1 (97)- "Oddoroki no Saikai! Futari wa nani mono nano!?" ("A Surprising Reunion! You Two are Who...Exactly!?")

(おっどろきの再会! ふたりは何者なの!?)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 01

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 01

Airdate: 5 February, 2006

Saki is practicing her pitching in Softball with her team when a strange cloud flies over field, casting a dark shadow. The team continues to practice as Saki strikes out one batter after another and mentions that if she strikes out ten, she can get ice cream. When asked who had promised such an odd thing, Saki and the catcher, Yuuko admits to this and apologizes. Meanwhile, Mishou Mai and her family drive into town for the first time in five years when her brother asks her how it feels to be back in town. Mai thinks it feels nice as the car pulls up to the house with a small observatory and the family go inside. Saki sits below the Sky tree with the ice cream she had won from her friends and begins to chomp down when she notices Mai there. Which surprises her and makes her choke for a moment. The two girls stare at each other and just as they are about to comment on how they had met before, a strange light suddenly falls from the sky! A small crater suddenly turns into Flappy while he comments he had no intentions of landing so hard. After a few seconds, another strange creature, Choppy joins him and lands on top of Flappy! They begin to explain that they are from the Land of Fountains. The two mascots reminds Mai and Saki that they have met before, five years ago when they were younger. Now they need their help. In the middle of explaining, its then Minori runs up as Saki tries to tell Minori about Flappy and Choppy but sees they are gone. Unaware that they turned into cellphone like objects and hid themselves in the girls pockets.

Minori explains that their mother needs her to do some deliveries for the Bakery because the car broke down. Saki rushes off back to the bakery to pick up the packages and gets into her bike and begins to deliver the items. Suddenly Flappy cries out, causing Saki to stop and asks why he looks like a cellphone now.

Flappy explains that in order to hide, they take the form of the most natural object at that time in order to blend in. The dark shadow appears again and Flappy senses that Choppy is in danger so they hurry back to the Sky Tree.

Meanwhile, back at the tree, Mai is talking to Choppy when Saki and Flappy show up and the girls cannot still remember. So growing impatient, Choppy and Flappy make the girls remember how they met five years ago at a Festival when they both followed shooting stars to the Sky Tree. They meet each other but their meeting is interrupted by Saki's mother and Mai's brother and leave without saying anything else. Its then Karehan shows up and demands that Mai hand over Choppy and the location to the Fountain of the Sun. Mai refuses and just as something bad is about to happy, the mascots try to fight on their own in their light forms to protect Saki and Mai but fail badly.

Picking them up the mascots desire to protect their friends become so overwhelming that they help them transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret! Karehan then turns one of the nearby trees into a Uzaina and the girls defeat it using Twin Stream Splash.

The next day in school Saki begins to wonder who that girl was that she had met, due to them not properly introducing themselves to one-another yesterday. Suddenly Mai walks in and is introduced as the new transfer student when Saki suddenly recognizes her! She then begins to introduce herself as the episode comes to an end...

2 (98)- "Panpaka no Kankeikai wa Arashi no Yokan!" ("The Welcome Party at Panpaka is a Premonition of Storm!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 02

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 02

Airdate: 12 February, 2006

The episode begins with Saki and Mai preparing for school. Saki runs quickly to the top of a hill as Mai says goodbye to her family. Meanwhile, in a very dark place, Karehan is talking with the dark overlord who asks if he's located the Fountain of the Sun yet. Karehan regretfully explains that when he came close, someone interfered and that next time he'll require the information need. A strange person behind him explains that the mysterious forces were Pretty Cure.

Soon the end of the school day comes as Saki asks her friends, Hitomi and Yuuko if they wish to help her plan a party at Panpaka. Kenta, another friend of Saki's wishes to help plan the party also and Saki turns to talk to Mai when she realizes that Mai left. Going to find her, Saki sees her outside enjoying the windy weather. She begins to speak with her when they bring up what occured the day before. Leading Flappy and Choppy to appear and begin to speak with them. They explain that a group from the Dark Fall plan to use the Fountains in order to resurrect their ruler, Akudaikan.

They begin to explain how Akudaikan is trying to take over a special tree and fountains that control the life of all worlds. He has already taken over six of them and only one remains! The Fountain of Sun. Saki and Mai try to argue against this, being only middle school students but they are sure they can cave everybody, being Pretty Cure. Its then suddenly Saki remembers she was going to plan a welcome party and hurriedly rushes home to prepare. Heading inside to have her snack, both Saki and Minori go on about the chocolate cornets when suddenly Flappy interupts, causing her sister to ask who said "Lapi". Saki excuses herself while repeating the word Lapi in order to throw off her sisters suspicion and runs to their bedrooms before telling Flappy he can't just speak openly like that without getting caught by someone. He mentions being hungry and how she's supposed to take care of him before instructing Saki to take out the NigiNigi and ResuResu Cards. Meanwhile, at Mai's she is outside looking at the sky when her brother comes out to mention dinner is ready. Seeing her in deep thought he asks her if something is bothering her, before explaining that when someone looks to the sky, it usually means such a thing. Its then Mai mentions how she met Saki earlier, and that she had met her previously five years ago.

Her brother mentions how Mai and Saki are friends, and that it was a fated meeting. Mentioning that once again that dinner is ready he goes inside, leaving Mai to think about her new friend.

That following day, Saki, Yuuko, Hitomi, and Kenta are all busily working on the party for Mai. Its going fine as Saki asks Kenta why he's running around for. He explains that he's busy decorating, leading to the two of them arguing when Saki claims he's bad at Home Ec based things. Hitomi and Yuuko simply watch, stating that its common for the two of them.

Meanwhile, outside Mai approaches the Pakapan bakery and sees Saki's mother there. She asks if Saki is there when she realizes who she is and brings Mai inside, informing Saki and co. While rushing around, Saki stops to tell Mai they're not ready yet and ask her instead to wait in the back Garden in the mean time. Mai sees no problem in this and heads to the backyard. While back there, Mai sees the bench near her seat and begins to draw it. Within sometime, she notices Saki there, then sees the table fully decorated! Apologizing for how distracted she got, Mai explains how whenever she draws art, she gets fully into it. Saki sees this as a good thing, not being able to focus on much herself.

As Saki goes on to tell Mai that she can call her Saki, and then asks if she can call Mai, Mai, the girls ovehear Karehan and he summons a flower bush like monster! Quickly they tranform into Pretty Cure and begin to fight. However due to being new to this, they don't do too well and are instantly slammed down by the bush monsters vines. Karehan demands they hand over Flappy and Choppy but refuse to as Saki expresses her anger at him for ruining Mai's party.

They continue to fight as Karehan tries to use the vines to crush them, at Flappy's advice they begin to focus their power into their hands, throwing the large enemy some distance away into the water. They are told to go after it but are unsure how until told to focus the power into their legs and in one long jump they go flying into the air! Panicking as they do, trying to determine how to land. They see that the forces around them save them and they resume fighting. After a few more hits and using Twin Stream Splash and Karehan is defeated!

Back at the party, Saki and Co. Have finished decorating for Mai's welcome party when one of them mentions that "Come on in" seems weird to write on a cake. Saki tries to explain it as Mai comes over and thanks them all for this party as the other students soon begin to arrive. Kenta is very annoyed when Saki mentions having invited the entire class and he begins to chase her around as Mai laughs.

3 (99)- "Makkō Shōbu! Kimi koso Ēsu da!!" ("A Head-On Match! You're the Ace!!")

(真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 03

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 03

Airdate: 19 February, 2006

The episode begins in the Dark Falls where the leader is speaking with another of his followers about the Pretty Cure. Karehan asks for another chance while promising he will defeat them this time and capture the mascots.

Meanwhile, at school Saki is currently in the middle of practicing her pitches as Mai draws her. She is very unaware of the coach who approaches her and comments on how Mai's picture really comes to life. However, when Mai says nothing she shakes her shoulder gently, causing Mai to snap out of her concentrated focus. Coach mentions how well it is, as well as good to have such concentration on things. Its then Saki and the other girls ask of their opponents coming up for the Championship matches soon coming.

On the way home, none of the girls seem confident anymore. Having learned that they will be challanging the team who previously came in first place/won. They all notice how confident Saki seems however, and begin to ask how she can be so happy reguarding the subject when she explains that since they lost the first rounds the past two years, they will never suspect them to suddenly win!

Back at home, Flappy tells Saki how hungry he is, so she summons NigiNigi and ResuResu once again. As she is feeding Flappy, its then her sister comes in to see Saki when suddenly she closes the door and forces her sister out of her room. She asks what she wanted when Minori explains that dinner is ready so the two sisters hurry up and head to the table to eat.

Its then Saki's mother comments on how fast she ate, to which she simply explains her mother makes the best Hamburger curry. She also adds that she and Minori will be coming to cheer her on, and that her dad is in charge of the Bakery while they're gone.

Meanwhile, Mai is overlooking her drawing with Choppy. Who thinks Saki will have a good game tomorrow. Mai also thinks so as the very next day soon comes and Saki visits the Sky tree as she had done so previously when having doubt or just relaxing. She is sure she will have a good game and heads to school, only to see how bad everything seems. The other team looks even tougher then last year!

The team begins to play when soon before they know it they reach the half way mark, and their doing terrible! Saki can't seem to focus and she feels as if she's letting down the entire team. Mai then gets an idea and shows her the picture she drew, hoping to inspire Saki and her teammates. Feeling a bit more excited they try harder, but the game is suddenly interupted by a heavy wind! Saki and Mai watch as everyone is evacuated from the stadium/field. They stay back and try to determine where the strong winds are coming from, only see see Karehan suddenly appear and form an Uzaina using a Baseball bat.

Saki and Mai waste no time transforming in to Cure Bloom and Cure Egret and begin to fight the bat Uzaina. Quickly it sticks them against the wall with its massive baseballs and having cornered the Pretty Cure, Karehan demands they give him Flappy and Choppy but they refuse. So using a mock like substance he begins to cover them, threatening to drown them in it. As Saki and Mai are being covered, their hands slowly touch. Forming strong enough power to burst open the mock and glue like substances all over them! They quickly use Twin Stream Splash to defeat it with ease!

Back at the game, its time for Yuuko to bat. She feels she can't do it until Saki reminds her not to give up until the very end. She also mentions the picture Mai drew of her and announces that she knows she can do it. Yuuko hits the ball, allowing her to get to first base and then comes Saki's turn. She hits the ball, allowing them to win the game!

4 (100)- "Ussō!? Haru no Keshiki to Semi no Koe" ("Are You Kidding!? The Scenery of Spring and the Cries of Cicadas")

(うっそー!? 春の景色とセミの声)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 04

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 04

Airdate: 26 February, 2006

The episode begins with Mai drawing a picture of the Sakura trees before her as Saki approaches and begins to watch behind her shoulder. Mai, surprised scolds Saki, who apologizes for doing that and going on to say how pretty the picture is, and that Mai could focus on a career in Art. Suddenly, someone agrees before introducing herself as Takeuchi Ayano. A second year student in Art Club. She goes on to ask Mai about joining the art club and an upcoming contest, to which Saki begins answering for Mai until Ayano scolds her.

During lunch Saki and Mai are sitting together when Saki notices Mai not really saying much. She tries to ask her if she's alright, which Mai insist she is. Later that evening, Mai explains the theme to her brother then asks him what he thinks of it, to which he replies frogs. Mai becomes flustered and upset when her mother comes up and mentions they will catch colds if they stay outside too long during the evening.

Mai then calls her father at work, who states a Lynx and asks why Spring Constellations are no good for Mai. With no good answer she hangs up and lays on her bed while trying to determine what she can enter in the contest.

The following morning, Mai goes to talk with Saki, who laughs as Mai recalls the previous evening to her. She tells her she only has until Sunday to decide and that she has no ideas on what to do. As Saki asks to come with her to search for inspiration, Flappy appears and mentions that Spring makes him think of new love. Choppy appears and tries to think of an answer also, unfortuantly not understanding that Flappy was trying to admit his feelings to her and she didn't get it at all.

For inspiration, Saki and Mai travel up a mountain side and see the whole view of the town! Water, buildings, greenery. Glancing down the hill Mai notices a cabbage field, to which Saki mentions that Spring Cabbage goes well with Spring, so the girls head back down to investigate the scene. Mai decides this is what she desires to enter for the time being, and sits down to draw. Saki returns with a few drinks and sits down when Mai suddenly mentions that it seems weird for the Spring Cabbage to have appeared so quickly and Saki goes to look.

As Mai continues, she sees an old woman struggling with a cart and as she falls over, Mai quickly gets up to go and help her. As thanks the woman invites Mai in for a drink when Mai asks to help her with the upcoming harvesting. The woman insist she doesn't have to, but Mai wishes to despite.

Meanwhile with Saki, the forest around her is becoming darker and darker and she feels as if she's only going in further. Flappy then asks her if she's sure she knows her way back, but Saki insist she's fine and that she used to play there all the time as a child.

Mai helps the woman with her harvesting, at first messing up and accidentally dropping the boxes off of the crate. After a few attempts she begins to get better and improve, eventually even finding it fun. Once she finishes the woman tells her she can leave, since she has to clean up now. So Mai puts the last box up just as Choppy begins to detect something weird in the air. Flappy also does the same with Saki, leaving her in disbelief at the mention.

Suddenly the cicadas fly by her! They fly all the way to Mai as Karehan makes himself noticed and becomes aware that without both girls being present. They can't become Pretty Cure! With this in mind, Saki begins to run and he chases after her. It's then Mai notices the Cicadas on the ceiling when Choppy informs her they came after her!

Running outside, the Cicadas begin to glow and transform into a Uzaina! Saki continues to run, eventually leading Karehan to think she jumped off of the edge of the hill nearby instead of hiding just centimeters from him. Saki quickly finds Mai, having just avoided an attack and they transform into Pretty cure! At first it seems as if the Uzaina does not need to give an effort, easily swiping them both onto the ground and into the trees. They manage to fend it off, using power in their arms and legs and quickly use Twin Stream Splash on the cicadas to free them from the Uzaina path. They quickly flee as Karehan retreats. Transforming back to normal, Saki and Mai wait for the old woman to begin waking up. Suddenly, Ayano runs in and the girls learn the old woman they helped is her grandmother!

Later, at the Art Contest hallway, Mai and Saki are overlooking the submissions for the contest. Mai isn't too sad that she didn't win, and even Ayano, who approaches them mentions it doesn't show the meaning of Spring to her. Instead they look at Mai's entry, a portait of the old woman she met days ago. Saki asks her why she changed her mind, but Mai instead just ask for an opinion on it. Ayano thinks its the best picture there as Mai explains she was actually to pait the old woman holding a cabbage but she got too distracted by her smile and it covered the entire picture instead...

As they walk home, Mai explains that because of Saki she had decided to join the Art Club. Saki tries to deny this claim, though she feels clearly happy about it when suddenly Flappy appears to tell her he's hungry. They begin to argue, causing Choppy to appear and begin to cry. Which only makes them argue more as Mai tries to calm her down.

5 (101)- "Kenta dō suru!? Saki to suteki na oniisan!" ("What Will Kenta Do!? Saki and the Cute Older Brother!")

(健太どうする!? 咲と素敵なお兄さん!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 05

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 05

Airdate: 5 March, 2006

The episode begins as Saki is running late to school! While cursing the fact that its located on top of a hill, Flappy intervenes by saying she shouldn't have waken up late then when she scolds him by saying next time he should wake her so she doesn't oversleep. But stating its not his job, Flappy once again claims she better hurry. As she runs to school Saki slowly comes to a stop, seeing a cute boy staring at the sky. Staring for a moment Saki accidentally interrupts at the sight of the plane trail.

She apologizes before explaining that as a child she used to think the planes and clouds were filled with cotton candy and she used to dream of going up to eating it. The male laughs, stating that he likes the idea before having to leave.

....after a moment, Saki remembers she was rushing to school!

After school, Saki is lamenting the fact that she was given a lot of English homework (her least favorite class) due to being late and that she thinks its unfair when suddenly, Kenta runs by while making a joke. She scolds him instead, to which he responds that if she was in a better mood, she would have left. He leaves as Mai mentions they must be close having grown up together. But Saki denies this and instead says he is just a kid he grew up with, nothing more. Its then Mai offers to help her with the homework, as long as Saki doesn't expect her to do all of the work. Agreeing to this, Saki and Mai head over to the Mishou household.

Once they arrive, Saki begins to examine the surrounding area before she notices a very nice bookshelf, then goes on to say all of the books look too complicated for her. She then turns her attention to the gleeful Choppy, holding a clay figure Mai's mother has due to being an archaeology teacher. As the two girls sit, Flappy goes on to say that Choppy must be hungry, to which Choppy shyly agrees to. Holding up their Mix Communes, somehow the cookie made by using NigiNigi and another Diamond Card is then transferred to Choppy so that she can eat it. Saki and Mai realize that Flappy gave her a present and think its very adorable, before going on to say that he must really love Choppy.

Its then Saki asks about the large sphere on the roof when Mai takes her up and shows her the giant telescope that sticks out of the top and explains that her father studies Astronomy. Suddenly someone announces they're home and Mai realizes its her brother. She takes Saki down, only for her friend to stare in surprise! Mai's brother is the handsome boy she met earlier!

Meanwhile in Dark Fall, Karehan is by himself trying to determine how to tell the dark lord they are working hard to resurrect the bad news that he's failed once more when Goyan approaches and begins to taunt Karehan about his fourth failure. Very angry, Karehan summons a huge gust of wind and destroys part of the wall he's standing by, while stating he will defeat Pretty Cure.

Back at Mai's, Saki is very happy to have finished her homework just in time for the crepes Mai made for a snack. She thanks Kazuya for helping her, stating that it sounded much easier when he explained it, and even fun. He begins to talk about the things Mai said about Saki, then goes on to say she is very much as he imagined. Embarrassed, Saki quickly tries to change the subject when she points to the book she saw earlier. Kazuya mentions its one of his favorites, then insist she borrows it. Saki at first denies this, but after a moment reconsiders it and accepts the book. At Panpaka-pan, Kenta is there taking an order from Hyuuga Minori, they go outside and he sits while stating how useful and talented she is compared to her older sister. He is rather annoyed when he begins to ask what's keeping her anyway when they notice her walking by, peaceful and content. She sits down while talking about how wonderful Mai's older brother is, stating that he helped her finish the homework. Saki begins to read the book with Minori but soon finds herself very bored and not at all understanding such scientific terms. It's then Kenta mockingly mumbles that she'd never understand such a book when he accidentally spills tea on it! Saki begins to panic and yell at him while running inside to get a cloth to clean it. She locks herself in her bedroom, stating that no matter how hard she cleans it the stain won't come out.

Flappy tries to insist Kenta didn't do it on purpose so she shouldn't be so hard on him, but Saki doesn't listen. The following day she is still angry, as shown when Kenta approaches her to try and apologize, but Saki instead walks around him and claims she doesn't know him as her and Mai leave. That afternoon soon comes and Mai goes to speak with Kenta, who explains he accidentally spilled tea on the book and Saki won't forgive him. Mai thinks she will if he just sincerely apologizes, but Kenta doesn't see the point since Saki is too stubborn. He then thinks if Mai apologizes to both Saki and her brother, he'll be forgiven but Mai thinks of a better way...

As soon as school ends Saki quickly runs through town while asking if they have the book. Unfortunately its out of print so nobody makes it anymore, and finding it for sale would be very rare, even the publishers don't have any copies left. In defeat Saki leaves only to over hear Kenta begging for the book at a nearby bookstore. With an annoyed tone she quickly drags the male from the store, scolding him as he tries to apologize once more. Before he can finish though, Saki apologizes to him for getting so angry, despite it being an accident. So they agree to search for the book together....until Kenta states that they both looked through the book stores already...

It's then Mai suddenly arrives and suggest instead of checking book stores, they should check used book stores instead. As they are more likely to have out of print or low on copy books. Going inside, Saki and Mai don't see it but try to ask the clerk, who is revealed to be Karehan! Quickly as he summons small book Uzaina after them, the girls run from the store as Kenta stares at the floating books behind them in surprise. He is soon knocked unconscious by one of them and they transform into Pretty Cure as the multiple books form into one big book Uzaina!

