1 (487)- "Ai ga Daisuki! Kyua Raburī Tanjō!" ("I Just Love Love! Cure Lovely is Born!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 01

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 01


Airdate: 2 February, 2014

Note: Cure Black celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode begins with Queen Mirage speaking, explaining that she is conquering everything to turn the world miserable. Her army cheers at this. Meanwhile, Cure Princess, along with Ribbon are fighting a strong Saiark, and Namakelder appears. However, Princess is too scared, and runs away while Ribbon scolds her and concludes that she is the princess and needs to defeat Namakelder to save the place. Cure Princess then charges and unleashes her power, but fails to do it correctly. Causing her to be hit by the Saiark and de-transform.

Just as she is about to finished, Fortune flies in and attacks, saving her before purifying the Saiark. After the human thanks Fortune for saving her, Glassun sneezes and makes new cards appear. Hime makes an attempt to thank Fortune for saving her, but Fortune angrily threatens to never forgive her because it's her own fault the world is overrun by evil to begin with. Then she takes her leave while Hime begins to cry.

Hime hiding behind the tree, while Megumi talks with her friends. The next day, Megumi, a cheerful girl, and her friend Yuko celebrate the good day. Yuko mentions that lately she has been going on about Pretty Cure a lot and Megumi explains that it is because while Saiarks have been invading their home, she knows the Pretty Cure will be there to save the day anyway! During this time. Hime tries to overcome her sadness and self doubt while griping about it. Blue, the king of the Blue Sky Kingdom comes through a nearby mirror and gives her a crystal, which he explains would transform a certain person into her Cure partner, as well as her new best friend. Soon, this cheers Hime up and she gets up to go and find the person by flying to the top of a tall building.

At home Megumi arrives to ask about dinner. Her mother brings up Cream Stew and Megumi offers to go and get the ingredients for it. Her mother insists that she should rest since she just got home from school but Megumi claims to be just fine and leaves. As this is going on, Hime decides that in order to find her new friend and partner, she will throw the crystal and whoever it hits, shall be the person she chooses. She throws it and proceeds to nail Megumi right in the head, who picks it up and calls it pretty before deciding to take it to a lost and found before she resumes walking. Hime takes this time to trail behind her in order to learn more about her.

While following her, Hime decides that Megumi is a really nice, cheerful person. She watches her get ingredients for the cream stew, she sees her interact with her other friends, and she even helps people... As Megumi is walking alone, Ribbon tries to get Hime to hurry up and befriend Megumi but she feels nervous and is unable to face her. But to speed things along, Ribbon pushes Hime so that she is seen by Megumi. At first, Megumi simply watches Hime as she freezes. But the second Megumi compliments her cute, girly clothing, this is enough for Hime to open up almost instantly while she talks about it's special details. She then comments on Megumi's on clothes by asking her if she doesn't like to dress up, and Megumi explains that she tends to go for comfortable outfits that are easy to move around in, instead. Megumi also says that she doesn't think cute clothing fits her that much. However, Hime claims that she probably hasn't found the right thing yet and should keep trying, since she may enjoy it. She explains how much fashion means to her and the girls are able to bond over this interest and Megumi even asks for Hime to train her in fashion.

The girls then introduce themselves to each other while Ribbon floats from behind Hime to introduce herself as the fairy who takes care of Hime. At first Megumi is surprised, but this increases as it is revealed that Hime is really the Princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom and someday the Queen. Megumi is really surprised, but super excited by the twist of events. After Ribbon asks her to become a very good friend with Hime, Hime announces that Megumi will also become a Pretty Cure!

Meanwhile, Namakelder happens to find Mao walking down a pathway. He notices how happy she is to be wearing her special present hat and he traps her into a mirror to summon a Saiark. As everyone in the area runs away in fright, Megumi and Hime are alerted by Ribbon of the evil prescense and they see more of the mold appearing in the area. She asks Namekaruda why he targeted Mao as she looks at the mirror in shock and he informs them that he got annoyed by her happiness.

Hime transforms into Cure Princess and makes an attempt to fight the Saiark but this proves futile quickly. The Saiark goes to finish her when Megumi suddenly runs in front of her and tells them to leave her alone. Suddenly, the power of Pretty Cure from the crystal she found earlier begins to react to her bravery, shown as Namakelder points out how frightened she looks. Megumi claims that while she may be scared, she has to protect her friend and everyone else. With that, the crystal begins to shine and she changes into Cure Lovely!

Brimming with excitement and joy, Megumi notices that she's doing a really good job fighting and she doesn't even know how she's doing it...

2 (488)- "Hime to Megumi no Yūjō! Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua Kessei!!" ("Hime and Megumi's Friendship! The HappinessCharge PreCure is Formed!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 02

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 02


Airdate: February 9, 2014

Note: Cure Dream celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Megumi transforms into Cure Lovely and begins fighting against the Saiark, but she doesn't know what to do and gets trapped by it's attack. Princess comes in as she also attacks but they srutggle to fight until Princess uses Princess Tornado, giving them an opportunity to escape as Namakelder finds it weird. Later, Hime shows Megumi the secret embassy of the Blue Sky Kingdom, which Megumi notices and finds strange that she couldn't tell it was there before. They begin to discussh ow to defeat Saiark and save Mao but Hime seems to only doubt they can really do anything, which leads to an arguement as Megumi makes an attempt to reason with Hime. While hearing their arguement Blue comes out of the mirror to intervene, and greets Megumi.

He then explains what is happening around the world with the Saiarks and mentions that it's all because of a box called Axia being opened. Which released Queen Mirage, her generals, and the Saiarks. Meanwhile, Queen Mirage learns about Cure Lovely from Deep Mirror and now wants her eradicated...

Blue continues on to say that the Queen despises love and anything else considered to be a positive emotion before adding that Hime's kingdom is being invaded by them. Which makes Hime spiral back into hopelessness as she can't understand why she still lost, even though she got a partner and a friend. She decides that she shouldn't be a pretty cure if all she ever keeps doing is losing, but the others try to cheer her up and encourage her. But it fails and Hime runs off instead.

Megumi attempts to keep up with her but is unable to due to how fast she runs and notices how much more moss the city is gaining...

Meanwhile, Yuko discovers a confused Hime and gives her a honey candy. However, they do not talk very much and Hime runs away after accepting it. Ribbon apologizes for Hime's behavior before Megumi points out that Hime is very lucky to have someone like Ribbon, who always worries about her. This makes Ribbon cheer up and she tells Megumi to use the PreCards Blue gave them in order to locate Hime. So with using it, Megumi transforms into a detective and is able to locate Yuko, asking her if she has seen Hime, describing her appearance to her. After she confirms it, Megumi keeps going and soon locates the wrapper from one of Yuko's honey candy, then sees Hime up ahead.

Before she can run away again, Ribbon stops her and Hime claims that she will never be able to defeat the Saiark because she's afraid. No matter how many times she tries, she can never overcome it. However, Megumi claims that no matter how much fear she has, Hime never has once before given up, despite how many losses. So she insists that Hime should try one more time and claims she needs her to fight alongside her too. This works and Hime feels better now, then suggests that they need to make a good pose for their team now and head up to the rooftop where the Saiark is now. They transform and stop just for a second to discuss their awesome poses before a bunch of Choiarks surround them. With a Lovely Punch they are able to disband them while Namakelder orders the Saiark to attack. Cure Lovely assigns Princess to purify the Saiark, while she fights and gets the Saiark wounded.

As she hears this, Princess begins to be panic and worry she may screw up again. But after much struggle, Cure Lovely wounds the Saiark with Lovely Heart Destruction. Cure Princess regains hope and purifies the Saiark with Blue Happy Shoot, and Namakelder leaves. With this happening, Lovely and Princess become happy while Princess celebrates her first win. The girls then change back to normal and they watch Mao as she goes to her mother. It's then Ribbon produces two PreCards and puts them into the book she carries while discussing what will happen once every single card has been put back into it. Then the girls make a promise with each other to fight the Saiarks together.

3 (489)- "Himitsu ga Barechatta!? Purikyua no Shōtai wa Zettai Himitsu!!" ("The Secret Has Been Blown!? The PreCure's Secret Identity is Absolutely Secret!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 03

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 03


Airdate: February 16, 2014

Note: Cure Passion celebrates the 10th anniversary.

With their first win, Megumi is happily overlooking herself in a cute new outfit. cheers up with her new outfit, while Hime is very happy to finally have a friend. Megumi compliments her clothing as Blue asks Ribbon to grab the Cure Lines, which are cellphones to contact each other and call Blue. Megumi wants to try calling her mother, but he warns her that they have to keep Pretty Cure a secret since it could cause problems and bring un-needed danger to her loved ones. Hearing them explain this, she eagerly agrees!

As the girls are leaving, Hime expresses joy in knowing she is part of a special secret just between two friends. But Seiji happens to be nearby and he curiously asks about the secret. As Hime hides behind her, Megumi grows flustered in an attempt not to say anything and introduces them to each other. Hime, nervously hiding squeezes Ribbon too tightly, causing her to cry out and try to break free. He questions the "doll", which only gets Megumi even more riled up, until he decides to quit asking and walk off. But not before shooting them a suspicious expression. Megumi is happy they kept him from finding out, but Hime and Ribbon point out their concerns that he may have actually become even more suspicious... That evening, Megumi's mother is busy finishing dinner and she asks Megumi to call Seiji and Mao over. However, they happen to arrive just then and come inside, where Megumi and Mao embrace. Seiji comes into the kitchen with something their mother packed for the dinner and he explains she has gone to Kyushu for two days. Hearing that, Megumi's mother invites him and Mao to also come over tomorrow too, then scolds him for acting so formely before mentioning her husband is also out of town now.

As dinner comes around, everyone watches Seiji eat. They comment on it before Mao brings up Pretty Cure to Megumi. In a panic, she grows weary until Mao explains that she heard they appeared again and defeated a monster. Hearing this, she calms down and mentions having seen them on TV. After Mao comments that she would love to become a pretty cure, she tells Megumi that they should become them together and she nervously agrees. To the confusion of Mao.

After dinner, Megumi and Seiji do the dishes. But while doing so, Megumi remains very tense and panics as Seiji suddenly says "pretty cure" and "secret". She asks him about it, but he claims it to be nothing and they continue. Afterwards, Megumi decides to take a bath and runs outside, onto the porch as her Cure Line goes off. It's Hime on the other line, worried she may have spilled the secret until Megumi assures her she didn't and tells her how loud she is. However, she isn't sure how long she could keep it up because she's terrible at hiding things. And just as she says this, Seiji happens to come outside suddenly. He explains that he is hanging up the laundry and when she asks if he heard her, he repeats her claims about being terrible with secrets, then claims not to care. But before he goes back inside, he tells her not to worry her mother. Hime takes this as a sign that he knows, then says that Megumi should just act foolish and deny everything.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirage gets angry at the fact they were beaten by the Cures, and orders Deep Mirror to summon the new general, Hosshiwa.

The following morning, while it's still just beginning to get lighter out, Seiji decides to go for a jog. He runs across people he knows, as well as Yuko. Eventually as he gets to a new area, he feels the ground begin to move beneath him and finds a newspaper Saiark in front of him, as well as Hosshiwa.

Hime contacts Megumi on the Cure Line to tell her what is going on, but it takes her a few minutes to respond. Ribbon informs her that it is at Pikarigaoka Park, transforming everything into a bunch of sweets, candies, and desserts. Hosshiwa demands that it gets more of the town transformed with despair, in order to get more sweet foods. Seiji attempts to get the Choiarks from bullying an old woman and is brutally beaten up by them when they out number him!

As Megumi and Hime meet up, Hime warns Megumi that it would have been un-acceptable if she showed up in her pajamas. Megumi doesn't understand until she explains that it is important to look fashionable twenty-four-seven. Then they say no more and change into roller skaters using the PreCards and rush to the scene to find Hosshiwa scolded Seiji for interupting her tea time. He warns Megumi and Hime to run away, but instead Megumi decides they need to stay and protect him by transforming into Pretty Cure. Hime reminds her of their promise, but Megumi claims that it's more important and she agrees.

After they change, Lovely quickly gets to work beating up the Choiarks. Princess is nervous and a little afraid to attack and Ribbon suggests that they would be able to clear them if they were to combine their powers. However, an angry Lovely keeps attacking them, using a Lovely Explosion Bomber while Princess and Ribbon discuss how angry she is. She then changes into her Cherry Flamenco form and performs Passion Dynamite, which rids of the Choiarks. Lovely happens to spot Hosshiwa, who claims that Seiji attacked her first. However, Lovely calls her out on this and claims she is a liar, which makes her bring back the Saiark and makes him attack. It uses newspaper to disorient Lovely and Princess comes out of nowhere and punches the Saiark to distract it, then blow away the papers by using Princess Tornado. Then, Lovely performs Pinky Love Shoot to purify the Saiark!

As everything returns back to normal, Hosshiwa takes off after wishing them a good day. The newspaper man leaves as Ribbon gains brand new cards for the girls to use. Seiji approaches them and asks Megumi if this had been her secret. She attempts to claim she isn't really Megumi, but he doesn't buy it. So they take him to the Embassy to meet Blue. Seiji then decides that he is going to help protect everyone and fight besides Pretty Cure. He also warns Megumi that she needs to do a better job of hiding her identity, since she only made herself look suspicious instead. Seiji attempts to befriend Hime, but she panics. Blue changes the subject by bringing up how close they are, and how well they get a long and asks if they are dating, and in love. Hime grows flustered all of the sudden and they both deny it, stating that their friendship is like that of a brother and sister. Blue is happy to hear this and explains that Pretty Cure are not allowed to fall in love. Hime is confused at first, until he explains that a bad relationship could bring along unbearable drama.

While Megumi finds it cool to have such a rule, Seiji agrees but claims not to understand it any better. With that, Blue hands him a Pretty Cure Line and welcomes him to the team. The episode then comes to an add as Hime suspiciously watches them...

4 (490)- "Tenkōsei wa Ohime-sama!! Hime no Tomodachi Getto Daisakusen!!" ("The Transfer Student is a Princess!! The Great "Help Hime Make Some Friends" Operation!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 04

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 04


Airdate: February 23, 2014

Note: Cure Moonlight celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Hime is modeling a strange outfit she is unable to recognize until Blue informs her it's a school uniform. He explains that she will start attending school, causing her much grief. So much so, that she runs and hides under her couch until Megumi convinces her she'll be able to make a lot of friends.

The following day, the girls excitedly head to school. Hime is convinced that because she already has two friends, gaining a bunch more shouldn't be very hard. It's then they are joined by Seiji, who doesn't really understand how he can be friends with her until Megumi explains it, using her own logic. Going further into school, Hime sees the many students surrounding them. A girl approaches to talk to Megumi, which inspires Hime to try to befriend her. However, her attempt is interupted when the girl mentions a brand new transfer student that everyone is aware about, causing Hime to panic and run off.

In privacy, Ribbon and Megumi talk to her and wonder if she can really handle this now. But Hime claims she can and they head to class... where she panics again and tries to run away, only to be caught by the teacher. She insists that Hime will be okay because everyone is friendly, and the students seem to like her already. She is asked to write her name on the board and quickly, everyone wants to get to know her. But the shock from trying to respond to too many people causes her to pass out instead.

In the nurses office, Hime wants to go home and refuses to leave the bed until Megumi stops bothering her.

Megumi is trying to convince her that she wont make any friends this way but she's had enough. Eventually Yuko comes inside to check on Hime. Hime remembers her from when they met the other day and Megumi decides to reintroduce them, thinking it will make her feel better. Hime refuses and tells them to leave her alone, so Yuko offers her more candy. It seems to work for a second, but when Hime recalls how she felt earlier, she steals one of them and runs away to hide in the girls bathroom. There, Megumi scolds her for not behaving right. Hime is still convinces that she doesn't want to deal with school anymore though and uses the ninja precards in order to leave. She throws a big ball of smoke down to distract Megumi and takes off!

Outside, Megumi tries to look for Hime while Seiji claims she pushed her too much. Megumi doesn't understand until he mentions how different her intensive personality is. He does however, say that it's one of her good points, but she should apologize to Hime. Unknown to them, Hime was listening in on the conversation.

She leaves the area and hides in the sports shed, then opens the candy to eat it. She then thinks about Yuko and wonders why she's acting like that. She realizes how right Megumi was, and thinks about how it was just a lucky coincidence they met and became friends. But suddenly, someone else happens to be in the room too. A teacher who is who seems to struggle with the same problems and can't be open to other people. Hime encourages him to just do his work and he takes off, still thinking about what to do.

It's then Namakelder appears and tells him why not to just rid of the school and how people learn to grow up well there, but those who don't are given cold shoulders. Before the teacher can do anything, he uses him to form a Saiark that begins to destroy the school.

As this is going on, Hime runs out of the shed to find the Saiark. She recognizes the teacher and quickly changes to Cure Princess. They begin to fight and Megumi sees them, but as she goes to help she is interupted by a bunch of Choiarks and changes into Cure Lovely. She begins to fight them while Princess uses her machine gun ability. But the Saiark blows her away by spinning it's cone head and smashes her.

The Saiark begins to spread mold all over the school until Hime interupts. She attacks it and with a boost of power is able to knock it back. This surprises her, but it is enough to give her the courage to keep fighting, and make friends. Namakelder doesn't really see the point in bothering with people and tells the Saiark to get back up and fight.

Just as it's about to attack her again, Lovely appears out of nowhere and uses the Choiarks to beat it up and send it flying. She apologizes for being late, as well as for being too forceful with Hime. Then Princess apologizes for how she behaved also. Just then, more Choiarks and the Saiark get back up.

Hime uses her set of precards to change into Sherbert Ballet. Then she uses Arabesque Shower to freeze all of the choiarks, then she uses the Love PreBrace to use Blue Happy Shoot to purify the Saiark. Before he leaves, Namakelder claims this is only a fluke that let them win. Then he takes off. Unknown to them, Fortune happened to be watching...

After everything recovers, Hime finds the teacher and asks him if he's okay. She then tells him her resolve to become much more open and aggressive in order to open up and make friends. She will stay calm and make friends, which encourages him to keep trying too after she deems them friends. As they watch, two new sets of cards appear for the book.

At the end of the day, Hime approaches Yuko. She thanks her for the candy, which makes Yuko happy and Hime introduces herself to her. She then asks Yuko to be her friend, which she accepts and admits to being happy. She then offers Hime more candy while Megumi joins them too.

5 (491)- "Megumi to Hime! Nakayoshi Otasuke Daisakusen!!" ("Megumi and Hime! The Great "Help Others" Operation!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 05

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 05


Airdate: March 2, 2014

Note: Cure Happy celebrates the 10th anniversary.

As the trio walk from school, Yuko asks Hime how she feels so far. She sees that she is still uneasy, so she offers her another piece of candy. She is asked how to make them, but refuses to say anything other then her love being it's secret, key ingredient. Then she takes off after mentioning she has work to do at home. Once she does, Megumi offers Hime to come over to her place and brings up that her mother will be making pancakes. Which Hime is quick to accept and get excited!

While they walk home, Hime is still pretty excited until she suddenly realizes that this will be her first time coming back to Megumi's place. This causes her to panic and worry she may have another nervous breakdown in front of her mom, but Megumi simply tells her not to worry. They find a can on the ground, and then some paper. Megumi finds the boy responsible when they see him toss an empty drink bottle into the lake nearby and she tells him to stop. But the boy pays her no mind and he continues to walk. Which upsets Hime, who always makes sure to throw away her trash and she uses the Police PreCards to harshly lecture him. She then brings him to the garbage can to throw away his trash and it seems to make the boy change his mind about littering, then they let him leave.

They stand by the garbage cans, where Hime is reminded about the pancakes until a dog approaches them. They see that it is hurt, so they use their Nurse PreCards to heal it. Then a boy comes by to claim the dog and thanks them for their help and leaves. But before they can do the same, a little crying girl comes by, having been seperated from her mother. They once again use PreCards to locate the girls mother and Megumi, and Hime stand with the boy who is afraid of sending his feels to the girl. reunite Mi with her. At this point in time, Hime complains about being worn out but Megumi has already located her next cause to help. They approach a young man hiding behind a tree, thinking he is suspicious. But the male reveals that the girl he's been watching is his girlfriend, and he was hoping to propose to her but now lacks the courage to do so. To fix it, Megumi flees and changes into a flower woman, with a cart of beautiful flowers. Hime points her out and they come by to examine all of the lovely flowers and she brings up how much girls love them. With that in mind, he finds a pretty yellow bouqet and asks the girl, Yukiko to marry him. She accepts while the two girls watch from the distance.

They think about how cute the proposal was while on their way home. Hime asks Megumi if she's tired of helping people, then asks why when she claims not to be. Megumi explains that this is becase she loves to see people happy and smile. Hime is really hungry by now and when she voices her struggle to keep happy now, Megumi attempts to get her to perk up. They are approached by Yuko once more, who came out for a delivery. Hime really wants the food, but since Yuko can't give it to her, she gives her more candy instead. Hime explains to Yuko what they have been doing, and she complains that while she does feel nice for helping others, she is pretty worn out. So Megumi suggests they run the rest of the way home instead and she pulls Hime along.

At home, Megumi tells her mother that she brought Hime along with her, and her mother is quick to comment on how much she resembles a real princess. They sit down to eat pancakes, only for her mom to remind her that she forgot one special ingredient, her handmade jam. Hime is confused, but Megumi explains to her that it goes great with pancakes. Hime then tries a bite of it, with the jam and deems it to be very good. She claims that she does what she can to see Megumi smile, which makes everyone feel happy.

While Megumi walks Hime back home later on, Hime mentions how nicely Megumi gets along with her mother. Megumi asks her about how well she gets along with her parents, only for Hime to reveal they are locked inside the mirror. Along with the rest of the citizens of her land...

With that said, Megumi promises that they will save everyone and she will see to it that Hime's wish comes true. Which makes Hime ask Megumi what she would wish for, when that happens. Megumi reveals that she wants her mother to get well, and explains that she has a very weak body and has to take a lot of medicine. They then share a small cheer of how they will see to it that both of their dreams come true!

Meanwhile, in the Phantom Empire, Queen Mirage is tired of losing and tells one of her assistants to go and deal with it. Hosshiwa voluneteers after voicing the fact that they only keep losing because of the Pretty Cure.

