with Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri putting on a performance by trying to imitate the transformations of Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, and Cure Sunshine. Tsubomi, Itsuki, and Yuri complement them on their work, though Erika complains that Cure Marine's regular transformation is cooler. Suddenly, Rumi barges into the building crying and hugs Chypre and Coffret. Nanami runs in after her. When Tsubomi asks whats wrong, Nanami explains how the puppet company that was supposed to come to Rumi's preschool couldn't make it, so Rumi and the rest of her class are disappointed. Nanami then asks if they could use Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri (who are posing as dolls) as replacement puppets. Tsubomi is unsure about the idea, but the fairies eagerly shout behind Namami's back that they'll do it (Tsubomi has to repeat them to avoid raising Nanami's suspicion). Itsuki and Erika nervously agree, though Nanami and Rumi are pleased, nonetheless (as are Chypre and Coffret).

At the preschool, the class teacher, Miss Noriko, tries to keep the classroom in tact as the children ask her questions and fight over who gets to talk to her (including Rumi and Haruka). One of the boys, Hiro, walks up to his teacher, carrying a small, blue box. A toy caterpillar suddenly springs out of the box, startling her. Another teacher walks into the class and scolds the children for tricking Miss Noriko. They cease immediately and run off laughing. The teacher warns Miss Noriko that she needs to give the children more discipline. Miss Noriko apologizes, saying that she got too caught up in their pace. The teacher walks off, telling her to hang in there.

As the time for the puppet show to begin draws near, Miss Noriko tries to get the children seated, though they insist on waiting a little longer so they can play. However, Yuri tells them that if they wait, the puppets will decide to leave, so the children immediately take a seat. Miss Noriko is surprised at how easily they listen to her.

Yuri opens the puppet show by playing Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure! on the stereo while the children sing along. Afterwards, Tsubomi, Erika, and Itsuki walk in and duck under the stage. Tsubomi and Itsuki first play two puppet children calling for help, while Erika holds up a hand-drawn cardboard cut-out of Kumojaki, who gloats how no one will save them. Erika's second puppet appears as a small monster puppet that is supposed to be a Desertrian. The monster yells that it hates humans and roars at the children, frightening them (Tsubomi quietly warns Erika that she might be getting a little too carried away). Tsubomi and Itsuki then hold up Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri, who are dressed up as their respective partner and are pretending to be Pretty Cure. As they proceed to "fight" the Desertrian, the children cheer them on.

However, as Miss Noriko looks to the back of the classroom, she sees Hiro digging through a toy box. He complains that the show is too childish and boring, but Yuri convinces him to return to his seat by questioning if he is scared of monsters (which he denies). Miss Noriko is once again shocked at how promptly Hiro listened to Yuri. Meanwhile the Pretty Cure puppets have "defeated" the Desertrian, and Kumojaki makes a quick getaway (which involves Erika throwing the puppet against the wall). As the children cheer, Yuri plays Tomorrow Song ~Ashita no Uta~ on the stereo and urges the children to dance with the Pretty Cure. Once again, Miss Noriko is surprised at her success, and she feels like Yuri has more potential to be a teacher than her.

At lunchtime, Miss Noriko continues to try and tend to the children's needs, from cleaning up a spill made by Rumi to filling up a bucket of water to clean a boy's dropped spoon. Tsubomi grows concerned, as the teacher has not yet had time to eat her own lunch. Miss Noriko tells her that this normally happens, yet she still tries to keep herself together. Haruka walks up to her and asks her to peel her orange for her; but suddenly, more problems arise as Hiro and another boy, Kouta, start running around and playing with their oranges. They accidentally bump into a girl, spilling her drink and making her cry. Out in the hallway, Miss Noriko accidentally leaves the tap running, and the bucket of water overflows. Finally deciding to put her foot down, she begs the children to sit down and eat. However, the only response she gets is a comment Hiro makes about her strange behaviour.

Back at the Desert Apostles' base, Kumojaki, Cobraja, and Sabaku are discussing Sasorina's death. Sabaku claims that they need to get rid of the new Heartcatch Mirage before Dune arrives. Kumojacki then leaves to finish Sasorina's battle for her.

Meanwhile, Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri are sleeping with the children during naptime. Miss Noriko is sitting outside, holding the monster puppet that Erika had used for the puppet show. Looking back at what happened at lunch, she realizes that she can't even try to be strict with the children.