Quickly the girls get to work trying to defeat it, they stare in surprise as it regenerates the books knocked out of it and are quickly knocked into the nearby trees and grabbed by the vines and are being yanked close to Karehan who demands to know where the fountains location is. But Cure Bloom refuses to tell him, stating that she would never tell anybody who hurt Kenta.

Using Twin Stream Splash, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret take down the Uzaina! Turning back to normal, Saki approaches the unconcious Kenta who soon wakes up to asks them what happend. Not answering this however, they both go to apologize for ruining the book. Both trying to take the blame as Kazuya tells them its fine, since he can still read the book and its just a small stain. Saki goes on to say how awesome he is as Kenta makes a remark about her not being able to read it, Saki scolds him by stating he only reads manga as it is. The episode draws to an end as the two of them continue to tease each other and argue.

6 (102)- "Yappa Saikō! Iketeru otōsan!!" ("He's the Best After All! Cool Father!!")

(やっぱ最高! イケてるお父さん!!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 06

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 06

Airdate: 12 March, 2006

The bakery is about to open, and Saki just got up. She finds Minori outside and she says she is bored. On days like this all of her friends get to go somewhere with their families and she can't do that. Saki suggests that they can both go together somewhere, like Ash Forest but Minori doesn't want to. Their parents call for Saki and when she comes to the other room she sees Mai with her parents. They four parents begin to make conversation while Saki and Mai observe t the bread.

Mai's mom begins to explain why they came today. They are going to go to Crystal Lake and Mai was hoping Saki could come along. At first Saki was going to decline since this is a family trip, but Mai's mother insists it's alright and they invite Minori also. Both girls agree and Saki asks why Kazuya isn't there and Mai explains that he has practice today. Then Choppy came out while saying she wants Flappy to go too, because lakes are their home town. Flappy at first thought, that Choppy finally understand his feelings, but he was wrong. It was just because of the lakes...

When Minori returns to the room, the two mascots return to their commune form. Everyone is about to leave when Saki's father gave them some bread. Her mom reminds him that he has to give answer about something today. He said, that there is no question as he decided long ago.

Meanwhile, in Dark Fall, Karehan got scolded by Akudaikan again. Goyan also annoyed him, by repeating Akudaikan's words. Then Akudaikan gave him last chance.

Before going to the lake, Saki, Mai, Minori and Mai's mom had to listen to Mai's dad's lecture. After he finished, everyone said it was interesting. Then they headed to the lake, where he starts to cook and Saki comments on how amazing he is. He is college professor, he speaks in front of many people and he even cooks. He is nothing like her dad. Then Mai's dad said that her dad can cook delicious bread. Saki goes on to say that this is because it's his job. Minori points out that he never takes them anywhere on Sundays. Then Mai's mom said that it takes more than that to be good dad. They might take it for granted because they get it every day, but in fact many famous hotels and restaurants have came to school her parents plenty of times. However Saki has never known this before. Then Mai's dad said that no matter how many times they come, he always rejects offers and stays true to his beliefs. Which isn't easy to do. But Minori says that she still likes parents that could take her out to play on Sundays. But Mai's father believes she will be more undestanding one day.

Then the girls went to play, because it was still a while before lunch will be ready, and Karehan was watching them from the tree. Then the girls went to eat. After eating, the went boat-riding. Minori was with Mai's dad, and Saki was with Mai. Then Saki said, that she is a bit jealous, that her father is astronomy professor and her mom lectures archaeology at the university. Mai said, that even though he knows stars, he can wear 2 different socks and don't even care about that. Then Mai said, that she is a bit jealous of her parents too. Not because that she can eat all the bread she wants, but because they are always at home with her. her parents are always out. Then Flappy changed to his real form, and said, that they must treasure their home. Mai asked, did something happened to their home land - Land of Fountains, and Choppy explained, that their home was destroyed by Dark Fall, who took 6 of 7 fountains. Saki and Mai asked, how can they get back these fountains, and Choppy said, that the 4 of them need to put their powers together. Saki and Mai promissed to do their best, and they felt something coming. Karehan came, creating water wall between 2 boats, and revealed Uzaina from sea plants. Saki and Mai transformed to Pretty Cure. Uzaina grabbed Egret, and threw her away. Bloom used Spirit power, and made the boat swim to catch Egret. She caught her, and the 2 went to a nearby island. There they used Twin Stream Splash, and defeated Uzaina. Then everyone returned, and Minori fell asleep. Saki went to call her parents, and saw 2 people from hotel asking her dad to work at their hotel, but both refused, because they are happy in this city. After they left, Saki returned home, and started eating their bread. Then she shouted, that she loves her dad and mom.

7 (103)- "Chō Maji! Ikari no Karehaan!" ("Ultra-Serious! Karehaan of the Wrath!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 07

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 07

Airdate: 19 March, 2006

The episode begins late one evening when Saki is trying to finish her homework, she has trouble when suddenly she notices Flappy trying to speak with her. Seeing his ears brightly glowing Saki asks him whats wrong, to which he tells her they need to locate the Fairy Charafe to hold the Miracle Drops, as they are too many for just him to hold.

Meanwhile at Mai's, Choppy is having the same problem as Mai explains they will need to speak Flappy and Saki about it. However, before Mai can leave for school her mother comes in to explain how her and Mai's father will be coming home early today, so they wish to all go out as a family today. As Choppy tries to tell Mai that she has to hurry, Mai promises to be home right after school and leaves.

Saki, who is very late heads outside when Minori follows after her to announce they will be having Hamburger Curry when suddenly Flappy begins to make noise, surprising the both of them. As Minori tries to ask Saki if she's alright, Saki instead asks her if she wants to help her and their mother make dinner later and realizes how late she is, so she hurriedly rushes to school.

Meanwhile in Dark Fall, Karehan is being lectured by Akudaikan about his previous six failures when its announced he only has one final chance to defeat Pretty Cure and locate the Fountain of the Sun.

At school, Mai and Saki overlook how many Miracle Drops they have with Choppy and Flappy. As they begin to explain what the Fairy Charafe is, Flappy explains that it is needed in order to bring the Miracle Drops to the Fountains and restore them. Choppy explains that the Miracle drops are crystallized powers of the spirits given to the Springs in order to keep the World Tree healthy. Due to the powers becoming too strong, it became painful for Flappy and Choppy to hold them any longer.

Suddenly, upon asking where the Fairy Charafe is, the Miracle Drops float up and begin to glow! Saki and Mai see a bright glowing light way off in the distance and determine that the Fairy Charafe must be there. Unfortunately, they do not realize that Karehan has also seen this as they mention having to wait until after school ends to go and get it.

Once school ends, Saki and Mai head to the forest where they believe the Fairy Charafe is when they realize that they are having trouble finding it. Coming to a big, empty space its then suddenly that Flappy detects something wrong in the air! Its then Karehan appears! Saki tries to say they don't have time to battle him when they note how angry he looks. Flappy and Choppy are overcome with fear as he summons many roots from the trees nearby and fuses with them to create one giant Uzaina!

Transforming into Pretty Cure, Cure Bloom and Egret begin to attack, only to see their attacks being sucked up into the Uzaina! Soon they find themselves smashed into the ground but they refuse to give up, stating that the only important thing to them is finding the precious thing to Flappy and Choppy. Grabbing them, Karehan tells them its of no use, since he can just suck up anything throne at him. Soon with enough energy, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret blow up the vine-like arms binding them in a flash of light! Freeing them and allowing them to perform their strongest Twin Stream Splash yet!

Defeating Karehan and transforming back to normal, the scenery around Saki and Mai changes back to normal...

As they collect the next miracle drop, Karehan suddenly appears to strike! But just in the nick of time he explodes in pink light, all remaining is a leaf, his original form. The miracle drops interact with the ones in Saki's backpack and show the girls to the Fairy Charafe. They rush over at the pink object appears. Saki and Mai take turns inserting the Miracle Drops into the odd object, then are transported to a dark and mysterious land where Flappy instructs them to restore the Fountain of Trees.

Saki pours the Miracle Drops onto the center, then the girls rush from the hole as green liquid-like energy fills it. Across the "lake/fountain" a tree appears. Followed by many more surrounding them! Soon the many spirits arrive, as well as Princess Filia!

Unfortunately... she quickly vanishes right before them too!

Ready to cry, Flappy and Choppy try to figure out what happened. Saki and Mai promise that they will make sure they get to see her again and before anything else can say anything, the girls are transported to the Sky Tree. Flappy and Choppy thank Saki and Mai for helping them, when Flappy suddenly reminds Saki of an English test!

8 (104)- "Daisuki! Minori to futari no oneechan" ("I Love You! Minori and the Two Big Sisters")

(大好き! みのりと二人のお姉ちゃん)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 08

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 08

Airdate: 26 March, 2006

The episode begins at breakfast where Minori is talking about the fun day she had earlier before asking if she can invite her friends over. Who had asked to come after once she mentioned living and working at a Bakery. After begin given permission she asks Saki if she can use their room, and at first Saki denies this but she quickly changes her mind. However she proceeds to scold her for spilling tea on her school uniform.

Meanwhile at Dark Fall, Akudaikan is yelling about the recent defeat of Karehan and how its unforgivable for them to have claimed the Fountain of trees like they did. Its then a big flame appears! The next enemy under the Dark Fall group!

Later at Saki's room, Mai is showing her some pictures she has recently drawn when Minori runs in with some juice. She gives one of them to Mai after complimenting the cute dog picture, then quickly finishes her juice before she gets up to play as if she is in professional baseball and laments her lowsy throw. Saki keeps trying to tell her to stop, but Mai doesn't mind it. Suddenly the catchers mitt Minori had been wearing goes flying into the air!

It knocks over the cup of juice and spills onto Mai's drawing! Saki begins to yell at Minori, telling her this is why she didn't want her to play the way she was moments ago. Minori looks very sorry and Mai insist she can just redraw it but Saki keeps yelling at her until she begins to cry.

Mai tries to once again calm down Saki, but Saki instead yells at her to be quiet since she doesn't have to deal with this type of thing, due to not having a little sister. This upsets Mai and she quickly leaves afterwards, leaving her notebook behind in the process.

That evening, all three girls are still somewhat upset. Saki is laying at the table/desk trying to figure out why she got so angry and how bad she feels about telling Mai to be quiet, while Minori is shown still crying in bed while trying to sleep. Mai meanwhile worries she said too much, when Choppy points out that both she and Minori are little sisters. So she knows what it is like.

That following day at Panpaka-pan, Minori and Saki's mother and father are aware something is wrong. Seeing how tired and puffy eyed Minori is, while Saki is very quiet. In class, Saki quickly locates Mai and tries to talk to her but she is ambushed by her friends before class...

After school Minori rushes up to her and Saki's bedroom and begins to cry again while thinking of the day before when Saki yelled at her. She sees the notebook and within the new few minutes their mother comes in to see Minori missing!

Minori runs across the streets and up a steep set of stairs while Saki laments how she couldn't apologize to Mai today. Flappy blames her for wasting the precious time she had to do so, but Saki insist she'll do better tomorrow. As she arrives home she notices her parents there, who explain Minori is missing and without second notice Saki hands her backpack to her mom and rushes off to find her sister. Unknown that danger is lurking above... That evening, Mai and Minori are sitting together at the park. Mai asks her about being there on her own when Minori asks her if they are arguing because of her. Mai says no, then goes on to explain that she knows how Minori felt due to a very similar incident as a child when she broke her brothers telescope. She too had thought that the person she loved most had begun to hate her.

As she begins to cry again, quickly calmed by Mai, Minori points at a giant flame appearing suddenly!

Meanwhile, Saki tries to figure out where Minori is when she hears someone suddenly screaming. Thinking its Minori she quickly rushes to the park and sees Mai trying to guard her little sister, and an odd figure before them who introduces himself as Moerumba before summoning an Uzaina with his evil magic. With a bit of hesitation, Saki and Mai transform into Pretty cure but soon realize they are unable to attack! The spirits are not appearing!

As the girls dodge the massive fireballs aimed for them, they try to determine why the power of the spirits refuses to work. Flappy informs them its because they're both not getting well with one-another, so its throwing everything off. As they run the girls are discussing their feelings. Like how Saki didn't meant to yell at Mai but Minori never listens to her, while Minori tells her that she does understand being the little sister and what not. As they begin to make up, Saki sees a fireball heading at the unconscious Minori and hurriedly runs to protect her. Taking the fireball on her entire back while protecting her sister. She then asks Cure Egret to lend her power so that the two of them can fight together and they quickly begin to take care of the Uzaina. Defeating it with Twin Stream Splash!

After turning back to normal, Saki and Mai see the next Miracle Drop go into the Fairy Charafe on its own. Saki then goes to try and wake up Minori, who suddenly jumps up to ask where the monster is. Saki and Mai both deny such accusations before she tells Minori that she shouldn't have ran away like that. She then goes on to apologizing for getting so angry, then both girls apologize to Mai for the ruined picture. She forgives them, but then tells them how they can make it up to her...

Mai has them pose together while she draws the two sisters. Then she shows them as she finishes.

9 (105)- "Rōdokukai o jama shichadame!" ("Don't Interfere with Our Recital!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 09

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 09

Airdate: 2 April, 2006

The episode starts with Saki being late to school again. She runs to the class, and meets Shinohara-sensei at the hall. They both enter at the same time, but sensei says, that Saki was still late. Saki asks everyone, and the class says, that she was safe. Sensei forgives her this time. Then Miyasako, the class rep, quietly asks to stand up, but nobody hears him, and boys behind him teases him. Other class rep loudly says to stand up and bow to sensei. Then they start the homeroom. At the break, Saki and Mai were chatting, when the other class rep, Andou-san, asked Saki to don't be late and to get up 5 minutes earlier, because it interupts homeroom and other classes. Saki said, that she'll try, and Miyasako came. He asked Andou-san to give commands at the beginning and after every lesson, because he is a bit shy to talk in front of other people. Andou-san didn't agreed, because class reps have to take turns in giving commands, but Miyasako said, that he's counting on her, and left. Later, Saki and Mai were walking home, and Saki's stomach started growling. Flappy said, that he's hungry. Choppy was too. They went to the forest to feed these 2, and saw Andou-san in the library. She was reading picture books aloud for little kids. When she finished, Saki and Mai clapped her. Andou-san was worried, that they saw strange side of her, but Saki and Mai said it's fine, because it's not strange, just unexpected. Then a little boy came, asking her to read him a book, but his mother said, that they have to go home. Andou-san promised to read him more tomorrow. Then she explained, that this boy is one of the first kids she read to, but his dad is being transferred, so he will move. Tomorrow is the last day he sees him, so she wants to do something to make him especially happy, but she can't think any ideas. Then Mai thought of idea to make a puppet show. Next day at school, Mai was painting puppets for Andou-san's story. Andou-san was cutting them. They asked Miyasako to help, and he was forced to help them. Then Saki invited him to go together to the library, and he had no other choice but to accept. He and Andou-san went to the library, and Saki and Mai said, that they had to pick up something. The 2 class reps went alone, and Miyasako asked, why did she decided to do a puppet show. She explained, that she actually just reads aloud, but today is special day. She said, that kids at the library were making a big fuss, and then she started reading aloud. Everyone listened to her, not making a noise. So, she decided to continue that. Meanwhile, Moerumba was watching them from the hill, and thinking about Pretty Cure. Saki took something from PanPakaPan, and the girls stopped at red light on the streed. Strangely, the light took really long to change. Then strange smoke lighted all the light on the street, and Moerumba appeared with traffic lights Uzaina. Saki and Mai transformed. At the library, the kids were worried when will the show start, and Andou-san asked Miyasako to help, because the 2 of them can manage somehow without Saki and Mai. Bloom and Egret were fighting near the library, and made little earthquake. The kids got scared, and Miyasako continued the play. Then Saki and Mai focused all their spiritual power to protect these kids, because Moerumba fired a fireball. Then they used Twin Stream Splash to defeat Uzaina. Later, Andou-san and Miyasako finished the story, and the boy started to cry, so did his mother. Then Saki took out panda bread and cat bread. It was the story characters - Panda Tomoya and Cat Kayo-chan. Then Saki and Mai gave everyone these cookies. After that, Miyasako said, that he'll give another shot of being a class rep.

10 (106)- "Choi yaba? Umi no ue wa ōsawagi" ("Super Dangerous? On the Sea is the Uproar")

(ちょいヤバ? 海の上は大騒ぎ)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 10

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 10

Airdate: 9 April, 2006

The episode starts with Moerumba appearing before Akudaikan, and saying, that he was just testing them, not really fighting. He said, that he will defeat them this time. Meanwhile, at class, teacher says to collect information about people working in this city. Saki and Mai's group decide to collect from someone who works near the sea. Then Kenta comes, saying, that their group are going to collect info from a star living in this city. Someone said, that there are no stars living in this city. Then he decides to become a star himself, and the class starts to laugh. Then Yuuko, a girl in their group, remembered, that Kenta lives at the boat rental. They asked him, and after the group's puppy face, he agreed. He went home to tell it to his parents. They said, that they will not be busy this Sunday, and were overjoyed, that his classmates are interested in their work. They started saying jokes too. Sunday, the group came. Kenta's dad was a lot like Kenta, and Kenta was ashamed of them. Then his dad started telling about places where you can catch a lot of fish. Then he took the girls to the boat to go fishing. He bought this boat the year kenta was born, and they took "ta" from Kenta and called it Taiyoumaru. Then the girls got up in the boat and went to fish. Kenta explained them how to do that the fish stays fresh. They stopped in a place where lots of fish shoud reel. Mai was painting Kenta's dad, and Saki got seasick. Moerumba was watching them. Then Saki got to eat some octopus balls, and were as fine as ever. Then Kenta's dad came, and made a lame joke. Kenta rated it 85 points, but nobody thought it was good. After 2 hours, nobody still caught a thing. Kenta then told this to his dad, and he said, that he has no confidence. This is why his book of jokes is empty. Even though there was a name of the girls written over and over again. Then he got quiet and waited patiently. Then Kenta's dad noticed, that storm is coming, and decided to go home. Waves were huge, and Kenta's dad never saw such waves. Then Flappy and Choppy said, that this is not normal storm, and Moerumba appeared. He summoned Uzaina from a sea shell. Saki and Mai transformed. Uzaina threw fireball, and Bloom and Egret's spiritual power threw it to the sky. Kenta's dad thought it was lighting. Then they dashed to land, and used Twin Stream Splash. They retruned to the boat. After defeating Uzaina, the weather cleared up and everyone resumed fishing. Later, the group told about their trip for class, and everyone were glad. The teacher asked, did they caught anything, and Saki showed a picture of huge fish they caught with the help of good captain.

11 (107)- "Furafura Furappi Daipinchi" ("The Great Pinch of Dizzy Flappi!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 11

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 11

Airdate: 16 April, 2006

One nice, peaceful morning Saki is fast asleep, as is Flappy. Saki's mother comes to the door to tell Saki that its 7:30 already and that she'll be late for practice today. Saki says its fine, since her alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and she almost falls asleep until she suddenly realizes its 7:30! An hour AFTER she was supposed to get up!

Saki picks up her alarm clock to try and determine why it didn't go off like it was supposed to when she Flappy asks her to be quiet, stating that he has a really bad headache. Saki quickly packs as Flappy suddenly remembers falling asleep on the top of the Alarm clock. Flappy claims he didn't do it, once again stating his head hurts as Saki tries to stay calm and refuses to believe that Flappy didn't do it. Grabbing an ill and sleepy Flappy, Saki quickly runs to school.

Saki shows up as practice is nearly over and panics as she tries to tell the softball coach what had happened that caused her to be late. But not happy with Saki anyway, she makes her run ten laps for the tardiness. A worn out Saki then collapses.

During lunch, Saki incidentally causes herself to choke after eating too fast! Mai tells her she should pace herself but she angrily scolds Flappy once more as she slowly paces herself while eating now. Mai then points out that maybe Saki accidentally shut off her alarm on her own, to which Saki refuses to believe until realizing that she blamed Flappy without even listening to him because she was in too much of a hurry...