At the bridge further down the pathway, Hime begins to ask Megumi why she enjoys helping others out so much again. Megumi claims that it is simply due to the fact she is happy when others are happy. It's suddenly that they hear a woman screaming and shouting, running from a hoard of Choiarks. They transform into Cure Lovely and Cure Princess and quickly begin to attack while the girl watches. They see that there is no end to the Choiarks though, so Ribbon suggests that they change forms in order to rid of them all. Megumi changes into her Lollipop HipHop PreCard form and uses Pop'n'Sonic to defeat them.

The woman then reveals to be one of the Phantom Empire servants, Hosshiwa, infront of them. While Ribbon and Princess felt that something was off, Lovely is beyond infuriated that they have been tricked by her tinto thinking she really needed help and she claims that it makes problems for those who really do need it. Hosshiwa then claims that Megumi was only tricked because she helps people so much and calls her out for the fact she fell so easily into her trap. Princess then interupts, angry also, by saying that Lovely was only tricked because she is an honest person. But this falls flat as she fails to think of anything else to say...

Lovely voices the fact that she honestly doesn't know why she likes to help people as much as she does. But she knows that she needs to lend a hand to those in need, no matter what. At first, Hosshiwa is a little curious, but she quickly reveals the hidden Saiark she had planned for the fight, trapping the girls by grabbing them in its hands.

Hosshiwa insults Lovely and Princess by saying they should only worry about themselves first and claims everyone else does it anyway. She even says that they may do things to be nice girls but in the end it's for their own sakes, and that they probably feel its worthless if they don't get any thanks in return.

Megumi claims that while this may be true, she wants to share the happy feeling people get from helping others out. Even if things don't work out she'll be fine as long as everyone else is happy. Hosshiwa orders the Saiark to finish Lovely and Princess off at that instance and she tells Lovely it's her own fault for this entire thing, because she got a friend involved by wants to feel good about herself. She then accues Lovely of feeling selfish, which causes Ribbon much grief seeing that she is beginning to lose hope.

But suddenly, Princess interupts by saying that she isn't selfish. While she finds helping others out to be a pain, she enjoys the warm and fuzzy feeling that she gets from it and it's because of Lovely. So she will not let Hosshiwa talk that way about her friend!

Princess bursts out of the Saiarks hands, summing her wings to help. Then she proceeds to kick it, causing it to release Lovely. She thanks Princess and claims to feel the same way about her because of their friendship. They then proceed to attack together while Hosshiwa tries convincing them how pointless friendship really is. But this doesn't work and Lovely unleashes her Lovely Beam on the Saiark, while Princess uses Explosion Bomber. She then tells Lovely to purify it by using Precure Pinky Love Shoot!

Hosshiwa then storms off in defeat while claiming how pointless friends are again. They change back to normal and go back out to the bridge, where they had been before. Megumi thanks Hime, much to her surprise, and she explains that it was because of her and becoming a Pretty Cure that she's began to feel so happy again too. This makes Hime feel happy too and suddenly, Ribbon gives them a brand new set of PreCards. They put them into the book and she explains they ended up getting a lot today because they helped so many people. Hime then takes to hear what they both say and realizes that it's a great feeling she wishes to experience more often and they run off!

Unknown to them though, Fortune happens to be watching...

6 (492)- "Ribon no Yasashisa!! Ryōritte Aijō Nan desu!!" ("Ribbon's Tenderness!! That's the Love of Cooking!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 06

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 06


Airdate: March 9, 2014

Note: Cure Egret celebrates the 10th anniversary.

One day Ribbon is busy preparing lunch for Hime, who is beginning to feel hungry. She removes it from the oven soon enough and comments on how well she did, but Hime is disappointed to see that she made fish. Ribbon accuses her of being selfish though, as she complains about wanting to eat pancakes instead and claims that she is allowed to pick what she eats. This frustrates Ribbon and she tries to get her to listen, but Hime only throws a tantrum and rudely stabs the meal Ribbon prepared for her. She doesn't understand why Ribbon can't make something so easy, and Ribbon challanges her by saying that Hime can't even crack an egg, so she has no right to call it easy. Which ends with them both angry...

Later on, Megumi arrives just in time for Hime to run away from home. She doesn't understand and stays behind to speak to Ribbon while trying the food. She really likes it and feels bad that Hime wont try it. However, Ribbon is still angry and doesn't care, saying that she needs to learn a lesson for being so selfish.

Outside, Hime is walking around in a slump, while Seiji and Yuko are both outside running. They happen to spot each other and stop for a chat when they see her. Hime runs straight into her arms and begs for some candy, but she doesn't have any right now. Seiji asks Hime what the problem is, but she hostily responds and Yuko is able to deduce that she's hungry. So she drags her back home.

It's getting late and Megumi thinks they should go out to look for Hime now. But Ribbon stubbornly refuses to help, only to be interupted by a call from Seiji. He informs her that they saw Hime and tells them that Yuko took her back to her place.

There, Hime has finished eating. Yuko brings her a drink and is glad to see that Hime really liked it. But she is sure that someone back at Hime's place feels sad now and thinks that Hime should return. She explains Ribbon's feeling to her, which seems to make Hime think about how selfish she was until recalling that Ribbon ignored her feelings anyway.

It's then Yuko asks Hime if she ever helped Ribbon make a meal before. Of course Hime hasn't, since it isn't her job. Yuko then asks Hime if she would be able to help her with the work today at the shop because it's a busy, special event. Hime is excited and feels that she should repay Yuko, so she agrees.

Megumi continues to talk with Seiji about the turn of events and she claims that they should hurry up to fix the problem. But Seiji thinks she is being too forward and forceful again and believes she should think some more about their feelings. Megumi asks Ribbon to come find Hime again, but she refuses until Blue is able to convince her to do it.

At the playground, Namakelder was in the middle of napping until the pleasent smell of happiness woke him up. He claims his nap to be ruined...

Hime changes into a chef to help Yuko and her family out. They get started and she watches carefully, finding it all to be pretty cool. Yuko is surprise to see that she changed her clothing and the two of them get to work preparing potato. Hime is disappointed by this, but Yuko explains how important the prep work is. The kitchen work is only the finishing details and they will be peeling potato all day, due to how popular their croquette is. Yuko's dad brings in more potato and she claims how annoying cooking is. Yuko finds it to be a lot of fun though and she explains that she wants everyone who eats their food to be happy. She believes that anyone who cooks though feels the same way, and also thinks that the one who cooks for Hime probably feels the same way. Hime claims it to be untrue though, and says that Ribbon doesn't understand her. But Yuko doesn't think this at all. She thinks Ribbon works so hard because of Hime. She then gets up to take the potato to the kitchen.

Hime continues to think this over while peeling the potato. She also thinks about the special times they had previously and begins to realize that she may have been wrong after all. Yuko returns with a reward for Hime then, seeing how well she was able to peel the potato. One of their special, freshly fried make-up Croquette. Hime enjoys the croquette and Yuko suggests that she take some back to Ribbon.

It's suddenly that Megumi and Ribbon show up. She wants them to make up, and when she mentions that Ribbon will forgive Hime, Hime angrily claims it wasn't her fault again. It's then the hear yelling outside in the shopping district and they spot Namakelder. He tells the Saiark to ruin the shop, while Yuko stands to protect it. Seeing that Yuko is in danger, they transform into Cure Princess and Cure Lovely!

Before Namakelder can attack the store, Lovely and Princess show up to defeat the Saiark. They begin to fight while promising to protect it and they tell Yuko to run off. As they Choiarks show up, the girls attack them, nearly crushed by the Saiark. Namakelder tells it to forget about the cures and attack the shop, but they wont let it by using their barriers and shields, with even Ribbon helping out.

While they hold up the shields, they ask him why he even wants to ruin the shop anyway. Namakelder explains that it's because it's a waste of time to cook for others, but Princess is quick to call him out on this. At first she felt the same way and didn't even think about how the ones that cook the food work so hard to make others happy. She was being selfish and didn't even think about Ribbon at all.

With that they are able to send the Saiark backwards and Ribbon gives Hime her Macadamia Hula Dance cards to use. Hime changes and uses Precure Hawaiian Aloha 'Oe. But instead of it just working on the Choiarks, it works on everyone!

She snaps Lovely out of it, and she is able to use Pinky Love Shoot in order to defeat the Saiark. The mold vanishes from the area and Namakelder takes off.

The girls turn back to normal and see how many customers showed up at the shop. Hime apologizes to Ribbon for how badly she behaved and she gives Ribbon a Croquette. Ribbon compliments it while Megumi expresses joy that they made up. Ribbon then makes two new cards appear and they put them away. Hime then says they should head home because she's hungry and requests Pancakes, causing Ribbon to ask her if she's still being selfish before saying that pancakes are unhealthy. They begin to bicker and everyone walks while Megumi claims that people who care a lot for each other tend to argue, so this must be what it means.

7 (493)- "Yūjō Zenkai!! Futari no Aratanaru Chikara!!" ("Friendship Full Throttle!! The Pair's New Power!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 07

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 07


Airdate: March 16, 2014

Note: Cure Aqua celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Megumi has recieved a letter to come to Hime's place. She comes and waits for someone to come to the door and let her inside, and when Ribbon does, she asks Megumi why she came so early, since the party wasn't to begin for two more hours. Megumi has come to help out and before Ribbon can stop her she walks inside. She is quick to yank her backwards and runs to inform Hime, who has just began to make the batter for the cake she was going to make.

Hime comes out of the kitchen and Megumi is quick to assault her with pleads to help out. Hime claims not to need any help and tells Megumi to just go home and come back later, but she refuses and demands to help. It's then Hime spots her clothing and she yells at her for dressing the way she did, since she isn't wearing apropriate clothing.

She holds up the letter again and shows her that because it's a special party, she had to dress up. She then claims the special-ness is ruined and has Ribbon bring her the Cure cards. They put something together for her and have Megumi change into a pretty party dress. Megumi instantly falls in love with the dress and compliments Hime for the great job.

Hime then tells her to stay there while she's in the kitchen. Hime continues, but ends up falling over while reaching for some bowls. They check on her and she tells Megumi to leave the room and that she doesn't want any help making the cake. So, in the hallway she sits with Ribbon and they listen as she noisily prepares. Just to find that both Megumi and Ribbon have snuck in. She is angry with them, but when they claim they can handle the rest she throws them out again.

As she continues, they continue to interupt and scold her while she works. She tells them that she wants to do it alone and tells them to quit bothering her. They really want to help her but she refuses it and both of them keep budging into her business. It's then the oven has finished with it's temperature and they tell her to hurry up and begin to run around throwing in the rest of the ingredients she needs while she grows angry.

Both of them are happy when they get the cake in the oven and tell her that it will be done in twenty minutes. Then she throws them both out of the house and they head to the lake to wonder why Hime got so angry. Ribbon claims that they did something they shouldn't have due to their excitement and they made Hime feel badly. It's then Yuko approaches and Ribbon is quick to go limp.

Blue comes into the kitchen to see Him and she informs him what they were doing and how she kicked them out. He tells her that they wanted to help her out of love, but she really wanted to do it herself since Megumi helps her so much. He tells her that because it's their special day it would be ruined if they fought, and they hear someone ring the doorbell. Hime goes to check, but to her surprise she finds Seiji there instead, much to her disappointment. This annoys him since she invited him and Blue tells him not to worry since it has nothing to do with him.

Megumi walks with Yuko, having helped her carry her items. She then runs into her shop while she and Ribbon leave. Seiji finds them and once again he claims everyone is treating him like trash that day. He asks Megumi if she fougt with Hime and he asks what she did. He listens to Megumi, who claims she didn't do anything other then help her bake the cake. But suddenly, before she can say anything she feels an overwhelming sadness...

At a wedding, Hosshiwa appears to ruin the sweet event, claiming to hate such things. She then summons a Saiark out of both the groom and bride. A giant cake themed Saiark appears and everyone runs for it while it makes a bunch of desserts and sweets appear.

Blue suddenly feels it and they look through the mirror. Hime leaves, but he tries to tell her that she needs Megumi, however, Hime doesn't listen and transforms into Cure Princess outside. She summons her wings and then flies towards it.

Suddenly Ribbon reveals that the cake was supposed to be a surprise present for Megumi. Which was why she wanted to make it by herself. This makes Megumi feel really bad, while Ribbon fears Hime will chew her out for it. This makes Megumi realize she messed up, and before she can go back to apologize Blue calls her to inform her of the Saiark attack. She worries upon hearing that Princess left on her own and they try to hurry up and get to the wedding area.

Hosshiwa demands more sweet things as Hime arrives, using Princess Dive Bomber on the Saiark. Hosshiwa comments on how weak she looks due to just being by herself, and Hime claims to be strong as a Pretty Cure. Hosshiwa summons her Saiark to attack Hime and she is able to fend it off long enough to perform Princess Ball. Which it easily destroys, so she tries Princess Bullet Machine Gun and this knocks the Saiark down. But it grabs princess and sends her flying into a wall.

Hosshiwa approaches her and continues to taunt her on her poor choice of coming. The Saiark then throws a bunch of strawberry bombs at Hime while she mocks her. To their surprise however, Cure Lovely has shown up and used her shield to protect her. She then uses Lovely Punching Punch on the Saiark, which sends it flying, as well as Hosshiwa.

Princess claims she could have defeated the Saiark by herself, and Lovely apologizes for ruining the surprise. She admits that she didn't realize her feelings and intent with this, while Princess claims she got too caught up in it herself. The two share a laugh and Ribbon reminds them that they need to take care of the Saiark.

Lovely uses Lovely Rising Sword to advert a huge beam of energy from the Saiark. Princess is glad, but she feels badly that she always needs to be bailed out by her. Lovely claims that it isn't true though because Princess helps her in ways she didn't understand before and together they are able to rid the Saiark of its attack and a big, warm light appears. Ribbon tells them to spread the happiness and together the girls perform Twin Miracle Power Shoot!

Everything returns to normal and Hosshiwa takes off after telling them not to get cocky. The girls share happy words with each other and Ribbon gains some new cards and puts them into the book.

Later in the evening everyone sits together. Ribbon announces that it will be a dinner party instead of a tea party and Hime comes out to reveal her special cake they collaborated on. Ribbon is stunned to see that the cake resembles the Saiark a bit, but Megumi is just happy to see it. She asks what the special event is and Hime reveals that they have become friends one hundred days ago. Hime admits that she had no idea, and Hime claims that it doesn't matter because it's a special day for them both. They both cut into the cake while Seiji teasingly asks the if its a wedding ceremony.

8 (494)- "Yūjō no Kiki!! Misu Fōchun no Fukitsuna Yogen!!" ("Friendship in Danger!! Miss Fortune's Ominous Omen!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 08

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 08


Airdate: March 23, 2014

Note: Cure Pine celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode begins with scenes from a TV news show called Pretty Cure Weekly, which showed three Pretty Cure groups from around the world (Bomber Girls from Texas, Cure Earl from France and Wonderful Net from India) defeating some Saiarks. The host, Masuko Miyo, gushes over the Happiness Charge Cures and later interviews them after they defeat a Saiark. Megumi and Hime are excited about the exposure, but Ribbon and Blue tell them not to get too confident. They soon learn about the Pikarigaoka Festival, which has been held for a thousand years and they decide to go check it out. Ribbon gives Hime a strict 300 yen to spend at the festival.

At the Phantom Empire, Queen Mirage is upset because the Saiarks are being destroyed everywhere. Then, the third general, Oresky, appears, saying that he will be the one to bring despair to Pikarigaoka, and calling Namakelder and Hosshiwa out for being too lazy and selfish respectively.

Using the Yukata PreCards, Megumi and Hime head to the festival and meet up with four of Megumi's classmates. She introduces Hime to them, which causes her to freak out a little. The group goes looking around the different booths, with vendors selling cotton candy, apricot candy and grilled corn. Hime spends her allowance on the cotton candy and apricot candy, but the grilled corn turns out to be too expensive, so her new friends share some with her, with the other three also sharing their food. Then, Yuko comes along selling jumbo rice crackers, which Hime uses the last of her money to buy and she splits it in six so the rest of the group can have a piece as a thank you. She then asks why they are being so nice to her and they say it's because they want to be friends with her.

Then, Megumi sees Seiji advertising a fortune-telling booth his karate dojo set up. Megumi pays for both her and Hime. Once they get to the tent, Megumi learns that the fortune teller is Hikawa Iona, who attends her school. They ask her for their fortunes, confident that they will get a good one, but Iona says that there will be a terrible future befalling them soon, which leaves them nervous. However, they blow it off soon after.

As Megumi's classmates talk about their fortunes, Oresky appears and traps the four in a mirror, creating a Matsuri Saiark to terrorize the festival. Megumi and Hime transformed to fight the Saiark, with Hime noticing that her new friends were the ones that were trapped. Lovely changes into her Cherry Flamenco form to repel some of the Choiarks. Miyo shows up to see the Cures in action when Oresky hams her camera and announces that he wants fan letters. The Cures weakened the Saiark and were about to use Twin Miracle Power Shoot to purify it when a second Saiark appears and catches them off guard, much to Oresky's delight. Because he trapped multiple people, he created two Saiarks. Their combined strength overwhelmed Lovely and Princess and were about to be finished off when Cure Fortune showed up at the nick of time. Princess noticeably hides behind Lovely. Fortune dodged the Saiarks' attacks with ease before purifying them with Stardust Shoot. Oresky declares her as his next opponent before he teleports away.

Lovely thanks Fortune for saving them, she tells Princess to thank her too, but she refused and grabbed onto Lovely's bag. Fortune says that she only did that to protect the city. She warns Lovely not to trust Princess, or great disaster will come. This leaves both Lovely and Princess shocked.

9 (495)- "Karate de Ossu!! Purikyua Pawā Appu!?" ("Let's Do Karate!! The PreCure Power Up!?")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 09

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 09


Airdate: March 30, 2014

Note: Cure Rhythm celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Blue comments on how down both Megumi and Hime look one day. They mention how they would have been in huge trouble if not for Cure Fortune saving them during their last battle, but it's made them feel very weak as a result. As Megumi recalls that Hime knows Fortune, she asks if she knows her real identity. But she tells her she doesn't, and claims that Cure Fortune is very hard to get along with anyway. With that said, Ribbon claims that they just need to train to avoid being scolded again. Then they run off!

Hime and Megumi go out jogging and they come across Yuko, and notice how slow she's running. She explains why it is, but they think they need to keep going fast in order to strengthen their bodies. So she lets them run off and in the end, the two girls are too tired to keep going while she passes them with ease. They collapse onto the ground when Seiji approaches, so they ask him for advice and he brings them to the family dojo!

They watch everyone and are inspired after spotting so many girls, including Iona. They watch as she fights against the master, and they reveal that she is his granddaughter. He compliments her skill and they watch a girl they recognize from school, idolizing Iona. They speak to her for a few minutes and Seiji tells them to go and change. As they do, Iona watches them.

As they head into the locker area, the girl, Kazumi, explains that the belt symbolizes the person's level. Since they are new they will start with white, which disappoints Hime since she really likes the blue color better.

They change and Seiji begins to train them. He explains that they will start with defensive moves, to allow an opening at some point but this disappoints the girls. They observe and repeat him though, but find it boring. But he tells them they need to keep doing it until their bodies can remember it, and he tells them it will pay off. As he shows them, he yells at them to get serious and eventually the girls are too tired to keep up, which is surprising since they didn't even do anything. But before Seiji lets them quit, he makes them do thirty push-ups.

They make it to seventeen before collapsing. They are disappointed and would rather do offensive things, but Seiji claims they will just get hurt if they do this carelessly. They claim if they learn that though they can defeat the bad guys and finally get Fortune to stop being so hard on them. However, Seiji threatens not to teach them if they keep acting like this.

They change back into their normal clothes and complain of being sore, but Megumi thinks they may have gotten a little stronger anyway. They find their friend, who startles them and mentions that she's been going through with this for years now and is still not as good as Iona. But before they can say much else, Yuko arrives with some sweets for everyone. She mentions seeing them come in and gives them all the candy. It's then Kazumi mentions that an exam is coming up, and that anyone who passes it will move up a level. She is so excited and they wish her luck.

As this goes on, the Oresky Trio are on top of a building observing things. Oresky criticizes them both, although he is a lot less harsh with Hosshiwa, and they aren't very happy with him either. He grows angry and makes plans to destroy all of the hard work everyone is doing lately.

Megumi and Hime wish Kazumi luck for her exam, and she expresses concern that she might not be fit for Karate if she fails again. They tell her not to give up since she worked for years, and they are able to convince her to keep practicing. So she runs out back and attempts to think like Iona in hopes of encouraging herself, but Oresky appears and uses her to summon a Saiark!

It begins to attack the building so Seiji runs off to evacuate everyone. Megumi and Hime use this to change into Cure Lovely and Princess. After, they run outside and begin to fight the Saiark. Oresky isn't very impressed since Cure Fortune isn't there, but they aren't very threatened by his behavior and they attack the Choiarks. Lovely then uses her Lovely Beam, but the Choiarks keep coming.

Ribbon tosses Princess set of PreCards and she transforms into Sherbet Ballet and uses Arabesque Shower. Ribbon compliments her for a job well done, but now they need to fight the Saiark, which proves to be pretty fast for them. But they are able to fight it and feel confident that they can beat it, only to be caught off guard when it kicks Lovely and sends her flying to the ground. The girls got careless and Oresky claims they got too confident in their own skills. Princess realizes this is turning out like what Cure Fortune claimed would happen and makes an attempt by using Princess Bullet Machine Gun, which the Saiark easily absorbs.

As the Saiark attacks Princess, the girls worry they may be in huge trouble. But suddenly, before it can hurt them, a strange voice begins to sing in the distance. It causes the Saiark to stop while everyone looks for the figure. Oresky is surprised, but even he gets manipulated by her song. So she keeps on performing as everyone joins in with her singing!

As the mysterious girl finishes, Cure Lovely and Princess realize their energy has returned. She reminds them of their training and they are able to fight against the Saiark better and throw it off guard, which allows them to realize Seiji was right, and also uses Pretty Cure Twin Miracle Power Shoot to defeat it!

Oresky takes off while the mysterious Cure reminds them of the lesson they learned. Then she is about to take off, only to stop and introduce herself as Cure Honey as Seiji approaches.

Kazumi also awakens, found by Iona. She comments that she still has a lot longer to go, and is happy that Iona agrees and tells her that they should both do their best and they head back inside. After Ribbon gains a new set of cards, Seiji points out the lesson they learned too and suggests they get back to work. But Megumi and Hime are so hungry that they ask for him to teach them next time. They then resume singing Cure Honey's song together!

