1 (50)- "Yappari Futari wa Purikkyua~! Densetsu ha Tsuzukuyo Dokomademo!" ("We Are Still Pretty Cure~! The Legend Continues Through Thick and Thin!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 01

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 01

Airdate: 6 February, 2005

Nagisa is getting ready for her first day of school while eating potato chips. Ryouta comes in and tries to snatch some but Nagisa quickly stops him and he runs to their mother to complain. She is then scolded as she complains that they were her favorite chips. Its then her father walks in while brushing his teeth, trying to get into the conversation but everybody complains that they can't understand him. Its then Nagisa and Honoka go to school, but first they say good morning to Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Light everything seems peaceful, but it is revealed that the Queen had been dangerously wounded by the Dark King when he was previously defeated. Its then she begins seperating into her three original parts: Her life, her heart, and her 12 wills. All of the parts wind up in the Garden of Rainbows. Its then a strange girl appears...

In the Dusk Zone, evil forces bent on resurrecting their king awaken.

While on their way home, Nagisa and Honoka are suddenly attacked by a Zakenna. At that very moment, Mepple and Mipple suddenly wake up and allow the girls to transform into Pretty Cure again!

After defeating the Zakenna, the two continue to walk together where they spot Hikari/the strange girl across the street. They feel as if they've met her before, or know her from where but she vanishes within and instant.

As she arrives home, Nagisa gets a note from her mom saying she had taken Ryouta out shopping. Suddenly, a noise surprises her and nervously she enters her room to see the Guardian of the Prism Stones, and the Elder drinking tea.

They explain what happened to the queen and introduce Seekun, the first of the Heartiels to her. They feel as if the Queen is somewhere here in the Garden of Rainbows. Meanwhile the Zakenna butlers are cleaning the mansion when the door opens and Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion walks in, The butlers welcome him home to the mansion...

2 (51)- "Sin'nyusei wa Makafushigi!? Hakkiri Itte Nazo Dakara" ("The Freshman is a Profound Mystery!? But She is Really Full of Riddles")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 02

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 02

Airdate: 15 February, 2005

Hikari is standing on a hilltop with cherry blossoms swirling about wondering who she is and asking questions to the disembodied voice of the Queen. The Queen's voice informs her that her name is Hikari and that she has a fated encounter with some people that are waiting to meet her. She then runs into Akane who is fixing up her small cafe for it's reopening. At first Akane doesn't know Hikari at all but seems to sense something from her, so she offers to take Hikari in.

Meanwhile, Nagisa is talking to her mom while carrying a big plate of snacks and he mom comments that it seems like a lot just for her and Honoka. Wisdom and Elder are sitting at the table while commenting on how nice the day it. Nagisa comes in to see them arguing over the last cracker as Honoka mentions they're loudness could attract attention. As Nagisa tells them they can have one of each snack, Seekun suddenly swoops in and takes them, causing Pollun to chase her around the room until Nagisa yells at them to stop. Nagisa asks them how long they plan to stay and if the Garden of Light is in trouble. Wisdom explains that the Prism Stones will be safe as the Elder says they have to search for clues in the Garden of Rainbows. It's then Seekun goes up to a nearby mirror and asks what the object before her is, to which Nagisa and Honoka explain as the Elder continues to talk of the Heartiels and that 12 of them have appeared. Seekun is one of them, she represents curiosity. Seekun then ask where the Queen is, but they don't know and she explains that the Queen's life and Heart are seperated from the Heartiels. The elder then explains to Nagisa and Honoka what happened to the Queen and how Mepple and Mipple's change to the new cellphones is related, and how the three elements that make up the Queen should be close by to one-another. He also explains that Light and Darkness are two sides of the same coin and something similiar may have happened in the World of Darkness.

They also comment that unless the queen is retuned that the power of Darkness might overtake them at any time. Pretty Cure is the only one who can prevent this by resurrecting the Queen. While they are taking, Seekun slips out the window and starts looking for the queen all on her own. It's then suddenly that Hikari is shown in a crowd of people looking up at the sun...

Nagisa and Honoka meanwhile, notice her again as Hikari comments that she feels as if she's known them from a long time ago. But Honoka and Nagisa have no recollection of this strange girl. Hikari introduces herself, and that she feels that they can both teach her many things and helpd her figure out who and what she is. She suddenly disappears again. Mepple and Mipple note how she seems familiar to them, as if they met her before. Back in Nagisa's room, the Elder and Wisdom are telling Nagisa they have to find the missing Seekun, but she tells them to stay in her room and she and Honoka will search instead, due to them sticking out like a sore thumb. On the way to school, Nagisa bumps into Fujimura, then they begin with small talk on how good he looks in a high school uniform. After he leaves, Honoka shows up and the duo continue to school.

Once there they see the new freshman students walk by and see Hikari with them! Rina and Shiho comment that the new girl seems mysterious. Meanwhile at the Mansion, the mysterious boy is running around and playing with the Zakenna Butlers. As he does, something seems to be born from the darkness.

After school, Nagisa and Honoka come to Akane's cafe when Nagisa mentions that a lot of things are on the menu and begins to wonder if Akane can handle so much work. It's then Akane introduces Hikari as her new partner, then ask Nagisa and Honoka if they have met "her cousin". Akane explains that she has been living with her, so she can attend Verone Academy and is helping her out at the shop. Nagisa and Honoka begin to speak with Hikari as she brings Nagisa some ice cream, accidentally she spills it and goes to get her another. But ask them not to tell Akane about it. Honoka begin talking to Hikari as Hikari brings Nagisa an ice cream cone The shop begins to get busy and Hikari runs off to attend to other customers. While Nagisa and Honoka feel low about not finding any of the Heartiels yet, its then Seekun shows up.

Circulas then appears and starts asking where the queen is and attacks the girls, they ask of his identity as he calls out a Zakenna, which is easily defeated. Circulas runs back to the Mansion, where the boy and butlers greet him. There are three other shadows on the wall and Circulas comments that all of them are there to be the boy's power and instruct him on how to be dark king one day.

Meanwhile Nagisa and Honoka worry that Circulas was looking for the Queen and wonder where they should be searching.

3 (52)- "Korette Unmei? Porun to Hikari Sekkin Sougou!!" ("Could This Be Destiny? Porun and Hikari's Approaching Encounter!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 03

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 03

Airdate: 20 February, 2005

Trying to be quiet since Nagisa is sleeping, Wisdom, the Elder, Pollun, and Seekun play in her room but they end up waking her up as she complains they're too loud in the morning.

On the way to school, Nagisa explains to Honoka that she told them to stay home but knonw to her, Pollun has stowed away in her bag. Again the two of them run into Hikari, who wonders of who they are really but she is quickly pulled off by two of her classmates. Explaining that Honoka is president of Science Club, and Nagisa is the captain of the Lacrosse team, in a way they are like school superstars. Later in class the Teacher asks a quesstion that Hikari doesn't really understand. In her mind, she hears the voice of the Queen tha tells her she actually knows more then what she thinks. Meanwhile, Nagisa discoveres that Pollun has stowed away in her bag and he tries to hand her the lunch she had put in there. She scolds him and tells him he has to stay quiet until Class is over. At the Misumi household, Wisdom and the Elder are trying to hide from Nagisa's mom as she does house work. Seekun, still wanting to look for the Queen escapes from Nagisa's bedroom and they are forced to chase after her until they get stuck underneath a tabl in the living room. In no time Seekun escapes out the front door when Ryouta arrives home.

Back at school, Pollun notices Seekun and begins to chase after her. Hikari is wandering around the school when she spots Honoka leading the science club and Nagisa practicing in Lacrosse. While on the edge of the field, Hikari spots a butterfly and becomes interested in it, following it around and wander too close to the sudden shot made by Nagisa! Amazingly, it barely misses her and everyone becomes impressed by her dodge.

After practice, Nagisa discovers Pollun had gone missing again and they begin to search for him, winding up in the Park. Hikari is at another part of the cafe when she suddenly sees Pollun there, who had temporarily lost Seekun as he entered. At first, she thinks Pollun is a plush toy but when he introduces himself and explains that he isn't a toy, he notices that he seems to have known Hikari for a long time.

Suddenly, spotting Seekun he proceeds to chase off after her again. It's then Hikari seems Nagisa and Honoka on a park bench in the distance as a Zakenna begins to attack! Scared suddenly, Hikari hides behind a nearby tree as she watches them transform into Pretty Cure. In no time they manage to defeat the Zakenna and transform back into normal. Leading Hikari, still in hiding, to wonder about the Pretty Cure and who they really are.

4 (53)- "Hitorijanai! Futatsu no Kimochi ga Kasanaru Yokan" ("You Are Not Alone! A Premonition That Two Moods Overlap")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 04

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 04

Airdate: 27 February, 2005

The episode begins with Nagisa doing her homework for art class when she decides to draw a picture of the Bird Day decorations in the shopping district. Her drawing as pretty bad and a few people passing by comment on it, but she doesn't seem to notice and runs home to finish it. Back in her bedroom, Mepple, Seekun, Wisdom, and the Elder comment on the bad drawing as well, while trying to determine what it is. Pollun has been feeling down after meeting Hikari the day before and Wisdom tries to cheer him up. But this accidentally annoys Nagisa, so she heads to Honoka's while bringing everyone with her, which surprises Honoka as she ask how they all got onto the train without being notices. Nagisa explains that since its so early, nobody noticed. She then asks if she can hide them there for the time being, since her house is much bigger and there's less chances of them being found out. Honoka agrees as the two girls proceed to head to school.

Nagisa turns in her art homework, but then has to explain what it is as the Teacher comments on how bad it looks, however, trying to encourage and not make Nagisa feel bad, she states as long as she had fun with it, thats what matters. Causing the entire class to laugh. Later in the hall Shiho and Rina comment on this as Honoka says that Nagisa will probably still get an A for it anyway. Outside Hikari is watching and thinks about the events of the other day, wondering what Pretty Cure is. She also goes on to think about her meeting with Pollun. The Queen's voice reassures her that she should meet the two of them again to ask about it.

While overlooking Nagisa's drawing, Hikari begins to think about things once more, then goes to wait for Nagisa and Honoka as they are leaving. She asks them about Pretty Cure and Pollun. However, before they can answer her, Mepple and Mipple interupt and they are forced to leave for a moment for a conference with the two of them. Both Mepple and Mipple feel as if they have met Hikari before, or have known her for a long time. When Nagisa and Honoka turn around they see Hikari has left, but they still wish to talk to her so they start to head to Akane's, thinking she may be at work. But when they arrive she isn't there.

Then the two girls think that Hikari might have seen Nagisa's drawing so they head to the shopping district and find her. As they are about to explain everything, Circulas turns the statue in the decorations into a Zakenna and attacks them. Nagisa and Honoka don't want to transform into Pretty Cure in front of Hikari, but realize that its an emergancy and they will be in trouble if they don't as someone could get hurt. So upon transformation, Cure Black and Cure White notice they're not doing too well against Circulas and the Zakenna. Hikari wishes to help them but she can't when Circulas asks them about her and her relationship with them.

After Cure Black tells him to leave Hikari alone, he begins to try and attack her!

Back at Honoka's house, Seekun and Pollun both are feeling something and Seekun once again escapes. Leaving Wisdom, the Elder, and Pollun to run after her. Soon winding up on the Pretty Cure fighting. Both Hikari and Pollun want to help when Pollun suddenly runs to Hikari, explaining that if they both combine their powers they should be able to save Pretty Cure. The episode ends as the two of them are wrapped in Light...

5 (54)- "Sassou Toujou! So no Na ha Shaini Ruminasu!" ("A Gallant Appearance! My Name is Shiny Luminous!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 05

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 05

Airdate: 6 March, 2005

Picking up where the last episode left off, Pollun and Hikari are wrapped in a pillar of light as everyone looks to see Pollun change his form into something resembling a compact. Using it, Hikari is able to transform into Shiny Luminous! Much to everyones surprise... Circulas tries to attack her but she jumps out of the way, due to being very surprised by her own powers and abilities, she wobbles slightly upon landing. With her and Pollun's help, Cure Black and Cure White use "Extreme Luminario" to defeat the Zakenna and drive Circulas away! Later, back in Nagisa's room, Pollun is sleeping in his new form on Nagisa's dresser while everyone is discussing the recent events. Mipple states that the Elder and Wisdom have returned to the Garden of Light after thanking them for the time they had experienced here. They trust the Pretty Cure and Hikari to finish the job. Nagisa complains on how they should have said goodbye in person, instead of a note.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Light, the Elder and Wisdom are sitting on the hill playing Shogi as they discuss the current events. Even going as far as to say that Hikari is the Queen's life.

The following day soon arrives, back in the Garden of Rainbows. Nagisa and Honoka run into Hikari in the Park. They begin to ask if she is the Queen, to which Hikari responds that she doesn't know. Nagisa then starts talking about how surprised she was a year ago when her and Honoka had become Pretty Cure.

It's then suddenly when Mepple and Mipple mention that they feel something Dark coming suddenly. The girls run down by a pathway leading to a river, only to run into Circulas. Pollun pops out of Nagisa's bag and hides behind a small post while they transform into Pretty Cure.

As they begin to fight, Circulas summons a Zakenna while asking if Hikari is the Queen. Once again, the Pretty Cure find themselves having trouble as Pollun runs to Hikari to once again become Shiny Luminous. As she jumps behind them the three girls then prepare for a fight as the episode ends with the Cure's charging towards Circulas.

6 (55)- "Kiwotsukete! Hikari no Atsukai Kiken ga Ippai" ("Be Careful! Hikari's Errand Peril is a Defeat")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 06

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 06

Airdate: 13 March, 2005

Circulas is looking out the window of the mansion recalling the events of the previous day while Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion plays with a radio controlled car. He asks just what Shiny Luminous is as Uraganos walks in and comments that she's possibly something other than Pretty Cure, breaking the door frame as he does so. The car controlled by the boy runs around the room until Uraganos stops it with his foot and gives it back to him. Thinking to himself Uraganos says he will be the next one to investigate Shiny Luminous.

At the Tako Cafe Hikari is helping out by cleaning tables when an old male friend of Akane's, from the company she used to work at drops by to ask for her help. Nagisa and Honoka drop by and wonder if Hikari is alright considering everything that has happened. They head to Honoka's house and recall what happened when they first transformed and had no clue what to do at first. So they wonder if Hikari is possibly in the same state as they were back then. With Sanae's assistance, they make Mochi which she then suggest they take some to Hikari, so they head back to the Tako Cafe.

Hikari tries one and comments on how good it is when she mentions Akane has seemed troubled since the appearence of her friend. The girls try to spy on Akane thinking that he might be a boyfriend of hers but are easily spotted. To rid of them, Akane then sends the three girls on a shopping trip to a market across town but the girls comply anyway, thinking she wanted some privacy. The girls get to the department store, look at the directory and start to look around while trying to find the items on Akane's list. Its then Hikari spots a boy who loses his balloon, she proceeds to chase after it but loses track of Nagisa and Honoka in the Process.

Nagisa and Honoka try to find Hikari but mistake someone else for her due to wearing the same clothing. So next they try to go to the Carnival outside but still cannot find Hikari.

Meanwhile Hikari also can't find the boy who lost his balloon but on Pollun's suggestion she tries to shop as she FwPCMH06 (3) Hikari lends back the balloon to the boy. Himawari hanaAdded by Himawari hana is supposed to, but is having trouble locating it. She walks outside and runs into the boy and his mother, giving the balloon back and then asking for directions to the Food shop. As Nagisa and Honoka reach the Food Shop they find Hikari and hurriedly finish up their shopping. Back at the Tako Cafe meanwhile, Akane is wondering what could be taking them so long.

On the way home, the Octopus Carnival ride has been transformed into a Zakenna! It begins to attack the girls as Uraganos comes out to make his appearence known. Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure and begin to fight while Hikari hides.

Uraganos gets past them and tries to attack Hikari saying that she's not from the Garden of Rainbows and asks who she is. Pollun jumps on Uraganos's face to save Hakari but gets tossed off in the process. Hikari, wanting to help transforms into Shiny Luminous and uses Extreme Luminario to defeat the Zakenna. Later the three girls meet with Akane and she asks them what had taken them so long. They apoloize and explain that something had come up, they had no choice but to take care of it first. Akane then offers to make Takoyaki with the things htyeh ad just bought. Meanwhile, it is also then Seekun meets another Heartiel, Pation (Passion)

7 (56)- "Faito da Nagisa! Kaji de Kajiba no Baka Chikara" ("Fight, Nagisa! The Power of Housework at the Scene of a Fire")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 07

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 07

Airdate: 20 March, 2005

While sitting at the dinner table Nagisa's mom informs the family that she will be going to her class reunion the next day so she won't be there to do the chores. She then informs Nagisa that if she doesn't do them, she will not get an allowance.

The next day, Nagisa decides to put some of it off and tries to get Ryouta to help but in the end she does the work herself. Later when Ryouta asks for homework help she goes off to visit Honoka instead, in hopes that she can explain it to her, then she can explain it to her brother. Meanwhile at the mansion the Zakkena Butlers are playing baseball with the boy while Circulas and Uraganos talk. They want to protect the boy from threats and see Hikari as Shiny Luminous as the biggest one so once again Uraganos agrees to investigate what she is.

The girls then head to the Tako Cafe where they meet Hikari and begin to discuss things. Nagisa mentions to Honoka that she has to get home soon to make dinner but she's a bad cook... Honoka offers to help teacher her a few things however, or else Nagisa may never learn. On the way back they stop and begin to overlook a baseball field where they meet the Heartiel that Seekun has already met, Pation (Passion)!

As they do so a Zakkena made up of baseball and field equipment attacks with Uraganos behind it. Nagisa and Honoka transform into pretty Cure and begin to fight! They do not do so well and end up on the field. Back at the Cafe, Pollun senses that Cure Black and Cure White are in danger and urges Hikari to go and save/help them. Quickly she runs to the field where the chaos is going on when she sees that Uraganos has grabbed Pation.

Hikari says that Pation is too small to fight on his own but he refuses to believe that and manages to get away. She transforms into Shiny Luminous and by using "Luminous Heartiel Action" she manages to weak the Zakenna and drivers Uraganos away. Back at home, Nagisa had done her best to cook the dinner...

Unfortuantly, while it only looks good. It taste awful as they begin to comment on this.

8 (57)- "Nayumi Buttobi! Hikari wo Musubu Minna no Kizuna" ("Let Our Worries Drive Off! Link Hikari's Ties With Everyone")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 08

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 08

Airdate: 27 March, 2005

The Episode starts from Tako Cafe, where Akane is worrying about the changes that she did on the menu. Hikari appears on the door and Akane welcomes her back. Hikari asks is Akane going to close the cafe. Akane is surprised and asks why Hikari is asking something like that. She answers that it was probably same that Nakao asked from her, and he wants Akane back to the company. Akane asks where Hikari has got that information but quick says that she does not have to worry it, she just started with the Cafe and she is not going to close it, and Hikari just have to pay attention on her job.

Nakao appears to the door and Akane & Hikari are surprised why is he there. Then we see Nagisa and Honoka walking talking about chocolate and then they surprised to see Hikari upset. They wave to Hikari and she sees them and tells that Akane is going to close the Cafe. Nagisa is shocked by Akane's case. Hikari point out that she is not sure, but believe that it is like that. Honoka says that it must be hard to decide beetween two very good things and that must be why Akane is not sure about her decision. Then we see "The boy in the Mansion " playing with Zakennas , having too high swing and Uraganos saving him from falling of.

When boy runs to the woods to play, Circulas appears and speaks with Uraganos about Shiny Luminous's powers. Hikari gets back to Cafe being thirty minutes late and Akane berates her, and commands her to clean up the rubbish. Pollun speaks from her pocket and Hikari realizes that Akane was just worried about her. In the evening, we see Hikari and Pollun practicing the word that they have learned. Pollun accidentally breaks a cup and is sorry. Hikari says that it is okay. Akane is still worrying her case, but goes to sleep.