Saki tries to apologize but Flappy isn't ready to listen yet, so Choppy suggest they should go hang out at the beach tomorrow on their day off. Meanwhile, Moerumba is practicing his dance moves when Goyan shows to ask him if he realizes that he could be in a lot of trouble if he does not recover the fountain of Trees or Flames soon. But Moerumba refuses to listen and keeps dancing as he also adds that Akudaikan is becoming increasingly furious at this dely. Moerumba states that he's only been holding off and he plans to become serious now before he jumps away.

Back at home, Saki lays onto her bed and checks on Flappy to find out he really has a fever! She apologizes for not listening to him and pulls out the Diamond Cards and summons both NigiNigi and a medical box creature which then form into a giant needle. After a moment, Flappy begins to feel a lot better!

Flappy explains that coming to the Land of Greenery was hard for him to adjust to, and in hopes to cheer him up Saki tells him a story of when she was younger. About how she ended up crying trying to adjust to the beginning of a different chapter in her life. She asks Flappy if its weird for someone like her to cry, but she looks to see he has fallen asleep instead...

The following morning, Flappy wakes up and realizes that he feels a lot better. He looks to see that Saki slept there with him the entire time when suddenly his stomach growls! With a small blush he pretends to be asleep, but Saki realizes he really isn't and proceeds to feed him. After Flappy finishes they meet with Mai and Choppy and head to the beach.

As Flappy and Choppy play, they learn about crabs and the starfish when suddenly they hear a weird voice! Moerumba has appeared! He grabs Flappy and Choppy and threatens to throw them into the ocean unless they reveal the location of the Fountain of the Sun, to him. They refuse and he tosses them into the water! Saki speedily dives underneath the water and manages to grab them before they could come in contact with the chilly waters.

Tossing Choppy to Mai, the girls transform into Pretty Cure before Moerumba summons an odd beach Uzaina. Composed of a portable grill for body and a giant edible clam/muscle for the head, and arms composed of an octopus and squid. It proceeds to spit out fiery hot things at them, that shortly after begin to explode! Saki and Mai proceed to grab its arms and toss it across the beach before proceeding to use Twin Stream Splash on the odd Uzaina, which then transforms back into its original pieces as they add a red Miracle Drop to the Fairy Charafe.

Saki suddenly sneezes, after she mentions being worn out and unfortunately, due to her diving into the cold waters. Saki has now developed a cold. Her mother soon leaves after telling her to get a good nights rest. Flappy then comes out and asks Saki if she is okay after he confirms that she is ill due to jumping into the water to save him and Choppy. He then proceeds to get a small pan of water and a wet cloth for her forehead and stays up as long as he can before drifting off to sleep.

The following morning, Saki awakens to see that Flappy has fallen asleep next to her. Suddenly Korone's tail smacks the wet cloth and it knocks over the photo frame, which bumps the alarm clock. Its then Flappy remembers that Korone had hit the Mix Commune two nights ago! Which caused him to wake up on top of the Alarm Clock and accidentally shut it off! Korone then sneaks away, seeing how angry the both of them are with him. After a big breakfast Saki then leaves, feeling 110% as the episode ends...

12 (108)- "Choppi wa chopi tto hōmushikku?" ("Choppi is Homesick, chopi?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 12

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 12

Airdate: 23 April, 2006

Goyan talks with Akudaikan about the recent failure of Moerumba and claims he must be feeling low by now due to it when suddenly Moerumba appears in a dancing ball of fire. Goyan tells him he shouldn't be easygoing, as he is when Moerumba compares changing his personality to him asking Goyan to change his hairstyle. Its then that he assures Akudaikan that he'll be getting the Fountain of the Sun today before being told this is his final chance...

Meanwhile, in Art Club Mai listens as the club president explains that this week the art club members will each do an image based on scenery, something that makes them feel in relation to it. Mai is a bit concerned, unsure if she can do this topic, or has anything in mind when Ayano suggest that Mai will do well for this, then goes on to say that everybody will also have to give it there all!

Later after school, while in her room Mai tries to determine what to draw. She asks Choppy, but notices that she seems out of mind at the moment and tries to ask her what the matter is. Choppy claims to be fine despite, then mentions that she is going to bed since she's sleepy now and quickly transforms into her Mix Commune form.

Meanwhile, Saki is trying to do her homework when Flappy mentions he is hungry. Unfortunately, Saki has no intention to feed him until she finishes her homework, only to reconsider when he suddenly yells in her ear! So with no other choice Saki then uses the Diamond Cards to make food for Flappy so that she can continue to do her homework.

It's then her mother calls up to her and informs her that Mai stopped by for a visit and she explains that she wanted to try a change of pace in order to become inspired for the Art Club's task. They look to a very happy Flappy and a semi-happy Choppy as Mai mentions that Choppy hasn't felt ill, but she's seemed down about something lately...

Later that evening, Mai leaves for home as they walk along the road and Choppy suddenly changes out of her Mix Commune form and then flies over to a deck while overlooking the beautiful scenery. The two soon leave as Mai mentions they should get home soon, due to the night to be coming soon. At home Mai begins to try and draw her project once more as Choppy tries to ask her something. But when Mai's mother suddenly come to inform Mai that dinner is ready, Mai gets up and goes to the dining room to eat.

The following morning, Mai wakes up to see that Choppy is missing! Quickly she gets up and runs around her room while trying to find Choppy when her mother comes in to ask what the matter is but Mai quickly denies it before she runs over to see Saki. They begin to worry that Choppy may be in danger but Flappy explains that if she was, he would feel it. They then think she ran away when both Mai and Flappy mention that Choppy was sad the previous day but they have no clue where she would have ran to. It's then Flappy remembers how much they like the spot where they first met the girls, underneath the big tree and the run there.

Unfortunately Choppy isn't there either...

Mai begins to grow increasingly worried but Flappy tries to tell her she isn't to blame and that Choppy is just the type of girl who doesn't like to worry others about her problems. With that in mind, Saki and Mai also check the park and a Chinese building but they do not see her. As they reach the same spot that they had been at the previous day, its then that Mai suddenly gets an idea to check further down, thinking that Choppy may be at the exact spot from the other day.

Choppy meanwhile, begins to think about the times her and Flappy spent at their home and feels saddened by the fact she misses those fun days. Suddenly then Moerumba shows up! He tries to kidnap her and Choppy gets up and runs from him. It's then Flappy notes that danger is approaching Choppy and they quickly try to locate her. Just as he corners Choppy, its then the others reach her, just for Moerumba to summon an Uzaina from the contents on the back of a truck.

The Uzaina grabs Choppy and Moerumba holds onto it and his hands begin to release red energy that begins to heat up Choppy and he threatens to make her really hot unless they tell him the location to the Fountain of the Suns. Saki manages to trick Moerumba by telling him the fountain is behind him when suddenly Choppy bites down onto his hand, causing him to release the small creature, who is then grabbed by Mai and the two girls transform into Pretty Cure!

The Uzaina begins to spit out purple goop at them then and swings at them with its odd arms. Eventually hitting both girls into trees. They continue to try to run, then both try to kick it when it suddenly whips them into a group of trees. Moerumba thinks he may have won when suddenly they come out from the dust to kick the Uzaina again, which causes it to spin around and they use Twin Stream Splash on it.

Moerumba then angrily leaves as they collect a pink Miracle Drop and continue to watch the sunset. Flappy asks Choppy if she thinks of the Land of Fountains when staring at it, like he does. Choppy then thanks the others for supporting her and promises from now on that she'll tell them when she feels lonely or sad. The following day, Mai then presents her picture which everybody compliments and calls beautiful. She explains that its a special place to her and a friend before she looks to Choppy and the episode comes to an end...

13 (109)- "Atsusugi! MOERUNBA DANSU!" ("It's Too Hot! Moerumba Dance!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 13

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 13

Airdate: 30 April, 2006

The episode begins while Saki and Mai are in class waiting to receive their test papers back. Saki is excited and she explains to Mai that she spent the previous night studying a lot, so she thinks she did pretty well this time. Mai mentions that she is jealous and a few questions she couldn't answer because she didn't understand them. When Saki is called up, she only stares in shock to learn she did poorly!

Mai is then asked to get her paper and the two girls compare, with Saki even more surprised by the fact Mai states she did bad and got an 85!

After school at her place, Saori gives her frustrated daughter a small lecture, not a harsh one but she explains how Saki can't be expected to get good grades by just studying at the last minute. She has to do a little bit of studying each day. She and Minori then remind Saki of the Tortoise and the Hare story in hopes to encourage her. Saori then asks Saki to help out with some deliveries and sends her on the way.

As Saki bikes up the hill, then down it along the pathway she frustratedly tries to talk with Flappy who agrees with everyone else, saying that Saki can't expect to do well if she just crams all of her studies at once. He also mentions that he liked the Tortoise and Hare story. Which only frustrates Saki even more...

They soon arrive to what looks like an abandoned place and Saki wonders if she got the right address. She looks, then carefully goes to look inside while cautiously calling out to see if anybody responds. Creeping in further, Saki and Flappy notice odd crystal/glass like figurines lining the walls. Flappy makes Saki a little nervous after saying it may be haunted, which is why they hear noise but Saki denies this and tells him to stop saying weird things like that...

At the end of the hallway, Saki sees a light and follows it to see a mysterious figure turning something inside of a small oven like object. She tries to quietly greet the figure, but then yells instead. Which ends up startling the mysterious woman.

Meanwhile, in Dark Fall. Moerumba is hopping about in his flame form until he stops by Goyan. Who then is told by Moerumba that he purposely acts the way he does, and that slow and steady will not help them win this. So Goyan then goes on to tell him what Akudaikan told him earlier. Moerumba then refuses to listen and goes directly to Akudaikan to speak with him. He asks for a final chance, then leaves as Akudaikan gives him one final chance to get either the fountain of wood, or fountain of sun from Pretty Cure. Goyan comes in and asks if he should begin to prepare Moerumba's successor, to which Akudaikan leaves it to him...

The following day, Saki quickly leads Mai outside to tell her the amazing discovery she had made from the previous day. Mai notes that Saki normally does not seem to be so excited, to which Saki goes on to explain that she had delivered bread to an old factory when she came by something.... however she tells Mai to come with her after school. Instead of just telling her then and there.

Once there, Mai is a little nervous but Choppy informs her that she does not detect any evil signs. So it should be fine and the two go inside. After looking around its then Asuka, the girl from the day before comes in upon hearing them. Saki introduces them to one another and Asuka goes on to say that she's only an up and coming artist, she's not someone famous or important yet.

Meanwhile, outside Moerumba suddenly appears!

Back inside Asuka explains that she had gotten into Glass blowing while in her third year at collage but she only does it as a hobby. Otherwise she works with recycling. Mai asks if she plans to open a shop someday but Asuka goes on to say that it's not that easy. But one day she hopes to and she explains that after finishing she has to let the glass cool down before she can do anything else to it. Suddenly the flame begins to act weird, to which she questions if the propane gas is almost out.

As Asuka goes to check on the propane gas its suddenly Moerumba appears and causes a shelf of glass figures to melt down. As Saki and Mai scold him and try to get Asuka outside, Moerumba explains how its no use in taking things slow and only those with the most power will win in the end. With that in mind he summons a glass, and fire machine themed Uzaina and the girls transform into Pretty cure!

Quickly they are forced to dodge the wads of glass and fireballs both of the Uzaina spit out at them. Both girls take turns attack them until they manage to make the Uzaina aim for each other and knock each other down. It's then they begin to attack Moerumba directly but at first their hits do nothing. Saki and Mai refuse to listen and keep going, stating that if they keep going at a steady pace and never give up, they'll achieve!

It's then they forced him against one of the Uzaina and Flappy and Choppy tell them to hurry up and use Twin Stream Splash while he's down and Moerumba then burns away as both Uzaina turn into the Miracle Drops and are added to the Fairy Charafe. It's then Saki and Mai are transported to the Fountain of Flames where they are told to pour the Miracle Drops into it. As the land comes back to life, the small fire spirits thank them for restoring the fountain.

Suddenly, Princess Filia appears! The four of them watch in awe and she goes to say something, but then unfortunately she vanishes once more...

After transporting back home, Saki and Mai try to tell Asuka what happened when they stare in surprise! She has made a glass sculpture of Moerumba?! Asuka explains she saw it in her dream, then she gets up to prepare some tea when they watch the glass begin to melt. Relieved to know now that Moerumba has returned to his original form and small flames seem to burn from within it as the episode ends...

14 (110)- "Nazo no tenkōsei! Michiru to Kaoru ga yatte kita!" ("The Riddle Exchange Students! Michiru and Kaoru Came!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 14

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 14

Airdate: 7 May, 2006

Saki and Mai were at the Sky Tree, Saki said, that both times they restored fountains they returned through here, so she thought, that they can go to the Land of Fountains through there. Later, Mai said, that her mother researched this town's history, and it's said, that people who meet at the Sky Tree for the first time will have a strong bond. Saki and Mai met there for the first time: 5 years ago at the festival. Also when Mai transferred there. Then Saki said, that she also knows some legends about the Sky Tree, like "if you want something to happen you can pray to the Sky Tree." Suddenly, 2 mysterious girls came. It was Michiru and Kaoru. They said, that praying to the tree is stupid thing. But they like that. Maybe their meeting was destined too. Then suddenly these girls disappeared with the blowing wind. Next day at school, Saki and Mai were thinking about these 2 girls, and teacher said, that 2 new students are joining them today. Then the 2 girls from before came, and introduced themselves as Kiryuu Michiru and Kiryuu Kaoru. Saki waved them, and the girls sit in their desks. Later, at the break, the Kiryuu sisters met Saki and Mai. Saki said for them to call her just Saki, and said, that she'll call them by their given names, because their family names are the same. Michiru said it's ok, and Kaoru said she doesn't care. Then Michiru asked them to explain some stuff for them, because there are lot of things they don't understand, and Saki agreed.Later, at math lesson, teacher asked them did they already learned this, and Michiru said, that they don't understand this topic. teacher said, that he'll explain them this in person later, and wrote an equation at the board. Michiru and Kaoru advised with each other, and Kaoru raised her hand. She solved that equation correctly. Everyone were surprised. Saki said, that she was studying, but it's still Greek to her, and Mai said, that she should study a bit more. At next lesson, Michiru and Kaoru asked Saki and Mai what is volleyball, and the 2 girls decided to show them about it. Michiru and Kaoru joined the match, and easily defeated the other team. After that, Saki's friend Hitomi asked them to join volleyball team, because their strength and reflexes are great. Or other sports, because she is on softball team. Then Kaoru asked, is it an order, and Michiru said, that they hate when someone says them what to do. Then Hitomi got mad and went away. Meanwhile, Dorodoron came near the school. Later, Saki and Mai wanted Michiru and Kaoru to make up, and then Choppy said, that something evil is coming. Mai went to Saki, and the went outside. Flappy also said, that he feels something bad. Then Dorodoron came, summoning Uzaina from the soil where roses were growing. Saki and Mai transformed.They started fighting, but Dorodoron shot web to stop Bloom and Egret from attacking. Then he sent Uzaina to destroy their school, because he hates when people are laughing and having fun. Then Bloom and Egret focused their spiritual power, and broke free. Then they used Twin Stream Splash to destroy Uzaina. Later, Saki and Mai took Hitomi, and asked Michiru and Kaoru to eat lunch with them. The girls didn't knew what is lunch, and Hitomi suggested to share hers. Saki also said them to east half of her tamagoyaki. Then everyone wanted to share theirs. Kenta even brought some tea. Meanwhile, Akudaikan was mad, that Kaoru and Michiru left their fountain. Goyan suggested to look for them, but Akudaikan said for them to be. After school, Dorodoron looked at Saki and Mai, and Michiru with Kaoru passed by, saying, that he is a mess. Dorodoron go mad at them, because he was assigned to defeat Pretty Cure. Michiru and Kaoru said, that they infiltrated their environment, and became "friends" with them. Since Karehan and Moerumba have failed already, they will look for their weaknesses.

15 (111)- "SOFUTOBŌRU wa oyako no kizuna" ("Softball is the Bond Between Parents and Child")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 15

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 15

Airdate: 14 May, 2006

Saki has left for morning practice again, and her mom brought her the glove she forgot. Then Minori said, that she wants to play softball too, and her mom said to wait until she is old enough. Then she went to bake croissants, and she was Zekkouchou. Meanwhile, at school, softball team was cleaning the place, and Michiru with Kaoru were watching them. Then Goyan came, and said for them to return to their fountain, because it's Dorodoron 's job to take care of Pretty Cure. The 2 girls denied, and after the bell rang, they went back to class. Softball team too. Then all 3 softball girls fell asleep at the class, and caught teacher's book at sleeping. After school, Saki was practicing again, and Mai was painting. Dorodoron was prepared to attack, but Michiru and Kaoru stopped him. They said, that if he just attacks like Karehan and Moerumba, he will fail too. Then, while Saki was Zekkouchou in throwing balls, he sent a stone Uzaina, which jumped into Saki's glove. Then she prepared to throw a ball, but totally missed. Second time was the same. It was because Uzaina in the glove did that. After practice, Saki with Mai was walking home, and Saki decided to try again. She tried again, but because of Uzaina on her glove she totally missed it. Then Saki got worried, that she is on bad form. At dinner, Saki didn't finished her Hamburger Curry, that is unexpected from her. She went to sleep. That night, she had a dream, where everyone are cheering on her, and the ball flies up the sky, making Saki miss. Then the opponents started running 100 times around, making Saki lose. The she woke up, and felt hungry. She went down, and saw her mom baking new bread. She said, that it didn't went like she wanted, but she doesn't let it down her. Then Saki told her everything, and her mom reminded her about the time she first started liking softball - she was bad, and wanted her mom's glove, so she can be better, but her hands were too small back then. Then little Saki started throwing a bit better. Back at the real time, Saki's mom brought her that glove, and said, that their hands are almost the same, and said for her to use her glove instead. Next day, Saki was cheerful and went to the game. She met with Mai, and on the train she told her everything about the new glove. Dorodoron was on the train and heard everything. Then he appeared and wanted to attack, but said, that he'll stay out of the way if she uses her own glove. Saki said she won't. Then Dorodoron got mad, and called his Uzaina from Saki's glove. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Dorodoron said, that it was actually his plan to weaken them, but Bloom said it doesn't matter, because she has her mother, Egret and all her friends. Then the Cures used Twin Stream Splash to defeat Uzaina. Then Saki won the game. Later, Saki decided to make dinner instead of her mom today, and made an omelette. Everyone said it's delicious.

16 (112)- "Yume to kibō to Kenta no nayami" ("Dream, Hope, and Kenta's Worry")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 16

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 16

Airdate: 21 May, 2006

Mai is painting and Saki plays softball. Kenta watches them from the rooftop. later, the girls returned to class, and saw, that Kenta is down. They asked him what's wrong, and he started joking. Saki didn't find his jokes funny (as always), and Kenta went away. Later he told the girls, that he heard his parents talking about his future, wanting to leave something to him. He thought about their boat rental store. Kenta's dream is to be a comedian, so he can't take the store. Then Mai said, that her brother wants to become an astronaut and see the Earth from afar. Kenta thought, that it was a joke, because he just wanted to see the Earth. Then Saki decided to come and hear the rest of his dream. Michiru and Kaoru were listening to them. Later, they came and asked him straight. They asked, what will he do after he sees Earth from afar. Kazuya thought a bit, and said, that he didn't thought about it yet. Then Kenta asked, wa everything really just a joke, and Kazuya said it isn't. He really wants to see Earth from afar. Later, Saki asked, will Kenta reach for his dream, and he just went home. Meanwhile, in Dark Fall, Dorodoron was scolded by Goyan, and went to try again. Next morning, Saki caught up with Kenta, and said for him to don't give up on his dream, but Kenta said, that he already gave up. After school, Saki was practicing softball again and Mai was really focused in drawing. Kenta was watching Saki practicing, and when she was catching last ball, he cheered for her. Saki almost caught the ball, but Dorodoron did it. He got out of the ground and summoned Uzaina. Choppy jumped on Mai to tell her, that she has a bad feeling. Then Flappy came to Saki, and them Mai with Choppy. The girls transformed. Dorodoron started shooting mud, and said he'll give back the ball, if they give him Flappy and Choppy. Bloom said she won't, and the girls kicked Uzaina. Then they used Twin Stream Splash, and defeated Uzaina. Later, Kenta talked with his parents about that conversation, and they said, that they wanted to leave the store for him to watch this Sunday, when they will be going to relaxation trip with neighbors. Saki and Mai were laughing a lot after that. Then Kenta said, that he'll take his first step tomorrow. His first step was looking for a partner. He made some lame jokes again, and Saki said, that he should've given up being a comedian after all.

