1- "Watashi-Tachi ga Henshin!? Arienai!" ("You Want Us to Transform?! I Can't Believe This!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 01

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 01

Airdate: 01 February, 2004

The episode opens wth Nagisa playing lacrosse with her team, presenting her talent in sports. Meanwhile, Honoka is with her science club, accidentally making a small mess while demonstrating a successfull experiment. At the end of the intro, the two girls are seen walking past each other without noticing one another.

After the opening, Nagisa and her friends, Takashimizu Rina and Kubota Shiho, talk about an up-coming shooting star, and Honoka later tells them about the shooting star's origins before leaving. The girls then tell Nagisa about Honoka, and how she is the star student and "Queen of Knowledge", as well as really popular with the boys.

Nagisa returns home by sunset. Stressed out, she immediately confines herself to her bedroom, laying down on her bed while lamenting that she is more sporty type of girl instead of a brainy type. A shooting star suddenly passes through the sky, capturing Nagisa's attention. Wondering if this was the same star storm that her friends were talking about, she gets off her bed and goes to her balcony to watch as more shooting stars descend. Nagisa suddenly remembers to make a wish on one of them when suddenly she sees one heading straight for her room!

Panicked, Nagisa watches it as it bounces around her room and hits her between the eyes, knocking her down. The "star" then explodes into fragments of glowing light as what appears to be a small UFO to Nagisa falls in the center of the room.

Meanwhile, Honoka arrives home to hear her dog, Chuutaro, barking. He leads her to the storeroom where she finds a glowing package. She opens it and finds a similar looking device.

After Nagisa recovers, she carefully prods the tiny vessel with her lacrosse stick until it opens, revealing its passenger. Terrified, Nagisa orders it to stay away from her, even as it tries to make friendly conversation. They are both interrupted by Ryouta, Nagisa's younger brother. Nagisa tries to show him the alien, but finds that the "ship" to look nothing more like a cellphone. Unimpressed, her brother leaves but not after Nagisa trips him with her foot. She tries to investigate the odd shards of light, which transform into cards. But the alien insist he needs to find someone.

Due to his limited mobility, Nagisa is forced to carry the visitor in her lacrosse stick. Along the way while shortcutting through various establishments, the creature explains that his name is Mepple, a warrior from the Garden of Light who has been tasked to protect Mipple, the princess of the Garden of Light.

Mepple's sense of direction leads him and Nagisa to a closing amusement park where they are confronted by a strange looking man who introduces himself as Pisard. Pisard snatches Mepple away and demands that he turns over the Prism Stones when Honoka comes running up to the confrontation carrying Mipple. Nagisa uses this opportunity to swat Mepple from Pisard's grasp while he is distracted. Enraged, Pisard uses his powers to throw around various objects while Mepple and Mipple instruct Nagisa and Honoka to transform by swiping the Queen card through the Card Commune. The two are transformed into Pretty Cure, confusing Nagisa as she has no control of her actions during the transformation.

The duo can barely control their actions as Pisard launches a fierce attack on the both of them. Both are able to use their power to hold him off, however. Desperate, Pisard summons an evil spirit which takes possession of a roller coaster that attacks Pretty Cure. Overwhelmed, Mepple and Mipple order the duo to hold hands, summoning black and white lightning and combining it into an attack called Marble Screw which exorcises the demon and returns the roller coaster to normal and forces Pisard to retreat.

After the battle, Mepple and Mipple reunite, they explain to Nagisa and Honoka that they are destined to fight alongside them as the Emissaries of Light. While Honoka is smitten with the thought of fighting for justice, Nagisa is in disbelief and instead questions why this is happening to her.

2- "Kanbenshite! Yami ni Nerawareta Machi" ("Give Me a Break! A City Targeted by Darkness!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 02

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 02

Airdate: 08 February, 2004

Mulling over last nights events, Nagisa wonders if it was all a dream. Unfortunately, Mepple keeps interrupting class, proving this isn't the case.

In the Dusk Zone, Pisard reports to Dark King that he found Mepple and Mipple, but the Pretty Cure warriors interfered before he could find out where they hid their Prism Stones. Dark King reveals that when he has all seven Prism Stones, he will be able to keep the darkness from consuming him and live forever.

Mepple demands that Nagisa feed him, which she grudgingly does before going to meet Honoka in the lab to tell her she doesn't want to continue fighting. Despite the danger however, Honoka plans to keep going, thinking its really interesting. Suddenly, a soccer ball that the Boys’ Division accidentally kicked through the window interrupts them. Nagisa angrily heads to the field, but is smitten by Fujimura. At home, Nagisa agonizes over her sudden feelings when Mepple starts telling her about his home, the Garden of Light. It had been a happy place until the Dusk Zone came. Fearing its annihilation, the Queen sent Mepple and Mipple to the Field of Rainbows along with two of the prism stones. At Honoka's home, Mipple tells her the same story. Her grandmother hears them talking, but Honoka says she was talking to herself.

Meanwhile, Pisard notices how much energy there is in the city and decides to give the energy to the Dark King. He purchases a powerful vacuum cleaner and fuses a Zakenna with it. Everywhere throughout the city, power is sucked away. Mepple feels the dark force and demands that Nagisa help stop it. She is reluctant, but a news flash shows that the power outages are spreading. She meets up with Honoka and notices that Shiho and Rina are trapped in an elevator. They head to the top of the building and find Pisard, who sets his Zakenna on them. The duo transform into Cure Black and C TroubleCure Black was strapped by a cord. ChrismhAdded by Chrismh ure White, confirming Pisard's suspicions about the legends from the Garden of Light.

The Zakenna attacks them, but White manages to spin it in the air. Black goes to kick it, but is slowed down by a burst of air. The vacuum sucks up Black and blows her through a doorway. It catches White with its cord and throws her through the door too.

White finds herself in the elevator shaft with Black, just above Shiho and Rina. Pisard cuts the cables and the elevator tumbles down. White quickly ties a cable around her and Black and they hold onto the opposite walls. The elevator slows down just enough to keep everyone alive.

Pretty Cure goes back to confront Pisard. The Zakenna attacks them, but a shield they managed to produce protects them. They unleash their Pretty Cure Marble Screw and drive off Pisard. Black gives the vacuum a final kick before it returns to normal.

The next day, Shiho and Rina tell Nagisa about their near death experience and rescue. Desperate, Nagisa distracts them, saying they'll be late for school. The episode ends with authorities trying to determine the cause of the power outages and the salesman trying to sell the same vacuum cleaner, still bearing the imprint from Black's attack.

3- "Iketeru Jisshuusei ni ki wo Tsukete!" ("Beware the Cute Student Teacher!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 03

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 03

Airdate: 15 February, 2004

The episode begins with the Dark King having a discussion with Pisard, who explains that he is trying to get the energy from the Pretty Cure's town. Dark King strikes with a flash of lighting, stating that Pisard can easily be replaced and that he better remember this. Pisard promises that he will not fail next time..

Meanwhile at the Wakabadai Station, Nagisa is with her friends Shiho and Rina while thinking about how Pisard came again to try and take Mepple and Mipple. She also begins to think about Fuji when he suddenly appears behind her. Thinking that he was talking to her, she begins to blush and panic, only to see that it was his friend behind her saying he was late and he runs by her without even saying a word...

At Verone Acadamy, the Principal and Vice Principal are discussing how nice the weather is. Stating that is is spring, though still a bit chilly. He goes on to ask if the Student Teachers will be coming the following day and begins to think about their age. In the classroom the students are being given the itinerary for the field trip coming up next week when Yoshimi mentions one of the girls will have to be the Leader. While she is thinking this over, Nagisa and her friends are discussing the student teachers when she is caught by their teacher, who asks if she was listening. Despite her claims that she was, Nagisa is put in charge of being the field trip organizer.

Nagisa protest, to which she realizes that her doing it on her own may not be a good idea and ask Honoka to help Nagisa with the pamphletes for the field trip.

Later, having just changed after Lacrosse practice, Rina mentions how she plans to run home quick, and then to the hairdresser. Shiho ask if its because of the new student teacher coming the following day and proceeds to agree with her. Nagisa tries to tell them they are getting too excited when Honoka walks past them, causing Mepple to wiggle about and Mipple to do the same.

Both Honoka and Nagisa both deny having heard any weird voices and begin to discuss the field trip while walking of. Leaving Nagisa's friends confused, questioning if they were also close like that. As the two walk home, Nagisa scolds Mepple over how he has to be quiet, only to ask when he got up. Soon coming to Honoka's place, she invites Nagisa in just to be greeted by a big dog!

Walking through the hallway, Nagisa mentions how quiet everything is. To which Honoka explains her parents aren't home and that they both work out of the country. Reaching her room, Honoka leaves for a moment while Mepple and Mipple come out to see each other. When she returns she ask how their forms work. To which they explain: In their home world they always look like stuffed animals, but in this world they are reduced to cellphone-like beings in order to save energy. So only for a little while each day, they can be their true forms.

Mepple then goes on to explain the Prism Stones, A life stone with the power of creation. The Garden of Light was protected by the seven stones but when Dusk Zone attacked they stole five of them. So they were given the remaining two. So it is the Pretty Cure's mission to protect the holders of the Prism Stones and gain the remaining five. Suddenly, the story comes to a stop as Honoka's grandmother arrives with cookies and is introduced to Nagisa. After a moment she proceeds to leave and notices how well of a pair to the two girls make.

Meanwhile in town, Pisard is spying on the people as they walk about. Thinking about when he met Nagisa and Honoka a few days earlier, he then begins to plot his next move. The following day, a mysterious stranger wanders the locker area when a man finds him and ask if he is a student teacher. A bit surprised as he thought the teacher couldn't come due to a cold, soon the introductions of the new teachers is underway outside. Its then they introduce the last teacher, who is scanning the girls trying to find Pretty Cure. He doesn't seem to notice that a lot of the girls, and their teacher seem to find him appealing for the time being until he spots Nagisa.

After the mini-assemly, Mr. Kazama is walking with Miss Takenouchi, who introduces herself as his mentor. Her feelings for him soon become evident, as she ask if he thinks this is fate they met. He begins to realize that he can use this, and getting closer ask Yoshimi to bring him Nagisa. During class she stops to get Nagisa to come to the Gym with her, while Pisard is waiting for them. The Vice Principal comes by to ask where his students are, but after the new student teacher looks at him, he immediatly retreats out of fear.

When Nagisa arrives to the Gym she notices the teacher from earlier, he then demands the Prism Stone and pulls out Miss Yoshimi while stating he can't guarentee she will be safe if he doesn't get what he wants. Nagisa tries to tell him she doesn't have it but he aims one of his razor sharp nails at Yoshimi and tells Nagisa to quit pretending. Suddenly Honoka shows up, holding both Mepple and Mipple. She goes to Yoshimi after Nagisa is knocked down while Mipple tells her and Nagisa to transform.

After they transform, Pisard forms a Zakenna which proceeds to posess the nearby gym device and proceeds to through its multiple layers at Honoka and Nagisa. They dodge just barely and begin to climb the nearby gym ropes when they notice miss Yoshimi walking along the bars at the top. Basketballs come bouncing after them, trying to knock them off.

While Nagisa climbs down with their teacher, Honoka defends them from the balls but ends up taking one in the stomach.

As they reach the floor, the Zakenna posessing the stage curtains springs to life and wraps the three females and flings them at the wall. Leaving a big crack in it! Cure Black and White decide to use Marble Screw on the Zakenna and the small stars remaining proceed to run away.

Meanwhile in class, Shiho begins to notice that Honoka, Nagisa, and their teacher have been gone for sometime now. Rina however, mentions how nice it is to not have class.

Back in the Gym, Nagisa and Honoka try to wake up Miss Yoshimi. Upon waking up she ask them why they are not in class, which Honoka explains that they're not really skipping class. But she simply pushes them back to the classroom while Honoka mentions she doesn't seem to remember anything that happened just then as the episode ends.

4- "Miracle!? Ikiteiru Bijutsukan!" ("A Miracle!? The Living Art Museum!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 04

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 04

Airdate: 22 February, 2004

This episode starts off with Nagisa thinking to herself about how she met Mepple and Mipple, who escaped with the two remaining Prism Stones from the Garden of Light. But she decides it can't be changed now, but wonders why Pisard keeps bothering them and wonders why her school life can't be normal. Her thoughts are suddenly interupted when she blurts out "Yes! Its impossible!", causing someone nearby to ask what she meant.

The Principal decides to come with the class since he likes and enjoys art. On the way there, Shiho and Rina are discussing as Nagisa quiets them down so that her and Honoka can began to speak with everybody on the bus when a girl nearby raises her hand and recommends a beautiful image, which happens to be her favorite piece of art. The others begin to compliment her for her amazing knowledge about art and the like as Rinathen notices she's changed her hairstyle. Nagisa also notices it when Mayu mentions always being a fan of Nagisa's. She then apologizes for copying her hairstyle, thinking she's mad but Nagisa instead thinks it looks nice on her and Honoka calls it cute.

Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone, Pisard is trying to talk with other members of the Dusk Zone. They keep saying he's weak and that he should give up but he refuses to do so.

Back at the museum, the tour begins but Nagisa has trouble trying to tell the group information on the artist and what not. She suddenly runs from them and into a different room to talk with him. Honoka soon joins her to ask what she is doing when both Mepple and Mipple suddenly turn into their normal forms to see each other. Both girls scold them when Nagisa accidentally bumps a statue and breaks the arm. She hurriedly tries to re-attach it...only to learn it was put on the wrong way...

Suddenly they see a painting when Mipple points out she is in it, they ask how its possible so Mipple and Mepple begin to explain how 100 years ago had gone by since she arrived to the Garden of Rainbows and had been passed from people to people until eventually waking up in Honoka's storage shed. As they finish, Mayu suddenly comes by and they revert back to their Card Commune forms. Mayu begins to speak about the artist of the painting she loves so much, then the three approach the self portrait as she explains his past.

After its commented on that she knows a lot, Mayu just mentions that she likes to read art books and do research on this subject.

Sometime later, the field trip is ending and everyone is preparing to depart when Shiho points out that Mayu isn't there. Nagisa and Honoka rush back inside to find her, thinking that she probably lost track of time. The Vice Principal and Principal are still inside when they mention they should be leaving shortly. Pisard shows up however, and begins to freeze people!

As Nagisa and Honoka run inside to see him freezing people, Pisard then uses the powers of the dark zone to bring statues and other random arts to life. Transforming into Pretty Cure, its then Cure Black and Cure White see a big amount of water coming at them and run for life only to be swept up and collide with the walls. As they swim away a giant sea serpant Zakenna proceeds to chase after them until they reach a big room with the many frozen people from earlier. Pisard begins to pull them together, causing a giant tornado to begin spinning around the room as he fights with Pretty Cure.

With no choice left, and doing badly, the Pretty Cure must focus now and perform Marble Screw on the giant sculpture tornado. Pisard tries to stop them by saying they will destroy the people inside of it but they do not listen and send him flying from the Art Museum as the Zakenna stars flee and the people begin to return to normal. Nagisa and Honoka try to find Mayu only to see her in the painting from earlier?! As they stare in shock, Mayu, who was behind them begins to wake up and ask them what she was doing. They look to the painting again to see she isn't in it as they thought.

As she wakes up, she tells them about this exciting dream she had, but then apologizes for seeming so excited about it. Looking to the painting, the girls head back to the bus and do not notice that on the instrument in the painting has Mayu's name written on it.

Meanwhile, an older man and his student are overlooking an "original" sculpture that is soon revealed to be the very same one that Nagisa had to fix earlier...

5- "Majiyaba! Sutemi no Piisaado" ("Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 05

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 05

Airdate: 29 February, 2004

Pisard is talking to the Dark King and begs him for one more chance to defeat Pretty Cure. The Dark King is very upset by all of Pisard's failures but agrees to give him one more chance. He walks past a conference table where the other villains are discussing who will go next. Pisard gets mad at them because they are doing it in a way that makes fun of all his failures to this point.

Nagisa and Honoka are hanging out together and shopping when they stop by the Tako Cafe to have lunch. Honoka lends Nagisa a handkerchief and after finishing, they sseperate to head home. But Mipple notices that Pisard is following Honoka and she runs to a currently unoccupied construction site where Pisard demands she hands over the Prism Stone that Mipple has. Pisard manages to get Mipple away from Honoka but she refuses to give up.

Meanwhile Nagisa and Mepple are worried about something and head to Honoka's home to return her handkerchief but they find out she's not home! Wondering what happened to her, Nagisa begins to search by first visiting places Honoka likes, such as the library but to no luck.

She continues to search, eventually finding her just as Pisard is about to harm her!

Deciding to be somewhat fair, Pisard allows them to fight full on as Pretty Cure in order to prove he's as good as the other villians back in the Dusk Zone. So he throws Mipple back to Honoka and the two girls are allowed to transform into Pretty Cure.

After a long battle, Cure Black and Cure White defeat Pisard once and for all! But unfortunately, Nagisa thinks that their troubles are only just beginning..

6- "Arata na yami! Kiken na mori no kuma-san" ("A New Darkness! The Bear in the Dangerous Forest")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 06

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 06

Airdate: 7 March, 2004

The episode starts off with Honoka and Nagisa looking at the Green Prism Stone that Pisard dropped in the previous episode. Mipple tells them that they need a Prism Hopish, which is an item given to them specially from the Queen of the Garden of Light. Its a really important item needed to protect the Prism Stones. She explains to them that it is the Stone Guardian's job to protect them and that she left it with Mepple in the Garden of Light. To which Mepple begins creeping away from the three females. Mipple suddenly yells at him and he jumps out of surprise. Mipple asks him to take out the Prism Hopeish and he admits to having dropped it when he got a shock from the Garden of Rainbows.

It's then they head over to the Wakabadai Public Library and Nagisa located a map to show Mepple. Who explains that the numbers and characters weren't there before. To which Honoka and Nagisa explain that it was just a map. Mipple once again yells at him to remember this as Nagisa suddenly shoves down her head, causing people to stare at them. Honoka apologizes and they both gesture Mipple to be quiet, when Mepple suddenly remembers dropping it by a pool of water. Honoka pulls out another book and asks if it looked like the lake she had the page open to, then Nagisa tries, to which he claims "sort of" to both. This goes back and forth until Mipple yells again! An in attempt to quiet her down, Nagisa accidentally falls, causing all of the books to fall on her. Honoka asks if she is okay as everyone stares again.

A book falls in front of Mepple and he says that the lake on the page is the one he saw. The location was Yama Hyoutan Pond. So they head off there next. Nagisa keeps complaining and asking if they have arrived yet, to which Mepple tells her he hasn't felt any presence yet. They come to a view of the lake that Mepple mentioned when Nagisa accidentally takes a step too far and the ledge they stood on breaks! They fall down the hill and Nagisa grabs a loose branch before they fall further. Then the branch snaps and they land in a tree.

Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone, the villains discuss the failure of Pisard. Gekidrago volunteers to go next to defeat the cures and the Dark King gives him permission and mentions how Pisard dropped one of them and they need a total of 7 stones to gain eternity.

Meanwhile, going back to Nagisa and Honoka, Nagisa ask Mepple if he should be feeling it by now, to find out he's fallen asleep....

Mipple questions if she should be his girlfriend as he wakes up to say he feels something. Honoka seems a baby bear on a log going down the river! Nagisa suggest they should jump across the rocks to help it when she runs down the slope and starts jumping across the rocks, only to slip on the last one and land on the log the baby bear is on... She yells to Honoka who runs along side them while stating she cant swim. The log hits a rock, throwing Nagisa and the baby bear off of the log and to the shore.

Honoka tells Nagisa to never do such a thing again as Nagisa feels she had to save the baby bear. Honoka calls her brave while they release the bear as the mother bear shows up and they go back into the wild.

Meanwhile, Gekidrago begins knocking down trees in his path when he comes near the bear family Nagisa had helped.

Back with Nagisa and Honoka, they are looking at a picture of the Prism Hopish when Nagisa comments on the...not so well picture.

Then Gekidrago comes out riding the mother bear turned into a Zakenna. It begins to chase after them when Mepple tells them to transform when Nagisa informs him that they can't just yet before moving out of the way last second. Causing the Zakenna to run into a rock! After breaking it, it continues to run into the other rocks as Nagisa and Honoka transform. As the Zakenna comes back they jump out of the way and a real fight begins!

In mid-air Cure Black comes back down and kicks the Zakenna. It swipes at her and both Cure Black and Cure White admit this wont be an easy battle. Gekidrago tries to punch Cure White when she flips him instead, as the little baby bear runs in front of them to try and make them stop fighting its mother. The Zakenna lifts its paw to swipe the baby bear when Cure White points out the marking on its head matches the mother bear that they had seen earlier! Now realizing that it is the same mother bear form earlier the cures can't bring themselves to attack with Marble Screw, thinking that it will hurt the bear.

Cure Black and Cure White run across a bridge when Mepple suggest they try a different attack that will allow them to heal the bear instead of hurt it. Mepple and Mipple explain how to use "Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy " and the cures use this to return the bear to normal. Now mad at Gekidrago for what he did to the bear they hit him with Marble Screw and knock him into a mountain. A little while later they walk by the somewhat shattered cliff when the Prism Hopish suddenly lands on Nagisa's head. They pick it up and head back to Honoka's house and put in the Prism Stone as the guardian appears before them to give the girls special diaries and a card that will allow them to call him at any time.

7- "Nettou rakurosu! Otomegokoro wa choubimiyou!" ("A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Maiden's Heart is So Delicate!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 07

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 07

Airdate: 14 March, 2004

The episode begins as Nagisa is playing with her teammates on the Lacrosse field. Distracted momentarily she begins to think about how they had disposed of Pisard once and for all. But not even shortly after a new guy had appeared to fight them! While she is glad they managed to protect Mepple and Mipple, she wonders if he will come back anytime soon and feels somewhat better knowing that the Guardian is there to protect the Prism Stones. She snaps out of her many thoughts when the ball suddenly comes flying at her, just in time Nagisa manages to defend herself and the ball rolls away. As she goes to retrieve the ball, Honoka approaches and hands it to her, wishing her luck as Nagisa promises she'll only show her best.

The following afternoon, the team is at the championship Lacrosse playing field against the team from the "Otakagu Girls Junior High School". After a few cheers as the Vice Principal voices his opinion in hopes and expectations that they win. The game soon begins as the Verone Academy girls begin to cheer and yell for Nagisa. Her friends, Shiho and Rina voice how annoyed they are by what Vice Principal said but ignore it as to concentrate on the game.

Suddenly Nagisa sees Honoka there and tries to greet her when suddenly she sees her crush there going to meet with Honoka! Instantly she is angry, but she tries to tell herself to calm down so she can focus. She begins to play while Honoka and Fujimura begin to talk about Nagisa. He seems impressed but goes to say that its unusual for Nagisa to have such a friend. Unfortuantly, due to how upset she is, thinking that Honoka and Fujimura are together is making it hard for her to concentrate and she accidentally lets the other team score.

Meanwhile at the Dark Zone, Dark King is talking with Gekidrago and how upset he is. Having lost the Prism Stone that belonged to Pisard to them. He lectures Gekidrago and tells him to think of ways to use the Zakenna. Back at the game, currently the Otakagu Girls school is winning. Nagisa almost scores, and isn't too happy with how poorly she is doing. Honoka can't seem to figure it out either. A break soon goes underway while the Principal and Vice Principal discuss how bad things are going. Yumiko approaches Nagisa to ask her why she's doing badly today, but goes on to say that tomorrow she'll do much better. She notices Honoka and Fujimura have left now and the game ends.

On her way out, Nagisa sees Honoka who tries to console her, then mentions how Mepple and Mipple wanted to see each other so the girls go somewhere private for them to hang out in peace without worry of being caught by someone. Its then Honoka asks Nagisa if something happened today and that she didn't seem like her normal self. Nagisa denies this, then seems a little confused that Honoka is coming again. Honoka ask if she shouldn't, but Nagisa hurriedly lies by saying she only doesn't want Honoka to go out of her way for her. She then tries to ask about Fujimura, but chickens out and begins to simply laugh it off instead.

That following night at home, Nagisa is busy trying to determine the status between Honoka and Fujimura when suddenly her brother comes in to bother her about losing the game. Angrily Nagisa chases him into her closet and he quickly surrendours.

The next day Nagisa rushes to the Lacrosse tournament, noticing how late she is when she sees how worried Shiho and Rina look. Who point out the team they will be challanging today, "Kakutokandai Junior High School". They are increasingly nervous, seeing how tough this team looks in comparison to the days before. As they begin Nagisa sees Honoka there by herself and feels slightly better. But its then Mipple begins to speak with Honoka about a bad feeling she is getting when Honoka sees an explosion further down in town! She runs from the playing field just as Gekidrago is destroyed a street light and continues to walk. Realizing his goal is the playing field, Honoka tries to distract him into chasing her from the field as it will interupt the game and be dangerous. Gekidrago chases her to another stadium/playing area when Mepple begins to try and speak with Nagisa about how he doesn't feel Mipple nearby anymore. Nagisa doesn't understand and with her game coming up she knows she can't miss it but he tells her to go and search for her and Honoka anyway. Quickly she leaves and tries to find them.

Meanwhile at the game, they notice Nagisa is missing but it can't be helped.

Honoka refuses to hand over the Prism Stones but Gekidrago refuses to give up and continues to trail behind her slowly. Its then Nagisa arrives and they transform to fight! Narrowly avoiding behind it, Cure Black and Cure White see the Vice Principal there! He ask them why they are there when its off limits but they don't know how to answer as he approaches the battle. Cure Black tries to warn him when Gekidrago gets the idea on how to use his Zakenna. Casting the dark power onto Vice Principal and transforming him into one!

The big Vice Principal monster begins to attack the girls with a long pointer stick all while he is scolding them for being bad students, and how a lot of students never give him the respect he deserves. Its then Honoka scolds Nagisa for running through the halls with her normal shoes on, instead of her school shoes. Nagisa claims to have been in a hurry though.

Back at the game, the team is having difficulty and they really need Nagisa to return! Yuriko tries to convince Shiho and Rina that she will come back. But since the game is almost near an end and they are at their limit, they begin to have doubts.

Back with Pretty Cure, Cure Black and Cure White use Marble Screw on the Vice Principal Zakenna. This attack also sends Gekidrago flying as well and the Zakenna runs from the scene in its small star shapes while the girls rush back to the game, hoping its not too late. As they run Nagisa mentions how she saw Fujimura there sitting with her and ask why she's there alone today. They come to a stop as Honoka explains he is a childhood friend to her and that they played together as children, she sees him like an older brother. She then ask why Nagisa ask but instead Nagisa runs off.

Now happy to know that Honoka isn't dating her crush, Nagisa is in higher spirits and makes it to the game with less then 13 minutes remaining! By a last minute scoring, they win the game!

Meanwhile, at the off limit playing field the Vice Principal is asleep on one of the rows of seats. While in the lake nearby, Gekidrago is floating through with a seagull on him for a moment as the episode draws to an end...

8- "Purikyua kaisan! Bucchake hayasugi!?" ("The End of Pretty Cure! Isn't It Too Soon For That!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 08

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 08

Airdate: 21 March, 2004

The episode begins as it is break time at Verone Academy, Nagisa is with Shiho and Rina who are in a big discussion of where to get cake from and which places have the best. Such as heading to a cafe for Strawberry Cake, or how a hotel Shiho visited makes really good chocolate cake with caramel mousse inside. Nagisa meanwhile, has her mind on other things. Such as the days previous attack when Gekidrago showed up to cause problems. She is snapped out of it suddenly when she notices Fujimura Shougo, her long time crush and Honoka together across the street. Honoka hands him a stack of papers and begins to walk with him.