In the morning Nagisa and Honoka are walking to school, talking about Akane and decided to go meet her and Hikari at Tako Cafe. They get to there and ask Hikari where is Akane. Hikari says that she went to shopping to the supermarket in front of train station. Pollun appears and wants paly with Nagisa. Nagisa is appalled by Pollun and says that what would she do if customer appears. Hikari says that she will be fine and Nagisa can go to play with Pollun. Honoka stays with Hikari. Nagisa went to forest with mascots. When everyone lost in the game, Pollun said that he does not and starts spinning around. Nagisa utters that if he would not stop she will be mad at him. Surprisingly Pollun says that he wants Nagisa to be mad on him.

Back at the Cafe Hikari and Honoka are talking about Akane. Honoka asks is there anything Hikari can do for her. Hikari says that she know that it really bothers Akane, and we see a flashback describing Akane's sadness. Honoka noticed a cherry blossom leaf and spots cherry blossoms trees. She says that it maybe blooms after other trees but its flowers are very beauty. Then we see Akane answering on her cell phone and saying that she will walk to Nakao house after her work. Nagisa is talking with mascots in woods. Pollun asks why Hikari does not get angry like Nagisa does. Honoka appears and says: "If you really care about someone, you should get angry on her even without meaning for". Pollun gets sad and runs away.

Akane returns to the Cafe seeing Hikari serving food for an old woman. The woman says that Hikari is helping out seriously and that is very impressive. She says that she has young granddaughter and wants to her help just like Hikari does. Akane starts tearing because of happiness. She gets to back to Cafe and asks is Hikari practicing making takoyaki. Hikari welcomes her back and answers yes. Hikari tells Akane what she feels about her and Akane is glad for all words that she sayed of her. Pollun appears waving whipped cream dispenser, saying that he wants help. Hikari says that she is allright and Pollun can go to play with others. Pollun becomes sad and runs away.

Nagisa and Honoka return to Cafe too. They said that if Akane haves something on her mind she could tell that to them. Akane says that she is already decided and Nakao walks to the Cafe. Akane says that both of them will follow their own paths. She says that they will be fine without her and that she has chosed her own path. She says that someday her little Cafe will grow bigger and it is place for everyone who want taste her great takoyaki. Nakao says that he expected Akane say that, and what she thinks about the other question that he said but Akane interrupt him and says let's talk about it in some other place and they walk away.

Suddenly Uraganos appears and Nagisa and Honoka transform to Cure Black and Cure White. Uraganos says that he does not have time to fight with them and says to bring Shiny Luminous for him. Cure Black says that they are not going to let him take Hikari. Cures kick Uraganos but he attacks them with orange energy blast. At the same time, Hikari is looking for Pollun and finds a huge mess from the kitchen. She finds Pollun doing something and says that she is told him to not be naughty. They hug but suddenly Uraganos appears. Hikari runs to front of him and transforms to Shiny Luminous. She says Uraganos that don't touch this Cafe because it is her and Akane's dream kingdom. Uraganos tries to destroy the Cafe but Luminous stops him with her Heartiel Baton. Cure Black and Cure White stop him with Marble Screw Max. In the end they are eating Ice cream and watching cherry blossom's blooming.

9 (58)- "Jama Sasenai! Honoka no Ichiban Taisetsu no Hi" ("Do Not Disturb! Honoka's Most Important Day")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 09

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 09

Airdate: 3 April, 2005

Everyone was outside talking about Heartiels and how to collect them in Queen's heart after hearing that Honoka and Nagisa saw at Hikari making her suprised and not knowing what they were thinking. In school, Nagisa was playing Lacrosse and was thinking about the bad guy which came to take Shiny Luminous and then that she had to get all the Heartiels before the situation became worse, of the bad guy would take them and destroy the world in Nagisa's mind.

Honoka then was in the lab checking what was happening since she had nothing to do but then became annoyed at seeing people talking and also saw her friends who didn't pay attention of the bottles which made a mess. After school Honoka went with Nagisa talking that she was mean to people and was making people quit the science and then she ran away making Nagisa wonder why. In the next day, Honoka was in the airport waiting for her parents to come since they had left their job for a while.

Honoka then started to worry about her friends quiting but her parents cheered her up since it was her birthday. They went to a restaurant to celebrate, meanwhile Viblis was about to attack and get the Heartiels. Nagisa and Hikari were at a mall finding a Heartiel but Viblis attacked making the city black out, in the mall Nagisa and Hikari were staying to fight the Zakenna before it cause many trouble. In the same time, Honoka also came since the restaurant was far away and transformed with Nagisa, then fighted. While fighting, Cure Black and White were desparate because of not heaving more power, Hikari who was seeng everything was sad and then transformed into Shiny Luminous, and was also fighting, as Mepple then said to her to use all her power so the Zakenna can stuck and then get defeated by Cure Black's power and White's, as that happened everything got back to normal, and they were in the Tako-Cafe so there coudn't be any black out anymore and she also said the truth for her friends that was quiting and hatted her but in truth her friends came as she appoligized to her making Honoka happy.

10 (59)- "Panikku Sunzen! Amukute Kiken na Kengaku Jishuu" ("On the Verge of Panic! Don't Take This Dangerous Field Trip Seriously")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 10

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 10

Airdate: 10 April, 2005

There is Nagisa had been waiting for days, for a practice cake factory tour! Since after the tour you could taste your cake, then they saw Hikari , Nagisa then told Hikari that she was going to do a cake for her making Hikari happy, since she was alone. In the bus, Nagisa was thinking of Viblis who had power and wanting to defeat the Cures, then they arrived. Nagisa was really happy and was smelling the good taste. Everyone had weared hats and were happy to cook, and then the teacher explained everything and how to do it. Then they said that they could make a cake for someone. Nagisa then was thinking of Shougo as he tasted her cake and giving her a sign which told it was good. While all of them were learning the cake and its shape, Hikari was with Akane and were riding and talking about being alone. While making cakes in the cake factory, Viblis was there, making sure if the Cures were there... Everyone was doing cakes and Nagisa was making it faster and faster, messing it up. Then while they were eating their own cakes, Honoka and Nagisa went to search for the Heartiel since they saw it in the floor. While they were running, then Mepple came telling the Cures were in trouble, in the same time also Hikari was turning into a Cure becase she got alerted by her mascot. While they were there they saw a Zakenna and then Nagisa and Honoka turned into Cures. They fighted then Shiny Luminous came as she helped them defeat the Zakenna. They had defeated the Zakenna making everyone back to normal. And were eating their own cakes, Nagisa gave Hikari the cake she promised, even though her mascots didn't like it, Hikari said that the taste was really good making her happy.

11 (60)- "Dai Pinchi! Haato wo Tsunai de Ippatsu Gyakuten!!" ("Big Pinch! Don't Hang Your Heart in This One-Shot Turnaround!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 11

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 11

Airdate: 17 April, 2005

The tournament starts tommorrow, and Nagisa wants them to win the important first match. Honoka took her hand and gave her power. Then they heard a third-grader shouting on second-grader, that she has no spirit. Nagisa tried stopping them and asked to be friendly, because the tournament is tomorrow. Later, when the match is about to start, the same 2 girls started arguing again, and Nagisa stopped them again. Meanwhile, at tako cafe, Akane-san wants Hikari to hurry up, because the match is starting. She gave her some takoyaki, and when she packed it to her backpack, she saw a mysterious package. Akane-san said, that it's not hers, and Hikari left it on a car seat. When Hikari came, Verone was losing 3:0. The third-grader tried passing the ball to second-grader, but the girl didn't caught it, and the other team scored another goal. Hikari asked, is the other team so strong, but Honoka said, that their game is somehow different now. Harmonin said, that they have no harmony. At the same time, in the mansion of darkness, boy in the mansion is playing with Butler Zakenna dice game, and he won. Everyone seems to be waiting for someone, and Uraganos went to finish Pretty Cure and Luminous. Back at the stadium, Hikari found the same package she took out in her bag. The girls in Nagisa's team started arguing again, making Nagisa to calm them down again. Then hikari went to the field, and by holding Nagisa's hands, she said for her to be strong. Then Nagisa asked everyone to take off their gloves and hold hands. She said, that when everyone hold hands, they deliver their feelings to everyone. One girl said, that everyone's hearts are warm. Shiho said, that they sure are, and Rina's hands are sweaty. Rina said, that Shiho's hands that are sweaty. Then everyone started laughing. Meanwhile, Hikari was alone at the swings, when Viblis came. Nagisa's team scored some goals equaling the result. Mipple and Mepple felt evil presence too. Hikari transformed to Luminous. Then Viblis made Zakenna from the electricity tower. It almost defeated Luminous, but Nagisa after winning the match 5:4 came with Honoka and they transformed to Pretty Cure. They saved Luminous from Zakenna, and used Extreme Luminario to defeat it. While they were using it, Viblis saw Queen in Luminous. Later, after scolding Hikari a bit for fighting alone, Nagisa thanked her. Everyone were happy, and a golden light started to shine from Hikari's bag. It was the same package. When Hikari took it, it turned into some kind of chair. Seekun said, that this is where the Heartiels live. Harmonin entered the chair and turned into green jewel with a chest. Pation entered too, and turned into red jewel with a torch. Seekun said, that she'll enter the last. And she confirmed, that this is Queen's heart.

12 (61)- "Shoubai Hanjou! Kougen no Kafe e Irasshai!" ("Business Prosperity! Welcome to the Cafe's Plateau!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 12

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 12

Airdate: 24 April, 2005

In the mansion of darkness, the boy is sleeping, and threw a ball out of his hand. The ball rolled down the stairs. At first floor, Viblis was thinking about Luminous, and the ball rolled down. Then someone they were waiting for showed his eyes and destroyed the ball. Meanwhile, Nagisa remembered about the Queen Chairect. Later they came to Akane-san's place, and saw that she's closing up early. She said she is going to a ranch tomorrow, and asked for everyone's help. She said they'll leave at 5 AM, and Nagisa said her catchphrase. Next morning, Honoka and Hikari were singing, and Mipple with Mepple watching the scenery. They were about to get lovey-dovey again, and Porun disturbed them. Akane-san heard someone saying "Porun", and asked, who is that. Honoka said, that she just misheard, while Hikari made Porun quiet. Then Nagisa started dream-talking. Obviously, she was dreaming about food. She dreamed about eating huge chocolate cake. Later, when they arrived at the ranch, Hikari found a baby goat. Porun changed to his true form, and jumped on the goat's back, saying, that it's white Chuutaro. The goats got scared. Everyone asked him to come back. Mipple and Mepple decided to take him back, but got scared of a yawning cow. Then Porun understood, that the goat doesn't like it, and apologised her. Then Hikari saw, that the goat's name is Bell. Nagisa asked, if it's true, that goats eat paper. Honoka said, that they can eat papaer, but now paper has ink and other chemicals, that would upset their stomachs. Then Akane-san called them, wanting to open the cafe. Hikari had to leave Bell-chan. They opened the cafe and tried advertising, but nobody came. There were plenty of local shops there. Then Bell-chan came, looking for Hikari. She had flowers stuck on her. Then everyone decided to do a highlands takoyaki set - hot takoyaki with cold ice cream and decorated with highland flowers. They advertised it, and many customers came - mainly, because kids wanted to play with Bell-chan. But everyone loved the set. Then everyone went to see how cows are being milked, giving everyone a rest. Meanwhile, cows and goats at farm felt something bad. Bell-chan came to Hikari, and was scared. Even Porun said, that it's scary. Hikari chaced Bell-chan, and in the milking place a post fell down, scarying everyone. They headed to the place where cafe is, throwing off a table and blocking cafe's window. Then Hikari stopped Bell-chan, and saw Baldez. Then Nagisa and Honoka came, and everyone transformed. Baldez turned the hay tower into Zakenna. Black and White tried attacking it, but they were thrown down by haystacks. Luminous used Heartiel Action, and froze Zakenna. Black and White used Marble Screw Max, and defeated Zakenna. Baldez was about to attack, but he changed his mind and went away. Later, all 3 were at Bell-chan's paddock, and remembered, that they were forgetting something. Akane-san was alone at the cafe, trying to serve the customers by herself.

13 (62)- "Nagisa Oyako de Dai Batoru? Hana no Kokoro Koshirazu!?" ("Nagisa's Great Parent-Child Battle? Neglecting a Mother's Heart!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 13

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 13

Airdate: 1 May, 2005

It's late evening, and Nagisa goes to return Honoka's notes. her mom asks her to put something on, because it's getting cold in the evenings. She says, that she'll bring something herself from her room, but Nagisa asks her not to go, because her room is "a bit" messed up. Her mom says to put on something herself, but Nagisa just goes out. Later, she was telling the whole story to Honoka and Hikari. Honoka said, that she's a bit jealous, because even if she wanted she couldn't get into a fight with her parents, because they live separately. Then Akane-san called Hikari, saying it's time for cleaning, and Nagisa started sneezing, but still denied, that she's cold. Later, it was shown that she caught a cold and has a fever. Nagisa's mom came to her room, and said, that Honoka and Hikari came. Nagisa wanted to go meet them at the door, but her mom said for her to sleep - she'll call them. Then the girls were talking, and Nagisa said, that she's fine and will go to school tomorrow. Then they started talking about their battle, and everyone said, that they'll protect Hikari. Hikari said, that she's happy for their words, but she still doesn't know what should she do. Nagisa said, that she should just be herself - they're not protecting her because of the world - they are protecting her because she is she. They are protecting her so they could always stay together and know each other better. Meanwhile, a new Heartiel appeared in the Garden of Rainbows. Next morning, Nagisa said to Honoka and hikari, that she is still fighting with her mother. Mepple tried repeating what she said with -mepo, and Porun got worried, that Nagisa's mother kept saying -mepo all the time. Nagisa said, that she might not make up with her for entire life. Meanwhile, Nagisa's mother was sneezing - she caught cold from taking care of Nagisa. Hikari was thinking, is there anything she could do. Later, when Nagisa returned home, she knew, that her mother has a fever. Her dad asked her to go shopping for groceries with him. They talked her mother to write the shopping list and they went shopping. When they came to one shop, salesman remembered her as little girl who used to came here holding hands with her mother. When they came to another shop, saleswoman was carrying a baby on her back. Her dad said, that it was not long time ago, when she was like that. He told her a story, about when she was a child, she used to get sick often, and he mom kept worrying about her every time. Once he was out with his job, and her mother carried her on her back all the way to the hospital, when her coughing didn't stopped all night. Then Nagisa understood, that she completelly ignored her mother's feelings acting like that. She decided to go home and apologise to her mom, but Circulas came and made Zakenna from a bridge. Honoka and Hikari came too. Circulas asked, when will the Queen be resurrected, or is there something that they are still missing for Queen's resurrection. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. Hikari transformed to Luminous too. While Black and White were battling, a Heartiel came. Circulas also noticed it. He said, that it was tiny, but had a lot of power. Then Black and White used Marble Screw Max and defeated Zakenna. Then Nagisa returned home, and saw, that her mother was fine and ate the odangos. She started crying, saying, that she was worried about her. Then Nagisa's dad returned, saying, that he couldn't find corn anywhere. Nagisa's mom said, that corns are sold in cans too. Dad said, that he brought popcorn. Everyone started laughing.

14 (63)- "Fujipi-senpai GANBA! Nagisa Kiai no Ouenki" ("Go for it, Fuji-P-senpai! Nagisa's Cheering Flag of Spirit")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 14

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 14

Airdate: 8 May, 2005

Nagisa and Honoka were going home from school, when Nagisa remembered previous episode events. Then Hikari caught up at them. They were going at the park, when Honoka saw Fujipi-senpai. He said, that he'll have a match this Saturday, because he is aiming to become a regular. Nagisa said, that she'll come cheer him. Then fixed, that all of them will come. He thanked, and went away. Nagisa was worried about what should she do. Later, at her room, Nagisa was thinking what to do, how can she cheer him on, and Pyuan (Heartiel from previuos episode) got impressed by that. Seekun told, that Pyuan is very sensitive to pure hearts. Mepple started laughing, saying, that Nagisa is always like that about Fujipi-senpai, and in the end she still says nothing to him. Then Nagisa started pulling Mepple's face for these words. Next day at school, Nagisa said to Honoka and Hikari about her idea to make a flag to cheer him. Honoka offered to help, but Nagisa said, that she wants to do it alone. Hikari asked, what happened to her, and Mepple said, that she has a crush on him. Nagisa started threaten Mepple, and later denied, that she likes him. Later, at the cafe, Hikari wondered what does "liking someone" means, and Queen's voice from Chairect explained, that it's a pure feeling. In the evening, Nagisa tried creating design for a flag, but redone it 10 times, because she can't paint good. Pyuan, Seekun and Mepple were talking loudly, and she snapped, because she can't focus. Meanwhile, in the Mansion of Darkness, the boy in the mansion was playing with a new toy - a hellicopter, while Circulas told Baldez about the Heartiels. Baldez destroyed all the candles and said for him to go and find out. Next day, Nagisa had done the flag and came to the game. Honoka asked her to show the flag for a bit, and she showed. The flag was a bit cocky (by Mepple), but Honoka said, that it's important, that she made the flag. It contains her feelings for Fujipi-senpai. Then Nagisa got shy and hid her flag. The match started. The rival team got the ball, and Honoka said, that maybe it is better for Nagisa to start cheering with the flag. Nagisa thought too, and saw Circulas. He was standing on a fence. Honoka and Hikari saw him too. Nagisa said for them to go away, so he won't do anything to the match. They headed outside, and saw Circulas standing on a statue outside. He asked them to give the Queen's life to him. The girls protected Hikari. Then he summoned a Zakenna on the statue. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They started attacking Zakenna, when Circulas came to Hikari to battle her, she transformed to Luminous too. They fighted, and Zakenna caught Black and White. Circulas was about to battle Luminous, when Pyuan came in the way. Circulas caught Seekun and Pyuan, when Luminous used Heartiel Action. Seekun and Pyuan got free, but Circulas recovered from Heartiel Action. Then Black and White used Marble Screw Max, and defeated Zakenna. Then everyone returned to the game. It was the 2nd half already. Last minutes are going. Captain gave ball to Fujimura. He was about to kick, and Nagisa rolled out her flag. He was happy for Nagisa's flag, and scored the first goal. The game ended, and Verone high won. Later, Fujipi-senpai thanked Nagisa, because this flag really gave him strength.

15 (64)- "Akogare no Senpai ha Daishinyuu!?" (A Senior's Aspiration is a Great Close Friend!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 15

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 15

Airdate: 15 May, 2005

At school, Hikari again stares at the sky through a window while her classmates chatter with their friends. Seeing how lonely Hikari seems, Nao and Miu decide to invite her to go with them to a flea market in the weekend.

When they all go, Nao asks what Hikari does on weekends usually, and Hikari tells about working at her cousin's cafe. Then, when Nao wants to know if it's okay she isn't helping there today, Hikari explains that Akane told her to "study life". Hikari's two classmates exclaim at the formality Hikari speaks with, saying just "yeah" is fine. The three girls go to a flea market, looking through clothes and things they thought were cool and cute. Later sit on a bench, talking about who they look up to (example: Seniors, role models, idols at school) . Hikari remembers Nagisa's reaction to Fujipi from before, and mutters her name. At once, Miu and Nao agree that Nagisa is cool, Nao thinking she is the best. Miu thinks Honoka is the best, and the two of them mimics their role models. The two friends almost argue when Miu comments that Nao will never fulfill her wish of becoming exactly like Nagisa. Nagisa comes from shopping some bread for her mother and came across them. She chats with Hikari while Nao and Miu stare at her in awe before introducing themselves. Nagisa was quite surprised by their cheerfulness/ enthusium.