10 (496)- "Utau Purikyua! Kyua Hanī Tōjō!!" ("The Singing PreCure! Cure Honey Appears!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 10

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 10


Airdate: April 6, 2014

Note: Cure Blossom celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Megumi transforms into an idol using their PreCards and begins to sing the song they learned from Cure Honey. Hime thinks about how the song has been stuck in their minds since they met her, only to be reminded that they still don't know who she really is. They have felt more confident since meeting her, and Ribbon points out that Blue is away on business gathering other Pretty Cure, so he can't really help them right now. With that they decide they have to find out her true identity and make her a partner.

At school, Hime has been trying to get the song out of her mind. She is joined by Yuko and Megumi, and claims that she likes the song but is finding it hard to think of anything else with it in her head. Suddenly, they begin to hear a song that sounds similar to it and find the choir club in the middle of practice until one of the girls stops them.

Once the group leaves, she apologizes to Megumi, Yuko, and Hime for the awkward situation. She mentions how important it is for them to win the upcoming contest but with Honey's song they have become too distracted to focus on the actual song and because of this she finds it to be pretty strange. Hime, meanwhile, is just happy to have someone who agrees with her.

Hitomi then comments that she is taking over as the club's president, but worries that the others don't seem to feel the same way she does. The trio then leave while wishing Hitomi luck, but Yuko is worried over the rest of the choir club. They were so disracted, but Hime and Megumi think Hitomi will be able to solve it on her own.

Elsewhere that night, Hosshiwa has been singing while a bunch of Choiarks cheer for her. She sings of many desserts and while it sounds nice, her words are very greedy. She then comments on how much she loves to sing and her plans of ruining Cure Honey, to show her who the best singer is.

At school Hitomi tells the rest of the choir club to become more serious. But they think she is being too serious and hard lately. She tells them that she wants them to do their best, but they think she is driving them too hard and they want to have more fun. With that, Hitomi yells at them for being incompetant and storms out. She runs into Megumi, Hime, and Yuko and explains that she has failed the group. They think that maybe it was a missunderstanding, but she's too saddened and yells at Megumi before running off again.

Outside, Hitomi sits alone when she is approached by Hosshiwa. She recognizes her but before she can run off, Hosshiwa summons a Saiark.

Megumi, Hime, and Yuko have left school by this point in time. They feel down and worried that they messed up, but Yuko convinces them to look for Hitomi. Just as they are about to though, they find the Saiark. They tell Yuko to run, but she tries to tell them something and takes off after they insist on it. She tells them to be careful and Ribbon pops out of their carriers, telling them to tranform.

Before they begin to fight, Hosshiwa continues to sing and sends out bend energy that makes a bunch of sweets appear in the area. The Choiarks cheer for her, but she's interupted by Princess and Lovely. She yells at them for interupting her then, claiming she only wants Cure Honey there. But they claim not to know where she is anyway and grow angry after finding that the Saiark was made from Hitomi.

Hosshiwa then resumes singing and struggle to deal with the strong, dark energy beams surrounding them. The loudness causes them much grief, but suddenly Cure Honey appears and begins to sing over her, causing the dark powers to vanish. Hosshiwa is happy to finally see Honey, but she claims she is only a little child before yelling at the Choiarks and Saiarks from fawning over her. They then both begin to sing, trying to outdo each other. Honey remains calm and gentle, but Hosshiwa is growing angry and struggles to keep up with Honey's sweet words until even she sings with her!

Once she snaps out of it, Hosshiwa sadly realizes how easy her song was beaten. Honey claims that this is because her song was greedy, and not at all from the hurt, which makes Hosshiwa release sound missiles from the Saiark. Honey uses her baton to teleport around the battlefield and then changes it into Ribbon mode to use Honey Ribbon Spiral, then she tosses the Saiark before using Honey Healing Rhythm with the Baton in Maraca Mode. She then lets Lovely and Princess finish the battle by using their prebraces together to use Pretty Cure Twin Miracle Power Shoot!

Hosshiwa then throws a tantrum while claiming not to have lost yet and leaves. With that Princess and Lovely ask who she is, but she doesn't tell them and instead mentions they will meet again. She takes off while the girls stay back to wait for Hitomi to wake up, and by the time she does the others in the Choir club show up. She quickly apologizes for acting the way she did and promises that they can sing a very fun and good song to win with and get right to work.

As they watch, Ribbon comments on how harmonious it sounds before gaining a brand new card set. They are joined by Yuko who asks how they are while holding Ribbon. They claim not to know anything other then seeing Pretty Cure beat the bad guy, and now they are watching the club practice.

As Hime begins to comment on how Cure Honey's song isn't that bad, this suddenly cheers Yuko right up and she embraces Hime. She expresses joy but they don't understand what she meants until pulling away to say that she's happy Hime finally likes the song she made...

...After a few minutes, the girls finally realize that Yuko is Cure Honey!

11 (497)- "Nazo no Messēji! Kyua Hanī no Himitsu!!" ("The Mysterious Message! Cure Honey's Secret!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 11

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 11


Airdate: April 13, 2014

Note: Cure March celebrates the 10th anniversary.

As Yuko greets Ribbon she is embraced by Megumi, who is beyond ecstatic by the news. However Hime isn't very happy and wants to know why she never told them before, or why she even chose the name Cure Honey. Yuko mentions that while she loves food, honey has always been her favorite. But after she claims to be too hungry to say anymore, the three girls, Ribbon, and Seiji head back to Hime's place to eat pancakes. Where she bonds with Ribbon over how great they are and adds her own honey to the fluffy snack. While they enjoy the food Hime finds herself growing even more impatient though.

Suddenly, Blue appears to be back from his trip. Yuko greets him, and he does the same for her while handing her the items she requested. She reveals her plans of making curry bread and is rather frustrated in knowing that Blue knew who Cure Honey was. He mentions that he was the one to make her a pretty cure and explains how he tends to travel and spread love crystals in random locations, which is how a cure is born. Yuko was one of the girls chosen by the love crystal, just sometime before Megumi was in fact. Hime doesn't understand why Yuko never met her prior to this then and when asked, Yuko admits that she felt only helping out when they were in a pinch was better. But, there was another reason too... something she refuses to tell them now because she has to leave. Yuko takes off after thanking them for the meal. But before she does, she tells them to meet up with her at Pikarigaoka Station around six AM, then she will expose Cure Honey's true secret to them.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirage is learning all about Cure Honey. Namakelder volunteers to handle her after the Queen deems that Honey's song would never be able to heal her. Her wounds are too deep, and besides, what Honey sings of are too childish.

The next day, Hime and Megumi use their Precards to change into mountain girl clothing. They stand at the bus area while recalling the message they got from Yuko earlier. She said that once they got to the station they should get on the Mt. Pikari bus and walk over to the foot of the mountain. So they do this while Seiji reveals he had a hunch that Cure Honey was Yuko, due to their extreme love of eating and food. Megumi admits that she had no idea and they wonder why she hid her true identity this entire time. Hime though remains bitter and thinks that despite how nice and perky Yuko is, she was probably hiding a darker side that stood by to mock them. But the other two remain unconvinced.

At their destination, the trio stare in shock at the many rice paddies before them. They find someone nearby, revealed to be Yuko, who explains that the fields are owned by her grandparents. They are responsible for all the rice they use at Omori Foods, so around this time Yuko likes to come by and help. Hime doesn't really find this very appealing and asks again if Yuko will finally reveal Cure Honey's secret, but Megumi and Seiji would rather help out Yuko then discuss this right now. Hime doesn't want to help but is cornered into it anyway when they are approached by her grandparents.

Everyone gets to work, but Hime struggles to deal with it, getting dirty and feeling sore. After a moment of watching Yuko, she makes another attempt but is startled by a frog and falls into the water. As the others run by to check on her, Yuko offers her a hand. Hime refuses, but when she almost falls again, Yuko grabs a hold of her to keep her from falling. She is given a towel to clean up, but struggles after finding a small injury. Yuko runs off to grab bandaging, so Hime and Ribbon discuss what secret was so big that Yuko couldn't tell them yet. She feels betrayed because she thought they were friends.

Later on, as Yuko's grandparents continue to work, Namakelder suddenly appears and uses them to summon a big scarecrow Saiark. It begins to spread mold all over the fields while the Choiarks play in the water. Seiji, Megumi, and Hime run over and after scolding him, they transform into Cure Lovely and Princess. Just as they make an attempt to fight, they struggle upon recalling they are stuck in the rice paddies!

They are unable to fight the Choiarks, which are able to move around in the fields with ease. Namakelder and the Saiark watch with amusement and he has it start to attack. It grabs the Choiarks and the girls and tosses them into his basket, only to plant them back into the ground a moment later.

Suddenly, Yuko comes by and asks why they just stop fighting for now. She offers him some candy, but he refuses it and claims to hate things like food. So he just wants to destroy the field and uses his power to send the candy away, something that angers Yuko greatly as he asks why she bothers over something frivolous like that. Yuko gets up and explains that harming others feelings and being wasteful of food is something she wont handle however. With that, she transforms into Cure Honey!

Honey begins to sing her song in hopes of calming everyone down. But Namakelder doesn't fall for it and sends his Choiarks to attack. They are unable to resist but because of his immunity to it, he is able to use his Saiark to grab her. He claims with this there is no way she will win now since all she does is sing. But Honey claims she will continue to fight to save the fields.

Lovely and Princess are able to free Honey by shooting beams of energy at the Saiark and assure her that they will be by her side so she isn't alone. Princess admits that while she is also angry about it, she still considers Honey to be her dear friend. After they defeat the Saiark and finish work, she has to tell them everything. With that, the trio pose together and the fight resumes!

Ribbon tosses Honey a pair of Precards to use and with them, Honey changes into Popcorn Cheer and uses Ribbon Heart Explosion to take care of the Choiarks. While this goes on, Lovely and Princess begin to attack the Saiark by using Lovely Punching Punch and Princess Ball. Then Honey finishes it off by using her Honey Baton to use Sparkling Baton Attack. Once Yuko's grandparents awake, Namakelder then takes off...

After a hard day of work, Yuko's grandparents award the four with a bunch of rice balls. They thank them for the work and tell them to have as many as they want. They try it and compliment how good it tastes with just the salt added and they offer to make some more for them.

Yuko then reveals Cure Honey's secret to them. Yuko became a Pretty Cure in order to protect many things. The rice paddies, the effort and hard work that goes into them, and the smiles of everyone who eats the foods they make. At first she had been determined to only fight by herself but when she found out her two close friends were pretty cure, she was overjoyed and was bursting at the seams with the desire to tell them. But had been too embarrassed and gave it a lot of thought. For a moment this agitates Hime, but she claims to understand how it feels and claims that they should protect the rice paddies and the fields together.

As Seiji tries to make sense of this situation, Ribbon gains more Precards for them and they put them away. Yuko then makes a joke while proclaiming their dedication to the rice fields and everyone shares a laugh as the episode ends.

12 (498)- "Megumi Pinchi! Purikyua Shikkaku no Kiki!!" ("Megumi in a Pinch! In Danger of Failing as a PreCure!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 12

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 12


Airdate: April 20, 2014

Note: Cure Heart celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The class recieves their test rankings one day while their teacher tells them to think over their scores, so that they can learn how to perform better if they didn't do well. It turns out that Hime was the only one to get 100% while Seiji came in second. However, Megumi failed by coming second to last, while another student, Yamazaki came in last. He seems fine with it though, while Megumi says that she is also fine, but their teacher, Izumi announces that they will have a restest and if they fail it, they will have to stay after school to study.

As class lets out, Megumi laments the fact that she will have to stay and study if she doesn't do better. Yuko and Hime volunteer to help her study though, and when they notice Yamazaki still there, they offer to help him too. Excited by her new teacher status, Hime is quick to run from the room and change into a teachers outfit before they get to work.

After the lesson, Megumi begins to complain over how much she studied while Yamazaki takes off for baseball club. The trio of girls are surprised and ask him if he plans on studying, and he assures them that he will later on, after some practice. The club has a game coming out so he really needs to focus on that. With him gone they turn their attention to Megumi, where Hime tells her to come by her place later on so that they can study more, but Megumi is so hungry that Yuko offers to make them some food first. So she runs home to change, then comes by later on to drop off the meal.

After the girls finish eating, Blue and Ribbon walk in to see them all there. When it is told that Megumi failed their test, she claims that being a pretty cure is much more important then studying, which she generally isn't so great at. Ribbon gets upset with her though, while Blue tells her that if she can't do better and pass, she will not be allowed to be a pretty cure. She doesn't understand until he tells her that she's using it as an excuse and while saving the world is important, her own life is also important. Which is enough to encourage Megumi to stick with this, in order to protect the world.

Full of determination, Megumi heads straight home in order to study, but then falls asleep. As she complains over it in class, Hime continues to drill Megumi with things to make sure she can still study now and then. Which causes Yamazaki to complain until Seiji offers to lend a hand. The girls sit down to study, with Hime transformed into a teacher outfit again. But this proves to be difficult since Megumi wants to keep discussing foods with Yuko. However, Hime did take precaution and reveals a notebook full of the things Megumi will need to remember for the test.

Meanwhile, Seiji and Yamazaki struggle. Seiji is unable to connect with Yamazaki to realize how important this is, while all he wants to do is discussing being in club. Although Seiji does tell him he wont be able to be in it anymore if he keeps doing so bad, it doesn't seem to connect very well. So Seiji tries to use baseball in order to encourage him. He claims that math can help with baseball, but Yamazaki doesn't get it until Seiji begins to write it down for him. Somehow this really works and it encourages Yamazaki to want to study, as well as complement Seiji for getting even someone like him interested in studying to begin with.

After the study session everyone heads outside to leave. Yamazaki reveals that he plans on heading straight home to study and will skip club for the day. While walking home though, Yamazaki is distracted by someone when a baseball is thrown his way. He complains about wanting to play baseball, but he really needs to study first. Namakelder ends up overhearing him however and appears, turning him into a Saiark!

As the foursome witness what is going on, the girls change into pretty cure form. After they rid of the Choiark, Cure Lovely compares the battle to her studies and Namakelder begins to taunt her. However, an angry Lovely points out that with s many people supporting her, she can't lose. The Saiark started firing baseballs at them and challenged the Cures for a ball game, which Lovely accepts as the others sit down to cheer for her. Only able to barely hit the ball out of the field (but not a home run), Princess calls for a time out and Seiji points out that the Saiark has been throwing curve balls differently for each throw. It's following a pattern, so Lovely takes his advice and is able to hit the next ball it throws. She scores a home run and finishes the Saiark off by using Pinky Love Shoot.

As the mold and Namakelder vanishes, Yamazaki begins to recover. He can't recall what happened, but Seiji informs him that he was saved by the Pretty Cure. Yamazaki is quick to get up and he points out that now isn't the time to fool around. He needs to study, in both school and baseball.

With that he runs off, just in time for Ribbon to get two more precards for them. They add them to the book while Megumi brings up that she should head home to study now, which pleases Yuko and Hime since she's full of dedication.

The next day, a tired Megumi and Yamazaki come into the room. Yuko and Hime are very considered, and they grow nervous as their teacher, Izumi walks in with a strict expression. But it turns out to just be a joke, because she informs them that they both passed. While they are happy, she reminds them to be more mindful of their studies next time.

Later on in the day the girls watch as Yamazaki plays in his club. Which encourages Megumi to keep up with her own studies in order to stay a Pretty Cure. She promises to study whenever she isn't busy being a Pretty Cure!

13 (499)- "Kyōteki Tōjō! Kyua Fōchun tai Purikyua Hantā!" ("A Formidable Enemy Appears! Cure Fortune vs. The PreCure Hunter!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 13

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 13


Airdate: April 27, 2014

Note: Cure Mint celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode starts with Phantom, the Pretty Cure Hunter and Egyptian Cure Nile fighting in a nightly desert. Cure Nile tries to defeat her enemy via Nile Stream, but he easily blocks the attack. Phantom succesfully sealed her into a black mirror. After that scene, Queen Mirage is seeing a dream of the past, when she is meeting Blue, falling in love. The dream is suspended, and Phantom tells Mirage that he succesfully completed his mission, and asked what to do next. Deep Mirror told him about the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure team, but the trio disagreed, saying that the Japanese team is their business. Queen Mirage ordered them one last chance, and Phantom was left without a mission.

Meanwhile, the girls were watching a romance drama with Hime trying to get in the character of the Princess role, also using a PreCard. Blue returned to his secret lair and reminisced on a box he was holding. Megumi entered the lair by accident and noticed the box. Blue explained that it is the reason why the Phantom Empire invaded Earth. However Megumi claimed that is was beautiful. She then asked, what was that place. Blue claimed the mirrors allowed him to witness everything and go anywhere around the world. Megumi picked a mirror and they arrived at the Hikari Shrine which was outside the city.Suddenly Phantom arrived and was fevered when he saw Blue. Blue asked him about Queen Mirage but he refused to talk and slashed the ground. Megumi tried to speak with him but it was useless. She then transformed and begun battling with him. However Phantom was too strong for her and caught Cure Lovely in a binding spell. Before he could deal the final blow, Cure Fortune arrived. She had her own reason, claiming Phantom took away her loved one. While she handled Phantom, Blue tried to release Cure Lovely from her binds. Cure Fortune was knocked to the ground too by Phantom which got Cure Lovely all worked up. She broke the binds by herself and saved Cure Fortune. Cure Lovely told her they should work together since they are both Pretty Cures. She agreed, and they managed to push Phantom back with their combined powers, but Phantom pulled out his sword and overwhelmed them again. Blue went in front of the girls and pleaded for them. Phantom mocked him for having no fighting skills, however Blue claimed if he killed him, Queen Mirage will be pleased, but Blue didn't do anything and withdrew instead. Cure Lovely want to thank Cure Fortune, however she claimed today is a unique chance. Blue then asked her how did she got her power and she replied that it is from her older sister, Cure Tender, which shocked Blue. After Cure Fortune left, Blue blamed himself for everything that has happened including Cure Tender. Cure Lovely ensured him that he can come to everyone, including her for help, and Blue called her real name "Megumi." He then hugged Cure Lovely which got all her blushing.

14 (500)- "Hīrō Tōjō! Aitsu wa Ikashita Sugoi Yatsu!!" ("A Hero Appears! He is a Really Cool Guy!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 14

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 14


Airdate: May 4, 2014

Note: The HappinessCharge PreCures celebrate the 500th episode in the Pretty Cure franchise.

Masuko Miyo reports the new cases of international Pretty Cures being captured by Phantom again, in Australia and Europe. The three Cures, Ribbon and Blue were watching the program from the television while talking about the last encounter of Phantom, the fight between him, Cure Lovely and Cure Fortune in the Pikari Shrine outside the city. Megumi would have wanted to make them feel better, but she remembered what happened between her and Blue and gets embarrassed. So she says nothing instead. Seiji called the girls, via the Cure Line, to help with his sister Mao's class collecting clams tomorrow. The girls become very excited and begin to discuss the great food and how fun this experience will be. The next day, the three girls arrive early to help get the children organized before the bus would have arrived. Megumi uses the Precards to change outfits in order to make the trip a little more fun, while Yuko is able to get a lot of the students ready and Hime runs from a few of them. It's then Mao comes by to reveal that a boy named Takuma hasn't arrived. The girls wonder where he is, but then Takuma arrives, wearing a put together hero costume with the name of Kamen Takuma. The girls played along with him, especially Megumi, getting Takuma really into his character. Hime is a little annoyed by it, but Seiji is able to get everyone back on track and they take off for the beach afterwards. Although the bus ride ends up a bit rough for Takuma, the girls try to make him feel better.

Upon arrival the girls have changed clothing and are ready to begin collecting clams. Takuma does a lot to try to help and the girls praise him, although Mao calls him a fool. Yuko is able to find a bunch of clams in one swipe and Megumi runs off to find more, while Hime finds a bunch also, until they spray her and catch her off guard. Takuma continues to search for the clams while the girls join him, and once again Mao calls him an idiot for acting the way he does, but Seiji believes that he really is a good kid, because he wants to do, and will do, whatever he can to help others. She claims he always fails though so it doesn't matter, but Seiji is unable to agree. In the end, the girls and Takuma have managed to find a whole bucket of clams and this inspires him to keep working hard after they compliment him.

Meanwhile, Oresky and the other trio are nearby. While they are fine, he makes complaints and annoys them before he decides to create the trouble at the beach.

Seiji decides that it's been long enough and reveals to everyone that in ten minutes they will conclude the clam search. They are about to continue when Mao runs over to ask Takuma to help her and Eri find some clams. He agrees and quickly runs off, while Megumi wishes to come and help, but Yuko tells her not to and tells her to concentrate on other things before running off with Hime and Ribbon. Megumi starts to think about Blue hugging her again, but this makes her worry.

With Eri, Takuma was able to help her and Mao so that she could find some more clams. Takuma attempts to protect the girls when Oreski suddenly appears but Oresky turns things around and makes a Saiark from him, Mao and Eri. After the girls see this they transform and begin to battle the Choiark.

Honey is able to stop some of them by using her baton to perform crystal song, while Princess uses her explosion bomber. Megumi then uses a form change to become Cherry Flamenco and use Passion Dynamite,

which sends all of the Choiarks away. While still in this form, she then uses a sub attack known as Rosa Tormento, to blind the Saiark in a huge tornado of rose petals. After, Honey then uses Super Sonic Sparkle and Princess uses her Princess cutter. Lovely then uses Fire Festival to force open the Saiark's clam shell head, which Honey finishes off with a Sparkling Baton Attack. After the children awaken from the trap, the Cures asks Oresky if he would like to join them. At first he accepts, but quickly refuses and claims they shouldn't try to be nice to him and takes off after. The Pretty Cure go on to praise Takuma for being a hero and fly away. Mao and Eri also thanked him for trying to protect them, and he explains that he's wanted to save and help everyone, which is why he acts the way he does. While Mao thinks he is still childish, she claims that she sees him in a new light now and seems to be accepting him. As the girls and Seiji watch, Ribbon gains them two new PreCards for their efforts.

After that, everyone sits down to enjoy the cooked clams.