Suddenly, Kumojacki appears and introduces himself to Miss Noriko. He takes her wilting Heart Flower and fuses it with the monster puppet to create a real-life version of the Desertrian from the puppet show. The monster's noises wake up Tsubomi and the rest of the Pretty Cure. Ready to fight back, Tsubomi, Erika, and Itsuki transform into Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, and Cure Sunshine, while Yuri stays behind to keep the children safe.

As the Pretty Cure start to attack, the noises from outside start to wake the children up. The Cures knock the Desertrian into to air, and as it hits the ground, Yuri uses her broken Pretty Cure Seed to deflect the blast from the impact. The noise finally wakes the children up, and the wind blows the curtained entrance open, revealing the Desertrian to them. Frightened, the children start to wonder where their teacher is. Miss Noriko's voice can be heard from the Desertrian, which starts to emit her negative feelings about how she is not as good as Yuri or any other teacher because she is not strict. Disgusted, Yuri opens the curtained entrance to reveal the frightened, sobbing children who are calling for their teacher to come save them. Kumojacki urges the Desertrian to continue fighting. However, Hiro suddenly runs outside and starts beating at the monster's legs, followed by the rest of the children (Kouta even throws his ball at the Desertrian's head). They demand that the Desertrian give them back their teacher, and Yuri tries to show Miss Noriko how much the children really care about her. As the children's voices reach Miss Noriko, the Desertrian starts to calm down.

Considering the Desertrian to be weak, however, Kumojaki uses the power of the Dark Bracelet to absorb himself into the monster and corrupt Miss Noriko's heart even further. Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, and Cure Sunshine lure the Desertrian to a different area to keep the children safe. Yet the monster proves to be too powerful. It inhales and then exhales a huge gust of wind that pushes the Pretty Cure back. It then charges straight towards them, but they are quickly saved by Cure Moonlight. As she proceeds to attack the Desertrian, she manages to impact it once it stops to inhale. Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, and Cure Sunshine follow her with their own attacks. The four Cures then transform into their Heartcatch Pretty Cure Super Silhouette forms and use Pretty Cure Heartcatch Orchestra to deliver the final blow. Kumojaki flees as the Desertrian is defeated.

Miss Noriko wakes up back in the classroom resting on a mat. The children are surrounding her, asking her if she is alright. Hiro is standing back at a remote distance, looking down sadly. When the teacher calls him over, he tries to cheer her up with the same prank he pulled earlier with the toy caterpillar in the box. This once again shocks her, but she is far from upset and happily cuddles with Hiro. He apologizes for being so mean to her before, and she happily embraces him, along with the other children.

Outside, Tsubomi explains how Miss Noriko's Heart Flower, the safflower, represents tolerance in the Flower Language, which was the quality that she had all along to be a teacher. Chypre produces a new Heart Seed, making the Heart Tree healthier.

At the base of the Desert Apostles, Sabaku talks to Dark Cure, who is trapped in a red, sphere-like container. Due to Kumojacki's failure to defeat the Heartcatch Mirage, he claims that he will need to use her power for just a little bit longer. Inside the container, Dark Cure's hand twitches to life, and a smile starts to grow on her face.

42 (334)- "Tomadoi no Yuri-san! Rabu Retā Michaimashita..." ("A Confused Yuri! We Saw the Love Letter...")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 42

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 42

Airdate: December 5, 2010

This episode starts with Dark Cure opening her eyes (now both of them yellow).

Meanwhile, Yuri and others are watering flowers at the greenhouse. Suddenly they see a person looking at them from outside. The person, noticing them watching, gets scared and runs away. The 4 girls go out and see a letter on the ground. They pick it up and realize, that it's a love letter. The girls try guessing who is this for when Potpourri opens and starts reading it. It said, that the person loved someone for a long time. It can't be Tsubomi, since she transferred here only last spring. Itsuki is quite popular, but with girls only. Erika thinks maybe it's her, but Tsubomi says, that maybe it's Yuri. Yuri excuses herself and leaves.