Honoka left the library and enjoyed the nice weather before going to the same market. Meanwhile, Nagisa, Hikari, Nao, and Miu were walking together. They got excited when Hikari answered their question of being friends with Honoka and Nagisa got frightened when they shouted out. When Nagisa suggested they should take a break, a basketball rolled down to her feet from a basketball game nearby and Nao throws it to the players. Nao asks Nagisa that they should play since Nagisa is great at basketball, which Nagisa tells her she never played. Nao was shocked hearing what Nagisa said and begins to mimics her explaining she is the Lacrosse captain and she's afraid of a little basketball game. Miu joins Nao mimicing as Honoka telling about the history of Basketball. Nagisa was confound by their performance. Nao talks to the players and tells the girls that they could play for a bit. Nagisa was worried that they were going to face male high schoolers and Nao told her to not worry that they have Nagisa, shocking her before pulled away. Hikari asks if Miu isn't playing and Miu explained she's not good at sports. Nao called her name to come play shocking Hikari. Miu pushes her to go join and tells her to "Get out there and 'study life' " The game starts with the girls start first insisted by the boys . Miu sits and watch, a special person came over surprising Miu. Nagisa got the ball and passed it to Hikari. Hikari nervously, throw the balls the ball to the basket, but swiftly stolen away by one of the boys and got a point. Hikari apoligized to Nao, but Nao tells her to brush it off. Miu worried about the girls that they are facing high schoolers and fear they were going to lose. Honoka beside her asks if Nao was her friend on the court. Miu told Honoka her name and Honoka says she's really good. Miu was dumbfounded from talking to Honoka, her role model.

In the game, the girls were trying their best, but the boys were winning throwing the balls into the baskets. The girls were exhausted trying to catch their breath. One of the boys step up to Nagisa suggesting she and the girls can borrow the ball for shoots and quit the game. Nagisa looks at Nao, seeing how hard she tried, asked to play a little longer. Then Honoka shouted a break. Nagisa was glad to see her. She told Nagisa to move like in lacrosse, even though the ball is a little bit bigger. For Nao she told to trust a bit more in her team and don't worry about Nagisa and Hikari. Just play. For Hikari she said, that she is often on good position, and she should shoot. Then the girls returned to the game. Nagisa tried moving like in lacrosse, and scored a goal. Later, Hikari tried taking the ball, but she was scared and fell. She was cleaning her dust, when the ball rolled her way. Hikari took it, and, seeing the buy coming her way, she shooted the ball, and it went in. Then Nao and Miu came to Hikari - they won - and thanked her, calling her by her name. Hikari was glad. Then Seekun and Pyuan came, because Seekun felt a Queen, and Pyuan was amazed by all pure hearts they putted in sport. And Circulas was watching them with it's bad eye. Suddenly, sky got dark. Circulas came, and asked, what relationship is beween those little floating things (Heartiels) and the Queen's ressurection. Nagisa said, that there is no relationship, and Circulas understood, that there was a relationship. He said he'll just ask Queen's life (Hikari) over there, and the girls transformed. They threw Circulas up, but he said, that they are weak. He said, that Garden of Rainbows will be consued by darkness, and Hikari opposed that. She transformed to Luminous, and Circulas came to her, but was stopped by Black and White. Circulas asked, why is she protecting those powerless things, and Luminous said, that they are not powerless - they were the first in her class to invite her out. Then the girls combined their powers and used Extreme Luminario. Next day at school, Nagisa was telling Honoka, that yesterday when everyone won, they were so happy and started eating bread. When Nagisa returned to the store, the bread was all sold out, and her mom was really angry. Honoka asked, wasn't she the one who ate the most, and Nagisa said, that she was hungry. Then Nao and Miu ran by, and stopped a bit to say hello. They said, that they have morning duties today, and have to hurry. Then Hikari ran by too, saying, that she has morning duty too. She followed Nao and Miu calling them by their names, and Nagisa and Honoka smiled.

16 (65)- "Nagisa Norinori! Rakkii Karaa de zekkouchou!!" ("Nagisa's in High Spirits! The Lucky Color is in the Yellow!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 16

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 16

Airdate: 22 May, 2005

Nagisa's friends, Shiho and Rina were reading a book about horoscopes and told Nagisa she was going to have a great week, and then more of reading, Rina told her also that yellow was her color this week, from that then Shiho gave a yellow book to Nagisa but Nagisa didn't really care. Then she met Hikari and were learing more about the Queen as they were recieving Heartiels. Meanwhile, then Nagisa had to go since she had to buy things for her mother. While buying a shopkeeper came and told that there was a bingo and also a price. Then Nagisa went as then she had won and got a large melon.

While going home she saw Fujimura as then she became shy, Fujimura came to say thank you for the day she made him a flag and then he went away..since then Nagisa had bought things which were in color yellow. After in school, a statue was shown called "The Statue of Tomorrow" as then Nagisa went in her classroom. In there she showed her friends..her things in color yellow and then her two friends then were happy since she listened to them. As then she went to Akane's shop and was eating she told everyone about her favorite color.

Nagisa was home and was studing and when she was done, she got asked by Mepple if she knew it perfectly but then Nagisa said she was going to guess the right answer making Mepple feel sad and wanted Nagisa to study more. While then Honoka was studying for test, and then got asked by Mipple that why she studied hard and she had answered by telling Mipple that studying was going to make a bright future. Honoka then she sat down watching the full moon, while from a far distance, a Heartiel had been watching her, and then went away as she saw Honoka studying more.

In school everyone was preparing for test as then Uraganos came as he then made a Zakenna out of the statue. In school Hikari was seeing people down and transformed to fight the Zakenna with Cure Black and White. They took the Zakenna down easly as then Shiny Luminous did Heartiel Action, and then Cure Black and Cure White did Marble Screw Max and the Zakenna had defeated. Everything went back to normal, as then they saw the new Heartiel, Inteligen but she most wanted to be a friend with Honoka more than Nagisa, then in the same day everyone did the testing. The results then Honoka got a good score while Nagisa didn't making her not beliveve in luck again.

17 (66)- "Dousuru!? Nayameru Honoka no Kenkyuuhappyoukai" ("What's This!? The Distressed Honoka's Meeting for Reading Research Papers")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 17

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 17

Airdate: 29 May, 2005

Nagisa is having another lacrosse practise, and Honoka is preparing for the science presentation. The club is voting for the theme. There are 2 choices: new theme "trash and us" and last year's theme "the origin of lighting". Both ideas scored only one vote, because the first-graders don't know what to choose. They are thinking of choosing lighting, because it would be easy as last years's theme, but trash was Honoka's idea, so they don't know which to choose. Honoka decides to hold another voting. Later, Nagisa thinks about previous battle, until Mepple wakes her up from her thoughts. He says, that she hadn't made any progress in her homework. Nagisa said, that she should've asked Honoka about this, but Mepple reminded her, that Honoka is busy preparing for the science fair. Nagisa said, that this is why she hadn't called her yet. Then Inteligen lectures her about how she should study. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, the boy is looking through the window. Butler Zakenna try asking the villains, but they just got mad, saying it's too early and it's not their business. Later, at school, everyone decided to do lighting theme. Yuriko was happy, saying it brings her memories of last year. Later, when going home, Yuriko noticed, that Honoka is somehow reserved from everyone. Honoka was surprised by those words, and denied it. Then Yuriko said, that they should've done the trash theme she suggested. Honoka said, that everyone decided on lighting, but Yuriko said, that she'll talk them. Then Honoka started thinking why did she joined the science club. She kept thinking that at tako cafe. Then Nagisa came, eating takoyaki. Honoka asked, how was her job as captain, and Nagisa said, that everything is falling appart, because underclassmen need to improve quickly. Then she chocked, but was fine. Then Hikari came, thanking Honoka for a thing she made. Honoka explained to Nagisa, that this is called "handy". When customers order something, she just need to click on the screen with a pen. Nagisa asked to try order her another portion of takoyaki, and she did ordered - 5 portions of takoyaki. Then Akane-san came giving Nagisa her order. She thanked Honoka again for the device. Nagisa said, that Honoka really likes thinking about stuff like that. Then Honoka's eyes started sparkling, and she thanked Nagisa for her words. Then she went out, jumping in joy, that she finally remembered it. Later, she offered for the club to do the trash theme. She said, that what they chose wasn't a theme but rather approved topic. She said, that she joined the science club because she loves science, and want others to experience that, by making new discoveries. Then everybody headed to the work. Later, Nagisa and Hikari were waiting for Honoka, who was finishing her works at the last minute. She made a remote, and went to pick some trash. Meanwhile, Porun felt something bad, and said, that Honoka is in trouble. Everyone ran to the school. Honoka and Yuriko noticed, that trash pile that was here 5 minutes ago was now gone, and Zakenna came from trashes. It trew girls into the bushes. Yuriko fainted, and Honoka accidentally threw a remote she was working on. Then Nagisa and Hikari came. Nagisa went to Honoka, anding, by Uraganos' order, Zakenna attacked Hikari, hiding her under trash. Then she transformed into Luminous. Nagisa and Honoka transformed too. Then girls started fighting, saying, that she doesn't have time to fight, because this is White's important presentation. Uraganos said, that this has nothing to do with him, and attacked them, almost shooting Yuriko. White said, that she won't forgive him for that, and with Luminous they used Extreme Luminario. They all ran to the presentation on time. But they couldn't do anything without remote controller, that was broken at the school field. Then Yuriko asked, is anyone here on bike, and one girl had a bike. She borrowed a bike and went to Akane-san's. They barely made it, because their turn was almost here, but Yuriko came with Tako Cafe's Handy. Honoka started her presentation, using Handy instead of a remote controller. At first it was funny, because instead of charts, Tako cafe's menu appeared, but later real charts appeared. After she finished her presentation, the audience started clapping. Honoka apologised to her club, that she almost ruined everything they tried so hard for, but everyone said it's ok. On their way home, Nagisa was teasing Honoka a bit, and when they went through Tako Cafe, Akane-san came, asking what are they doing with her important business tool. Yuriko apologised and thanked her.

18 (67)- "Kyanpu da Hoi! Tayori ni naruno wa Otousan!?" ("Camping, 'Hoy! Becoming reliant on Daddy!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 18

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 18

Airdate: 5 June, 2005

The episode begins with Nagisa and Ryouta packing their stuff (snacks), and their mother said, that they should also pack their towels and other stuff, not just snacks. Ryouta asked Nagisa to pack his toiletiers, but Nagisa refused. He looked at her backpack, seeing so many snacks, that there is no place left. Nagisa started to threaten him, and he ran to their mother. She asked them to be nice to each other, when someone opened the door. It was their dad with the camping stuff. He fell, and everyone went to look is he ok. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, Butler Zakenna were cleaning (and arguing too), when the boy asked them, what is on the other side - outside the mansion. Butler Zakenna were whispering, not knowing, what to answer, when Uraganos came. He putted the boy down from the chair, and explained, that it's still too early for him to know about outside world. Later, Nagisa with her family were already going camping, and they took Honoka with Chuutaro. Honoka waved for her grandma, and Chuutaro barked, saying goodbye too. Nagisa said, that it's sad, that Hikari couldn't go together, because she said she was busy. After saying goodbye, Chuutaro tried getting Ryouta's snacks, but he moved them. He asked, why does Chuutaro has to sit with him, and Nagisa said, that little brothers should play nice together. Everyone started laughing. On the top of the roof, Seekun and Inteligen were going too. Inteligen said, that Garden of Rainbows is a wonderful place. In the back of the car, Mepple was glad, that Porun won't disturb them, and Mipple said, that it's sad, that he'll miss such an adventure. Mepple said, that she is very kind, making her blush. After going a bit, Nagisa's mom said, that it's the first time they're all camping together. Althrough, when they were still dating, they used to come there a lot. Nagisa's parents remembered their young days, and both Nagisa and Ryouta leaned forward to hear more. Honoka laughed a bit, and Chuutaro barked. Then everyone started laughing again. When they came, everyone started building tents. Nagisa's mom asked, if Honoka is natural (likes being at nature), and she said, that it's her first time. But she is happy to be sleeping in a tent. Then Nagisa's dad and Ryouta took the stones to make a fireplace. After they cooked the rice in this fireplace, it cooked great. Then they went to show it to her mother and to eat. At the same time, Mepple made a tent for Mipple to sleep in. Meanwhile, at the other place, Hikari was working at the cafe, and Porun was bored. When everyone at the camp were about to eat, Akane-san and Hikari came. Akane-san said, that she opened a cafe down in the parking place, and, after selling everything, she smelled them camping there. She said, that Hikari didn't said anything about being invited camping. Hikari said, that it's because she didn't wanted to leave her alone, since she once took a break from helping at the cafe. After eating, Akane-san left Hikari with everyone, and drove away. Porun was dancing with Mipple, and she said, that they can sleep together in a tent, much to Mepple's dismay. Later, at night, the girls were playing cards in the tent, Nagisa's dad with Ryouta were sleeping after eating sweets, and Nagisa's mom told them to better get into their sleeping bags. At the top of the tent, Inteligen and Seekun were watching the stars. Seekun asked, how many stars there is, and Inteligen told, that it's more than 100 billion. Maybe even more than 200 billion. When the girls wanted to play another game, Nagisa's mom came, saying, that they should better sleep, because they are going to the waterfall tomorrow. Then the girls went to sleep. The mascots were sleeping too, and they threw Mepple out of the tent. He was cold and started sneezing. Next morning, when the girls woke up, Nagisa's parents were baking bread. Hikari was surprised, that they can make bread in those pots. Then Ryouta woke up. Everyone noticed, that Nagisa is gone. Honoka said, that they woke up together, and Nagisa probably fell asleep again. When they came to the tent, Nagisa was sleeping, and dreaming, that she is eating something. Chuutaro was licking her face, and Porun jumped on her sleeping bag, trying to wake her up, but nothing worked. Then Honoka said, that breakfast is ready, and she woke up. After eating, everyone prepared to go, when Chuutaro started barking and ran off. Mepple said, that he has a bad feeling. Girls chaced Chuutaro, and it started to rain, but the sun was still here. The girls chaced Chuutaro, and saw a pile of trash. Chuutaro was still barking, and Uraganos came. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Uraganos created trash Zakenna, and the girls started fighting him. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous. Girls used Extreme Luminario and defeated Zakenna. They returned back, but Nagisa's dad said, that they shouldn't go, because the current of the river is speeding up. They drived away, and after returning to Akane-san's, she said, that a landslide was near the place they camped. She was worried, that they went to see the waterfall. Later, Inteligen gave the girls notebooks, and returned to the Chairect. Her crystal was purple with a book on it. Everyone were glad for the gifts.

19 (68)- "Hikari Komatte! Nagisa ga Tenkou Arienai!" ("Hikari is Worried! Nagisa's Changing Schools--Unbelievable!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 19

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 19

Airdate: 12 June, 2005

Nagisa was going to school, and remembered last episode, when Inteligen gave them cute notebooks. She wanted to take it, but when she opened her bag, she couldn't find it. She dropped all her stuff on the ground, creeping a child with mother that was standing next to her. She returned home, and heard her parents talking about something. Her father mentioned moving to Osaka, and her mother said, that they'll tell Nagisa after she returns home. Nagisa entered the house. Her mother asked, did she forgot something. Nagisa said, that it was her notebook. Her mother gave her a notebook, scolding her a little, and pushed out the door to go, or else she'll be late. She said, that they'll tell her everything after she returns home. Nagisa got into train, and was worried. Moving to Osaka means changing schools, and she had such good friends there. At school, Nagisa was sad. She just couldn't tell Honoka she was moving to Osaka. When Honoka asked, why is she so sad, Nagisa tried telling her, but she just couldn't, so she said, that she just didn't ate enough breakfast, because she was running to school. Honoka said, that it's just like Nagisa. Nagisa was thinking, that she'll tell Honoka after school.Later, after school, Nagisa was in forest near tako cafe, and she said loudly, that she can't tell Honoka, that she's moving to Osaka. Then she ran away. Meanwhile, Hikari was returning from her shopping, and heard what Nagisa said. She was shocked, that Nagisa is moving far away. Later, after returning home, Nagisa was relaxed, that she's not moving anywhere. Her father said, that the one who's moving is his boss. When Nagisa said, that she heard, that she'll be shocked, her father explained, that he won't be able to go shopping for lacrosse with her this sunday, because he helps his boss to move. Ryouta started teasing Nagisa, saying, that because she jumps to conclusions she fails on tests, resulting in cobra twist. nagisa's mom said, that she can't believe, that Nagisa really thought, that they're transferring, and her dad said some lame joke again. Meanwhile, Hikari was worried about Nagisa transferring to Osaka. Next day, Hikari noticed, that Nagisa is all cheery again, thinking, that it's really hard for her to tell Honoka. She decided to tell her it. She came to Honoka in the hall, tried telling her, but she just couldn't. Hikari decided to say it straight to Honoka. She went back to the science club through the corridor, when suddenly the sky got dark and the corridor got much longer. Porun told her to run. At the same time, Honoka was listening for trees with a stetoscope, and noticed, that everyone are gone. Mipple said, that she has a bad feeling. Then Nagisa noticed, that everyone at lacrosse practice are now gone. Mepple felt bad feeling too. Then Nagisa saw honoka. They wondered, where Hikari is. Honoka said, that it this time she's supposed to be at Akane-san's already, but then a giant Zakenna mass came from school's roof with Hikari in it. Then that mass consumed Hikari and turned into 3 ice dragons and attacked. Nagisa and Honoka tried dodging it. Meanwhile, Hikari was inside Zakenna, when Circulas appeared. He asked, how is she related to His (the boy's) growth. Hikari was worried, that Nagisa will soon move away, but he didn't cared her circumstances. Hikari was about to cry, but Porun shouted her, and she transformed to Luminous. Circulas charged into her, but she dodged. Then he used a dark move, but it missed, and harmed zakenna from inside. Then Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They hit Zakenna a bit, and went straight inside Zakenna. The broke in and started fighting Circulas. After a bit of battling, the girls used Extreme Luminario. Circulas tried to withstand it, but ran away. Then Luminario destroyed Zakenna from inside. After battle, Hikari said the girls about Nagisa's transferring, and Nagisa explained everything. Hikari was glad, that Nagisa is not transferring. Then Pollun returned to his real form, and said, that he was really worried. Later, Hikari was talking about that with Honoka. She said, that Hikari should've told her about that - not hold her feelings. Hikari told, that Honoka would've been shocked by that. Honoka said, that it's ok. She would've been shocked, but it's better than to hold her feelings. She remembered, when she was kidnapped, and was alone until Black came to save her. Then Nagisa came. She asked her to give her notebook she got from earlier. Nagisa wrote something, and asked her to read later. She went out and took Honoka with her. Later, Hikari started to read what Nagisa wrote - she said, that she is glad, that she was worried about her, and that they are real friends. Hikari wa really glad for those words.