While watching, Nagisa begins to wonder if she has anything to worry about. Honoka did say they were just friends, but with how close they are she feels concerned about her chances of being with him. Suddenly, Shiho snaps and notices Nagisa isn't listening...

In class during the reading, Nagisa keeps thinking about Fujimura and Honoka from earlier. She begins to talk outloud and goes on to say if she was a boy, Honoka would be the type of girl she would be into also. She suddenly snaps out of it as their teacher calls on her to begin reading the next part. Near the end of class, Rina how mentions how lately Nagisa hasn't been like her normal self when she excuses herself to the restroom. Seeing Honoka there, she tries to ask about her status with Fujimura once more, only to be interupted by Mepple and Mipple. They come out when Nagisa scolds Mepple for turning into his normal form before even checking to make sure nobody would see them.

He goes on to say that she knows what its like to be in love and upon being asked by Mipple, Mepple begins to whisper what he meant to her. Nagisa yells at him when Honoka reminds her that she had wanted to ask her something a moment ago whe Nagisa tells her it wasn't important and angrily grabs Mepple.

Later that evening, at Honoka's, Mipple is in the middle of eating dinner when Honoka begins to ask her about her relationship with Mepple. Mipple explains how she waited a very long time for him, so now she's only faithful to him. Its then Mipple ask Honoka if she has anybody she likes, but Honoka mentions that she isn't really into dating for the time being and is more interested in science and studying. It's then Mipple mentions that Nagisa is highly concerned about someone named "Fujipi-mipo". But before Honoka can continue, her grandmother arrives suddenly, having brought her some tea. As she goes to leave, she ask about Nagisa and states that she is happy Honoka has made such a cheery friend. Meanwhile, at Nagisa's house, she is trying to convince herself not to worry but she can't help but worry anyway. As she rolls back and forth on the floor, her brother comes in to ask if he can borrow her CD when he sees her rolling around. It's then she throws her pillow at him and scolding him for not bothering to knock. After stating that is the reason she doesn't have a boyfriend, Nagisa angrily begins trying to head lock him as Ryouta calls for their mom...

That following morning, Nagisa, who is half asleep is standing by a street light waiting for the signal to change when she hears someone calling for her. She looks to see Honoka and Fujimura walking towards her. She still begins to wonder if they are really just friends when she follows after them across the street. The entire time Nagisa remains silent, simply studying the two of them as Fujimura talks about how he can't focus on much other then Soccer. Honoka notices Nagisa looking at him, to which Nagisa hurriedly turns away.

Honoka suddenly remembers that she hadn't introduced them yet and goes on to do so. As Fujimura scolds her for calling him Fujipi, a name he used to go by growing up his friend shows up addressing him the same before deeming him not a morning person due to a lack of calcium. Honoka mentions she was glad to have introduced them, since Nagisa wanted to speak with him for a while now. To which both males, and Honoka stare at Nagisa, who begins to grow more flustered and upset. Eventually to the point of running from them with Honoka trailing behind.

As Honoka catches up to Nagisa to ask what the problem is, Nagisa begins to call her insensitive, and that she shouldn't have bothered to meddle in other peoples problems, and that she isn't always right. Honoka tries to explain that she was only trying to help Nagisa and tries to comfort her, but Nagisa yanks away from her and tells Honoka they're not friends. Much to the shock of Honoka, and the surprise of Nagisa herself. After stating she may have gone too far, Honoka leaves as Nagisa begins to regret what she said.

That following afternoon in class, Honoka keeps thinking about earlier when Nagisa had yelled at her. She is very hurt and upset, and Nagisa seems to not be able to focus on much either. As shown come lunch time when she isn't eating or saying anything. Shiho notices this and demands to know what the problem is when suddenly Honoka comes out. However, once she sees Nagisa she quickly leaves. Leaving Shiho to ask what that was about, not at all understanding the situation when Rina ask if she and Honoka had a fight. Nagisa walks from her friends while trying to figure out why she said that as Honoka is shown hiding by a nearby wall. Also feeling sad about this entire mess.

At the end of school, Nagisa is getting her shoes as Shiho and Rina try to ask her about what happened. Suddenly Honoka shows up and Rina begins to pull Shiho away. They stop short however, and mention that Nagisa can tell them anything before taking their leave. Honoka apologizes for that morning before taking out her Card Commune, stating she isn't right to be a Pretty Cure. She doesn't want to hurt Nagisa's feelings again and thinks that people who can trust each other are better suited for this task and hands Mipple to Nagisa before she runs from her. And Nagisa saids:" What I've done".

At Nagisa's, she is being yelled at by Mepple. Who demanded to know what had gone on while they were sleeping. While she looks through her things, Nagisa pulls out the notebook/diary that Wisdom had given to the two of them. Mipple wants Nagisa to make up with Honoka, and Mepple continues to scold her before Mipple suggest that Nagisa should write her true feelings in the notebook. Going on to say that only those with the Power from the Garden of Light can read it. So Nagisa decides to try it...and only writes "I cant believe this" almost ten times before Mipple scolds her.

At Honoka's meanwhile, she too finds the notebook/Diary and sits down while stating she will have to return it to Mipple the next day.

The next morning at school, Nagisa approaches Honoka and greets her, Honoka says good morning and proceeds to run away from her. So Nagisa tries again and ask to eat lunch together but Honoka has a meeting. During clean up duty at the end of the school day, Nagisa offers to help Honoka with the trash but Honoka insist she can carry it on her own and quickly leaves. So with no where else to turn, Nagisa prays to God instead at one of the shrines in town as Mepple and Mipple tell her its not enough when suddenly Gekidrago appears!

Honoka is out walking nearby when she suddenly hears Nagisa and rushes to her quickly to see her tangled up by Gekidrago. Suddenly she is hit and sent back with such impact it makes a huge tear in her school bag and books are sent flying everywhere! Using her Lacrosse stick, Nagisa manages to make the tree Zakenna release the Card Communes and Honoka catches them. She tries to thow Honoka hers but takes a few minutes with the tree Zakenna trying to hit her with its long, whip-like roots.

Quickly they turn into Pretty Cure, Cure White suddenly scolds Cure Black for claiming she was dilly-dallying. Cure Black tries to explain its only a figure of speech but the fight begins to increase once more. Cure Black tells her now isn't the time to do this and that only "Stuck-up indivisuals" would think to do that. They narrowly miss being hit as Cure White tells Cure Black people have to talk things out in order to understand each other better. They agree however, that both of them are too different from each other when Gekidrago keeps demanding they don't ignore him. Eventually leading them to shut him up by using Marble Screw. As the battle comes to an end, they hurriedly let go of each others hands, pick up their books, and take their leave.

That evening, Honoka is talking with her grandmother about their fight when her grandmother mentions it doesn't matter if they match. As long as she does what she thinks is right. At Nagisa's, she is also discussing things with her mother while they prepare dinner. She feels really bad, when her mother points out that you only fight with people you care about, to which Nagisa yells at her brother to be quiet as he laughs at a funny book/manga.

Back with Honoka, she is going over the diary entry she wrote when she realizes she picked up the wrong one! She hurriedly closes the book, but then slowly opens it once more to read what Nagisa had wrote down. Meanwhile with Nagisa, she is doing the same thing. Honoka finds herself smiling at how silly Nagisa's entry was, as Nagisa begins to understand that Honoka was only trying to help her earlier. The following morning, both girls end up at the same place as where their fight had begun a few days before when Honoka gives Nagisa her diary/notebook. However, Nagisa rises and grabs Honoka's hand instead before the two girls begin to run together.

9- "Torikaese! Mepumepu daisakusen!" ("Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Strategy!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 09

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 09

Airdate: 28 March, 2004

The episode begins as Nagisa is brushing her teeth and preparing for school. She thinks about her and Honoka's fight from the day before and how since they weren't friends, they tried too hard to be nice. But now she thinks that since they made up, they really are friends now. While putting on her uniform Nagisa begins to wonder if they would still do well in a battle, while fighting each other. She then begins to check her hair when Mepple mentions lately how self concious she's been.

Nagisa denies this, but when Mepple goes on to continue she accidentally gives it away and begins to argue with him. Outside in the hallway, her brother overhears her yelling and worries that things are getting bad if she's talking to herself like this. After he taunts her suddenly serious behavior she closes the Card Commune and threatens him with no breakfast. He tries to reason with her and mentions not feeling well, but Nagisa refuses to be tricked twice in the same way and won't listen to him.

At breakfast, both her brother and mother watch with interest. Nagisa doesn't get why and her mother asks if she wants more before she states having not even finished yet. After a few more bites Nagisa leaves hurriedly, to which her mom remarks that she seems fine. But Ryouta tries to insist otherwise as they watch her leave.

On her way to school Nagisa continued to ignore Mepple, who keeps trying to insist he doesn't feel good. She doesn't listen, unware that Mepple really isn't feeling good. Once she arrives, Shiho goes on to mention how the class yesterday had a pop quiz in math. Its then Rina mentions that they have it first today and how she wants to go home. Rina also agrees to this when Shiho wishes she could be one of the "elite" students when Nagisa suddenly begins to greet Honoka and tries to talk to her.

Her friends pull her aside to ask her about Honoka but when Honoka comes over Nagisa doesn't mention anything and instead goes on to say how they have a pop quiz in math. Honoka isn't at all worried, Causing Nagisa to mention it must be nice to be her as they head to class. During the exam, Mepple keeps trying to talk to her but she can't answer him in class!

Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone. Gekidrago and a mysterious man are seen before the Dark King who ask them if they obtained the 7 Prism Stones yet. The mysterious man assures that they will be geting them soon and tells Gekidrago to bring Mepple and Mipple here without harming them, since they know of the locations to the Prism Stones. Back at school it is currently 9:30 when Nagisa is making her way through the hallway, very tired as she opens the Card Commune to see how red and hot Mepple is! She begins to grow worried, seeing as he didn't lie to her when suddenly the Vice Principal shows up and grabs the "cell phone" claiming that since its not necessary for school, its confiscated. She watches as he puts the Card Commune into a box of confiscated items as Nagisa and Honoka watch from the door. Mipple comes over to Nagisa to say, "In case we get sick, you can cure us by using the Parupu card-mipo." After Nagisa ask about the card, Honoka reaches into her pocket to pull them out.

Mipple explains how its hard for them to survive in the Garden of Rainbows and since a lot of things that keep happening its probably hard for Mepple's body to deal with since they're not used to this enviroment yet. Nagisa feels regret over her scolding him earlier as Honoka finds the Parupu card. Mipple ask that they use it as soon as they can or else Mepple will...

She goes into the Principals office but its no good and Vice Principal keeps insisting that she shouldn't bring unecessary items to school unless she is prepared to lose them. Having failed, Honoka tries to ask Ms. Yoshimi but this doesn't work either. Both girls begin to feel doubt until Mipple convinces them to keep trying and that not much time remains for him to be healed. Sneaking into the drama club, Nagisa disguises herself as a worker from the Ramen Shop who has come to pick up the empty/used bowls. Two teachers are going over the math exams from earlier when her name suddenly comes up. Just as she comes by a box the Vice Principal sees her and she explains once more that she is picking up the bowls.

However, Vice Principal mentions having not eaten Ramen today, and that the bowls would be in the kitchen. After leaving, she then dresses up as someone from the delivery services. But when she is informed they don't have one the girls have no choice but to leave. So they go to Akane's Takoyaki stand and tell her the problem. She begins to laugh and explains that his confiscation of the Cell Phone is only to cover his love of Manga after having gotten into it when he began to read the ones he took from students. So now, he will stay after school hours to read the manga.

It's revealed that the only reason he confiscates other items is because if he only confiscated Manga then it would be suspicious. He doesn't want anybody to find out he's into a fun hobby. Honoka asks Akane how she knew when she informs them she used to have a lot of objects taken from her during school. After hearing them using first names with each other. Akane mentions how the girls became close without her even noticing! Seeing that she has a customer, Akane leaves the girls while they resume discussing how to get Mepple back.

After school ends, Nagisa and Hokona spy on Vice Principal to see that Akane was right! Honoka suggest they wait until he leaves and they hide nearby. As it becomes night and he is preparing to leave, he picks up the Card Commune to notice its not a Cell phone. But he can't open it and its really warm, so he decides to investigate the odd item on the way home. Along the dark hallway he hears something and suspects someone to be in the school. He approaches the figure demanding they say something when he yells out of shock at the sight of the body model being alive!

As they arrive to the Principal they notice the figure grab the Card Commune and while screaming at the creepy sight, Honoka and Nagisa proceed to run from it as it gives chase! As they run they panic and try to run faster as it quickly catches up to them. Managing to split between two paths, the model runs right into a bookcase and falls into pieces. They continue to run outside when Nagisa suddenly remembers they forgot to grab Mepple when a sudden voice informs them that they cannot go further!

Looking to the statue of tomorrow they learn its really Gekidrago! He begins to attack, having Mepple in his posession. Nagisa tries to reason with him by claiming that if something were to happen to Mepple, it'd be his responcability. Gekidrago realizes that bringing the Dark King a sick Mepple would be bad and unacceptable. Nagisa mentions if she was to get him back, she can heal him. After she gets Mepple back, Honoka mentions they can transform now. Enraged, Gekidrago sends the giant body model Zakenna after the girls, believing that he was tricked.

Instead of attacking the creepy Zakenna, Honoka and Nagisa transform and proceed to use Marble Screw on Gekidrago. As he flies away the giant Zakenna turns into the mini star shapes and fled from the scene. Quickly Cure Black turns back into Nagisa and uses the Parupu Card to heal an upset Mepple who tries to get out of getting an injection. After Parupu promises to make it quick, she proceeds to inject him and Mepple falls back to sleep as Nagisa, Honoka, and Mipple watch the fever lower.

Remembering the Vice Principal the girls rush back inside to help him. He begins to ask questions and tries to say that the Body Model came to life and attacked. But Nagisa insist he's just being silly and he probably got confused from reading too much Manga. He goes on to say Nagisa is probably right, but then ask how they found out. Instead of answering, Honoka promises they wont tell anybody and Nagisa holds up the Card Commune. She then goes on to explain that is a special charm to her and ask him to return it. Honoka shows her own Card commune also and explains how important it is for them to have it at all times.

Seeing as its only a charm and wont interupt her studies, Vice Principal ask Nagisa to not be showing it around during school hours and hands it back to her...

The next morning, Nagisa expresses how happy she is that Mepple feels better. But he is annoyed because she didn't give him breakfast the day before. Nagisa however, as him how he can be so rude when she tried her best and felt badly yesterday. Instead he only states he forgot all about that... ending the episode as Ryouta and Rie watch from outside Nagisa's door. Only hearing the girl argue with "herself". Suddenly she walks from her room and notices her brother and mother there before beginning to laugh nervously.

10- "Honoka no sakuretsu! Suteki na tanjoubi!" ("Honoka Explodes! A Wonderful Birthday!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 10

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 10

Airdate: 4 April, 2004

The episode begins with Nagisa over at Honoka's house. Mepple and Mipple are visiting each other while expressing their happiness about it, even though being in their normal form is tiring here. Nagisa begins to think of the day before when Mepple had been terribly ill and how she didn't even pay it any mind until it was almost too late. So today in order to make it up to him, she's brought him over to Honoka's to let him see Mipple. The two mascots continue to nuzzle and hug as Mepple ask Mipple to come closer. However she refuses since Nagisa is watching them but he insist on calling her an old, lumpy, pumpkin. Which ends up infuriating her and to protect himself, Mepple goes to his Card Commune form.

After a moment, Honoka goes to answer the nearby phone and begins to talk with her father. Who mentions tomorrow they will meet up at the airport. Honoka returns to her room as Nagisa ask about them, she explains that since they work away from there, they can only come back on occasion. Nagisa soon leaves and notices how happy Honoka seems all of the sudden, leading her to realize tomorrow will be Honoka's birthday. As she leaves she decides to get her a present.

That following morning, Honoka arrives to the airport to see her parents behind a big pile of presents. Suddenly they embrace her in a very tight hug and mention how she's grown and continue to hug her until Sanae comes by saying if they keep hugging her like that, she might break..

After a brief apology, they show her all of the presents they got for her. But Honoka ask if they will be able to fit all of the presents into a Taxi. To which they mention instead they will get them delivered to their house. It's then Honoka's grandmother suggest they go out to have fun while she goes home to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile with Nagisa, she realizes she only has 18 yen, which isn't much in the least. How can she afford anything nice for Honoka with such a low ammount? She tries to ask her mother, who already states she's 6 months advanced on her allowance. So she then turns to Ryouta, who already states he wont lend her any more no matter how much she sucks up. Eventually causing Nagisa to beat him up... Back with Honoka and her parents, they are asking her what she wishes to go and do now but suddenly her father gets a call. Its a Jeweler who wanted to meet them, despite how many times her parents had turned down the offer, having plans today. Honoka insist that it has to deal with their jobs, they should go and do this first since its important. She tells them not to worry about her and that they can still go and have fun after.

So the Yukishiro family head over to the Jewelry store and have Honoka sit in the front, where all of the displays are. Her parents go into the back room and she examines the big room she's in currently in and simply waits.

Nagisa meanwhile is still gloomily trying to determine what she can do for Honoka when she sees a very beautiful piece of jewelry in a stores window. However, without the money she's can't buy anything Honoka would really like. It's then she suddenly gets an idea and quickly runs home, unaware of the three odd looking men nearby who head into the jewelry store. The leader approaches the woman at the door and threatens to shoot and that this is a robbery. Him and the other two go to examine the pretty and fancy jewelry they could steal when its revealed he really didn't have a gun on him.

Honoka approaches them to ask what they're doing, and if they are playing a game. Her parents are shown to be tied up in the meeting room. Honoka ask why they plan to rob this place when they explain that they need money so they plan to steal the jewelry to sell it, claiming that to be the easiest and quickest way to make money. Honoka begins to grow angry and demands they sit down, to which they comply. She then ask them if they really feel comfortable taking things people worked very hard to make. And then explains how her parents are so busy that she only gets to see them once a year, and there's even people who work harder then that.

The guys begin to feel slightly bad and the one man, the leader, goes on to explain how they used to be like those people. However, before they can finish, Gekidrago suddenly appears! He demands Honoka hand over the Prism Stones and Honoka states she will, but only if he can find them. Being in the jewelry store has given her an idea that will allow her time to contact Nagisa. So she claims she hid them all in there, causing Gekidrago to sit down and look through every pile of jewelry to find them.

Back with Nagisa, she has just finished making a present for Honoka! A clay figure of both Mepple and Mipple. After Mepple insist on how ugly it is, Nagisa remakes it as Honoka's father tells people outside to call the Police. Back inside the jewelry store, Honoka is trying to use the phone but its no good, the wires were cut so they can't get out. Nor can she call Nagisa for help. The robbers begin to regret what they did, as the leader explains how they were all in business together when it suddenly went bad and they were all left with nothing. As friends they were only doing this to help each other. The leader is convinced that only bad things happen, but Honoka tells them to not give up hope by saying that if they only had bad luck, good luck is sure to come soon. She then suggest that since the police and camera's have arrived, they should look for a way to get out.

Nagisa meanwhile, has just finished making her little Mepple and Mipple figures, having polished and painted them. She wants to go and give it to her but doesn't want to interupt her time with her parents. So instead she decides to watch television when she sees the jewelry store she was at earlier is being robbed and the police have shown up! She then sees Mipple, which Mepple confirms only to realize Honoka is there! Nagisa rushes back over and tries to get in, but the police won't let her no matter what she tries to convince them of. As she is pushed back to the crowd, she hears on of the guys say that the vehnilation would work but adults are too big to fit in...

Its then Gekidrago realizes he was tricked! Having been through the entire pile of jewelry with no luck. So just as he is about to harm Honoka the robbers defend her and tell her to run instead. She tries to warn them but Gekidrago easily knocks them away just as Nagisa arrives! Transforming into Pretty Cure they begin to attack and use Marble Screw on him but Gekidrago refuses to give up! As Pretty cure keeps using Marble Screw, the jewelry surrounding them shines brilliantly in the light and they begin to form with the Marble Screw to create and even stronger blast of the attack and send him flying.

As they turn to normal, Mipple explains how the stones reacted with their powers and saved them. Nagisa puts her hand into Honoka's own and hands her the gift she made before going back through the vents she came in from, not wanting to get in the way of Honoka's day with her parents. The police put the three robberers under arrest as Honoka tries to explain that they didn't do anything. But the leader tells her that robbery is robbery and from now on, they are going to resign themselves.

As they leave, Honoka's parents rush to her and feel very bad that they couldn't do anything to help her. But Honoka tells them she knows that they love her, and she has friends too that care about her. So she is very happy and that this has been her most wonderful birthday ever.

11- "Ryouta wo sukue! Gekidoraago panikku!" ("Save Ryouta! Gekidrago Panic!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 11

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 11

Airdate: 11 April, 2004

Ryouta offers Nagisa the strawberries from dinner and Nagisa assumes he wants money. But he tells hert hat he wants her to take him to the aquarium, because he has to write about fish for homework. Nagisa had already made plans but her mother mentions being too busy to do it herself, as is her father, so she has to take Ryouta. Nagisa has no other choice but to agree, then she attempts to hurt Ryouta after he eats the strawberries he offered to her by doing the Cobra Twist. Then Nagisa's dad comes out from the shower and modifies the cobra twist so that Nagisa and Ryouta end up hugging instead of fighting... but this ends up failing and Nagisa continues beating Ryouta up until he gives in.

Meanwhile, in Dusk Zone, Gekidrago gets one last chance to defeat Pretty Cure and has to use all his strength to recover the Prism Stones. Which makes him leave in a huff.

At the Aquarium, Nagisa has invited Honoka to come along. Honoka explains many facts about fish to Ryouta and this encourages him to go and find more things to study. Mipple and Mepple awaken and happily say hi to each other before wondering where they are. So Nagisa and Honoka show them aquarium and explain some things to them until they get frightened by a fish with sharp teeth and hide. When Ryouta calls Nagisa and Honoka to ask what fish is that, Nagisa answers incorrectly and goes on to discuss how the fish taste. After Honoka corrects her, Ryouta claims that if Honoka was his sister, he would study better. Which is enough to make Nagisa attempt to harm him while the people watching them laugh.

As Honoka proceeds to explain tuna and sea cow to them, they remain unaware that Gekidrago is watching them from nearby. But they are quick to run from location to see the sea lion show. After they leave, Gekidrago summons Zakenna. Then three sharks that Nagisa, Honoka and Ryouta were watching break the glass of the aquarium, spilling all the water on the floor and breaking free. Everyone runs out of the Aquarium, except for Nagisa, Honoka and Ryouta, who are trapped inside with the exit being blocked by poisonous eels and a turtle. They try to find an emergency exit before realizing that this is the work of the Dusk Zone. They have Ryouta hide and continue to look for someone suspicious, finding Gekidrago in the water nearby. He demands the Prism Stones and when Nagisa refuses, he concentrates the Dark Power by drinking all the water from the pool and transforms into shark-eel hybrid.

He says this is his final form and he begins to destroy the place while they transform. While Black and White are fighting, Ryouta hears the battle sounds and runs off to help Nagisa. When Gekidrago sees Ryouta, he attacks him and hits ground near him, resulting in throwing him off and Black trying to catch him. This angers Black enough that she bare-handedly attacks Gekidrago and scores few good punches until he punches her off. He almost hits Black, but White saves her. Then Black and White use powerful Marble Screw, resulting in freeing all the fish and Gekidrago returning to the darkness. Then lthe ight blue Prism Stone appears.

After the battle, Nagisa wakes up Ryouta, and angrilly shouts at him for coming out of hiding. Ryouta crying explains that he was worried about them and both Nagisa and Ryouta end up crying and hugging each other.

Later at Honoka's place, Nagisa slashes the guardian card and the Guardian appears. Mipple says, thet he looks great as always, resulting in jealous Mepple. Nagisa and Honoka return the second stone to the Prism Hopish and then Mipple thanks the girls. Nagisa says that there's no need to thank them. Then guardian disappears, without any gifts this time (much to Nagisa's dismay). Then Ryouta comes, and says that he is falling behind with his homework and wants Honoka to check them, resulting in another Cobra Twist between Nagisa and Ryouta. Honoka only laughs seeing them like that.

12- "Aku no hana, Poizunii sanjou! 'tte dare?" ("The Evil Flower, Poisonny Appears! Who is She?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 12

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 12

Airdate: 18 April, 2004

The episode begin's as Nagisa is washing off after Lacrosse practice with Shiho and Rina asking her about the Aquarium visit the other day. As Nagisa thinks about it they begin to ask her about hearing a rumor of one of the bigger tanks cracking and busting apart. They ask her if its true as Nagisa snaps out of her thoughts and she quickly denies it. Stating that everyone was being evacuated so she didn't really get to see or hear about any of it. With all of the discussing going on, Shiho and Rina mention the desire to go to the water park and tell Nagisa they should all go together.

On her way home Nagisa recalls how before vaninishing, Gekidrago had left behind another of the Prism Stones. Slowly her mood worsens, as she just wants this huge mess to be over with, but with three Prism Stones remaining she knows they will only keep coming at them! Its then she hears noise further down the block and sees a stand where a cute girl is offering chocolate.

She lets Nagisa have one until she hears how much Nagisa loves chocolate, in which she gives her as many as she wishes. As Nagisa picks them out, she is unaware of the woman forming a Zakenna in her hand. She sends it to steal Nagisa's Card Commune, which it easily manages and proceeds to wave off an unknown Nagisa. Telling her to try all of the chocolate before changing into normal.

Meanwhile in the Dusk Zone, Ilkubo is talking with the Dark King who mentions another of the Prism Stones have vanished and they lost another member. With Poisony, she tries to make Mepple tell her where the Prism Stone is, but he is fast asleep. She shakes the Card Commune and he continues to sleep. Causing her to threaten him after she gets what she wants.

At Nagisa's she is about to begin eating, until she realizes Mepple will only bother her while she does, so she decides to feed him first so she can eat in peace. As she opens the Card Commune holder, a Zakenna pops out! She falls back as many more form from the Chocolate boxes and she backs away from them as they surround her. Suddenly grabbing her Lacrosse stick Nagisa manages to chase them away and realizes that the Chocolate lady had taken him! Quickly she heads over to Honoka's, only to be informed that she isn't there. Her grandmother explains that Honoka had planned to stop at the Library after school.

Back with Honoka, an old woman approaches her and they begin to talk with each other. She mentions how Honoka resembles her grandchild, and Honoka goes on to say that this woman reminds her a lot of her grandmother. Nagisa runs to the library, only to come out a few minutes later, not seeing her anywhere. Its then Mipple is trying to speak with Honoka but Honoka, having no idea this old woman plans to trick her, keeps trying to shush Mipple.

Rushing to the park, Nagisa doesn't see Honoka there while Honoka excuses herself to check on something. She pulls out Mipple, who mentions Nagisa and Mepple must be close since she can feel him. However, Honoka does not wish to be rude and leave the old woman. So as she sits back down, the woman ask her of her favorite flower. After she answeres, Honoka finds herself in a giant field with cosmos around them! As she tries to ask she notices the bench they were sitting on is floating, and even the person she respects is there!