15 (501)- "Okā-san ni Aitai! Hime Burū Sukai Ōkoku ni Kaeru!" ("I Want to See My Mother! Hime Returns to the Blue Sky Kingdom!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 15

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 15


Airdate: May 11, 2014

Note: Cure Melody celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Megumi comes into the room with a gift for her mother, a big, ice cream dessert that she's put together just for her. Kaori is very excited to have it, and Mao proceeds to give a banana cake to her mother, Hiroko. She is thankful, but when Mao asks that she eats it before work since she has to go in early, she is unsure. Until they convince her of it. Seiji then hands his mother a red rose as his gift, which touches her so much that she grabs both Seiji and Mao in a big hug.

Later on they pay a visit to Hime, who has them try the cupcakes she spent the morning making. Since she can't give them to her mom she plans to ust eat them, and wants them to eat them with her so that she'll avoid getting fat. At first they seem to agree, but then show her that they have instead wrapped them up into a basket. They explain that since today is Mothers Day, they should go and give them to her. Hime claims it to be impossible, but they say that because Hime wants to see her, and she made these cupcakes special for her, then she should go and see her.

The girls discuss their plans to go to the Blue Sky Kingdom and see Hime's mother. Ribbon yells at them and claims it to be impossible and how dangerous it is. It's been invaded and everything has become unpleasent, but Hime doesn't care because she wants to see her mom and doesn't understand why she can't even see her from time to time. Yuko and Megumi try to help but Ribbon refuses to listen. She is sure that Blue agrees, but to her surprise he doesn't. He tells the girls to go and brings them to the Cross Mirror World. He opens the gate for the girls and warns them that they can't use their powers there. He will try to help them but he wants them to try really hard not to get discovered. With that, they head inside.

As they step inside, they find the very silent land surrounding them. Tons of mirrors have been put around, and in them the citizens of the Kingdom. Ribbon goes on to inform them that if they do not do their job as Pretty Cure right, the same thing will happen to Megumi and Yuko's home too. But the girls are dedicated to not let that happen.

As the girls spot some Choiarks marching by, they quickly go into a hiding spot. Ribbon explains that they are security, and when the girls wish to fight them, she claims they shouldn't do that. All they should be doing is hiding. This inspires the girls to use their PreCards to change into their ninja outfits. Which allows them to sneak by a lot more quicker until they reach the end of the pathway they're on. They see Hime's family castle on the other side of the area and sit to chat until Ribbon reminds them of the possible danger they will be in if they're not careful. She points out the Saiark guards outside of the castle, but the girls still need to get across the Plaza. So to get closer, they use their ninja transformation skills to become bushes. At first this works, but in her panic Megumi's bush falls apart. So with some quick thinking from Yuko, they use a camoflouge as a patch of grass instead. But after Yuko's stomach starts growling they are caught and forced to hide.

While there, Hime suggests that they use their roller skating PreCards to get away from the Choiarks. In doing so, they are able to speed right past them and near another set of guard Saiarks they need to get past. Hime can help and she reveals a secret entrance, which she explains will take them to her moms bedroom. When she was little she would use it to sneak in and out. Upon hearing these things, Ribbon snaps at her for not knowing about them before.

They reach the bedroom soon after and see the mirrors where Hime's parents are located. When they see Hime about to cry, Megumi changes the subject by pointing out how much Hime looks like her mother. She is able to focus after and places down the cakes before the mirror her mother is inside and explains how she has really changed from before. She goes on to mention that she also put in a bunch of raisins since she knew her mom liked them, but before she can say anymore, the angry Choiark guards from before show up. They transform into Pretty Cure in order to deal with them after Ribbon suggests it.

As a fight begins and the girls run outside to avoid messing up the bedroom, Queen Mirage is informed that the Pretty Cure have shown up. She doesn't seem to care and comments on how they don't learn, but since they will be defeated anyway, she won't bother with it.

The girls leave the castle and land at an area of flowers, where they are confronted by Hosshiwa. She claims to be happy to see them as Ribbon panics that they have been fond out and attempts to run away with Honey and Lovely. However, Princess stays and refuses to leave, claiming that it is her families castle, not theirs. Hosshiwa comments on how it was so obvious that nobody noticed it. This upsets Princess and she throws a Princess Ball at Hosshiwa, but it does nothing to her.

Ribbon makes an attempt to remind Hime of what was said and tells her that they need to run. Hime doesn't want to leave her parents. It's then Hosshiwa is joined by Namakelder and Oresky, both of whom wish to fight the Pretty Cure. She angrily tells them that she found them first, and while Oresky and Hosshiwa argue, Namakelder points out to them that the Pretty Cure have began to run away.

Seeing as they have really no other option the girls try to fight, with Lovely using a Lovely Blaster, and Honey attempting to a Sparkling Baton Attack on the Saiarks. To the girls surprise, it didn't work either. Hosshiwa then tells the Choiarks to attack the trio, but they are at least able to fight them but they just keep getting up. Ribbon hands them form changing PreCards to get the girls out of there. They use their Poppin' Sonic Attack, Ribbon Heart Explosion, and Hawaiian Aloha 'Oe.

But once again to the girls surprise, it didn't work at all. They change back to their normal Pretty Cure forms and while the girls worry they are in trouble, Blue messages them to inform them that he's opened a gate nearby for the. So before the Pretty Cure can be finished, Honey uses her Teleporting skills. This gives them enough distance and they begin to run to the gate as everyone chases them. Blue tells the girls to jump at the gate, and just in the nick of time they make it through. The Oresky Trio were failed to get them, which forced them to abandeoned the chase.

Back to normal, Hime laments how pathetic she is. She couldn't protect her parents or anyone, and they ran away again. Yuko and Megumi try to tell her that it isn't her fault though, because they were also weakened there. They also don't need to hurry to grow stronger. With her spirits lifted, Hime agrees to what Megumi tells her and Hime makes a promise to come and save her parents and restore her homeland.

16 (502)- "Watashi wa Masukomi yo!! Purikyua no Himitsu Zenbu Mise masu!!" ("I am Mass Communication!! I Shall Find All the PreCure's Secrets!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 16

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 16


Airdate: May 18, 2014

Note: Cure Berry celebrates the 10th anniversary.

During another edition of Pretty Cure Weekly, Masuko Miyo not only reported on a defeat of a Cure from Madrid in the hands of Phantom, but she also announces that she will try to find out the true identities of the Happiness Charge Pretty Cures! This leaves Megumi, Hime, Yuko and Ribbon very concerned. As they head off to school one day, they discover Miyo interviewing a random classmate, asking whether or not she is Cure Lovely, because of her similar hairstyle. She then starts to question the three of them upon spotting them, thinking that they fit her descriptions as to who the Cure's really were.

In class, the three seemed to be safe until they noticed Miyo was indeed in the classroom questioning another classmate. She later reveals that she had deduced that the Cures all attend Pikarigaoko Middle School and they all might be in the same class, which leaves the trio very nervous and aggravated. She even follows them to the cafeteria, citing Cure Honey's love of rice and how Yuko's also eating it.

Later that night, Megumi, who is incredibly concerned about the others, is preparing for dinner along with her mother, Mao and Seiji, when Miyo shows up. Mao is very excited to meet her because she also watches Pretty Cure Weekly. She is invited in and sits down to enjoy some of the gyoza that Kaori has made. She wants to interview Megumi, but she was already in her bedroom. So as Miyo comes to speak to her, Megumi uses her own Reporter PreCards to transform into a reporter, and once a surprised Miyo sees her, she begins to interrogate her as to why she is so desperate to find out the Cures' identities.

Miyo reveals that her passion of learning about the Pretty Cure came from when she was reporting on a Saiark attack some time ago. She was rescued by what looked to be Cure Tender, which inspired her. As a result of hearing this story, Megumi reveals that she is Cure Lovely and transforms in front of Miyo, much to the chagrin of Ribbon and Seiji.

She is later invited to the hideout and reveals that she wants to be a Pretty Cure herself, so Blue creates a Love Crystal and tells her to really focus her feelings and desires to become one. However, no matter how hard she tried, nothing happened. Blue concluded that this might be because she is too old to become one, so Miyo leaves.

A clearly downtrodden Miyo is swinging on the swing set when one of her shoes flies off and hits Namakelder on the head, interrupting his lounging. She knows that he is one of the Phantom Empire's generals, and he tells her if she can't become a Cure, she could always become a Saiark, and captures her, creating a Reporter Saiark. The girls arrived on the scene and noticed that Miyo had been trapped, so they transform. They all attempt to attack, but because the Saiark has Miyo's knowledge of their moves, it quickly blocks and counters them, leaving them to wonder what to do.

However, they had one more trick up their sleeve as Cure Honey changed into her Coconuts Samba form, which Miyo never knew about. She then used Maracas Rhythm Spark to incapacitate the Saiark and Namakelder, which Lovely and Princess used Twin Miracle Power Shoot to purify it. Namakelder retreats as Miyo is freed.

Though she is glad the Pretty Cures saved her, she was still depressed because she could not become one herself, hence the reason the PreCards hadn't appeared right away. However, Mao and her classmates went up to her and asked for an autograph, saying that they always watched her show and enjoyed it, which cheered her up, and the PreCards were produced. Miyo then apologized for invading the Cures' privacy.

On the next edition of her show, Miyo said that she will not reveal the Happiness Charge Pretty Cures' identities and instead showed scenes of various Pretty Cure from around the world and how all of the people cheering them on helps give them strength, and how they are all heroes. She is also seen wearing her Love Crystal as a necklace. Blue looks on and believes that the real reason that she did not become a Cure was because of how she spreads hope for anyone who watches her program.

17 (503)- "Doryoku to Konjō!! Megumi to Seiji no Kizuna!!" ("Effort and Heart!! Megumi and Seiji's Bond!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 17

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 17


Airdate: May 25, 2014

Note: Cure Rouge celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Everyone yells out their support for Seiji while dressed in Japanese cheerleading clothing. They want Hime to help out but she's too embaressed. Ribbon hits the drum nearby while even Blue gets gets into it by swinging a tambourine while sipping tea. Hime refuses to join them though and asks if they could do it another way instead, and suggests that they just make him a special lunch instead. They compliment her for thinking up this idea, but while Hime wants them to just them to do it, they think it's her personal gift to Seiji for his upcoming Karate Tournament, instead.

Later on, the girls pay Seiji a visit outside and promise to come by and cheer for him. Megumi tells him about Hime's desire to make him a lunch for it, and he asks Hime if it was her idea. She doesn't seem to willing to admit she had anything to do with it, but after Seiji tells her that the effort is nice is enough for him, she ends up missreading his words and thinks he was insulting her. He tries to explain that he wasn't but it doesn't do any good.

Later that night, Iona comes by and trains with Seiji, surprised he is still there. He is surprised that she would want to spar with him, since she usually does it alone. But they both seem to have the same intentions and decide to train together.

That evening, Megumi and Hime discuss Seiji on their phones. Hime is still angry, but Megumi doesn't really understand why that is, considering he didn't do anything, so she claims that he just doesn't want to trouble the girls. Hime asks Megumi about her feelings for Seiji, but Megumi claims that it's only natural for someone to care about their childhood friend and want to cheer them on. Seiji has been working hard, but Hime still doesn't understand why they should bother. So Megumi tells her to wait and see before she just judges it.

The following day, the girls practice making food. Hime is having so much trouble though, and has gone through all of the practice eggs, so she leaves to go and buy some more. While at it, Megumi and Ribbon also give her their own shopping lists to take with her.

Eventually Hime finishes, but she struggles to carry all of the groceries. She spots Seiji training nearby and yells, distracting him. He greets her and she ends up angrily snapping at him and explains what had happened to her and why she's there. Seiji offers to help her out, if she just waits until he finishes practice first. So, while she boredly sits there, Seiji resumes his practice. She comments on how tough it looks and continues to wonder why he's working so hard to begin with, and she then sees his many injuries, then thinks of her own, little bandage she has. Seiji finishes and approaches, and he thanks Hime for waiting. He tells her not to force herself so much, causing Hime to ask him why he works so hard at Karate. He explains his interest in it, as well as the fact that he wants to become stronger, although he also thinks Megumi may have part in it.

Nearby, there is a young man also practicing for the upcoming tournament. But he is interupted by Oresky, who uses him to make a sandbag Saiark.

Hime and Seiji head back to the Embassy. He asks if everyone else is there but Hime tells him to just be grateful that they are going to be making this lunch for him. After spotting the Saiark, Hime then transforms into Cure Princess after she tells Seiji to run and get the others. She uses her Princess Explosion Bomber to deal with the Choiarks, then faces Oresky. She tells him to turn the world back the way it was but he refuses and summons even more Choiarks, along with the Saiark. Hime attempts to fight them all on her own, but just when she is cornerd, Seiji arrives to help her. He tells her to deal with the Saiark while he handles the Choiarks, and with that a fight between them all begins. Hime knocks the Saiark down, but it only gets back up, causing her to worry as Oresky explains that because it's made out of a sandbag, it can take tons of hits. Princess then uses Princess Bullet Machine Gun, but it still doesn't do much. It seems that no matter how much they fight, they can't get it to end. Just as they brace to be hit by the Saiark, Honey and Lovely show up.

Honey changes into her Coconuts Samba form and uses it to deal with the Choiarks. She also manages to make Oresky and the Saiark dance with her until they realize it. They stop and resume the fight after Princess warns Lovely how tough the Saiark is. She suggests that Princess takes a break and the girls begin, with Honey, still in her Coconuts Samba form using Honey Burning Dancing.

As the fight goes on, Seiji explains that Megumi is the reason he has began Karate. She was always putting others before herself when they were younger, and she always gives everything her all. When with Megumi the desire to keep working hard just becomes much more apparent. Princess realizes that she and Seiji feel the same way when it comes Megumi, so with that, Honey tells them they need to get back in there. She seperates her baton into their maracas form and uses Honey Healing Rhythm on them.

Before Lovely can be hit by the Saiark, after being caught off-guard, Princess uses her Princess Twin Magnum Fists to send it flying down. She tells Lovely that she will keep working hard, and together they use their PreBrace's to use Twin Miracle Power Shoot on the Saiark to finish it. As everything returnes to normal, Oresky storms off in defeat and withdraw.

Eventually the competition comes up and to Seiji's surprise, Hime only made tons of rolled egg for him. She explins it to be fine though, since they're all different in flavor, such as one having chicken, one having onion, pickled plum, one is sweet, salty. Seiji asks her if she made them all, and after Hime informs him she did, she also claims to have woken up early to make them all. She also tells him that he better work hard, and he tries one out. He declares it to be good as Ribbon gains two brand new PreCards. They comment on how cute the doggy costume looks, and with that they head inside to watch Seiji due battle. He is announced as the winner while it is shown that Hime has now a total of 11 bandages on her fingers. She thinks back to what was said and realizes just how right it was.

18 (504)- "Minna de Shiawase Zenryoku Ōen! Pikarigaoka no Kekkonshiki!!" ("Everyone Happily Gives Their Full Support! The Wedding Ceremony in Pikarigaoka!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 18

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 18


Airdate: June 1, 2014

Note: Cure Peach celebrates the 10th anniversary.

One summers day the girls out eating at the Omori restraunt when she is invited to eat with them. They're too busy today so she refuses, then when asked why they have so much business she brings up a wedding coming up. At first they assume it to be her own, and she explains it's for one of their customers who met his wife there. It would be a big deal for him to have the wedding in this exact location. However, this would be their first time holding a wedding so they don't really know wat to do. Hime suggests that weddings are usually all about fancy french food, but Yuko explains how the man wanted everyone during the ceremony to taste the foods at her families place, so they plan on making Wedding lunchboxes. The girls are very excited, although Hime doesn't think it's romantic.

It's then the man and his bride step in. Yuko's family thank them for choosing their place to make the wedding ceremony be located at, along with Yuko herself, and her older sister. Megumi and Hime offer to help out too because they are Yuko's close friends. As she then loudly begins to make a commotion, the people in the restraunt cheer with her as Hime only watches on in bewilderment...

The next day, Megumi and her friends discuss how they all plan to help out. Such as clothing and prop items from different shops. Seiji mentions that the dojo plans on covering the odds and edds of everything, so Megumi decides that she, Hime, and Yuko can help out there. Yuko thanks everyone for their help, and Hime is asked if she has any great ideas. After a moment she is reminded of "something four" and explains how a bride always has to wear four things that will bring her good luck: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Everyone is surprised by all of this, and they compliment Hime for a job well done. But they need to figure out those items. They put Hime in charge and ask her for instructions, so Hime asks Rei to get an antique tiara from her families shop, and something new can be from Elena, because her family runs a general store and she can make a pretty new veil. Hime herself decides to make a bouquet using blue flowers, and now they need to borrow something from a happy friend of the bride or groom. Yuko offers to ask Ms. Sachiyo this weekend when she sees her again then, to find a friend of hers she can ask.

Later on they head to Hime's place, where she asks about the wedding dress and explains to them that the bouquet will be different depending on what is worn. Yuko promises to ask about that also, and Hime claims that since she was three years old she has known what her wedding dress would be. She asks Megumi and Yuko about their own, and Yuko imagines a pretty, pure white dress to match the rice she loves so much. They think a kimono would look lovely on Megumi, then ask Seiji what he thinks is nicer. He claims a dress, then Hime asks Blue. He claims that while they are having fun they have to remember that they cannot be in a relationship.

Later on, Yuko reveals that her family has decided to make a tower of fried chicken instead of a wedding cake. It will fit the theme much better, but Hime is pretty disappointed. She points out how a cake is very vital, along with the first bite. But Megumi thinks they can still make it work with the chicken, and Seiji claims it will be more filling anyway. Hime agrees but still feels it isn't very romantic.

They are approached by the couple and they are quite smitten with the fried chicken tower. Yuko explains how they made it instead of a cake, since the couple enjoys fried foods so much. They agree that it is great, which makes Hime feel better. She then remembers the "something four" and asks Sachiyo what she would like to borrow. She doesn't understand at first until Hime explains how special borrowing something it for the bride. After hearing this, she reveals there is one thing but it can't be done, because her best friend Maria is away and they don't know where she is. Seiji realizes that Maria has the surname, Hikawa, and reveals her to be Iona's sister. Iona will be at the wedding also.

As they leave, Seiji claims he had no idea about Iona's sister being gone. Hime is inspired to ask Iona if she has something of her sisters they can borrow. By chance, Iona happens to be approaching and Seiji mentions how she was invited to the wedding. Hime then approaches her to ask about borrowing something from Maria for the upcoming wedding. At first Iona seems uncertain, then takes off after claiming she will think it over.

Elsewhere are the Oresky Trio. They comment how everything feels so happy and how so many people are getting married. Namakelder explains that brides often marry in June because it is said a June Bride will live with their families very happily forever. Oresky is angry with all of this happiness, while Hosshiwa claims it to be stupid because if you have a growing family you will have less for yourself. But she is looking forward to having some cake. Oresky says that they should work to destroy all of the happiness.

Hime tries on dresses until Megumi arrives. She is annoyed to see that she hasn't bothered to put on anything nice and uses some PreCards to put together a cute dress for her. She claims how important dressing up is, so after Megumi thanks Hime for her help she changes into the party dress and they head out while Ribbon compliments their cuteness. Hime claims all they need is something borrowed from Iona. Who at the time is also preparing to go to the Wedding and promises to celebrate the happiness for the both of them.

At the wedding location, Seiji helps set up with their friends. As Megumi and Hime arrive, they find that the setting up has finished. All of the girls head inside to see that how Ms. Sachiyo looks in her wedding dress and they hand her the Something Four: an antique tiara for her head, a new veil made by the general store family, the blue bouquet made by Hime. But they still need something borrowed, and t that time Iona arrives with the borrowed item from her sister, a handkerchief. Ms. Sachiyo thanks Iona for such a precious item and she heads outside to observe the water nearby.

Megumi, Hime, and Yuko come by to speak to Iona. She claims that she wasn't really doing it for any particular reasons and Hime goes along to say that she hopes they can safely find her sister. Iona tells her off and walks away from them afterwards, and while Hime feels badly they tell her not to worry about it.

The wedding ceremony takes place soon after. The bride throws the bouquet and it is caught by Hosshiwa, who throws it to one of her Choiarks. She tells Sachiyo that she shouldn't bother to marry and uses the couple to summon a Saiark. Everything in the area begins to change to sweets and desserts, so the girls use their power to change into Pretty Cure.

The girls begin to fight after they tell Hosshiwa off for ruining the wedding. She makes the Choiarks attack and the girls are quickly able to deal with them. So Hosshiwa makes the Saiark begin to attack as Honey uses the recently purified Choiarks to give her the bouquet back. She happens to spot Cure Fortune, who quickly runs from her after being spotted.

The Choiarks return as Princess is sent back from the attack by the Saiark. Fortune suddenly appears and tells them to get ready, because they need to protect the wedding ceremony. They resume the fight as Honey uses her Honey Supersonic Spark and Fortune sends the Saiark back with a kick. Princess is given her PreCards to become Macadami Hula Dance and she uses Precure Hawaiian Aloha 'Oe. Everyone begins to dance with her, except for Fortune, who watches with confusion. Honey is snapped out of it and uses her Baton to perform Sparkling Baton Attack and purify the Saiark.

Hosshiwa takes off after everything begins to change back to normal. Fortune talks to the others and leaves after telling off Princess again. In response, Princess claims they would have been fine without her, but Honey claims that she did help them. Lovely then suggests that they continue working hard to protect the things they love also. It's then Ribbon gains two new cards.

Then the wedding continues and they all start to eat afterwards. They also take pictures as the episode ends...

19 (505)- "Sakkā Taiketsu! Chīmu Purikyua Kessei!" ("Soccer Showdown! Team PreCure Assembled!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 19

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 19


Airdate: June 8, 2014

Note: Cure Ace celebrates the 10th anniversary.

At the embassy, the trio are very happy because they have collected many PreCards. Hime wishes for the Blue Sky Kingdom to be resurrected, Megumi wishes for her mother to be healthy, and Yuko wishes for everyone to have delicious rice. But Ribbon said they can have only one wish. At that time, Fortune is fighting a Saiark. As usual, she defeats it quickly and easily, and this time she uses her new finisher, Star Stream. Glasan produces PreCards and asks her what is her wish. She says that she wants to be stronger to defeat Phantom and avenge for her sister, Cure Tender. Glasan suggests her to join the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, but she refuses immediately, because she can't forgive Cure Princess.

In the evening, at the embassy, Hime was happy. Ribbon calls her and reminds her about the Axia box. Blue and Ribbon suggest her to tell her friends her secret about the Axia, but she don't want, because she might break up with Megumi and Yuko.