The remaining girls go out and see a boy looking for something on a grass. It was revealed, that the boy - Hayato - was the one who wrote the love letter. The girls wondered who was it for. Erika asked if it's her, but Hayato told them that he has no interest in childish girls. Itsuki wondered if it's her, much to Hayato's surprise. Tsubomi told him, that Itsuki is a girl, much to Hayato's relief, who thought, that she was Yuri-neechan's boyfriend. The girls questioned what does he like about Yuri and Hayato asked why is she so cheered up. The Cures couldn't tell him about their secret and he told them, how after her father disappeared, Yuri was always sad and he couldn't do anything about that, because he was a kid. But now he will protect Yuri's smile. Erika told him, that he is a real man.

They decided to organize him a chance to give Yuri his Love Letter. They told Yuri at school, that they're organizing a strategy meeting against the Desert Apostles. Yuri came to the spot they were supposed to meet and saw Hayato. They started talking about past. The fairies were listening for them in the sky while the girls were hiding in nearby bushes. Hayato asked what is Yuri up to and why is she happier now. Yuri couldn't tell and Hayato asked if it's because he's a kid. Yuri thanked him for being with her, since she had no sibling and Hayato is like a little brother to her. Hayato got angry and ran away.

Cobraja saw his wilting heart flower and made him into Love Letter desertrian. Yuri transformed to Cure Moonlight. She was fighting the Desertrian and it threw a huge letter at Moonlight. Sunshine came with the other Cures and used her Sunflower Aegis to shield Moonlight. Chypre revealed the Cures that Hayato is the victim. Cobraja used his Dark Bracelet to power-up the Desertrian. After fighting the Cures turned to Super Silhouette and purified the Desertrian with Heartcatch Orchestra. They weakened Cobraja and were about to attack him, when Dark Cure came and saved him. They teleported away together.

Later the girls retured Hayato his Heart Flower. He gave Yuri his love letter. Yuri didn't know what to say, but Hayato told her, that it's fine and he just wanted her to know his feelings.

43 (335)- "Atarashii Kazoku! Watashi, Onesan ni Narimasu!!" ("New Family! I've Become an Older Sister!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 43

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 43

Airdate: December 12, 2010

The episode starts with Tsubomi and her father hurrying to hospital, where Tsubomi's mom is. She got sick and hospitalized. At the hospital it was revealed, that she's pregnant and Tsubomi will become an older sister.

She went home with her family, helping her dad to move things, her friends came and said that they were worried because of her left school so early. She told the news to her friends. Tsubomi's dad drove her mom to his parents' house and Tsubomi said she'll help at the store. She cooked the meal though it didn't look good, but her dad said it was delicious.

The next morning, the other Cures came to help her at the store. Everyone were helping when a customer asked for a wedding bouquet. Tsubomi was a bit worried, since it's her mom who usually makes the bouquets for wedding, but her father said, that Tsubomi can make it. She wanted to make a bouquet that pleases everyone, so she needed to ask for few details. However, a girl, Kasumi, that came here with her grandma to order bouquet, was unhappy.

Tsubomi had difficulties thinking of the idea for the bouquet, so she called her mom. She explained, that their parents were against the wedding at first, but when they had 2 children the parents finally accepted and now they are holding ceremony. After talking, Tsubomi decided to ask for Kasumi's opinion.

She went to her and saw her playing outside. She said her parents were busy with the store and with her little sister. She felt that after her little sister was born, her parent forgot about her. Tsubomi asked her to help with the bouquet and bring happiness to everyone, including her sister. Kasumi ran away where Kumojacky found her. He transformed her into Desertrian. Tsubomi transformed to Cure Blossom and started fighting the desertrian. She almost talked Kasumi out of the fury, when Kumojacky used Dark Bracelet. He almost defeated Blossom, when others came.

Together they used Heartcatch Orchestra to defeat Desertrian. Kumojacky tried fighting, but the Cures were stronger.They defeated Desertrian and returned Kasumi's Heart Flower. Kasumi accepted her sister and asked for Tsubomi to help her with the bouquet making. Tsubomi said, that Kasumi is her senpai in being onee-chan. Together the girls made the bouquet and Tsubomi called her mom to tell everything.

44 (336)- "Kurisumasu no Kiseki! Kyua Furawā ni Aemashita!!" ("A Christmas Miracle! We met Cure Flower!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 44

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 44

Airdate: December 19, 2010

The episode starts with the lighting of Christmas tree and one girl, Mayuka, strongly wishes to meet Pretty Cures. Tsubomi and Erika saw her wish on the Christmas tree and tried reaching it but fell down with the card. They saw and recognized Mayuka. They saw how strongly she wishes to meet Pretty Cures.