17 (113)- "Kowareta haniwa! Dō suru Mai to okaasan" ("The Broken Haniwa! What Will Mai and Her Mother Do?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 17

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 17

Airdate: 28 May, 2006

Mai was cooking an omelet, and Saki was taking notes. Then Mai's mom came. She was working all night, so she almost didn't sleep at all. Then she putted her papers (and a strange doll) on the table. She wants to boil Saki some tea, but accidentally kicks table and falls down. Later, she told Saki, that she didn't sleep for 3 days. She is writing a report, and told Saki about her archaeological job. She wanted to tell even more, but Saki stopped her. She said, that everything's almost ready, and she wanted to help, but tripped again. Later, Saki left, and Mai kept making dinner. Then Choppy noticed her mom's haniwa - the strange doll she putted on her papers. It was really similar to her. Choppy tried reaching that doll, but accidentally broke it. Mai took the fault, and her mom said it's ok. Meanwhile, in Dark Fall, Dorodoron got scolded by Akudaikan again. Next day at school, Mai kept thinking about that broken haniwa. She said that it was important haniwa where her mom's emotions were. She found it under the Sky Tree. Then Michiru and Kaoru came. Saki and Mai told them everything, and Kaoru said, that she knows someone who could make a copy (Dorodoron). Mai said she didn't needed a copy, because it was important to her mom. She got worked up, but after realizing that, she apologized. The bell ringed and the girls went to the lesson. Later, Saki and Flappy were at the Sky Tree, and wished for Mai and Choppy to cheer up. Meanwhile, Mai was painting the haniwa. Saki returned home, and started making omelet like Mai taught her, and Mai was still painting, until she fell asleep. Then she remembered broken haniwa, woke up and kept painting. Saki kept baking whole night. Choppy took a piece of haniwa, and with Flappy went to look for it. They looked all night, and then found something - Dorodoron. In the morning, Mai finished, and noticed, that Choppy's gone. Dorodoron attacked Flappy and Choppy. Then Saki woke up, and noticed, that Flappy's gone too. The girls went looking for them, and found them at the Sky Tree. Then Dorodoron created Uzaina from a piece of haniwa. Saki and Mai transformed. Egret tried attacking it, but got pushed away by rockets. Then Bloom picked up Egret, and Dorodoron ties the Cures with his web. He wanted to take Flappy and Choppy, because he saw them first. Bloom said she won't give Flappy and Choppy to him. Then Egret asked, why did they ran away, because they were worried about the 2 of them, and Flappy explained how Choppy was searching for a haniwa under the Sky Tree all night. Then Dorodoron politely asked to give him the spirits, and Bloom got angry. Bloom and Egret focused their spiritual power, and broke free. Uzaina attacked them again, but Bloom and Egret got out. They attacked Uzaina, and broke it in, because it was made from clay. Then they used Twin Stream Splash, defeating uzaina. Dorodoron became sad and went away. Then Mai picked up the part of haniwa Choppy took. Later, Mai's mom saw her painting of haniwa. Mai with Saki returned, and her mom complimented the painting. She said, that her mom looked so sad, so she wanted to cheer her. Then her mom told the girls how she found that haniwa under the Sky Tree when she was a child. This is what made her interested in archeology in the first place. Mai apologized again for breaking it, because only then she realised how important for her it was. But when her mom saw Mai's painting, she realized, that she also felt the warmth and kindness of this haniwa the same way she did. It made her happy. Mai cheered up too. Then Saki said, that this haniwa is a strange shape, and Mai's mom said, that the Sky Tree was important for people since long ago, so you can find such haniwas there. Then she showed the glued haniwa from before. The thing that excites Mai's mom the most is putting small things together and recreating artifacts. But one piece was missing, and Mai gave it to her. Then the haniwa was back like new. Then all 3 of them yawned, since none of them slept at night. Then all 3 of them started laughing. Then they decided to sleep until lunch. Later, Saki actually cooked for lunch, and everyone said it's delicious. Then Mai's mom decided to make some tea, and tripped again.

18 (114)- "Honjitsu tokubai! Michiru to Kaoru ga otetsudai!?" ("Today is a Special Sale! Michiru and Kaoru Come to Help!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 18

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 18

Airdate: 4 June, 2006

Michiru and Kaoru were on their cliff, and said, that the moon and the wind in the Land of Greenery are nice, and Goyan came. He said, that the 2 girls are too close to Pretty Cure. Michiru and Kaoru prepared to fight him, but he said there is no need for them to fight. Michiru and Kaoru said, that they do that because of Akudaikan, and Goyan left. Next day, Saki told Hitomi about the panpakapan's anniversary sale, and asked for her mother to know. Then she said, that she'll skip practice tomorrow, because they have lots of work at the store, and Mai vounteered to help her. Saki invited Michiru and Kaoru too, and Michiru said they'll drop by. Next day, at panpakapan, a lot of people came, and Minori wanted to help too. Saki thought she was too small to help, and was really busy, even with Mai's help. Then Michiru and Kaoru came. Michiru got an apron and Saki asked her to help at the shop. Kaoru had to take care of Minori at the terrace. Michiru remembered all the prices easilly, and calculated them perfectly. Saki said, that the most important thing is not to remember the prices, but to welcome the customers when they come in, and thank them when they go out. She opened door to one customer, and she thanked her. Meanwhile, Minori said to Kaoru, that she wants to help too, and Kaoru said she can't help, because she is too small and not as strong as others, nearly making her cry. Then she said, that she is also bad at stuff like that, and is surprised how Michiru handles them so well. She said, that Minori should do something she can, not just copy others. Then Minori thought, what could she do herself. Meanwhile, at the Dark Fall, Akudaikan allowed Michiru and Kaoru to be at the Land of Greenery, and Dorodoron prepared to attack. Back at panpakapan, Minori saw old man, who sitted and waited for a crowd to clear up, so he wouldn't be a nuisance for everyone while he sorts out long. Minori said, that all the bread will be sold already, but he still didn't wanted to burden anyone. Then Minori took the old man, and helped him to choo se bread. He thanked her. Later, after the business cleared up a bit, the girls took a break and Minori went to nap. Saki and Mai thanked Michiru and Kaoru for helping at the shop and taking care of Minori. Saki thought, that she was too small and couldn't help. Mai said, that the best thing is when someone thanks you. Michiru's eyes started to sparkle a bit, and the 2 girls decided to go home. Saki and Mai caught them, and gave them some panpakapan bread. Michiru and Kaoru took the bread and went away. Then Mai saw the Gourd rock - a place where Michiru and Kaoru live - to be closer than usually. Then they saw, that the rock is actually coming their way. Then Dorodoron came, and summoned Uzaina on the rock. Saki and Mai transformed. They attacked Uzaina, but Egret got in Dorodoron's trap and got tied in his web. Bloom did too. They coudn't reach their hands, this couldn't use the power of spirits. Uzaina was about to attack them, but Michiru and Kaoru secretly watching everything used their powers to cut the net and hurt uzaina a bit. Then Bloom and Egret stood up and used Twin Stream Splash, destroying Uzaina. After the battle, Mai wondered who cut the web, but neither Flappy nor Choppy didn't feel anything. That evening, Saki gave a ride home to Mai. Michiru and Kaoru were looking at the bread, and wondered about what happened today.

19 (115)- "Taisetsu na mono wa nani? Saki to Mai no negai koto" ("What is the Important Thing? Saki and Mai's Wish")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 19

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 19

Airdate: 11 June, 2006

Saki's dad was fixing his palette he has for a long time, way before Saki or Minori were born. he got that palette when he first became a pastry chef, and that was around 20 years ago. he said, that all things have life inside of them, and if you take care of them well, you'll never have to change them. Meanwhile, at the Gourd rock where Michiru and Kaoru live, Dorodoron told everything to Goyan while crying, and he asked did Michiru and Kaoru knew anything about that. The 2 pretended to don't know anything. Goyan said, that if they do something wrong, he'll have to report it to Akudaikan, and the 2 girls headed to defeat Pretty Cure. next day, Saki and Mai agreed to meet after their clubs to see some pretty blooming flowers. Then Mai noticed, that Saki's glove is shinier than usual, and Saki told her about what her dad said about every thing having a life inside them. Then they went to their clubs. At the break, Saki sit at the bench to wipe her face with the towel, and putted her glove near. Then Michiru used her powers and Saki's glove disappeared. Meanwhile, Mai was painting, and her classmate called her for a minute. Mai put down her sketchbook, and Michiru made it disappear again. After clubs, Saki kept looking for her glove, and Flappy reminded her of the meeting with Mai. Saki hurried, but then she met Michiru with Kaoru. She asked them about Mai, and they told her, that she already went home. She lost her sketchbook and then her friend didn't came... it was a shock for her. Then Mai remembered about her meeting with Saki, and hurried. Then she met Michiru with Kaoru, and they said, that Saki went home, because she lost her glove and totally forgot about their meeting. That evening, Saki was sad, that she let Mai down, and thought about places where could she apologize her, writing it on a notebook page. Meanwhile, Mai painted Saki's face, and put the drawing into her pencil box. That night, when Saki and Mai were sleeping, their pencil boxes started lighting, and 2 spirits, one diamond shaped and one heart shaped, PikaPika and ChuChu, turned their pencil boxes into new kind of items. next morning, Saki and Mai wanted to talk, but couldn't because of Saki's friends who asked her to help with their training. At lunch break, Saki and mai couldn't find openings to apologize, and took out their pencil cases.They noticed, that these are not their pencil cases, but all the pencils and erasers, even their notes from yesterday are there. Then the strange pen started flying into their hands. They leaned the pens closer, and the symbols in the middle started lighting. In both cases lighting stopped at flower symbol, and it hang to the pen. then the 2 spirits from before, PikaPika and ChuChu came out and turned into Diamond cards - the ones like NigiNigi and ResuResu, just were glued by their downs. Flappy and Choppy said for Saki and Mai to write a wish on those papers with the pens. both girls wrote wishes, and went out. Then they met, and wanted to talk, but Dorodoron attacked. It summoned Uzaina from the sink. Then Saki and Mai transformed. Uzaina attacked, and Bloom with Egret formed a spiritual shield. It was more powerful than ever, resisting to all of the attacks. then Bloom and Egret used Twin Stream Splash and defeated Uzaina. Then the asked why did the power of spirits was so strong, even though they didn't talked properly since yesterday, and Flappy with Choppy said to see each other's wishes. They showed their wishes. Both wished eachother to find their lost item. Their hearts were still as one. Later, the girls were at the beach with flowers, and wondered, how come their lost items were at their clubs, even though they searched there hundreds of times. Flappy said, that this is probably the power of spirits. Then Saki repeated her dad's words about every thing having life inside of it.

20 (116)- "Ame ni utaeba Dorodoron!" ("If Someone Sings in the Rain, It's Dorodoron!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 20

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 20

Airdate: 25 June, 2006

Saki's dad brought Minori a sketchbook, because she need to paint something she likes. She wanted Mai to help her, and called. The girls agreed to meet at Minori's house tomorrow. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Akudaikan gave Dorodoron last chance, and he promised to return with the fountains. Next morning, Minori woke up, only to see, that it's raining. The girls still went to sketch. Meanwhile, Dorodoron was feeling great, because he is powered up by the rain, and met Michiru with Kaoru. He said he won't fail, and went away. Then Minori met with them, and she told Kaoru she'll be sketching here. Kaoru got scared for her, saying, that rainy days are dangerous, and Minori asked her to come together, taking her hand. Michiru went too. Minori talked a lot with Kaoru, and they came to Ayano-san's grandmother's cabbage field. Mai said it's a little further, and Minori went there. Then they found a place full of hydrangeas. They were so beautiful after rain. Kaoru smiled too - something she had never done before. She also picked up a snail that fell from the leaf. Michiru was surprised at her sister. Minori was painting, and Mai was too. Flappy was really excited too, because he is the flower spirit. The 2 mascots were playing, and they felt someone coming. Dorodoron came, and by fusing with the mud he became much bigger. Kaoru took Minori away from Dorodoron. Saki and Mai transformed to Pretty Cure. Dorodoron attacked, but Bloom with Egret still stood. Then Dorodoron powered up even more, destroying the forest completely. Then Choppy got mad for using rain like that. Bloom and Egret said they won't forgive him. Then they focused their spiritual power and broke free from his net. Dorodoron got mad, and fused with Uzaina to become more powerful. Sadly, he was too heavy and started sinking into the mud. Then Bloom and Egret used Twin Stream Splash to defeat him. Then Dorodoron turned to his original form - sand. Next is Michiru and Kaoru's turn. Back at Saki's home, Minori painted something she really likes - everyone smiling in hydrangeas field. Including Michiru and Kaoru.

21 (117)- "Yozora ni kagayake! Hoshi no hikari no nakamatachi" ("Shine in the Night Sky! Friends of the Starlight")

(夜空に輝け! 星の光の仲間たち)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 21

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 21

Airdate: 2 July, 2006

Akudaikan is angry about Dorodoron's failure, and Michiru with Kaoru go to defeat Pretty Cure. The girls at school went to kill them, were angrily walking, and Saki invited them stargazing to Mai's house. Michiru accepted. In the evening, Michiru and Kaoru came, but noticed, that they're not th only ones invited. Kenta started joking, but everyone were left cold. Since Michiru and Kaoru were only with their seifuku, Mai offered them mufflers to put on. Then everyone went to learn about stars, and tried seeing them on cosmic telescope. Flappy and Choppy were also stargazing with their mini telescopes on the roof. Flappy said he can see something prettier than the stars, turning his telescope to Choppy, but then a beetle landed on his telescope, scaring him. Choppy thought, that he likes beetles. Later, Saki and Mai went to bring snacks, and Michiru with Kaoru volunteered to come too. When the 4 were alone, Michiru and Kaoru prepared to finish them, but Mai's mom broke something again. Everybody turned, and she apologized for making such noise. She said, that everything, that has a form, someday breaks - meaning, that you should treasure everything while it's still alive and good. Then they went back, and thought about what kind of planets they could be. Kenta was the North star, because his jokes are always cold. Yuuko became Mars, because of her red face. Kenta called Saki Black Hole, because she eats infinite amounts of bread. Michiru became Moon. Kaoru didn't really cared. Kazuya suggested for Saki to be Sun, because the house becomes brighter when she comes. Then Saki asked everyone to call her Sun. Michiru and Kaoru went to the balcony, and Saki with Mai came too. The girls didn't understood how can watching stars can be fun, and the girls explained, that the stars are proof, that everything is alive like we are. Then Mai's dad asked girls to help him a bit. Michiru and Kaoru remembered the good things, that happened to them because of Saki and Mai, but then remembered Akudaikan. the girls said, that they don't need any friends, because they were always just 2. They changed their clothes back to Dark Fall clothes, and with wind started shaking electricity wires, making the electricity disappear in the whole town. Then the summoned Uzaina from the meteor Mai's dad had. Saki and Mai went away, and Uzaina stopped them. The girls transformed. Uzaina could shoot stars from the sky, and Mai's house was in danger. Then Bloom and Egret said, that today is special day, since Michiru and Kaoru came to Mai's house. Their social skills aren't the best and they are a bit strange their own way, but they have many good points, and thus they won't forgive them for attacking. Michiru and Kaoru were surprised, that Pretty Cure are battling for their sake. Then Bloom and Egret used Twin Stream Splash, and defeated Uzaina. Then a meteorite fell in the forest. Mai noticed 2 strange faces in the moon. Later, everyone said goodbye to the girls, and Mai kept thinking. Then Michiru gave back their mufflers to Mai, and a leaf fell. The only trees were up the hill where the battle was. Then Mai realized, that the 2 faces were actually Michiru and Kaoru. That Night, Michiru and Kaoru were eating panpakapan's bread Saki gave them before, and thinking about everything. Saki was looking at the window, waiting for a day like that again, and Mai kept thinking about Michiru and Kaoru.

22 (118)- "Chō odoroki! Michiru to Kaoru no shōgeki kokuhaku!!" ("Super Surprise! Michiru and Kaoru's Shocking Confession!!")

(超オドロキ! 満と薫の衝撃告白!!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 22

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 22

Airdate: 9 July, 2006

In Dark Fall, Michiru and Kaoru stand before Akudaikan, and asked him for more time. Akudaikan got mad, and attacked, scarying everyone. He said, that everyone here exist only for Dark Fall, and for him. Then Michiru and Kaoru went away to attack. Later, Goyan found Michiru and Kaoru on the rock, and started teasing them, that they are afraid to fight. He said, that they actually became friends with Pretty Cure, but after their mean look he said he was only joking. Next morning, before class started, Mai looks at Michiru and Kaoru's table, and remembers how she saw them, but then thinks, that she is just imagining things, and didn't told Saki. Then they were writing math test, and Michiru with Kaoru gave mean look to Flappy, who started screaming in his bag. Saki had to cover him, and got scolded by teacher. After school, Saki and Mai were heading to their clubs, when Flappy screamed again. He said he doesn't even know why is he screaming.Then Mai wanted to tell Saki about Michiru and Kaoru, but the 2 girls appeared before them, making both Flappy and Choppy scream. Mai then went away. Saki asked, did something happened between 2, but Michiru said nothing's wrong. Then Saki said, that Minori wants her to come again, making her smile a bit. Then she asked Michiru to tutor herin english, making her smile too. Then, before heading to her club, she said for them to meet after school, because she wants to take her somewhere special. At the club, Mai couldn't focus on painting, and kept thinking about Michiru and Kaoru. When the 2 of them were about to go home, Minori came. She was here with mom, who had to make a delivery near. Then she met Kaoru, and made her to watch Saki's practice. Then she asked Kaoru to go with her next time too, and made her promise. Mai secretly watched the 3 of them talking, when a ball came, and was about to hit Minori's head, when Michiru and Kaoru used their powers to destroy the ball. Mai saw everything. Then Saki came, saying, that her practice is over, and was looking for a ball. Neither Michiru nor Kaoru didn't saw it. Then Saki invited Mai to go to the Sky Tree too, together with Michiru and Kaoru. Then Saki asked everyone to hug the Sky Tree like her too. All 3 girls did as Saki said. Michiru and Kaoru then have actually smiled, and Kaoru called Saki by her name for the first time. Then suddenly the 2 girls remembered about their mission, and changed to their Dark Fall forms. Flappy and Choppy felt really dark presence, and Saki with Mai transformed. Then Michiru and Kaoru came. Egret's suspicions were confirmed. Then Michiru and Kaoru started attacking the Cures violently, without letting them talk. Then the 2 villains asked, why aren't they fighting back, and Bloom with Egret said, that whatever they say, Michiru and Kaoru are their friends. No matter how different their worlds are, they are still friends. The speech seemed to work, but Michiru and Kaoru attacked again.