20 (69)- "NAMIDA no owakare!? Rina no PONPOKO Monogatar" ("Namida's Farewell!? Rina's Ponpoko Tale")

(ナミダのお別れ!? 莉奈のポンポコ物語!)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 20

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 20

Airdate: 26 June, 2005

Nagisa is preparing for a test, and Mepple wants her to play with him. Then the 2 of them get into another conflict. Later, at the test, Nagisa knew the diagram from somewhere, but couldn't remember, because Mepple kept bothering her. She looked through the window, and saw, that Rina is only looking at the window hypnotized, and not focusing on a test. Later, after school, Shiho wanted to talk with them about Rina. She said, that she's been spaced out a lot and always looks at the window, even when you talk with her. Honoka said, that she probably is worried about something. Akane-san said, that she must have a crush on someone. Shiho said, that she'd knew if it was that, even without Rina talking about it. Later, the girls decided to talk with Rina. She denied at first, but later ran away, saying she'll "take care of it herself". Meanwhile, Butler Zakenna asked the villains to let him outside, because he keeps staring at the window all the time. Then the boy himself came, and asked to go outside, shocking everyone. After school, the girls decided to follow Rina. She went to an opposite side of her home. She bought an apple and went to the forest. She went to the cabin. Everyone followed her. Inside, Nagisa stepped on a branch, and Rina heard them. Then they saw, that Rina is taking care of baby raccoon. Then she told them story: Around a week ago she was there to do her sketch homework, and found him injured. She was worried, and came again. then it started raining. They came inside. She gave him snacks and bandaged his injured feet. Then they became friends. She called him Pontanosuke. Rina didn't wanted to tell anyone about him, because if they knew, she'll have to return him back to the forest, and his feet isn't yet healed properly. She wants to keep him as a pet. Then Honoka, and even Nagisa said, that they think, that she'll have to return Pontanosuke to the forest. Later, while going home, Rina apologized Shiho for not telling her, and said, that she knows she'll have to return Pontanosuke to the forest. Shiho said, that whatever she decided, she'll be all the way with her. Later, Nagisa and Honoka told Hikari about that, while mascots were playing nearby. Nagisa said, that she understands her too well - even though they got so well now, they'll have to say goodbye one day. The mascots will have to return to their world. Then the girls noticed new Heartiel - Wishun. He said, that the truth is coming closer. Next day, Rina told, that after Pontanosuke's leg is healed, she'll release him back to the forest. Shiho was happy, and Nagisa with Honoka were pretending to be happy - they thought bout saying goodbye to their mascots. They were talking about that on the roof, and Wishun came, saying the same thing. Meanwhile, Butler Zakenna told good news to the boy - he will be able to go outside once Viblis-sama finishes her business. Later, Nagisa and Honoka took Hikari to Pontanosuke. Porun transformed to his real form, and wanted to play with him. Mipple and Mepple transformed too, and introduced themselves. Then they went to play until Shiho and Rina are done cleaning the classroom. Pontanosuke was surprised at first, but was happy and went to play. Then Nagisa started talking about real happiness - about how decideing wether to live in their own world is true happiness... but was interupted by Viblis. She created cabin zakenna, and the girls runned. Hikari went to protect Pontanosuke. Nagisa and Honoka called Mipple and Mepple. The girls reunited with their mascots, and transformed to Pretty Cure. Zakenna threw Black and White out. Hikari shouted them, and zakenna headed to her. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous. While zakenna was watching at Luminous transformation, Black and White returned to action, kicking Zakenna from behind. Then Zakenna started attacking, accidentally hitting pontanosuke from the bush. Then, with new strenght, Black and White kicked over Zakenna. Then all used Extreme Luminario, and defeated zakenna. Then Black took Pontanosuke. He was fine, and started licking black, tickling her. Later, Rina came, and with tears she released Pontanosuke back to the forest. Then adult raccon came, and Pontanosuke happily reunited with his mother. Shiho treated everyone. Then Nagisa remembered, what she wanted to say. She said some cool things about friendship, and Mepple said, that Nagisa isn't like herself now, saying smart stuff, and it resulted in another conflict between them, until Wishun stopped it, saying, that the truth is closer and closer. Meanwhile, the boy in the mansion finally went away from the mansion.

21 (70)- "Do~naru? Do~suru!? Kinjirareta Deai" ("So Soon? So Often!? A Forbidden Encounter")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 21

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 21

Airdate: 3 July, 2005

Hikari was going home with oranges, and looked at a child with his mother. Then a boy was riding his bike, and accidentally hitted Hikari, making her drop 2 oranges to a river. They boy got off his bike and brought the oranges to Hikari. Hikari (and Porun) thanked him, and he drived away. The boy drived away. there was plenty of baggage on his bike. Later, Nagisa and Honoka were at tako cafe, and Hikari was taking orders from people. The same boy came to the cafe. He wanted to buy some takoyaki, but he said, that he has to be careful with money. Meanwhile, The boy in the mansion finally went outside. He stepped a step forward, and Hikari heard something. Then she caught the boy, and gave him a box of takoyaki as thanks for before. He started eating, and said, that it's awesome. He introduced himself as Daiki. He was also at 1st junior high grade like Hikari. Then he said, that he wants to become a man, and he ran away from home, because his mother always shouts on him. Hikari said, that she doesn't know about moms and dads, but Akane-san scolds her occassionally. Daiki realized, that he said too much, and started eating again. After that, he asked Hikari to take him to her favorite place. Meanwhile, the boy was impressed by Garden of Rainbows. He watched at a puppy, and a woman, that the dog belonged for, thought, that the boy is lost, and decided to take him to the police office. they were about to go, when Butler Zakenna caught the lady and the dog, letting the boy run (walk) away. The woman hitted Zakennas with her bag and went away angry. Later, Hikari took Daiki up in the hill where you could see city from above. She said, that when she lays she can see the clouds better. Daiki lied too, and showed her a glass, which sparkles beautifully when you hold it before sun. Later, when they were about to go, Hikari tied her paper with a wish on a tanabata tree Daiki was carrying. When they were going to another place, Hikari asked him about his parents. He said, that his father is always at work and mother talks a lot. His father sometimes plays a ball with him, and mom's cooking is not that bad. He said, that they're warm... but soon took back his words. Then he gave Hikari his glass. Later, the boy (followed by Butler Zakenna), Nagisa with Honoka, Hikari with Daiki and Wishun, saying his prophesy about truth, wer walking the same alley. Above them Circulas was watching them. Suddenly, the boy saw and chaced a cat. This cat ran through Nagisa and Honoka to the side of Hikari and Daiki. Everyone watched the cat, and then Hikari turned and saw the boy. They had an eye contact, and suddenly whole street darkened, leaving only Hikari, the boy, Circulas, Nagisa with Honoka and Butler Zakenna. The boy saw Hikari as Luminous, and fainted, making Butler Zakenna catch him. Circulas got angry, and almost attacked Hikari, who was standing there, but Nagisa and Honoka came before her and transformed to Pretty Cure. Circulas started attacking the cures with bruute force, and the cures fought back, while Hikari and the boy were still standing and watching at each other. The girls were prepared to use Marble Screw Max, when Viblis appeared. She took the boy and Butler Zakenna and disappeared. Circulas tried repelling the move, but he failed and disappeared. After the battle ended, the street returned back to normal, and Hikari suddenly sat down on her knees, making Daiki worried. Wishun was hiding behind the leaves, and saw everything. She said, that the truth revealed herself. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, the boy was sleeping and Circulas returned back. Later, Hikari returned to Akane-san's tako cafe. She apologised for making her worry. Then she said, that she was hungry, and Akane-san made her some (well a lot) stamina takoyaki. She was worried about her, making Daiki remember how she taked care of her when he was sick. He thought, is she worried about him, and Hikari said, that she is, making everyone confused. When Daiki said goodbye to her, she explained it to everyone. Later, Daiki returned and apologised to his parents. Hikari and the boy were thinking about each other.

22 (71)- "Kyoufu no BARUDESU! Oitsumerareta PURIKYUA" ("The Horror of Baldez! Pretty Cure Cornered")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 22

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 22

Airdate: 10 July, 2005

Nagisa was in her classroom waiting for her name to get called for getting her paper, while that was happening she was thinking of summer vacation but she also was worried for the bad guys attacking again. Then her teacher called and told Nagisa that she had to try better than nothing, Nagisa then saw it and was mad because of her grades dropping and her mother would tell her to do better. Meanwhile, Elder was getting questioned by Wisdom, about how was everyone doing in the Garden of Rainbows, and then Elder answered him by telling, the names of the girls but Wisdom disagreed and told him to get ready when the darkness attacked.

In another place Hikaru was watching in the mirror and thinking for Hikari since he met her, the Butler Zakennas were trying to get him out of that but it did not work. Viblis came and was telling that if they destroyed her he would not have to think anymore. Nagisa and Honoka were at Tako Café and were eating but Nagisa did not feel good but Honoka tried to cheer her up, then Nagisa then said she was going to no matter what, then started eating, Honoka then became suprised of her smiling easily as that, while talking for grades, Hikari then was talking to Pollun about the mysterious boy seeing at her that day, then Pollun was begging to be scared making everyone shocked.

While walking the girls were still wondering for Pollun being scared as after Baldez appeared in middle of the people walking, making the girls wonder why. Then Baldez's eyes became red as a white light came and turned the sky red and making people disappearing. Since that the girls prepared to defeat him by transforming into Cures. The girls were fighting as then Hikari was left in there because she was the target of Baldez. While Cure Black and White were fighting he began to disappear and appear again in a different location, while doing that he began to say that darkness was going to come.

Baldez then stricked making tornadoes and making earth shake. They were fighting as then Cure Black and White did Marble Screw Max, but Baldez had power and stopped it. After a while Cure Black and White were tried and were about to get defeated, as then Hikari saw them she was sad and transformed into Shiny Luminous. Baldez then saw her and attacked her, but she avoid it and then told Cure Black and White to attack with her performing Extreme Luminario, but it was too late as he had escaped from it. The city was back to normal, but the girls still were worried if they attacked more. Then the girls had grouped together and wanting to figure out for more information for the darkness...

23 (72)- "Yami no Chikara wo Hanekaese! Kibou ga Kureta Arata na Chikara!!" ("Rebound the Dark Powers! Hope Uncovers a New Power!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 23

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 23

Airdate: 17 July, 2005

The girls together with their mascots, Seekun and Intelligen went to a trip to the lake Hyoutan to find a "piece of shining Earth surrounded by 6 pillars". They came to the place, and decided to take a rest. Porun came out, and asked, what happened there. Mipple said, that Mepple dropped the very very important Prism Hopish there, much to Mepple's annoyance. Meanwhile, in the Garden of Light, Guardian and Elder were worried about the girls, and Elder could not remember their names. He called Nagisa, Yoshiko-san, and Guardian said, that it was Nagisa and Honoka. Then he called Hikari as Akari-san, with Guardian having to fix him again. He reminded, that she is Queen's life too, so he should not go around forgeting her name. When the girls in the Garden of Rainbows came near the lake, Nagisa asked, if there is anything else written in this book, and Intelligen found, that a sleeping lion will show the direction towards 2 suns. Nagisa got scared, because there could be a sleeping beast somewhere, scarying the two Heartiels. Honoka said, that she should not understand it literally. Then Hikari saw a rock, that looked like a lion's head. The girls headed that way. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, the boy was watching through the window. Baldez saw, that he painted Hikari with the crayons, and wondered, will their meeting be a good or bad sign. At the same time, at lake Hyoutan, the girls climbed at the rock, and saw a nice view, but the sun was hidden behind clouds, and they could not see any clues. Then the wind blowed, and the cloud's shadow looked like lion appeared. Honoka said, that the shadow probably shows directions to the shining Earth. If they follow that shadow, they will see a place where the sun reflects, thus making 2 suns. They rushed to that place, and saw a piece of shining Earth surrounded by 6 pillars. Then Intelligen told the girls to begin obtaining new hope - power stronger than the dark forces. She said to repeat after her in a voice strong enough to reach Garden of Light. Then Mipple, Mepple and Porun changed to their real forms, and Intelligen with Seekun started reading. The spell was "We have gathered here at the Hill of Light, with but a single wish in our hearts. O Power of Creation, answer our prayer!" After they finished, the girls and their mascots repeated after them. Then the pillars started lighting, and turned the "shining Earth" - lighting water in a stone - into rainbow water. It needed just a little bit, but the wind started blowing really fast. Meanwhile, in the garden of Light, Guardian and Elder noticed, that the power of the stones is going to Garden of rainbows, because somebody called it from there. Back at the Garden of Rainbows, the lake was all gone, and mascots returned to their commune forms, because they got scared and felt a great power of darkness - Baldez was back. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari transformed to Pretty Cure and Shiny Luminous. At first they tried fighting physically, but they were no match for Baldez. Then he used his dark move, sweeping almost everything away. He said, that this was just a small part of his powers. The water in the stones was all gone. When Luminous saw, what he did, she used Heartiel Action. Baldez took the attack but soon broke free, pushing Luminous back. Then Black and White heard someone crying. The Garden of Rainbows was scared of the dark power. Suddenly, in the Garden of Light, the stones started shine again, because of the fear sent by Garden of Rainbows. Then Black and White apologised to Garden of Rainbows, and promised to do everything they can to protect it. Suddenly, a rainbow thing came from Garden of Light to the stone, making it full again. Then the place turned into golden. It gave Pretty Cure a new item - The Sparkle Bracelets. Then Luminous and Porun heard it - everything was cheering for Pretty Cure. Suddenly, Baldez attacked, but Pretty Cure stopped him before he did anything. Then, with Pretty Cure Leap, they attacked Baldez. Their power level and speed increased, and they managed to beat Baldez. But the battle was not over yet. The power of darkness increased, and Black and White did Marble Screw Max with their Sparkle Bracelets. Baldez said, that this move was to weak for him, and prepared to repel it. Then the screen of the bracelets started shine in rainbow colors, and the girls added word "Sparkle" to the move. It made Baldez disappear. The place later returned to normal. Then Intelligen said, that he will return to the chairect now, since her job is complete now. Then Nagisa thanked her and everyone in the Garden of Rainbows for supporting them.

24 (73)- "Seijun Zenkai! Yuka-senpai to Nagisa no Choujou Kessen!!" ("Adolescent Full Throttle! Yuka-senpai and Nagisa's Top Deciding Battle!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 24

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 24

Airdate: 7 August, 2005

The episode starts with Yuka-senpai being driven to school, and she asks her driver to take her to junior high instead of high school. The driver said, that in high school retreats start today, but she doesn't care. She said to herself, that something is missing, but she can't realise what this feeling means. Meanwhile, Nagisa is late at school. Akane-san came, and took Hikari with her. She talked to Yoshimi-sensei, because she felt bad leaving Hikari alone she took her together. Then finally Nagisa came. She noticed Hikari, and Honoka said, that she'll explain her on board. When she gets on the bus, she sees Yuka-senpai inside. Honoka said, that she requested to go together with science club. Nagisa said, that it's ok. The more the merrier, but was scolded by Akane-san, who said, that this is training camp not a playground. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, the villains are worried about Baldez, because he didn't returned back. Uraganos said, that he'll go and find out, breaking the handhold. Circulas started shouting on him. Everyone came at the camp. Nagisa began her training by sepparating first-years from second and third years. Senpais were training to pass and catch a ball, while first-years were training how to use their crosses correctly. Akane-san said, that Nagisa is more like a captain now. While training them, Nagisa remembered previous battle, and got hitted by the ball. She saw Yuka-senpai standing and watching them. She offered her to come and play lacrosse, but she refused. Meanwhile, the science club girls were preparing to observe the sun, and Honoka with Yurika noticed, that Yuka-senpai is gone. Yuriko wondered, why did she came, because she belonged to so many clubs she barely showed her face. Then first-graders started talking about Yuka-senpai. Meanwhile, Yuka-senpai was walking through the kitchen, and heard some first-graders talking about her. They said, that she was awesome here, that she was in so many clubs. Other girl said, that she heard from her sister in high school, that she is still Madonna there. After the girls went away, she came to Hikari. Hikari said, that Nagisa talked a lot about her, saying, that she was a great senpai, that she gets all fired up when she's near and that she really likes her. Then yuka-senpai went away, saying it's too hot there. Meanwhile, Mipple and Mepple were sleeping and dreaming. Mipple and Mepple were in the Garden of Light, and were about to come to each other, when Zakenna appeared. Mepple took his sword to defend Mipple, but giant Porun stepped on him. In reality, Porun was waking up Mepple, because he wanted to play with someone. Back at the lacrosse field, Akane-san said, that Nagisa has improved a lot, and Nagisa said, that Akane-san's speed wasn't slower. Yuka-senpai was watching them, and couldn't get Hikari's words out of her head. Then lacrosse ball rolled near her, and she picked it up. Nagisa said, that she wants to play lacrosse after all. Someone lended her uniform, and she prepared to play. She was really good, even though it was her frst time. She and Nagisa started playing so much, that she even didn't noticed, that her hair got all messed up. Suddenly, everything became blurry, and Nagisa fainted. The doctor came, and said, that it was stress and lack of sleep. Honoka thought, that she was making the training schedule all night. Then a girl came and said, that dinner is ready. Honoka and Hikari decided to stay and watch over Nagisa. Yuka-senpai went to eat, but she had no appetite and left half of her food. Meanwhile, everyone were watching over Nagisa, and she started sleep-talking, wondering what to choose - Chocolate cake or Chocolate parfait. Then Yuka-senpai knocked, making Mipple and Mepple transform to their commune forms and Porun still in his real form to hide under her bed. Seekun flew over her bed. She came, and said, that she finished eating, and wants to change places. Honoka agreed, and she with Hikari left. She said, that when she entered high school she tried many things, but something was missing. Probably, because there wasn't anybody who stood up to her. While she was acting like Madonna, Nagisa acted naturally. She was jealous of her, and, inside her heart she just wanted to be herself, just like her. She came here, because she wanted Nagisa to cheer her. Then Porun said, that he's scared, making Mepple to calm him. Yuka-senpai got scared. Then Nagisa woke up, and Yuka-senpai thought it was her talking. Then all 3 mascots started talking again, saying, that they feel dark power. Yuka got scared. Nagisa said, that she didn't heared anything, pressing Porun's mouth with her foot. She opened the window, and the sky got dark. Yuka-senpai fell asleep, just like everyone else. Nagisa went outside and met Honoka and Hikari. She gave Honoka Mipple. They went outside, and Uraganos was standing there on a lamp. He asked, what have they done to Baldez, and the girls asked him to leave Garden of rainbows alone. He said, that he can't do that, because they are interested in Pretty Cure's power, and a lamp Uraganos was standing on broke down. He summonned Zakenna from the bus. Porun got scared and went to Hikari. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They started attacking, but Zakenna punched them. Black said, that she'll show him their new power. She got her hand up, and shouted for bracelet to come. Nothing happened. Uraganos thought, that they tricked him, and made Zakenna attack them. Seekun came, and said for them to wish the power with their hearts. The girls wished it and the Garden of Rainbows listened to their pray. The field became all golden, and the girls received their bracelets. Then the girls used Marble Screw Max with the word Sparkle. Later, everyone were eating, when they missed Nagisa and Yuka-senpai. They both came arguing, with everyone staring at them. Later, Yuka-senpai left. Honoka said, that she probably came just to see Nagisa. She couldn't believe it. While going back, Yuka-senpai said, that she'll come back later to bother Nagisa again when she'll need some cheering.