Seiji calls Megumi and asks her for help because the soccer team doesn't have enough people. She uses the Soccer PreCard and go to the field with Hime and Yuko. They meet Nakayama Gon, the team's coach. Then Iona comes.

The match starts. Seiji passes to Iona, and Hime tells her to pass, but Iona doesn't. She runs ahead and scores a goal. After that, Megumi passes to Hime but Iona takes it from her. Hime was angry and they argue and Hime suddenly takes the ball. But an opponent takes the ball from her, and scores a goal. Iona was angry because of this.

It's break time and Gon is preparing dango. Suddenly, Oresky appears and calls out a Saiark. Megumi, Hime and Yuko transform, but the Saiark shoots a ball and traps them into a net. It shoots one more ball to defeat the Cures but Cure Fortune arrives and hits the ball. The Saiark attacks more and Fortune shoots one of its balls back to it. Then she rescues the Cures. Lovely and Honey suggest the 4 of them should work together. Princess agrees but Fortune refuses, because she doesn't want to team up with Princess. The Choiarks attack, and Fortune fights them individually, Lovely uses Pop'n'Sonic Attack to purify the Choiarks. Then Fortune defeats the Saiark with Stardust Shoot, helping the match to continue.

Finally, the Cures team win with the score 2-1. After that, when Seiji, Megumi, Hime and Yuko are walking back home, Iona runs to them, takes out Tender's PreChanMirror, reveals to them that Cure Fortune's identity is her and Glasan appears. They are surprised and Iona suggests Megumi and Yuko to team up with her, except Hime, makes her disappointed and feel guilty.

20 (506)- "Kanashī Kako!! Kyua Fōchun no Namida" ("A Sad Past!! Cure Fortune's Tears")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 20

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 20


Airdate: June 15, 2014

Note: Cure Sunshine celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Iona has asked Megumi and Yuko to be her Pretty Cure partners because of their skills. She is sure if they work together they stand a chance to defeat the Pretty Cure Hunter. Hime yells at her and claims that because they are her friends she shouldn't be deciding things by herself, but she is told off by Iona since she wasnt even talking to her. Yuko and Megumi try to calm Hime down but she only accuses them of trying to choose sides, though they claim they weren't. Megumi suggests that the four of them partner together, but Iona refuses because she can't forgive Hime for what she did. She goes on to reveal that it was her who opened the Axia box, despite their atempts to stop her. It is all Hime's fault that everything bad has happened. Iona explains how Hime approached the Axia box and opened it, causing everything bad to come out of it. In an instant Queen Mirage was able to take over the Blue Sky Kingdom and the Pretty Cure Hunter began to rid of all Pretty Cure, including Cure Tender, Iona's sister.

Hime, terrified of what the others think takes off in tears and Ribbon follows behind her. They run after Hime to try to stop her, but Iona asks why they even bother since she has no right to be a Pretty Cure to begin with. She then takes off after asking them to reconsider. Megumi attempts to use the Cure Line to get ahold of her, but when this doesn't work Megumi keeps hitting the buttons until Ribbon returns and tells her to stop before she breaks it. She claims that Hime doesn't have the guts to face Megumi or Yuko right now and she needs to be left alone. Ribbon also feels bad because they didn't reveal what happened with Axia earlier.

Hime has been eating the honey candies while wandering the area. She is startled by her Cure Line, but refuses to answer it and instead hides in the park. When it stops ringing she puts it away. She is surprised by Yuko, who happens to have found her using the wrappers Hime forgot to throw away in the trash.

Hime makes an attempt to run away and explains that she is sure they hate her now and will pick Fortune over her. But Yuko stops her and claims they don't hate her, even adding that before she hid her identity of Cure Honey, and their feelings about her didn't change. So she is sure that Megumi feels the same way.

Megumi and Ribbon continue out and discuss what Hime did. Ribbon is very happy that Megumi isn't angry with Hime, and she mentions how much she likes her optimistic behavior. Because of her friendship with Megumi, Hime has been improving herself, a little by little. For that Ribbon is very grateful and happy. Megumi is also very happy to have Hime as a friend and claims that their friendship would last forever. She even claims Ribbon to be a precious friend too, and with that Megumi decides that she will tell Hime her feelings. So they need to go and find her, but Ribbon stops to reveal that two Saiark happen to be nearby. However, one was summoned by Namakelder, and the other by Hosshiwa so they start to argue and fight with each other instead.

Megumi and Ribbon arrive on scene and Megumi is quick to change into Cure Lovely. She calls their attention to herself and tells them that they cannot just claim the area for themselves. So she begins to fight them as Ribbon tells her that it's too reckless to try to fight against Choiarks and two Saiarks. But Lovely is too confident that she can handle it, so Hosshiwa and Namakelder call a momentary truce and have everyone fight against Lovely together as Ribbon flees.

As Yuko and Hime sit inside of the tunnel they hear people in a panic, so Yuko gets out to ask what is going on. A man running informs them of the Saiarks and trouble going on at the Shopping Street nearby. Yuko tells Hime they should go and help but Hime refuses to leave the playground structure until Yuko claims that she cares greatly about Hime too. This encourages her and they quickly join Lovely, who uses her Lovely Explosion Bomber with no effect on the electric guitar Saiark. She then tries to use Heart Restruction and then changes into Cherry Flamenco to use Passion Dynamite to beat up the Choiarks.

As the Saiarks continue to throw attacks at her, Lovely is thrown into a nearby tree. Namakelder and Hosshiwa tell her to just give up and when Ribbon goes to help a Choiark grabs her. Lovely claims to be fine though, which only angers Hosshiwa. But the Saiarks miss their mark after Fortune grabs Lovely and puts her on a nearby building top. She tells her that she is too rash and goes to finish, but Lovely wants to fight with her. She allows it and they resume the fight, but in doing so, Hosshiwa and Namakelder begin arguing again. Ribbon is even saved by Glassan.

Fortune then uses Star Burst while Lovely uses Shining Impact to send the Saiarks flying into the air. Then the girls use their Prebrace's to form Pinky Love Shoot and Stardust Shoot, which allows them to finish off the Saiarks.

With everything vanishing and returning to normal, Hosshiwa and Namakelder angrily tell each other off before leaving. As Yuko and Hime have just arrived, Hime sadly watches how well Lovely and Fortune get along and fears their friendship is better then her own with Megumi.

Fortune asks Lovely if she will be partnering with her and at first she says she will, only to say right after that only if Hime is accepted. She tells Fortune that they should do it together, and quietly Fortune agrees. After they gain the new PreCards Hime begins to panic in the background, alerting them that she is there with Yuko. Lovely spots them and approaches to inform them of the good news, but Hime is so upset that she fears Lovely was going to tell her that their Pretty Cure is disbanded, causing her to run away in tears before Lovely can finish.

21 (507)- "Hime no Kako no Ayamachi! Ikari no Kyua Fōchun!" ("Hime's Past Mistakes! Cure Fortune's Anger!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 21

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 21


Airdate: June 22, 2014

Note: Shiny Luminous celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Ribbon and Yuko try to get Hime to come out of her bedroom. She refuses to come out, and while she wants the multiple flavored candies that Yuko brought along with her, she simply cannot come out. Ribbon claims everyone to be worried about her, but Hime asks if Megumi is there. Yuko explains that she isn't, because she went to go visit Iona to discuss their teams future plans. Which causes Hime to cry even more.

Over at the Dojo, Megumi and Seiji are trying to speak to Iona in hopes of getting her to agree with their plans. She wants to, but with Princess she refuses because she can't be a partner of someone she can't trust. Seiji voices that while Hime can be a little annoying she generally means well and tries her best to make up for her mistake. But this means nothing for Iona and she tells them that if Megumi wont partner with her then they should leave. Then she leaves the room while Glasan apologizes for them wasting their time. Megumi agrees to stop for now and promises to come back and try again before they leave.

In the training room, Iona tells Glasan that she is fine working alone. Glasan doesn't think so and she claims she can fight a lot better in a team, but Iona won't listen to her either.

In the Mirror Portal area, Ribbon asks Blue for some help in trying to get Hime to feel better. He claims that this is something that he can't handle, because he can't fix peoples feelings. However he is sure that they can fix it for themselves if they just keep believing in their feelings.

Megumi and Seiji return to find that Hime still won't leave her bedroom. While this disappoints them, Yuko has a plan that she thinks will lure Hime outside of her bedroom. She calls this plan "Operation Super Delicious Meal". In her room, Hime feels really hungry. She smells the food that Yuko has made, with it's scent wafting into the room and slowly gets up. She opens the door and steps out, but upon realizing it was only a trick and she angrily refuses to eat despite how she feels. In order to escape them, she uses the Ninja PreCards and creates a smokescreen to escape. Megumi claims that because she is used to it though, she can handle it and uses the newly gained Dog PreCards to search for her. She finds her but Hime runs again, so Yuko changes into a Chicken form and follows behind them.

In town, Megumi and Hime try to talk but Hime is too fast for Megumi to keep up. Megumi tries to tell her that she doesn't care about Fortune more then her, but Hime won't listen until Megumi starts crying. As both begin to cry and embrace each other, they are joined by Yuko. The three girls sit down to talk and Megumi apologizes for talking so much about Fortune, not realizing it was upsetting Hime. But Hime thinks she should have told them the truth to begin with and complains over opening Axia to begin with.

While she frets over it, Yuko and Megumi tell her not to worry about it because they can still fix things. Hime claims they wouldn't understand though because they don't need to deal with the feelings that came with being responsible for causing all of these bad things. Megumi claims not to be her fault though, because the Phantom Empire are the ones doing the bad things. Besides, she didn't open the Axia box on purpose, so they think she should tell Iona. They are sure once she does, Iona may forgive her. But Hime doesn't think she will listen to her, and she's pretty intimidating. After Megumi reminds Hime of another challange she has overcome before, Hime is inspired to try anyway, but she asks that they come along.

Before the girls can get to Iona, a bunch of noise distracts them and they realize that Saiarks are nearby. Iona is also alerted of what is going on and they all believe it to be because the Pretty Cure Hunter. The girls arrive to find many Saiarks in the area and transform into Pretty Cure as they watch the Saiarks turn everyhting into a crystals all over the area. Hime mentions how the same thing happened back at the Blue Sky Kingdom, so with that they transform into Pretty Cure.

A fight begins with them, along with Fortune elsewhere. The girls are able to fight, but with so many Saiarks they find it difficult to concentrate. Lovely is hit an sent into a wall of crystals as a Saiark prepares to finish her off, Princess blocks it and uses her Twin Magnum Punch to send it away. She asks Lovely if she is okay, and Lovely tells her how much she cares abot her, because of all the times she helps her. Even though Princess doesn't think so, she is grateful to have met her friend and they claim that they are their best because of their friendships with each other. They watch all of the Saiarks, but they aren't worried because with their abilities they know they can defeat them.

Honey continues to fight, using her Super Sonic Spark, along with Honey Stamp to defeat one of them. Ribbon comments on how the groups strength has greatly increased since before.

Elsewhere, Fortune uses her Love Prebrace to use Stardust Shoot and rid of the Saiark she's had to fight. She is able to rid of it, but is pretty worn out. She claims to be fine, when suddenly the Pretty Cure Hunter approaches her. He then starts to run and Fortune gives chase.

Honey uses her Sparkling Baton Attack in order to purify the many Saiarks they've had to deal with and after, Princess admits how glad she is to have them as friends. Ribbon also gains a bunch of Precards for the girls and Princess continues on to thank her for being so supportive and helpful to her too. When the girls see how many more Saiark remain, they continue to fight. But before Hime resumes, she suddenly thinks about Cure Fortune, who is fighting Phantom elsewhere.

He is able to lured her into the Pretty Cure Graveyard. She realizes he lured her there on purpose and he reappears, ready to fight her and add her to his collection.

22 (508)- "Aratana Henshin!? Fōchun no Ōi naru Negai!" ("A New Transformation!? Fortune's Great Wish!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 22

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 22


Airdate: June 29, 2014

Note: Cure Beauty celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Queen Mirage watches the fight going on between Cure Fortune and Phantom. She is happy to see that more mirrors have appeared in the Pretty Cure Graveyard and continues to watch as Cure Fortune claims that she will defeat Pretty Cure Hunter Phantom and is putting her life on the line.

Back in town, Lovely, Honey, and Princess continue to fight the Saiarks. Princess uses her form change to become Sherbert Ballet and uses the ability Precure Blizzard En Tournant to freeze the Choiarks still there, while Lovely uses Punching Punch to beat the Saiarks. Honey uses her sparkling baton attack to purify them afterwards. Everyone returns to normal and the girls cheer before Ribbon gains six new cards for the girls. After Ribbon shows them that they are almost done collecting all of the cards, Lovely and Honey reveal that they plan on granting Hime's wish of rescuing her home.

It's then Glasan shows up to reveal to them that Fortune and the Hunter have disappeared. The girls are worried over her safety since he's defeated so many Pretty Cure, so they fly off as Ribbon attempts to comfort Glasan.

At the Pretty Cure Graveyard they continue to fight. Fortune is able to stand her ground pretty well, but he keeps taking her attacks with ease and manages to catch her off guard. She uses Fortune Star Ring on him but he cuts every ring into pieces, causing them to fly off and land elsewhere.

The other try to find Fortune but they have no luck. They are joined by Ribbon and Glasan, who have gotten a call from Blue. He feels he has an idea where she is, and mentions that the Pretty cure Hunter Phantom has defeated have all been taken to a strange area, and they never hear from them again. But he has no idea where or what it is. Glasan reveals that Fortune is still okay, but Princess begs Blue to help them locate Fortune so that she can tell her something. He asks the girls to come to the Cross Mirror Room right away.

Fortune continues to fight, but still it's no use. She is only wearing herself out and he is able to throw her around without much thought. The impact is enough to detransform her and he picks up her PreChan Mirror. He recognizes it as her sisters before a flashback occurs, then observes the mirror nearby where her sister lays. He then reveals that her sister fell protecting her, and her kindness had been her downfall. He takes out her cards, then burns them into nothing.

In the Cross Mirror Room, Blue asks everyone to pray for Fortune. He believes this will open the portal to find her and he uses his own powers to open it.

He prepars to finish off Iona after noticing the despair she has fallen into, and while she prepares to take it, the girls suddenly appear to save her. Iona is very surprised to see them there and she is joined by Glasan, who was pretty upset over her and scolds her.

Phantom is surprised to see the girls, but they claim that it was their friendship that helped out. The girls are angry that he sent in so many Saiarks into their town and they promise to make him pay for it. While this goes on, Princess approaches Iona and hands over her PreCards. She is going to use her wish on Iona instead of her own plans to save her Kingdom. This surprises Iona, and Princess explains that while she understands she may never be forgiven, she wants to make up for opening the Axia Box. It's all she can do and she hopes Iona will understand, even if she doesn't forgive her.

Iona asks Princess about her own wish to save her Kingdom, because she can't understand why she would do this. Princess claims she can always collect more cards though, and she tells her to use the cards for her wish first. Iona then tries to say it isn't her fault but they are interupted by the fight, so Princess takes off. Iona stays back and realizes now that it wasn't Hime's fault for any of this. It was the Phantom Empire's for choosing to do all of this to everyone and everything.

The fight continues as Princess claims that with her friends she can achieve anything. But Phantom refuses to listen to them.

Iona wishes to help and Glasan asks her what she would wish for. With Princess' cards their album is complete. Iona wants to save her sister, but she realizes that if she saves her it wont help anyone else. Glasan continues to ask what she may want to request but Iona is unsure, since she feels with any decision the problems will still exist. Glasan has no idea what will happen but Iona needs to do something. She also realizes that by saving her sister, or wishing Phantom gone would still only bring misfortune.

With the book finished and her desire to save everyone, Iona holds up the PreCards and wishes to become a Pretty Cure again. The cards and Glasan both begin to glow as she congradulates Iona for her wish. She then gains the brand new PreCards for her to transform into. She gains the Fortune Piano and with it, transforms into Cure Fortune again!

She approaches the others and Phantom claims that her becoming a Pretty Cure again means nothing and that it was an idiotic wish. Fortune admits that this was true, because she only fought for herself and revenge before, but now she plans to fight alongside the others and wants to protect everyone in the world. She apologizes to Hime for her troublemaking mistakes, causing her to start crying and with ease Fortune resumes fighting. She is able to easily deflect the Phantom's abilities and fight back. Even catching him off guard and surprising him, but he claims that the world is destined to fall into despair and he will see to it.

Fortune continues to take everything he gives her and she promises that if the world is really meant for that to happen then she will fix it. She then shocks him by destroying his sword by using her hand and summons the Fortune Tambourine to perform Starlight Ascension. The ability is so strong that it manages to defeat Phantom and return her old device. She grabs it as the others run over, but she announces that the battle isn't over. While Phantom is weakened he claims not to have lost yet, but Queen Mirage interupts from behind...

23 (509)- "Chō Kinchō! Iona to Hime, Hajimete no Otsukai!" ("Super Nervous! Iona and Hime's First Shopping Trip Together!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 23

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 23


Airdate: July 6, 2014

Note: Cure Bloom celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Picking up from the previous episode, Queen Mirage appears before a defeated Phantom and the Cures. She fires a powerful blast of dark energy from her staff when Blue intervenes. He and Megumi speak of love, happiness and courage to get her to stop, but she was clearly agitated from hearing of such emotions. She attacks again, causing the mirror to crack, but Blue teleports everybody to the Cross Mirror Room before the attack made a connection. Back at the Phantom Empire, Mirage slaps Phantom and scolds him for battling the Cures without her permission, but she spares his life for the time being.

Everyone returns to the Embassy, where Iona gives Blue her sisters transformation device and it is explained what happened. Blue does not sound surprised, but Glasan feels horrible for keeping it such a secret for so long. She explains that she did it because she couldn't bare face Blue afterwards and admit what happened. He claims it to be fine because she worked hard anyway, so Megumi takes another chance to ask Iona if she wishes to join them.

Once again she passes and says that she is concerned that she would ruin their teamwork, and she believes Hime feels the same way. But Ribbon thinks they should hold off on such serious talk for now by saying they should hold a small party for the fully formed team. Megumi is all for it, as is Yuko. Iona doesn't want them to put them out but they insist on it anyway and change into Patissiere's with the PreCards. Megumi plans to make a special fruit cake until Yuko points out they're out of fruit. Ribbon also points out that they were so occupied lately they didn't have the time to go and shop. They can't really do much else at the time, so someone will have to go shopping.

In the other room, things remain tense with Iona and Hime. Both are avoiding each other until Ribbon begins to call for her, so that she can run to the store with her. Glasan then volunteers both herself and Iona by saying it wouldn't be fair of them to enjoy the party if they didn't do any work. Iona agrees and they are told of the items needed for the party. Iona then asks Hime to come with her since she will need help carrying all of the time.

During the walk over, Hime is very apprehensive since everything feels awkward. She has no idea what to say, so she silently frets as Iona takes notice. She then asks Hime why she goes by Shirayuki Hime, anyway, instead of her full name. Hime explains that her full name is way too long and she loves Snow White, so she gave herself an alias name here. With that they continue to walk. Hime attempts to speak to Iona, but it fails, so in hopes of starting something Ribbon asks what kind of person Cure Tender was. Glasan answers that she was the best Pretty Cure ever. She had a strong heart and did what she could to help others, and even when not a Pretty Cure she was smart, fashionable, and everything else. For a moment Iona lightens up, but she is quick to snap out of it as she recalls they need to get to the store.

Inside, the girls scan the shop. Hime explains that she often comes there for her shopping but Iona thinks they should head to the Supermarket she usually goes to instead since it's having a big sale. They can get bargains there, which will save a lot of money. With the coupons she has on hand, they are able to stock up on a lot more items then they would have been able to at the other shop, and soon everything is finished.

As the girls and fairy leave, Hime stops abrubtly when she sees a package of candy with Pretty Cure on it. Iona tells her that she doesn't need it, so she shouldn't waste the money. Hime thinks it is fine though since Iona was able to save them so much money, but Iona intimidates Hime into backing off... until she is accused of being a scrooge, which causes her to get angry and claim she is being smart by only purchasing what she needs and is careful enough to always have money on hand. But Hime insults her by claiming that to be boring, so eventually Iona gives in by only allows her one Pretty Cure snack since she wants it so much. She tells her not to tell the other girls though.

At the Phantom Empire, an annoyed Hosshiwa watches as she notices all of the crystals littering the land. She is very angry about it and believes filling the world with snacks is much better.

Outside Hime enjoys the snacks and is very happy when she is given the special, rare card of the Bomber Girls Cures. But Iona changes the subject by asking her what caused her to open Axia to begin with. At first Hime is a little surprised, but she sits down and begins to explain that it was a tradition to pray to Axia. But one day a voice was heard from within it, one pleading to be let out. It sounded sad and she thought she was saving it. But it was only a trick, and the world was put into it's despair by the Phantom Empire.

Iona then asks why Hime never told her sooner, but she claims she tried to and after thinking about it Iona realizes she never wanted to listen to her in the past, making her run away from Hime. She realizes that all she did was blame her because she thought she was the only one suffering from this. She never realized how much pain Hime was in due to this, and Glasan suggests that since she has already apologized, all they could do as let bygones be bygones. Iona agrees but before she can return, they see the work of Hosshiwa nearby as things begin to change into cakes and other sweets.

After transforming, Fortune heads over to where Hosshiwa, the Choiarks, and the Saiark are and a fight begins. She uses her Fortune Star Burst to seperate the Choiarks and send everything flying, but they continue to fight against her. Glasan suggests she performs another Starburst attack but before she can, a mysterious Choiark, really a tiny Saiark manages to catch her off guard. Glasan mentions this desire situation, but Princess suddenly intervenes with her Princess Bomber. She lands before Fortune and Ribbon apologizes for keeping them. Princess and Fortune exchange a few words before Princess transforms into Macadamia Hula and use her special ability to cause all of the Choiarks to dance with her. Then, Fortune uses her own form changing card to become Pine Arabian and use Oriental Dream on everyone before using her Fortune Tambourine for her Starlight Ascension ability. Which rids of all the Choiarks and Saiarks and changes everything back to normal.

Hosshiwa snaps out of the sleep Oriental Dream put her into before claiming she hadn't been sleeping before running away. Fortune thanks Princess for saving her back there and the girls share a moment of congradulations before Lovely and Honey arrived to help out... until Princess informs them that they came too late...