23 (119)- "Tsuini taiketsu! Kyōi no akudaikān" ("Final Showdown! The Menace Akudaikaan")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 23

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 23

Airdate: 16 July, 2006

Michiru and Kaoru are sitting in the Fountain of Sky. They remember, how it was fine for them that the fountain is all dried up, trees are broken, no ray of light or any wind blowing. They thought, that it was fine if Akudaikan did that. Until they met those 2 (Saki and Mai). Back at the battlefield, Michiru and Kaoru hit Pretty Cure. Then asked, why aren't they fighting back, and Bloom kept saying, that this is because they are friends. Kaoru said, that they aren't friends, and shot a move to Egret, but Bloom came to defend her. Then Egret realized, that it was actually Michiru and Kaoru who saved them in FwPCSS18. Bloom thanked them for this. The girls got confused, and kept saying, that they're not friends. They didn't mean to save them back then. Bloom and Egret said, that they don't actually want to destroy the world. Kaoru said, that if they defeat the 2 of them, Akudaikan will be happy, and Akudaikan's happiness is their happiness. This is their destiny. Then Bloom and Egret said, that they believe destiny can be changed. Michiru wanted to attack again, but Kaoru stopped her. She said, that she wants to change her destiny. She doesn't want to fight anymore. Michiru said, that they can't do anything, and Bloom said they have already done so many good things, like working at the store and talking with Minori (FwPCSS18). Also going to sketch with them and sharing umbrella (FwPCSS20). Then the girls told Bloom and Egret about the destroyed Fountain of Sky. Flappy said, that Fountain of Sky can be as beautiful as the Land of Greenery. Choppy added, that they just need to collect 7 Miracle Drops for that. Kaoru said she wants to see it. Michiru wanted too. The 4 became friends once again. This time real friends, until Goyan's voice came. A hole in the ground opened, and he came. He asked, why aren't Michiru and Kaoru fighting, even though Akudaikan ordered them to defeat Pretty Cure. Egret said, that they aren't fighting anymore, because they are friends. Then Goyan started teasing them, that they started pretending to be friends, but accidentally became ones, and this is why they can't defeat Pretty Cure. Then he attacked everyone, grabbing Michiru and Kaoru, almost taking them with himself, but Bloom and Egret grabbed their hands. Then the 2 of them were pulled into the same hole. The hole closed, and no trace of them was left on Earth. They appeared before Akudaikan in Dark Fall. Goyan introduced them as Cure Bloom and Cure Egret. Then Michiru and Kaoru came to Akudaikan and asked him nicely to don't destroy this world. After they finished talking, he asked them to destroy Pretty Cure once again. Michiru and Kaoru asked him to listen to them again, but he didn't. Goyan said, that they are unable to obey his orders, because they can't destroy their friends. Akudaikan got mad, and used lighting to shock Michiru and Kaoru with his hands. Then Bloom asked, why can't he listen to them - he is Michiru and Kaoru's father. Akudaikan said, that they should simply obey his orders. Bloom said, that they have finally found their true wish, and Akudaikan said, that their only wish shoul be to destroy the world. Egret said, that Michiru and Kaoru are their friends. Akudaikan got mad, and started shooting lighting again, but Bloom and Egret putted their spiritual shield. They started fighting Akudaikan, even though Michiru and Kaoru asked them to run while they can. The Cures used Twin Stream Splash, but it didn't work. Then Akudaikan prepared to shoot again, and Michiru with Kaoru got up. They used their power to temporary protect Bloom and Egret from Akudaikan. They thanked them, and gave the remaining 6 Miracle Drops. They teleported them back to Land of Greenery, and then were killed by Akudaikan. Bloom and Egret, now Saki and Mai, started crying, and asked Choppy to take them back to Dark Fall, but they didn't had such powers.

24 (120)- "Mūpu to Fūpu tōjō! tte dare?" ("Mupu and Fupu Make an Entrance! Who?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 24

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 24

Airdate: 23 July, 2006

Continueing from the previous episode, Michiru and Kaoru were killed by Akudaikan for betraying him and befriending the Cures. They gave Bloom and Egret the 6 remaining Miracle Drops requied to restore the Fountain of Sky. Later, Mai was sad, and Kazuya called, that bath is open. He came near her and saw her sad. He asked, did something happened to her, but she just ran away and said it's ok. Meanwhile, Saki was crying, and Minori came, wanting to cheer her. Then Saki said, that Kaoru-oneesan won't come to play, and Minori didn't knew who is her. Saki was shocked. Then she ran to the school during summer break, only to see, that Michiru and Kaoru's desks are gone. Then Mai, who was there too, lying on her desk, said, that nobody remembers them - no one in their class, not even the teacher. It's like they never were here. Saki asked, why is that, and Choppy said, that they entered this world using mysterious power. When they're gone, the power is gone too, so nobody remembers them. Then Saki said, that they were here - they were playing, helping, talking... and finally the 4 became real friends. But even though, they couldn't help them. Then the girls started crying in empty school. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Akudaikan was angry at Michiru and Kaoru's betrayal. Then Goyan said, that someone is on her way to defeat Pretty Cure. Then Flappy came out, and unrolled his ears to reveal the 6 Miracle Drops Michiru and Kaoru gave them. He said, that crying won't solve anything, so they have to put the Miracle Drops Michiru and Kaoru entrusted them, and restore the Fountain of Sky. Saki putted the Drops to the Carafe, and got teleported to the Fountain of Sky. Saki poured the Miracle Drops, and restored the Fountain of Sky. it was really beautiful place. Sadly, Michiru and Kaoru couldn't see it. Then 2 spirits reacted to Michiru and Kaoru's names. The Princess Filia appeared. She could talk and could hear everyone's voices. She said, that their strong feelings will sure reach Michiru and Kaoru, and they got teleported back. Then something fell from the sky. It was a PC. The 2 spirits from before said, that they haven't seen it before. Flappy recognized the 2 as Moon spirit - Moop and Wind spirit - Foop. Then the 2 hid behind the bushes, and Mai said, that they won't hurt them. Then Flappy said, that evil presence is coming. A woman emerged from the puddle, and introduced herself as Ms. Shitataare. Then she started insulting Michiru and Kaoru, calling them weaklings. Saki and Mai got mad, and transformed to Pretty Cure. Then she summoned a huge water ball from the sky, and used it to attack Pretty Cure. The Cures dodged it. She used the move again, and the Cures used Twin Stream Splash, but it didn't worked. Then Ms Shitataare used water blade, with the girls not dogging it. She kept using her attacks, and then said, that she was the one who destroyed the Fountain of Sky. Moop and Foop got mad. Ms Shitataare said, that she'll destroy the Land of Greenery too. Then she used water ball again. Bloom and Egret tried using their spiritual shields, but it didn't worked. But they still got up, and said they'll protect the Land of Greenery and the Fountain of Sky. Then Moop and Foop combined their powers, and went to the PC that came earlier. It was Splash Commune. Then they gave the Cures Spiral Ring sets, allowing them to strengthen the power of the shield and use Spiral Heart Splash attack, to actually be stronger than Ms Shitataare. She escaped. After that, Moop and Foop seemed to warm up to the Cures.

25 (121)- "Shōbai hanjō! Umi no ie no otetsudai" ("Flourishing Business! Help at the House of the Sea")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 25

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 25

Airdate: 30 July, 2006

Saki comes to the beach to help Kenta's family at their seaside shop. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Goyan was angry, that Pretty Cure got a new power. Ms. Shitataare said, that it's because of Michiru and Kaoru's mismanagement of the fountain Pretty Cure got new power. Then she said, that no matter how powerful they get, they won't be able to stand agains her, and left, calling Goyan Go-chan. Back at the beach, Saki and Mai were making shaved ice, and Yuuko was helping with the dishes. She was very excited working with Kenta's family. Meanwhile, Moop and Foop wanted to explore the Land of Greenery, but Flappy stopped them, because they don't know the Land of Greenery that well. Then the accidentally threw out the bag, making a noise. Then Saki and Mai went there, and the 2 spirits hid. Saki said, that since yesterday they always hide whenever she tries talking to them. Choppy said, that they are a bit afraid of people, but were very lively in the Land of Fountains. Then Saki and Mai returned, only to see everyone sad. There was a new stand of shaved ice, "straight from the Fountain of Water", by Ms. Shitataare, here known as Mizushita. Her shaved ice was very delicious, because she uses magic to make it. They brought some ice, and it was too delicious. Kenta's dad decided to make war, and started selling doubles. Mizushita(taare) started selling doubles too. Then it was triple, quadruplet, quintuple, 10 times, 12 times... until it didn't fit. Mizushita(taare) won. Moop and Foop were still eating her ice. They said, that it brings memories, about the Land of Fountains, the Fountain of Sky and Michiru and Kaoru. They told the story of how they met Michiru and Kaoru - when the fountain dried up, the 2 were hiding under the trees, and one fell. Then Kaoru saved them, by stopping the tree. She said, that the tree annoyed her. Michiru asked, don't they have to deal with everyone hiding, but Kaoru said it doesn't matter. Moop and Foop were always grateful them for saving, even though they have never talked with them. Saki and Mai heard their story, and went cleaning the table, because Kenta noticed them. Then Yuuko remembered, how she used to eat warm yakisoba after playing at the beach. Then Kenta's dad decided to sell Yakisoba, and it worked. Mizushita(taare) was angry, and Goyan, pretending to be a customer, came at her, asking bitter melon taste (gohya). He reminded her to deal with Pretty Cure too, not just sell shaved ice. All the mascots were asleep, and Moop with Foop woke up, and went away, saying, that it smells like the Fountains. Then Flappy got up, and said, that Moop and Fuup are gone. Then Mizushita came with 2 spirits, and revealed herself as Ms. Shitattare. Saki called her Hana Mizutare (Ms. Snooty-tare) Then she summoned a water ball to make Saki and Mai fly. She teleportes somewhere mid-sea, and summoned ice dragon Uzaina. Saki and Mai were flying, and transformed mid-air. They landed on a special ice stadium to battle. Uzaina was faster then others. It pushed the Cures to the sides. Then Ms. Shitataare said to finish Moop and Foop too throwing them. Uzaina prepared to use ice breath, but Bloom and Egret saved them. Uzaina kept blowing the ice breath. Then she started calling Michiru and Kaoru cowards, and Bloom with Egret started defending them. Ms. Shitataare got mad, and accidentally said, that they will be forever sealed in Dark Fall under Akudaikan's hand. Then Bloom and Egret realized, that they were alive. Ms. Shitataare said, that it doesn't matter, since Bloom and Egret will be frozen soon. Bloom and Egret said, that they can't lose here, until they meet Michiru and Kaoru. Then Moop and Foop were touched, and gave them new Spiral Ring Set, allowing them to use Spiral Heart Splash. Then they were sure, that if they keep collecting Miracle Drops, they will be able to meet them. Moop and Foop wanted to meet them too, and the Cures were sure, that they'll meet them too. Then they returned back, and Saki said, that Yuuko could actually be part of Hoshino's, but Kenta got angry at her for those words.

26 (122)- "Saki ni wa naisho! Dokkidoki no natsu gasshuku!" ("Keep It a Secret From Saki! Exciting Summer Camp!")

(咲には内緒! ドッキドキの夏合宿!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 26

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 26

Airdate: 6 August, 2006

Yuunagi Junior High team came to the summer camp to train. Then Saki remembered, how Ms. Shitataare in previous battle accidentally said, that Michiru and Kaoru were alive in Dark Fall, and they were sure, that they'll meet Michiru and Kaoru again someday. Then she saw 2 girls whispering something. She asked, what's wrong, but they said everything's ok. She pitched the ball, and then saw the teacher whispering something to the captain. Then Saki got worried. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Ms. Shitataare was confident, that she;ll defeat Pretty Cure, and kept calling Goyan as Go-chan. Later, at school, everyone were making dinner, and Mai came, bringing a watermelon for everyone. Then she asked teacher to help her with preparations for tomorrow, and teacher asks her to don't stay up late. Mai says her brother will pick her up, and it's fine for teacher. Saki asks them what are they talking about, and Mai says it's nothing, and walks away. Then Kenta comes, giving everyone some takomishi (octopus rice). Everyone said it's delicious. Then Moop and Foop got up, and started playing in the gym, since they were alone. Kenta started walking in empty school at night. Moop and Foop were having fun, following him. He turned around and saw them. Then he ran away from "disembodied souls". Then he saw teacher, and told her about the souls. Teacher looked at him, and she had no face. Kenta started screaming and running, when teacher's neck got longer and started chasing him. He hid in the classroom, and the head turned to water. Ms. Shitataare emerged from the puddle. Everybody else were in a classroom, asking what happened, and teacher was here too. Kenta called her a monster, and she said it was rude. Later, everyone were sleeping in a gym, and it was exciting for them. Saki immediately fell asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night, and noticed, that everyone are gone. Saki went to look for everyone. Flappy didn't felt anything, so he thought it might be a monster they were talking about earlier. Then Saki heard some footsteps. It was actually Hitomi and Yuuko bringing a white cloth from Art class. Everyone were preparing for Saki's birthday. Then a crane of water turned, and Flappy with Choppy felt evil presence. Saki met Mai, and the 2 went outside. Mai said, that everyone are safe in a classroom, when Ms. Shitataare, or Hana Mizutare like Saki calls her, summoned Uzaina. Then Saki and Mai went outside and transformed. Uzaina caught them with it's hose. It fired water from it's mouth, making a huge hole near the Cures. Then it aimed to them, when Moop and Foop came. Uzaina caught them too. Bloom and Egret asked to let them go, and Ms. Shitataare said, that they should save themselves first. Then Uzaina shot the water, making the Cures under water. But even under water, they managed to touch hands and use their spirit power. Uzaina fell, releasing Moop and Foop. Then they used their powers to give Cures their Spiral Ring Set and they used Spiral Heart Splash. Next day, Saki went out a bit to take care of Flappy, and when she returned, everyone congratulated her with birthday. Saki was really touched, because she totally forgot it's her birthday. Even her parents with Minori came. Everyone gave Saki new allarm clock, so she won't be late again. Kenta gave her a seashell. Even Kazuya came, giving her a part of meteorite. Everyone were confused, but Saki liked it a lot. Then Mai gave her a Saki-head-shaped cushion. Saki was Zekkouchou.

27 (123)- "Minna daisuki! Omoide no natsu matsuri" ("I Love Everyone! The Memorable Summer Festival")

(みんな大好き! 思い出の夏祭り)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 27

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 27

Airdate: 13 August, 2006

It's a festival day. Mai was waiting for this day, because she wasn't in a festival here for 5 years, ever since she met Saki. Then Moop and Foop noticed a girl eating cotton candy, and thought it was a cloud. Then the girls went backstage to explain them, that they shouldn't come out in public, and Kenta saw them. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Ms. Shitataare has been scolded by Akudaikan, and thought another plan how to find the Fountain of Sun. She decided to catch Moop and Foop. In festival, everyone were scooping, and Saki almost caught a lot of fishes, but Moop and Foop talked, making the scooper break. Later, they were at yo-yo fishing. Kenta was good, when Ms. Shitataare, disguised as human, came. She caught a lot of yo-yos quickly, and then noticed Moop and Foop hiding. Tried catching them, but Kenta asked her to take him as apprentice. Later, they escaped and hid as plushies. Ms. Shitataare came, and tossed rings, catching all of them, but Moop and Foop escaped again. Saki and Mai splitted up to search for them, Backstage, Saki hit Ms. Shitataare, who accidentally lost Moop doll, and didn't noticed. Saki shouted her to wait, but then Kazuya came, helping her to stand up. Then he told her, that he lost his friends. He remembered, how Mai wandered away 5 years ago, and met Saki then. He said, that all Mai talks at home is Saki. Then her face brightens up. Suddenly, Kazuya's friends came, and he went away. Saki continued to look for Moop and Foop, who were tired, and went somewhere in the forest to look for Saki and Mai. Then Ms. Shitataare came, asking them about the Fountain of Sun. Ms. Shitataare caught Moop, and Foop went away to find Saki and Mai. Everyone met at the Sky Tree, and Fuup said, that Moop's in trouble. Ms. Shitataare then came, asking Moop to tell her about the Fountain of Sun, and torturing him. Then Saki said, that the one she captured is not real Moop, just a plush toy. Moop was pretending to act as a plushie too. Saki took out Moop's doll, and started ventriloquisming at Moop. Ms. Shitataare believed, and let go of him. He flied back to Mai and Foop, and angry Ms. Shitataare summoned Uzaina from the festival stuff she won. Saki and Mai transformed. Bloom and Egret tried kicking it, but it kept bouncing off. Moop and Fuup gave them Spiral Ring Set, and they used Spiral Heart Splash to defeat it. Later, Flappy and Choppy tried scolding Moop and Foop, but they weren't listening. Then Saki told her, that she met Kazuya, and he told her, that Mai talks about her at home. Saki scolded Mai a bit, because she said, that she once ate 5 chocolate coronets at time. Mai apologized, but Saki said it's ok, because she also has fun with her every day, and is glad, that Mai feels the same. Then the fireworks started, end the girls went away to watch. They were pretty so all 4 mascots started looking too.

28 (124)- "Tabi da! Densha da! Daibōken!" ("Trip! Electric Train! Big Adventure!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 28

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 28

Airdate: 20 August, 2006

Summer vacation is almost over, and Saki and Mai decide to go on a trip to ride to the end of the line with the train. Next day, Saki was late, because she took too long to make lunch. But she actually got it in time before the train drove away. Mai wasn't worried, and knew, that Saki will come. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Ms. Shitataare got a new plan about defeating Pretty Cure, and was teasing Goyan, calling him Go-chan. At the train, Saki and Mai were excited. Later, when they were left alone, Moop and Foop got out and started playing. Flappy tried stopping them, but then the train stopped, and the doors opened. Moop, Foop and Flappy got accidentally kicked out. Saki tried chasing them, but the train closed door, and Saki was left outside with the mascots. Mai asked to open the door, but the conductor didn't listened. They decided to meet at next stop, but the next train doesn't come for another hour. Saki decided to take a bus. In next stop, Mai wanted to get out, but the conductor didn't stopped - the train only started going faster. Mai tried asking the conductor to stop it, but the conductor didn't minded her at all. Saki came by bus, but Mai was not here. Then Flappy and Choppy felt evil presence. Saki was running to the place Mai was. The train didn't stopped even at next stop. Then the conductor was revealed to be actually Ms. Shitataare. The train got into tunnel, and Ms Shitataare took Mai to her own world. Then she summoned Uzaina. Saki was following Mai and saw strange light in the tunnel. Meanwhile, Uzaina flooded almost whole field, and Mai was on little island. Ms. Shitataare said, that there's no way Saki can reach this place, and Saki reached electrified wall. Flappy said her to feel Mai and Choppy, because they are on the other side of this wall. The water level near Mai's little island has risen over her head, but she still refused to tell the location of the Fountain of Sun. Saki kept trying to break the wall by attacking it, but she was just pushed back all the time. Then everyone combined their power, and din't gave up. The wall gave up, and the 4 of them have passed through. Ms. Shitataare was about to drown Mai, but Saki came. The 2 of them transformed. Uzaina started attacking, and then caught the 2 cures. Ms. Shitataare kept calling them weaklings, and the 2 freed themselves, and together with Moop and Foop combined their powers to use Spiral Heart Splash, and defeated Uzaina. Later, the 2 girls were sitting on the bench, and eating Saki's tamagoyaki. Then Mai said, that she also made some tamagoyaki. Saki said, that they still made some great summer memories, and Mai said she won't forget the taste of tamagoyaki she ate today. Neither will Saki.

29 (125)- "Furappi to Choppi zettaizetsumei" ("Flappi and Choppi are Driving into the Corner")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 29

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 29

Airdate: 26 August, 2006

It's a last day of summer vacation, and both Saki and Mai have homework to do. Saki asked what is Kazuya doing, and Mai said he's on a date... with mom. She had a free day from work, and forced him to go shopping. Saki said it's a relief, and Mai asked what does she means. Saki said it's nothing, and the girls wanted to return to homework, 4 mascots came to the room and started playing. Saki asked them to let her do homework, and the 4 started watching a sad movie. After i ended, Flappy was crying, and everyone noticed that, but he tried to defend himself. Then Saki asked him to be quiet again. Then Moop and Foop saw a soap commercial, and it looked like the Fountain of Sky to them. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Akudaikan sent Goyan to the Land of Greenery to retrieve the fountains. Back at Saki's house, Saki and Mai were doing homework together, and they could understand better like that. Outside, Flappy was giving flower to Choppy like on TV, confessing to her, and she said she loves him... just like she loves Saki, Mai, Moop and Foop. Then a butterfly landed on her flower, and she went to chase it. Moop and Foop were laughing at Flappy, when he got mad and started chasing the 2 mascots. Then Choppy came, and the kids ran to her. Saki and Mai heard noise and came downstairs. The 2 wanted to make peace between everyone, but failed. Choppy asked Flappy to make up, and he almost agreed, but Moop and Foop ran away. Then Ms. Shitataare came, disguised as delivery person, and brought Mai some soap from the commercial before. Then Saki fed hungry Flappy. Then he asked for some cream puffs. But the clock turned 2 PM, and the girls returned to homework. Moop and Foop returned, and started smelling soap. They decided to blow some soap bubbles. Flappy and Choppy were in romantic mood, and they decided to blow some bubbles to get the mood even more romantic, but Flappy got mad again, and the 3 started fighting once more. Saki and Mai came, and saw, that they were using Mai's soap. Saki asked, why were they blowing bubbles, when a huge bubble caught Moop and Foop, bringing them to Ms. Shitataare, or as Saki called her this time, Hana Mizudare. Then she summoned Uzaina from those soap bubbles Moop and Foop blew. Saki and Mai transformed. Uzaina threw them far. Ms. Shitataare said for them to surrender, but Bloom and Egret said they won't give up. Bloom kicked her, but missed, while Egret's kick made Moop and Foop free. The 2 used their powers to give Bloom and Egret Spiral Ring Set, and used Spiral Heart Splash. Ms. Shitataare went away. Then Saki asked, why did Moop and Foop had to blow bubbles, and they said it's because of the Fountain of Sky. Those bubbles reminded them of their home. Suddenly, Goyan came, and kidnapped Flappy and Choppy. Before being taken away, Flappy apologised to Moop and Foop. Saki and Mai promised to save the 2 mascots no matter what.