As they begin to talk, she ask him how he knows her name. To which he explains how he knows everything, then after being asked why he's there, and not dead as he passed away decades ago, he instead ask for Honoka's Card Commune. Right away Honoka suspects something, as she holds it both the man and old woman try to convince her to hand it over. But as she begins to change her mind, she slowly begins to hand it to him when suddenly her grandmother shows up! Snapping her out of that weird vision...

She begins to ask Honoka who the strange woman next to her is, and she keeps denying it until Honoka's grandmother points out that any real grandmother can spot a fake one. Its then Poisony, pretending to be an old woman stands up and yells at Honoka for not handing over the Card Commune. She then uses her magic to make everyone in the park zombified, making them turn into a pack while trying to go through and grab the Card Commune. It lands near Honoka's grandmother and she picks it up. To which Mipple mentions how it reminds her of something in the past... her previous owner...

Poisony comes to the front of the zombie pack and demands the other Card Commune, Honoka's grandmother refuses to hand it over and actually attack Poisony, who sends out a very strong air current which knocks her unconcious. Poisony then threatens to crush Mepple unless she is given Mipple. As she continues to squeeze Mepple, he tries very hard and manages to transform into his normal form and rushes over to Nagisa. Changing back into his Card Commune form before the girls proceed to transform.

Once they finish, they notice Poisony isn't there anymore, and yet the people are still zombified...

So in order to heal them, they use "Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy" on them and soon everyone returns to normal. When Honoka's grandmother wakes up, she mentions having been dreaming. She then tells Honoka to come home soon and leaves. Honoka and Nagisa stay back and begin to discuss whether or not she had lost her memory of recognizing Mipple. Its then Mepple mentions that Nagisa is the reason this mess happened, only due to being blinded by chocolate. Nagisa however, tells Mepple that he slept throughout the entire thing as well so he's also to blame.

As they continue to talk and share a few laughs, Honoka's grandmother arrives home. She feeds Chuutaro before proclaiming. "Return to the darkness from where you came....just kidding..." and proceeds to head inside.

13- "Goyoujin! Toshishita no tenkousei" ("Beware! The Young Transfer Student")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 13

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 13

Airdate: 25 April, 2004

The episode starts with Nagisa playing Lacrosse and taking a short break. Then she remembers previous episode. After that she hears a voice. She sees her crush, Fujipi-sempai, playing soccer. She also sees many fangirls of his. Then a boy cuts in and beats everyone, scoring a goal. He introduces himself as the new transferred student, Irisawa Kiriya. Meanwhile, a girl comes to science club, telling the news and everyone wants to see Kiriya, but the leader of science club, Yuriko, doesn't lets anyone go and especially to take Honoka with them, since the science fair is around the corner, and they have a chance to win 1st place, because they are doing Honoka's research.

The next day, Shiho and Rina are talking about Kiriya with Nagisa, saying, that they both want to be his girlfriends and that he will become as great as Fujipi-sempai. Then Nagisa thinks about her and Fujipi as boyfriend and girlfriend, and, ashamed of her thoughts, she starts beating her head to the metal fence. Kiriya hears Nagisa and looks interested in her.

Later, at lunch time, Nagisa remembers, that she forgot to prepare for math and tries to ask for Honoka's help, calling her "Honoka-chan", but sees, that she is not in class. Nagisa finds her in science class and accidentally gets shocked by their invention. Then Honoka explains about their research to Nagisa, saying that they will create little Earth and that they will use this in the next science presentation. Then Nagisa, who totally forgot about her math presentation, asks Honoka if she will eat her lunch. When she says that she is too busy and Nagisa can have it, then Yuriko also offers hers. Honoka tries to say, that she can't eat 2 bentos, but Nagisa has already finished. Then a bell rings and Nagisa remembers, that next is math.

After school, Nagisa is going home, saying, that the teacher left her after school to do a review. Then Nagisa trips for her shoe and hits the lamp. When she falls, Kiriya comes and asks, if she is ok. Nagisa says she is fine, and he calls her "Misumi-sempai". He says, that he knows her name because she has a reputation at school as Lacrosse junior ace. Then Kiriya leaves. Meanwhile, at school's science class, the students say, that they have almost finished the project and wonders how to call it. Yuriko says, that it's obviously must be called Honoka #1, and that with Honoka #1, they will win the 1st place for sure! Later, at railway, Kiriya tries to talk with Honoka, but she is not interested. Then Yuriko comes and asks, if it's really ok for them to go at Honoka's house, and Honoka confirms it. Yuriko tries to talk with Kiriya, but Honoka says, that the train is leaving. She says goodbye to Kiriya and leaves.

After the train leaves, Kiriya, still shocked looks at the train and then a strange dog standing on 2 feet talks with Kiriya. The dog reveals itself as Poisony, saying, that he was just dumped. Kiriya says, that he is only interested in those 2, because ethey beated Pisard and Gekidrago. Later, Poisony reveals, that Kiriya is her little brother. Then Kiriya says, that her appearance is suspicious, showing some curious people around. Later in the science fair, Honoka says, that Yuriko is too nervous, that she even didn't buttoned right. Then Nagisa is again arguing with Mepple, when Kiriya comes. He says hello to Nagisa, and when Nagisa asks, if he's alone here, he says, that he came with captain.

Then Fujipi-sempai comes and says, that he came to cheer Honoka. Kiriya then excuses himself, sayng, that he forgot something, leaving Nagisa and Fujipi-sempai alone. Then Fujipi-sempai sits next to Nagisa. Nagisa is very nervous,thinking of what to say, and Mepple also pretends to beat like her heart on purpose. When Nagisa tries to quiet Mepple, Fujipi-sempai asks what happened. Nagisa tries to say the sentece she was thinking about, but the Science fair begins. Honoka is third. When Honoka's turn comes. Honoka explains abuout how lighting is creted, and then Poisony, who is disguised as one of the judges, secretly calls Zakenna, making an electrical surge. Honoka tells Yuriko to run away, and suspects, that this is Dusk Zone's doing.

Then, when everyone, except Nagisa, Honoka, 2 girls, who were sleeping and Yuriko, who didn't got to escape in time, are out, the door closes making nobody able to go in or out. Then from Honoka #1, Zakenna arises, confirming Honoka's suspections. Then Zakenna makes a surge, making part of the stage to fall, but the 2 girls, who were sleeping, awakes and successfully dodge the falling part, by hiding under the chairs. Then Nagisa and Honoka transforms. While they introduce themselves, the 2 girls, who were hiding under the chair, sees Black and White, later making a parody of them in FwPC14. When Black and White are fighting zakenna, Yuriko comes and asks Black and White to don't destroy Honka #1, since everyone putted their hearts into making it. Zakenna targets Yuriko, but Black saves her in time, before she got hurt. Before fainting, Yuriko asks Black and White again, to don't destroy Honoka #1.

Then Black calls out Poisony, and tres to battle 1 on 1 with her, but she dodges all of Black's punches and succesfully escapes through the wall, making Black hit the wall. When zakenna is about to shock again, Black and White agree to use Marble Screw. They use the move, successfully driving Zakenna away and Poisony retreats. The 2 girls watch, how the stars, that remained from Zakenna, runs away. Later, when Yuriko woke up, Nagisa and Honoka told her, that she was invovlved in an electricity accident and passed away. Yuriko believed them. Later, after the presentation, Yuriko says, that there is one person (Honoka), which was very important to ths research, and because of that, they named their invention after her.

When everyone shows the name of the device (Yuriko #1), they explain, that it was Yuriko, who tried the best in this project, that's why everyone decided to name it after her, resulting in Yuriko in tears. While everyone were clapping (even Nagisa didn't felt so nervous sitting next to Fujipi-sempai), Kiriya looked sightly annoyed.

14- "Uso Honto!? Nise Purikyua dai abare!" ("Are You Kidding!? Pretty Cure Impostors Go Wild!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 14

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 14

Airdate: 2 May, 2004

The episode begins as Poisony and the Dark King are having a chat, she explains how soon she will be bringing the two Prism Stones they lost back and as she goes to leave. Ilkubo begins to ask if she can really capture the Pretty Cure or not. He also ends up making her angry as she leaves.

Meanwhile, at Verone Acadamy its currently baking time in cooking class! Everyone is each working on making a cake at their tables when Nagisa begins to wonder if anybody had seen them the day before. Having transformed while they were zombified. She is snapped out of it as Shiho and Rina approach her and ask if she's heard about Pretty Cure. Immediatly, this gets Nagisa and Honoka's attention and they begin to explain that Kyoko had mentioned they fight bad people and such. Nagisa immediatly begins looking away and the girls continue to work on their baking.

Nagisa and Honoka are in the middle of icing the cake when Natsuko mentions Cure Black likes strawberries, not vanilla. Causing both girls to look at her and Nagisa to ask what she meant by that when Nagisa keeps trying to ask Natsuki and Kyoko to tell them about Pretty Cure. But they refuse, having to keep it a secret between the two of themselves. They mention how they had just seen the Pretty Cure yesterday, and their faces the day before. However the teacher is getting annoyed with them talking so she comes over and tells them to continue working.

After school Honoka and Nagisa are at Akane's Tako Cafe. Nagisa is rather upset that she was called selfish, rude and other mean words as Mepple only makes her more annoyed. They continue to eat as Mepple complains about being hungry, so Nagisa swipes the Omp card through the slot and as he eats, Honoka ask Mipple if she's hungry as well but she thinks eating too much isn't healthy. Soon Akane comes and thanks the girls for watching her Cart and begins to bring up Pretty Cure once more.

Soon Nagisa and Honoka leave while talking about this problem. Akane has pointed them out in the right direction but the girls still don't understand. Its also realized that it seems like a comedy routine more then anything to be taken seriously. They try to remember if they transformed the day the before when Mipple mentions the imposters could be targeted by the Dusk Zone.

As they continue to talk, a bright light shines on them and Nagisa sees the imposter cures! Kyoko and Natsuko?! The four girls sit together and begin to ask questions. As a group of children run by, Kyoko and Natsuko greet them and mention having to go. But before they can, Nagisa ask them what made this happen to begin with. Natsuko was telling Kyoko how she was really Cure Black but Kyoko called this a lie and didn't believe her, playing around however, a group of children came over and Natsuko decided since it pleased the children, they would "become pretty cure" after having witnessed them the other day.

As they finish their story, Nagisa and Honoka try to convince Kyoko and Natsuko to stop playing Pretty Cure because they could get hurt or into trouble. But the girls call Nagisa and Honoka rude instead, thinking of them as mean and leave. Nagisa thinks they should just leave them alone but Honoka thinks it wouldn't be smart, since they may get mistaken for them.

As the two girls run away, they are soon cornered by Poisony!

Nagisa and Honoka give chase but are soon led to the top of an old, abandoned, and mostly broken building to see Natsuko and Kyoko there standing. As they approach however the girls grab them and as Nagisa and Honoka turn they see Poisony there standing. She reveals to them her plans as they proceed to transform into pretty Cure. Poisony proceeds to unleash a giant machine Zakenna on them and the girls try to get out of harms way and save Natsuko and Kyoko from being hurt as well.

After a while, Nagisa and Honoka try to convince Poisony to fight fairly and snap Kyoko and Natsuko out of their mind control. She refuses to work with them however forcing the Cure to take them and hide somewhere to keep them safe. She soon finds them and begins to send both Zakenna after them when a rainbow shield appears to protect the four girls as they begin to snap out of it. Nagisa and Honoka convince them to hang in there and just hold on as Poisony ask them why they care about some girls that don't mean anything to them.

Using Marble Screw they destroy the Zakenna and Poisony retreats. As she does, and the girls turn back into their normal forms they wait for Natsuko and Kyoko to wake up a bit more, while asking about Pretty Cure. However with some minor answers and quick thinking they manage to get away without revealing anything. Unknown to them, Kiriya was shown to be watching...

The following afternoon, Nagisa and Honoka watch Kyoko and Natsuko curiously before commenting on how they still can't stay the catchphrase right...

15- "Metchaabunai kazoku ryokō" ("A Really Dangerous Family Vacation")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 15

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 15

Airdate: 9 May, 2004

At the lunch break, Nagisa talks with her friends, that her dad booked a hotel called "Lakeside", without even asking anyone. Honoka says, that she is also traveling somewhere bext break, because she promissed her grandma long time ago. She says, that the place is near the lake, and that the mysterious phenomena are still going on there.

Later, when travelling, Nagisa says, that she doesn't remembers the last time she was so relaxed (because of her pretty cure stuff she has almost no free time). Nagisa's dad snaps Nagisa out from her thoughts, because she missed the place. When Nagisa looks back, she sees, that it's not even hotel. Much to everyone's surprise, Nagisa's dad says, that this is Lakeside inn. Then a mysterious old man comes and scares everyone. Later, inside, Nagisa's dad compliments, that that there are lots of old things. When Ryouta states, that it's a bit scary, the old man looks at them wearing white oni mask, scaring Nagisa and Ryouta. Then from the corner Honoka and her grandmother, Sanae, comes. Nagisa and Honoka says hi to each other, stating, that it really was a coincidence. Then Nagisa says her catchphrase "arienai".

Later, at the table, Nagisa's mother says, that Nagisa is talking about Honoka a lot, and that she belongs to the science club. Then Nagisa's dad starts talking about how he also beonged to the science club once and that he was dreaming of a nobel prise. He says, that he is inventing new materials right now at his company, and that it's called "fluid dynamics", making the rest of the family fall down. Then to change the topic, Ryouta says, that the lake is really beautiful, opening the door. Nagisa and Honoka follows him. Then Nagisa's parents invite Sanae and Honoka to have dinner with them. When Honoka and Sanae accepts. Then Nagisa teases Ryouta, saying, that he is lucky, because his beloved Honoka-san will have dinner with them, resulting in Ryouta blushing.

After tea, Nagisa and Honoka are walking downstairs, saying that the coincidence was really strange, and that they will appear today for sure, for example opening a cabin and seeing Poisony hiding there. At first Nagisa and Honoka didn't reacted and closed the cabin, but when they realised what they saw, Nagisa opened a cabin again, but sees, that it's empty. Both think, that it was just their imagination and leaves, but Poisony was actually there, pressed into cube and saying, that it was cose. Then Mepple awakes, saying, that he feels Mipple. Mipple does the same.

They both turn to their mascot forms and say, that it was their love power, that let them meet even on vacation. They make a deal with Nagisa, that they will stay quiet, if she gives her the delicious food served here. She agrees, and Mepple with Mipple have a feast of seafodd, making Mepple drooling. Later, at the gift shop, when Nagisa sees a brochure called "the legend of the lake", old man tells them about the legend of the island, that is in the middle of the lake, called Hibikijima. There once lived a beautiful girl, which had 2 childhood freinds, who both fell in love with her. They had a fight and killed each other in the process. Because of the sorrow, the girl turned into the tree, and the red and blue armors, that the guys wore, while battling for the heart of that girl, were shrined near the tree. It is said, that if you pray over the lake at sunset, your dreams will come true.

Then Nagisa and Honoka plans to go to that island, but Ryouta says, that he wants to go too. Nagisa says, that if he won't go and stay with mom, Honoka will play with him next day, and Ryouta agrees. Nagisa says, that they will be back before dinner. Meanwhile, Poisony is shown eavesdropping at them. They see a man driving the boat, and he says, that he will give them a ride to the island. He says, that he will wait for the girls here, so they can take their time. When Nagisa and Honoka leaves, the man appears to be Poisony, and she summons 2 Zakennas to the 2 armors from the legend. When the girls come to the top and see 2 armors, Zakennas inside them awakens, and they get out from the shrines. When Nagisa and Honoka see, that the armors turned into zakenna, they start to run down the hill, until red armor Zakenna blocks the way. Them Mipple and Mepple say, that it's the work of the Dusk Zone, and that they should get out of this island. Meanwhile, at the dinner table, Nagisa's mother is worried, where Nagisa and Honoka are.

Ryouta confesses, that he knows, that they went to an island to pray, and Nagisa's dad volunteers to go look for them. Everyone else say, that they will go with him, but he says, he will go lone and deffinetelly will bring them back. When he runs to the bay, the woman says, that there are no boats today, because of the fog. He borrows one boat, and jumps to it, almost falling into the water. While swimming, he looses one oar, resulting in him going circles. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka runs from the zakennas and manages to transform into Cure Black and Cure White. Pretty Cure tries to fight against the Zakennas, but White's leg got stuck under the broken tree. Then Nagisa's dad comes, looking for girls.

The Zakenna has caught Black, and almost killed her, but a sound of flute is heard. Honoka remembers, that the sound of flute is that girl's symbol from the legend. The zakennas have falled on their knees, letting go of Cure Black and the sword, they were holding. Then Black picks up the tree, freeing White. The girls uses Rainbow Therapy and manages to drive zakennas away from the armors, returning them to their original place. Then Nagisa's dad finally climbs the rock, and sees Nagisa and Honoka. He gets angry on Nagisa, because she left without saying anything.

Later, Nagisa and Honoka apologises to everyone, for leaving without saying anthing to anyone. Then Sanae says, that there is another story of the legend. The same old man appears, scaring Nagisa and Honoka again, and tells, that in other story, the armors didn't fought over a woman. Actually, the woman was involved into the battle, and the warriors gave their lives in order to protect that woman. She was the most important thing in their lives.

Later, Nagisa apologises for her dad, for being so selfish and leaving, without saying a word to anyone. He then said, that he was just glad, that nothing serious had happened to them. He says, that they are the most important thing in the world for them, and made another bad joke, resulting in Nagisa's laugh. Next day, when everyone were leaving, Nagisa was sticking to her dad. When he said, that all the gifts were too heavy, she offered to carry them. Then Ryouta offered to carry Honoka's bag, resulting in falling down, because the bag was too heavy.

16- "Sutoresu zenkai! Madon'na wa tsurai yo" ("Full Throttle Stress! Being the Madonna is Tough")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 16

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 16

Airdate: 16 May, 2004

The episodes begins in the Dusk Zone where the Dark King is speaking with the remaining of the villians remain. Speaking to each other, Kiriya begins to make comments, to which Poisony simply states he is only a child and his mouth is the only thing that curently works now. Otherwise calling him rude and that he doesn't know any better. Dark King goes on to say that with the cures already posessing two, and having gained two more already from the previous villians, they cannot allow them to get any more.

Meanwhile on the way to school is a limo, out steps a pretty girl who thanks the driver before she heads into the school. Unaware that Poisony is watching her. Nagisa meanwhile is in the middle of Lacrosse practice when suddenly all of the students begin to leave, hearing that the schools superstar is in the middle of volleyball and everybody goes to watch her play. Because of Yuka, their team wins! Nagisa and her friends are out walking when they mention Yuka isn't on the volley ball team, she was only helping, which she also did on the tennis team.

They try to determine which club she really is on when Honoka comes by and mentions Yuka is actually in the Science Club. As Honoka and Nagisa leave, Yuka approaches her to ask what went on in Science Club before she apologizes for being too busy to show up lately. She then mentions how beautifully Nagisa handled the situation earlier, but ask her to be more careful next time as she leaves.

The following morning Nagisa rushes to school and decides to take a shortcut when suddenly she notices a limo behind her and moves away, just in time to see Yuka inside of it! The two girls lock eyes but for a moment and Yuka hurriedly ducks, hoping that Nagisa didn't see her as she has her driver drop her off at the nearby alleyway leading to Verone Academy. Nagisa continues to rush to school, but unfortuantly doesn't make it to class in time and has to clean the blackboard erasers as punishment.

Later, as she is doing this, Honoka comes by and offers to help her and the two girls proceed to clean the erasers. As they play, Yuka approaches and notices how much fun they are having. Nagisa ask her if she wants to join them, which she seems to consider for a second before calling it childish and walking away. Nagisa's claims that Yuka hates her is confirmed, to herself anyway. Honoka tries to explain that she doesn't, and Yuka overhears the two girls.

Later as Nagisa and Honoka are leaving she watches them for a moment, seemingly sad but she hurriedly ignores it. Eventually Yuka comes to a fortune tellers stand and within seconds, the fortune teller unleashes a Zakenna that takes the shape of Yuka's shadow, unleashing many clones of her. At the park Nagisa and Honoka are walking when they see Yuka. Honoka greets her but she does not say anything, causing Nagisa to claim she hates her again. After Honoka mentions that she's acting weird, many more suddenly walk by! Both girls stare in shock/surprise suddenly at the Yuka army!

Seeing Poisony there, they quickly transform into Pretty Cure and are quickly surrounded by the Yuka army. They are soon informed however that Yuka is somewhere in the crowd! They can't fight too roughly or else they'll end up hurting her. Trying to figure out what to do about the situation, Honoka mentions how they were told the Zakenna posessed her shadow, she then proceeds to run into the nearby building and turns on the lights surrounding them. Causing the shadows to all suddenly vanished! Before they can do anything however, Poisony summons more.

Nagisa has Honoka grab a marker and hurriedly she marks the real Yuka, using the black marker to make lips, cheeks, eyelashes, eybrows, and a heart mark on her forehead. This way they can tell which Yuka is the real on! Suddenly the Zakenna transform into one big one! Nagisa feels its not too hard to handle however and in no time it is defeated!

That following day at school, Nagisa ask if Honoka thinks the scribbling all came off. Picturing it she ends up laughing, which causes Yuka to worry she still has it on her face. She then runs off to go check as Honoka and Nagisa both begin to laugh.

17- "Hāto wo getto! Tokimeki nō sagyō" ("Capture His Heart! Heart-Throbbing Farm Work")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 17

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 17

Airdate: 23 May, 2004

Episode begins with Nagisa resting after lacross. She remembers about the previous battle, when Poisony casted a Zakenna on Yuka-sempai's shadow, making multiple copies of her. Then she sees Fujipi-sempai playing football. She quietly says "good luck" to him when out of nowhere Honoka appears, and says her to cheer louder, because he can't hear her. Nagisa tries to defend herself, saying, that she wasn't talking to him. Then Honoka says, that tommorrow she will be helping at her friend's farm and invites Nagisa to come too. When Nagisa accepts, Honoka reveals, that Fujipi-sempai was the one who asked her. She said, that Kimata-kun's from soccer club grandfather is a farmer, and needed help with vegetable harvest. Of course, Fujipi-sempai will come too. Later, at home, Nagisa is thinking what to wear tomorrow, when Ryouta comes smiling. Nagisa notices him and does a cobra twist, saying him to knock before coming. Then Ryouta asks, if she is going to date. Nagisa says, that she only goes with Honoka to help her at farm work. Then Ryouta asks her, why is she picking clothes so carefully for a farm work. Nagisa imagines herself with Fujipi-sempai accidentally touching fingers, and starts rolling on a floor. Ryouta runs to mom, saying, that something is wrong with Nagisa. Mepple even worries, is it good thing for Nagisa to take care of him. Later, at farm, everyone: Nagisa, Honoka, Fujipi, Kiriya and Kimata-kun, are here. Kimata's grandma says, that she is glad everyone came, because grandpa broke his arm and she can't do everything alone. Then from the house Kimata's grandpa come out, saying, that he feels just fine. Kimata says, that doctors said to him to don't overdo, but grandpa says, that he hates doctors. Later, grandma says, that there are a lot of fields and she would ask them to harvest a lot today. Then Kimata pairs himself with his grandma, Honoka pairs Nagisa and Fujipi-sempai because both of them are from sports club, and she goes with Kiriya. Then Honoka says to nagisa, to say everything she wants clearly, and leaves. Then, at the field, Nagisa is nervous, because she doesn't knows what to say. Then Fujipi-sempai sees, that Nagisa harvested a lot and praises her. Nagisa becomes all red, and starts working twice as fast as before. Meanwhile, Honoka works and tells about the history of cabbages, while Kiriya just slacks off on a haystack, thinking, that he doesn't needs to work, because there is still too much work and they won't get it done anyway. Then Honoka says, that this is why they cooperate, because it might be impossible for one man, but a group can do it. Then Kiriya says, that humans are weak, because they need to cooperate to do something, and they can't do it alone. Honoka says, that humans are strong because they cooperate. Kiriya doesn't understands what he means, and Honoka says, that he will understand if he works. Then grandma calls Honoka and Kiriya for lunch, but Honoka says, that they will come later, as soon as Kiriya dones the work he slacked. Meanwhile, at lunch, Fujipi-sempai says, that Honoka hates doing things halfway, and Kimata says, that Kiriya is probably getting preached to. Fujipi-sempai syas, that Honoka can be kind or rough in these cases, but Nagisa argues that. She says, that Honoka gives adivce to help people out. She thinks, that this is Honoka's good point. After that, Fujipi-sempai thanks Nagisa, saying, that he was worried about Honoka as her childhood friend, that her attidude might scare people off, and he's glad, that Honoka has such a good friend, who understands her well. Nagisa becomes all red and runs off to bring some tea. Then, at the place, Nagisa sees Mipple and Mepple playing with some gadget. They explain, that this is Prism Love Checker, and it shows how much 2 people love each other. Nagisa says, she will borrow it, and Mepple says, that she will use it on a guy called Fujipi, and Mipple states, that Nagisa likes Fujipi. Nagisa says, that sempai is Honoka's childhood friend and he should like her because she's Honoka's friend. She's jut checking it as an experiement.Mepple states, that Nagisa doesn't realises, that shes in love. Nagisa thinks, that even if she can't talk to sempai, she'll use this to know what he feels about her. Nagisa comes near Fujipi, but she comes too close, and, when Fujipi looks at her, runs away. Then she sees Kimata's grandma. She says, that she is bringing jacket to grandpa, because it's getting chilly, and he can't do anything alone. Then Nagisa sees Prism Love Checker in her hands and decides to try it. Grandma puts jacket on grandpa's shoulders, and Nagisa asks them to put their finger on Prism Love Checker. Grandma agrees, but grandpa is bit resistent at first, but eventually agrees. They put their fingers, and all the lights turned on. When Nagisa says, that nothing else will happen, grandpa says, that this was a waste of time, and they started arguing again. Nagisa returned the Prism Love Checker to Mipple and Mepple saying, that its broken. Mepple says, that it's always right. Nagisa says, that these grandparents really didn't seemed to be in love. Meanwhile,at cabbage field, Kiriya and Honoka are working. When Honoka asks him to carry the box, he drives the wheelbarrow and falls. Honoka hurries, and seeing that Kiriya cutted his finger, hurried to get him first aid. Honoka washes his finger and gets him a bandage. WHen Kiriya asks, are all humans like that, Honoka answers yes. Then Honoka carries all the cabbages. Later, after work, everyone are here, except Kiriya. He sits at the haystack, remembering Honoka's words and seeing, that they finished everything. Then Poisony appears, saying, that Kiriya letted his gueard down, and that instead of him getting humans, humans are getting him. Then Kiriya says, that she will get them, and he'll help her. Then Poisony summons Zakenna and it cuts tree. Zakenna possesses a worm. Everyone thinks, that it's an earthquake, but then silver worm Zakenna comes. It breakes the wall of the house and a closet almost falls on grandma, but grandpa protects her. Zakenna almost attacks, but Kimata and Fujipi trows stones to distract the zakenna. Zakenna follows the guys, and Nagisa with Honoka transform into Pretty Cure. They attack the Zakenna, but it kicks Black away and another worm takes White to it's cave. Black tries to follow her, but Kiriya creates a wall, so Black can't reach White. Then Poisony says hi to White by attacking her with 2 zakennas. One catches White. Poisony says, that the Cures have one crucial weak point: they can't do anything by themselves. Then Poisony says her to give the Prism stones, but White says no. Seeing her determination, Kiriya unknowingly weakens the wall, allowing Black to kick it out and save White. They use Marble Screw attack and defeat Zakennas. Then White picks up the worm and Black runs away. Kiriya stares at his bandaged finger. Later, grandma says, that grandpa was injured, but he says, that this is just a scratch, and asks grandma, how was she and did she got hurt. Nagisa watches them fom apart. Mepple says, that Prism Love Checker's diagnosis was correct after all. Honoka says, that to g ahead, she has to take the first step. Nagisa takes her courage, comes to Fujipi-sempai, calls him by name, and, when he meets her eyes, she says, that... they done a good work today. Mepple and Honoka say, that she can't do that after all.