As the four walk back, Hime and Iona explain what happened before Hime asks Iona to call her by that name also. At first Iona hesitates, but when Hime addresses her by that name she agrees to it. Megumi then hands Iona the Cure Line that Blue wished for her to deliver. Once again they ask Iona and while she considers refusing, Hime forces her to just say yes already. With that, they gain two new PreCards. Megumi and Yuko then tell Iona that she should call them by name too, so she tries it out as Hime interupts and expresses the desire to return to the Embassy since she's hungry.

There the girls all enjoy the special cake after they welcome Iona to their Pretty Cure Team!

24 (510)- "Iona Kōchi no Purikyua Pawā Appu Daisakusen!" ("Coach Iona's Great "PreCure Power Up" Operation!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 24

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 24


Airdate: July 13, 2014

Note: Cure Lemonade celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Iona announces that the Cures should do some training, saying the reason she joined the group was to help make them stronger. She says they are going to the same place her dojo goes to to train sometimes, which is located on a beach. Megumi, Hime and Yuko get excited about spending time on the beach, though they were there for serious reasons. They arrive there by train and stay at the dojo's cabin. Blue informed Iona that falling in love is against the rules because it will put the others in danger, though Iona does not want to follow that rule because she wants to be in love someday, and become a cute bride. A curious Hime intervenes, but Iona and Blue leave, so she changes to a cute resort outfit with the PreCards and Megumi and Yuko do the same. However, they are shocked to see Iona in a jersey instead, so they had to change.

Iona says they will be working on their individual attacks. She gives Hime dozens of volleyballs to practice her Princess Ball attack, a ribbon for Yuko for her Honey Ribbon Spiral attack and she just tells Megumi to practice Lovely Beam. All the while, Iona practices with her tambourine, while Blue and Seiji watched them.

On the other side of the beach. The Oresky Trio were on their vacation, with Oresky exercising with a Lighthouse Saiark and a group of Choiarks, much to the annoyance of Namakelder and Hosshiwa. He even jogs along with the Cures, though they did not seem to notice each other. As their training continued, the Cures even tried to come up with a new team pose now that the team was complete. While they were practicing, Megumi started coming down with a cold. Their last practice involved playing with a beach ball, but as they played, the ball got knocked near where Oresky were and Yuko went to find it.

While finding the ball, they discovered Oresky, who was still training. The Cures transformed and started to fight. Their training proved to be beneficial as they easily defeated the Choiarks thanks to it. Fortune finished the Choiarks off by changing into her Anmitsu Komachi form. As for the Saiark, Princess used Princess Ball on it, with the Cures serving it like a volleyball and damaging the Saiark before Fortune used Starlight Ascension to finish it off.

Back at the resort at night, everyone was eating watermelon when Megumi went inside and asked Blue to come eat with them. He was looking at the stars, so Megumi joined him. While they were doing so, she collapses because her cold had gotten worse, so Blue carries her to her room. Seiji catches a glimpse of the two and starts to feel upset and jealous.

25 (511)- "Koi ni Dokidoki! Purikyua Gasshuku Kuraimakkusu!" ("Heart-Pounding Romance! PreCure Training Camp Climax!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 25

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 25


Airdate: July 20, 2014

Note: Cure Diamond celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Megumi has fallen ill, leaving the other Cures to continue their training. Yuko makes some porridge for Megumi and Seiji brings some food, but he is still jealous when he sees Blue. Blue feeds Megumi the porridge and looks well and she asks him about his relationship with Queen Mirage. He revealed that they were in love before she became Phantom Empire's queen and her heart became consumed with hatred because Blue had hurt her feelings in some way.

Hime invites Kazumi and Megumi's classmates to train along with them. Iona and the others jog to the beach and they take a break. After that, they jog to the lighthouse but everybody gets hungry so they set up a fire for food. Everyone sees that Megumi is cured from the illness and she joins them for eating.

Meanwhile, on a boat, the Oresky Trio were having a trip but Hosshiwa gets annoyed by Oresky's attitude so Namakelder suggests that he should eliminate the romantic feelings. Seiji goes and finds some clams underwater and Hime follows him using the Mermaid PreCard, but the fish bully her and she is saved by Seiji and secretly she starts to fall in love.

Seiji tends Hime and the other Cures when they saw her recklessness. Suddenly, Namakelder targets Rin, who also appeared to have feelings for Seiji, to create a Love Saiark. The Cures used all their basic attacks on it, but Cure Lovely gets tired easily because she had just recovered. Honey uses Popcorn Cheer to hit both Namakelder and his Saiark before Cure Fortune used Starlight Ascension to defeat it.

At night, they set up a campfire and Seiji brings something and Rin confessed everything to him but he said he isn't in love with her and then apologized. Hime was confused about who Seiji loves, but she didn't know, same as Yuko and Iona. Megumi heard their conversation and Hime refused to tell her and it is a secret.

26 (512)- "Maigo no Futari! Hime to Seiji no Daibōken!" ("The Lost Duo! Hime and Seiji's Great Adventure!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 26

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 26


Airdate: July 27, 2014

Note: Cure Beat celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The girls continue their training before they leave the resort. They take the train back to Pikarigaoka, but when Hime and Seiji went to get a drink at the station and Hime fell down, causing her to receive free drinks from the machine each time, the train leaves during that time. Hime then realises she left her PreChanMirror and Seiji's Cure Line on the train. They leave the station and went looking for a payphone.

In the forest, Hime's ankle becomes strained and Seiji carries her. Hime was in shock that she continues to share feelings for him. While walking, they were confronted by Hosshiwa and her Delinquent Saiark and Choiarks. Hime was unable to to transform because her device was still on the train so Seiji protected her and beat up the Choiarks. When they are almost defeated, Cure Lovely, Honey and Fortune arrived in time to beat down the Choiarks and allowed Hime to transform and fight the Saiark alone before cleansing it with Blue Happy Shoot.

After their victory, they take a train and go home. Hime was afraid that she will fall in love with Seiji but she is still unsure if she has feelings for him so she is most likely she has a crush on him.

27 (513)- "Nayameru Hime! Purikyua Chīmu Kaisan no Kiki!?" ("The Worrying Hime! The PreCure Team in Danger of Disbanding!?")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 27

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 27


Airdate: August 10, 2014

Note: Cure Rosetta celebrates the 10th anniversary.

In the cold open, Iona used the teacher PreCards to lecture the other Cures on their summer homework. Hime's mind is still burdened over the fact that she has a crush on Seiji and must not let any of the others know for now. As they start preparing a meal, Hime's heart beats even more at the sight of Seiji, and feels that she cannot hold her feelings back, but she does.

In Hime's room, she finally gets around to confessing that she has fallen in love with Seiji, despite Blue's warning not to do so. Iona and Ribbon are in shock to hear about that, while Yuko knew that they had a connection. It did not help that the two were very compatible, thanks to an app on Iona's Cure Line. Meanwhile, Seiji is concerned that Blue has fallen in love with Megumi, and he asks him to speak in private. In Hime's dream, which involved Blue and Seiji as knights fighting over Megumi, it looked like Blue had won over Megumi's feelings. This scared Hime and she went look for the two. Somewhere at the park, Seiji asks Blue whether he actually does love Megumi and treats her right, while Blue reflects over the loss of a loved one. Seiji then runs off.

Hime goes to look for the two, hoping they did not get into a fight. As Seiji grew more worried about Megumi, Namakelder appears in front of him and wavers his feelings because he fell in love with someone. This weakens Seiji's resolve and allows Namakelder to capture him and create a Cook Saiark. Hime arrived, but it was too late. She transformed into Cure Princess and started to fight it, even at the thought of Seiji being captured. Princess struggles with it at first, but Cure Lovely, Fortune and Honey arrive to help her out and heal her wounds. Upon finding out that Seiji was used, Lovely lashes out at Namakelder for hurting Seiji's feelings and he said that Seiji truly loved her, but Namakelder ignored her and ordered the Choiarks to attack them, with Honey using Popcorn Cheer to quickly defeat them. Lovely begged Namakelder to change Seiji back, but he refused and went on about how useless love was. Lovely then admits that she does not know a whole lot about love, but she knew that Seiji cared for her very much. Powered by their love for Seiji, Lovely and Princess' bodies glowed and they became stronger, easily pummeling the Saiark before using Twin Miracle Power Shoot to purify it and free Seiji.

Megumi was glad that Seiji was not hurt. Hime wondered why Seiji didn't share the same feelings she had for him, but he said that they only work together and rely on each other, and thankfully it did not involve romance.

28 (514)- "Hawai Jōriku! Arōha Purikyua Tōjō!" ("Landing in Hawaii! Alo~ha PreCure Appears!"

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 28

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 28


Airdate: August 17, 2014

Note: Cure Marine celebrates the 10th anniversary.

In Paris, France, Cure Earl is fighting against a Saiark. Feeling overwhelmed by his defense, Earl shouts she won't allow herself to be defeated as one of the Merci Pretty Cure and attacks him without thinking. The Saiark is able to damage her causing her to fall back and drop her giant paint brush. Just as the Macaroon Saiark was able to make the finishing move, Cure Honey appears singing her song and helps Cure Earl. On Pretty Cure Weekly, Masuko Miyo reports on Cure Honey helping Cure Earl. Earl defeats the Saiark with her finisher attack Pinceau Arc-en-ciel. Cure Honey smiles over to the Pretty Cure Weekly camera.

Yuko returns to Pikarigaoka, with the other Cures excited about her travels, but they worry that she might split from the team. Suddenly, a distressed mascot named Aloalo shows up from the mirror and tells them that her partners, the Aloha Pretty Cure, were in trouble. While Yuko wanted to go help them alone, the others decided it was best that they come with her. They use the Resort PreCards before going through the mirror to Hawaii.

When they arrived, instead of the warmth and sun they expected, they were greeted with cold temperatures and a frozen lake. They saw Cure Sunset and Cure Wave fighting the Saiarks led by another general named Madam Momere. Sunset was always angry at Wave for getting in the way and the two were arguing. While Sunset thought Wave was getting in the way, Wave thought that Sunset was not thinking her actions through. Their arguing delighted Madam Momere, who quickly defeated them before telling Sunset she is better off without Wave. The Happiness Charge Cures meet the Cures, whose civilian names are Ohana and Olina, and they tell them about how Momere had been attacking Hawaii for several days and because they could never agree on anything, they always get defeated by her. Yuko makes lunch for everyone as encouragement to try again. Momere appeared again and the two groups transformed and began to fight.

Momere sends Choiarks to attack them, but Honey used Honey Ribbon Spiral, with Lovely changing into her Cherry Flamenco form to defeat them. Princess changes into her Macadamia Hula Dance form to attack the Saiark, which allowed Fortune to defeat the first one with Starlight Ascension. Sunset and Wave still argued among each other, resulting in Wave becoming injured and Momere mocking them. However, they finally put aside their differences and Honey healed them, allowing them to use Hawaiian Lino Afua to purify the second Saiark, which angered Momere. As soon as she leaves, Hawaii thaws out and returns to normal.

The groups were having lunch and Yuko thanks for helping changed Hawaii back. Hime fears that Yuko considered leaving the group because of what she had been doing, but Yuko assures her that she is staying with them, and they leave Hawaii.

In the end, Blue is seen holding Axia, and he says that if they become more powerful, they could be able to unlock the Shining Make Dresser.

29 (515)- "Akushia no Shin no Sugata! Shainingu Meiku Doressā!!" ("Axia's True Form! Shining Make Dresser!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 29

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 29


Airdate: August 24, 2014

Note: Cure Peace celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Blue is looking at Axia and is wondering how to make the Shining Make Dresser. Megumi goes towards him and asks him how he and Mirage got together. Megumi is guessing that he doesn't want to hurt Mirage so he tells them about the Axia's power. He tells everyone that Axia has the power to create Shining Make Dresser to make them more stronger, but it would require Blue to unlock it. Iona guesses that if using its power, it will destroy Queen Mirage and her group so can saved the captured Cures, but Megumi denied it because Blue refuses to hurt Mirage but Iona still doesn't agree with it. She then speaks with Yuko, who says that they will find the answer together while Megumi tells Seiji if happiness is important. Megumi and Iona decides to show their feelings about Blue.

Meanwhile, in the Phantom Empire, Mirage is wondering what is happening on Earth and she saw Blue instead. Her adviser, Deep Mirror, asks what she is doing and she says that the Earth should be eradicated and wants love and happiness to be annihilated.

Meanwhile, everyone goes to the Pikari Shrine where Blue is waiting and Megumi wonders how Blue is doing with his duty as a deity. He creates a mirror and shows everyone how he and Mirage met. When they met, she felt deeply in love with him, but he did not want to be with her because of his status as a deity. One day, when Blue left her, she broke into tears and became Queen Mirage, empress of the Phantom Empire. Blue said he did not mean to hurt her feelings. Hime didn't know that they were in love with each other. The Cures encourages him to tells Mirage about his feelings which he agrees. At the Phantom Empire again, Mirage still thinks about the earth and Deep Mirror controls her, saying that Blue despised her very much, which enfuriated her. Under Deep Mirror's influences, she calls Namakelder, Hosshiwa and Oresky to stop the Pretty Cure from awakening Shining Make Dresser, which they agree to do and leave.

Everyone agrees that they need to awaken the Shining Make Dresser in order to make the Phantom Empire good, so Hime, in her royal dress, begins to pray along with Blue and they concentrate their powers for performing invocation. The Oresky Trio appear to prevent their prayer from happening. The other three Cures transform to hold them up, but are easily outmatched. Hime and Blue continued to pray until they finally awaken the Shining Make Dresser. This increases their power, with Lovely using Lollipop Hip Hop to stunt the trio before Fortune used Starlight Ascension to turn them good but Deep Mirror intervened and they dispelled it, returning to their evil selves and said they don't need love and happiness and continue to spread sorrow and chaos and they left.

At the Phantom Empire, Mirage senses the Shining Make Dresser and Deep Mirror influence her more and tells her to keep despising Blue and believe that Lovely is used by Blue and going to kill her, so she dispatches Phantom to kill Blue with Lovely, which he gleefully accepts.

30 (516)- "Fantomu no Hisaku! Mō Hitori no Kyua Raburī!" ("Phantom's Secret Plan! Another Cure Lovely!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 30

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 30


Airdate: August 31, 2014

Note: Milky Rose celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode begins with the Cures marveling at the Shining Make Dresser. Ribbon and Glasan say that this will make miracles happen once its powers are fully unlocked. Megumi wants to use it to help score better on her tests, while Yuko would use it so she can get as much rice as she can eat before they all asked it to grant the wishes. When nothing happened, Blue announced that they needed strong innocent feelings in order to unlock its potential.

While Hime was putting makeup on Iona, Blue recalls a time when he fought alongside Queen Mirage, who was then known as Cure Mirage, and they used the dresser to defeat a great enemy, presumably connected to Deep Mirror. Remembering this made Blue want to head outside, with Megumi following him. He laments on whether his words and feelings would reach out to Mirage if he ever meets her. Megumi suggests they should go do just that, but as they are about to, Phantom appears and attacks the two. He says Blue does not understand her anger, that she did not have any feelings for him anymore and that she ordered him to defeat him, much to Blue's shock. Megumi transforms into Cure Lovely to protect him.

The two of them battled, with Lovely matching Phantom during some points. After landing a Lovely Punching Punch on him, he lands before revealing that he has received a new power from Mirage. He sends out dark blobs and targets Lovely's shadow. He then takes it and merges with it, becoming Cure Unlovely, which shocks Lovely.

Unlovely immediately starts beating Lovely and turns Pikarigaoka dark. The other three Cures went to check on her when they noticed it. Unlovely then grabs a telephone pole and starts taunting Lovely, saying that she was useless and that she only did nice things for her mother because she liked being thanked for it. As Lovely fought back, Unlovely takes it further, saying she is weak, bad at school, clumsy, that no one is saved by her love, and she cannot defeat her. Lovely clearly starts believing those words and becomes broken.

The other Cures arrive, but Unlovely quickly dispatches of them. Glasan reveals that Unlovely was actually Phantom, and Honey and Fortune attack again, but to no avail. Unlovely mocks Lovely one more time before going to destroy the city. Princess asks Lovely what was wrong, and Lovely says that she actually is worthless and weak and that she will never achieve anything or protect anyone. Princess quickly snaps her out of it by pinching her hand and the others try to encourage her. Though Lovely insists she only gets in their way, Princess says she is wrong for saying that and that she's fine that way. Honey adds that it never bothered her and she was always there to cheer them up. Fortune, along with the other two, reach their hands out to Lovely and she holds them all, realizing that she is strong after all.

As Unlovely scans the city, the Cures go to face her again. Lovely then begins dueling against her, and with her newfound strength thanks to her friends, overpowers Unlovely's attacks and causes her to revert back to Phantom. The other Cures and the mascots join up with her to congratulate her, but she says she could not have done that without her friends. Then, the Shining Make Dresser appears. Because of their strong innocent thoughts, they can now use it for an attack. The Cures performed that new attack, Happiness Big Bang, which defeats Phantom and restores the city to normal. The attack causes everyone to become happy and Lovely hugs her friends.

Outside of the city, a weakened and battered Phantom is lying on the ground, possibly thinking he had failed Queen Mirage.

31 (517)- "Masaka no Kyū Sekkin!? Kyua Hanī to Fantomu!" ("An Unexpected Partnership!? Cure Honey and Phantom!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 31

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 31


Airdate: September 7, 2014

Note: Cure Sunny celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode starts with Hime looking at the Shining Make Dresser and the others also come in. Megumi is incredibly happy because of her friends encouraging her during the last battle and how they used Happiness Big Bang. Blue added that each of them must awaken their innocent feelings. He then announced that Phantom was not purified by the attack and is resting in the embassy after Yuko brought him back to heal him. Hime comments about how she would hardly get any sleep, but Ribbon and Glasan say that they were the ones who lost it because stayed up by her door as she slept.

Yuko makes some porridge and uses the Nurse PreCards so she could help Phantom. The others are confused because they still see him as an enemy, but she says that she cannot ignore someone who's hurt, so she goes to feed it to Phantom, with the others following her in case. Phantom wakes up and notices Yuko and he is angry because of his wounds. Hime watches them and she imagines that they are hugging each other thanks to the position they see them in, which scares her. Iona thinks she is overreacting, until she also sees them and imagines them on the verge of kissing.

In the Phantom Empire, Deep Mirror shows Mirage about Phantom's defeat and that the Cures were using the Shining Make Dresser more. Still influenced by Deep Mirror and harboring more rage toward Blue, she assigns Oresky to bring Phantom back from the Cures, and he accepts.

Asked why she would always help people, Yuko explained how she had a strong relationship with someone, which inspired her to start making food. That someone is actually a dog, who she always took care of up to its death. The others accidentally barged in, with Iona still enraged at Phantom and wanted revenge for Maria's defeat. Just as Phantom was about to reveal how he could free the Cures he had captured, the Cures overhear a Saiark attack. Everyone except Yuko, who stayed behind to help Phantom more, transformed to go fight it. He is still angry toward Blue for hurting Mirage. Outside, Oresky appears along with tree Saiark to lure them out and demand to give Phantom back, and they said he was being treated for his injuries. Oresky laughs at it because he thought they were joking and has the Choiarks attacks. Fortune changed into her Pine Arabian form to purify them.

Phantom attempts to leave, but Blue caught him, saying if Mirage wants him to be killed, it does not matter to him. Phantom tries to attack Blue, but Yuko protected him, which relieved his rage because of how much she helped him. He then leaves through a mirror back to the Phantom Empire, but not before thanking Yuko for the meal. Yuko transforms into Cure Honey and flies off to help her friends, singing Shiawase Gohan Ai no Uta to power them up and incapacitate Oresky and the Saiark. They then used Happiness Big Bang to defeat it, leaving a laughing Oresky to swim in the drain.

Back at the embassy, Yuko was still very excited about how Phantom thanked her for helping to his injuries, which also affects Ribbon as she produces the PreCards. She is hoping that Phantom will keep her generosity in mind.

32 (518)- "Iona no Hatsukoi!? Inosento Fōmu Hatsudō!" ("Iona's First Love!? Activate Innocent Form!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 32

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 32


Airdate: September 14, 2014

Note: Cure Sword celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode begins with the Cures, except Iona, attempting to awaken the power of the Shining Make Dresser to unlock their Innocent forms, though Ribbon and Glasan keep telling them that they will appear once their innocent feelings peak. Megumi, Hime and Yuko try to get Iona to do the same, and she made some cute faces in front of the mirror, but when they ask her to do it again, she couldn't.

At school, the Cures keep trying to get Iona to smile like she did back in the embassy. Inside one of the buildings, Seiji, along with his classmate Kaidou Yuya, were talking about Iona and how she was now smiling more. Seiji suggests that Yuya should ask her out as he sounded interested in her. Hime is still trying to get Iona to show her smiling look, but when Yuya met up with her, Hime left to watch them, along with Megumi and Yuko, to see if either of them are going to confess their feelings. Yuya introduced himself and said he was very interested in her and asks her out for a date. Iona is unsure at first, but he said she could think it over.

The other Cures say that it was her smile that was making her so popular and also say Iona should go out with Yuya. Iona is hesitant as she has not been in love before. She tries to get herself out of it by asking Blue about how it is forbidden for a Cure to fall in love, but he doesn't reply. Hime contacts Seiji via the Cure Line to get to Yuya and they get Seiji to arrange the date and from them to go to the zoo. Iona and Yuya finally agree to it, with Iona becoming more nervous.

Meanwhile, Namakelder and Hosshiwa were talking about how bittersweet and disasterous love is, and Namakelder goes to try and get rid of it.

Back at the embassy, Iona was getting ready for her date, using some PreCards to give her a girly dress, and Hime did her makeup. Iona admits she was still nervous. At the zoo, everyone is enjoying themselves and they leave Iona and Yuya alone. Yuya asks her which particular animal she likes, and they start looking around. Iona becomes afraid of the hippopotamus because of its mouth, but she admired the giraffe because of its gentle eyes. She even feeds one of them.

Then they went to park to play with the frisbee. Iona is not sure how to play it, but Yuya said to aim for the sun to help, and it worked. After they finished, Iona still cannot confess everything. She is happy that they were out on this date, and Yuya was afraid that Iona wasn't enjoying herself, though she was and she was slowly starting to realize what it's like to be in love. Yuya said she even smiles more often, which flusters her. She then goes to buy ice cream when Namakelder appears before Yuya and tells him that that he pressed his feelings for her too hard and that he did not need love, so he turned Yuya into a basketball Saiark. Iona returns with a couple ice cream cones when Namakelder showed her that Yuya was trapped, which shocked and angered Iona. She, along with the other Cures, transformed.