30 (126)- "Kyōi no chikara! Purikyua daihenshin!" ("The Power of a Miracle! Pretty Cure's Big Transformation!")

(驚異の力! プリキュア大変身!!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 30

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 30

Airdate: 3 September, 2006

Saki and Mai got scolded for not finishing their summer homework, and got kicked out from class. But they couldn't finish their homework, because Flappy and Choppy were kidnapped. Then Saki and Mai headed to save them. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Ms. Shitataare was angry, that Goyan did her job. She made a little Goyan statue with water, and started smashing it with her feet. When she was done, she thought of a plan. Later, Saki prepared to leave, when Moop and Foop started crying. They felt sad for Flappy and Choppy. Saki said for them to don't cry. At the same time, Goyan was torturing Flappy and Choppy, asking them about Fountain of Sun. They didn't knew. Meanwhile, Saki and Mai went to the beach to search for clues about Flappy and Choppy. They searched until late, but couldn't find anything. Then they asked Sky Tree for help, when Ms. Shitataare arrived. She said, that she's going to Goyan's place, and "accidentally" left the portal open. Saki and Mai followed her. Ms. Shitataare. She went to Goyan's place. She knew where it is, because of architecture (a giant Goyan's head). Then, after chatting a bit, she went away, leaving him with 2 guests - Saki and Mai. He said, that Ms. Shitataare is a bit desperate (shitataka) to do that. Saki and Mai asked, where are Flappy and Choppy, and he said they're behind their backs. Girls looked behind, and saw Flappy and Choppy being tortured. Girls asked him to let them go, and Goyan just trew them to Saki and Mai's feet. They were in really bad shape. Saki and Mai said they won't forgive him. Then he caught Moop and Foop, and tried destroying the remaining 4, but Flappy, Choppy, Moop and Foop's strong desire to protect Saki and Mai, and the girls' strong wish to save the mascots made Moop and Foop go free. Then they remembered, what princess Filia said - if they combine their powers, a new power will be born. Goyan started attacking again, but Saki, Mai, Moop and Foop started to light. They combined their powers, and Moop with Foop shot something from their foreheads to Flappy and Choppy, making them healthy again, and turning them to new form - shining stics, called Crystal Communes. They said for Saki and Mai to transform, and they transformed to their new forms - became Cure Bright and Cure Windy. Goyan hid in shadow, and started rapidly attacking. Bright and Windy were able to dodge his attacks. Foop said Windy to use power of the wind, and by using it, she blew a little tornado, destroying attacks. Then Moop said for Bright to use power of the Moon, and by using it, she found the hiding place of Goyan. Then he decided to use more power, and Moop with Foop gave the girls Spiral Ring Set, but this time they were different, allowing them to use Spiral Star Splash attack. The attack was so powerful, that it completely destroyed Goyan's place. Saki and Mai hurried to escape through Ms. Shitataare's portal. They got out as Saki and Mai with Moop and Foop in the bag and Flappy and Choppy on their necks. Then Mai reminded Saki of her summer homework. Flappy started teasing her again. Then Mai said, that she also hadn't done her summer homework, and everyone said, that Mai is becoming more and more like Saki, offending Saki.

31 (127)- "Maji kimari? Kenta no aikata wa dare!?" ("Is it Really Decided? Who is Kenta's Buddy!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 31

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 31

Airdate: 10 September, 2006

Saki looks at new Flappy, and remembers the time everyone combined their feelings, and helped Flappy and Choppy to change. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Ms. Shitataare was laughing at Goyan's failure, and said, that only she can defeat Pretty Cure. Akudaikan said to do not underestimate Pretty Cure, since in the past they have obtained a variety of different abilities. Next day, Mai asked, will from now on they will only be able to transform to those forms, and Choppy said, that their powers got stronger too, so they will be able to reach their Bloom/Egret forms too. Probably. Then Saki and Mai noticed Kenta, who was looking for a partner. he said for Saki, that at the festival he was called to do manzai, and he needs a partner. But Saki went away, saying, that his jokes are bad. Later, Kenta was still unsuccessfully looking for a partner, and Saki, Mai and 3 other girls were looking at him. Then Miyasako came. Kenta asked him, does he, as class rep, knows anyone to join his comedy club. Miyasako said, that he doesn't, but Kenta didn't left him alone. He tried talking him in with his jokes, and Miyasako's explanations how bad is that really made some of the girls laugh. Since then, he didn't left him alone, forcing to join him. When the 2 class reps stayed after school to clear the papers in class, Andou said, that she really laughed at his performance. Miyasako kept saying, that he is not suited for manzai, but she said, that she wouldn't know until he tries it. On his way home, Miyasako met Kenta, who tried talking him into again. He showed Miyasako their combo name - Kenta and the forest sprites. Miyasako said, that his name is not even there, and Kenta thought, that he agreed, and went away. Later, Flappy and Choppy tried doing manzai too, but they failed. Then Flappy and Choppy got hungry, and asked Saki and Mai to give them something. The girls didn't knew how, and Flappy with Choppy said to shake them and then blow. Saki and Mai did as they said, and AmaAma appeared, giving them some cakes. Moop and Foop were drooling too. Then Kenta came. He invited the girls to his manzai practise tomorrow. Saki wanted to scold him about not understanding Miyasako's feelings, but he said, that Miyasako had already joined him. Meanwhile, Ms. Shitataare was watching them, and decided to show them how the pros do manzai. Next day, Kenta and Miyasako were actually doing Manzai, and one kid laughed at them. Miyasako smiled. They were about to resume, when Ms. Shitataare came, and started doing water tricks. Saki and Mai recognised her. Then Ms. Shitataare made a fog. She started shooting water balls, and Saki with Mai transformed to Bright and Windy. Ms. Shitataare was shooting water balls, Then Flappy told Bright to use the power of the Moon, and with her light she saw the place Ms Shitataare was. Choppy said for her to use power of the wind. She used it, and blew away the mist. Then Ms. Shitataare summoned Uzaina from the fountain. It started shooting water, but Bright summoned Moon shield. Then Windy knocked it down. Ms. Shitataare was angry. Then Moop and Foop appeared out of nowhere, giving Spiral Ring Set to the Cures. They used Spiral Star Splash to defeat Uzaina. Later, kenta was still searching for partner, when Miyasako came. Everyone asked him to do it, and he agreed, but with a condition, that they'll change the combo's name. Everyone tried thinking one, and Mai said she'll cheer on them. Kenta thought, that they are already creating a fan club, and Miyasako was worried about his name.

32 (128)- "Muzukashisugi! Mizu Shitatāre no shukudai" ("Too Difficult! Ms. Shitataare's Homework")

(難しすぎ! ミズ·シタターレの宿題)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 32

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 32

Airdate: 17 September, 2006

The episode begins with Saki playing softball, then they stop as they all group and say about the tournament along with their coach, Shinohara, then all of them say not to give up. Then from the window Mai saw Shinohara watering a plant, as then Mai began wondering about it. Meanwhile in an island, Ms. Shitataare was getting scolded by Akudaikan, he said to her if she could not defeat the Cures, she would die. Hearing it, then she said she would use all the power.

Next day, Saki was sleeping as Mai was trying to wake her up, once Shinohara came she suddenly woke up. Shinohara noticed Saki was tired and asked if she was tired doing her homework. Saki then got shocked and turned at Mai, Mai seeing her like that showed her the paper, Saki saw it and took it too, however Shinohara saw it was blank and have her a choice to finish it at the end of the school. Far away, in a tree, Ms. Shitataare was watching.

In then end of school, Shinohara came at Saki and told her not to give up on homework, as she mentioned about a flower. Mai noticied it and asked why would she water a plant, Shinohara told her that she saw the plant blooing however, then she felt sad and started watering it. Then she said to Saki to finish her homework and she could water her plant. Shinohara left as she was walking alone, while walking, water was chasing her as then from it another Shinohara came.

Suddenly then a student reported at Saki and Mai that Shinohara needed them. The girls came as they found her alone. Shinohara then started talkng as she said where was the Fountain of Sun, then from Shinohara, Ms. Shitataare came. She threatened them as she would not destroy their school if they said where the Fountain of Sun was, if not she would destroy it, she than set a time for it, to say it to her in 4:00'o clock. She then transformed back into Shinohara and said she would teach English.

In classroom, Shinohara was reading a book about the Fountain of Sun, then she said to Saki if she was done with her homework, Saki feeling afraid said she wasn't, Shinohara then exclaimed to give it to her in 4:00'o clock. The girls had a break as the time was 3:30. They said that no one knew where was the Fountain of Sun. Then the other girls said that they had to come. In practice, Saki said to Shinohara to her practice alone, with no presence of anyone. Shinohara then accepted.

Saki was training with Shinohara however then Mai also came. Shinohara saw the time as it was 4:00'o clock. The girls said to her that they would not give up and transformed. Shinohara seeing it, trasnformed into Ms. Shitataare, and then turned the land into a dessert and summoned a Uzaina. The Cures fighted it, however she kept dodging their attacks. The girls fighted as they didn't give up, however the Uzaina then got them as he threw them. The girls while falling were about to cry that they coudn't save their city. After some minutes the girls saw the flower as it was still standing. Seeing that the girls got more power and fighted back. Then they all performed, Spiral Heart Splash.

The Cures had hope and power, enough to make the attack stronger, then as suddenly Ms. Shitataare fainted causing her to be purified. Everything got back to normal, however Saki and Mai were worried at Shinohara. They searched everywhere and then Saki remebered as if she went to the place she promised the girls came there and saw her. Saki ran as she was crying, and hugged Shinohara, she seeing it then smiled at her and then reminded her at homework, Saki showed it to her, however she said they were wrong, however they all smiled, and looked at the blooming flower.

33 (129)- "Kinniku zenkai Kintoresukī arawaru!" ("Full Throttle Muscular Kintelesky Appears!")

(筋肉全開 キントレスキー現る!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 33

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 33

Airdate: 24 September, 2006

A muscular man comes to Panpakapan and after trying some chocolate coronets, he buys a bag of bread. Korone starts growling at him. The man leaves. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Goyan returned, and said, that he was preparing the strongest warrior, and that he won't fail Akudaikan anymore. Later, Saki and Mai meet to revive the Fountain of Water. They travel there, and return the fountain. Then Princess Filia appears. She congratulates them for reviving the Fountain of Sun, and warns, that the last enemy is far more powerful than the ones they faced before. She also said, that she believes, that Michiru and Kaoru will come back someday, if they keep combining their powers and don't lose hope. Then she disappeared, and the 6 returned back. Meanwhile, the same guy from before, just without the cloak, revealing his golden body, was bending back 10.000 times. Then he was revealed to be another Dark Fall villain.Later, Saki and mai were feeding Flappy, Choppy, Moop and Foop with the PC, when Korone came. Saki tried hiding the PC from him, but then 4 mascots changed to their true forms, and said, that they are friends with Korone. They watch TV together. Then Mai asked, how long did Saki had Korone, and Saki said it's about the time they met at the festival. Then she told the story, how she found a little kitty at the ash grove. Her dad was at first against it, because he didn't knew how will the customers react to the kitty, and it would be hard to raise it here. He said he'll call for someone to take it tomorrow, but Saki refused to give up, and ran away. Then her dad came, telling the story how they accepted to keep Korone. Little Saki was running away, and bicycle was coming to her. Then Korone jumped out of Saki's hands, looked at Saki's dad and started mewing.Saki's dad got Saki just in time before bycicle arrived. Saki's dad said, that Korone must have sensed the bicycle and warned him about Saki in danger. Saki's dad said, that Korone is probably still watching after Saki and their family from his spot. Meanwhile, the golden guy prepared to go. Later, Saki was sweeping and Mai was painting. Suddenly, Korone started growling. The mysterious man from before came. Saki wanted to scold Korone, but the man said, that Korone is not a bad kitty. He took off his disguise, and introduced himself as Kintoleski. He said, that he's looking for a good duel. Saki and Mai stood frozen, and Kintoleski asked them to give their names. The girls introduced themselves as Saki and mai, and the guy said, taht he doesn't want those names. he wants them to transform. Saki said, that this is not the place for battling, and Kintoleski teleported everyone (including Korone) to empty place. Saki and Mai transformed to Bright and Windy. But Kintoleski was stronger. He easily overpowered Bright and Windy with his strenght. He was about to attack them again, when Korone got in a way. Bright and Windy made a shield to protect him and it was stronger than Kintoleski. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. But Kintoleski still easily repelled their Moon and Wind powers. Then the Cures used Spiral Star Splash. Kintoleski tried holding, but the move was stronger, and he left. When they returned to Panpakapan, Saki asked Korone, was he really protecting them, but Korone didn't answered, only returned to his spot. Then Saki's dad gave Mai her sketchbook she forgot. There was Korone growling on Kintoleski. Saki's dad said, that he never saw Korone looking like that. Saki and Mai said, that nothing happened. At night, Saki's dad gave Korone some sardines for protecting them again, even though Korone didn't said anything.

34 (130)- "Otsukimikai wa romansu no kaori" ("Moon Viewing Party is the Scent of Romance")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 34

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 34

Airdate: 1 October, 2006

Mai asked her parents to make a moon-viewing party, and they agreed. But then Mai noticed Kazuya wasn't at home. Kazuya was worried about something, and kicked a stone. Kintoleski, who was running by, said for him to kick correctly. At school, Mai invited everyone to the party, and everyone said they'll bring snacks. After school, Mai was sweeping the yard, when Kazuya returned. He was really down. Next day, Saki noticed, that Mai is down, and Mai told her about Kazuya. In the evening, Saki went to pick up Susuki grass for the party, and saw Kazuya's bike. She wanted to approach him, but didn't knew how. Flappy tried telling her, but Saki pointed, that he can't even confess to Choppy. Then Kazuya noticed her. She didn't knew how to start, and Flappy started for her, saying, that she failed on a test. Kazuya gave her some advice about tests, and asked, what is she doing here. Saki remembered, that she needs Susuki grass, and Kazuya showed her the place, that has lots of Susuki grass. Meanwhile, at Mai's, clouds were blocking the Moon, and Mai was worried about Saki and Kazuya. Back at the field, Saki apologized for dragging Kazuya into that. He noticed, that the clouds are really thick, and asked, will they cancel the party if they won't see Moon. Saki said, that they putted too much into that to cancel. Then Kazuya said, that their school's festival is coming, and he joined the planning community. Everyone's opinions are different, and he doesn't know how to make everyone to have fun. Saki said, that everyone deep inside want to have a good festival. Like for their party, there were may different opinions about snacks, and they just decided to take them all. Kazuya started laughing, and Saki thought, that she told too much. Kazuya said, that she was incredible. Then they prepared to leave, when Kintoleski appeared, punching Kazuya so he lost consciousness. Moop and Foop hurried to call Mai. Choppy sensed, that Flappy is in anger. Kintoleski was waiting for Mai too. Then Mai came, noticing Kazuya. Saki and Mai transformed to Bright and Windy. Then Kintoleski summoned Uzaina from Kazuya's bike combined with electricity pole. It started shooting screws. Bright and Windy used their powers to defend themselves, but fell. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. They used powers of wind and Moon, pushing Uzaina. Then used Spiral Star Splash, defeating it. Then Kazuya woke up, and saw, that Susuke grass is messed up, but Saki said, that a lot survived too. Then both started laughing. At the party, Kenta asked, why does Kazuya always drinks milk, and he answered, that when you go to space you are at zero-gravity, and your bones are fragile. Ever since he was a kid and heard, that milk strengthens bones, it became his habit.

35 (131)- "Iza kesshō! Faito da Nagichū Sofuto-bu!" ("The Final Round is Now! Fight, Nagichuu Softball Club!")

(いざ決勝! ファイトだ凪中ソフト部!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 35

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 35

Airdate: 8 October, 2006

Tommorrow is softball finals, and last game for 3rd-graders. The opponents are long-time champions, so it's going to be hard. Everyone are trying their best. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Kintoleski is training. Goyan comes to scold him, but he's not listening, only training. Goyan started counting from 1 again, making Kintoleski lose counting. Goyan said, that it's good, that he's training, but he's still always losing, and that is bad. Kintoleski agreed, that if you don't win, all the effort is wasted. Next day, the game started, and Saki's team was losing ever since the beginning, but the teacher said for her to don't give up, because one point doesn't means anything. Then she reminded Saki about the previous year semi-finals, when they lost. Then Kintoleski came to watch the match too, saying, how bad they are doing. The other team scored a point due to Izumida's error, and she was very frustrated about it, but she managed to turn that frustration to power. And with that power, she can overcome any hardship. Saki should know that, because she trained with Izumida. Saki understood, and for the rest of the game, neither side gave up. One batter was left, and they needed to score 2 points, or else they'll lose. Izumida was the batter. She hit it, and they scored that point. Then everything depended on Saki. She successfully hit the ball and started running, but they caught the ball faster. Saki was disappointed, that they lost senpai's last game, but Izumida said, that she couldn't be happier, because they used to make only to semi-finals, but now they won second place. She was happy, because they all gave their hearts out in this game. Then she said, that next year they will definitely win, and everything belongs on Saki. Later, Saki was frustrated and sitting alone, when Mai came. She said, that winning is not everything, and Saki said she knows that, but they still let the senpais down. She started crying, and Kintoleski appeared. He apologized for spying on their moment of weakness, but you either win or lose. Het team's talk, that giving your best is more important than winning angered him. Then he summoned Uzaina from the stadium lights. Saki said, that he can say whatever he wants about her, but she won't forgive him or insulting senpais or her team. Then Saki and Mai transformed to Bloom and Egret. Uzaina was strong and they were losing, but Bloom said, that it's like Izumida-senpai said - important thing is not winning, but making their hearts together. Kintoleski started attacking to show how empty those words are, and Moop. Kintoleski tried holding it, but then left, making the move defeat Uzaina. Kintoleski admitted his loss. Then Saki came to the buss. Everyone were prepared to go home, when Saki said, that they'll win the next year's championship. And for that, they should run all the way to the school. The girls said, that it's far, but Izumida encouraged everyone, making them smile and run. Moop in Mai's bag asked, why are everyone smiling, but Mai was smiling too and didn't answered.