25 (74)- "Hikari no Natsu no Hi Sanae no Omoide" ("Hikari's Summer Day, Sanae's Reminiscence")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 25

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 25

Airdate: 14 August, 2005

It's a hot day, and Nagisa together with Honoka do their homework. At least are supposed to do, but it's too hot. Sanae is watering the path to lower the tempearture outside. Meanwhile, Hikari is walking and remembers the previous battle, how Black and White saved the day again. Then a new heartiel appears, but he and Seekun miss each other. When Nagisa and Honoka are back to homework, a guest comes. It was Hikari. She said, that the cafe is closed today, because Akane-san needed to restock. Honoka welcomed her in, with Nagisa saying, that they were about to do a break from homework. Hikari said, that she does her homework systematically, and has already finished today's section. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, they boy wants to go outside, but Butler Zakenna tried to stop him, saying it's too hot outside. They offer him to play cards, but he said it's not interesting, because they always lose. Butler Zakenna B made a card house, but they boy wasn't interested, because he made that before. Zakenna A offered him to show some magic tricks. He was interested for a bit, and Zakenna B pretended to get stack of cards out from his mouth, but then he coughed, splitting all the cards out. He offered to spin his head around, and later to take it off, but the boy wasn't interested, so he went away. Viblis was making fortune with cards, and said, that it's a bad omen. Then she took out joker card, and destroyed it, saying it's bad omen too. She was thinking about missing Baldez and now Uraganos was gone too. Later, at Honoka's house, Mepple was riding on Chuutaro's back, and then Sanae brought the girls juice with some sweet bean-paste too. Everyone said, that it's delicious, and Honoka said, that her grandma makes them herself, surprising Nagisa again. Then Hikari heard the wind chime sound, and said, that it's cool inside, even though it's so hot inside. Nagisa was surprised too, because the air conditionier wasn't turned on either. Sanae said, that it's because due to the wisdom of our ancestors. They found the way to cool the temperature by spilling the water on the path, thus lowering the temperature around. Sanae said, that this house is very old - there is space under the floor, lots of trees and the door is sliding, so there are lots of places for the air to flow into. She also said, that there is a saying, that you can also feel breeze when you hear the sound of the wind chimes, and Nagisa confirmed, that she feels cooler when she hears it. Sanae said, that the chime doesn't cools the temperature, but it allerts you when the breeze is blowing, thus making you feel colder. Then Sanae said, that there is even cooler place near here. Honoka said, that it's her grandma's favorite place. They went to a park, which had a lake. They rented boats to swim around. Nagisa was with Honoka, and Sanae offered Hikari to go with her, and she accepted. Hikari was worried, can she row properly, and Sanae said, that they can take it slow. Nagisa and Honoka rushed forward, and Hikari with Sanae stopped and started chatting. Sanae said, that the 3 of them really get along, and Hikari said, that they are always saving her, so she feels the only who can't do anything. Sanae asked, is this what she wasn't able to tell them. She said, that it's written all around her face. Hikari was surprised, but Sanae just said, that she'll be able to tell what people feels after she gets older too. She said, that when they talk, they'll learn to appreciate each other more. Hikari asked, what should she said, and Sanae told her the story about her and her father climbing to Keiyaki tree hill, and when she gained back her courage. She said, that no matter how hard the path looks like, she'll always see a nice view once she gets up there. She said, that she also had moments when she didn't knew what to do, but she never gave up hope, and shouldn't Hikari either. Meanwhile, Nagisa was rowing, and sweating like a pig, so Honoka just said to take it easy like Hikari does. Nagisa wondered, what are they talking about, because she noticed Hikari was feeling down somehow. Honoka noticed it too. She wondered, what is bothering her, and they started rowing again. Suddenly, Mipple felt an evil presence, and Mepple said to get off this lake faster. Suddenly, Sanae fell asleep, and the water became purple - Zakenna colored. Then from that water Viblis came. Then she called Zakenna, and it opened the lake. Hikari and Sanae fell into that hole. Then Nagisa and Honoka transformed into Pretty Cure. They jumped right into that hole, and Zakenna closed it. Hikari and Sanae were inside the Zakenna/lake, and Sanae was asleep. Viblis said, that she only brings bad luck to people, and she shouldn't even be alive. Then Hikari got mad and transformed to Luminous. Viblis said, that it doesn't matter what she does, she still has no future, and fired a move at the boat. Luminous took Sanae and they landed on water. the boat was destroyed. Hikari said, that she won't give up. She won't lose hope. Viblis didn't cared. She was about to fire a move, but got hitted by Sanae's sun umbrella and a napkin she gave Hikari to sit on. Suddenly, a light came from above, and Black and White came. The 2 of them started attacking Viblis, but she kicked them away. She was certain she'll win, but Luminous said she won't give up. One thing she won't lose is hope. Then Black and White were glad, and summoned the Sparkle Bracelets. They used Marble Screw Max Sparkle, and defeated Viblis, but she got away. Later, Honoka thanked Hikari for protecting her grandma, and Hikari said, that she was just thinking about what she said. Then Sanae woke up and everyone decided to return home. Sanae was splitting the path again, and Honoka was scolding Nagisa, that she hadnt done her homework even one page. She said, that as long as she has hope, her homework will get done somehow, and Honoka said, that it's not exactly that. And everybody started laughing. Then the new Heartiel said, that he likes their possitive attitude, but hope only won't get her homework done.

26 (75)- "Makeru na Nagisa! Minna Nayan de Oo-kiku Natta!" ("Losing Nagisa! Everyone is Worried and Greatly Afraid!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 26

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 26

Airdate: 21 August, 2005

Nagisa is walking home from school, and Mepple can hear the sounds of the festival. The same festival that happens only once at year. Then Nagisa started thinking about food again. Then Nagisa thought about the funs at the festival... and Fujipi-senpai. She wondered, will she meet him again this year. Then she met Shiho and Rina. They came out from the store, and Shiho showed her, that she brought a book she wanted so much. A book how to become a movie director. She said, that after doing that on school's festival, she thought of wanting to do this when she grows up. She wanted to create a super cool movie to get academy award and later marry a star. Nagisa was thinking, what is her future dream. When she got home, she told mom about that, and said, that she never thought about her future dream. Ryouta suggested to go to martial arts, because she is strong. Then Nagisa decided to show him just how stringe she is by doing Cobra Twist, but her mom stopped her, reminding her, that she promissed to go with Honoka to the festival. Ryouta said, that Nagisa was lucky to go with Honoka, and her mom said, that he'll go with her. Later, at the festival, Honoka liked Nagisa's new Yukata. She said her mom brought it. Honoka said, that her grandma made it for her parents, and they are already planning next year's pattern. Then Nagisa asked Honoka what is her dream, and she said, that she'll be a researcher at some field. She asked, why is she interested in that, and Nagisa told her the story. Honoka said, that she should stick with lacrosse, but she said, that it's fun and other stuff but it's not something she'd like to do in future. Then Shiho and Rina called them. They were having fun, when... Fujipi-senpai appeared. Nagisa became all red. They were walking, and Nagisa smelled Akane-san's takoyaki. Honoka said, that Yukata really suits Hikari, and she said, that Honoka lended it to her. Then Shiho asked, doesn't Akane-san ever takes a break, and she said, that she has a dream - to get more people to now about her cafe. Then she offered to trat everyone to Takoyaki. Then Nao and Miu came to Hikari. After eating, Akane-san told Hikari to go have fun with everyone and leave the shop to her. But then Viblis was in a crowd. They came to another attraction, and Hikari hitted the target with everyone's cheering. Nagisa was thinking, that everyone except her have their future dreams, and Fujipi offered her to try. She missed. The fireworks started, and everyone went to watch them to the place Fujipi was talking about. Nagisa stopped in the middle of the stairs. She was worried. Mepple then said, that Nagisa is not like herself today, and she told him everything. Mepple said, that she shines really bright when playing lacrosse and other stuff. Then Fujipi-senpai came. He didn't wanted her to be sepparated. He noticed, that she is sad, and said, that she can tell him everything. She asked, does he have a dream, and he said yes. But before he could say what it is, Viblis attacked. All the people fell asleep, including Fujipi, who fell on Nagisa. Then Nagisa appeared made from a lamp. On the top, Honoka and Hikari noticed everyone sleeping, and went down. They met Nagisa and they transformed to Pretty Cure. Zakenna caught White, but Black kicked it away, releasing White. Then Viblis appeared, saying, that she has to defeat them so the world can be consumed by darkness. They started battling her, but Viblis used her move and injured Black and White. Even injured, they standed and summoned the bracelets. They used Marble Screw Max Sparkle, and defeated Zakenna. Viblis escaped again. After Fujipi awakened, she asked, is his dream to be a soccer player, but he said, that he plays soccer because it's fun. He said, that he doesn't have a clear image of what he wants to do, but he'll find it out when the time will be right. Then Nagisa got glad and remembered everyone's words saying the same thing. They went to watch the fireworks. In the trees, Honoka and Hikari were hiding, and were happy for Nagisa, so they went to watch the fireworks too. Nagisa understood, that if she tries her best at what she's doing right now, a path to her future will become clear someday.

27 (76)- "Nokotta Shukutai Katadukero! Nashi to Arashi to ZAKENNAA!" ("Don't Finish Your Homework Yet! Pears and Storms and Zakenna!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 27

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 27

Airdate: 28 August, 2005

Summer vacation is almost over, and Nagisa still needs to do her homework. She remembered Fujipi-senpai's words about trying her best now, but she had to concentrate on her homework. Then she finished them before the end of summer vacation first time in her life. She decided to have fun tomorrow, the last day of summer vacation with everyone, but Honoka said, that she still needed to do her independed research. Then Nagisa remembered, that she too haven't done her independed research yet, because she totally forgot about it. And tomorrow is the last day of summer vacation too! Nagisa was worried, because she couldn't write an independed project in one day. Honoka said, that she did a weather report for Wakabadai area, which Nagisa said is amazing. Then Akane-san came, offering Hikari a trip to the pear plantation tomorrow. She explained to Nagisa that she plans on adding fruit yogurt for the menu, so she's going to a pear plantation she knows to see if they can sell it to her cheaper. Then Nagisa decided to write her independed project on pear harvesting. Meanwhile, on the mansion of darkness, Butler Zakenna have lost the boy. They looked everywhere, and when Viblis asked, they told her. She said, that he's over there, looking at the window again. Next day, Nagisa-tachi came to the pear plantation. Akane-san said, that the owners of the plantation were parents of her friend. Before starting their work, everyone sitted down before the pear trees. Then Nagisa noticed, that all pears are covered in individual bags. Honoka said, that it's to protect them from bugs. Nagisa asked, do they have some kind of machine to do it, but Honoka said, that they do it one at the time. Nagisa said, that it must be hard. Then the owner explained how do pears grow - first, at winter he fertilizes the earth. Before spring, they trim the branches so they don't grow too long and tie them with string so they don't get too long. And in April when the flowers bloom, they collect the pollen with a brush. And when summer starts, they cover every pear in bags, and harvest them at the end of summer. Honoka said, that it looks hard, and the owner said, that everything is hard. Like the time their daughter grew up and went to college. Now every pear is like children to them. Nagisa felt bad, because when she ate pears she never thought about all that hard work. The owner said to don't worry about it, because what's important is that everyone enjoy it. This is why they try their best, so everyone can enjoy them. Then they asked, how can they help her with the report, and Nagisa said, that she just wants to work. Normally we just eat pears, but they want to experience how it feels to harvest them. Then everyone started harvesting the pears. Nagisa said, that it;'s fun, because she feels like connected to the nature. After a bit of work, they decided to take a break. Owners treated the girls to freshly-picked pears they harvested. Nagisa said, that it's delicious. The owner said, that they still have to harvest a lot of pears this afternoon. Everyone were surprised, that there are lot more to harvest. Nagisa asked, is that just 2 of them, but they said, that the neighbors are coming over every year to help. Then everyone prepared to go, since they already did their work - harvested enough to write a report, but then a neighbor called - he had fallen ill, so he can't come today. The owners were worried, because they won't be able to make shipping if they won't harvest today. Nagisa has offered to help them harvest. The owner was worried, that she won't be able to write her report, but she said, that it's ok, she can write the report tomorrow somehow, but they must do the harvesting today. Then Honoka and Hikari offered to help too, and Akane-san asked them to let, because once these girls get something into their heads, they won't give up on it. Then everyone started harvesting again. Nagisa said, that it's harder than they thought, because there's a whole field to do. Then the sky got dark, Everyone thought, that it's going to rain, but Mepple said it wasn't rain clouds. Then everyone fell asleep, and Viblis came. She took a pear they harvested, and started eating it. Then she summoned a Zakenna from a tractor. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They started battling it, but it was stronger. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous. They used Extreme Luminario, and defeated Zakenna. Viblis escaped. After that, everyone finally finished picking pears. And they got lucky with weather. Then the owner gave everyone a bag of pears. Nagisa ate one right now, and started chocking. Then Horpun decided to return to the Chairect. When they were driving home, it started raining. Honoka was grateful, that they managed to finish the harvesting in time. Akane-san said, that they should be grateful to Nagisa, because she is the one who thought of helping. Then Honoka said, that she'll help Nagisa to write her report, but she was sleeping. Then Nagisa started sleeptalk, saying, that she can't eat anymore, because her stomach is full. Honoka said, that she imagined this will be her dream, and everyone started laughing.

28 (77)- "BERO-NE PANIKKU! Wanpaku Oujo no Obake Taiji" ("Verone Panic! The Naughty Ghost-Hunting Princess")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 28

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 28

Airdate: 4 September, 2005

In the Garden of Light, a strange shadow has appeared near the Prism Stones at the Holy Altar. They started glowing in gold. Meanwhile, Elder and the Guardian were talking, that they noticed something strange with the Prism Stones. Then the sane shadowed person shot up somewhere by the Prism Stones path, much to the surprise of Guardian and Elder. Meanwhile, lessons at Verone academy are about to begin, so students are going to school. So are Nagisa and Honoka. Then Nagisa sees Shiho and Rina. They are scared of something. They tell girls the story of Verone academy's Ruriko-san. In a classroom that should be empty, a single lonely figure lingers... If you have a chance to meet her, you will be cursed! At some point people started calling her "Verone's Ruriko-san". They they said, that they have probably met her. Yesterday Rina forgot her notes in class. When she went to get them, somebody opened the door. She looked around, but nobody was there. Nagisa said, that this was only her imagination, but Shiho said it was not. She saw her too. She forgot something from the club room. When she went to get it, somebody turned on the light in the bathroom, but soon turned off. This repeated a few times. She went to see, if anybody was there, but nobody answered. Then she looked at the mirror, and saw a strange face there. She started screaming. When she opened her eyes again, the face was gone. She looked around, but nobody was there. Shiho and Rina got scared, that Verone's Ruriko-san had cursed them. Meanwhile, in Hikari's class, it was lunch break. Porun called Hikari, and she went on the roof to talk with him. He said, that he is shivering. Hikari asked, is he ill, but he said he is not, but is still shivering. Then, at science club, a girl was checking stuff for the next class, when suddenly she started screaming. Nagisa, Honoka, Shiho, Rina and another girl were near, so they came to look. The girl tolds, that the teacher asked her to check the supplies for the next lesson, when suddenly all drawers started moving, and a body model fell on her. Then Shiho noticed, that a face was on a blackboard. Rina said, that this is definetely the face of Verone's Ruriko-san. They started crying, that they were cursed by her again. Later, Nagisa forgot something in class, so she went to get it. She was worried, that Ruriko-san might appear, and Mepple used the situation and called Nagisa by name, frightening her. Then she went in class and took a package. Then the door has opened, but nobody was there. Downstairs, Hikari stayed late cleaning, and wanted to go home, but heard something. She looked around, but she did not see anybody. Upstairs, someone placed a hand on Nagisa's shoulder, making her scream. Hikari heard that, and came upstairs. It appeared, that it was Honoka. She was worried about Nagisa and came to look for her. Then Mipple and Mepple felt an evil presence. Circulas came, and Nagisa thought, that Ruriko-san was all his doing. Hikari came too, asking about Nagisa's scream, and then she saw Circulas. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. Circulas used his full power, throwing them far to the ground, together with Hikari. Then Circulas made a fly Zakenna. It caught Black and White, and Hikari transformed to Luminous. Circulas prepared to use his power, but a pink rabbit came in the way. She ended her sentences in -lulu, and asked to do not bully Porun. Porun and everyone seemed to know her. Circulas tried attacking her, but Luminous repelled the move. Circulas made a one huge attack, and Pretty Cure broke free. They called for the Sparkle Bracelets, and defeated Zakenna by using Marble Screw Max Sparkle. Later, mascots were questioning Lulun, and she started crying. Honoka asked her nicely, and she said, that she was looking for Porun in lots of dark and scary places. Then Honoka realized, that the real identity of Verone's Ruriko-san is actually Lulun. She was walking the halls, and entered the classroom Rina was in, to see if Porun is there. And the thing Shiho saw in girls' bathroom was actually Lulun on the mirror. And in the science lab she was looking for Porun inside the drawers, making them move. Later, she got hit by the sponge and appeared on the blackboard. Then Nagisa asked, was her name Melon, and she introduced herself as the princess of light who weaves the future, Lulun. Later, at the tako cafe, Akane confessed, that she and her friends made that story when she was in her third year. She wanted to scare everyone. And everyone bought the story. She could not believe, that the story was still being told. Shiho and Rina asked, what was that what they saw, and Nagisa said it was a hallucination. The two of them believed it. Meanwhile, on the bridge, Lulun was playing with Pollun's tail, much to his dismay.

29 (78)- "USOMAJIHONTO? PORUN no Komori Dai-sakusen!" ("No Way...Seriously...Really? Porun's Great Babysitter Strategy!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 29

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 29

Airdate: 11 September, 2005

In the Garden of Light, Wisdom and Elder were talking about Lulun's journey to the Garden of Rainbows, and wondered what will happen in the future, because if the power of creating sent her to the Garden of Rainbows, something will happen - and it's related to Lulun. Then Elder forgot the names of the girls again. Later, Nagisa came to Tako Cafe, and saw, that Porun is completelly worn out. Mepple said, that this is how they feel when he always wants to play with them. Then Porun standed, saying, that it's enough, and Lulun started crying. Then Akane-san went to get some supplies, and the mascots stopped Lulun from crying just in time. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari went to eat something, leaving Porun and Lulun to Mipple and Mepple. They made Porun, and later Lulun to sleep. Nagisa offered to take care of Lulun until Hikari's shift is over.Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Circulas told Viblis and Uraganos about Lulun. Uraganos asked, is it huge, and circulas denied. Then he asked, is it tiny, but Circulas denied it too. Uraganos was confused, and decided to crush that not-huge and not-tiny thing. Nagisa, Honoka, Mipple, Mepple and Lulun went to Nagisa's home, and when Lulun woke up and saw, that Porun is not here, she started crying. Then Seekun came, and she stopped crying and became interested in her. Seekun also said, that she feels something. Meanwhile, at tako cafe, 2 kids were playing. and a girl realized, that she forgot her teddy. Her brother went to ask Akane-san and Hikari to take care of her sister until he returns. Akane left her for Hikari. The girl introduced herself as Arisa. Meanwhile, at Nagisa's home, Nagisa saw, that Hikari's shift is almost over and decided to return back to Tako Cafe, and Lulun was happy to see Porun. Meanwhile, at tako cafe, Hikari offered Arisa some juice, and she almost started crying, because she missed her brother. Porun came out, and remembered Lulun. Hikari offered her some takoyaki or crepe, and made to make it, and Arisa ran away. Hikari tried catcing her, and she stopped after seeing Uraganos. Hikari saw him too. He thought, that Arisa is the thing Circulas told him about, and wanted to crush her. Arisa got scared, hugged Hikari and fainted. Hikari tried saving her. Then Lulun felt, that Porun is in trouble, and went to save him. Nagisa and Honoka followed her. Back at the battle, Hikari placed Arisa on a bench, and started running from Uraganos. Then Lulun came, asking to don't bully Porun. Porun stood before her, trying to defend her. Then both Ran to Hikari. She took them and protected them, when Nagisa and Honoka came. Then Uraganos made a playground Zakenna, and Nagisa with Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. Hikari transformed to Luminous. While Pretty Cures were busy fighting Zakenna, Uraganos tried catching Lulun, but Luminous got her and ran away. Then he kicked Luminous, making her fall on a bench and let go of Lulun. Then he caught Luminous and tried to crush her, but Lulun started crying to stop bullying (similar to Porun before producing Rainbow Bracelets to Pretty Cure in prequel), and a heart brooch on Luminous chest, as well as a bell on Lulun's neck, started glowing in pink. Uraganos said, that the light burns him, and ran away. Lulun fell asleep. Black and White called forth the Sparkle Bracelets, and used Marble Screw Max, defeating Zakenna. After battle, Hikari woke Arisa up and she said she missed her brother. Then he came. He said, that it was hard to find, but he found her bear. Then Arisa hugged her brother, and he thanked her for taking care of her sister. Then Mipple and Mepple started sliding. Lulun wanted too, and ran up the slide, but fell down. Then Porun comforted Lulun, and they slided together. He was just like a big.