The Cures start to battle it, but were soon beaten. Fortune tries to fight it herself in an attempt to save Yuya, but it knocks her into the ground. Namakelder tells Fortune that once she has fallen in love, it was all over and that she would be led on. However, the other Cures say that it is impossible to stop these feelings of true love. Fortune admits that she does not know much about being in love and how she fell into it, but she knew that she had to protect Yuya, and her desire to do so caused the Shining Make Dresser to react and reward her with her new Innocent Form as it awoken her innocent feelings. She changes into it with renewed resolve and with the help of the other Cures, traps the Saiark with her Emerald Illusion attack before reverting back to Cure Fortune to defeat it with Happiness Big Bang and freeing Yuya.

Iona wanted to apologize Yuya for fleeing, but he also apologizes to her for pushing her too much because he never disliked her and loved that she was becoming happier and they continue to play the frisbee, with Megumi, Hime and Yuko gladly seeing them get along.

33 (519)- "Watashi mo Naritai! Megumi no Inosento Sagashi!" ("What I Want to Become! Megumi's Innocent Search!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 33

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 33


Airdate: September 21, 2014

Note: Cure Muse celebrates the 10th anniversary.

Megumi wanted to learn more about Innocent Form. She wanted Iona to teach her how to awaken it but she had no idea how to use it. Blue says that it will awaken in due time if she takes care of something who is important, so that means she needed to help everyone in order to use that form.

At the bridge, she meets a student named Mami, who designed a rocket but it failed to launch, so, Megumi decides to help redesign it to let it launch into outer space. Mami brings Megumi into her room, which is full of tools for making rocket so she helps out. When Mami asks Megumi for the screwdriver she doesn't know which one it is so Mami took it. When she left for the break, Megumi washed Mami's coat on purpose, but her grandfather tells Megumi that Mami always wanted to keep it dirty until she completed the rocket. Megumi apologizes to Mami for purposely washing her coat but Mami doesn't. Back at her home, Seiji advised Megumi that she is being a nuisance.

Outside the Phantom Empire, Oresky is training the Choiarks as exercise to beat the Cures and he said that he himself will deal with them.

Megumi used the patissiere PreCards to make cookies that resemble a rocket and the other Cures look at her cookies. Hime and Yuko ate the cookies and while they enjoyed them, Iona refused. Mami just finished the rocket and is about to launch it whenher grandfather forgot the wire. While he left to go get it, Oresky appears in front of her and tells her that her dream is unimportant and turns her into a rocket Saiark. Megumi saw them and transform.

Lovely arrived to stop them, but Oresky ordered the Choiarks to attack her but she easily defeated them with Lovely Punch and Lovely Restruction. After she finished them all off, he ordered the Saiark to attack her. It fired a bunch of missiles at her, and one of them knocked her out of the sky. However, she will not stop until Mami carried out her dream. Just as the Saiark almost finish her, the others arrived in time and Fortune used her Innocent Form. Oresky was confused about the existence of the Innocent Form as he never seen it before. Fortune performed Emerald Illusion to trap it before they defeat it with Happiness Big Bang.

Mami was successfully able to launch the rocket into outer space and her dream has been realized. Megumi thought this will awaken her Innocent Form, but she experienced too much.

34 (520)- "Hime Daikatsuyaku!? Moriage yō! Hajimete no Bunkasai" ("Hime's Big Success!? Let's Get Fired Up! The First Culture Festival")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 34

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 34


Airdate: September 28, 2014

Note: Cure White celebrates the 10th anniversary.

The episode begins with all of the students decorating the school for the upcoming culture festival. Hime helps by chopping some green onions, which Yuko comments she is getting better at. Hime is very excited for the festival, describing her ideal boyfriend to a couple of other students when they mentioned it was an opportunity to get closer to some of the guys.

Hime goes outside and notices more students, including Megumi and Seiji, preparing the welcome gate, and she approaches Megumi to see if they need any help. Megumi is hammering nails into the boards. She successfully nails on in herself, but Megumi warns her not to use too much force, as she may get hurt, which she proceeds to do, smashing one of her fingers. After rinsing the wound, she goes back into her classroom, only to find it already fully prepared. She then spots Iona working on the fortune-telling house and asks her if she needs help with cutting vegetables, but Iona says there are none. Hime then says that she really wanted to go all out with helping with the festival and wanted to be the center of attention, but she was of no help to anyone. Iona tells her to consider everyone else's feelings and Ribbon tells her to stop being so selfish. Iona then suggests to read her fortune.

Using the Cure Line, Iona determines that Hime will be finding some wonderful luck in the future, though Hime does not seem like she has it as she does not have anything to do. Suddenly, she accidentally runs into a young man, who asks her opinion about how straight the posters are. Hime helps straighten one of them out and it now looked alright. He then asks her to help put the rest of the posters up, and he was impressed by her advice, and she accepts. She later learns that he is the student council president. She asks him why he was putting up posters, and he answers that he is able to see everybody having fun while preparing for the festival.

As they put the last poster up, the student council president thanks Hime for the help and could tell how she is now sensing the fun of the festival. As he leaves, Megumi, Yuko and their friends pop out from behind some trees and thought Hime was on a date with him, though she insists it wasn't. Megumi then brings Hime to the welcome gate, which is lacking in something, and Hime starts to paint it to make it look more colorful. The others helped out by blowing balloons and finishing painting the gate. As they all admired it, they were then dismissed, as the festival starts the next day. As this happened, Namakelder was sleeping in the trees, planning his next move.

The next day, Megumi, Hime, Yuko and Seiji were serving food in their classroom, which was converted to a tea house for the festival. Hime decided to attract more customers by going hand out flyers. She notices the student council president once more, who compliments her for helping with the gate. Before he could go to the tea house, Namakelder appeared saying there was no use for working so hard for a festival, and captures the president, creating a Festival Saiark that immediately starts attacking. Hime transforms into Cure Princess to fight it.

As Princess fought, she spoke about how much people would learn from a culture festival and not just through studying. Namakelder says that she has changed since the first time they fought, but would get defeated in the end. Princess is still determined as she wants do her best. When the Saiark attacks again, Cure Lovely appears and protects Princess. Honey and Fortune also arrive. Namakelder sends the Choiarks to attack, but were fended off quickly. The Saiark then starts spreading mold throughout the school, sends the Cures flying and starts destroying everything. Princess stands up to guard the gate and tries to stop the Saiark from getting to it. Though Namakelder said that it was absured to help out for others, Princess says she will treasure everyone's feelings and will try her best to do so, causing the Shining Make Dresser to react.

Princess adds that she might not have a lot of courage, her powers are limitless as long as everyone smiles. This causes some new PreCards to appear, allowing her to change into her Innocent Form. In this form, she easily matches the Saiark, even lifting it and throwing it onto the ground. She then uses Princess Windy Wink to trap the Saiark before reverting back to Cure Princess and joining the others in using Happiness Big Bang to defeat it and free the student council president. At the end of the battle, Princess was very excited about gaining her Innocent Form, as the mold disappeared and the buildings were repaired.

Megumi, Hime and Yuko then head back to their classroom to help everyone else out in the tea house and increase productivity. The student council president arrives and Hime offers him a free soda pop. Hime is clearly excited about how great the festival is turning out and how they were all having fun.

35 (521)- "Minna de Oishiku! Yūko no Hapinesu Deribarī!" ("Everyone Looks Delicious! Yuko's Happiness Delivery!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 35

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 35


Airdate: October 5, 2014

The episode begins with Yuko showing the Cures how to make her Honey Candy and it excited them. Yuko waves her hands over the candy to make it more sweet and the others do the same. She then shows them how to make the candy from scratch. Yuko asks the others to help her deliver food to every neighbor which they agree to do and set out for the delivery.

Outside the town, the Cures' first delivery was to a manga company which the manga people ate after they were tired of making manga. The Cures then delivered candy to a family and the girl got two candies because one is for her bunny doll. The next delivery was to a girl who perform charismatics and was starving after her work. The girl said that she was one of Yuko's shop's fans but Hime felt that she knows her somehow. At the house, they saw that the bento was empty which meant that they were finished but they visited another neighbor. This next delivery was to a mansion with an old lady living with her parakeet named Mitsutani, who was known for being incredibly picky. Hime was disgusted by her attitude and the parakeet pecked her. After that, the Cures were tired but were happy that they at least delivered food and candies and walked back home.

On the rooftop, Hosshiwa was angered by the people who enjoyed eating food. One of the Choiarks ate the food and became excited which angered Hosshiwa more. She then planned to get rid of the food from the Omori's store.

The next day, the Cures set out for another food delivery to Mitsutani. She waited for their delivery but they did not come. She then heard a familiar voice, who was actually Hosshiwa, who turned her and her parakeet into a Parakeet Saiark to spread desserts around the area. The Cures were too late and transformed.

Hosshiwa ordered the Choiarks and the Saiark to attack, but were fended off pretty easily. The Saiark used a loud screeching attack to disorient Lovely, Princess and Fortune, but Honey saved them before they were attacked again. Hosshiwa proclaimed that people should eat desserts rather than eat rice but Honey said that her food is fine because people are happy if they eat rice. She then sings her song as she attacks the Saiark herself, which awakens her Innocent Form. She asks Hosshiwa to eat rice together with her, but Hosshiwa refuses to hear and tells the Saiark to attack her. Honey counters it easily and used Honey Temptation to stop its movement before she and the other Cures used Happiness Big Bang to defeat it and free Mitsutani. A disgusted Hosshiwa leaves immediately after.

After delivering the bento and candies to Mitsutani, she was angry again for the girls being late, but the parakeet mentioned why they did not come. Yuko invites Mitsutani to dine together at her store, which she does.

36 (522)- "Ai ga Ippai! Megumi no Inosento Bāsudē!" ("Lots of Love! Megumi's Innocent Birthday!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 36

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 36


Airdate: October 12, 2014

It is Megumi's birthday, and her father, Masaru, comes home for the occasion after a business trip. She is very happy to see them, but this reunion soon sours a bit when she learned that her mother, Kaori's, condition was slowly getting better, leaving her worried as to what to wish for once she and the rest of the Cures obtain all of the PreCards. However, Masaru comes to comfort her.

The next day was the big day and Megumi gets ready with a beautiful party dress, with Hime doing her makeup. Seiji walks in and notices how beautiful she looked. She then walks outside the embassy, with her parents, friends and many others waiting outside, wishing her a happy birthday. After enjoying everything for a while and a cake made by her friends, worry starts to strike Megumi again as she withdraws back into the embassy.

As she looked out of the window, she is clearly saddened because she doesn't know what to wish for anymore and her habit of helping others out was for nothing. Seiji joins Megumi and tells her that being a Cure isn't just about wishes, but it is about spreading happiness everywhere and saving the world and the Blue Sky Kingdom from the Phantom Empire. This cheered her up and she was prepared to go back outside when Blue brings her to the Cross Mirror Room without much warning.

Meanwhile, at the Phantom Empire, Oresky is also celebrating his birthday. However, no one else remembered and he yelled at the Choiarks and the other two generals for doing so. Hosshiwa was hogging the cake and Namakelder told him it was better idea that he relaxed. Then Deep Mirror tells Oresky about Megumi's party, and he decided that he would crash it.

Back at the Cross Mirror Room, Blue told a surprised Megumi to put her faith in herself after she tells him more about her concerns about getting in everyone's way when she goes to help. Meanwhile, at the party, Oresky appears and traps most of the guests, including Megumi's parents, and turns them into a Birthday Saiark and proceeds to wreck everything. Megumi arrived on time and joined the rest of the Cures to transform and fight.

The battle proves to be tough, as the Saiark kept attacking using its ribbon and a surprise jack-in-a-box-like fist, which beats the Cures easily. Oresky announced how upset he was that everyone was celebrating Megumi's birthday while forgetting his. Lovely offers to celebrate along with him, but he ignores her. She then speaks of how she now understands that helping people is not about making her happy, but it's about making them feel happy. This causes the Shining Make Dresser to react and for her to finally activate her Innocent Form. She traps the Saiark with her new Lovely Powerful Kiss attack before the team purifies it and frees the guests. Lovely offers Oresky to become friends with her, but he refuses and leaves.

Back at the party, Megumi thanks everyone for attending and that she will continue to spread love and happiness. She later thanks Blue for helping her, but Seiji watches them, still jealous of him. Meanwhile, Queen Mirage notices this and plans her next move.

37 (523)- "Yaburareta Biggu Bān! Masaka no Kyōteki Tōjō!" ("The Big Bang Destroyed! Unexpected Formidable Enemy Appears!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 37

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 37


Airdate: October 19, 2014

The episode begins with Megumi using the Halloween PreCards to change into her Halloween costume and telling the others to dress up as well to go to the Pikarigaoka Halloween Festival. There, they give out honey candy and other sweets to trick-or-treat. Meanwhile, at the Phantom Empire, Namakelder, Hosshiwa and Oresky were gathered around a mirror that showed the Cures enjoying the festivities and were not too happy about them having a good time, each for their own reasons. Then, Queen Mirage appeared on the balcony and the trio explain about how they were always defeated by Happiness Big Bang and it has left them feeling happy. She and Deep Mirror agree that they were no longer used, but she had one last trick up her sleeve.

The Cures ask Blue to attend the parade with them and he agrees. Dressed as a vampire, Blue attracts a lot of attention from some of Megumi's friends. Meanwhile, Seiji was lining up the children for the costume parade, but was still a little concerned about what happened with Megumi and Blue during the birthday party. He told Megumi that everything was fine though. Hime started to admire all of the food, but Megumi suggests that she try the pumpkin cake. As Hime was about the dig in, Megumi stopped her and told her to share it with someone, as they would both become happy once they eat it. Hime and Yuko ate a piece of it and, truth be told, they became happier. Some of the other girls were sharing their cakes with Blue, which made Megumi surprised of his popularity.

Seiji then approached Megumi with some of the cake and as the two shared it, Seiji was still nervous, but he tried not to let it show. Later, as Megumi and Blue watched, Takuma and his friend Eri asked them for some candy, and Blue gave them a couple pieces of honey candy. Blue then says that he always felt that he was on the receiving end of everyone's happiness, but Megumi disagrees, saying that she is happy he's here. Hime and Seiji watched as the two talked, with the latter visibly upset about it. As Blue shared another piece of the pumpkin cake with Megumi, Hime figures Blue was taking her away from Seiji. While he did not like it, Seiji would not have wanted Megumi's feelings to be taken away, and he thanked Hime. As the festival continued on, Oresky appeared, wanting to prove his worth.

Megumi walked up to Yuko and Iona's table, asking for drinks. She admits that she feels nervous around Blue sometimes. Hime told her she saw Blue sharing the cake with Megumi, which gets her flustered as she receives some tea from Yuko. Iona said that this love was more brotherly than romantic. Hime was still concerned about Seiji, who was talking to Blue. Though Blue hoped Seiji and Megumi would stay happy, Seiji was not feeling it. Megumi nervously gives Blue the tea.

Then, Oresky arrives, denouncing Halloween, and after a brief scuffle with Takuma, captures him, along with Eri and Mao again, to summon a Jack-o-Lantern Saiark. After everyone evacuates, the Cures transform. Before they started to fight, Oresky announced that he had to try his best, which confused the Cures and ask him if they wanted to help. He then says that their was a new opponent after his "number one" status before he orders the Saiark to attack. The Cures struggled, with the Saiark releasing an infinite number of bats that eventually trapped them before Princess head butted it. Oresky kept boasting about him being number one when Lovely asked him why it was so important. He says he would be nothing if he weren't number one, but Lovely changed into her Innocent Form in order to get them to stop the fight and share some pumpkin cake together. Then she uses Lovely Powerful Kiss to trap the Saiark before joining the rest of the Cures in using Happiness Big Bang to purify the Saiark and to attempt to purify Oresky.

Bathed in the light of the attack, Oresky realized that he did not have to be number one and that he could be happy with the other Cures. However, a dark beam struck the attack, freeing Oresky and stopping him from being purified. The Cures were shocked that the attack was defeated, when the attacker cleared the smoke away and appeared before them. Fortune stands completely shocked, as her sister was the one who destroyed the attack.

38 (524)- "Hibike Yonin no Utagoe! Inosento Purifikēshon!" ("Let the Four Cures' Song Resonate! Innocent Purification!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 38

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 38


Airdate: October 26, 2014

The episode picks up where the previous one left off, with Oresky close to being purified when Cure Tender destroys the attack and reveals herself, much to Fortune's shock. Tender addresses herself as Queen Mirage's loyal servant and then tells Oresky that he was useless for losing to weak attacks and orders him to leave, which he does. As Tender starts to attack, Fortune attempts to reach out to her sister, but Queen Mirage appears and mocks her efforts, saying that she couldn't hear her. Mirage freed Tender and made her her servant because she was the strongest Cure Phantom had captured. She then orders Tender to attack Fortune, and she strikes her hard.

The other three Cures attempt to fight her, but she easily outmatches them. Fortune urges Tender to snap out of it, but Queen Mirage says that she could not hear a word, no matter how much she tries. She then says that the world is full of cruel and hateful things and orders Tender to finish them off. She fires a dark beam at Fortune when Blue steps in and sets up a barrier to stop the attack, telling Mirage to stop and that the world as actually full of kindness and love and should be protected. However, his words falls on deaf ears as Mirage mocked him for what he believed in and vowed to kill off every Pretty Cure he had awakened. Tender's beam powers up and destroys the barrier, seriously hurting Blue in the process. Fortune still believed that there was still some kindness left in her sister's heart.

The Cures changed into their Innocent Forms and starting fighting Tender again, trying to get her back to their side. Lovely said that thanks to Blue, she had made irreplaceable friends, and she tries to get Queen Mirage to think the same, that Blue still cares for her deeply. She also adds that everyone has someone that they treasure, which causes Tender to react as if something was breaking through. She cries out in confusion as she remembers Mirage's words about how love was an illusion and happiness was fleeting. Now back under Mirage's control, Tender attacks everyone again, this time defeating them all.

Tender is about to unleash one final blow on Fortune when Lovely protected her and took the hit, though she appeared fine. This reminds Tender about how she took a blow from Phantom intended for Iona the night she got captured. Her eyes turned back to normal as if she was freed and Fortune ordered her to stop hurting her friends, but Mirage brought her back under her control and she summons a sword. She attacks a still shocked Fortune, who tells her that she was stronger and kinder than anyone she knew and that she would not want to hurt anyone. The control wavers again, but Tender attacks, stopping right as she remembers who Iona is. Fortune tells her that she was always protecting her. It looked if because her feelings have reached Tender, that Fortune had succeeded in freeing her. However, Mirage brings her back under her control, which causes Fortune to cry out to stop it.

Her conviction causes the Shining Make Dresser to react and her, along with the other Cures, vow to save her sister. They then unlock a new attack: Innocent Purification. Using it, they were finally able to completely break Mirage's control over Tender. Back at the Phantom Empire, Mirage feels the power of the attack and Blue grabs onto her arm, despite her protests to let her go. He tells her that he could never bring himself to hate her, even if he should. He had to leave her because a god treats all his people equally and they should not form special relationships, though he still had his feelings for her. He is about to announce that he loved her when Deep Mirror interrupted and took Mirage away.

Back in Pikarigaoka, Maria wakes up, surrounded by Iona and her friends. The two tearfully embrace as Maria thanked her for freeing her, which everyone sharing that happiness. Meanwhile, back at the Phantom Empire, a conflicted Queen Mirage asks Deep Mirror what Blue's true feelings really were, as she was slowly starting to become good. Deep Mirror reminds her of how much pain love had caused her in the past and that she would not want to go through it again, and he brings her back under his control.

39 (525)- "Iona Dai Shokku! Kyua Tendā no Tabidachi!" ("Iona's Big Shock! Cure Tender's Journey!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 39

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 39


Airdate: November 9, 2014

The episode starts with the Cures watching television footage of Tender fighting four Saiarks, which she easily defeats with Tender Rising Starburst. They were admiring her when Maria came back and was greeted by Megumi and Hime hugging her. Iona got annoyed and pushed them away, saying that she was tired and needed rest. Hime was upset until Yuko brought her over to the couch with some honey candy. Maria was happy that Iona had made those kinds of friends, while Iona was excited that she was going to join the team, but Maria was unsure.

Back at the Cross Mirror Room, Maria joins Blue, who was watching as Saiarks kept appearing in different parts of the world. She tells him that she will not join the Happiness Charge team because they were powerful enough without her, and that she wanted to help Cures all over the world. She also tells him that she is heading to the U.S. to see her parents.

The Cures, except Hime, take a walk and Maria tells Iona what she told Blue about going to America and is not joining them, which shocked everyone. Iona protests, but Maria says she has not seem them in years. She tells Glasan to take care of Iona. However, Iona leaves for home first.

Back at the Hikawa Dojo, Maria has a flashback of her and Iona practicing karate, but Iona interrupts it. In full karate dress, she gives Maria a uniform, ordering her to fight her. If Iona won, Maria has to stay and fight alongside the other Cures. Once Maria gets in her uniform, she says if she wins, Iona would have to give her a 30-minute massage. Iona was angry at first because Maria wasn't being serious, but they settle on the condition anyway and they duel, with Maria beating Iona easily. However, she says Iona has gotten stronger.

Iona keeps her promise and massages Maria, which she had done many times before. Maria said she would love to relax once she arrives in America, but she knows that more than likely wouldn't happen because of the Phantom Empire attacking, and Phantom sending more Cures in the Pretty Cure Graveyard, and she has to stop him. She then falls asleep.

The next morning, Maria and Iona were walking toward the airport as they look around Pikarigaoka and Maria reminds Iona to keep protecting it. Just as they are about to say goodbye, the environment around them turns into sweets, which meant Hosshiwa has appeared. She was enjoying some tea as her Kung Fu Saiark prepared to attack. Iona leaves to go and fight it, transforming into Cure Fortune and vowing to protect the peace of the city.

Fortune immediately fought the Saiark and was able to incapacitate it for a short while before the Choiarks started their attack. She uses her Anmitsu Komachi form to defeat them, but the Saiark started to overpower Fortune by shooting energy balls from its fists. The other Cures arrived to stop it, which angered Hosshiwa. The Saiark continued to attack and they struggled with it until they noticed that its eyes stopped glowing once it finished its attack. Now knowing that, they changed into their Innocent Forms and weakened it before using Innocent Purification to destroy it. Hosshiwa was briefly affected by the attack, but she snaps herself out of it and teleports away.