36 (132)- "Nani tsukuru? Mai no nayami to bunkasai" ("What Will Mai Do? Mai's Distress for the Culture Festival")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 36

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 36

Airdate: 15 October, 2006

The episode starts with Mai becoming responsible for design of the festival's monument. Mai is nervous. Next day, Saki and others come to Mai, congratulating her. Saki said, that 3rd graders always do the design, and Mai is the first 2nd grader to do that. Mai didn't knew can she do that, but Saki and everyone encouraged her. In class, the reps exemted Mai from helping the class with the horror house, so she could focus on designing the monument. Everyone agreed for that. Later, everyone were preparing for the festival. Saki was making a huge pumpkin, and asked Hitomi and Yuuko's help. Meanwhile, Kenta was looking for Miyasako, when Andou came. He asked her, where is Miyasako, and she showed the grave to him. Suddenly, the grave moved and Miyasako came from it. Andou said, that he is human body model. Kenta asked, why he has blood on his face, and Miyasako said it's not blood but paint, and Kenta thought a new joke. He asked Miyasako to finish faster, so they can prepare for their first performance faster, but Miyasako said he has to help with the horror house. Then Saki went to Mai, and saw, that she didn't painted anything. Mai said, that this never happens, when she paints freely. Whenever she tries, a wave of responsibility flows at her. She can't help but think, that her design will represent all the festival. The Art Club can't star until she finished her design too. Then Saki said, that in previous game, she also couldn't help but think, that they're in finals now, so she kept missing hit after hit. Mai apologised for bringing bad memories, and Saki said it's fine. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Kintoleski got scolded for not defeating Pretty Cure, and Akudaikan said for him to change his strategies. Next morning, Kenta and Miyasako were preparing for their show, when Mai came to school deep inside her thoughts. Kenta and Miyasako shouted for her, but she didn't answered. When Saki came to school, Kenta stopped her, saying, that Mai is acting strange. At break, Mai was still thinking of the design, when Saki came to her with her pumpkin mask, trying to cheer her. She said, that she should enjoy herself, because Saki liked the most Mai's paintings, in whose she imagines Mai enjoying herself. Mai was happy ans started crying. She said she wants to finish this soon and help everyone with the horror house. Kintoleski was watching them from the roof, trying to think of a strategy. That evening, Mai was thinking of Saki's words, and actually thought of something. She started painting and was very focused. Next day, Mai has finished the design. Everyone said it's amazing, and the Art Club started working on it. Later, when Saki just finished working on her pumpkin mask, Kintoleski stole it. He put that mask on, surprising Mai, thus fulfilling his strategy quest. He was spinning the mask on his hand and accidentally threw it at the statue's body, breaking both the mask and the statue. Saki and Mai got angry and transformed to Bright and Windy. Then Kintoleski summoned Uzaina from the toolbox. Uzaina was strong and it cut a tree, making it fall on the Cures, but they used their shield to protect themselves. Uzaina stepped on it, but the girls used more power, making Uzaina fall. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. Windy used wind, but Kintoleski blocked it with a tree. Then Bright used moon, and Kintoleski barely dodged it. Then Bright and Windy said, that they need to prepare for the festival, and Kintoleski said, that it's wimpy, because it's not athletic festival. The Cures got mad, and used Spiral Star Splash, defeating Uzaina. Later, Mai finished the monument and Saki finished her suit.She asked, where did Mai get that pose from, and Mai said, that she feels the most herself when she is holding hands with Saki. Saki said, that she's too. Then the girls did that pose and started laughing.

37 (133)- "Minna nakama da! Ashita ni janpu!" ("Everyone are Comrades! Jump to Tommorrow!")

(みんな仲間だ! 明日にジャンプ!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 37

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 37

Airdate: 22 October, 2006

The festival Saki and Mai were preparing for has started, but Saki, as always, is late. Even that huge alarm clock everyone gave Saki at her birthday didn't worked. Later, Kenta showed Miyasako their stage, and Miyasako got a little stage fright. Later, Saki and others went out of wire to hang the curtain with masks, and here wasn't enough time until the opening. Saki suggested to use packing tape, but it didn't worked. Then Miyasako told Kenta, that he's dropping their manzai act. Then Saki said she'll hold the curtain by her hands. At first boys came, but they didn't got scared. Then came some girls. Flappy and Choppy in costumes were cute for them, but they got scared of Moop and Foop flying around. Then they came to the place Saki was. Suddenly, annoying bug came, and Saki moved a bit to dodge it, moving the mask. The girls got scared and ran out screaming. Then they made a little break. Kintoleski was there too. The girls were surprised, that Saki was the living mask. Even though she said she didn't anything. Then everyone went to Miyasako, who still refused to do Manzai. Mai said, that there might be another reason for that, and he said, that he hadn't told his family, that he's doing Manzai. He was afraid, that he'll make fool of himself. Mai understood him. When she was doing the monument design, she felt a lot of pressure, but with Saki and the whole class supporting her, she made it. Then Miyasako agreed to do it, and they went to train. The girls returned to the horror house. Saki and Mai prepared to go too, but Kintoleski stopped them. He summoned Uzaina from the musical intruments, and Saki with Mai transformed to Bright and Windy. They started kicking Kintoleski, because they wanted to leave faster and help class. Kintoleski said, that everything without winners or losers is pointless. Bright and Windy got mad, saying, that if they combine their powers, everyone will remember that. Uzaina was about to ttack, but Kintoleski stopped it and started attacking himself. He asked about Miyasako, who was afraid to fail, and Bright with WIndy said, that it's OK to fail - as long as you try again and again until you succeed. Uzaina started attacking too, and them Moop with Foop came. They gave them Spiral Ring Set. The girls used powers of moon and wind, and then defeated Uzaina with Spiral Star Splash. They returned to the horror house, and it was a huge success. Then Kenta and Miyasako got on stage. Their performance was funny, and everyone laughed.

38 (134)- "Aidoru tōjō Hyūga Saki! tte maji!?" ("An Idol is Born, Hyuuga Saki! Really!?")

(アイドル誕生日向咲 ! ってマジ!?)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 38

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 38

Airdate: 29 October, 2006

Hitomi took Yuuko, Saki and Mai to the movie filming, with a famous idol producer. They were filming a sad scene, and Saki accidentally lost her bag with Moop and Foop inside. The 2 mascots fell off, but Saki quickly hid them back inside. The producer noticed them, and they looked cute to him. After the filming, producer came to the group, and asked Saki to come to his office later, giving his card. Everyone were surprised, that Saki got scouted. At home, everyone already knew about her, because they heard about her on TV. Her parents said, that she might have to move away from the city, and Minori started crying. Meanwhile, Moop and Foop were discussing about Saki's scouting, when Flappy reminded them, that if Saki leaves, she won't be together with Mai and they won't be able to transform to Pretty Cure together, making the 2 mascots cry. Flappy said, that if he unites with Choppy and Mai they will be able to talk her, and they stopped crying. Meanwhile, at Mai's, they were talking how lucky Saki was to be scouted, and decided to talk about Pretty Cure business tomorrow. At Dark Fall, Kintoleski confessed, that he is actually training Pretty Cure to the level they can challenge him. Next day, before school, Hitomi organized Saki an autograph session, tiring her out. Mai asked, what is she going to answer, and Saki couldn't decide. Yuuko said, that she knows that feeling - she can't decide to sing or to dance, together with Hitomi imagining Saki as idol, with fans cheering on her by spelling L-O-V-E, but Saki fell. Then they imagined Saki as news reporter, but she failed by saying lunch instead of branch. Then Shinohara-sensei came, saying, that she failed with test again. Meanwhile, Kintoleski came to Panpakapan, and brought some bread. Saki's dad told him, that Saki was scouted, and he is worried about her, since she might have to leave the city. Kintoleski got mad and started running to her, because this opposed to his plans of having a duel with them. After school, Saki and Mai had to meet, but Saki was running from fans wanting her sign. They went to hide in a train, and started talking, when Kintoleski stopped them and brought to some place. Saki and Mai transformed to Bloom and Egret. Uzaina attacked them, with Kintoleski ordering it to train them. It was about to attack Bloom, but Egret used her shield. Kintoleski said, that they shouldn't have taken those forms, but Egret said, that ever since they first transformed they overcame every obstacle, and even if it's last time they transform. Then Bloom got up, and said, that it's not last time. She said, that she loves this city and everyone in there, and she won't leave this city. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set, and used Spiral Heart Splash, defeating Uzaina. After that, she said, that she'll stay. She was unsure how to turn him down. Later, Saki and her mom told the producer, that Saki refused the offer, and he said, that he actually wanted Moop and Foop as stuffed animals to decorate main character's room. Later, the girls told everything to Moop and Foop, and they refused to do a non-moving role.

39 (135)- "Chinjū miminga daisōdō!?" ("The Great Rebellion of the Rare Animals, Miminga!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 39

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 39

Airdate: 12 November, 2006

Near the Sky Tree, Saki, Mai and others were playing hide-and-seek, while Kenta and Miyasako came there to practice Manzai. They were talking about rare animals, and Kenta said, that in the bush they might find some rare animals. He got his hand in the bush, and actually picked Flappy. He got surprised, and dropped him. Flappy was surprised and talked too. He stood still, when Moop and Foop flew talking. Choppy came too, and the boys started screaming. They ran away. Then Saki and Mai came, and Flappy told them everything. Next day at school, Kenta told everything to the girls, but no one believed him. Then Miyasako came, and he said, that he saw them too. He painted the 4 on his notebook, and then everyone believed. Saki and Mai were worried. Meanwhile, Kintoleski was running, and Goyan tried following him with a bike, but he wasn't strong enough and fell. Later, Saki and Mai returned home, and saw professor talking about Flappy and Choppy, calling them Miminga. In the end he said, that everything was just a folklore, but nobody was here to listen to him. In the evening, Saki's parents made some miminga bread, and it looked just like Flappy and Choppy. Next day, Saki and Mai were feeding Flappy and Choppy near the Sky Tree and showed, that she made something to lessen the interest in Miminga, when almost everyone in city came. They said, that they are going for a miminga hunting, and asked Saki and Mai to join them. Kintoleski was watching them from the hill. When everyone were looking for Miminga, Kintoleski came. Kenta's dad gave him the painting, and told him to search together. Then Saki and Mai were standing behind the bush, when Kintoleski came. He changed Flappy and Choppy to their true forms, and shouted, that he found some Miminga. Saki and Mai started running away, and Kintoleski tried showing them the way, but the girls didn't believed him and turned other way, falling into his trap. They fell through the tunnel into some gym. Kintoleski caught Flappy and Choppy, and summoned Uzaina from some muscle training machines. Then he gave Saki and Mai Flappy and Choppy, and the girls transformed to Bright and Windy. They attacked Kintoleski and actually made him fly. Then Uzaina attacked, throwing weights to them. Kintoleski putted them on, but Bright and Windy refused. Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. Uzaina fused with more training equipment, and Bright with Windy used Spiral Star Splash, defeating Uzaina. Later, Saki and Mai told everyone, that they were just doing a puppet show for party at Andou's library. They apologized for all the ruckus they did, but they weren't mad, only glad, that they had an adventure. Then the professor came, and explained, that Mimingas are actually folklore creatures. Everyone were ashamed, that they didn't listen to the whole story. In the end, professor was walking, and real Miminga jumped behind his back.

40 (136)- "Urusa~i! Kintoresukī to tanjōbi" ("You're Noisy! Kintelesky and the Birthday")

(うるさ〜い ! キントレスキーと誕生日)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 40

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 40

Airdate: 19 November, 2006

Saki was in Mai's house seeing the drawings Mai did when she was young, then Kazuya came and then Saki got shy as her cheeks started to get red, then Kazuya started to see the pictures and then told Mai to show another nice picture which was in her room, and then Mai went to search for it. Kazuya then came near Saki and told about the birthday surprise which was going to be the next Sunday and told Saki to keep it a secret till the day came, then Mai came as she saw them talking about something but than they explained a different thing about her pictures, and everyone started laughing.

Meanwhile in Dark Fall, Kintoleski was getting advised not to fail again or he would die as he promised that he would defeat the Cures than he was having trouble about it. While walking Kintoleski was talking with Goyan about training problems as he did his training with legs then Goyan thought in his mind how was he going to look like Kintoleski. After Kintoleski went away. In school, Saki was inviting people in her party without Mai in it because the plan would be ruined if she heard it. Then all of them accepted to do their best in it.

It was sunset and Mai with Saki were walking, Saki wasn't feeling good but Mai cheered her up and then they went away. It was night and Saki was trying to draw but it didn't look, then from the shout that Saki did her sister woke up and went in her room and was talking to her and then she told Saki how to draw better by just looking at someone really close and then Saki was going to do it. While going to school, Mai wasn't feeling good because Saki had a weird look at Mai which was annoying for Mai and made her like something was in her face.

That also happened in class, which was making Mai look uncomfortable. Again it happened, as Mai was walking with her friends and she saw Saki again with her weird look in the bathroom. Then Saki was good with it, but Mai wasn't. In the tree site, Saki was with her Mascots and was drawing, as then Kintoleski showed up wearing grey clothes. And was seeing the picture she did about Mai but then Kintoleski wasn't feeling good, and then he shouted that it was completely wrong.

Saki then said to him what was wrong about it and then Kintoleski said about muscles and then she was saying she didn't have time and then Kintoleski said to her she has to train her muscles more for the battle which was going to happen tomorrow after that he disappears leaving Saki curious. It was night and Saki's sister showed up as then she showed a letter and saw that it was saying that she had to do a battle in seashore at 10 am, and then it said that if she figure out about muscles she would end up with a great picture, and then in the end of it it said it was from.....Kintoleski! Which had an amazing drawing of him which made Saki jealous.

Saki then hurried to tell this news to Mai but then she saw Mai running into her with the same letter and that he was going to attack the city if they didn't showed up. They went in there and saw that Kintoleski was on fire and he told them if they defeated him he would give up a miracle drop. And he also said it would have been the last match with them. Then, Mai and Saki transformed! As they were attacking, Kintoleski was fast and then he went....and transformed bigger and bigger leaving Cure Bright & Cure Windy with their eyes open.

As then Kintoleski was about to melt the city, the Cure's Mascots made Bright & Windy powerful to fight Kintoleski they tried their best about it and with all that power Kintoleski turned into his real form, and was about to disappear, he gave the Cures the miracle drop and then they went to celebrate Mai's birthday and Mai got happy as she received the presents. Then Saki gave her's but Saki wasn't happy about it, Mai then was about to cry and loved the drawing she did and everyone was really happy.

41 (137)- "Ōjō ga abunai! Ubawareta kyarafe!!" ("The Princess is in Danger! The Stolen Carafe!!")

(王女が危ない ! 奪われたキャラフェ!!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 41

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 41

Airdate: 26 November, 2006

The girls have finally collected 7 Miracle Drops to restore the last fountain, and everyone are excited to doing that. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Akudaikan was really angry, that all of his minions have been defeated, and he lost all the fountains. Goyan said, that he has a great plan, and not everything's lost. At Sky Tree, Saki and Mai putted the Miracle Drops into the Fairy Charafe, and went to the Fountain of Gold. Saki and Mai landed on their feet successfully, and Saki caught the Carafe and all the mascots perfectly too. Then everyone together restored the fountain. Then Princess Filia appeared, fully materialised. Everyone were happy and went to her. Then Saki and Mai asked Princess Filia about her words, that they can reach Michiru and Kaoru. Princess Filia said, that she can feel their Life Lights. Everyone have ones, and Michiru with Kaoru too. Their Life Lights are blink, but still shining, but they are in a place full of darkness, where no light comes. Dark Fall. But they first need to restore the World Tree at the Land of Fountains. It requires the power of 7 fountains and Princess Filia. Then Michiru and Kaoru will be saved. Princess Filia took the Carafe, and collected the power of all 6 fountains, with her power added. She said, that they need to pour this to Fountain of Sun. She was about to tell them, but then she knew, that Goyan is here. He asked to tell them about the Fountain of Sun. Saki and Mai transformed to Bright and Windy. Goyan prepared to attack, but actually stole the Fairy Charafe. He putted some dark energy into the Carafe, making the power in it become dark. Then he putted one dead leaf into it, and started shaking. Then he poured the mass on the ground, reviving Karehan. Then he revived Moerumba too, and he started fighting with, as he calls, Karecchi. Goyan said for them to attack Pretty Cure together, and they attacked, but Bright and Windy were strong too. Then Princess Filia asked Goyan to return the Charafe, but he refused and attacked her. Bright and WIndy ran to her. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. Goyan left. Bright and Windy tried chacing them, but Karehan and Moerumba attacked them. Then they used Spiral Star Splash, but it didn't worked. Then they used their new move, summoning dead leaves and flames, with dark power added, destroying almost defeating Pretty Cure, but they got into a fight again over who will defeat them, and Goyan took them back to Dark fall, taking the carafe too. Princess Filia fainted. Later, Goyan showed, that Michiru and Kaoru are alive somewhere under water in Dark Fall, sleeping. Akudaikan didn't destroyed them for some reason, but put them to sleep. He said, that Pretty Cure will be defeated, and Michiru with Kaoru actually moved a little bit. When Princess Filia woke up, Saki and Mai apologized for letting the Charafe to be stolen, and Princess Filia said, that it's too early to give up. Then he said for everyone to go. To the Land of Greenery.

42 (138)- "Okaerinasai! Michiru to Kaoru!!" ("Welcome Back! Michiru and Kaoru!!")

(お帰りなさい ! 満と薫!!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 42

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 42

Airdate: 3 December, 2006

The Cures have restored the 6 fountains, but the celebration wasn't long. Goyan came and stole the Carafe, reviving Karehan and Moerumba. Princess Filia said for them to go to the Land of Greenery. She opened the portal, and everyone returned. Cures and mascots fell near the Sky Tree, but Princess Filia didn't. Then a strange light ball flew near Korone. Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Goyan has rebuilt his home, and showed it to sleeping Michiru and Kaoru, who didn't answered. Later, Saki and Mai missed Princess Filia, and decided to search for her. Evening, at Saki's home, Moop, Foop, Flappy and Saki were looking at the map, thinking where to search for the princess, when Korone came. The mascots asked fir his help, and Korone started talking, saying, that he'll give team his helping paw. He said, that Princess Filia is safe, and they don't need to worry about it. At Dark Fall, Goyan reports his success to Akudaikan, showing all the villains revived. But Akudaikan scolded him for not catching the Princess. Later, at Sky Tree, Korone showed them, that Princess Filia is inside of him. After using her powers, she can't materialize her own body until they get the Carafe back. Then Karehan and Dorodoron came. Saki and Mai transformed to Bloom and Egret. Sadly, Karehan and Dorodoron were stronger, because they were influenced with the power of the Land of Fountains and power of destruction too. Princess Filia said, that the 2 of them can't battle them alone. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. Karehan and Dorodoron kept asking where is the Princess, but Bloom and Egret didn't said a word. Then Dorodoron used his web to tie Pretty Cure's hands. Korone wanted to help Saki, because she saved him back then, but Filia said to don't do that. Then she said for everyone to combine their powers, even if there's 1% chance, they must try it. Moop and Foop gave their powers to Princess, and they started doing something. Meanwhile, Goyan, a his house, was watching the battle from the black mass of the carafe. Then Moop and Foop's power reached Filia in Korone. The black mass in Carafe became 2 light balls. They fell from the cliff and almost reached the water. Just a little bit more. Then Dorodoron strengthened his net, making Bloom and Egret more hurt. The girls said, that they won't give up. Michiru and Kaoru heard Saki and Mai's voices. They woke up, opened their eyes, and talked with each other, but couldn't move. Then Bloom and Egret jumped, cutting the web. They fought again, not giving up. Michiru and Kaoru heard their voices, and decided to no give up too. They combined their powers. Moop, Foop and Princess Filia tried again. The 2 balls fell down, giving powers to Michiru and Kaoru. The 2 emerged from the water, surprising Goyan, and flew to the side of the Cures. Karehan and Goyan were about to defeat Pretty Cure, when Michiru and Kaoru came. They said, that they came to help Pretty Cure. They said, that they didn't forgot their creator Akudaikan, but they have their own wish - to see the Fountain of Sky revived. Then they used their powers,removing Goyan's symbol from Karehan. He said, that his powers were nullified. Bloom and Egret used Spiral Heart Splash, defeating Karehan. Dorodoron retreated. Then Goyan's head appeared and instead of spirits, little Goyan's heads were running away. Then Saki and Mai started crying, welcoming Michiru and Kaoru back.