30 (79)- "Ganbare RURUN! Mirai wo Tsumugu Hikari no Chikara" ("Do Your Best, Lulun! Weave the Future with the Power of Light")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 30

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 30

Airdate: 18 September, 2005

Nagisa was on her way to school, and remembered previous episode. Later, after school, the girls were at tako cafe, and talked about last battle. Porun was sitting on Honoka, while Lulun was on Hikari. Then she came to Honoka to be with Porun, but he went to Hikari, again followed by Lulun. Then Akane-san called Hikari, and both Porun and Lulun changed to their commune forms. She said, that her break is over, and Hikari went to work. Nagisa and Honoka offered to help her, but she said it's fine. Later, Nagisa decided to take her somewhere to have fun, since they can't sepparate Lulun from Porun so she is stuck with both of them and has a job at tako cafe too. Nagisa decided to take to amusement park. That night, Lulun was playing with sleepy Porun, and he fall asleep. Lulun wasn't tired yet. Hikari said she'll play a bit with her until she goes to sleep. Lulun called her kind, and asked, when will she return to Garden of Light. She wanted to be with everyone in Garden of Light. Hikari said, that she only knows this place. Then Lulun said, that she is happy here being with Porun and everyone. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, Uraganos was mad at Circulas, because he said Lulun was huge, but she was tiny. Circulas said, that he never said, that it is huge or tiny. Then Viblis as worried, why doesn't Baldez returns. The boy in the mansion saw everything through the keyhole. Next day, Nagisa and Honoka took Hikari to amusemet park and started riding rollercoaster. Mipple, Mepple and Porun transformed to their real form, but were wearing glasses Omupu and Shikarupu made them. Lulun was taking a nap. Nagisa enjoyed, Honoka was scared and Hikari was shocked. Mipple, Mepple and Porun were scared too. They were dizzy, with Mepple saying, that his whole life flew through the eyes. Then Honoka said, that everything started here. Both girls remembered and told Hkari, how in FwPC01 they met at this amusement park and transformed to Pretty Cure for the first time. With zakenna being from the same rollercoaster they were just riding. And they were cheering Porun up right here too. Later they met Hikari and Lulun. Then Lulun followed a balloon, and the girls followed Lulun. Then Mipple felt an evil presence. Mepple too. They all started searching for her, when the sky got dark. Lulun followed a balloon. A kid caught it, but fell asleep and letted it go, making Lulun catch it. She flew to the air with that balloon, and Circulas caught her. She started crying, and Porun felt that. He leaded to the direction, and saw Circulas with Lulun. Circulas asked, who is Lulun, and Nagisa said, that it's their friend. Hikari said, that she is just a child and doesn't knows anything. He said he won't let go of her, making both Porun and Hikari mad, and Hikari transformed to Luminous. Nagisa and Honoka transformed too. Circulas attacked the 3, making Black and White fall under a teacup and Luminous under some woods. Luminous standed and tried getting Lulun back, but Cirulas threw her again. Suddenly, Lulun's pendant started shining, just like Luminous' brooch. They bonded, and Lulun throwed a light to Hikari's brooch, making it bigger and, after Luminous opened her arms, it revealed Heartiel Brooch and became a protective shield, throwing Circulas far away. The boy was playing in a mansion, and he felt something. Then Black and White summoned Sparkle Bracelets, and, after some kicks, chaced Circulas away with Marble Screw Max Sparkle. The boy in the mansion was looking at the window, and Luminous was surprised by her new brooch. Lulun was sleeping in her commune form.

31 (80)- "BARUDESU Fukkatsu! CHI-MUWA-KU de GIRIGIRI Toppa!" ("Baldez Reborn! Break Through with Teamwork at the Last Second!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 31

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 31

Airdate: 25 September, 2005

In Dusk Zone, a lone stoned body is being blown by wind. Suddenly, that body moved his arm and got up. It was Baldez. He started shouting. Meanwhile, Nagisa's team is practissing lacrosse, because the tournament starts tomorrow. Honoka, joined by Hikari watches them practising. Hikari said, that Honoka comes to watch her a lot, and Honoka said, that watching them practiseencourages herself as club president. Later, at Tako cafe, Akane-san is out, and Lulun is tiring Porun. Then Akane-san came back, and told her to go and watch Nagisa's match this afternoon. Hikari tried arguing, but Akane-san just go and tell her, that she won't forgive her if she loses. This afternoon, at the match, Nagisa noticed, that their enemies are really strong - a mountain of muscles. She was still optimistic and said, that their spirit won't lose to them, but the team was frozen still. Then Honoka met with Hikari. Everyone were cheering, and Porun with Lulun wanted to cheer too, and Hikari asked them not to be so loud. Mipple said, that Hikari is like mother now. The match started, and Nagisa was well guarded, so they couldn't throw ball to her. Shiho threw to Rina, and Rina tried to Megumi, but they took the ball. Nagisa got eye contact with a captain, and saw, that she's confident. They scored a goal. In new match, they guarded Nagisa. She tried to break free, but they caught the ball and scored another goal. In a break, Nagisa decided to change positions. She'll play only defense, so they'll be lost. She chose Maki to be in shooting possition, and Megumi to assist her. Maki said she'll try. The second round was about to begin, when Nagisa suddenly disappeard. She, together with Honoka and Hikari, appeared on empty football field. The 3 villains were standing on front of them. Nagisa asked, them to return her to the game, because it is important to her as a captain, but they called it pointless. Nagisa got mad, and they all transformed. Lulun gave Heartiel Brooch. They were surrounded by football player Zakennas, but they broke free. The girls fough Zakennas and the villains, while the match continued, and Maki scored a goal. They kicked the villains pretty well, but actually they just pilled fuel to the fire. They used Extreme Luminario, but the villains ran away. The brooch afforded Black and White to control Luminario. It shooted to 3 different sides, when the villains teleported. It hitted all Zakennas. Then Nagisa returned to the field. Result was equal, and the match was about to be over, when Nagisa from defense possition scored a goal. They won. The other team captain said, that this was an amazing teamwork, and asked to meet again. Then, on seets next to Honoka and Hikari, a new Heartiel, Braven appeared. Back at the mansion of darkness, Baldez returned.

32 (81)- "Yami Kara Mamore! Kono Sekai de Ichiban Daiji na Egao!!" ("Protect Us From Darkness! THe World's Most Important Smile!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 32

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 32

Airdate: 2 October, 2005

Nagisa, Shiho and Rina are preparing a school newspaper, and Nagisa forgot, that she had to write an article. The dealine is tomorrow. The girls went to Honoka and asked her help. Then Sanae came, and offered girls tea and some odango. She said, that it's from Mitoya-san's store. Sanae explained, that Honoka liked Mitoya-san's odango ever since childhood, and that she is really nice lady too and has a wonderful smile. Then Nagisa got an idea and 4 girls went to write an article. They saw Mitoya-san giving some odango to children, and she was smiling. They interviewed her. She told about the making of odangos, and that she makes every odango by herself. Rina said, that there are created machines that make Odango, but she said, that she likes making them herself to put her smile in it and make everyone smile. This is why she is smiling. After they finished interview, Hikari came and asked for some odango. She said, that Akane-san likes Mitoya-san's odangos too. The 3 girls said, that they became fans right now, and Mitoya-san said, that she is planning on closing her odango shop, because the customers are getting lesser and lesser, and she is old too. She wants to get better with her sons' wives too, and it's about time for her to retire. Nagisa said, that they'll write a great article and tell more people about Mitoya-san's smile. Then Honoka volunteered to write an article about Mitoya-san. She said she'll make it until tomorrow's deadline. She stayed all night to finish it. They finished the newspaper in time, and Mitoya-san got much more fans. When the girls went to Mitoya-san's, she said, taht she readed her article. She thought, that she did that for everyone's smiles, but actually did it for herself. When anyone said, that it's delicious, it made her happy. Suddenly, Mepple felt a dark presence, and when they went outside, they saw Viblis. She said, that Baldez returned. Then she summoned Zakenna from a fire that Mitoya-san's odangos were baking on. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure, but when Black tried kicking into it's smoke belly, but she got through. Then it fired it's flame hands, and the Cures dodged it. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous and received Lulun's Heartiel Brooch. Then the girls used Extreme Luminario, defeating Zakenna. After that, the girls helped Mitoya-san at her store. Then she said, that she will keep her store.

33 (82)- "Yuuki wo Dashite! Nagisa Haran no BAASUDEE!!" ("Stock Up Your Courage! Nagisa's Troublesome Birthday!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 33

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 33

Airdate: 9 October, 2005

Nagisa's birthday is coming soon, and she wondered, will Fujipi-senpai remember it this year too. Then they met him going home after school. They talked, and when Honoka was about to say him about Nagisa's birthday, Nagisa stopped her. Later, at home, Honoka thinks, what could she give to Nagisa to make her happy. Next morning, Nagisa is dreaming about Fujipi-senpai congratulating her with a cake, a poster and other stuff. She blows all the candles. Then, when Fujipi-senpai is about to congratulate her, leaning really close to her face, Nagisa's mother woke her up, because she promissed to go out Honoka. Nagisa was tired, and when she tried saying, that today is her birthday, her mother told her to go. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, the boy was watching at the window, and Baldez returned. He said, that he can hear Dark King's pulse and voice. They should be able to hear it too, because they are also beings of darkness. Uraganos tried listening, but didn't heard anything. They bought many supplies for their field trip, and they went to the park to see cosmos flowers, and saw Fujipi-senpai practissing soccer with his club. They all started to talk, but then Fujipi-senpai noticed, that his water bottle is empty. Honoka decided to fill it for him, taking Hikari with her. Then she explained, that she left the 2 alone, because Nagisa wants to say something to him. Nagisa wondered what should she talk about, and then noticed, that Fujipi-senpai is somehow worried. He didn't seemed to have much energy. When Nagisa said that, he said, that he lost his confidence in soccer. Then Nagisa said, that she misses also a lot, and she then focuses on a goal. Then started talking about chocolate and sleeping and other stuff. She realized what she just said, and said, that he needs to have courage and self-confidence. Then he started laughing, and said, that he does need some self-confidence. Then he asked, does she come here often, and she said she doesn't. He said, that Honoka asked him yesterday, where his practice will be. Then Nagisa realized everything, and got her courage and almost confessed, but then Uraganos came. Nagisa got angry at him for coming at a time like that, but she thought, that maybe it was a good time after all, since her heart might not yet be ready. Then Uraganos summoned a Zakenna from some soccer balls and other stuff that were near. Honoka came, and Hikari took Porun and Lulun to the safe place. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure, and fought Zakenna, but Uraganos attacked them turning into flames. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous. The 3 combined their powers and used Extreme Luminario, defeating Zakenna. Then Fujipi woke up, and went to practice. nagisa tried saying it, but she just said, that she'll be cheering on him. he went away, but returned, congratulating Nagisa on her birthday. Later, at tako cafe, Akane-san and Hikari gave her a takoyaki cake, congratulating her on her birthday, and Honoka gave her book about courage. Akane-san said, that nagisa will still be reading this book at her next year birthday, because she falls asleep when she reads a book. Then she returned home, thinking, that nobody's at home, but when she entered kitchen, she saw, that her family made a surprise party for her. Nagisa's mom baked a cake, and Ryouta and her dad decorated it. It might look weird, but it tastes really good. Nagisa said, that they did a great job. Then dad made another lame joke, but Nagisa was happy.

34 (83)- "Tabi da Nakama da! Shuugaku Ryokou da ZAKENNAA!?" ("Friends on a Journey! Zakenna on a Field Trip!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 34

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 34

16 October, 2005

Nagisa and Honoka are on a field trip with a class. They are impressed by the old buildings, and take a picture with 2 geishas. While, Hikari is at school. In the mansion of darkness, the Butler Zakennas have lost the boy. For Hikari, it was gym, and she forgot tape measure. She went to the storage to get it, and someone was there. She took the measure, and a girl from her class came. They went away together. But Hikari was sure, that someone was there. Porun and Lulun in class also got mysterious feeling. After classes, Hikari took her bag from a class, when suddenly the classroom got dark. Someone was coming her way. She tried escaping through other door, but it was locked. Then a friend called her, and the class was light again. Porun said, that he felt the same mysterious feeling again. At tako cafe, Akane-san went to buy some things, and Hikari was left alone. She went to wash dishes, and the Chairect started spinning. Lulun's commune buttons started lighting too. Then Wishun came out, and said, that truth is getting closer again, and this is probably why she came out. Porun said, that Hikari needs to go to Nagisa and Honoka, because she can't do it without them. That evening, Nagisa and Honoka were planning where to go next day together with everyone. Suddenly, pillow fight started. The teacher came, and someone threw a pillow to her face. She started throwing back, and hitted Nagisa. Meanwhile, at Hikari's place, she wrote a letter to Akane-san. Next day, the girls went to a period town, and Nagisa won a lottery. She won 2 tickets to dress up like women in Edo era, and gave one to Honoka. They dressed, and wanted to go to the place where the filming is, and saw Kyouko and Natsuko in Edo clothes. She wanted to ask them where is the filming, and started chacing them, when she fell. She dirtied her face and rental clothes, when an old man helped her get up. he said, that she shouldn't run like that, because it's not ladylike. he said, that he is in charge of decorations for period dramas, and offered the girls to see the studio, because nothing is being filmed now. The girls were impressed. Then he showed his first decoration - a giant toad. he said, that this studio holds him many precious memories, and then Uraganos came. he started acting like in a period drama, and the girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Then Uraganos summoned a Zakenna from the toad. Zakenna tied the girls with ropes, when Hikari came. She transformed to Luminous. The toad tried attack her, but Lulun used the Heartiel Brooch on luminous to create a shield. Then Black and White broke free and summoned Sparkle Bracelets. The girls used Marble Screw Max Sparkle on Zakenna, defeating it. Nagisa and Honoka wondered, how will they explain it to the teacher. porun said, that he has a mysterious feeling and everyone have to be together. Then a new Heartiel appeared. The boy was out of the mansion and was in the same place as the girls.

35 (84)- "MAJIYABA Shuugaku Ryokou! Omoi Dedzukuri ha Kiken na Kaori" (A Seriously Dangerous Field Trip! Lovely Sliced Fish Has a Dangerous Smell")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 35

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 35

Airdate: 23 October, 2005

Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari have to explain their teacher why has Hikari came. Hikari explained, that she just had to be with those 2. Teacher discussed it with Akane-san, and said, that she can stay here tonight and return tomorrow with everyone. But she had to promise, that she won't do anything reckless like that again, because everyone at school were worried about her too. She asked, why did she felt, that she had to be with them, and Honoka said, that she forgot keys from her house and her grandma has to go out tomorrow. Teacher said, that she couldve gave her keys the time she returns to school. Hikari appologised again, and teacher said to call Akane-san, because she was worried about her. She called Akane-san, and she said, that she was worried about her a lot. Then Nagisa and Honoka started wondering why Wishun appeared again. Then Wishun came, and said, that the truth is coming. Nagisa and Honoka thought about the boy in the mansion, but Nagisa said, that they should go out sightseeing a bit, since they are in city after all. All mascots wanted to go too, changing to their true forms. Viblis was on the tower, and wondered what did Baldez ment by the words, that he is trying to make something happen inside of the boy now. They will watch over him and guide to the correct path. Then Uraganos came. He said, that he'll defeat Pretty Cure. Next morning, Nagisa, Honoka, Hikari, Shiho and Rina went sightseeing. Nagisa, Shiho and Rina went to try some cookies, and Honoka with Hikari were looking at souvenirs. Then Hikari said, that they with Nagisa are really opposites, and Honoka said, that this is why it's so fun being with her. Then Nagisa, Shiho and Rina reunited with Honoka and Hikari. Honoka suggested to go the place she wants to see. They went to a stop, and waited for something. Then a streetcar arrived, and everyone were impressed. Honoka said, that she always wanted to ride it. Nagisa said, that they are like flying on a street. Meanwhile, the boy was sightseeing at Kyoto too. The girls arrived to sightsee more. Then Shiho suggested them to ride tha carriage, and they did. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari sitted into one while Shiho and rina to other. They were riding, and the fall colors made them feel like they were in a painting. They arrived at a temple, and Shiho with Rina went shopping for relationship charms, and Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari went to visit shrines. Then they saw a new Heartiel, Prosen. He was eating again. Suddenly, the shrine bells started ringing, and Uraganos came. He made Zakenna from a tiger painting in a shrine. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They fighted Zakenna, and suddenly Wishun felt "the truth" and went somewhere. Hikari followed her and got lost. Then she met the boy from the mansion, and the street darkened again. Black and White tried hurrying to Hikari, but Uraganos tried stopping them. The girls did a fake Marble Screw, and tricked Uraganos. Zakenna was laughing at him. Uraganos got mad. Suddenly, Hikari and the boy fainted, and the street returned to normal. Black and White caught Hikari, and Viblis caugh the boy. She was mad, and then came even more mad Uraganos. He attacked with Zakenna, and Black and White tried summoning Sparkle Bracelets, but Uraganos attacked with Zakenna. They kicked them, and summoned the bracelets and this time they made it. They used Marble Screw Max Sparkle, defeating Zakenna. Later, everyone went home, and Nagisa wondered, what will happen next. But she was glad she brought souvenirs.

36 (85)- "Ouchi ni Kaeshite~! PORUN to RURUN no Daibouken" ("Return to the Pit! Porun and Lulun's Great Adventure")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 36

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 36

Airdate: 30 October, 2005

While Hikari is working, Porun and Lulun are playing together. Lulun just doesn't want to stay away from Porun. Then Porun starts running away, and Lulun chaces him. Meanwhile, Nagisa is eating takoyaki at Akane-san's, and likes it. Then Mipple and Mepple awakened, and started talking. A boy went by, and Nagisa pretended, that Mepple is just a doll. The boy believed, and went away. Porun was going somewhere, chaced by Lulun, and thought, that it's time to go back. Then Porun saw, that someone is coming, and stopped. Lulun hitted him, and they both hid near the dustbin, becoming dirty from the dusts on the road. A girl, who was passing by, saw them, and thought, that they were thrown away. She took them with her. Meanwhile, Hikari told Nagisa and Honoka, that Porun and Lulun are gone. Mepple and Mipple didn't felt their presence near. Later, the girl returned home, and cleaned Lulun from the dust. She tried satying still, because Porun said, that he won't play with her if she won't stay still, but he'll play if she will. After cleaning, a girl's mother came, and said, that her dad is coming back sooner than he thought. At first the girl, Nozomi, was glad, but later became sad. She went to her room, and Porun thought, that Hikari probably worried about them. Then Mimi, a girl's cat, came. She pushed Porun, but Nozomi told her to play nice. Then she licked both of them. Hikari was looking for them everywhere, together with Nagisa, Honoka and the Heartiels. They couldn't find them anywhere. Later, the girl was playing with Porun and Lulun, and suddenly started crying. She took a broken toy car from her bd, and remembered, how she tried taking one car from her dad's collection, and one accidentally fell and broke. Lulun was sorry for her. Meanwhile, Heartiels were looking for Porun and Lulun, when Prosen stopped to eat. Seekun looked around with her telescope, and saw them sitting on Nozomi-chan's bed. Then Mimi took the car's tire, and ran away, making Nozomi-chan chace her. Then Seekun and Prosen came. They said, that they can now escape, but Lulun said, that she won't leave her alone, and started crying. Porun decided to stay too. Then the girl returned, and the Heartiels went to call Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari. Then Nozomi's mom said, that papa is almost back, and asked does she want to take him. When her mother left, she took the car, Porun with Lulun and some stuff, and ran away. Then Heartiels took the girls to the house, but they were gone already. Nozomi went to a playground and hid there. Then she started crying. Porun got out of the bag, jumped up, and from above encouraged Nozomi to tell her parents everything, because she loves her dad. Then Lulun shoted from the backpack too, making Nozomi to turn to her. Then Porun shouted again, and Nozomi cheered up. Meanwhile, Heartiels were looking for Porun and Lulun, when Viblis spotted them. She fired her move to the lake Heartiels were flying over, and Lulun, who saw the explosion, got scared and ran to Porun. Then Viblis spotted them, and asked where are Pretty Cure. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari came. Then she created Zakenna from swings. Nagisa and honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They fought Zakenna, while Viblis attacked Hikari. Then Lulun asked to protect her. Porun said, that Nozomi is inside. Then Porun changed to his commune form, and Lulun went away. Hikari transformed to Luminous. She stood in front of Zakennas attack, and Lulun used the shield. Then Black and White called Sparkle Bracelets, and used Marble Screw Max Sparkle to defeat Zakenna. Later, Nozomi woke up, and she knew, that the 2 voices encouraging her were Porun and Lulun. Then her parents came looking for her. Nozomi confessed, that she broke the car, and her dad said, that it's good, that she's honest. He wans't mad at her. Then he noticed Porun and Lulun. He asked, did she brought new stuffed toys, and before Nozomi could answer, Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari came with Mipple and Mepple. They said, that it's theirs. Hikari asked to give back her precious friends, and Nozomi was a bit sad, but gave them to Hikari. Then she went home with her parents. When she looked back, Porun and Lulun were waving to her. She stopped and looked behind, but Porun and Lulun were not moving. She waved them goodbye, and went back home. Later, Mipple and Mepple scolded Porun and Lulun for running away, but they were glad, that Nozomi can smile because of them again. Then Lulun started chacing Porun again.