18- "Dokidoki! Chūkan tesuto wa koi no meikyū" ("Heart-Throbbing! Midterm Tests are a Love Labyrinth")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 18

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 18

Airdate: 30 May, 2004

On the way to school, Nagisa was walking where Shiho and Rina appeared hearing about going to a farm.Now that she heard that, it reminds her how she spend time alone with Fujipi but was nervous to say anything and a Zakenna attack appeared. It really saddened Nagisa and Shiho and Rina said that she was really lucky to go with, Kiriya, since he is popular with girls. Then Shiho and Rina's excitement goes down to depression and tells Nagisa that they have a test. At school, they meet a girl, Seiko, who has a crush on Kiriya which the girls got excited once hearing it. Seiko thinks she really good enough, they encourage Seiko by saying great things about her. When Nagisa says has better grades than her, Shiho comments that if she had good grades, she would be popular with boys, dumbfounding Nagisa, but regains, saying she'll do best on her test. Honoka passes by and Rina and Shiho asks advice for Seiko love confession. Honoka suggests that she should express her feelings by communication. Nagisa, Rina, and Shiho includes that they are going to encourage/cheer and support her, comforting Seiko. At soccer practice, Kiriya comes up and tries to get a ball by using a tactic he saw on the field. When he did it, it was wrong causing the player who got the ball a minor injury. The players come up to help the player and one of them angerily comes over him, but Fujipi stops him and reasons. Once he leaves, Fujipi then come up and tells Kiriya about that he should be careful and that he'll become good friends with everyone soon. After practice, Kiriya walks "home" and suddenly encounters Seiko. She tries to give him a card to tell him how she feels. Kiriya doesn't understand and walks away leaving the pained girl. At the library, Honoka is studying. Then Kiriya comes and says hi to Honoka. They both go out and Kiriya says, that he doesn't understand people. Honoka explains, that he need to open himself, then he will understand what otheers are feeling. Meanwhile, Nagisa decided to stay all night and study. She prepared, but Mepple started to disturb her, saying, that he wants to play. Then Nagisa slashed a card and the teacher appeared. He started shouting on Mepple for disturbing other people's studying and for being all lovey-dovey with Mipple, saying, that he isn't good warrior of the garden of light. He kept teaching him, until Nagisa got annoyed and shouted him to stop, breaking a bubble they were in. Later Nagisa dreams, that he got perfect score and everyone are applausing her. From the class next door, Fujipi comes. He almost gives flowers to Nagisa, but Mepple apears in the flowers. He shouts her name, but Nagisa sleep-talks, that Mepple promissed to sleep while she is at school. Then Nagisa wakes up, realising she fell asleep. She sees, that its 2 AM already and freaks out. Mepple says, that there is still time until morning, and Nagisa decides to go to sleep. She thinks this is impossible and decides to trust Honoka's test intuition. She falls to bed and immediatelly falls sleep. The next day, Shiho and Rina help Seiko to confess again. They say, that even Yukishiro-san is supporting her. Kiriya realises, that Honoka was only supporting that girl and didn't even cared about him. He yells at the girls to better go prepare for tests, takes the love letter and rips it in half. Nagisa, as usual, overslept. Then inside, Honoka is changing her shoes, when she sees Seiko crying. The girls tell her everything and Honoka hurries to the boys' school to see Kiriya in person. She starts yelling at him, because he hurted Seiko's feelings. Nagisa, after hearing from her freinds, that Honoka went to the boys' school followed her. Then Kiriya starts yelling back at her, saying, that she only cares for that girl and not for him. He says, that she doesn't know anything about him and his feelings, and she is the one who should care about other's feelings more. Honoka then says, that he is right. She doesn't knows anything about him. She apologises to him. In the class, everyone are waiting for Nagisa and Honoka, but since the test is about to start, the teacher doesn't wants to wait for the girls anymore, and says to remove all the textbooks and notes from table. Nagisa and Honoka hurries to the classroom, but as soon as they opened to classroom doors, they have fallen into one of Poisony's traps. Luckilly, the girls had Mipple and Mepple with them. They transformed, and realised, that they are in some place full of mirrors. Poisony started attacking the girls, but it was just mirror reflection. The girls tried to defend, but could only kick the mirrors. Then Poisony attacked the girls, revealing herself. Black tried to fight, but every kick and punch missed, until she hid under the mirror. Then she tried to attack them again, but Black flipped and grabbed one of Poisony's arms. Then White grabbed another and they both started spinning her and threw her into one of the mirrors. Then poisony said, she will not fogive them, and trapped into the mirror. She said, that she will destroy the mirror with them inside, and eventually will find the stones. When Poisony was about to destroy the mirror, a bright white light appeared, and they returned to the hall right in front of the class. Later, Seiko said, that while she was waiting for Honoka, Kiriya came and apologised to her. Then Nagisa came and said, that she has something amazing for her: all you can eat chocolate parfaits. If she is drowning her sorrows in chocolate, she's coming too. She took Seiko and started dragging her together. When Honoka reminded of tommorrow's test, she said she didn't wanted to think about that, and continued to talk about chocolate.

19- "Kowa sugi! Dotsukuzōn saigo no kirifuda" ("Too Scary! Dusk Zone's Final Trump Card")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 19

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 19

Airdate: 8 June, 2004

In the library, Honoka was helping Nagisa with her homework, when Mepple started shouting. They came outside, and Mepple said, that he is hungry. Nagisa slashed the card and Omupu appeared. He gave Mepple lots of ice cream. Mipple was hungry too, but did not shout. Honoka asked Mepple to share with Mipple, but it was too late, since Mepple ate everything alone. He said, that Mipple can have the next serving. Mipple was offended and closed her cellphone. Mepple did not cared and he asked for seconds, and Nagisa shouted, that this is enough. Meanwhile, in Dusk Zone, Dark King was angry at his minions, saying, as usual, that he needs to collect 7 stones to become full. Later, Nagisa is going through the street, when Honoka shouts her. Then Mepple comes out of his bag, saying, that he wants to eat the bread he smelled here. Nagisa and Honoka run to the park. Nagisa shouts at him to do not talk in public, but he just say, that he is hungry. Mipple says, that Mepple is strange lately, only thinking about food. She reminds him, that he is the legendary hero of the Garden of Light, and that lately he is becoming lazy and forgetting their mission. Then Mepple said, that he is just preparing himself, and that Mipple is not worth being called the princess of hope, leading her to tears. When Mipple asks, does he really thinks that about her, he says, that she insulted him too. She said, that she did not insulted him. She wants to revive the Garden of Light soon. Then Mipple got mad and closed her cellphone going back to her bag. Mepple said, that he does not care and closed himself too. Later, at home, Nagisa wants to give dinner to Mepple, but he says he does not want to eat. At first Nagisa says, that after these words, he might have a fever, but later says, that he is probably worrying about Mipple. He said, that Garden of Light was once a beautiful place, but Dusk Zone destroyed it. If the 7 stones get to the hands of Dusk Zone, the power, that is protecting the Garden of Light will be gone. It is save only because Mipple and Mepple escaped with 2 stones. Meanwhile Mipple is saying the same story for Honoka, saying, that they must protect the stones no matter what. Honoka says, that she understands her feelings, but it might have been too much to say, that Mepple is not like a hero. Mipple says, that she thinks so too. Mepple says to Nagisa, that he also wants to live in the Garden of Light together with Mipple and everyone else. He says, that when the 7 stones are together, the power of Creation will revive the Garden of Light, and everything will be like before. Mepple says, that there is also the power of Creation in the Garden of Rainbows. It exist in everyone: humans, animals, things... but it might be too hard for Nagisa to understand everything. He quickly changes theme, whan Nagisa asks, what did he meant by that. Mepple tells a legend of the Garden of Light: When the chosen hero and the princess of hope unite their powers with legendary warriors (pretty cure), everything will turn out to be ok. The next day, on their way to school, Honoka meets Nagisa. Nagisa gets them to the alley, and says, that Mepple is sorry for what happened the other day, and they need to help them to reconcile. Both come out of their bags. Mepple wants to say something, but he is tongue-tied. Nagisa whispers, that he only needs to say, that he is sorry, but Mepple starts shouting again, that he is not the one who needs to apologize. It was Mipple the one, who called him not worthy of being a hero. Mepple shouts back, that he was the one who said, that she was not the princess of hope. They started arguing again, and closed themselves back to their cellphones. Then the girls noticed, tha people around are fainting. Even the flowers started to wilt. Even Poisony did not knew, what is this sign. She looked around at the fainted people and frozen air, and realised, that maybe this means... Ilkubo! He was sucking the power of creation from everyone on Earth. Even if this was small power, it would make a nice present for Dark King, if it is combined. Even Kiriya was shcoked. Nagisa and Honoka were walking around, seeing everywhere like that. Mepple says, that it is something he never felt before. This is no mistake: it is the Dusk Zone. Then from behind Ilkubo appeared. He said, that they saved him the trouble. He demanded the girls to give him the stones right now. Mipple and Mepple say, that he is different, and he is too big. The girls were saying, that they cannot leave the city like that. They transformed into Pretty Cure. They tried attacking him, but he repelled their attacks by one hand. He said, that there is too much difference in their powers. When Black and White attacked together, Ilkubo repelled it in one hand move. No matter how many times they attacked, Ilkubo reflect everything with one blow. Then, for the final blow, he decided to take their power of light. He succeeded in doing that, reverting their transformation. Then Mipple said, that they cannot do anything anymore. Mepple said, that Mipple, as the princess of hope, cannot loose hope. He said for Mipple, Nagisa and Honoka to escape, saying, that he will defend them. In the worst case, he will give him his prism stone, but everyone can escape. He transformed back to his real form, and started attacking Ilkubo. Because of his determination, the ball, that has all the power, broke, returning all the power to everyone. Nagisa and Honoka transformed back to Pretty Cure. They used Marble Screw. At first it was not strong enough to drive Irukubo away, but with the encouragement of Mipple and Mepple, the girls managed to do that. Later, Mipple apologizes to Mepple for calling him not a hero. Then Mepple apologizes to Mipple too. Everyone then compliments him, that he was great today, just like the real chosen hero, resulting in Mepple blushing. Then Mipple and Mepple transform to their true forms and goes to lovey-dovey mode again. Meanwhile, Ilkubo is thinking, that the girls are stronger that he thought. Dark King is angry.

20- "Dotchi ga honmono? Futari no Honoka" ("Which is the Real One? The Two Honokas")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 20

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 20

Airdate: 13 June, 2004

The episode begins with Honoka and the science club attempting to make perfume. While most of the club members fail to create anything that's not repulsive, Honoka excels. She fills a spray bottle with her mixture and tries out her perfume, which earns the praise of her fellow club members. Meanwhile, while playing lacrosse, Nagisa thinks about the previous episode's encounter with Ilkubo. Thinking that it was a miracle that they defeated him, she dreads her next encounter with the strongest of Dark King's army. However, she also ntes that Pretty Cure may be getting stronger. She continues her game with a renewed drive to retrieve the remaining Prism Stones as soon as possible.

Dark King comments on the fact that the light is drawing ever nearer, and that light must be conquered. Clearly growing impatient, he sends Poisony on a new mission to defeat Pretty Cure and gain control of the Prism Stones. After being teased by Kiriya, Poisony makes it clear that she will do everything in her power to succeed after so many failures. Ilkubo makes sure that she understands the gravity of the situation by reiterating that the Dark Zone, all of its inhabitants, and Dark King himself are at risk of being consumed and destroyed by the light. Poisony plans to capture Pretty Cure and take back the Prism Stones that Pisard and Gekidrago had with them. Meanwhile, after lacrosse, Nagisa egreed to go home with Honoka. She was waiting for her at the gate like they agreed, but Honoka was late. Then Mepple started shouting, that he's hungry. Nagisa was shouting, that they are still at school. Then Mepple started insulting Nagisa, but after Nagisa's look, he said, that she was cute. Then Nagisa slashed the card and made Mepple sleep again. Then "Honoka" came running. She said, that chemistry senpai stopped her. Nagisa and "Honoka" went home, and then another Honoka came running. Kiriya stopped her, saying, that she smells nice. She said, that probably she used some perfume. He guessed, that she used Lily. Honoka told him, what she used. She said that nobody in the science club noticed that. He started saying, that if she wasn't wearing perfume, but didn't finished the sentence. Meanwhile, Nagisa and "Honoka" were at Akane-san's place. They ordered Takoyaki, and Akane gave them doubles. "Honoka" wasn't eating. When Nagisa asked why, she said, that the smell of perfume is getting in her head. Nagisa offered her to go home, but she said, that she's fine. Then Nagisa showed her Mepple, and said, that she putted him to sleep. When she asked "Honoka", how's Mipple doing, she said, that they got into a fight. "Honoka" asked her to show it to her, but Akane-san came and said, that she will come to the next lacrosse match. After that "Honoka" asked again to show her Mipple. Then Nagisa realised, that this is not Honoka. The real Honoka would never mix Mipple and Mepple. Nagisa asked, who is she. Then she started running from her, but "Honoka" followed her. Meanwhile, real Honoka was at Akane-san's, and she said, that Nagisa went home, and she was with her. Honoka realised, that there is trouble. Then Nagisa went into the train. She thought she was safe, but then Honoka came looking for her. She tried to run away, but met another "Honoka". Both tried to prove, that they are the real ones. One of them gave Nagisa her hand to smell. She had the perfume Honoka was making. Other said, that this is not proof, and she might've got into the science club to use it, and showed a bottle. Other Honoka said, that the Honoka with the bottle had snucked into the club room. Each of Honokas tried to proof they are real ones. One said, that her favourite food is Takoyaki, other, that its chocolate. Both were right. Then real Honoka said, that her socks are a little smelly. Nagisa remembered, when she was writing in her notebook that. She recognised, that this is real Honoka. Then "Honoka" said, that this can't be helped. Nagisa and Honoka ran into the warehouse, locking the gates. "Honoka" transformed to Poisony and said, that she is serious today. She succesfully broke the mateal gate with her scream. Then the girls transformed. They were fighting, but pretty cure seemed to be losing. She said, that she admired their luck and courage, but it's not enough to survive. Then Poisony changed her hair into some crazy monster, and cought Black. She started to spin Black and Mepple. She started talking, that she is much more experienced than them ,and that they have no chance of defeating her. poisony then threw Black into one of garages. After she talking, she cought both Black and White and threw thme through the garage roofs. Then Black and White resisted from the water tower and started using Marble Screw. Poisony dodged the move. Black said, that they should try one more time, but Poisony grabbed their hand, so they couldn't do it. She was spinning them round and round, so the girls can't touch hands. But they did it. They used Marble Screw on Poisony's hair, so no metter how far she teleported, the marble Screw hitted her high in the air. After the hit, Poisony screamed very loudly and orange Prism Stone fell from the sky. Meanwhile, in Dusk Zone, Kiriya understood, what happened to his sister. Irukubo explained, that everyone, who were defeated, return to the darkness. They, as creatures of darkness, have only 2 choises: live in darkness or fade away in light. Kiriya chose to live. He went to the scarp, where his sister's soul returned to the darkness, and started screaming.

21- "Shōgeki dēto! Kiriya no shinjitsu") ("Shocking Date! The Truth About Kiriya")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 21

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 21

Airdate: 27 June, 2004

Nagisa and Honoka call the guardian and return him another prism stone. Now they have 5 out of 7 stones. Mipple, as always is impressed with the guardian, and Mepple is jealous. Meanwhile, at the Dusk Zone, Dark King is angry. Kiriya says, that it's his mission to defeat Pretty Cure and regain the lost stones, because his sister (Poisony) returned to the darkness. Ilkubo warns him, that his existense is linked to Dark King's existense. He mustn't give up to the power of light. Later, after school, Honoka said goodbye to her friends, and saw Kiriya waiting for her. They went further from school. When Honoka asked, why isn't he talking with her ever since they met this morning, he asks, if she likes this school. Honoka confirms that. Then Kiriya says, that at first it was hard for him, but now he is glad, that he could come there. He had a little fun, and was able to meet Honoka. Honoka reminded him about when they went to the farm. He remembered, how he apologised to her, causing Honoka to blush a little. He said, that nobody communicated like that with him. Then it started raining. Honoka took her umbrella, and offered to Kiriya. Kiriya said, that he won't be going to school anymore. He quits it. Then he asked, how is Mipple doing. Honoka said, that she is sleeping right now. He said, that he is different. Kiriya took out his prism stone. Then Honoka realised. Kiriya said, that his real mission is to defeat the Cures and get the 7 Prism Stones for Dark King. To defeat them is the only thing he can do now. He said, that he knows, that they are Pretty Cure. Perhaps, if he was born on this worlds instead, maybe his fate would be different. Later, when Honoka returned home, Mipple asked, if something happened today, because she seemed down. Honoka said, that everything is ok. Then her grandma came in. She also noticed, that something strange is going on. She returned home soaking wet, and didn't even turned on the light. Then Honoka asked her grandmother, can people change their fates. Sanae said, that it depends on a person. If you really want to change fate, it requiers preserverance. Also, you must have strenght to stand up against fate. Next morning, Honoka called Nagisa. When she came at her, Ryouta said, that he was also expecting her, but Nagisa stopped him. They started arguing again. Nagisa's parents were out, so she letted Honoka to go in her room and wait. Honoka looked aroun, and said, that Nagisa's room is cute. Them Mipple and Mepple saw each other, and started flirting again. honoka said, that they always seem to be having fun. Then Nagisa came in, carrying a tray with juice glasses, and a bag of potato chips in her teeth. She saw Mipple and Mepple transformed to their true forms, and said something, but Mipple didn't understood a thing. Then Mepple translated, that she said, that Ryouta might discover them, because he always barges in without knocking. Then Nagisa and Honoka sitted at the table. Nagisa offered her some chips, but she didn't wanted. She said, that yesterday after school she met Kiriya. And then he confessed to her. After that, Nagisa splitted all the chips crumbs on Honoka's face. She couldn't believe, that he actually confessed to her. Then, at Nagisa's shoulders, Mipple and Mepple appeared, wanting to hear the story too. Honoka, cleaning her face from the chips crumbs, said, that this is not what she ment by confession. Everyone were excited, and repeated her words. When she said, that Kiriya actually came from Dusk Zone, at first they were just "that's it??? No love story???", but later realised, what she said, and freaked out. Nagisa said, that Kiriya had so many chanses, he was so close to them. Why did he waited so long? Honoka said, that she doesn't knows that. They will have to ask for Kiriya himself. Later, Nagisa couldn't believe, that Kiriya is their enemy, and Honoka received a letter from Kiriya, saying "Tommorrow, at 4 pm". Nagisa and Honoka met with Kiriya. Kiriya said, that he has no other choice, but to battle them. If they want to avoid battling, they can give him the Prism Stones. His mission is to get 7 stones for Dark King, to make him immortal. He attacked Nagisa and Honoka. Nagisa said for him to open his eyes, but Kiriya said, that this is the real him, and attacked the girls again. Mipple and Mepple said, that they must transform, or else they will be defeated. Nagisa putted her hand on Honoka's hand, and they transformed. They were fighting, but Black and White couldn't attack him. Mipple said them to use Marble Screw, but White shaked her head. Black said, that they could never do that to a friend. White said, that they have the same feelings in their hearts (saying, that she also loves him). Kiriya was still attacking them, saying, that if he won't do that, he will have to return to the darkness. Black said, that he still can't understand Honoka's feelings. Kiriya got near White, and could attack her, but he couldn't do it. Then Black pushed him away. Kiriya asked, why are they trying so hard for the garden of light. It doesn't involve them at all. Black said, that they are the only ones, who can protect it, making Mipple and Mepple cry. Then White said, that no matter what happens to this body, they won't give Prism Stones to him. Then White stopped. Black said him, to look at what he is doing to Honoka. She asked, will he be happy with the Prism Stones, after doing that. Kiriya looked at his stone. Then he came near Black and White, and gave them his Prism Stone. He said, that he has no power to change his fate, but they have that power. But this is as far as he can change his fate. Then Ilkubo was standing behind. Kiriya said goodbye to the girls, and went to him. Ilkubo asked, won't he be running, and does he knows, what happens to the ones, who betray the Dark King's will. Kiriya said, that he is ready, and went back to the Dusk Zone. Ilkubo said, that he is impressed by their power, and disappeared. After the battle, everyone were sitting at the same place. Honoka was wondering, did Kiriya really had fun at school, and that he was no different, than usual junior high student. Nagisa said, that Kiriya couldn't change his fate he got from birth, but in the end, he showed them some courage fighting against fate, when he gave them his prism stone. And in order to protect that courage, they must prtect Mipple and Mepple to the end. And then sun started shining again.

22- "Ussō! Chūtarō mama ni naru!?" ("No Way! Chuutaro Becomes a Mom!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 22

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 22

4 July, 2004

The episode begins with Chuutaro drinking water from the river, when suddenly he hears something. He runs to the sound and sees a little yellow puppy in a box. At first the puppy was afraid of him, but later came closer. Then Honoka calls for him. Chuutaro runs to his master, but the puppy was whining. So he stops to look at it, then leaves with Honoka.

Later Nagisa and Honoka were thinking about previous fight, when Kiriya died. Sanae calls Honoka then to inform her that she found another great bamboo branch for this years Tanabata festival. Honoka asks if Chuutaro will help them decorate it again, causing Chuutaro to bark. She notices a spider web on his head and tries to remove it as Sanae mentions that he has been acting weird ever since yesterday. He's been restless and keeps going in and out of the yard. After these words, Chuutaro runs off somewhere to fetch his food bowl. Sanae mentions that he's been eating a lot more also.

Later the girls return Kiriya's Prism Stone. When the guardian asks them why they seem to be depressed, Mipple and Mepple just says that something happened but they don't want to talk about it. Nagisa goes on to as what happens to the Prism Stones when they put it into Prism Hopish, and Mipple with Mepple explain that the guardian takes them to another dimension, in other words, to another place to protect them. Nobody knows where is that place, so its safer. Then Nagisa notices the Tanabat tree nearby and explains that because she lives in an appartment, they only have a small one. Ryouta was really complaining about that. Then Chuutaro came, and asked for some food again.

The girls followed Chuutaro, because he wasn't eating the food, and saw a little puppy under the house hiding. Nagisa thought, that Chuutaro gave birth, but Honoka said, that he's a boy. Then Nagisa went under tha house to take the puppy out. She asked again, is she really sure, that this isn't Chuutaro's kid. Maybe his mother couldn't raise it, and Chuutaro secretelly brought it here, but Honoka said, that the puppy has a collar, and it must belong to someone. Then she saw a name on his collar: Moko. Nagisa said, that because he is so soft (moko), it must be called Moko-chan. Then Chuutaro got his paws on Nagisa's back. She said, that she will stop. Nagisa also saw his address. Honoka said, that this is pretty close to here, and everyone decided to take it there. The girls went to the place, but found nobody at home. Honoka noticed, that there is no name plate. They decided to ask the neighbours. they called next door, and a man said, that the neighbours have probably moved. They asked nice old couple at the playground, and they said, that they live in number 3, but don't recognise the puppy.

Then Chuutaro started talking human voice, saying, that this is the same smell as at the apartament. Moko-chan said, that this is probably his boy, Akio-chan. Chuutaro said, that he probably must've been worried about him that he's gone. The Moko told the story, how he got out from his boy. They were riding a car with moko in pet moving cage, but when the car stopped at red light, the cage fell and opened. Moko ran away, and since then didn't saw Akio-chan. Meanwhile, the girls were talking, that there are a lot of people living here, but they don't know their neighbours well. Then a boy came and recognized Moko. Nagisa and Honoka asked, does he knows Moko, and the boy said, that this is Akio-chan's dog. Nagisa asked, does he knows where Akio-chan lives, and the boy answered, that Akio-chan moved to a house with a yard to have more place to play with moko, and that he was invited to Akio-chan's house, but he doesn't knows where it is. He said, that he might be at the planetarium, and the girls decided to check it out.

Then Nagisa and Honoka saw, that Chuutaro and Moko are gone. Nagisa thought, that maybe Chuutaro found a clue about Moko's owners. Then Chuutaro and Moko are seen going and Chuutaro smelled Akio-chan with his mother. Moko thanked Chuutaro, saying, that he's amazing, and Chuutaro said to don't adress him so casually. (after all, he is Japanese dog.) Then Moko called him Chuutaro-kun, and saw a stand of Yakitori. Moko used his puppy face and was about to get some food, but Chuutaro caught it, and said to don't do that again.

Then Chuutaro smelled some flowers, not only Akio-chan with his mother. Then a girl started watering the floor, causing Chuutaro to loose their scent. Then Moko asked, what should they do, and Chuutaro said to just go ahead. Then Nagisa and Honoka reached the same Yakitori stand. The salesman told to Honoka, that he saw a little puppy carried by a big dog. Then they saw Nagisa doing a puppy face to get Yakitori, resulting in Honoka having to carry away her. Then the girls reached Planetarium. They thought, that this is the clue the dogs found. Nagisa said, that even if they find Akio-chan, they don't have Moko, but Honoka said, that this is ok, because Moko is with Chuutaro. Even if they don't find the place, Chuutaro will return to her house.

The girls decided to check the place out. When the girls entered inside, Nagisa said, that this is very nostalgic place and Honoka wasn't there since elementary school. Meanwhile, Chuutaro and Moko were going looking for Akio-chan. Moko said, that they might never find Akio-chan, and if that happens, he asked Chuutaro will he become his onii-chan. Then Chuutaro smelled nagisa and Honoka. The girls thought, that if they read the tanabata wishes, they might be able to find Akio-chan's wish.

They readed all kinds of wishes. Nagisa said, that she wanted to become a battle ranger when she was little, and Honoka wanted to have her own flower shop. the girls decided to watch the plaetarium show again, since it was long time for them. but they missed a wish saying, that a kid wants Chiko to be back faster. The girls came first, thinking, that they came too early. Then Honoka told Nagisa the story about Tanabata festival. Then Chuutaro was thinking, why are their scents here. Then the sky got dark and Chuutaro started barking and went to the planetarium to the girls, leaving Moko wonder what happened. Meanwhile, the door at the planetarium hall closed and the monitor lighted up. Mipple and Mepple said, that they have a dark feeling, but then the monitor started showing constellations. Everyone were impressed, but then one of the constellations became Zakenna. Everyone got scared. Mipple and Mepple said to transform, and then another constealtion became zakenna. the girls transformed. White tried attack the Zakenna, but it became a constellation, causing White to miss.