Later Tsubomi was walking down the street and passed by some green-haired kid. She heard Mayuka and went to see it. She saw Mayuka telling her friends, that she is friends with Pretty Cure. They didn't believe her and asked to meet them too. Mayuka was reluctant at first, but when they told, that it was a lie, she agreed. At Christmas Eve 5 PM near the newly-lit Christmas tree. They left and Tsubomi came to talk with Mayuka. She asked why did she make such a lie, and she said she didn't lie and ran away.

Tsubomi with her grandma came to see Mayuka and talked with her father. He said, that Mayuka is shy and never had friends, so she lies to make them. Tsubomi went to talk with Mayuka and told her, that she shouldn't lie, since Pretty Cures don't meet liars. She told her, that she is friends with Pretty Cure. Mayuka didn't believe her and told her, that she's lying. Tsubomi messed up when she tried explaining, that she is friends with the Cures. Then Mayuka laughed at her. Later she asked Tsubomi if the Cures will come if she doesn't lie anymore. Tsubomi promised her, that they will. She begged for the other girls to agree. Itsuki agreed, Yuri too. Erika had no choice but to agree too.

However on Christmas Eve Kumojacky and Cobraja decided to summon a Desertrian. Mayuka was waiting with others for the Cures to come at the Christmas Tree. Itsuki was late when Potpurri came. She said, that a Desertrian has appeared and Sunshine is fighting alone. Tsubomi wondered what to do and Yuri said, that they obviously should eliminate the enemy first.

Sunshine had trouble fighting alone, Kumojacky cornered Sunshine and Cobraja caught her. Moonlight saved Sunshine while Blossom and Marine did a Pretty Cure Christmas Impact on the Desertrian. However both Kumojacky and Cobraja used dark Bracelets and powered-up the Desertrian. It was 3 times stronger than usual and trapped the 4 Cures in crystals. However instead of simply defeating them, they wanted to enjoy the main dish and wilt more Heart Flowers.

The snowman Desertrian turned into snow storm and chose the shining Christmas tree as it's target. They wanted to attack Mayuka, but suddenly an adult Cure in pink saved her. Mayuka's friends wondered who she is as they noted she did not looked like either Cure Blossom or Cure Marine. She introduced herself as Cure Flower. She protected Mayuka and asked Coupe to bring her and others to a safe place. Then she used flower carnival, with 4 other Cure Flowers beating the generals from inside. She then felt weak, since she used all her strength as Cure Flower and can't even do her Forte Wave. Then she went to save other Cures. She asked their Heart Flowers for help. They got free and used Heartcatch Orchestra on the Desertrian.

After that the kids apologized for calling Mayuka a liar, since she really was friends with the Cures. Mayuka told them, that it really was a lie and the Cures just heard her wish. She just wanted to be their friend. They kids said, that they already were friends. After they left, Cure Flower saw the same green-haired kid from before - it was actually Dune, the Desert King.

45 (337)- "Mō Dame desu...Sekai ga Sabaku ni Narimashita..." ( "It's Too Late... The World Has Turned Into a Desert...")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 45

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 45

Airdate: December 26, 2010

The King of Desert, Dune, is back. And he wants Cure Flower. The 4 Cures tried fighting him, but he turned them to shiny dresses in one move. Cure Flower tried fighting, but Dune was stronger. Coupe attacked him too, but with no avail. Dune took Kaoruko, and Tsubomi couldn't do anything.

They flew and reached the Heart Tree. Dune took Kaoruko's necklace with her Heart Seed and broke it, getting his powers back. First thing he did was to destroy the Heart tree with Kaoruko watching all this. Then he sent multiple Desert Devils to Earth and in one night all the world became a desert. Except the botanical garden, protected by Coupe.

The girls woke up and went to look for their families.They couldn't find anyone and returned to the greenhouse. Erika thought she heard something and saw Momoka hugging her. All other previous victims came too, saying, that Pretty Cure thought them about strong hearts.

However then Desert Devil attacked and when everyone ran away, 4 Cures transformed and fought it. After beating it up, the 4 used Heartcatch Orchestra to defeat it. After that they wanted to fly to space and save kaoruko. Coupe asked to go together. Before they left, Tada Kanae asked to get their picture. Everyone agreed.