Iona de-transforms and meets up with Maria, who was still waiting. She saw them fighting and was amazed by them, she leaves Iona in Glasan's care, she told Maria not to worry and wish her to take care. She then tells Iona that with her friends by her side, they can overcome anything, which makes Iona smile as Maria left.

Back at the embassy, Yuko brought over some food for everyone to eat. Hime, who still didn't know that Maria was leaving, was surprised to hear about her moving to America and thought Iona was going to also, but she said she wasn't because she was part of the team. They then all swore to protect the peace of the city as they began to train hard to become as strong as Cure Tender, with Iona coaching them. As she looks to the sky, she sees an airplane, presumably the one Maria is on flying.

40 (526)- "Soko ni Aru Shiawase! Purikyua no Kyūjitsu!" ("There's Happiness Over There! The PreCure's Holiday!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 40

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 40


Airdate: November 16, 2014

The episode begins with Hime, who woke up late, rushing to get ready for school as the others were on their way to get her. While she was eating, Pretty Cure Weekly came on, with Masuko Miyo announcing that the Phantom Empire's influence around the world has diminished thanks to the help of the Pretty Cures. As Hime and Ribbon watched, Megumi, Yuko and Iona arrived at the embassy. Hime finished packing and she was ready to go, with Megumi promising to fill the day with happiness.

Meanwhile, at the Phantom Empire, Queen Mirage was angry that their influence was slipping, and she finally had enough of her generals' constant failures and decides to attack the Cures herself. As she prepares to do so, Phantom watches, growing worried about her, not wanting her to get hurt. Just then, Deep Mirror appears and convinces her to give the three of them one more chance to prove themselves, and she gives them one.

At school, Hime's classmates ask for her fashion advice to Kana, who is going on a date. She was very happy that they asked her and makes sure that she will do her best. Meanwhile, Megumi shows that she has become more focused on her studies, and Hime says it was because she followed Blue's advice to focus on her life as much as she would on saving the world, imitating him in the process. Next, the Cures go to cooking class, with Yuko preparing a delicious hamburger steak. She loved seeing the smiles on everyone's faces as they ate.

At the end of the day, as they all headed home, Iona stopped to talk to Yuya and give him his book back, which she had finished reading. He then gives another book, the second half of that story, to her before he leaves. The other three watched and teased her a bit to her annoyance.

In the embassy, Hime talked about how she hated holiday time because she does not get to see her friends at school. She had met a lot of people and experienced some fun times since she became friends with the other Cures, and she would love to tell her parents about them. Then, one by one, Megumi, Yuko and Iona arrived. Megumi wanted to check up on her, Yuko was sending extra food from her lunch store and Iona wanted to know if she wanted to train. Hime then hugged them all and Yuko suggested they should have a picnic, and they all agreed.

At the Phantom Empire, the Oresky Trio were on top of the castle, with Hosshiwa worried about them getting punished if they fail Queen Mirage again. Namakelder was picking petals off a flower to see if he should continue to laze around. Oresky, however, decides that they should all attack Pikarigaoka at once. The Cures enjoying their day

Dressing up with the Cute PreCards, the Cures set off to find a good picnic spot. Along the way, two little girls complimented their outfits and offered them some flowers, which they accepted. Once they found a spot, they relaxed and were happy to enjoy the day and to relax every once in a while. However, the relaxation did not last long, as Oresky Trio got ready to attack. All three combined their powers to turn everyone in the park into Saiarks, hoping to impress Queen Mirage enough. Angered that their holiday was interrupted, the Cures transformed and immediately started to fight the Saiarks. Using many different attacks and form changes, the Cures were able to overpower a lot of them. When faced against a bigger Saiark, the Cures split up, with Lovely defending herself while the others continued to defeat the smaller ones.

As they battled, Blue watched and was amazed at how much stronger the Cures have gotten and how they have gone through a lot of hardships. Lovely even flew above the Earth's surface to attack one of the Saiarks. The trio were angry because of the Cures' strength. Asked why they gained so much strength, Lovely says that they want to protect everyone's happiness and will continue to get stronger. The trio express their dislike of happiness and their preference of misfortune over that, but Lovely said these misfortunes will not turn to happiness. Then, desperate to win, the trio ordered the remaining Saiarks to combine into one giant Saiark, but that still was not enough, with the Cures changing into their Innocent Forms and using Innocent Purification to defeat it and nearly purify the trio, who teleported away before they became good.

Once the park returned to normal, the Cures continued to enjoy their holiday, lying on the grass and wishing these days would last forever. Meanwhile, Deep Mirror announces that the trio failed their last chance and it was up to Queen Mirage to continue spreading misfortune. Mirage orders Phantom to come with her as she became enshrouded in darkness.

41 (527)- "Mirāju no Tame ni! Fantomu Saigo no Tatakai!" ("For Mirage's Sake! Phantom's Last Battle!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 41

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 41


Airdate: November 23, 2014

The episode begins with Queen Mirage speaking through the mirror around the world, turning everyone into Saiarks. Now it is up to the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure to save the world. While standing in the balcony, Phantom wonders what Queen Mirage's wish was, and Deep Mirror tells him how she wanted to spread misfortune around the world, and that would make her happy. Meanwhile, the Cures watched in horror as they see their friends and relatives trapped in the mirrors as the Saiarks attack. Hime starts to have flashbacks of the Blue Sky Kingdom being invaded, but she has had enough and defiantly pleas to Blue to take them to the Blue Sky Kingdom to confront Queen Mirage once and for all.

Blue sends the Cures to the kingdom where they were met with an army of Saiarks and Choiarks. The Cures transform and fight their way through the armies of Saiarks and Choiarks. They are all surprised that their powers were not weakened by the Phantom Empire's influence like the last time they were there, and it was because of the Shining Make Dresser and how much stronger they have become.

Everybody got separated by fog and Honey was confronted by Phantom. As they battled, they seemed evenly matched at first, with Honey trying to reach out to him. It was then that Phantom explained his motives for capturing the Pretty Cures he defeats, and it's for revenge against anyone who would harm Mirage. He said that he wanted to see Mirage happy again, and if spreading misery around the world was her wish, then he would help her fulfull it. He then overpowers Honey and binds her. Before he imprisons her in a mirror, Blue appears and protects her and Phantom blames Blue for leaving Mirage but he said he wants to see Mirage happy. Phantom managed to destroy the barrier, but Honey reaches out to him and he was almost freed when Deep Mirror brainwashes him and makes him even more angry and powerful. Guided by the sound of Honey's voice, the other Cures arrived.

The Cures switched into their Innocent Forms and Fortune used Emerald Illusion to paralyze Phantom in an attempt to calm his rage before they defeated him with Innocent Purification. As he was purified, Phantom has a vision of Mirage in her human form, wanting to see her smile again as he reverted back into his original form. The Cures switched back to their regular forms as they saw Phantom's true form. Everyone was shocked to find out that he was in fact a mascot called PhanPhan, who is actually Cure Mirage's partner. He explains that he did not know what to do once she started turning evil and that he had to listen to what she wanted. Together the Cures, Blue and the mascots head to where Queen Mirage is waiting. In Mirage's chamber, Deep Mirror tells her that Phantom was defeated and she started to get angry.

42 (528)- "Gen'ei Teikoku no Kessen! Purikyua tai Sankanbu!" ("The Decisive Battle in Phantom Empire! PreCure vs. Three Commanders!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 42

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 42


Airdate: November 30, 2014

The episode begins with the Cures reaching the inner gates of the Phantom Empire and as they make their way to the main room, they are attacked by Choiarks. They fought them off by changing into their different forms. As they continued, the Oresky Trio was watching and waiting to battle them. Leaping from the top of the palace, they stop the Cures before they could find Queen Mirage. Princess, Honey and Fortune decided to battle each general one-on-one while Lovely, Blue and the mascots continue on.

Princess fought Namakelder, Honey fought Hosshiwa and Fortune fought Oresky in their respective environments. The Cures were easily outmatched by them, with each revealing their own desires. Namakelder felt that it was useless putting effort into anything, Hosshiwa wanted to eat all of the sweets herself and only cared for herself and Oresky strived to be number one. Meanwhile, Queen Mirage learns that Lovely and the others were approaching her.

As the battles continued, they told the trio about how those desires were not good and would not help them in the long run. Princess tells Namakelder about the experiences she had with her friends and how they have helped her grow and understand the importance of working hard. Honey tells Hosshiwa that eating with someone else is more fun than eating alone. Fortune tells Oresky how it would be unfulfilling to be number one because would be alone and unappreciated. The Cures changed into their Innocent Forms and purified the trio with their respective attacks (Princess Windy Wink, Honey Temptation and Emerald Illusion).

As the trio were fading away, they had become happy and at peace with themselves. Namakelder learned about the importance of putting effort into things, Hosshiwa learned about how it was good to be happy and Oresky learned that it was not important to be number one.

Lovely, Blue and the mascots discovered the entrance to Mirage's chamber and they enter it. As they did, she angrily prepared herself to battle her.

43 (529)- "Butsukeau Omoi! Raburī to Mirāju!" ("Clashing Emotions! Lovely and Mirage!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 43

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 43


Airdate: December 7, 2014

The episode carries on as Queen Mirage gets ready to fight Cure Lovely. She binds Blue with red ribbons and transforms her chamber into a river, presumably of her tears and turns into a different form before dueling with Lovely. At first, she gains the upper hand as she quickly battles Lovely and says love is pointless. Lovely tells her that Blue still loves her even though he left her but she refuses to listen and continues to attack Lovely by creating clones of herself and traps Lovely near Deep Mirror and watches as Mirage suffers through despair.

Lovely manages to break free and shows some emotion about her and Mirage. She switches into her Innocent Form and tells her that she still loves Blue and destroys Deep Mirror's reflection. Just as Mirage becomes normal, her adviser influences her further to show anger and rage toward happiness and destroys the whole palace and she battles Lovely in rage.

Before she defeats Lovely, the others arrive in time and defeat Mirage with Innocent Purification by hugging her as she became normal. The skies became clear and every trace of evil influence disappeared as the Blue Sky Kingdom was restored and everyone was freed from their mirrors. Blue also hugs her as the Cures look happily at their reunion. Meanwhile, Deep Mirror learns of what has happened and plans to defeat Lovely himself.

44 (530)- "Aratanaru Kyōi!? Akai Saiāku!!" ("The New Threat!? Red Saiark!!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 44

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 44


Airdate: December 14, 2014

The story begins as the Blue Sky Kingdom celebrates the peace that has now returned. Princess reunites with her parents and Blue and Mirage thank Lovely for helping. Meanwhile Seiji senses something off with Lovely.

At the Aino's apartment, Hime, Yuko and Iona visit Megumi and hold a pajama party and enjoy themselves as they enjoy chatting and eating. Megumi stays up all night due to the fact that she can't sleep.

The next morning, she goes onto her veranda when Seiji comes out and asks her to meet him downstairs. Seiji takes her ice skating to cheer her up but Megumi can't skate very well so she uses the Ice Skating PreCard to skate better. After hanging out together, Seiji and Megumi sit down at a bench and Megumi grows worried about why the Earth and Blue Sky Kingdom were in peace and starts sobbing because she doesn't know why her heart is aching. In the embassy, Mirage and PhanPhan explain why they were being manipulated after Blue left her, and they believe they sense hatred.

While Seiji buys drinks for Megumi, Red creates a red Saiark to attack Megumi, which makes her transform. Red implants a red crystal inside of Lovely's chest which caused her feelings to waver. He tells her about how everyone else around her was happy while she wasn't, and that she could change the world so she could be happy herself. She was almost manipulated until Seiji yells at her, causing her to remember him and her friends and she breaks free from Red's control, removing the crystal and destroying it. She managed to overcome the Saiark but she was exhausted and was about to get hit again when Princess knocks it into the water with her head and Honey and Fortune hold Lovely up. They used Innocent Purification to defeat it. Megumi tells the others that she is okay after the battle is over. At the Phantom Empire, Red begins his next step of his plan of dealing with the Cures, which has something to do with Seiji.

45 (531)- "Teki wa Kami-sama!? Shōgeki no Kurisumasu!" ("The Enemy is a God!? A Shocking Christmas!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 45

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 45


Airdate: December 21, 2014

The episode starts with Hime in the embassy making a scarf, when Megumi and Iona enter and they explain about the person who spoke to Megumi during the previous battle and they thought that the Phantom Empire was no more and they did not know this person's identity. Wanting to put that behind them briefly, Hime suggests that they should celebrate Christmas Eve and Blue agrees that they should go out, so they all go to help Yuko at her store.

At the shop, Yuko and the others changed into Christmas-themed outfits with the PreCards and they, along with Seiji, sold all 300 fried chicken meals to the customers. During the break, they had a gift exchange and they each got scarves as their gifts, with Megumi receiving mittens with hers. Seiji also received a scarf. Later that night, the group explored the city and went shopping, buying accessories for the mascots. Megumi and Seiji then speak in private and he gives Megumi a ladybug pin to put on her scarf. Suddenly, a Santa Claus Saiark starts to attack and she leaves to fight it. Meanwhile, Red appeared before Seiji and gives him a red crystal, like the one that was put in Megumi in the last episode, and Seiji disappears, leaving his scarf behind.

The Cures transform and battle the Saiark, but were struggling at first before changing into their Innocent Forms and using Innocent Purification to defeat it. As the group celebrate their victory and were about to continue shopping, Mirage senses an evil presence and Red appears before them. Everyone, except for Lovely, was shocked to see him, but they were even more shocked when he brought forth his new weapon, the manipulated Seiji.

46 (532)- "Ai to Nikushimi no Batoru! Seiji tai Purikyua!" ("The Battle Between Love and Hate! Seiji vs. PreCure!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 46

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 46


Airdate: December 28, 2014

The episode picks up where the last one left off, with Red appearing before the Cures and Blue and him bringing forth a brainwashed Seiji. The Cures were shocked at the sight of their friend who has now turned evil, with Red taking great delight over watching them hurt each other. The Cures had no choice but to fight, trying to reach out to Seiji's feelings and free him. It was a hard battle, with Seiji, now showing hatred toward the Cures, determined to destroy them. Blue then said that they should aim for the crystal, as it could free him, so Lovely strikes the crystal, and it looks as if she was about to destroy it when Red provided more power to it, causing her to be overpowered.

Seiji then launches a powerful blast as Red mocked the Cures over love and hope, which he believed to be illusions. He then said the crystal sensed the darkness in Seiji's heart born from the Cures not understanding his feelings as well as his jealousy toward Blue. That blast was enough to detransform the girls. Red then tells Blue that he hates everything he stands for and vows to destroy what he created, bringing forth despair and hatred. He then summons a giant red planet, along with a large group of Saiarks that appeared all over the world. The planet was intended to destroy the Earth, and he and Seiji retreat to it, leaving the Cures, especially Megumi, hopeless.

Just then, a Saiark appeared before them, as a regretful Megumi cried, upset because she did not know what Seiji was going through and accepting the blame. Right before the Saiark attacked her, Megumi's tears caused the fallen ornaments to glow, and Cure Tender appeared, shielding her from the attack. She then encouraged the Cures, telling them to not give up hope and that they could free Seiji just as they freed her. Then, some of the international Cures appeared to help the Happiness Charge Cures out, with other groups also defending other parts of the world from the Saiarks' attacks. Cure Sunset and Wave said that it was the Happiness Charge Cures' hope and determination that helped them gained strength, and Megumi thanked them, as they in turn helped regained her and her friends' resolve.

The four of them stood up once more and transformed again to battle the Saiark. After weakening it, which included Fortune and Tender attacking together, they changed into their Innocent Forms and used Innocent Purification to defeat it. They then immediately headed toward the red planet to take on Red once and for all and rescue Seiji. As they flew, Tender says that she is confident that together, the four of them will save the world from plunging into despair.

47 (533)- "Arigatō Seiji! Ai kara Umareru Chikara!" ("Thank You, Seiji! A Power Born From Love!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 47

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 47


Airdate: January 11, 2015

The episode begins with Blue, Mirage and PhanPhan watching from the Pikari Shrine as the red planet comes closer to Earth. From that planet, Red mocks Blue, intending on destroying everything he created and replacing it with hatred and despair. While that unfolded, the Cures are heading to the planet when Seiji appears and starts to attack them. Princess, Honey and Fortune fight back while Lovely prepared herself to attempt to shatter the crystal of hatred. The other three tried to remind Seiji about how he was always good and wanted to help him, but Red always counteracted by reminding Seiji about how weak he was compared to the others. The Cures were then overwhelmed by his power, but not before Lovely appeared with a giant version of Lovely Punching Punch, which destroyed the barrier that surrounded Seiji and she then brought him down to Red's planet to fight him one-on-one.

As Lovely, now back in her regular Cure form, wakes up, Red tells her that she cannot destroy the crystal of hatred and that she could either defeat Seiji or get defeated herself. Lovely admits that Red was right about Seiji's feelings and that she has learned to accept them, ever since she came in contact with his crystal the last time they fought. Wanting to prove her strength and try to get Seiji to come to his senses, she begins to battle.

The two were evenly matched until Seiji launched a gigantic fireball to burn Lovely, but she resists it and converts that into power for her Pinky Love Shoot attack. With it, she collides with Seiji before she embraced him. She has learned that love could come from even the smallest of activites such as going to school and visiting each other and that Seiji was always there for her like a brother. She had never realized how much love he gave her. This causes the crystal to react and the good part of Seiji trapped inside of it tells Lovely that he feels happy every time she is around him and wants to stay with her and the rest of their friends forever. As the other Cures arrive, Seiji tells them to purify him, and they use Innocent Purification to destroy Red's crystal and free Seiji.

Red is incredibly shocked by this turn of events, still believing that love can only bring despair. However, Blue says that love had created a miracle and even someone as evil as Red has love in his heart, which angers him. Lovely then tells him that love is invincible and asks him if he has anyone that he cares about. Red denies this and vows to eliminate everything once and for all.

48 (534)-"Nikushimi wo Koete! Tanjō! Fōebā Raburī!" ("Overcoming Hatred! Born! Forever Lovely!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 48

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 48


Airdate: January 18, 2015

The episode begins with Blue and all of the International Pretty Cures watching as the red planet comes closer to Earth. Meanwhile, on that planet, the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure are about to start their battle against Red. He still believed that love is an illusion and despair will overpower it, but the Cures still believed that there is love inside of everyone as they began to take on Red. He proves to be more powerful than they thought, even breaking through their Innocent Purification. Red says that all of the love, hope, courage and kindness they have will never been enough as he detransforms the Cures from their Innocent Forms to their normal Cure forms and seals Cures Honey, Princess and Fortune in the mirror, with Seiji, Ribbon and Glasan protecting Lovely, which results in them getting trapped in a mirror together. Now Lovely remains as the only one to battle against Red.

Now that they were alone, Red explains why he wanted to destroy everything. He says his planet was once inhabited but his people were all destroyed, causing him to sink into despair and to grow jealous of Blue, who kept life thriving on Earth. He wants Blue to feel the same despair he has been feeling. Lovely still wants to help him out and show them that love is not as bad as he makes it out to be. Red then wants Lovely to fall in love with him if that was the way she felt.

Back on Earth, Cure Mirage joins the fight as Blue says that in order for Lovely to gain more power in spreading love across the Earth, they all have to pray. Lovely pushes Red away and tells him that everyone's hopes and wishes will never disappear, which angers Red even more and he attacks her. As it makes impact, everyone's prayers on Earth manifested into different-colored lights which floated up to the planet and granted Lovely with their power. They then form into new PreCards, and with the determination to protect everyone and free Red from his suffering, she transforms into Forever Lovely.

49 (535)- "Ai wa Eien ni Kagayaku! Minna Shiawase Hapinesu!" ("Love will Shine Forever! Everyone's Happiness!")

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 49

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! - Episode 49


Airdate: January 25, 2015

The episode begins with Lovely transforming into Forever Lovely. Red is surprised at the transformation, but he is unruffled, still saying he had no love in his heart. Lovely tells him that he actually does, with the happy memories of his planet. As she says that, her brooch glows and her friends are freed from the mirrors. With that, Red prepared to battle Lovely to destroy all the love and the life in the world, and she fights back to make him remember that love. The two were evenly matched, even flying above the surface of Red Planet. Red is still determined to eliminate everything on Earth as his planet approached it, saying that it is fate. Lovely asks him if it is really worth it to do so. Then Red says that eventually all effort would be useless and would disappear as it did not last forever. As he tries to do one last attack on Lovely, she shields herself and says that she wants to help everyone who has fallen and wants everyone, including him, to smile. Only one person's love may not be a lot, but when combined with everyone else's, it would become a love that would never disappear. Lovely then hugs Red to get him to realize his love for his planet and to not give up on it. Then she uses Forever Happiness Shower to purify Red as well as all of the Saiarks and Choiarks on Earth. Everybody was affected by it as her Love illuminated the Earth.

The other Cures came to greet Lovely as she thanked them for sending their love her way to help. Red, now weakened, was now feeling hopeless about how life and happiness would not last forever and begins to cry. Just then, Blue, Mirage and PhanPhan teleported onto the planet, with Blue revealing that Red is his brother, which shocks everybody. Red said he forgot who he was in the midst of his sadness over losing the life on his planet while Blue protected his people on Earth, and wanted it destroyed. Blue then says that everyone had a mirror in their hearts, and if they have any negative emotions inside, it will spread, but Lovely was able to reverse all that hatred and turn it into love. He then says that he and Mirage will stay on Red Planet to help Red restore the life it once had. Everyone became worried, but Blue is confident that the Cures will protect it if anything happens. PhanPhan also goes to Honey's side. Blue then gives them different colored stones to remember him by as they tearfully bid him goodbye and return to Earth.

The next day, the Cures were heading of to school, with Pikarigaoka becoming peaceful again. Oresky is now a police officer assisting an old lady with her luggage, Hosshiwa is now a kindergarten teacher and Namakelder is a businessman named Namase. PhanPhan is also learning how to cook meals with Yuko and her family and Hime has decided to stay in Pikarigaoka with the others, even though her mother wants her to return. They are all glad that they have become Pretty Cures and became closer friends with each other as their time progressed. As the others continued to school, Megumi and Seiji were talking about giving their marbles to that special someone if they ever encounter them as they also continued on their way. The final shot shows Megumi and Seiji's marbles together.