Then Zakenna attacked White, but Chuutaro got it in time and defended her master from Zakenna. Then White scored few hits to Zakenna. The same happened with other Zakenna. They disappear at the crucial time. If this keeps going, no matter how much they fight, there will be no end to it. then Pretty Cure noticed, that the monitor itself is possessed. They used Marble Screw and succesfully defeated Zakennas. But the dark feeling Mipple and Mepple had is still here. Then Ilkubo appeared. He said the girls to tell where the stones are or else he will make them suffer. The girls said, that he won't be able to get them no matter what, because the stones guardian has them. then Irukubo realised, that Wisdom has them. Everyone were shocked, because even they didn't knew the guardian's name. Then Ilkubo left, saying, that if Wisdom has them, he has to make some preparation. Then Chuutaro and Moko came and Chuutaro was carrying the wish of that kid. There even was an address. The girls delivered Moko to Akio-chan. Nagisa thought, that Chuutaro might be lonely without Moko, but Honoka said he'll be fine. Nagisa said, that that guy from the Dusk Zone might return again, so they have to be more careful from now on. They must do their best for the sake of the Prism Stone Kiriya entrusted to them. That night Honoka cried. Cried until her tears no longer came.

23- "Ayaushi! Natsu gasshuku no akumu" ("Danger! The Summer Camp Nightmare!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 23

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 23

Airdate: 11 July, 2004

Akane-san is training the lacrosse team (especially Nagisa). Nagisa was thinking about the previous fight with Ilkubo, so she missed a shot. For the punishment, Akane-san told her to tun back to the camp with her. The long way. Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone, Ilkubo says, that he knows where the lost Prism Stones are. Dark King says to do not underestimate the light. Then Nagisa is being tortured by Akane-san. Akane-san goes by bike and Nagisa has to go on foot. Akane-san keeps saying, that the wind is feeling great, the weather is perfect and the lake is so shiny. Nagisa stops a bit to look at the lake, but gets shouted by Akane-san. Meanwhile, at the river, Honoka and the science club are taking pictures of the fishes. Sadly, the principal also came with them. The principal was exploring the river, when suddenly he fell in. The water was very "deep" - half knee lenght - so he started shouting for help. When he realised his fail, he just said, that he was showing bad example. Kids, do not do that at home or at the river. At that time, Nagisa finally came back to the camp. Akane went to the shower, and Nagisa was resting. Mepple called her, Nagisa said later, because now she can't even move a finger. Mepple said "snake", and Nagisa got all frightened. Mepple then said, that she can move more than a finger after all. Nagisa started to argue with Mepple, when Honoka came. She reminded Nagisa, that their summer camps collided. Nagisa said it, that she forgot all that because of Akane-san-the-demon-coach. Later, at the evening, Kyouto-sensei and the Principal reminded them, that they must turn off lights at 10 o'clock to wake up at 6 and breakfast are at 7. They are still students of Verone Academy even at summer. After dinner, Nagisa and Honoka were talking. Nagisa said, that she likes sleeping in 2nd floor of the bed, and Honoka said not to fall off. Then they saw Yuriko outside. They went out and saw a starry sky. Also a shooting star. Everyone made a wish and Nagisa remembered, that at the similar night when stars were falling, Nagisa met Mepple. Then Akane-san came and joined them. She told them about the guardian spirit of the mountain: if you break the branches of the tree you will be punished. But maybe somebody just said that to protect the environment. Then Nagisa wished, that the mountain god will grant her wish: let her wake up at 6 am tommorrow. Then Rina came running, saying, that she can't find Shiho anywhere. She said, that they returned to their room and she disappeared. Yuriko said, that maybe the mountain go punished her, but Honoka said, that even god dont punish people.who did nothing wrong. Then at the camphouse, all the lights got out. Yuriko got scared, sayibg, that it's not yet time to turn off the lights. Then the lacrosse captain came and asked, is it true, that Shiho is gone. Everyone went looking for her, and Honoka with the principal and vice-principal went to the electricity room to fix the lights. They successcully turned them on. The search groups returned, saying, that the couldn't find her anywhere, but the Shiho came out and said, that she was in bath and the lights had gone, so she decided to stay inside until the lights are on again. The next morning, everyone were practising, and Nagisa saw the beautiful lake she saw last day all dried up. Then red leaves started falling down the trees, even thought its summer now. Then a tree started falling on them, and everyone started running. The same happened with the science club: the river the girls were taking pictures of yesterday, was completelly dried off, and red leaves started falling. On the edge near the river there were many fallen trees. Meanwhile, Kyouto-sensei was trying to fix the electricity, when a bunch of leavesbroke the window and fell right into his face. It appeared, that it was all Ilkubo's doing: he was sucking the power of creation from Earth again. Later, when everyone returned to the campside, the principal said to contact the outside, since the trees are blocking the street. He said, that cellphones couldn't contact. The Principal said, that there is a phone at the lobby, but even that phone couldn't contact anyone. They were cutted off from outside. Then Honoka told Nagisa, that this is probably the doing of the Dusk Zone. Mipple and Mepple confirmed, that they do feel a lot of power. The girls went outside, and Ilkubo came out from the lake. Then he said the girls to transform. They did that, and transformed to Pretty Cure. Then Ilkubo said, that his target was the stones guardian all the time, and he will react when tey transform. He said, that he felt a reaction. Black tried attacking him, but he cought her and threw both them off the lake. The girls tred attacking together, but he still was stronger. Ilkubo used his move and blowed the cures to the side of the lake. Then Irukubo said, that humans are created to serve few elite rulers. In other words, their power will be used for Dark King. Pretty Cures used Marble Screw, but Ilkubo sucked it inside. He said, that his preparations are now complete. The power of Pretty Cures are the last key to open the door between the world where Wisdom is and they are. Ilkubo used hs power and a strange cloud appeared. It landed down and Wisdom appeared. Ilkubo took wisdom and said, that he heard rumors of a certain person, who can travel through the gap of darkness. After all, he is number 2 in the world of darkness. Ilkubo took Guardian and said, that he will be back for the rest 2 stones later. He disappeared and everything returned to normal. Mepple said, that this is very bad, because not only the stones, but also the Guardian is kidnapped. They have to save them.

24- "Kessen! Purikyua tai Irukūbo" ("Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure vs Ilkuubo")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 24

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 24

Airdate: 18 July, 2004

Followed from the last episode, Irukubo took the Prism Hopish with all the stones and te guradian. Pretty Cure could do nothing. They couldn't even touch him. Meanwhile, at the camp, Kyouto-sensei and the Principal are saying, that tonight they will have to go to bed right after dinner, and tommorrow they will get out from the mountain. He said to pray for the mountain god. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka are sad because of the loose. Shiho and Rina are thinking, that it's because of their situation. Later, at night, Nagisa and Honoka tries to call the guardian with a card, but he doesn't appear. Mipple says, that they must look for the guardian and the stones, but Mepple says, that they have to be careful to don't put the stones they are carrying in danger. Mipple wants to go by herself, but she falls while trying to walk in a cellphone form and Mepple comes to her. Nagisa and Honoka say, that they have to be careful. honoka worries, can they protect everyone with their power. Meanwhile, the sky got dark. Kyouto-sensei is walking around the camp, thinking, that the ghost shoud appear at that time, when suddnely he falls down, saying, that he is sleepy. Next morning, everyone are sleeping. Shiho is sleeping on the ground but everyone are in beds. Nagisa wakes up, saying, that she fell asleep before realising, and sees Shiho laying on ground. She tries to wake her up, but she doesn't wakes up. Then Honoka runs, saying, that nobody wakes up in the other room. They decided to check other rooms. Nagisa sees Akane-san sleeping too. Nagisa and Honoka check the teachers, but both are asleep. Then Mipple and Mepple senses dark power, and wind started blowing hard. The girls got outside, seeing the tornado and Ilkubo inside. When they ask, what did he did to the people, he said, that he took their life force, and showed the blue ball. He said, that he came for the remaining 2 stones. He attacked the girls, and they transformed. The girls tried to attack, but Ilkubo was sughtly stronger. Then around the camp he created the ruins of the city, saying, that this is their future. Black tried attacking him, but he just threw both of them to one of the buildings. The part of building was about to crush the girls, but Ilkubo saved them, saying, that it would be hard to find the stones if that thing crushed them. The girls used Marble Screw, but it didn't worked. Then Honoka said, that they need a miracle to win. Black said, that she won't be happy until they kick that guy's butt. Then Black decided, that if they attack the Prism Stone pendant, they might mae a miracle. The girls were fighting, and when they got a chance, Black used a spinning move and hitted the pendant. The city ruins were gone, and Ilkubo was shown weaker. Then he decided to use his full power. He drived the girls to the edge, and used his power to pull the 2 Prism Stones Mipple and Mepple had. Then the 7 stones started reacting and sucking Ilkubo's dark power. After that, the stones returned to the tails of Mipple and Mepple. After that, Mepple said, that he is now weaker after the encounter of Prism Stones. Pretty Cures used Marble Screw again, and this time it worked, because the Prism Stones powered-up the Marble Screw. Ilkubo returned to the darkness, leaving the Prism Stone behind. The trees and lake returned to normal. Later, at home, the girls putted the purple Irukubo's stone to the Hopeish. Honoka putted another stone, but Nagisa asked, is this really ok. Won't something strange happen? Nagisa putted the stone inside, and... nothing happened. Then Nagisa touched the hopeish, thinking, that maybe it broke, and dozens of rainbows came out. The whole house started lighting. Sanae was sleeping, don't seeing the light. The light broke the door of Honoka's house, and everyone came out. Then they saw a huge rainbow from the house. Nagisa said, that it looks like you can cross it, and Mepple said, that it is connected to the Garden of Light. Then something came down the rainbow. It was yellow thing, and, unsurprisingly, it hitten Nagisa's head. It was revealed to be a commune. A Rainbow Commune. Nagisa said, that she remembered something she'd rather not. Then the commune transformed into mascot. Mepple said it's Porun. Porun introduced himself as the Prince of Light that guides the way to the future, Porun-popo. Nagisa said, that this time it's -popo. Then Porun said, that he wants them to go to the garden of light too. Nagisa at first was grumbling about the names, but then Nagisa and Honoka realised, what did he said. Porun said, that Queen said to bring the Cures back too. At first they were eager, but ther Porun started Whining, saying, that Elder is waiting for them. Honoka agreed, but Nagisa was still eager, and said her catchphrase "arienai" in the end.

25- "Iza Hikari no en e, popo! Watashi-tachi mo!?" ("Let's Go to the Field of Light, Popo! Us Too!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 25

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 25

Airdate: 25 July, 2004

Following from previous episode, Porun came, and hitted Nagisa's head (again). He was whining, because Nagisa and Honoka weren't eager to go to the Garden of Light with him. When the girls finally agreed, he cheered up. Nagisa the esked, how will they ride the rainbow, and Porun leaded them inside Honoka's house. Then they saw Sanae. Porun said, that she is just sleeping. Then he got all sparkly snd started flying. Mipple and Mepple did the same. Nagisa and Honoka decided to try it too, and soon everyone were riding the rainbow to the Garden of Light. While they were riding, Nagisa wondered is it safe. Honoka says, that it seems to be safe. Nagisa wondered, how the Garden of Light looks like, and Honoka joked, that maybe they will need to turn into creaturs like Mipple and Mepple in order to survivve, leading to Nagisa panicking and saying, that she wants to be back. Then the girls arived to the garden of light. honoka was looking around at the pretty scenery, Nagisa was just glad she didn't turned into a fairy like Mipple and Mepple. Then they saw the ruined place. Mepple said, that this is where the Dusk Zone consumed. Then other fairies came to see them. After the reunion, Porun told them to follow him to the palace of light, where Elder is waiting. When they came to the palace, Elder saw Mipple and Mepple, and said, that it must've been hard for them to live in the Garden of Rainbows. When Mepple was about to say, that he was just fine, the fairies from the cards, that were taking care of Mipple and Mepple came, and started saying, that he was too spoiled. Elder just laid everything down joking, saying, that this was about what he expected. Then he saw Nagisa and Honoka. He couldn't remember the word describing them, and kept stucking at the word Legendary Soldiers, forgetting the soldiers word. Mipple and Mepple introduced the girls, but Elder forgot the word "soldiers" again. After Mipple reminded him the word again, he said, that lately he was pretty forgeteful, and Mepple said, that it's always been that way. After that, he mixed the names of Nagisa and Honoka, calling them Youko-san (Nagisa) and Keiko-san (Honoka). Later he thanks them, saying, that Dusk Zone was created from Darkness, and that it will destroy every world they are in, leaving no life. Because of the power of light, that the girls possesses, there were no Garden of Light anymore. He said, that the power of light creates life and hope. And the source of this is the Prism Stones. They are very important. If the 7 stones were taken away, the Garden of Light would totally vanish. Only thanks to the 2 stones that Mipple and Mepple escaped with that the Garden of Light survived. Mepple really did a good job as the chosen... someone (he forgot the word again). Then another person came and said, that the Queen wants to see them. Nagisa thought, that maybe the Queen will give them a reward, but Honoka doubted that. The girls went to the Queen. At first they couldn't see the Queen, but Elder showed them the Queen right in from of them. The Queen was HUGE!!! The Queen thanked Nagisa and Honoka for protecting Mipple and Mepple.Lso thanked Mipple and Mepple for protecting the stones. Nagisa asked, why such an important mission was given to 2 normal junior high students. Elder tried explaining, but he didn't knew how to put it in words. Queen said, that this is in their hearts. Then she said, that to fully revive the Garden of Light, they need to go to the Hill of Light. When they came to that place, Elder said, that they need 7 people to be here to revive he garden of light. Nagisa counted, that there are 6 people only. Elder (who as always forgot the names of the girls) said, that the 7th person is the Queen is always with them. They started the ritual, calling the Guardian. The Guardian began the ceremony to get the power of creation, when suddenly, an Earthquake occured. A loop in the ground opened, and a creature from darkness came. It was Ilkubo. He kept saying, that he won't let them call forth the power of creation. Mipple and Mepple transformed to their cellphone forms, and the girls transformed. Ilkubo said, that the power of darkness made him stronger. Black tried to attack, but he threw her away. White attacked too, but Ilkubo cought her. He cought Black too, and started consuming the Guardian and the Hopish in the darkness. Then he disappeared, together with Pretty Cures and the Prism Hopish. Later everyone falled on the ground of the ground (if you can call that ground) somewhere. The guardian sepparated from the Hopish. Then a voice from behind said, that they are in Dusk Zone. And that he is the ruler of the Dusk Zone, Dark King.

26- "Sayanora, Meppuru, Mippuru!? Ya da!" ("Goodbye, Mepple and Mipple!? No Way!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 26

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 26

Airdate: 1 August, 2004

Cure Black and Cure White were kidnapped by the Dark King. They were hurt by getting thrown to the ground. When they got up, they saw that they were in the Dusk Zone. A giant dark monster came and told that he was Dark King, which Black and Cure White were shocked when they heard it. The Dark King then said that Dusk Zone was going to be their grave. Then Dark King was angry and created a tornado which made him stronger. Cure Black and Cure White could not believe it, and they decided to fight. As Cure Black kicked him, Cure White came and punched him in the face but he avoided it.

They didn't get tired, but they were scared of how to defeat him because their attacks did not affect him. Cure White faced him, but than Dark King multiplied into a pair, and Cure White got damaged by hitting air. She dodged, Cure Black and Cure White than tried to attack togther once again but they failed again. Cure White got hurt the most and then Cure Black was angry, and then she attacked him from behind, but the result was that he punched her before she did. Suddenly she jumped then kicked him, but then he kicked her too and she went flying, but with Cure White's help she took her down.

Than Dark King got really angry again, and he did a explosive attack at Black and White, but Cure White helped her jump to avoid it. He then disappeared for a moment but than he came from behind saying the final blow but than a a thunder comes and than he disappears again and goes away than Cure White said that he would do that only get the Prism Stones. Then he told the girls about darkness, and then in the city from the sky which was blue it became dark, leaving the people curious, and also in the Dusk Zone it was silence and darkness.

After all that darkness, Dark King took the Prism Stones but while floating, Cure Black would not let that happen, and she ran for it she took the Hopish, and than it was time for the cures to perform, Pretty Cure Marble Screw but nothing happened, and Black and White were tired. The Queen would not let the Cures be defeated, and she went in there to protect the cures, and then she said kind words for the cures/ Black and White were happy and than got strong, they performed Pretty Cure Marble Screw which was growing stronger and stronger with Queens's help than everything got back as the Dark King was finally defeated.

Than in town, the dark sky turned into a blue sky, and when Nagisa and Honoka were at the garden with the Prism Stones and than Nagisa and Honoka were happy because their mascots were saying good things about them and than it was time for Nagisa and Honoka to say goodbye to their mascots as the garden was fixed, than they were gone, Honoka got back as she was hugging Chuutaro. Than they had to go eat dinner. After the next morning Nagisa was sad until Mepple got back, and she was happy and Honoka was happy too for getting Mipple.

27- "Arata na yami ga semaru! Maigo no Porun wo sukue!" ("A New Darkness Closes In! Save the Lost Pollun!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 27

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 27

Airdate: 8 August, 2004

A beautiful field of flowers suddenly wilted. In the middle of that field, a strange "flower" started growing. That flower turned into human-like creature. Meanwhile, Queen was telling Elder, Mepple, Mipple and Porun about the seeds Dark King sent to the Garden of Rainbows. She said, that by absorbing the nourishment of the Garden of Rainbows, they will take root. Queen said, that the only who can stop them is the legendary soldiers. Elder forgot, how was it called, and Mipple and Mepple reminded him, that this is Pretty Cure, and Elder called them Pretty Cura. Mipple and Mepple tried to tell him how to spell it, but he couldn't get it. Then Queen said Porun to go to the Garden of Rainbows. She said, that Porun has a power, that will help the Pretty Cure for sure. Then it appeard, that Mipple and Mepple were telling the whole story to Nagisa and Honoka, and Porun was jumping on Nagisa's bed. Nagisa kinda gets it, and Kinda not. Honoka said, that it means it's not an end. Then everyone remembered, how they defeated Dark King and restored the Garden of Light. Then, Queen was saying, that those seeds are pieces of Dark King itsef. In a little time, the will revive the Dark King. Meanwhile, Porun was jumping on the bed, until it got tired. Mipple and Mepple said, that it's because he is always in this form. Porun said, it's easier to move. He was always like that in the Garden of Light. When Mepple said, that this is not Garden of Light, Porun said, he's fine and started jumping round the room, until it transformed back from getting tired. Then he said, that something is "awakening" and "sprouting". Nagisa said, she doesn't gets it, and Porun said, that he doesn't gets it too. Meanwhile in the middle of the city, in one of the offices, a guy named Kakuzawa Ryuuichiro, gave the proposal to it's boss. Next morning, Honoka called Nagisa, saying, that Porun ran off by himself. Honoka said to herself, that its too tiring to keep an eye on him always, and when Ryouta asked, what dies she mean, she did a cobra twist for him. Meanwhile, Porun was in the city, travelling around. He came into he game center, and entered the toy machine, because he thought, that the toys are other Garden of Light citizens, and tried to talk with them, until 3 girls pulled him out. He started talking and ran away from them. Nagisa and Honoka were looking for him, and decided to split up. Then Porun was in alley, and a wild cat saw him (he does look like mouse kinda). It started chacing him, when he passed by a dog. That cat bumped into a dog, and the dog barked to chace that cat away. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka decided to check the cake store, to see if Porun is here. Meanwhile, Porun was walking in some kinda tunnel, wanting to see Mipple and Mepple, and said "it's awakening" again. Meanwhile, in the same office, a man was watching weather forecast, and the weather man was saying, that the huge typhoon is coming, but it will pas through the east coast. Then Kakuzawa guy was watching the forecast, while some women were watching pictures from the company trip. They said, that everyone were having fun, except Kakuzawa. The boss was complaing, that half of him is cut out. Then Kakuzawa, watching the weather forecast, remembered Dark King, Dusk Zone, his sprouting and other stuff, then jumped out of the window, jumped and changed his outfit from office suit to his battle outfit. His new outfit was all dark blue suit covering all his body and a bit of his face, His eyes became all blue, and his hair became white and spiky. After a second, the women were watching the photo again, only without Kazukawa. Nobody remembered him. Then a guy that was known as Kakuzawa, now known as Juna, was floating in the sky. It appears, that he changed the course of the typhoon, because now it's going to Japan. Then a huge rain started pouring. A wind started blowing fast. Juna absorbet everything, and sun started shining. Juna growed huge muscles. Then Porun got out from his hiding place under the stairs, and saw Juna flying. He transformed into his true form and tried running away from him, but he blocked Porun's way. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka went to the cake store and Mipple with Mepple said, that they felt Porun there somewhere. They went that way, where Mepple showed. They entered the underground paring lot, where Porun and Juna were, and saw him questioning Porun. Mepple said, that he is from the Dusk Zone. While Juna was getting his muscles up, the girls transformed into Pretty Cure. They tried fighting him, but he released the wind he absorbed, and it blowed Porun away. Black caught him, and said to do not let go of her. Black and White attacked him, but he was stronger, and used wind together with Dark Power. One time with his blow Black accidentally letted go of Porun. Then Black said, that she won't forgive him for hurting this little child, and used Marble Screw. Juna did a shield from his dark power, and it was equal to the Marble Screw. It resulted in a huge explosion, and after that, Juna was gone. Later, Porun was jumping again on Nagisa's bed. Mepple asked him, won't he go home with Mipple and Honoka, and Porun said, that he first wants to play. Mepple can play too. Then Mepple started chacing Porun around Nagisa's room.

28- "Regīne tōjō! Tte mō ko nai de!" ("Regine Appears! We've Had Enough of This Already!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 28

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 28

Airdate: 15 August, 2004

The episode begins with a man carrying a little crying girl to the top of the mountain. He said, that no matter what happens, you'll see a great view once you climb the mountain. Then that girl was shown to carry a pink cellphone - Mipple. The man called the girl Sanae. In present time, at the park, a new mysterious flower started sprouting. Meanwhile, Nagisa was at Honoka's doing her summer homework, and saying, that it's too hot. Then Mipple came being chaced by Porun. Then Mepple came. It appeared, that they were playing tag. When Mepple said, that it's Porun's turn to catch, Porun came to Mipple, saying, that Mepple is bullying him. Then Mipple said to play another game. Porun said he wanted to play Daruma-san ga koronda (red-light green-light), but Mepple wanted to continue playing tag. Porun started whining, but Mepple didn't gave up. Then both started shouting a lot, and Nagisa started shouting at them to be quiet. Then Mepple said, that her voice is the loudest. Porun said, that she is Pretty Cura (like Elder says), and Nagisa tried to fix him, but he kept saying Pretty Cura. Meanwhile, at the park, a woman with red hair was standing and looking at the sun. The woman was Kouyama Shouko. Meanwhile, Mipple, Mepple and Porun were playing Daruma-san ga koronda, and Porun started whining again when he moved and lost. Nagisa was grumbling, and Mepple heard everything. He and Nagisa started arguing, and Porun started his talk "it's awakening" again. He said them to watch out for the pillar of red. Then Shouko was crossing the street when the dummies from the store disappeared and some strange guys with sits stopped all the cars crashing them. Then Mipple remembered, that Queen said, that Porun has some kind of power. Nagisa remembered, that last time when porun was like that, Juna appeared. Honoka wonders, that maybe Porun has the power of foreseeing. Then Nagisa started wondering, will their power be enough to defeat all of them. To protect Mipple, Mepple and Porun, Prism Stones and the Garden of Light, dealing with those guys they don't even know... Then Honoka said, that she is also feeling uneasy, and if Nagisa wasn't there, she would all flatter to pieces. Then Sanae came and brought them some iced tea. Nagisa and Honoka said to each other, that there is nothing they can do as they are right now. Then Sanae heard them and said, that if they think like that, then worries will only come. Then honoka asked, was there also a time when her grandma couldn't do anything. She said, that there were many times. For example when she fell during the race or when got a bad grade or... when this city was gone. Meanwhile, at the street, the drivers whose cars were crashed woke up and saw, that their cars were just fine, and nobody remembered a thing about Shouko. The dummies from the store were gone still. Meanwhile, Sanae told her story. It happened when she was around their age or maybe younger. Only half of her storage and a bit of house were left. She was going around, and a little girl was following her. She tried asking her, but the girl didn't said anything. Then she decided to take the girl up the mountain. they started going, and lot of kids one after another started going after her. It became kind of hiking trip. They all came up and saw a side of tree growing green leaves. Then she saw the city. it was gone. She started crying, after remembering her father's words, that no matter how hard is the road to the mountain, she will always see a good view after she climbs up. But then she heard a voice from the cellphone she had. It said "you mustn't lose hope-mipo". Then she started laughing again. Even if it's very hard, there is one thing... you mustn't lose hope. No matter how bad today looks like, tommorrow will be a good day. Later, Nagisa and Honoka were at Akane-san's eating shaved ice. Then Akane-san said, that the sales aren't as good as she expected, because you can get shaved ice everywhere. Then Nagisa repeated Sanae's words, and Akane-san said, that Nagisa probably has a fever. After eating the ice, Nagisa said, that maybe they can go to the Keiyaki hill, that Sanae was telling about. Then a volcano was shown lighting for a second. Later, Nagisa was complaining, that it's a long way to the mountain after all. They almost climbed the way, and saw Shouko staring at them. At the same time, Shouko remembered about Pretty Cures destroying the Dark King. Then Porun transformed to his true form and started running around, saying "it's awakening" Then the suited dummies from the store came and blocked the way for girls. Regine went further to the volcano. The girls transformed. They were fighting Zakennas and they transformed to more muscular forms. Then Black and White understood, that thye were trying to protect that woman. When Shouko saw the cures, she started screaming, her clother changed into red suit covering her whole body, her eyes were fully pink now and her hair became longer and white. It curlied to 5 curls. She was about to attack the cures, when Juna came and took her, saying, that she has more important things to do first. Then a volcano errupted. The girls went to the top of the mountain, and saw so many Zakennas. Black started complaining, that she doesn't have time to deal with them, because the chocolate parfaits will be all sold, and she won't be able to finish her summer homework. Then they used Marble Screw and swiped away some of them, but there were still a lot of them left. They started fighting. Then Regine absorbed all the fire of the volcano. Juna said, that she finally awakened. Meanwhile, Zakennas all formed into one "ghost" and disappeared into apologising stars. mipple and Mepple were worried, what will they do now, but Nagisa and Honoka just repeated Sanae's words about the bright tomorrow.