Then they left and reached the Castle Planet. They started beating up the Snackies.

46 (338)- "Kumojakī! Koburāja! Anatatachi o Wasuremasen!!" ("Kumojacky! Cobraja! We Will Never Forget You!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 46

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 46

Airdate: January 9, 2011

The episode starts with the Cures fighting Snackies army while Kumojacky and Cobraja plan their final battle with the Cures. They went and attacked the Cures. Sunshine and Marine decided to stay and deal with those two, while Blossom and Moonlight ran to get Kaoruko.

Cobraja separated himself and Sunshine to fight in a different place than Kumojacky and Marine. When the girls asked, why do they are happy, that the world became a desert, Kumojacky said, that he doesn't care about the world at all and just want to test his strength with Marine. Cobraja said, that he likes beautiful things and hates ugly ones. Human hearts wilt and become ugly. Kumojacky and Marine were fighting with brute strength while Cobraja kept throwing explosive cards at Sunshine. Moonlight and Blossom, meanwhile, reached the place Dark Cure was at. Moonlight stayed and fought while Blossom ran ahead.

Meanwhile, Sabaku came to Kaoruko. She asked him, why did that time he didn't give order to completely eliminate Yuri. She asked, why did he create Moonlight's clone. She asked if something resonated in his heart. Sabaku looked scared and only told her to shut up.

During the battle, Marine almost got defeated, but Coffret came to her rescue by sratching Kumojacky's face. He planned to kill Coffret with one slash, but Marine broke his sword. They started fighting again and Marine was much stronger. He asked, how come she became so strong suddenly. Marine said, that he doesn't understand the true strength. Even Coffret, who he deemed as powerless weak fairy, is stronger than him. The true strength is power to protect those dear to you.

Cobraja, at the same time, was tiring up Sunshine with his explosive cards that work against her shield. He told her, that she's ugly now. Potpurri said, that the most beautiful thing now is Sunshine's heart protecting everyone. Cobraja said he doesn't care about people's hearts, throwing more explosive cards. Sunshine and Potpourri combined their shields, protecting themselves. Sunshine said she'll protect everyone's beautiful hearts.

Marine used her powers to make the backround as blue daisy field. She scolded Kumojacky for using his powers for nothing. he tried attacking her, but Marine broke his Dark Bracelet. She used Blue Forte Wave to finish him. Sunshine made the golden sunflower field with Cobraja commenting how beautiful it is. However he threw more cards that Sunshine and Potpourri stopped. They used Sunshine Impact, destroying his Dark Bracelet. Then purified him with Gold Forte Burst. Cobraja's heart flower is Japanese roses, meaning beautiful sadness. Kumojacky's heart flower is Achilleas, meaning to fight.

Blossom came and saved her grandma. Then a screen appeared, showing Moonlight and Dark Cure preparing to fight. Sabaku came to watch. Kaoruko asked Blossom to don't let Moonlight and Sabaku fight.

47 (339)- "Uso da to Itte Kudasai! Sabāku Hakase no Shōtai!!" ("Please Say It's a Lie! The True Identity of Professor Sabaku!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 47

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 47

Airdate: January 16, 2011

Tsubomi saved her grandma while Moonlight and Dark Cure started their battle. Blossom returned, but Moonlight said she'll fight alone. When she was about to land a blow to Dark Cure, Sabaku attacked her. Blossom started fighting Sabaku, giving Moonlight a chance at fair battle. Sabaku called Blossom as weakest Cure, but she said, that she changed. With Chyphre's help, she scored a punch. Moonlight, meanwhile, was about to finish Dark Cure, but Sabaku took the blow. It broke his mask, and Yuri was shocked after seeing his face.

Marine and Sunshine, at the time, met after defeating Cobraja and Kumojacky, but Snackies kept attacking them endlessly. The girls were tired already, so they made a time-out to have a plan and agreed to pretend to be Snackies. They used Pretty Cure Big Explosion to distract them and escaped. They detransformed and dressed up in Snackie costumes (Chyphre and Potpourri sharing one).

Snackies tried talking to them asking about Pretty Cure, but they acted suspiciously. Potpourri told them, that Cures are the other way and escaped. Snackies saw them escaping and chased. They reached Kaoruko safely, but they were tired. Coupe used Heart Seeds, containing everyone's feelings, and the Cures' powers returned. They transformed again and beat the snackies up.