37 (86)- "Nagisa Tobu! Honoka Maiu! Shiho Zenryoku no Dai-butai!" ("Nagisa's Flying! Honoka's Dancing! Feel the Power of the Harvest on the Great Stage!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 37

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 37

Airdate: 13 November, 2005

Nagisa is going to school, and remembers last episode events Then Shiho with Rina comes, and then Honoka too. Shiho said, that their class is preparing a festival again, and Shiho is a director. She was really psyched, because her parents didn't encouraged her being movie drector. Later, in class, Shiho said, that their play's theme will be Ushiwakamaru and Benkei . It is a real historical event. The teacher agreed to it, as long as they study history. Rina said it's good too. Then Shiho said, that she had already wrote a script. One of the scenes were where the main character jumps on a bridge's handrail and later on his enemy's blade. The class were confused, because they didn't knew how can someone jump on a handrail and later on a blade. Shiho said, that she'll hire a special staff to do wire-action. Teacher said, that they can't force anyone to be main character, because it's dangerous. Nobody volunteered. Then Shiho became sad, and Nagisa volunteered to be Ushiwakamaru. Because Shiho worked so hard thinking everything. Then Honoka volunteered being Benkei. Then Rina said, that she'd love to see this. Shiho was moved by their words. Then she introduced wire action to teacher. They said, that they always puts safety as priority. Then the stars came - Nagisa and Honoka were in their costumes. Kyoko and Natsuko made them. Then the wire-action man asked to take off the suit so she can put on a vest they will attach the wires to. Then thay started practicing. Honoka/Benkei attacked Nagisa/Ushiwakamaru. She/he attacked, and, when it was time for Nagisa/Ushiwakamaru to jump, she didn't understood, and the wires made her fly in the air. Next time, Nagisa jumped, but she still was floating other times weren't better. Then, when they tried with clothes, Nagisa/Ushiwakamaru jumped and got on the handrail, but she lost her balance, and almost fell, when the wire action team pulled her wires and made her crash somewhere. Then Shiho became sad. She made a 30 minutes break. Nagisa was practicing at the break. Then Shiho asked everyone to gather. She cancelled the wire action, because they won't make it until the performance. She said they should practice on the rest of the performance, because it would still be great. Nagisa saw, how sad Shiho was, because she really wanted to do wire action, and Nagisa tought, that it was all her fault. Later, at the day of the performance, everything was fine. Then Nagisa noticed, there are many people there. Including Fujipi-senpai. Hikari was there too. Then the play started. Nagisa was serious and didn't failed, until the scene where she was climbing the stairs by blowing a flute,and it was too dark, so she didn't saw stairs and fell down. She lost her flute, and suddenly the light got at her. She then found a flute, and accidentally got it into her nose. They got down the curtain. Suddenly, the sky got all dark. Everybody in the audience fell asleep, except Hikari. Shiho was telling Nagisa about the next scene, until she fell asleep too. Then someone huge started walking on a roof, and Uraganos came. He took 2 crown beaks from students' costumes, and made Zakennas from them. They started attacking Nagisa and Honoka. Nagisa said, that the crow tengu were Ushiwakamaru's allies, but Uraganos didn't wanted to be historically accurate. He took Honoka/Benkei's blade, and made it bigger for him. Then he hitted the sealing, and Nagisa with Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They went on the roof though the hole, and through the glass roof they tried escaping from school, and crow Zakenna flied him on top of the roof. When he standed, the roof broke, and the Cures were thrown into bushes. Hikari hid behind a bush too. Then Zakennas made a tornado, and Black was blinded. White told her where should shekick to, and she beated the 2 Zakennas. They standed on Uraganos' shoulders. Then he attacked them, but Nagisa jumped on his blade, breaking it. Then she scored few punches, when the 2 zakennas united to one big crow, and made a tornado. Hikari transformed to Luminous. The girls used Extreme Luminario, defeating Zakenna. Then they returned to the play. Nagisa said she wanted to do the wire action, and Shiho agreed. The play started again, and Benkei/Honoka attacked Ushiwakamaru/Nagisa. They putted a good battle, and Nagisa/Ushiwakamaru jumped on the bridge's handrails and later on the blade. He/she did some great stunts, and everyone enjoyed the play.

38 (87)- "Sayonara Honoka!? Kizuna ha Mataku Eien ni!" ("Goodbye, Honoka!? Our Bonds Will Intensify Forever!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 38

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 38

Airdate: 20 November, 2005

Nagisa was playing lacrosse, and thought about previous episode. Then she received a ball and scored a goal. Meanwhile, Honoka received a postcard from her parents, who were currently residing in Paris. They wrote, that they will stay for a while in Paris, and asked does she want to come with them. Next day, she told everything to Nagisa and Hikari. Nagisa said, that if she wants she should go. She'll be happy whenever she goes, until Shiho and Rina took her, because she'll be late. Nagisa wanted to take back her words, because she didn't wanted Honoka to leave. Then Yuriko came, taking Honoka. At school, Nagisa felt bad, because this was not what she wanted to tell to Honoka. After school, she wanted to talk with Honoka, but Shiho and Rina came again, and said, that she wanted to make a meeting before the practice. Later, Nagisa talked with Shiho and Rina. She asked them, what would they say to her, if she hipotetically move to Paris. Rina said, that she'd come to visit her, and Shiho said her to bring back souvenirs. Then Nagisa understood, that it's pointless talking to them. Meanwhile, Honoka was at science club, and Yuriko noticed something is wrong with Honoka. After practice, Nagisa went to Akane-san's. When she mentioned this to her, Akane-san said, that Paris rings her a bell. Nagisa asked, did she ever been to Paris, and Akane-san said, that she didn't. Paris was a name of a cafe she used to go when she was young. There she met a boy and they were going out. Nagisa asked to tell her more, but she didn't. Later, Nagisa and Hikari with their mascots went to talk under a tree. Mepple was totally against being sepparated from Mipple. Porun also said, that it would be bad. Lulun didn't wanted to be sepparated from Porun, and started hugging him, much to his dismay. Nagisa also didn't wanted to be apart from Honoka. She wouldn't have to talk to anyone when she's worried, or anyone to help her with homework or share her lunch when she forget hers... Mepple asked, is this really why she wants to be with Honoka, and Nagisa said, that there would be all sorts of problems, like being Pretty Cure. Then she said, that she didn't ment to say, that she's fine with Honoka leaving. Hikari said, that she is sure, that Honoka understand her feelings. Nagisa wondered, what can she say for her to make her feel better. Meanwhile, Honoka was thinking should she go or not at her home. And the boy in the mansion was thinking about Hikari while watching at the window. He wondered, who is he and where did he was born. Baldez said, that their leader is soon going to be ressurected. Next day, Honoka told Yuriko everything. She said, that Honoka should definetely accept the offer. She always wanted to study in Europe, but her parents were against it, because she was still too young. A chance like that might not happen again. Later, Honoka came to watch Nagisa's practice. Nagisa tried talking with her. She said, that Honoka always says, that they should decide by themselves. She tried saying something more, but was interrupted by her team, because she was in the middle of practice. Nagisa said, that she'll come at her later. Later, when Honoka was at home thinking, Nagisa came. She tried talking about her leaving, but then she offered her to play catch. They started playing with lacrosse sticks and a ball, until Circulas disturbed them. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure, and started fighting. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous. Circulas kicked all 3 away. Black and White standed and started fighting. Then Circulas summoned Zakenna. It punched Black and White away. Then Porun said, that Luminous ahould help them too. She used Heartiel Action, freezing Zakenna. Then Black and White summoned Sparkle Bracelets, and used Marble Screw Max Sparkle on Zakenna, defeating it. Next day, Yuriko caught up to them, and said, that she takes back her words - she doesn't wants Honoka to leave her alone. In the evening, Honoka wrote back her parents, that she has amazing friends there, and wants to try her best at this city. Instead of living in Paris, she will try and think hard about what she wants to do.

39 (88)- "Moetsukiro! Seijun RAKUROSU Kesshousen!!" ("Burn Out! The Young Lacrosse Finalist!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 39

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 39

Airdate: 27 November, 2005

Nagisa was playing Lacrosse, and then stopped to say an announcement, about the Lacrosse Championship. Nagisa's friends than begin to ask about "Otagaku Girls" a team which was strong. While talking for the team, Shiho told her to think of a plan which could make the team win. Then Nagisa said she was going to think of a plan while she was in Akane-san's place. Seeing Nagisa leave, than her friends came with her. Meanwhile, in Otagaku school, Nagasawa was training with the others, she was acting mean because seeing her friends being weak. She also was afraid of losing to Verone Academy.

Meanwhile, Hikaru was shocked and was thinking of Hikari and the first time he saw her. Nagasawa then was waiting to meet Nagisa, Nagisa then saw her as she came and were telling about each other. Nagisa then invited Nagasawa to come with her to Tako Café and eat with her. Nagisa then was talking with Nagasawa about Lacrosse and had a fun time with her. It was the championship day and everyone was cheering for Nagisa. The game had started and Nagisa's team was playing however, Nagasawa's team had a big formation and was following what she had been saying. Shiho then shooted as she made a lucky goal.

After a few plays, Verone Academy was in the first place by one point, then the first part was finished. Nagisa was really happy and with a smile, but Nagasawa was wondering why she didn't smile, after some ideas then Nagasawa then strated to smile. Then the game begin, this time Nagasawa's team was winning goals, after some other goals, Circulas arrived as he made Nagisa mad for stopping her important game. Circulas then summoned a Zakenna out of Lacrosse objects. The girls than transformed into Cures.

After some minutes the Cures become angry because of the Zakenna and easly defeated the Zakenna by doing Extreme Luminario. The game began and Nagisa's team won. Nagisa than came to Nagasawa and shaked hands as Nagisa said it was the best game she ever knew.

40 (89)- "Futari ha Saikou! Zenkai BARIBARI Nagisa to Ryouta!!" ("Together, We are the Best! Full-Powered Rippin' Roarin' Nagisa and Ryouta!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 40

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 40

Airdate: 4 December, 2005

Nagisa's mother was washing the dishes and called Nagisa and said to her to take care of Ryouta while she was in her work, Nagisa heard it, got happy and then said to Ryouta to go together in his badminton tournament, however Ryouta freaked out and said he was going in the tournament by himself instead of going with Nagisa, then he left. Nagisa got shocked at hearing and told her mother why he did not wanted to go with her, then she answered to Nagisa by saying that he was embarrassed by her, making Nagisa wondering why.

The next morning, Nagisa was chasing Ryouta who was in a bus, but the bus was fast and Nagisa could not run more, however she then chased the bus. Ryouta had arrived in there and saw Honoka waiting, Honoka saw him and said where was Nagisa, however Ryouta did not answer, but then Nagisa was furious and was running as fast as she could and shouted at Ryouta, but then she got quite by Honoka. In the bulding, Nagisa and Honoka were seeing a boy named, Takada, playing badminton as he beated his opponents. Ryouta then was talking to his new friend called, Yuuji.

Yuuji then told his story on how he knew badminton, and then he was telling that he wanted to be like Takada, but Yuuji was scared that he would lose to Takada, as Ryouta was thinking it also. Honoka then was telling Nagisa the level of badminton was hard, but Nagisa then said that Ryouta will be the best, then shouted as Ryouta was the best. Ryouta, hearing it, become red and said to his friend, that she was only a fan. After, Hikari came to watch the game. The games begin as Ryouta was paired with Yuuji, however their opponents were Takada and his friend.

The games began as Ryouta and Yuuji struggled at getting points. Nagisa became angry and was shouting, despite that, she was making everyone angry and Ryouta get embarrassed. After a while, Viblis arrived in the building. Ryouta and Yuuji were having fun even though they were losing. In the break, Nagisa was tying her shoelaces, then asked Ryouta if he could remember the first time he had played badminton, and Ryouta remembered as he enjoyed playing it. When the games begin, Ryouta was winning as when he was a child. However, Viblis arrived making the girls get scared.

Viblis said to Hikari why she would make Hikaru sad. Because of it, Viblis then started attacking Hikari. Then the girls turned into Cures. Viblis started attacking Shiny Luminous and then she stopped because of Hikaru's feelings and Baldez. Viblis then became more angry and sent dark power, but then Shiny Luminous's brooch protected her and then got rescued by Cure Black and White. Everything got back to normal, and Ryouta lost but he had fun with Yuuji. The trainer than asked them if they wanted to join the club and they said yes, as Nagisa got happy. In home, Nagisa's mother, said that Ryouta enjoyed the game with Nagisa, which made Nagisa happier.

41 (90)- "Kihaku de watase! Chokotto yūki no present!!" ("Deliver Your Spirit! A Wandering Present of Courage!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 41

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 41

Airdate: 11 December, 2005

Nagisa is walking to school, and remembers, that Fujipi-senpai's birthday is coming soon. She remembers, how he remembered her birthday, and how she wasn't able to give him present last year. Then Honoka comes, scarying her. She asks, does Nagisa thinks about Fujipi-senpai's birthday, about what gift she should give him, and Nagisa denies it. Then she falls, and Fujipi-senpai catches her. Then lacrosse stick falls on her head. He asks, if she's fine, and she says yes. Later, at the mansion of darkness, the boy is sitting and doing nothing, and Viblis said for Butler Zakenna to don't let his eyes from him. Then he was thinking about Hikari, and the girl felt him too. After school, everyone went to look for a good gift for Fujipi-senpai, but they just can't find a right one. Nagisa wants him a present he will always have. Then Nagisa finds a towel, and decided to gift it. She wants to pack it, but Honoka says, that she should write initials, because she was really happy when Nagisa gave her lab coat. Nagisa decides to do it. Then Hikari notices a little boy running outside, and thinks it's that boy in the mansion. She runs outside, only to see, that it was just a normal little boy running to his mom. Hikari was disappointed. Later, at Tako cafe, Nagisa and Honoka were talking, while Hikari kept thinking about the boy and cleaned same plac over and over, until a man asked to sit there. The girls noticed, that Hikari does act strange. That evening at home, Nagisa tried sewing the initials, but it was horrible. Mepple said, that the important thin is that it's from a heart, and Nagisa decided to do it. Next day, she went to the high school alone. She looked for Fujipi-senpai and the soccer team, and tried practicing how to give him gift. She took her hands to give the gift for, as she thought, empty place, but a man from sumo club took her bag. He introduced himself as Go-chan. Nagisa took it back, by breaking the bag in half, and ran away. Then returned, and asked, where are the soccer team practicing, and he told her. She went to that place, and saw, that the field is being redone today. She looked around, to see if anybody knew, and saw the guy from before. She scolded him, and he remembered, that the field is being redone today. He told, that they're at the municipal fields, and Nagisa ran there. Then she returned, and asked, where are the municipal fields. Nagisa was running up the hill to the fields, and had to hurry before practice ends. Then she saw a woman pushing her bike up to the hill. She helped her. At the same time, Honoka asked the same Go-chan about the soccer team and the municipal fields. After helping the woman, Nagisa asked her about the municipal fields, and the woman saw them right down the hill. Nagisa rushed. She reached them, and asked, where are the Verone high school soccer team. Meanwhile, in the Mansion of Darkness, the boy had disappeared again. Hikari was filling water, and thinking about the boy, until the water was overflowing. Porun and Lulun were worried about her, because she was acting strange, and she said she's fine. Then Honoka called her. She said, that she was worried about Nagisa, so she came. Then Honoka said, that she also noticed, that Hikari was acting strange. Then Mipple felt evil presence. The girls hurried to Nagisa, and Akane-san came, saying, that she could take a break, but she was already gone. Akane-san took the water back to the cafe, and she saw that boy. She putted the water to the truck, and when looked back, he was gone. Meanwhile, Nagisa was looking for field 8 with the soccre team. One of the fields had tennis club, other was empty, and the 3rd actually had... sumo club training. Then Mepple said, that he feels something. She looked at the map for field 8, and saw Honoka and Hikari coming. Then Mipple and Mepple said, that they feel a really bad presence. Hikari saw the boy, and Porun said, that it's not that. Baldez appeared behind Hikari's back. Then he summoned Zakenna from the stadium stuff. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They tried fighting it, but it was stronger. Hikari transformed to Luminous. Zakenna was about to hit her, but Lulun used a shield. Then Black got serious, and kicked Zakenna. White did too. Then the 3 used Extreme Luminario and destroyed Zakenna. After that, Viblis told the boy to go home now. He asked, what happened to those people, and Baldez said, that he'll be complete soon. Then Luminous told them, that she also can't understand anything about what will happen to her after Queen's resurrection. Then they went to field 8, but the practice was over. And she couldn't give to him so battered towel. Honoka quickly rewrapped it, and pushed her forward. The team was going home, and Fujipi-senpai was tying his shoes. Then Nagisa came. After gathering her courage, she congratulated him with birthday. Then he noticed her work sewing the initials, and said, that he'll use it everyday. He thanked her, and went away. Nagisa was really happy. In the end, a new Heartiel appeared.