29- "Arashi no natsu matsuri! Kaminarisama wa chō kowai!?" ("Stormy Summer Festival! The Thunder God is Super Scary!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 29

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 29

Airdate: 22 August, 2004

In the wild nature the third seed of darkness starts sprouting. It shouts, and the scream is being heard by Ryuichiro and Shouko. Meanwhile, Ryouta goes to the hospital, because he had a watermelon eating contest with Nagisa. Ryouta complains, why is he the only to get sick, and his mom says, that Nagisa's stomach is made of steel. Meanwhile, at the hospital. a strange old man passes by. 3 doctors that were going by said hello to him, and called him principal. Later, Nagisa, Shiho and Rina are going shopping, and accidentally come to look around the yukata shop. Then Honoka comes with her grandma. The girls meet each other. Later, Honoka borrows Nagisa's last year's firework yukata. They prepared to go, and saw Porun sleeping. He was talking about something in sleep. The girls left him sleeping, because they didn't wanted to wake him up. Then Nagisa's mom returned. She said, that Ryouta is at his friend's who promissed to take him to the festival. Nagisa and Honoka met Shiho and Rina in the festival, and everyone were having fun. Porun woke up at home all alone. The girls saw Akane-san selling her stuff at the festival, and she said, that she will give bigger portion to them. The girls were eating, when Fujipi-sempai and his friends came. They started scooping. Fujipi got a lot and Nagisa got nothing, because she was very nervous. Then Ryouta came, and Honoka gave him the fishes. Then everyone came to the old shrine, and the girls told the story about a ghost. Nagisa said, that she doesn't afraid at all, and Fujipi's friend suggested doing the test of courage. They made boy-girl pairs, and nagisa ended up with her crush. Meanwhile, Porun was going to the street, looking for the girls and saying the same words he was saying when sleeping. Ryouta saw Porun, but lost him between many people. Back at the shrine, the organizator explained the rules of the test of courage: pairs go alone to the shrine and burn the candle there. Nagisa and Fujipi easilly reached the goal. Then Honoka told her partner about the pine crickets, when they heard thunder. Porun was shouting for Nagisa, but Honoka shouted, that it's going to rain soon. They went back, and after few seconds, Porun jumped out of the bush, but didn't saw anybody around. Then it started raining. Nagisa and Fujipi were running down the staris, when Nagisa slipped. Fujipi tried to catch her, but slipped himself and hurted his leg. They went down, but the organizator said, that he can't call his friend who was supposed to pick them up. Then Mipple and Mepple started shouting, that darkness is coming closer and closer. Then a car was passing by, and nagisa stopped it. The driver was Yuuki Hidehiko. He agreed to drive Nagisa, honoka and Fujipi to the hospital, and after they left, Porun jumped off again, saying the same words. They arrived at the hospital, and they knew, that this guy was the principal. He said, that their hospital have good ortopedics. Fujipi was being driven to hospital, and the girls were sitting at the waiting room, when Mipple and Mepple got to their true forms and said, that they feel dark power, and that it's coming from the roof. The girls went up, and saw Belzei Gertrude sucking the thunder up from the sky. He called Zakenna, and the girls transformed. They tried fighting, but the Zakenna grabbed them and trew to the wall. It tried attacking the girls, and hitted the wall. Pretty Cure used Marble Screw. It destroyed Zakenna. Then the girls saw, that Belzei gertrude is gone. Later, at the hospital, a nurse was looking for the director. She called Hidehiko, but another man answered her call. Then she started talking with him about the operation, forgetting all about Hidehiko. Later, it appeared, that Fujipi-senpai got only a minor spray, but Nagisa was still feeling guilty. Then a mini bus came, and Fujipi-tachi got into it. Later, Nagisa and honoka were walking, and met Porun. He repeated his words, and said, that he was lonely. Meanwhile, Hidehiko came into some strange mansion, and Ryuichiro said, that all the members have gathered now.

30- "Sakuretsu! Purikyua Reinbōsutōmu" ("Explosive! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm")

(炸裂! プリキュアレインボーストーム)
Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 30

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 30

Airdate: 5 September, 2004

The girls call forth the guardian, to ask if he knows anything about the new enemies. Guardian tried explaining, but Porun started playing with his face, and later joggling the Prism Stones. He said, that the stones are now his, so the guardian has to give them to him. Later, the Guardian, still being played by Porun, says, that he does not know about the new enemies, but says, that if they will not do anything fast, the great catastrophe will befall Garden of Rainbows. Then Honoka sees Nagisa's summer homework exercise book, and sees, that it is all blank, even though summer vacation ends today. Nagisa said, that she is the type of person, that does everything if she is driven into corner. She will get it and finish tonight. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness where the seeds of darkness live, Hidehiko (Belzei Gertrude) says, that they need to revive the Dark King, and Ryuichiro (Juna) says, that they can do that already. Hidehiko says, that they first need to obtain the Prism Stones. Shouko (Regine) says, that Pretty Cure have the stones, and Hidehiko says, that they will obtain the stones. The next day before school, Nagisa says, that she did her homework all night, but could not finish it after all. Mepple said, that he was right after all and she could not pull all-nighter. Nagisa prepared to hit him with the bag to the ground, but the bag was too heavy. Honoka said, that the bag really looks heavy, even thought today thay just needed to present their summer homework. The girls checked the bag and saw Porun inside. Nagisa started shouting, that she said him to stay home, but Porun started whining again, making the girl passing by to look at them. Mipple said, that when Porun decides something, he will not change his mind, so Nagisa had no other choice, but to take Porun with her. After school started, Nagisa confessed, that she forgot to do her homework and went to the hallway at her own free will. Then Porun made a sound, saying, that he wanted to go too. Then Honoka said, that she also forgot to do her homework to cover for Porun. Then, at the hall, Nagisa was scolding Porun, and he started crying. Then the teacher came out, and said to be quiet. While the teacher was scolding Nagisa and Honoka, Porun transformed to his mascot form and escaped. When the girls noticed, Porun was already in the principal's office painting his face in picture with the red marker. The girls caught him, and started scolding again. Then Kyouto-sensei saw them, and thought, that they were the ones who did that to the picture. Their punishment was weeding grass. After school, the girls were weeding grass, when their homeroom teacher came. Honoka said, that they were reflecting of their actions for something else, and have to weed grass. The teacher just wished them good luck, and went out. Nagisa was all sleepy, and it was too hot for her. Honoka suggested her to go to the shade and rest, she will do it alone, but Nagisa did not agree, and said, that they will do it together. After weeding the grass, Kyouto-sensei noticed Ryuichiro, Shouko and Hidehiko going to school. At first he wondered, who are they, but later recognised one of them as principal. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka were in class alone. Nagisa noticed, that Porun is gone. She looked for him in a class, and later opened the door to the hall. Then noticed, that the sky outside is all dark, Honoka said, that it is only 3 o'clock. They saw Yoshimi-sensei. She was sleeping. Outside, Kyouto-sensei was too. Then they saw Juna, Regine and Belzei Gertrude outside. The girls started running, when Juna slashed a thunder near them. Regine opened the thunder, and saw the guardian inside. Belzei Gertrude took the guardian outside from his hiding place. Then the girls transformed into Pretty Cure. They tried fighting, but were too weak to do it. They tried using Marble Screw on Belzei Gertrude, but the 3 of the worked together and dispersed the Marble Screw. The guardian teleported to a different place. The seeds of darkness were looking for him all over. They almost found him, but he teleported again on the roof. He said, that he needed someone with the power of light to entrust the stones' power. Mipple, Mepple or Pretty Cure. White would be the best choice. And then Porun came in. He wanted to play with the guardian again, but when he felt the dark presence coming, he transformed the power of the stones to Porun. The seeds of darkness came and took guardian, kicking Porun away as useless, having no idea, where the stones' power is. Then Pretty Cure came. They tried attacking again, but they were stronger. Then Porun started crying and shouting for them to stop bullying Pretty Cure. His body started lighting in gold, and a strange card slashed though his commune body. Then he send the power to Pretty Cure in the form of Rainbow Bracelets. The seeds of darkness tried attacking them again, but this time the cures were faster. White's injuries and Black's all-nighter was gone. Then they used their new attack, Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm, much to Nagisa's dismay, since she said something weird again. The seeds of darkness tried reppelling the move, but Belzei Gertrude said for them to retreat, since the move was stronger than them. After that, The girls asked Porun what happened, but he had no idea.

31- "Maji iede? Porun wa Ittai doko!?" ("Did He Really Run Away? Where in the World is Pollun?")

(マジ家出? ポルンはいったいどこー!?)
Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 31

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 31

Airdate: 12 September, 2004

The episode begins in a very dark manion-like building. Belzei, Regine and Juna are in the room as Belzei lookes into the cage of a macaw. He begins to ask about the Prism Stones, trying to figure out where they had went. Meanwhile, he mentions that it didn't matter, since they have the Guardian of them inside a cage where he can't be freed. The old man then threatens to let his Macaw eat Wisdom if he doesn't reveal anything to them. Upon feeling the giant birds beak trying to snap him into pieces, Wisdom tells them that only he knows how to get the Prism Stones into the Prism Hopish. So without him, they can't get them back inside.

Meanwhile, Nagisa remembers the other day when Wisdom had been kidnapped. Pollun tried to help save him but to no use. Currently, Pollun is trying to make Mepple play with him but he's beginning to wear out and is very tired. So with no other option, Mepple goes into his Card Commune form so Pollun clings to Nagisa and asks her to play with him while yanking her hair. Nagisa tries to tell him she cant when her mother suddenly calls saying its lunch time. She gets up when Pollun proceeds to follow after her, she tells him he can't be seen by her family but he doesn't listen. So turning around, Nagisa puts Pollun on her bed while telling him once more to stay put.

Pollun approachs the door to listen on Nagisa when Mepple, still as his Card Commune form is watching Pollun, noticing how sad he looks. Pollun begins to think about how he always played back at the Garden of Light and mentions how he wants to be back with everyone else.

Mepple goes to Honoka and explains how Pollun has been acting weird and has been in his normal form for a while now. Nagisa mentions that Pollun has been very energetic today when Honoka and Mipple begin to ask if anything has changed recently. Pollun mentions the guardian of the Prism Stones but whenever they ask him what it was...unfortuantly he forgot....

Suddenly Pollun changes into a Laptop-like form and they hear a voice! Its the Elder! As the elder ask if he can be heared, everybody confirms that they hear him well. So he continues to talk and ask how Pollun is. Pollun also ask how he is too. The elder goes on to say that he believes the power of the Prism Stones are inside of Pollun and that the Stone Guardian most likely hid them there. As they ask about it, he mentions that most likely the power is tucked deep inside of the child, sleeping for now. The pretty Cure begin to think about their latest upgrade when Pollun ask how everybody back at the Garden of Light is. He is glad to know they are fine, when suddenly he turns back to normal and begins to throw a tantrum once more, asking to know again.

Honoka mentions that Pollun can't stay in that form too long, so for right now they can't speak to the Elder very long either. Pollun feeling very upset gets up and begins to run, the girls chase after him and he runs to the end of the street as many cars go by. Nagisa and Honoka try to tell him how dangerous it is but he doesn't listen and flies off. They continue to chase pollun until noticing he gets stuck on a pile of wood and the girls stand still trying to determine what to do when suddenly they see Akane! Getting inside they ask her to follow the truck ahead of her, she ask them whats going on but Honoka changes the subject by noticing this isn't the same truck she normally uses. She explains how her current vehicle is having repairs done when she suddenly sees Pollun on the truck.

As the girls repeat the name, she does it also while making a confused expression. Nagisa leans out of the window to catch Pollun and they soon come to a blocked road. The man telling them its under construction so they need to turn around when suddenly Juna appears! He stares at Akane, knocking her unconcious and rips the back door off. Honoka and Nagisa flee from the other side quickly and hide as he summons a Zakenna. Transforming into Pretty Cure, Cure Black and Cure White begin to try and fight when a big gust of wind blows them back multiple times.

Pollun trying to help gets hit, but not too badly as they pull out a card and swipe it through their Card Communes. Summoning their upgrade items as they cast "Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm". After the battle, they notice Pollun has fallen asleep! Though it doesn't surprise them and Nagisa mentions its only natural for him to feel lonely here and as they continue to talk, unaware of the villians watching them from a distance. The villians vanish in a flash of bright pink light shot towards the sky.

32- "Porun o Hagemase! Totteoki no Kaanibaru" ("Cheer Up Pollun! Special Festival")

(ポルンを励ませ! とっておきのカーニバル)
Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 32

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 32

Airdate: 19 September, 2004

Following from the previous episode, the Seeds of Darkness revived the Dark King. The next morning Nagisa's alarm sounded, but she just turned it off. Porun woke up and tried waking Nagisa, but she was still sleeping. Then Nagisa's mom came in and also tried waking her up. After that Ryouta came, He wanted to get back the ruler he borrowed her, but Nagisa was in bad mood and did cobra twist to him, making Porun laugh. After they were alone, Porun started whining, that he wants to go back to the garden of light, but Nagisa's mom invited her breakfast. Then Porun tried waking up Mepple, but he was sleeping. Meanwhile, at the table, Nagisa and Ryouta were arguing. Porun slashed Omupu card and asked to play, but he said, that he is only preparing his meals. Porun slashed other cards, and he managed to talk them into playing, but he was too loud, so Nagisa went to get him quiet. Later, on their way to school, Nagisa and Honoka started talking, and Mipple said, that without the Prism Hopeish they are unable to travel between the gardens of Light and Rainbows. Then Honoka says, that if they ask Porun about the guardian, he might know something, since he can see future. Mipple said, that it might work. And then Nagisa realised, that they are late. Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, Ryuichiro, Shouko and Hidehiko tried questioning the guardian about the stones, but he said, that he does not knows anything. Then Shouko said, she will go to the Pretty Cure. Later, after school, the girls tried asking Porun about the guardian, and he mentioned talking bird. Meanwhile, Guardian was all alone at the cage with the bird, and said for him to help and break out of the cage, so he can eat apples on the table. The bird tried using his beak to break out, but he just hurted it. Then Porun said "mouth hurts". Nagisa asked Porun, what will be for dinner today, and Porun said, that it will be a hamburger. Nagisa said, that her mom mentioned it this morning. Nagisa asked, what will she have for breakfast tommorrow, and for lunch. Honoka told her to get serious. Then Porun saw a rainbow on the magaine, and tried to use it to return to the garden of light. Then Honoka asked, where would Porun like to go to cheer up, and Porun said, that he wants to go to the festival. Nagisa tried saying, that the festival is over, but Porun started crying. They took him to the place where the festival was to show, that there is nobody there. Porun said, that he wants to go back to the garden of light, and Nagisa got an idea. She took him to the amusement park. When they were riding the ferris wheel, Nagisa and Honoka remembered the events of episode 1, when they became Pretty cure for the first time. They were having fun, when Porun felt the dark presence. Zakenna possessed the the dinosaur carousel. The girls landed and saw Shouko. She tried asking, where are the power of the stones, but then she transformed into Regine. She threw Nagisa's bag where Porun was, making him cry. Then the girls transformed into Pretty Cure. They were fighting, and Regine said, that they have revived the Dark King. Then she tried attacking Porun, but the Cures said, that he is their friend. She called friends useless. Then Porun, seeing the whole battle, started crying and gave the new Rainbow Bracelets to Pretty Cure. They used Rainbow Storm and defeated Zakenna. The next morning, Porun woke Nagisa up early in the morning and since they are friends, he can ask selfish things, so he asked her to take him to the festival again.

33- "V Getto! Kokoro Detsunage Hikari no Pasurain!!" ("Get the Victory! Find the Path of Light With Your Heart")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 33

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 33

Airdate: 26 September, 2004

Nagisa and others are playing lacrosse. Shiho has the ball. Nagisa asks her to pass it to her, and Shiho starts thinking about the previous time, when she tried passing it for Nagisa, but a girl from other team caught the ball. Nagisa woke Shiho up from her dreams, and Shiho aimed wrong, so Nagisa didn't caught it. Then Rina came to her, and asked, is she still letting last week's match get her down. Shiho said, that it was long time ago, and Rina said, that they can't afford loosing another match. Then Shiho started saying, that maybe she thinks, that this is her fault, and starts arguing, until Nagisa comes asking, what is going on here. Meanwhile, at the Dusk Zone, Dark King is showing his power for the 3 seeds of darkness. Later, at the Mansion of darkness, Shouko remembers that thing with horror, and Ryuichiro says, that they must get the power of the stones fast. Hidehiko says to not hurry. Later, at the Akane's takoyaki stand, Nagisa and Rina are eating takoyaki, and Akane-san asks, where is Shiho. Nagisa thinks, that she probably found a boyfriend, and Rina says, that it's not like that. She said, that Shiho is still getting herself for that shot she missed last week. She was practicing by herself after school, even don't asking for the help of Nagisa and Rina. She said, that this is her problem alone. Nagisa tried saying, that it's not a big deal, since she misses a shot almost every match, resulting in Akane-san's look. Rina said, that she kind of understands Rina's feelings. They have gotten along ever since they started playing lacrosse, and wanted to become regular players, like Nagisa. Both were really happy, when they became ones during the beginning of their second year. Nagisa said, that she likes Shiho's passes, because they are just like Shiho... clearly conveying her intentions and they feel easy to catch. Meanwhile, Honoka probably finished one of her experiements, and went to take her bag from the class. Then she saw Shiho practicing alone. She hitted all the bottles with the ball. She was practicing until late night, and when she finished, she heard some underclassmen talking about her, saying, that they don't know what wll happen during the next match, because Shiho is worrying about the missed shot too much. Later, at home, Shiho remembered these words and strated crying. The next morning, Rina was late to the morning practice, and saw Shiho near the lockers. She wanted to go together with her to practice, but Shiho said, that she won't go. The got into argue again, since Rina said, that if she doesn't have the confidence, she might just quit, and Shiho said she will do that. Then Nagisa came in running late, and Shiho just ran away. Later, at the roof, Honoka noticed, that Rina is worried about something. Then Rina asked, that whe she gets into a fight with someone, does she says something she didn't ment. Honoka thought about the fight she had with Nagisa in FwPC11, and said, that she did. She said, that they will understand each other's wishes better after that. Later, Nagisa was packing her stuff, and Porun was asking her to play. Then, suddenly,he reverted back to his commune form. Nagisa heard Elder's voice. He said, that Dark King was revived, and said them to protect Porun. Then suddenly, somebody called at the door. Porun hid between toys. It was Shiho. While they were talking, Porun started talking, that a path of light will appear. The Shiho said, that she thought a lot about that, and she was going to quit lacrosse, because it's her fault, that the team loses, and if she wasn't around, the team could win. Nagisa tried talking her back, saying, that this is the feeling they feel playing together that is important, but Shiho said, that she already decided. The next day, Nagisa said, that they must win it for Shiho, so she left Porun sleeping at home. Then Kyouto-sensei appeared, saying, that they must win this time. Then they saw a girl with red hair being teased by her teammates. A ball came near Nagisa. That girl, who was called Youko by her teammates, asked to have a picture with Nagisa. Nagisa agreed, and the girl said, that she was going to get her camera. Then Mippl said to Honoka, that he has a bad feeling for this. Nagisa and Youko went out, and Nagisa asked, how further are they going to go. The girl quietly said, that she wanted to fight her there. She suddenly transformed into Regine. Nagisa was fighting Regine, when Honoka came. She threw Nagisa Mepple, and they transformed into Pretty Cure. Then Juna came. He joined the show. Nagisa was nervous, since she didn't had time to deal with them, and the captain said for Shiho to hold until Nagisa comes back. Then Porun woke up, and started crying, giving Pretty Cure their new power. The cures used Rainbow Storm and successfully chaced them away.Then Nagisa came into game and scored a point. Then Rina passed for Shiho. Shiho got blocked, and said, that she needs to pass. She tried passing for Nagisa, but remembered previous match and her bad pass, and didn't looked, where she passed. Lucily, Rina caught the ball. She passed for Shiho. Shiho wanted to pass for Nagisa, but remembered previous match. Nagisa and Rina said to her to believe in her companions. And Shiho succesfully passed. Nagisa was about to shoot, but she saw, that she was blocked. Then she saw a path of light and succesfully passed the ball to Shiho, and she successfully scored a point, making Verone academy winners of the match. Later everyone were congratulating Shiho. They both apologised each other and started crying. Shiho thanked for Nagisa and for Rina. Later, at home, Mepple and Porun were sleeping between toys. He said his prediction again, and Nagisa thought, which path of light he predicted.

34- "Nagisa Bucchigiri! Honou no Gachinko Relay" ("Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing 'Gachinko' Relay")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 34

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 34

Airdate: 3 October, 2004

Episode begins with Honoka doing an experiement, and Nagisa training for relay. Shiho says, that their class splitted into Pink and White teams, and Shiho is in other team than Nagisa and Rina. Nagisa starts her turn in racticing, while Yuka-senpai watches her. Meanwhile, the Seeds of Darkness are drinking tea. Shouko says (and later shouts), that she'll put an end to this today. The next day, all girls are doing an opening round for the relay. Nagisa sees Fujipi-senpai, and accidentally turns to the wrong side. Then a boy near Fujipi looks interested in her. Yuka-senpai says, that for the honor of the Madonna of Verone academy, she can't let Nagisa win. Meanwhile, Mipple and Mepple are watching the relay at the window. They were about to get all lovey-dovey, when Porun stepped in. He wanted them to play with him, and later decided to participate in the relay himself. He got out of te class, making Mipple and Mepple follow him. Then Porun saw a vision, and started saying "ouch". After the performance, Nagisa was washing her face, and talking with Honoka, when Yuka-senpai came. Nagisa said, that they won't lose. Then Yuka-senpai went away, and Nagisa said, that she hates her for sure. Honoka said, that she just wants them to be good rivals, and Nagisa believed. After they went back, Shouko went near the sink they were before. Meanwhile, Porun was walking, nd fell into the box with bags. Next scene showed first-graders doing the bag-toss, and one student accidentally caught Porun on tail and threw him into the basket. Then it was a lunch break at the Nagisa and Honoka's class, and Honoka noticed, that Mipple is gone. She told that to Nagisa, who was about to eat her bento. Nagisa saw, that both Mepple and Porun are gone too. They went out looking for them, and at the hall, Mipple and Meppe jumbet out of the shoe locker. They said, that they must find Porun fast, or else they'll be in big trouble, since they're feeling, that something evil is coming. Then they all started looking for Porun, while he was tossing bags to the basket. Then they heard someone playing piano. Nagisa and Honoka went to check it out, and saw Shouko. Shoujo asked nicely to tell them where is the power of the stones, and then transformed into Regine. She threw all the desks from the classrom, and asked again, where is the power of the stones. Then the girls transformed into Pretty Cure. Then Regine summoned a Zakenna to the piano. The girls tried closing the fire door, but it just burned through. They treid jumping on the roof, but Zakenna just climbed through. They tried fighting, but Black was weak, since she didn't ate her bento. Then Zakenna shot wires from her mouth and traped Black and White. Then it started using some kinda burning thunder. Meanwhile, Porun saw a red bag and had another vision. Then he sent the power to Pretty Cure, as he said. The cures used Rainbow Storm and defeated Zakenna. Then Nagisa just got in time for the running. She and Yuka-sempai were almost equal, but Nagisa scored a victory. Yuka-senpai started shaking Nagisa, even saying "arienai", until Nagisa's stomach started grumbling. Later, she was eating her (and Honoka's too later) lunch at the same music room Zakenna was created at. Piano was at the same place.

35- "Korette Date? Dotou no Happy Birthday" ("Is This a Date? Tumultuous Happy Birthday")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 35

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 35

Airdate: 10 October, 2004

Honoka was packing her books until she heard Rina and Shiho asking Nagisa for her birthday on October 10. When Nagisa thought about what she want, she imagined Fujimura Shougo and hoping to see his smile. In reality, she then hit her head numerous times on her desk saying it's impossible as Rina and Shiho and scared/weirded out by this and left thinking they should buy something. Honoka hearing about this found out it was going to be Nagisa's birthday. Meanwhile at the antoginist Mansion, the 3 seeds of Darkness begin to conversate on the power the Pretty Cures have from Pollun and hard to fight them as they lose to the end.

Nagisa was coming to school thinking about the last episode when she and Cure White discovered new enemies and Pollun holds the power they are looking for. Rina and Shiho meets up and gave her her present until they saw Hasekura Kazuki at the gates waiting for someone. When Nagisa said never heard of him, Rina and Shiho did an introduction about him that he's super popular and really handsome. Him waiting in the girls gate, they believe he's waiting for a girl to confess. And then, he came to the Nagisa and her friends direction. Rina and Shiho got excited about wondering if it was one of them. As Nagisa was going to say it has nothing to do with them, Kazuki actually came to the girls and was actually waiting for was: Nagisa! He told her that he's inlove with her and asks if she want to have a date with him. Then this started to attract girls when they heard that the basketball star player is in love with the Lacrosse star Player.

Later, Nagisa was with Honoka at the Roof. When Honoka asked asked what happened when Kazuki confessed Nagisa said she was shocked and embarressed of what he just said that she couldn't answer his question and ran away from him and the group of girls. Nagisa asked Honoka for help on what to do with this situation since she does not have the same intention as Kazuki. Honoka suggest on her rejecting him but Nagisa said if she does that, it'll hurt him, but Nagisa will do it. At the end of school, She waited for Kazuki come out and he came. Nagisa was about to tell him, Kazuki interuppted her and said that if they could pick chesnuts in the mountains tommorrow and wait at the bus station and was gone. Honoka came to Nagisa and said that she believe he taken her to a date shocking Nagisa.

Last night, Nagisa have trouble sleeping and got up and went to the kitchen to make bento causing injuries for her fingers while making. The next morning, Nagisa dropped off Pollun at Honoka to be safe and asked Honoka to come with her and rejected. Nagisa then sadly walked of of her house and Honoka was now scared of what's going to happen to her. Nagisa was on the other side of the street of the bus station waiting for Kazuki hoping he won't come. When Nagisa was about glad that he didn't came, Kazuki was behind her and it surprised her. He said that he was a little late because he went to buy bento for both of them. Nagisa already made bento for both of them too but didn't told him about it. As they rode on the bus, Kazuki gave Nagisa a soda, but Nagisa was nervous about how she's going to reject. Nagisa decided to reject him at the end of the trip. That made confident and drank her soda. At the back seat of the bus was Honoka in disguise spying on them but doing it to see if it's alright.

When Nagisa and Kazuki got to the mountians, they saw a lot of trees full with a lot of chestnuts and got excited of picking them. They had a great time together while picking and had fun. They gathered many that it was a size of a mountain. Kazuki told that he knew she would have a great time and have a lot of spirits. He also says that's the kind of girls like causing Nagisa to blush. Behind a chestnut tree, Honoka was still spying at them but worried about Nagisa because her feeling are beginning to sway. Nagisa just remebered that she's suppouse to tell Kazuki that she's rejecting him. Just about she tells him, she just can't do and ran away yelling that she's getting some juice at the station. Kazuki tries to find her as Nagisa was hiding from him telling herself that she can't do it until she is found by Honoka trying to encourage her to tell him. When Kazuki found Nagisa, Nagisa wanted to tell him something as Kazuki is paying attention. When she tried to tell him, a gust of wind came and carried fallen chestnuts to make a Zakenna. Kazuki grabbed Nagisa's hand and made a run for it. Then Juna appeared and "pushed" Nagisa and Kazuki and they hit to the ground causing Kazuki to go unconcious and Nagisa make sure he's alright. This made Nagisa mad because this had nothing to do with him and tranformed with Honoka into Pretty Cures. They tried to get Juna but the chestnut Zakenna defended him and attacking the Cures by rolling it's spiky shell/body to cause the Cures to run away.

But then, they saw Kazuki in the way and Cure Black tried to pick up the guy and Cure White tried to get her but the rolling Zakenna got them. Luckily, instead of being destroyed by the spikes, they miraculously ride on it by running on it like a lumber jack log rolling while holding Kazuki and jumped out to get off. When Kazuki opened his eyes, he saw Cure Black and became unconcious again. Cure Black put him in a safe place where he won't get hurt. She came back to Cure White to destroy the Monster with Marble Screw. As they unleashed their powerful attack, Kazuki woke up and saw Cure Black. He believed that he found the girl he was looking for. When it was all over, Kazuki stand up to meet up with her but tripped and when he got up, she and Cure White were gone.