Meanwhile, Moonlight was shocked, that Sabaku was actually her long lost father. She detransformed from shock and tried to get him back, but dark Cure got angry. She attacked Yuri, saying Professor Tsukikage is her father now. He created her for only purpose - to defeat moonlight. Blossom held the attack and tried talking to Yuri, saying she needs to fight to protect her father and accept her feelings.

Yuri accepted her words and transformed back to Moonlight. She used her Fotisimo against Dark Cure's fortissimo. The 2 Fortissimos collided, but Moonlight received everyone's power and support, winning the clash.

48 (340)- "Chikyū no Tame! Yume no Tame! Purikyua Saigo no Henshin desu!!" ("For the Earth! For Our Dreams! The Final PreCure Transformation!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 48

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 48

Airdate: January 23, 2011

While the world is becoming a desert and Desert Devils are everywhere, few people don't lose hope. Meanwhile, Moonlight has defeated Dark Cure and she is now laying on the floor, dying. Moonlight wasn't sad about this at all and only hugged her father, taking it for herself. However Dark Cure stood up. She still wanted to fight Moonlight for Sabaku, her father. Their father let go of Moonlight and went to hug Dark Cure, revealing to everyone that Dark Cure is actually Moonlight's little sister. However he made them fight and for Moonlight to brutally kill her own sister. Dark Cure disappeared into light pursles, dying from the arm of her father.

Dune was watching everything and only clapped at the emotional scene. He told them, that when Yuri's father's research reached a dead-end, he accepted Dune's power (given by baron Salamander and Olivier) and became Sabaku. The 2 Cures and Yuri's father were fighting Dune, but he was too strong, reverting the Cures to their Shiny dresses and injuring Yuri's father.

Then he prepared to do a big move and kill them all, but Yuri's father sacrificed himself to stop the move and was torn to pieces. Yuri got really mad and prepared to fight Dune with hatred to revenge her father, but Tsubomi stopped her. She told, that Pretty Cures should fight with love not hatred and that she's not being herself. Her words did the job. Tsubomi gave Yuri the other half of her seed and the seed became one again.

They both transformed again to Cures, Blossom and Moonlight and fought again. When Dune was about to attack them, Sunshine and marine returned just on time. The 2 Cures did Fortissimo. Moonlight and Blossom did one too. They hit Dune with Double Fortissimo together and used Heartcatch Orchestra to finish it.

49 (341)- "Minna no Kokoro o Hitotsu ni! Watashi wa Saikyō no Purikyua!!" ("All Hearts are One! I am The Strongest PreCure!!")

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 49

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - Episode 49

Airdate: January 30, 2011

The Cures used Heartcatch Orchestra against Dune, but he withstood it. Suddenly, he and his powers grew planet-sized and he started attacking Earth. The girls stood in his way to defend Earth. Dune fired a beam at the Cures, but it didn't affect them. They realized, that the love they gave to Dune wasn't enough to calm his anger, so the Cures united to one big Cure, Infinity Silhouette. The Cure used her move, Straight Punch, to finish Dune.

Later the Earth returned to normal and the Cures continued their daily lives. Tsubomi became big sister after Futaba was born. Itsuki grew her hair more and was wearing girls' uniform and her brother could train with her too. Then they saw a man looked a lot like Kumojacky named Kumamoto. Yesterday he applied to Myoudouin Dojo.

It was revealed, that Kumojacky and Cobraja stayed in hospital for a long time with no memories of what happened. Sasorina became a kindergarten teacher while Cobraja became a designer. After school Erika was still amazed that they actually saved the world and other girls though this Infinite power was too much for her.

Later the girls (with Yuri coming too) talked about their dreams. Erika wanted to be a fashion designer. Tsubomi decided to return back to space with her own powers. And if possible, to make flowers bloom in the wastelands of space. Yuri didn't have a dream yet while Itsuki was fine with just training. For now. The heart Tree grew from the seed again with the Heart Seeds protecting it. In the Pretty Cure palace, all the Cures' statues were smiling. The Heartcatch Mirage was back in it's place.

In the end a little girl around 6 years old with similar hairstyle to Tsubomi's looked at the picture of 4 Cures holding a Heart Perfume.