42 (91)- "Ginban no Koibitotachi? Subette Koron de Dai-PINCHI!" ("A Rink Full of Sweethearts? Slipping and Falling into Grave Danger!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 42

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 42

Airdate: 18 December, 2005

Nagisa is going to school, and Fujipi-senpai catches her. He invites her to go to the new amusement park. Nagisa agreed, and he ran off, saying, that he'll give details later. Nagisa thinks, that it's probably a date. She is very disappointed, when her "date" comes - Honoka and Kimata also came with them. Then Kimata suggested them to go skating, and Honoka liked that idea. Nagisa didn't. Fujipi-senpai and Kimata were good at skating, Honoka too. Nagisa wasn't. She was about to give up, but Honoka encouraged her. Nagisa relaxed, and tried again. Putting one foot after another, easy, easy... And she skated! She started skating easilly, even letting go of the wall, but then she slipped, and started sliding without stopping. She was about to hit a wall, until Fujipi-senpai gracefully saved her. She thanked her, and slipped again, accidentally hugging him. Then Fujipi-senpai suggested to teach her the basics. Meanwhile, the boy in the mansion and the butler zakenna were decorating a christmas tree. Suddenly, the boy saw a vision of christmas tree and some bicycles, and shouted to watch out. Suddenly, Hikari, who was carrying a christmas tree to Tako cafe, stood up, and 2 kids with biked drived off. It was close. Hikari said, that she heard a voice. Neither Porun or Lulun didn't hear any voice. Butler Zakenna in the mansion asked the boy, what did he ment, and he told them to don't mind. At the same time, in the rink, Nagisa and Fujipi-senpai were trying to skate, and they were pretty good. Nagisa thought, that from far the might look like a couple, and slipped, but he caught her. Back at tako cafe, Hikari was decoating a christmas tree too, and Porun felt something. Then suddenly she saw the boy in the mansion on a christmas decoration, and he saw her. They got scared, and Baldez destroyed the decoration in both sides. Porun and Lulun were scared, and Porun said, that they should be with Nagisa and Honoka. Later, at the park, boys were playing table soccer, while Nagisa was thinking about how they practiced skating at the rink, and thought, that at that pace she might even confess to him. Then Honoka came, bringing her some ice cream. Nagisa was surprised at first, and Honoka asked, was she thinking about something, and she ate her ice cream in one bite. Then the Heartiel from previous episode came. She introduced herself as Lovelan, and was called by the love at this place. She straightly asked Nagisa, when will she confess to him. Nagisa tried denying it, but Lovelun said, that she'll find her own path. Then they decided to ride a ferris wheel. Nagisa and Fujipi-senpai got in, and the instructor closed the door. Honoka said, that it's 2 each. Nagisa couldn't believe it. But she just couldn't think of something to talk about, even though Honoka gave her that chance. Then Nagisa was about to confess to him, when he fell asleep. Mepple said, that he feels an evil presence, and Nagisa couldn't believe it happened again. Then Nagisa and Honoka got out of the wheel, and saw Zakenna from ice. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Then Hikari came. Zakenna shooted some ice from it's mouth, freezing Pretty Cures. Hikari transformed to Luminous. Then Uraganos came, getting Luminous cornered. Lulun changed to her true form, and asked to don't bully Luminous. Uraganos caught her, and said, that he'll crush her right now, when Lulun's light started to shine, and she gave Luminous Heartiel Brooch. Zakenna was about to attack her, when Luminous used her shield. In response, the boy in the mansion fired some strange wave, which blowed everything in that park away - both Pretty Cure with Luminous and the villains. Uraganos asked, what was that, and Baldez said, that it was a swell of darkness, and he knew it was from him. Uraganos was about to attack Luminous, and Black with White sttod in his way. That swell broke them free from the ice. They called Sparkle Bracelets, and used Marble Screw Max Sparkle. Uraganos tried blocking it, but failed. Then it defeated Zakenna. After that, Fujipi-senpai decided to bring something from yakisoba stand, and Nagisa decided to do it, as thanks for skating lessons, and ran. Fujipi-senpai thought, that it might be hard for her to carry 5 portions, and Kimata decided to help her, but Honoka said, that she'll go. Nagisa brought the snacks, and went after that to a high place. She said, how this day was wonderful and how she had great time with senpai. Her heart always beats faster after seeing him. She said, that she might not be able to say this right. Then she shouted, that she loves Fujipi-senpai. Honoka was near and hear everything. At first she was shocked, but she was happy, that Nagisa has so much courage. Then it started snowing. Nagisa headed back, and Honoka hid in bushes. When Nagisa returned, Fujipi-senpai asked, whad did she said, and Nagisa said, that she only wished Merry Christmas for them. He wished her too.

43 (92)- "Saigo no Fuyuyasumi! Tokubetsu Jugyou da ZAKENNAA!?" ("The Final Winter Vacation! It's a Special Lesson for Zakenna!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 43

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 43

Airdate: 25 December, 2005

The school year is almost over, so science club and lacrosse team have new leaders. Lacrosse captain now became Maki. Yuriko asked Honoka what will she be doing next week. Shiho and Rina are also planning something. Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, Butler Zakenna are playing with the boy outside, while the villains inside were thinking about previous battle. Next day, Nagisa went to lacrosse practice to watch them, and brought some takoyaki. They will be having a practice match against otagaku. Later, at Akane-san's, Nagisa told Honoka about Maki as the new captain. She said, that she is great but she doesn't have self-confidence. Akane-san said, that she is just like Nagisa was a year ago. Then she remembered her time as captain, and Honoka remembered hers as science club president. Meanwhile, at the bushes, Shiho and Rina were watching them, and Yuriko saw them. Later, when going home, Nagisa, Honoka, Mipple and Mepple were talking about Hikari. She was acting strange a lot. They agreed, that they shouldn't let their eyes out from her. Meanwhile, Hikari was cleaning a table at the cafe, and remembered when she saw him on a christmas decoration. Porun and Lulun asked, is she ok, and Hikari said, that everything's fine. Later, Maki met Nagisa. She asked her, is she cut out to be captain. She said, that she's trying her best, but no matter how hard she tries, the team just falls appart. She doesn't has enough confidence. Then Nagisa told her about how hard for her was at firs when she became a captain. Maki was surprised, that Nagisa also had such problems. She asked, how did she stopped worrying, and Nagisa told her, that she just realised, that she doesn't have to to like captain. She just has to be herself, and have fun playing lacrosse like always. Maki was worried, that she can't be like Nagisa - she isn't that popular. Nagisa said, that she should just do things her own way. Nagisa said, that she got an advice from Shiho and Rina, and if she keeps things her own way, everything will be fine. But she should tone down a bit - this will help. Then Maki cheered up, and thanked Nagisa for advices. When Nagisa was near home, Shiho and Rina met her. They asked her to come tomorrow at 3 o'clock to school, because they need something to talk about with her. Then they left. T the same time, Yuriko called Honoka, asking her the same thing. Meanwhile, tako cafe was about to close, and Hikari checked the fridge for supplies. There she saw Dusk Zone. Same with the boy in the mansion, who saw Garden of Light through his window. Hikari ran out, much to Akane-san's surprise. Akane-san opened the fridge again, but saw only food. Next day, both girls met at school, and Shiho with Rina asked them both to come with them. They went to science club room, and everyone from science club and lacrosse team made them a farewell party, thanking for everything this year. Then Akane-san with Hikari came, carrying a giant cake for them and a bag of takoyaki for everyone. Yuriko wanted to make a picture with everyone and a cake, but fainted like everyone else. Then Zakenna started walking outside. The girls went out and saw Viblis. Everyone transformed. They fought Zakenna, and Viblis was about to attack Luminous, when the boy used his powers. Baldez saw that. Then Zakenna tried attacking her, but Lulun used her shield. Black and White callad Sparkle Bracelets and used Marble Screw Max Sparkle, defeating Zakenna. They returned, and everyone thanked hem again. Later, Lovelun returned to the chairect. Hikari fell, but she said, that she's fine. Nagisa and Honoka wondered about that dark wave from before, and Hikari explained, that this was probably him. There is only one Heartiel missing, not counting unentered Seekun.

44 (93)- "Hikari ga Kieta Hi, Asu wo Sagasu Hi!" ("The Day Hikari Disappears, The Day We Search for Tomorrow!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 44

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 44

Airdate: 8 January, 2006

Nagisa was going to school, and met with Honoka. They were thinking about Hikari. But the new semester was starting today too. Hikari was also thinking about the time she saw Dusk Zone on the fridge. At the same time, Butler Zakenna were playing with a plane outside, trying to get the boy out too. He was just watching at the window. At the Garden of Light, Elder and Guardian were discussing about the dark power in Garden of Rainbows. Elder mentioned Pretty Cure, this time calling them Francois and Katerina. Later, after Guardian said it's wrong, he went to his usual Yoshiko-san and Keiko-san. Then they went to the Queen's throne room, and there saw Garden of Rainbows. Elder said, that the balance between Darkness and Light is very fragile now. Later, in the Mansion of Darkness, Baldez said, that the power inside the boy is awakening. Uraganos decided to go attack, and when he opened the door, he saw Garden of Light. He started screaming, and everyone came. He opened the door again, but outside he saw only normal scenery. Butterflies were on his mustache. He blowed them away. Then butler zakenna came, saying, that the boy was gone. Viblis told them to search for him. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka came to Hikari, who was on a break. Nagisa and Honoka said, that they are worried about Hikari, Porun and Lulun changed to their real forms, and said, that they are also worried about her. Mipple and Mepple changed too, and said, that they feel something. Seekun said too, she said, that something big is coming. Then Akane-san called Hikari, and Porun fell down. Nagisa and Honoka decided to help her. They putted umbrella, and saw something. Then a girl asked about her crepes Hikari was supposed to bring, and they saw, that she's gone. They started looking for her. Suddenly, all 3 of the generals appeared. Nagisa asked, what have they done to Hikari, but they said they don't know anything. The girls transformed to Pretty Cures. Circulas fought Black, and Uraganos caught her. White fought Viblis, and kicked her to the bushes. Then she came back, and started fighting again, but Viblis kicked her again. Then she pulled Uraganos' mustache and broke free. She tried helping White, but Circulas kicked her away, and she almost hitted tree, but White caught her and the hitted the tree together. They were both fine. Meanwhile, Hikari was in some strange empty place. She woke up, and saw the boy coming. She asked, did he called her there, and he said, that he doesn't know anything about that. Hikari said, that they are lost. The boy hoped everyone will find him. He said, that everyone are really nice. Back at the battle, Circulas called Zakenna from some leaves. Black and White decided to split up, and Zakenna did too. Both heads started firing blue fire beams. Then Black and White reuinited, and summoned Sparkle Bracelets. Circulas tried using his move, but Black and White used Marble Screw Max Sparkle. All 3 of them tried repelling it, but it didn't worked. The move defeated Zakenna. Then the Cures understood, that Hikari is not with them. Meanwhile, Hikari was talking with the boy. They realized, that they are really similar. Then the boy said, that he hears a voice inside his head, and it gets louder. He is afraid, that he'll disappear, just like Hikari is. Later, Mipple and Mepple said, that they still have that strange feeling, and after Hikari was gone it just got stronger. Honoka was holding Chairect with 2 empty spots, one reserved for Seekun.

45 (94)- "Mugen no Yami, Eien no Hikari" ("Infinite Darkness, Eternal Light")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 45

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 45

Airdate: 15 January, 2006

The boy from the mansion is somewhere in Dusk Zone, seeing Dark King's rusted chains and other stuff. Also Baldez. In the morning, Akane-san got up, and felt, that something is missing. Something very important. Then Nagisa came, and Akane-san greeted her like usual, saying, that she's early. Nagisa asked her about Hikari, and Akane-san was surprised. Then Nagisa ran away. At school, Nao and Miu also felt like something is missing. Honoka came, and asked them about Hikari. The girls were surprised. Later, the girls met up on the roof, and called Inteligen. She said, that the dark power became stronger, and that soon Dusk Zone will start consuming worlds, starting with the Garden of Rainbows. After that, the only thing left is chaos. The only way to prevent it, is Queen's ressurection. Meanwhile, the 4 villains are looking for the boy. Uraganos looks and plays Shiritori with himself. He says Doko desu ka? (where are you?). Then Kakuretenaide detekite kudasai! (Stop hiding and come on out!). Then Ii ko dakara henji shite! (be a good boy and answer!). Then Te de wakaran! (I can't think of a "te"!). At the same time, Hikari, together with the boy from the mansion were in Dusk Zone. Hikari was still scared of that from seeing it on fridge, and fell. The boy asked, does it hurts, and gave her his hand. The touched hands, and a pillar of light with darkness ribbons appeared. Porun and Lulun got scared and ran away. Then Baldez found them. He said, that the boy is Dark King's life, and he is the one who has to watch his growth. Then Hikari fell, and the boy started shining. Baldez said, that he sucked all her energy for his growth. Then Hikari said, that no matter, that he is born from darkness, he is still good and kind. She stood. Then Baldez decided to absorb her. Porun started going like crazy, and some strange clouds appeared in the sky. He was determined to save Hikari, but he couldn't get into that place. Baldez caught Hikari, and Porun got crazy again, refusing to give up. Then Lulun said, that she promised to protect her. Porun said, that they should gather their power and think about Hikari. It worked, and the 2 mascots went to Dusk Zone, saving Hikari and returning back. Then a golden glow covered the city. Then sun started landing down, even though there were still school hours. Then Porun and Lulun woke up, and went to Hikari. She was laying and not waking up. Porun and Lulun started to cry. Nagisa and Honoka came too. Then Hikari moved her hand, and started petting Porun on head. She opened her eyes, and thanked Porun and Lulun for saving her. Then from the sky, last Heartiel, Eternalun, appeared. he was called by their feelings. Then he entered the Chairect. Porun realized, that it was the last Heartiel. Then all 4 generals, together with the boy came. They hurried them to revive the Queen, but Nagisa and Honoka opposed them. They said, that Hikari is their friend, and they don't want a world made from sacrifices. They will protect it with their own powers. Then they revived Dark King with the power the boy absorbed from Hikari. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure. They started fighting, while Dark King standed. Hikari saw the boy enfulged by darkness, and he was crying. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous. Dark King's chains destroyed the city. Shining Shiny Luminous gave hand to the boy covered in darkness. He also gave his hand. Then they became normal, and Luminous promissed to save him no matter what.

46 (95)- "Sutemi no Soukougeki! Yami no Senshi MAKKUSU PAWAA!!" ("Life-Risking Attack! Dark Soldiers at Max Power!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 46

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 46

Airdate: 22 January, 2006

Luminous wakes up near Dark King's chains, and wonders what happened. Seekun tells her, that Dark King was resurrected in Garden of Rainbows, and that he'll destroy this world. Then dark king started to consume the buildings, and Black with White prepared to fight it. Then Viblis came, and said, that their mission is now complete. But they have one more thing to do - destroy Pretty Cures. The Circulas came, and said, that they will destry them with their own hands as a gift to freshly-ressurected Dark King. Uraganos came, and said, that they will defeat them. Meanwhile, the boy from the mansion was walking to Dark King, and Luminous tried to stop him, but Baldez came, and said, that Dark King will unite with the boy and will be reborn as his complete form. The boy kept going, and Luminous shouted for him to wait. He looked at her, and they once again had eye contact. the boy asked, what will happen to him. he remembered, how he used to swing with Butler Zakenna, and how he met Hikari for the first time. Then suddenly, something dark in his heart started hurting, he was engulfed by darkness again, and that dark part from his heart shot at Dark King. he grew bigger, and the sky got even more dark. The 3 generals got more powered-up, and they told Black and White, that Dark King's true resurrection is now complete. Now darkness will rule all the worlds. All that's left is to defeat them. They started fighting, but Black and White were kicked away. Then Hikari asked Seekun to enter the Chairect. Seekun was worried about Hikari, but she remembered how Nagisa and Honoka refused to resurrect the Queen because then something will happen to her. Then she saw, how Black and White are trying their best fighting the 3 generals for the people they love and for this world they love... The only thing she can do for them now is to become the Queen. even if that means she'll disappear, because she can become everyone's strength. She asked Seekun again, and said, that she decided. Seekun then entered the Chairect. It started to shine, and Prism Stones in the Garden of Light reacted. All 3 parts of the Queen appeared in strange place. Meanwhile, Black and White summoned Sparkle Bracelets. Uraganos tried attacking, but was blown away. Black and White stood on a building, and White felt, that they won't see Luminous again. But in the garden of Light, the Queen's throne was still empty. then Lulun woke up Luminous, and she asked, did she already became Queen. Then the voice Hikari used to hear in the beginning spoke from the Chairect, saying, that they cannot yet become the Queen. This is because she is still too closely tied to this world. She loves this world. She wants to stay there forever. But in order to protect it from destruction, she must disappear from this world. These 2 feelings are in conflict with her. Luminous said, that she loves this world. She loves going to school, helping at the cafe, laughing, being sad, surprised and other feelings. So she doesn't want for people she love to be destroyed. Meanwhile, in the Garden of Rainbows, the 3 generals emerged from the ruins of the buildings, and Baldez said, that their mission is now complete. They opposed, saying, that they still have to defeat Pretty Cure. They left the rest to him. Then they found Pretty Cure and the battle started again. They removed their cloaks, powering up even more. They threw Black and White to the building. Then they combined their powers for a new move, and Black with White used Marble Screw Max Sparkle. the move absorbed Viblis and Circulas, but Uraganos wasn't going to give up. Viblis and Circulas emerged from the move near Black and White, and grabbed their bracelets. Black and White powered up their move, and the 3 returned to darkness, destrying bracelets. Black and White were laying on the ground with no power left. They were glad, that they won, but then Baldez appeared before them.

47 (96)- "Tobira wo Akete! Koko kara Hajimeru Monogatari" ("Open the Door! The Story Begins From Here")

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 47

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Episode 47

Airdate: 29 February, 2006

The episode starts with little Honoka crying, because her parents left again, and Sanae trying to cheer her. Then Baldez uses his power to send the Pretty Cure flying. Black and White are laying on the ruins, unable to move a finger. Then Black sees the Statue of Tomorrow. She says, that it's no fare, because it was almost graduation time too. Now, everyone are gone. Then Mepple said, that it was really fun for him to be with Black. he is happy, that he met her. Mipple was also happy, that she could be together with White. Then both girls started crying. The pile of ruins moved, and Black with White fell. Meanwhile, Luminous was talking with a Queen. She said, that because of her love for everyone she decided to become Queen, but the voice said, that because of that love she can't become Queen. Then she told Porun and Lulun their names once again. She said, that Luminous will create her own future. Then Black remembered, how in elementary school she fell during the track running, and was crying at home. her parents tried to cheer her up, because she still managed to get the first place. But little Nagisa was still crying. Then it was like Black standing in the entrance, and watching everything from there. Her parents were looking at her. Same with White, who was in her memory, and Sanae was looking at her. Then the golden pillar lighted, and the girls received Sparkle Bracelets, and were able to move again. Black said, that they still have tomorrow. Baldez tried fighting them, but Pretty Cures were stronger. They said, that he made a mistake - he is not fighting just the 2 of them - he is fighting the life of the whole world. Then he used a move, but Black and White destroyed it. Then they used Marble Screw Max Sparkle. It hit Baldez, but he withstood it, and was left only with the suit - just like 3 other generals. Then he said, that the Cures also made a mistake - he is not in the same level as they and their "life" - he is Dark King now. Then the huge image of Dark King disappeared, and Baldez took the form of Dark King, but remaining the same size. He said, that they can't fight God now. He destroyed whole city with one blow. Black and White couldn't even get close to him without being blown away. They were blown to the same Keiyaki tree. Then Black remembered, that she forgot her homework, and still hadn't done her graduation essays. Then White also remembered, that she promised her grandma to buy clams for miso soup. Black said, that miso soup is delicious, and White said, that Black can come to her for lunch. Her grandma would be delighted. Then Mepple started scolding Black for thinking about silly stuff like that. Black said, that she is free to think about whatever she wants. Then White also said, that they are free. Nobody can take away the free place in their hearts. Then Black and White returned to attack with more power, and the Prism Stones in the Garden of Light reacted. They attacked with all their might, and with the help of Sparkle Bracelets, they managed to reach Baldez and even hurt him. Then he got angry and grew bigger. He was about to destroy the world, but Queen stopped him. He asked, what is she doing - if they both disappear, all the worlds will disappear too! Then Black and White asked, where is Luminous, and Queen said, that she lives in everyone's hearts. Luminous confirmed, that she chose to become the Queen, and has no regrets, but started to cry. Then she said, that they all will do a final attack, and Porun shouted Extreme Luminario incantation, but this time Black and White were wearing their Sparkle Bracelets, and Extreme Luminario turned into Extreme Luminario Max. After the move defeated Baldez/Dark King, Nagisa and Honoka said goodbye to Mipple and Mepple, and they knew they won't see Hikari anymore. In the Garden of Light, everything was back to normal, and Queen was sitting in her throne. Next day the girls graduated, and Honoka started to cry, because she missed Mipple. They went to Tako cafe, and Akane-san said, that she made special takoyaki for them. She heard, that Honoka's graduation speech was really moving. Nagisa asked who told her, and then Hikari brought them snacks. Nagisa almost started to cry, and fell from her chair. She asked, why is she here, and under the table Porun and Lulun asked her to be quiet. Then Akane-san brought the same boy from the mansion, and introduced him as Hikari's little brother, Hikaru. Then she went away. Then Mepple transformed to his real form, and jumped on Nagisa's face, saying he's hungry. Honoka was also hugging Mipple. At first, Nagisa couldn't believe, that he will live with her, but then started to cry, and asked, will they be always together, and Honoka confirmed that.

The last word in the series was... ARIENAI!