Nagisa and Kazuki continued gathering chestnuts, they wanted to tell each other something, Kazuki went first and said, he already saw the "girl" he likes in here and apoligizes for bringing her here and rejecting her. Nagisa was a little angry about it but cooled down and said she wanted to reject him also and apolized to him too. Kazuki then thanked her for coming and had a great time with her. After that, he told her that he's going to search the "girl black clothing" and went off. Nagisa yelled to him what should she do with the Chestnuts they picked. Kazuki responded if she can get them all to the reception center. Honoka came to Nagisa saying he was free and easy-going till the end. Nagisa turned to Honoka and asked if he was talking about her. Honoka suggested that Black left a stronger impression on him however Black and Nagisa are one person. Mepple came out and said the Kazuki dumped Nagisa but fell love at first sight at Black and mocked Nagisa that she angry at him.

At the bus station, Honoka reminded Nagisa it was her birthday and Nagisa completly forgotten and said nothing great happened. Suddenly, Fuji P. was near the Bus station and saw Nagisa and Honoka. Nagisa was nervous again around him and Honoka told Fuji P. that it was Nagisa Birthday. Fuji P. wished "Happy Birthday" to Nagisa and left. When he said that, he gave what she wanted from the beginning; his smile and was happy. Honoka then asked what was the food she made for Kazuki. Nagisa didn't want to answer until Pollun came out of Nagisa bag eating Nagisa bento that she want to give to Kazuki. Pollun said all the Rice Balls Nagisa made had candies making Honoka couldn't believe that Nagisa was going to give this to Kazuki. Nagisa was hoping it would make Kazuki dump her and Honoka called her wierd.

36- "Jiyuu wo Tsukame! Bannin Kesshi no Daidassou" ("Reach for Freedom! Stone Keeper's Desperate Great Escape")

(自由を掴め! 番人決死の大脱走)
Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 36

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 36

Airdate: 17 October, 2004

At the Dusk Zone, Dark King once again reminds, that to rule the Earth they need the power of the stones. Belzei Gertrude says, that they should get the power very soon. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Butler Zakenna are cleaning the house. The tiny and smarter one, buttler zakenna A is cleaning, while the big and a bit silly one, buttler zakenna B is eating bread and crumbing on the ground. Zakenna A started scolding zakenna B for slacking off, but zakenna B just says, that he is told to watch over the Guardian. Then guardian asks for a glass of water, and Zakenna B hurries to get it, but is stopped by Zakenna A, who gets a broom under his feet. They started arguing again, resulting in both of them falling on the ground. Guardian says, that they are useless (and the bird repeats it), and for that Zakenna A beats the cage with a broom. At the same time, at Honoka's, the girls are doing their science homework - collecting the weather maps. Then Nagisa rememberes previous episode, how Hasekura-kun dumped her because he fell for Black. Then Mipple and Mepple see a newspaper with a picture of flowers. It says, that daffodils started growing out of season. Mepple said, that they are pretty, but not as pretty as Mipple. They were about to get all lovey-dovey, when Porun came and asked for Mepple to give him a piggyback ride. Mepple refused, making Porun cry again. Then Mipple got mad at Mepple, and gave Porun a piggyback ride herself. After the girls finished their homework, Mipple and Mepple were still mad at each other. Mepple said, that he doesn't have to apologise, since he didn't said anything wrong, and Mipple says, that he should be watching out with the words. Then Porun said "flowers". Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Guardian thought a plan how to get free. He started blowing bird seeds on the ground, making Zakenna A clean everything. Then he told for Zakenna B to teach that macaw a lesson. He opened the cage, and the bird bited him to the finger. Then he dropped the cage, letting the Guardian escape. Zakenna A tried catching the guardian when he was at the window, but only allowed him to climb on his shoulder and escape through the window outside. He managed to escape the mansion. Later, after everyone were back, Butler Zakenna apologised to them. Then Hidehiko said, that he will catch the guardian, and a bit of freedom will only raise his despair. Meanwhile, the Guardian was running away, and suddenly felt Porun's presence. He started communicating with everyone using Porun. He said, that he got out of the house and is now in forest. At first he saw only trees, but later noticed blooming flowers. Porun showed the girls an article about daffodils blooming in fall, while normally they are blooming only at spring. Then it showed buttler Zakenna looking for guardian. They found it in the flowers, and, when they were about to capture him, Porun felt his presence and led the girls to the Guardian. Then they saw the Butler Zakenna. Zakenna B said, that they were with the other 3, and then sky got dark again, roots caught the Guardian and Porun. Then a thunder had hitted the tree, slicing it in half. After the smokes are out, Belzei Gertrude appeared. Then Nagisa and Honoka transformed into Pretty Cure. Then Belzei Gertrude moved the trees, so that they would be like in a battlefield. He said, that he can move the location of the mansion anywhere he wants, but if the cures are defeated, this won't be neccesarry. Black and White started fighting him, but Belzei Gertrude was too strong. The girls even used Marble Screw, but it was smashed by one move. Then Porun started crying, and asked to let him go. Then Mepple said, that he knows where the power of the stones is, and said, that he will tell, if he let's both of them go. Then Belzei gertrude used thunder to make him talk. Mepple said, that he will talk after he lets them go. Belzei said for him to talk nw, even lifting Black in the air together with Mepple. He was about to smash Mepple, when Porun sent the Sparkle Bracelets to the cures. After receiving the power, Black and White attacked again, this time scoring few not bad hits. Then they used Rainbow Storm. Belzei gertrude tried repelling the move, but it was just too strong. While the girls were battling Belzei, Butler Zakenna caught Guardian again. After the battle, the sky returned to normal and the fores started moving, resulting in the girls being at the same spot they started again. After the battle, Porun thanked Mepple for protecting him. He said, that it's ok, just he did some problems for Nagisa. Nagisa said, that it's ok, and Honoka complimented him. Then Mipple said, that Mepple is the chosen hero after all, and kissed him, making him blush. Then Porun wanted to kiss him too, but Mepple wasn't really eager about that.

37- "Iza Hatsubutai!! Makeruna Romeo to Juliet" ("First Stage Performance!! Don't Lose, Romeo and Juliet")

(いざ初舞台!! 負けるなロミオとジュリエット)
Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 37

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 37

Airdate: 24 October, 2004

The election for class' play "Romeo and Juliet" is being held, while Nagisa thinks about the previous battle. Then she is woken up from her thoughts, when the class ellects her to play Romeo, while Honoka becomes Juliet. Shiho is chosen as a producer. Then Kyouko and Natsuko said, that they'll go the distance. Later, Nagisa is trying her Romeo suit. Then Honoka comes out as Juliet. Everyone are impressed by her suit. Then Honoka says, that making suits is their strong side, reminding of the time when they became Fake Black and Fake White to show off before little kids. The girls tries to make her quiet. After that, Shiho says, that she changed the story a bit. Sensei said, that she is the main producer and she can do whatever she wants. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Ryuichiro wants to report the event of Butler Zakenna to the Dark King, and they start blaming each other. Then Hidehiko comes, saying, that he won't say it to the Dark King, unless they make another mistake. Then buttler zakenna tied the caries playing tge with chains. Then Ryuichiro said, that he'll go. Meanwhile, at school, Nagisa tries practicing the play, but she doesn't knows her lines. Shiho starts shouting at her. After school, they tell everything to Akane-san. Akane-san is impressed, saying, that she wants to be in the movie too. Nagisa offers her to switch places with her. The next day, Nagisa tries playing the fighting scene, but her words have no emotions. Shiho says, that the festival is after a week. The girls, that watches their practice, says, that Shiho wants to be a movie producer, and dreams of Hollywood. Later, at home, Nagisa tries practicing her lines, but Mepple and Porun say, that it's strange. Then Nagisa asks them to help her, and if she forgets a line, tell her, because it would be bad, if she keeps standing without saying a word for the play and for the audience. After a week, at the festival, Nagisa and Honoka are trying their suits, when Kyouko and Natsuko come in and say to Nagisa, that her mother and little brother came, and for Honoka, that Fujipi-senpai is going to watch them, making Nagisa turn into stone. Then, when the play started, Nagisa was too worried. After her entrance, she just fell down. Twice. Then Honoka/Juliet came, and asked is he/she fine. Nagisa/Romeo said, that she/he's fine, and introduced himself. He/she started dancing with Juliet, and accidentally kicked another dancing pair with his/her butt. The audience were laughing. Meanwhile, Ryuichiro came into the school. He went to the dressing room, but found nobody there. Then the play was shown at the place, where Juliet's brother sees Romeo, and Nagisa forgot the line. She asked Porun, and he said one of his future predictions, making Nagisa repeat the whole line with -popo in the end. Porun said, that this is not what he ment, and Nagisa repeated the line again. Then armors came, controlled by Ryuichiro. These were Zakenna armors. Nagisa and Honoka tried defending themselves as Romeo and Juliet, impressing the crowd, who thinks, that this is part of the play. Mipple and Mepple says them to transform, but they ca't do it while being at the play. Then Juna appeared. He blowed them to the backstage. Then Nagisa said for them to transform, because evrone will think this is part of the play. The girls transformed. The audience was all jawdropped. Then Juna jumped on the roof. The cures followed him. They were battling on the roof, while audience was all jawdropped. Then Porun sent them the Rainbow Bracelets. The girls used Rainbow Storm and chaced Juna away. Then they went to the stage back as Romeo and Juiet, and made an epic finale. Everyone were clapping in the end. After the play, Nagisa was aruing with Mepple, because he said, that if it's not for these guys, the play wouldn't go well, since Nagisa's act is weak. Then Fujipi-senpai came, and complimented the girls. Nagisa turned to atone again. Then he invited both of them to the boys' festival. After he left, Mepple said that Nagisa's act was really weak, and Porun went straight to the point, asking if she likes that person. Then Nagisa became all red like a bull and started chacing all 3 mascots all over the room.

38- "Guts de GO! Ryouta no otsukai Daisakusen" ("It Takes Guts! Ryouta's Errand Strategy")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 38

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 38

Airdate: 31 October, 2004

It's a calm sunday morning. Nagisa was brushing her teeth and remembering the last episode events. Then her father calls. Nagisa answers the phone, and her dad said something, making Nagisa surprise. Later, Honoka came. Nagisa said, that they can't go shopping now, because her dad forgot something very important, and she has to deliver it. Honoka understood. Nagisa asked Ryouta to watch over the house, but Ryouta said, that he'll go. Nagisa said, that he was never in dad's office, but he said, that he'll be fine. Nagisa started teasing Ryouta, that he shows courage only in front of Honoka. Later, Ryouta got off, and Nagisa was explaining him how to get to the office. She told him the instructions 3 times, and putted something into his backpack pocket. Then Ryouta went out. Nagisa and Honoka decided to follow him, in case something happens. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, the seeds of darkness are interested in Porun. Guardian pretended to be calm, and didn't showed, that he was worried about Porun. Then Shouko decided to go and find out. At the same time, Ryouta is going by train, but he took the wrong train. Then Nagisa asked Mipple and Mepple to do some love chatting. They started talking, that they want to go to the stop where Ryouta needs to go, but they took the wrong train. They can go out in next stop and take the right train. They tried talking without saying -mipo -mepo, but Mipple said, that it's tiring to do that. Then Porun came out, and said another of his predictions, surprising Nagisa. He said, that "next door is darkness". Then Nagisa thought, that maybe the warrior of darkness might be near Ryouta. She and Honoka looked, and saw a man similar to Ryuichiro. That man sneezed, and his glasses fell off. Then the girls saw, that this is just normal man. Meanwhile, Nagisa's mom called her husband, and explained the situation. He said, that they shouldn't get involved, since Ryouta might contact them. Then Ryouta got out of the train. He tried buying orange juice, but lost the paper Nagisa gave him. Then Nagisa did an announcement, that Misumi Sagai-san's company is 3rd exit in the right. Ryouta went out, and accidentally hitted the old lady. She asked, does he knows where the post office is, and he said, that he doesn't. Then he helped the old lady to carry her package. Meanwhile, at the office, Nagisa's dad is worried, that Ryouta is late. Then Ryouta found the post office, but lost himself. Then he remembered, that Nagisa gave him something. He took out, and saw an album full of coins. It was Nagisa's savings. Then he saw Nagisa's note, that if he gets lost, to use the money to catch a cab and ask the driver to drive him into that address. He caught a cab, but just asked for directions. He went to the place, but he chose the wrong building. Nagisa and Honoka followed him. Ryouta got into elevator and went to the 27th floor, where dad's office is supposed to be. Nagisa and honoka caught the other elevator and followed him. Then Porun came out, and repeated his prediction, and Mepple said, that he has a bad feeling. Then their elevator stopped, and they saw Shouko. She asked to tell them something, and transformed into Regine. The girls then transformed into Pretty Cure. Then Regine summoned Zakenna. They treid fighting it, but it caught White. Black tried protecting Porun, and almost fell to the window from 9th floor. Luckilly, White managed to get free and save Black. Then Zakenna caught Black and White. Meanwhile, Ryouta saw his dad at the other building. He was already kate to the meeting. Then Zakenna started to light the red and hot light, but Porun sent the girls Rainbow Bracelets. The girls got free and used Rainbow Storm. They defeated Zakenna and made Regine to back away. Then Ryouta successfully gave him the papers, and dad noticed Nagisa and Honoka hiding. Later, at the dinner table, everyone were complimenting Ryouta, and dad silently thanked her. She went to her room and saw her savings on the table. Ryouta wrote, that spending her savings would be scary, but it made him happy. Then Nagisa returned to the table. Ryouta atarted teasing Nagisa again, that if she eats so much she'll get fat. The episode ends with dad's silly joke again.

39- "Namida Kira! Ase ga Tara! Kekkonshiki wa Oosoudou!!" ("Glittering Tears! Pouring Sweat! A Chaotic Wedding!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 39

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 39

Airdate: 15 November, 2004

The episode begins with Nagisa being late to the class. She came in, and teacher decided to overlook it this time. Shiho and Rina noticed, that the teaches is strange today, and she announces, that she is getting married, making everyone jawdrop and imagine sensei in wedding dress. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Ryuichiro and Hidehiko are playing chess, and Hidehiko won. Then Shouko said, that the little prince (Porun) is suspicious,and guardian thought, that the girls must protect Porun well. Meanwhile, Porun was jumping on a bed and suddenly fell, reverting into his commune form. Later, at the lunch, everyone were worried will sensei quit after marriage, because her fiance is being transferred overseas. Nagisa and Honoka went to find it out, and Yoshimi-sensei said, that she will continue even after her marriage. Then principal and vice-principal came to congratulate her. Later, Nagisa and Honoka were standing if front of the class, and told, that sensei is not going anywhere. Then one student said, that they should make a gift to her because of the big day. Other student said, that it should be a handmade. Later, at Honoka's, Mipple and Mepple asked, what is wedding ceremo​ny, and Nagisa said, that it's where the cake is and everyone eats. Honoka said, that it's a ceremony of eternal love, making Mipple and Mepple be lovey-dovey. Then Honoka said, that even if her parents are abroad and she has her grandma with Chuutaro, she still misses them. Then Nagisa saw a patched cussion, and thought about an idea of making a quilt like that. The next day, at school, students brought a lot of fabric, and Mayu from the art club came up with a design. 2 other student went to the library and found some books about quilting. Kyouko and Natsuko started impersonating Black and White again, even though in previous episode they didn't wanted anybody to know about that. They said, that they will take care of sewing. Then Yoshimi-sensei came, and they had to hide everything. Nagisa said, that they were learning samba dance, and the whole class started dancing, until sensei left. She said, that this was realy weird. Later, at home, Nagisa tried sewing, but she failed. Then her mom came, and teached to sew right. Then Nagisa asked, did she proposed to her father or he did, making her mom embarassed. Then Nagisa imagined her own wedding with senpai, and fell asleep. Later, when there was only one day, Nagisa sew her skirt to the quilt. The girls finished it in time, and while sensei was trying on her wedding dress, Ryuichiro was getting the champagne glasses up. Then he saw the Nagisa and Honoka walking by, and, when they putted the quilt, Mipple and Mepple sensed Seeds of Darkness, but Nagisa was soon distracted by seeing the huge wedding cake. But then Honoka told her truth, that the whole cake is fake and only the part couple slices the cake is real. Then Juna attacked. The girls transformed. They were fighting and tried getting him away from sensei's wedding. Juna said, that this has nothing to do with him, and that he is only interested in them and where the power of the stones is. The cures said, that this is important, because when 2 people fall in love they start a new happy life. Then he still said, that he doesn't care, and that the fate of all worlds is to be consumed by darkness. Black and White said, that they'll chage that fate. Meanwhile, sensei was getting married. She was worried but happy. Then Juna kicked Black and White. He said, that they can't do anything without the small one (Porun). Black and WHite used Marble Screw and chaced Juna away. Then Nagisa and Honoka remembered sensei's present. They met with the rest of the class and gave sensei a present, wrapping her and her new husband in it. Then she threw a bouquet. Kyouto-sensei almost caught it, but principal stopped him. It bumped from his head and Nagisa caught it.

40- "Yume no Sekai Hego Shoutai!? Ippakufutsuka Yami no Tabi" ("Invitation to a Dream World!? One-Night Journey into Darkness")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 40

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 40

Airdate: 21 November, 2004

Honoka's grandma says, that she met a friend from long time ago and they are planning a trip this saturday. Honoka says, that she can be alone, and Sanae offers to invite some friends for a sleepover, so she could vorry less, and Honoka agrees. Next day, Nagisa thinks about the last time the Seeds of Darkness attacked, and Honoka calls her. She asks her to stay this Saturday at her home, and Nagisa happily agrees. She said, that this is perfect timing, because everyone makes her study once she returns home, because of that (failed) midterm exam. Nagisa said, that she'll tell her parents, that she'll study at Honoka's, and Honoka says to don't forget her study books. Nagisa explains, that this is only an excuse, because nobody studies at the sleepover. Honoka was sweatdropped. Then Nagisa says, that she must explode this opportunity, making Honoka fix her, that this is exploit. She said, that this was even on the test. Then Nagisa just went shouting to herself, wishing Saturday would come sooner. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Butler Zakenna are bringing tea to their masters, with Zakenna A carrying cups and Zakenna B carrying the teapot with hot tea. Zakenna B accidentally poured a drop of boiling water on Zakenna A's head. It took a while, but Zakenna A reacted. It broke the teacups and started running around. Zakenna B tried apologising, and Zakenna A said to don't just apologise. They were arguing like that, until Hidehiko didn't screamed on them to clean everything up. Zakenna A collected broken teacups and started bowing to his masters. Zakenna B started bowing too, spilling boiling water on Zakenna A's head again. Then they went out. Hidehiko started talking about Light and Darkness. He said, that for Darkness to be complete needs Prism Stones. Guardian said, that he should just forget the stones power, because Pretty Cure will protect it. Meanwhile, Honoka was cleaning her house, when a doorbell rang. Honoka went to open the door, and saw Nagisa together with Shiho, Rina and even Yuriko, the science club president. They were all petting Chuutaro. They said, that they wanted to see her house and tagged along. Yuriko said, that Nagisa invited her. Honoka said, that it's ok and everyone can stay. Then Nagisa putted Mipple, Mepple and Porun in the annex, and said to be quiet. Mipple and Mepple transformed back to their real forms and were about to get all lovey-dovey, when Porun transformed back to his true form. He started crying, that he wants to play too, when they heard dog barking outside. Porun opened door and saw Chuutaro. Meanwhile, Nagisa, Honoka and others were outside, and they were surprised, that Honoka has a storage shed, since they never saw anything like that before for real. Then Chuutaro ran by, and Porun was riding on Chuutaro. Nagisa and Honoka turned to stones, because Shiho, Rina and Yuriko saw someone riding on Chuutaro. Honoka said, that this is only their imagination, but Rina heard someone saying -popo. Nagisa tried saying, that Chuutaro became good at saying -popo. Yuriko became suspicious, because dogs don't say -popo. Then Honoka said, that they should do a party and cook dinner together. This worked, and the girls agreed. They went to the shop. Rina and Yuriko were looking at the recipes of the food, because the carrots were exensive, and the recipe wrote exacly that carrots. Honoka was explaining to Shiho how to know is the product good or not, She said, that they'll have to make Nagisa eat the onions she hates to eat. Then the girls turned behind and saw, that Nagisa is gone. She went to pick up a lot of sweets for the party. Later, at home, Nagisa was looking at what everyone are doing. First she came to Yuriko, who was making sweet and sour pork. She asked to not put onions, but Yuriko said that onions are huge part of pork, and that they'll make her eat them. Next she came to Shiho, who was making cupcakes for dessert. She wished her good luck. Then she came to Rina, who was making potato salad. Then Rina asked, what was Nagisa doing, and she answered, that she was cheering them. Honoka said, that cheering is not enough, and that she needs to help too. Nagisa said, that she's bad at cooking. Honoka said, that it's gonna be bad in future if she can't make her own food. Nagisa tried scraping a potatoe, but when she was done, the peels were bigger than the body. Nagisa tried scraping another potato, but she cutted her finger. Honoka glued a bandage to her injury. Yuriko said, that they're like mother and daughter. Later, everyone were sitting at the table and eating. Well, it was more like Nagisa was eating everything alone. She said, that Honoka's meat stew is the best, and everyone who tried it agreed to this. Honoka said, that her grandpa teached her this recipe. Rina said, that no wonder boys are interested in her, because she is smart, good at chores and even cute. They asked, is there someone she likes, and Honoka said, that there isn't. Later, at night, Honoka was thinking about Kiriya. everyone we wouldve been nt out, because it'd be too sudden to ask them to stay over. Mipple and Mepple were sleeping at that annex, and Porun was in Chuutaro's kennel. Nagisa tried talking with Honoka, but she as in her thoughts. Then both girls remembered stuff that happened them. How before becoming Pretty Cure they hardly even talked with each other, even though they were in the same class. Then they became Pretty Cure, met Mipple and Mepple, and later Porun too. They remembered episode 8 events, when Nagisa said, that they're not frends or anything, just Pretty Cure. Nagisa apologised for that, but Honoka said, that it's ok, because after that they became true friends. They travelled to Garden of Light and Dusk Zone, met many people, like Queen and Elder. Honoka addded, that they met that boy too. After a bit of silence, Nagisa asked, does she wants to meet Kiriya. Honoka said, that she doesn't knows. She wants to meet him, but at the same time she doesn't. Nagisa said, that whatever happens, she'll be near her. After that, Belzei Gertrude appeared in the sky. Porun and Chuutaro woke up and saw him. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka were sleeping peacefully. Nagisa had a dream where she is is princess clothes and senpai on a white horse comes. He invtes hrt to the date. Nagisa says, that this is like a dream, and senpai says, that this is dream. He said for Nagisa "let's go to our date", but he rided away first, making Nagisa chace him with a long dress. Meanwhile, Honoka in her dream was making an experiement under the tree. Her experiement exploded, but there were flower petals instead of smoke, so Honoka realised, that this is dream. Then she saw Nagisa running. She caught her and asked, what is she doing in her dream. Nagisa said, that maybe they're having same dream. Then senpai came, and transformed into Belzei Gertrude. He started attacking the girls, making them run away, because there is no Mipple and Mepple in their dream. Meanwhile, Chuutaro and Porun were trying to open the doors to the girls' bedroom, and successfully did that. Porun was worried about the girls and sent them the power of light, transporting Mipple and Mepple to them. The girls successfully transformed into Pretty Cure. The girls tried fighting him, but he was stronger, because this is his own world of darkness. The girls used Marble Screw, and succesfully made him go away. After that, Porun was tired and transformed back to his commune form. Porun licked him, and probably carried him to his kennel, because this is where he was, when Sanae returned next morning. Mipple and Mepple were in the girls' bed, and they were sleeping holding hands.

41- "Make Naittebaa!! Yami no Chikara Wobuttobase!" ("We Won't Lose! Blow the Power of Darkness Away!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 41

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 41

Airdate: 28 November, 2004

Lacrosse match is about to start, and Nagisa remembers last episode events while tying her shoe. Then she sais, that today are finals, and that they must do their best. Then Vice Principal started talking, that today is finals, and that their opponents are their long-time rivals otagaku girls school so if they lose they'll embarass the school and many other bad stuff gonna happen. After that, Porun came out of the bag and started cheering. Rina looked behind, and asked, why did Nagisa brought a stuffed toy to school. Nagisa quickly came and scolded Porun. Then she saw Honoka watching her and waving. She showed her Porun, and she came down fast. Then Honoka started cheering by moving Porun's arms and finishing with -popo. Meanwhile, at the Dusk Zone, Dark King says, that the power of creation is equal to the power of consuming, and that h cannot become immortal without both these powers. And if he won't be immortal, the Seeds of Darkness won't find peace too. Later, at the mansion of darkness, Hidehiko says, that a crisis is coming. Guardian asked, what kind of crisis, and the bird started repeating the word crisis. Shouko asked nicely to be quiet twice, and started shouting the 3rd time. Ryuichiro said, that they are, so to speak, reincarnations of the Dark King, and if there is any crisis, he'd like to see it by himself. Then Hidehiko said, that not only Dark King's body is being being assumed by darkness. Meanwhile, at the lacrosse stadium, Nagisa and other girls of the team are doing last minute practice. Rina threw ball to Nagisa, but it flew too far. 2 girls from otagaku team got the ball. Nagisa asked politely, and the girls threw the ball relly hard to her face. Nagisa caught it right before it reached her face.later, at the begining of the match, Nagisa's parents were cheering (more like embarassing) her. Then Nagisa thought, that since Yumiko-senpai is third-year already and they must make it their crowning achievement. Shiho was thinking about the time she was thinking about quitting lacrosse. Then they scored a goal. Nagisa's parents were very happy, and Kyouto-sensei started shaking principal. Yumiko-senpai said for them to keep that on. Then a wind started blowing, and a voice asked, why is she enjoying that game so much. It was Juna. Then Mipple, Mepple and Porun felt something strange. Honoka looked around, when Nagisa suddenly disappeared Honoka looked aroud, but nobody seemed to notice anything: the game continued and her parents were still cheering her. Then a wind blowed again and Honoka disappeared too with all 3 mascots. They appeared on the school roof. Juna asked, what did Belzei ment by that, and maybe he's afraid of them... He said, that maybe this approaching crisis is they. Then the girls transformed into Pretty Cure. They were fighting with the huge wind. Juna asked, what exacly Belzei is afraid of. Meanwhile, at the match, Shiho got the ball from Rina, and threw it to "Nagisa", which appeared to be a girl from other team. Shiho and Yumiko-senpai said, that it's ok. Then Otagaku team scored a goal. Back at the battlefield, Juna was about to attack the girls, when suddenly he stopped. He was comfused himself, when suddenly his body started glowng in darkness. Juna started screaming, saying, that this is their fault. Suddenly, the darkness exploded and earth-shaking watery-like mass started moving toward Pretty Cure, when Porun gave them Rainbow Bracelets. The girls used Rainbow Storm and it collided with the darkness. Mepple said, that Rainbow Storm is being pushed away. Then Porun powered up, emitting more light from himself, but the darkness was stronger. Porun gave up and closed himself, The mass broke the windows and headed straight to the Cures, when Porun opened himself again and a ball of light came out and destroyed the darkness. Regine came and took injured Juna back. Then the light ball disappeared. Porun was tired. Meanwhile, at the empty mansion of darkness, Guardian said loudly, that the power of the stones moved. Then Nagisa remembered the game. She came right after the whistle. Nagisa thought, that it's already too late, but everyone explained, that there is still overtime. Yumiko-senpai changed Nagisa after she started moving badly. During the overtime, Otagaku tried scoring, but it hitted the corner of the gate. Then Nagisa scored a goal at last second, bringing victory to Verone team. Later, at the Mansion of darkness, Shouko brought back hurted Ryuichiro, and asked, what did happened to him. Hidehiko said, that the power of consuming, that is getting Dark King's body, is also consuming theirs, and that Pretty Cure somehow activated that power. Then the bird repeated the words Guardian said earlier: "Power of the Stones". Then they all understood, that Porun has the power of the stones. A pricker out of the bag.