43 (139)- "Yume ja nai! Minna no iru ichinichi" ("It's Not a Dream! One Day That Has Everyone")

(夢じゃない ! みんなのいる一日)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 43

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 43

Airdate: 10 December, 2006

Saki remembers the times she had together with Michiru and Kaoru. How they met, how they became friends, how they saved them from Akudaikan and how they returned now. Later, the 4 girls were at Panpakapan, and Korone with Princess FIlia explained, that the strong power of their bonds helped to overcome the power of destruction. Moop and Foop helped them for saving them back at the Fountain of Sky. Then Minori came, actually remembering Kaoru, and asked her to help with her book report. Kaoru said, that she has to try and read it herself and write her own thoughts. Saki was confused, because when the 2 disappeared back then, Minori couldn't remember Kaoru at all. Meanwhile, Goyan got scolded by Akudaikan for not finding the Princess, and he said he almost made it, but Michiru and Kaoru got in the way. He said, that they still have Fairy Charafe, and without it they can't restore the Land of Fountains. Moerumba and Kintoleski left to defeat Pretty Cure. Next day at school, everyone met Michiru and Kaoru normally, like they never were gone. Shinohara-sensei said, that final exams begin soon, and Saki wondered, will it be ok for Michiru and Kaoru, since they just got back. Shinohara-sensei said, that she needs to study for everything to be alright. At the break, Saki said for Michiru and Kaoru to start studying now for the exams, and they agreed to meet at her house to study. After school, Michiru and Kaoru knew, that they just need to look a bit at the textbook, and they'll remember everything. It was always like that - they take care of them before theirselves. Later, at Saki's house, the 4 were studying, when 4 mascots got hungry and asked for snacks. Saki gave them, but then Minori came, asking for Kaoru to look at her book report. She looked, and said, that it was pretty good. Kintoleski was watching them from the tree, and wondered, why are they getting along so well. Later, Michiru and Kaoru were going back, and Michiru said, that she had fun today. She feels so tranquil when she is with them. kaoru does too. They wanted to always stay like that, but Moerumba came with Kintoleski. Korone heard that, and started running on 2 feet there. Saki and Mai noticed that, and Korone said, that Michiru and Kaoru are in danger. Meanwhile, Kintoleski attacked Michiru and Kaoru, and the 2 came out in their Dark Fall outfits, fighting Kintoleski. He attacked Kaoru, while Moerumba attacked Michiru. The girls were defeated quickly, but they didn't gave up. Kintoleski called them traitors, but they said, that they don't feel, that they're wrong. They do feel indebted to Akudaikan, the one who created them. Then Kintoleski ultra hugged them, pressing them tightly, but Kaoru used her move to break free. They fought hard, but were defeated once again. Kintoleski was about to kill them, when a furry ball hit his head. It was Korone. Then Saki and Mai came, transforming to Bright and Windy. They stood up to defend Michiru and Kaoru, and Moop with Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. Kintoleski and Moerumba attacked them, defeating They wanted to finish them, but Michiru and Kaoru stepped in. They wanted to use their double move, but Moerumba used fire to stop them. Bright and Windy holded the fire for a bit. Then Kintoleski decided to stay out, speaking from experience. Moerumba didn't listened, attacking straight, and then fire disappeared, with Michiru and Kaoru attacking him, breaking his Goyan brooch and nulifying his powers. Then Bright and WIndy used Spiral Star Splash, defeating Moerumba. Kintoleski retreated. Then Michiru and Kaoru said, that they wanted to believe, that the 2 will come. Bright and Windy said, that this is because they are friends. Next day, Saki got 78 from the english test - this is really much for her. It doesn't beat Mai's 85, but still. Michiru and Kaoru both got 100s. They said, that this is because they studied with Saki and Mai.

44 (140)- "Futari ga kieru? Kurushimi no Michiru to Kaoru" ("These Two Will Disappear? Painful Michiru and Kaoru")

(二人が消える ? 苦しみの満と薫)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 44

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 44

Airdate: 17 December, 2006

Saki, Mai, Michiru, Kaoru and Minori are going by buss, and Minori was talking about snacks she brought. Michiru and Kaoru weren't listening, because they had problems of their own. Mai asked, what kind of animals Minori is drawing, and she said, that she doesn't know which she can draw. Mai said to draw whatever she wants. Saki said to eat whatever she wants, and Minori said that Saki is thinking only about eating. Everyone started laughing, except Michiru and Kaoru. Mai noticed that. Then the girls got out of the bus, and went to the zoo. Ms. Shitataare was here too, posing as popcorn saleswoman. Dorodoron came asking for popcorn, but Ms. Shitataare turned him down, saying, that she has no popcorn to sell for him. The girls were at the petting zoo, when Flappy and Choppy started talking, saying they're hungry. Saki and Mai left to feed them. Then Moop and Foop left to watch animals against Saki and Mai's will. The girls returned, and Minori noticed monkeys fighting. Mai said it's ok, because the boss monkey in the gang is like father, and everyone are like family, so they make up soon. This made Michiru and Kaoru to think about Dark Fall and Akudaikan. Then Minori left to paint monkeys, and Saki and Mai asked Michiru and Kaoru are they alright. The 2 said they're fine. They remembered, how Princess Filia talked to them, saying, that they are actually a thorn between being here and at Dark Fall. The 2 confirmed, saying, that they like being here, at the Land of Greenery, but they feel bad about betraying Akudaikan, their creator. Princess Filia said, that they were revived using 2 different powers - power of spirits and power of destruction. If either disappears, they can disappear too. Princess FIlia said for them to choose a path they believe without lying to their feelings. Back at the real time, Saki and Mai were looking for Moop and Foop, when Ms. Shitataare and Dorodoron attacked. It was raining all over, and Saki with Mai transformed to Bright and Windy. Dorodoron attacked as giant mud ball, but Michiru and Kaoru kicked him out. Then Ms. Shitataare attacked them, and Dorodoron formed another mud ball. Then Ms. Shitataare and Dorodoron told Cures, that Michiru and Kaoru will disappear. They started attacking again, and the Cures were losing. Michiru and Kaoru asked, why aren't they fighting full force, and the Cures said, that they are afraid of losing them again. Michiru and Kaoru said for them to believe. They were the ones that taught them to believe, that destiny can be changed and their wishes can be granted. Then Moop and Foop gave the Cures Spiral Ring Set. Then Dorodoron flew up in the sky, when Michiru and Kaoru used their move, removing Goyan's mark. Bright and Windy used Spiral Star Splash, defeating Dorodoron. Later, Minori showed everyone a drawing she did - monkeys with everyone's faces. Only monkey Saki was eating bananas.

45 (141)- "Kēki to Kazuya to Kurisumasu!" ("Cake, Kazuya and Christmas!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 45

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 45

Airdate: 24 December, 2006

Tommorrow is christmas, and Saki baked a cake to Kazuya. Next day, Mai, Michiru and Kaoru came to help at Panpakapan, because there were so much pre-orders. Minori was helping too. She asked about Kenta, but he said, that he has a performance with Miyasako at the library. Yuuko didn't wanted to miss his performance, and dragged Hitomi along. Everyone will be joining them later. Then Saki asked them a favor - to dress up in Santa clothes. Everyone were in red clothes, and Minori was in pink. Everyone were working hard, and Flappy with Choppy got hungry. Michiru and Kaoru decided to take care of everything, letting them go feed the mascots. Then Saki asked, will Kazuya come to the party, and Mai said, that he had a classmate's party to attend. She said, that she wants to give him a return gift for the one he gave her at her birthday party. Flappy tried saying, that she is going to confess, but Saki made him quiet, and said, that she's going to cook a delicious cake. Meanwhile, at Goyan's place, Goyan was scolding Kintoleski and Ms. Shitataare for not finding Princess, but Kintoleski was training and Ms. Shitataare was combing her hair. They were the only 2 remaining. Both claimed to be strongest, but Kintoleski said, that Ms. Shitataare is not strong, because she didn't trained her muscles. Goyan said, that the one who defeats Pretty Cure will be claimed the strongest Dark Fall warrior. The 2 made a bet to each other and went away. Goyan decided to plan his next move. Meanwhile, at Panpakapan, Saki was worried about the cake she made for Kazuya, and he came... with a girl. They brought some cake. Saki saw everything, and assumed, that she was his girlfriend, and got very upset. She went to her room, and Flappy was telling everything to Moop and Foop, and Saki kicked them out of the room. They met with Michiru and Kaoru, and said, that they need to cheer Saki up. The girls said, that they're bad at stuff like that, and Flappy said, that they should encourage her. Saki and Mai always encourage them, and they'll try too. Meanwhile, the 2 remaining villains were watching Michiru and Kaoru from the tree, desssed as santas too. They were Santoleski and Santataare. They went to the shop, and met Saki's dad. He welcomed them, and called Santataare Santoleski's wife. She was really mad at that. Then Michiru, Kaoru and Mai recognized them, and Saki was still upset. Santoleski couldn't leave her alone, and Saki called them couple. Santataare teleported them to snowy mountains, and the 2 took off their disguises. Saki and Mai transformed to Bloom and Egret. Everyone were fighting, and Ms. Shitataare trapped Michiru and Kaoru with ice bows. She hit Bloom and Egret with her water ball, and Bloom was about to give up, but Michiru and Kaoru encouraged her. Egret did too. Ms. Shitataare was about to finish them, and Egret was alone, but Bloom stood, forming a shield together. With everyone's help, Pretty Cure's power increased. Michiru and Kaoru broke free, and used their move to break Goyan's symbol, making them powerless. Moop and Foop gave the Cures Spiral Ring Set, and they used Spiral Heart Splash, defeating the 2. Right before the end, Kintoeski confessed, that he actually liked Ms Shitataare all the time. Later, at Panpakapan, Kazuya came. He said, that his classmate, who was her earlier, was a big fan of Panpakapan, and wants to bring her boyfriend later too. Then he gave Saki Christmas Present - a cute muffler. Saki gave him her cake, and he liked it. Later, Goyan said, that it's fine. Michiru and Kaoru knew, that they will someday disappear too, and they had something to do before that.

46 (142)- "Hangeki! Akudaikān kyōi no chikara!" ("Counterattack! Akudaikaan's Menacing Power!")

(反撃 ! アクダイカーン脅威の力 !)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 46

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 46

Airdate: 7 January, 2007

Michiru and Kaoru know, that one day they will vanish like the snow, and decided to go to Dark Fall to defeat Akudaikan. They went to Panpakapan, to say goodbye. They kept saying, that they will return. They dropped by, and promissed Minori to go on another sketching trip. Saki and Mai noticed, that Michiru and Kaoru were trying to say something. Later, the 2 prepared to go to Dark Fall, when Saki and Mai followed and stopped them. Michiru and Kaoru kept saying, that they will return with Carafe, because they know Dark Fall like their backs, but Mai refused to let them go. She said, that last time they disappeared, their desks vanished from school and nobody remembered them. They don't want to go through this again. Kaoru said, that they will die if Akudaikan uses his powers, but they didn't care. Korone said, that they have to combine their powers. Kaoru said, that she doesn't want to make Minori sad, and Saki said, that she is important for her too. Then they agreed to go. Everyone left. Princess Filia reminded them, that if they combine their powers, a great power will be born. They went in, as Flappy and Choppy felt spiritual presence. All 4 went to this direction, and saw Fairy Charafe is open place. They knew it's trap, but they couldn't sense Goyan's presence anywhere. They went in, when Goyan grabbed Michiru. Rest of the group pulled her out, but Goyan appeared, grabbing Charafe. Then they appeared before Akudaikan. He attacked Michiru and Kaoru, and Saki with Mai tansformed to Bright and Windy. Akudaikan attacked them too, but they formed a shield together. Akudaikan used more power, breaking the shield. He was stronger, but Bright and Windy didn't gave up. He said, that Michiru and Kaoru exist only to destroy life, that is so fragile and not worthy to be. Bright and Windy said, that he created life - he created Michiru and Kaoru. Akudaikan got really angry, saying, that he created them only to serve him, and everyone ran away, as he started destroying Dark Fall too. After everyone got up from the ruins, He got up angrier than ever. Bright and Windy tried attacking, but Akudaikan was stronger. Then Moop and Foop gave them Spiral Ring Set. They used Wind and Moon powers, and then Spiral Star Splash. It was powerful, but Akudaikan was stronger. It repelled the move, but Michiru and Kaoru protected Bright and Windy. The 2 joined her, but Akudaikan was stronger. He destroyed the shield 4 girls made with ease and was laughing wickedly.

47 (143)- "Daigyakuten! Kuromaku tte dare no koto?" ("Turn of Events! The Black Curtain is Who?")

(大逆転! 黒幕って誰のこと?)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 47

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 47

Airdate: 14 January, 2007

Following from the previous episode, Saki and Mai face Akudaikan, who repels Spiral Star Splash, but Michiru and Kaoru help them defend, but Akudaikan is still stronger than the 4 of them. Even after Akudaikan's attack, the girls still stand, even though they used their energy. However, Akudaikan still has a lot of power. He said he'll destroy everything with his hands, and Bright said, that they will protect everything with their hands. Meanwhile, at the Land of Greenery, a storm came, and all the animals got crazy, scaring Minori. Korone was talking to Princess Filia, and felt, that the power of destruction is so stong, that it affects even the Land of Greenery. Animals sense that. Princess Filia said, that not only the Land of Greenery is affected - the Fountains are too. Spirits are hiding. The presence is still small, but it needs to be driven out fast. Meanwhile, the 4 girls were battling Akudaikan. Michiru and Kaoru went behind a rock, and Moop with Foop came. Girls asked them to go hide somewhere safe. Michiru reminded them, how they met at the Fountain of Sky for the first time - the girls thought, how weak they are and had no interest in them, so they left them at peace, but now they care about them, and want for them to hide and be safe. The girs returned to the battlefield, and Moop with Foop wanted to do something for them. Then they noticed Goyan with the Charafe. They decided to retrieve it. At the battlefield, Akudaikan asked, why are they still fighting - all the life still come to an end with no exceptions. Bright said, that this is the point why is it so important. Because we have to live in it's fullest. Akudaikan still said, that the world belongs to him, and Michiru with Kaoru said, that world belongs to everyone living in it. Akudaikan got angry and attacked them again. He said, that they won't survive another full attack of his, but Michiru and Kaoru encouraged Bright and Windy to don't give up, and they used Spiral Star Splash again. Michiru and Kaoru used their move again, together with Spiral Star Splash, and it collided with Akudaikan's attack. Akudaikan put more power, but suddenly, a light appeared. It was everyone's wish to help Pretty Cure - Korone, Princess Filia and all the spirits' from retrieved fountains cheering for Pretty Cure. Everyone did their best, and hit Akudaikan. Goyan even dropped the Carafe, letting Moop and Foop retrieve it. Akudaikan fell, but he got up again. Everyone were prepared to fight again, when Akudaikan's chest broke. He was emty inside, but still alive and could use attacks. He wanted to destroy everything - even Dark Fall when Goyan came, and started scolding Akudaikan, that he can't destroy Dark Fall. Then he took a fire that was always burning on a rock, and put it down, killing Akudaikan. He said, that this fire is Akudaikan's life. Then he transformed to giant monster, saying, that this is his true form. He said, that Akudaikan was just a tool to take over the world, and he was supposed to become the ruler of new world. Then, because Dark Fall was about to break because of all that power, Goyan teleported everyone to the beach at the Land of Greenery. He said, that they and the Land of Greenery will be destroyed.

48 (144)- "Saishū kessen! Ubawareta Midori no Sato!" ("The Last Decisive Battle! The Stolen Land of Greenery!")

(最終決戦! 奪われた緑の郷!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 48

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 48

Airdate: 21 January, 2007

Following from previous episode, Goyan killed Akudaikan, and turned into him monster form, revealing himself the true leader of Dark Fall. he teleported everyone to the Land of Greenery to fight the last battle. Korone and Princess Filia felt, that the battle moved here. Goyan said, that he'll destroy whole Land of Greenery, because the Fountain of Sun is hidden here somewhere.Then everyone started battling with all their power. Goyan was strong, but neither of the girls gave up. When Goyan was about to make the final blow, Korone hit him as fur ball. Princess Filia revealed herself, and used carafe, that was near, to increase her power, but Goyan repelled her move, throwing the carafe into the ocean. Suddenly, the ocean started shining in golden color. Goyan realised, that this is where she hid the Fountain of Sun. Princess Filia said, that the ocean itself is where all the life is started. Goyan laughed, and used his powers. Moop and Foop said, that this is just like the last time, and Flappy realised, that this is how the Land of Fountains was destroyed. Bright and Windy refused to let him destroy the Land of Greenery and the Fountain of Sun, withering and destroying the land of Fountains, and they used Spiral Star Splash. Goyan said it's more powerful, but not enough. He was sucking all the spirits into his void. Then Bright and Windy used all their power, and reverted back to Saki and Mai. He finished sucking the spirits, and made the Land of Greenery to the world of ruins. Then he attacked the 4 girls, but Michiru and Kaoru still had some power left and used a shield to defend themselves and Saki with Mai. Goyan said, that they are created from Akudaikan's flame of life, but now since it's put down, they will disappear if they use all the energy. they still won't give up, and Goyan threw everyone to a lone dead tree standing on the way. Saki recognized it as the Sky tree, and said, that she couldn't protect it. Michiru and Kaoru were heavily injured. They fainted, and Saki with mai were crying. then Saki's tear shed on a ground, and Flappy said, that the ground is still there. Even if the flowers have withered, the ground for them to bloom is still there. Choppy said, that even though the birds are gone, the sky for them to fly again is still there. Moop said, that the Moon is still there behind all the clouds, and Foop said, that the wind will blow again. Then Saki and Mai regained hope, and Michiru with kaoru woke up. Then the girls asked all the spirits remaining in the land of Greenery to give them powers, and the spirits responded to their strong feelings, making the Sky Tree shine golden, transforming Saki and Mai to Bloom and Egret, and making Michiru and Kaoru as Bright and Windy with different suits. They said, that they care about blooming (Saki) flowers, fluttering (Mai) birds, scent (Kaoru) of the wind and the waxing (Michiru) of the Moon. This is what makes their lives shine beautifully - their world. And they will take back that world with their own hands.

49 (145)- "Zekkōchō nari! Eien no Hoshizora no Nakamatachi!" ("Top Form! We're Forever Friends of the Starry Sky!")

(絶好調なり! 永遠の星空の仲間たち!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 49

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - Episode 49

Airdate: 28 January, 2007

Following from previous episode, the Fountain of Sun was revealed to be the ocean at Saki and Mai's home town. Goyan destroyed the fountain, sucking all the spirits inside and making the Land of Greenery as the ruin world. Then, by the power of spirits, the 4 girls once again become Pretty Cures - Saki as Bloom, Mai as Egret, Michiru as Bright and Kaoru as Windy. The final battle between the Cures and Goyan has started. Goyan said, that the universe once was a dark place, but then life appeared and planted with stars, the universe became noisier and noisier. He just wants to return the universe to it's original state. The Cures still fought, and managed to hurt Goyan, but he became even angrier for that, and started attacking the Cures more and more. He used his full power, destroying the planet completely. The Cures still got up. Bloom said, thatshe has to win softball tournament. She promised that to Izumida-senpai. Bright said, that she wants to try baking bread, because Saki's bread was so delicious. Windy said, that she wants to draw pictures just like Mai and Minori, because they make people smile. Choppy said, that she wants to live in the Land of Fountains, and Flappy said, that he wants to tell Choppy his feelings. Choppy asked, what feelings, and he said he'll tell her later. Mai said, that she wants to keep drawing Saki and others's smiles and paint much more sketchbooks to the future. They all stood up, but Goyan said it's futile. Then everyone putted their powers together, using (Pretty Cure) Spiral Heart Splash Star move. It collided with Goyan's earth-breaking move, and their powers were stronger. Goyan then grabbed Bloom and Egret, wanting to take them with him, saying, that their powers are just like the time life appeared on universe. Suddenly, the spirits and the Charafe returned, and restored the Land of Greenery to the green planet it was. All people returned too. All fountains were restored, and the World Tree returned to life. The Sky Tree bloomed again, and the World Tree was overlapping the Sky Tree. Princess Filia regained her form, and Korone turned to normal cat again. Michiru was enjoying the light, and Kaoru liked the wind, when suddenly they fainted. They said, that they used all their power, and, because the power of destruction disappeared, they have no regrets. Everyone started crying, and their crystals broke and turned to stone. Suddenly, the spirits of the Land of Greenery came, and together with the power of Charafe, revived Michiru and Kaoru. The girls were normal humans now. Then Princess Filia returned back to the Land of Fountains.Later, after a teary goodbye, mascots left. Saki became the captain of softball team. Kaoru joined art club. Michiru tried baking bread, and it was delicious. Then it was Saki's match for finals. Kaoru helped Saki to draw a cheering poster for Saki. Everyone said her drawing was good. Michiru took out her Saki-face bread. It was just like Saki. Then all 4 mascots came to cheer on Saki too. Looks like Flappy told her his feelings. Izumida-senpai was at the tribune, watching her match. Saki was worried about her match, and Mai came to cheer on her. Saki said, that she feels power flowing through her whenever she touches her hand. They went out, and Saki won the trophy.