42- "Futari wa Hitotsu! Nagisa to Honoka Saikyou no Kizuna" ("We Are One! Nagisa and Honoka's Powerful Bond")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 42

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 42

Airdate: 5 December, 2004

Nagisa and Honoka were at Honoka's, and the girls were thinking what in the world happened last time. Porun said, that he doesn't know, and on Chuutaro's head, transformed back to commune form. Then elder talked, and he said, that this was a part of the power of creation. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Hidehiko confirms for Ryuichiro, that because they are made from Dark King, Ryuichiro asks, what should they do, and Hidehiko asks, what can they do. Shouko says, that they should get the power of creation. Nobody hears, and strangely she repeats shouting in second time, not third. Then Hidehiko opened the gates of the mansion, and set the Macaw free. Zakenna Butlers looked at it flying, and Guardian shouted, to let him go, and not the bird. Later, after school, Nagisa, Shiho and Rina were at Akane-San's stand. They were telling her about that time when they almost lost, and Akane-San said, that winning or losing isn't the most important thing. Shiho asked, what is the most important, and Nagisa muttered, that it's Garden of Rainbows and Garden of Light. Shiho asked, what did she said, and Nagisa confused said, that she said, that it's probably love. Shiho asked, does she loves someone. Nagisa said, that she didn't ment loving someone in particular, and thought of Fujipi-senpai. Shiho said, that she really thought of someone now, and Nagisa tried to defend herself. Then Honoka came. Rina asked, what is the most important thing for her. Honoka said, that it's water, because 70% of human's body is water. Then it's proteins, that make their bodies. And the amino acids, that make the proteins. And then Carbohydrates, that give us energy. Then she said, that human biosystem is really amazing, because a healthy eoman can survive only on water for 2 months. Later, at the park, Mipple, Mepple and Porun were playing shiratori game. the last sound was a. Mepple said Ice Cream (Aisu Kurimu). Mipple said Potato Chips (Poteto Furai), even though it doesn't begins with -mu. Nagisa noticed that. Then Porun said Pass (Pasu). Mepple said Potato Gratin (Poteto Guratan). Even though he ended with -n, he didn't lost. Then Mipple said Porun. Porun started crying, because he wanted to say Porun. Nagisa was thinking, about what is important to her, and suddenly the mascots reverted to their commune forms. Porun hid under a bush. Suddenly, Juna and Regine appeared. The girls tried doing Marble Screw, but their hands were cutted by tornado Juna and tornado Regine before they started. Then they called Zakenna from leaves and kidnapped White, leaving Black all alone. Meanwhile, White woke up in some strange place. The voice (Belzei Gertrude) said, that they are in the darkness. This place is overflowing with darkness, so the people from Garden of Light aren't able to stand it. Then he said, that it's only natural for them to be weak without each other. They are helpless alone. He says, that this is why they are searching for each other - because they need to fill that feeling of helplessness. In the end, they do everything for themselves. At the same time, Black is helplessly looking for White, while Regine says, that it's hard to be alone after you fought so much together. She says, that Black is helpless alone. Later, Black confessed to Mepple, that she really can't do anything by herself. White was always near her, always encouraging her, and without her she is so uncertain of herself. Meanwhile, White got up in the darkness, and saw, that part of her hand, her fingertips, are already consumed by darkness. She started screaming. At the same time, Black and Mipple started playing Shiratori. Black said Tomodachi (friends), Mipple said Chiisukeiki (cheesecake). Black said Posuto (mailbox), Mipple said Tomato. Black said Popura (popular), Mipple said Ramen. Since he finished with n, she continued with -po, because Mepple ends his sentences with -mepo. She was thinking with -po, and Mepple said, that Ho is good too. She said Honoka. Then she realised, that she has to look for her. Then suddenly a light came. A train arrived. She entered the train where Juna was waiting for her. She asked, where White is, and he said, that she is slowly being consumend by darkness. Black got angry and powered up. Juna punched her, but she got the punch. Then an explosion occured, and Black got somewhere down in sewers. All 3 voices tried proving her, that she is helpless alone. Meanwhile, Mipple felt Hope. Honoka said, that she can still feel that hand. They both felt Black and Mipple. At the same time, Black was being attacked by an army of Zakenna. Black said, that she is looking White because of herself, but this is because she wants to find people she cares about. She got angry and attacked the whole army of Zakennas. She pushed forward and reached Regine. She tried stopping Cure Black, but Black was faster and hitted the wall that was between her and Cure White. White heard it, when she standed up, we can see, that almost all of her was consumed by darkness. Black kicked the wall again and it broke to pieces. Black and White met. White was all ok. Then Black started crying on White's knees. Then started scolding her. Then asked, is she really ok. After that, Juna and Regine came. Black and White started battling them, but they were strong. Then Porun came and gave them the Rainbow Bracelets. With the bracelets, Cures were equally, if not more, powerful than Juna and Regine. When they powered up, the girls used Rainbow Storm. They successfully chaced them away. The next day, Nagisa said, that the most important thing is yourself, your thoughts of helping others and other stuff.

43- "Gekiyure Makuri! Fuji-P-Senpai ni Todoke Kono Omoi" ("Extremely Shaken Up! My Feelings for Fuji-P")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 43

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 43

Airdate: 12 December, 2004

Nagisa came to look at Fujipi-senpai's football practice. She looked at the fence, when Honoka came, saying, that she makes funny faces. Nagisa said, that she didn't noticed her, and Honoka says, this is because she was too interested in Fujimura-kun to notice anything. Then she went back practicing. Honoka says, that she should be more open to herself. At the same fence, another girl is watching Fujipi-senpai. Later, at the hall, Kyouto-sensei announced, that 2nd year Sakura class won the grand prise in choir contest, and will represent the school in national choir contest. They were going back to class, and Nagisa hitted the same girl, Yui. Yui usualy hits her back, but this time she fell. Then she said, that Fujipi-senai's birthday is soon, and she wants to get him a gift. Then she says, that she likes him, much to Nagisa's dismay. Meanwhile, at the Dusk Zone, Dark King is shouting on the Seeds of Darkness again. Then, at the Mansion of Darkness, Butler Zakenna are taking care of the lunch. Zakenna A cooked some buns, but when he wanted to put it with others, he noticed they were gone. He asked, did Zakenna B took it, and he shaked his head, because he had something in his mouth. He asked again, and then opened his mouth. All the buns were there. But he took other, freshly-baked buns, and ate everything. But the Seeds of Darkness don't worry about food. Hidehiko said, that the plan doesn't changes: They will obtain the power of the stones for themselves. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Yui asked Honoka what does Fujipi-senpai like. Honoka said, that it's probably soccer. Honoka was really confused that Nagisa is helping her, because she knows her feelings about Fujipi. When they came at the soccer field, Fujipi-senpai wasn't playing. They saw him on a bench, spraying his foot. They asked Kimata what happened, and he said, that Fujipi just twisted his ankle. This often happens to soccer players. He said, that he'll be fine, but hopes, that this won't affect him, because the preliminaries are soon. Later, at the lockers, Nagisa was thinking about making him a charm - to protect him from his injuries. She said this loudly, and Yui said, that it's a good idea. She decided to make a charm by herself. She went out happy. Then Honoka came. She said, that she understands her feelings because this is for a friend, but she has to think about her feelings too, and have courage, or she'll get hurt. Nagisa said, that she is suffering, because she knows she can't do it, and ran away. Nagisa was sitting alone under a bridge, when Fujipi-senpai came. He asked her what hapened, but Nagisa, without wanting it, said, that this has nothing to do with him. He went away, giving her a muffler so she won't catch a cold. Then Nagisa started crying. Later, Mepple and Porun were using the Prism Love Checker, and they got the worst score. Porun said, that Mipple was the bad one. Then he asked Nagisa to play with him, but when he saw, that she was sleeping, he went sleeping too. Then Mepple said, that he knows she is not sleeping. He jumped on her, and Nagisa jumped out of the bed she was in with all of her clothes, and started shouting on Mepple. Mepple said, that he knows she is not sleeping. Then Nagisa decided to write him a letter. She took all night to write the letter, but she did it. She decided to give it to him together with muffler. She wrote, that she congratulates him with birthday, and she'll be cheering him on his last Junior High game. The next morning, Honoka walked into class, and Nagisa was talking with a friend, when Yui came and asked her to look at her finished charm. They went at the soccer practice, and Yui gave him charm. She congratulated him for his birthday, and sad, that she'll cheer him on his last junior high game. These were the same words Nagisa wrote in her letter. She ran away, and Yui started confessing to him. Meanwhile, Honoka was running upstairs, thinking about Nagisa. Nagisa was alone, ripping her letter in pieces, when Regine came. She asked her, why does Belzei Gertrude thinks, that they are not their old selves. Nagisa tried throwing stones at her, but missed. Then Honoka came. She tried asking Honoka something, but she said they'll talk later and transform now. The girls transformed. They were fighting, but Black was easilly kicked away. She rolled on a ground and started crying. Mepple said, that Black is not fighting as her usual self. Then Regine went to her and tried blasting her, but White took the hit. Then Black got mad and started attacking Regine hand-to-hand, and successfully punched her to stomach. Then Porun sent the girls Rainbow Bracelets. The girls used Rainbow Storm and chaced Regine away. Later, Honoka gave Nagisa her bag and pushed her to go back, talking about stuff like hot stew.

44- "Saikou Happy!? Nagisa no White Christmas" ("I Couldn't Be Happier!? Nagisa's White Christmas")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 44

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 44

Airdate: 19 December, 2004

Nagisa is sad and finishes her meal, and her parents question her is she ok. Meanwhile, at her room, Porun slashes Seekaru card through his commune. Mepple shows him a picture in the book about what people from Garden of Rainbows call Christmas, and asks him to imagine this scene for Nagisa's sake. He tries, but imagines only a lot of reindeers who appear at her room. Mepple says to not focus only on a small detail. Porun tries again, and this time lots of mini santa clauses appear. Mepple says it's wrong too. He needs a heart-piercing, exciting, happy feeling. This made Porun confused. Later, Nagisa was writing her diary. She layed on the bed for a second, thinking how Yui gave him a present, while she was empty-minded. Then Mepple and Porun started reading her diary. Nagisa got mad at them. Mepple said, that there's no need to get mad, and Nagisa responded, that there isn't a person who wouldn't get mad when their privacy is invaded. Then Mepple said, that they went all the trouble to become a santa for her. Porun agreed, but asked, who is santa. Nagisa fell but explained, that Santa is the man who delivers gifts to everyone on christmas. Mepple reminded, that it's these old men who appeared. Porun thought and said, that the one who deivers gifts isn't an old man. Nagisa said, that Santa was always an old man. Porun said it was a kid, and started thinking again. Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone, Dark King started going on rampage again and destroyed another world. The seeds of darkness were talking, but Dark King said, that their only mission is to bring the power of creation to him. This is not only for his sake, but also for the sake of all creatures ruled by him, including the seeds of darkness, who were created by his image. Later, at the Mansion of Darkness, Butler Zakenna were bringing them tea, and Shouko asked, did the Dark King realised this long time ago. Ryuichiro was worried about that power of his. Hidehiko said, that even if Dark King will be complete, he won't remove the darkness from them. They don't want to spend eternity of servitude. He once again repeated, that they aren't the same as they were when they were born. Guardian in the cage said, that Shouko doesn't look different (prettier) at all. He said for him to be quiet. He didn't heard, so she came closer to the cage and repeated it louder. Later, at school, the student council party was going on, when Nagisa came in. She met Yui, who thanked her for before. She said, that he probably has other. Then Honoka came from behind, surprising Nagisa. She asked, won't she give Fujipi-senpai a gift. Then Fujipi-senpai and Kimata came. The 4 of them were standing at the table at the party and talking. Nagisa couldn't say a word. He congratulated Honoka, because her class is going to represent the school in junior high choir competition. Then the boys reminded Honoka of Kiriya, making her sad. Meanwhile, Porun changed to his true form in empty class and escaped. Later, the 4 of them got out. Fujipi wanted to make a snowman, but Kimata said, that it's too childish. Then Nagisa and Honoka went out. Kimata asked Honoka to go inside and dance. She agreed. The Fujipi-senpai came near Nagisa. She thought, that he's going to call her dance too, but he just asked, does she likes snowmen. They were making a snowman, while Porun was out in the hall, saying, that Santa will be coming soon. Back at the school yard, Nagisa and Fujipi-senpai were making a snowman. Nagisa thought, that this is a perfect time to give senpai his christmas gift - homemade chocolate she wanted to give him together with his muffler. She thought about the delicous chocolate, and said lodly, that she loves it. Then she got all red and went making the snowman ball really huge. After they finished, everyone in gym suddenly fainted. Fujipi-senpai was thanking Nagisa for her job wel done, when they noticed, that the snowman moved. Suddenly, the sky got dark, and Zakenna possessed the snowman. Fujipi-senpai fainted, and the girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Since the Zakenna was made of snow, they easilly defeated it without any move. But then Belzei Gertrude appeared. He said, that he came for the power of the stones. He knows, that Porun has the power. He once caught him, but Black and White kicked him, so he let Porun go and threw him into snow pile. Porun started to cry, saying, that christmas should be more fun, and gave the power to Pretty Cure. Just when Pretty Cure were about to do Rainbow Storm, Belzei Gertrude revived snowman zakenna. Rainbow Storm destroyed Zakenna, and almost caught Belzei Gertrude, but he ran away. After that, a disortion between Light and Darkness happened, and this letted Kiriya to appear. He explained, that something is about to happen, but he doesn't knows what. He said, that he is here only because they caused that disortion. He then said, that the disortion is about to break, so he has to return. And he disappeared. Later, Nagisa was sitting with sleeping Fujipi-senpai on the bench. She wrapped him the muffler. Then suddenly, the snowy wild spruces became decorated christmas trees, and another giant christmas tree appeared in front of them. It was Porun and Seekaru's doing. Later, Fujipi woke up. He was looking for the giant christmas tree, but Nagisa said, that he was really asleep. Fujipi said, that this was a great dream, and he didn't wanted to wake up ever. Later, Nagisa and Honoka were walking home, and Honoka said, that Nagisa's chocolate was delicious. Nagisa said, that it took her all to deliver the muffler, so she totally forgot about the present.

45- "Utae Sakura Kumi! Gasshou ha Yuuki wo Nosete" (Sing, Sakura Class! The Choir Shows Courage")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 45

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 45

Airdate: 26 December, 2004

It's winter break at Verone junior high, but Nagisa, Honoka and few other girls are still at school. This is because the girls were chosen to represent Verone junior high in national junior high schols chorus contest. Honoka said, that they owe everything to Yabe-san. Nagisa said, that this is Chiaki's whip of love that helped them win. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, the seeds of darkness are irritated that Kiriya disturbed them when they were so close to escaping their fate. Later, Nagisa and Honoka are walking the street, and Honoka seems to be lost in thoughts. When Nagisa said, that it's maybe something, Honoka ran away. Nagisa went further, and saw Chiaki at the record store. She said, that she wants to change song, because Otagaku junior high has a really strong song. They started looking for a great song together, and when they were about to give up, Nagisa found a perfect song. They later said to class about changing of the song. They played the song to class, and the class seemed to like the song. The teacher liked it for sure. The song was Get You!? Love Love!, the ending song of this season. Later, one gir in their class played the chorus version of this song on piano, and everyone, including the teacher, seemed to like it. After everyone went home, Chiaki was thinking, that something is off. Later, Mipple and Mepple started singing that song together, and Honoka said, that they know it by heart. Later they were about to get all lovey-dovey, but Porun disturbed them. Then Nagisa and Honoka thought, that something is wrong with Chiaki. Nagisa said, that she is the type to get obsessed. That's likely why she's been drilling them so hard lately. Later, that night, Chiaki was at piano, saying, that something is off, even though alto and soprano are fine. Then a lot of used scores are laying on the ground. She didn't even came to practice next day. She didn't came to practice for 3 days. Nagisa and Honoka visited her at her home. She said, that until her return, they'll practice their parts. The girls started singing the song, and Chiaki said, that this is just what she needed. Solo parts. The next day, they practiced, and Chiaki came. They practiced with Nagisa and Honoka doing the solo parts. Everyone said, that it's perfect. Nagisa and Honoka couldn't believe, that they got the solo parts, and Chiaki said, that she'll give them intense training. Later, at the day of the concert, everyone were prepared. Nagisa even left Porun sleeping in his bag. The girls decided to go wash their faces before the performance, and saw Shouko and Ryuichiro passing by. They followed them, and met at the basement. Mepple said, that he has a really bad feeling. Then a locker that was on the wall suddenly flied to the side of the girls. Then Juna broke through the wall. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They were fighting him, while the chorus went out and started their performance. They fought Juna, when suddenly Regine came. Then Porun has awakened. Black and White said, that they don't have time, because it's their important chorus performance. Regine said, that they don't have it too. Black and White were saying, that the things they hold important are actually crying and laughing like normal girls do. She said for them to don't get in their way, and Juna said to stop going in their way too. Then Porun gave the girls power and they, after a bit of fighting, successfully chaced them away. Shiho and Rina were about to sing solo, but Nagisa and Honoka got just in time. They entered from different sides of the stage and started singing together. After everyone finished, the audience standed up and clapped to them. Chiaki started to cry.

46- "Saiaku! Ishi no Chikara ga Ubawa Reta!?" ("It's the Pits! Has the Power of the Stones Been Stolen!?")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 46

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 46

Airdate: 9 January, 2005

It's morning,and Hidehiko comes down in pyjamas. He says, that they have no choice but to move forward. Guardian says, that he is the only one who can return the power to the stones. Then Hidehiko took the Guardian out of the cage, with something in mind. He standed the Guardian on the sill. Meanwhile, the last quarter of 2nd year in Verone academy begins for girls. Nagisa gives everyone new years card, and the girls go to school. Everyone are excited, and Belzei Gertrude appear in the air. Then Mipple and Mepple said, that they feel something. The girls looked back and saw all 3 Seeds of Darkness. Shiho and Rina looked back too, and didn't saw anything. Mepple said, that they are different from usua, and said to protect Porun, who was scared. Then the girls ran away, and Nagisa hid her bag with Porun in the bush. The Seeds of darkness came closer, and the girls transformed to Pretty Cure. The girls tried fighting, but Belzei Gertrude took White alone and he was faster than ever, while Juna attacked Black. Then Juna felt pain in his chest, but said he's fine. Meanwhile, Dark King felt, that the power of creation will be really soon. The elder felt, that the crisis for the power of creation is coming. At the same time, the girls were battling, when Porun came out and tried giving the girls Rainbow Bracelets, but Belzei Gertrude stopped and caught him. Then he brought forth the guardian. Guardian kept saying, that he's the only one who can move the power of the stones, but Belzei Gertrude said, that he listened to all the things he said, and putted the scattered pieces together. He beginned saying the spell - Oh Power of Creation, hear my voice! - and Porun started glowing. Then Belzei Gertrude continued - Along with the seven stones of light, sepparate yourselves from this place! - and Porun started glowing more. Belzei Gertrude putted both Porun and Guardian on the ground. Then he finished - In the name of the Guardian of the Prism Hopish, return the power of the seven Prism Stones to it's rightful place. - and the stones from Porun returned back to the Guardian. Then Belzei Gertrude took the Guardian and the 3 of them escaped back. After that, Porun started to cry, because he was really scared. Later, that night, at Honoka's place, the girls were talking about what to do. After being quiet and sad, Nagisa said, that she doesn't know what to do, but she won't give up. Honoka said, that she won't either, because they are the ones who have to do something. Then Porun said, that he'll be coming too, and started jumping on the bed with Mipple. Mepple joined them too. Nagisa said quietly, that they're not going to play. Next morning at school, the girls showed Nagisa and Honoka pictures from the choir contest. Nagisa had a funny face. Everyone were laughing, when the girls showed Shiho's picture with a funny face. Then Nagisa and Honoka remembered all the good times that happened in the series. Art museum, summer camp, science experiements, choir contest, other stuff... Later, Nagisa and Honoka were standing on the hill and were thinking will they be able to live like normal girls, go to school and other stuff normal girls do. Honoka was hoping so, but Nagisa said, that this might be the last time they see their smiles. Honoka said, that this might be the case. Meanwhile, Buttler Zakenna were carrying various puffs and cabinets, when suddenly the Hopish started shining. Nagisa and Honoka transformed to Pretty Cure and went to the mansion of darkness, after seeing a giant firework from the Prism Hopish in the sky.

47- "Saikyou Senshi Toujou! Ttemo, Arienai!!" ("The Most Powerful Warrior Appears! No Way!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 47

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 47

Airdate: 16 January, 2005

Following from the last episode, the seeds of darkness got the power of the stones back from Pollun to the Hopish , and took the Guardian. The 3 of them are about to obtain the power of creation. Butler Zakenna are arguing again, because Zakenna A does what he was said - puts things to make the pillar, while Zakenna B is tidying it up. The 3 seeds of darkness says to shut up for them. They were doing the ritual, when Black and White broke to the window. The girls saw the altar, and tried topping them, but invisible barrier was surounding the place. Then macaw tried attacking, but after seeing angry Black's face, he flew away, saying, that she is too scary. Then Belzei Gertrude used his powers of darkness, and tied up Pollun, Black and White, just like he did before with Pollun and the Guardian. Then he started saying the different spell than in the garden of light - he said, that they take the power in the name of Dark King of the darkness. Meanwhile, and earthquake occuredin the Garden of Light. Elder was worried about the balance of the worlds, because the power of creation mustsn't be obtained by darkness. Then Queen said, that she'll maintain the balance of the worlds, even if it costs her life, and she started glowing. Meanwhile, Dark King understood, that the seeds of Darkness are going to take the power of creation to themselves, and became angry. Then Belzei continued the spell, and after the explosion, the girls saw, that the pretty forest, that used to be outside, now was gone and turned into desolation. Black and White tried struggling back to freedom, but they were just tied too strong. Then the girls saw powered-up Juna, Regine and Belzei gertrude, who obtained the power of creation. They were laughing, when suddenly, roof broke, and a huge wind blew up the seeds of darkness. Black and White had no other choice but to follow them. Then the only ones who were left back were Pollun, Guardian and the bird. Pollun started crying, that the girls promised, that they'll go all together. Meanwhile, at the girls' home, Ryouta called Nagisa for dinner, and it seems that empty room answered to him, because he agreed to her. At Honoka's home, Sanae agreed to Honoka, which "said", that she'll be studying. At the same time, the real Black and White travelled to Dusk Zone in some strange yellow ball. The cures fell on the ground, and they recognised the Dusk Zone. Then they saw the three Seeds of Darkness jumping on the cliff. The three of them were ready to fight Dark King, when Black and White stopped them. Belzei Gertrude ignored them. Then Juna used a move on White, but she dodged. Then Black tried fighting against Regine, but she was too powerful. Then Belzei Gertrude threw a punch, hurting Black. White came to the rescue, but she also lost in unfair fight. Black said, that they are totally different from before. Mepple said, that this is because they absorbed the power of the Prism Stones. Mipple almost lost hope, but Black said, that this is can't be. The girls said, that if they give up now, the Garden of Light and their world will be all wrecked. Then all three Seeds of Darkness started beating the cures again, and said, that it's nothing they can do now. Black and White asked, what gave them right to wreck the worlds of Mipple, Mepple and theirs. Black said, that they started everything. There wans't a day she could forget about them. In the middle of everything, they attacked. She asked them to finish everything faster, so she can live like a normal girl. The seeds of Darkness said, that freedom is something they will not obtain while serving for the Dark King. Then the three went to fight Dark King. Dark King was angry, and started breaking everything. He destroyed another world and even that world's star. Garden of Light was all desolation, except the palace, which was protected by a shield of light. There were still flowers there. Elder said, that the Queen will soon be at her limits, but she said, that she believes in Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, at the Dusk Zone, the seeds of darkness were fightng Pretty Cure, when Dark King came. After a bit of talking with them, he wanted to absorb them into his body. The cures were hiding behind a cliff, when the of them became silver and fused with each other, becoming one. An explosion was about to occur, when someone took the hands of Black and White and took them somewhere. The fusion of the said, that they now can become the ruler of darkness, and Dark King called them fools. Meanwhile, Black and White looked up, and saw, that their saver is none other but Kiriya-kun himself.

48- "Shijousaidai no Kessen! Precure Saigo no Hi!!" ("The Greatest Final Battle! Pretty Cure's Last Day!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 48

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 48

Airdate: 23 January, 2005

Following from the previous episodes, the Seeds of Darkness united into one body and started battling Dark King. Meanwhile, surprisingly alive Kiriya saved Black and White. The girls asked him what has happened and why is he here. Kiriya answered, that because he left the world of Darkness, he had no other choice but to drift in the crevice between Light and Darkness. Black asked him to go living with them in the Garden of Rainbows, but he said he can't. From the beginning he was a person from darkness. He said, that the balance between light and darkness is being ruined, so all the world are being consumed by darkness. Including Garden of Light and Garden of Rainbows. He said, that he'll always be drifting in the crevice between Light and Darkness. Then White asked him to take them back to where Dark King is. Black and White decided to fight and take back the power of creation. The Fusion of the warriors were about to hit Dark King after removing his shield, when Black disturbed them. The Fusion attacked the girls again, saying, that they will never win. Fusion was bigger, faster than the girls, but they still managed to give him few hits back, until he kicked them out. Then Black decided, and White agreed to do Marble Screw. Mepple tried saying, that it's too weak for that guy, but the girls still decided to try it. They tried, but Marble Screw was repelled. The Fusion attacked Pretty Cure, and Kiriya said, that it's impossible after all. Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, Porun was alone with the Guardian. He tried saying "stop bullying Pretty Cure" and send the power to the girls, but nothing happened. Guardian was worried how can they help the girls now, and Porun said he can help them. Then he got the card slashed through his commune form and tried giving the power to Pretty Cure, but it just couldn't reach the Dusk Zone without the power of the stones. Guardian worried, is he really so powerless when the girls are facing the crisis. Meanwhile, at the Dusk Zone, the girls were laying on the ground, but they were alive. The Fusion was about to destroy the girls. At the same time, in the Mansion of Darkness, Porun changed to his commune form, and they heard Elder's voice. He said, that if Porun and the Guardian unite their powers, they'll be able to do something. He said for Porun to remember his name: the Prince of Light, that guides the way to the future. Then Porun asked the Guardian to say together with him. They said the words together (with Guardian saying -popo too), and actually sent the power to Pretty Cure to the Dusk Zone. The light was flying, and the Fusion was about to get it, but Kiriya came and attacked him. Then Pretty Cure got Rainbow Bracelets. Black thanked Kiriya, and the Fusion attacked again. Mipple, Mepple and the Cures understood, that it was Porun and the Guardian who gave them power. The 2 were completelly driven, and didn't even knew did the power reached the girls. Black and White after some fighting did Rainbow Storm move. The Fusion tried repelling it, but it didn't worked, because Dark King started absorbing the Power of Creation. He absorbed not only the power of creation, but also the whole warriors. Queen said, that this is the worst scenario. Dark King started attacking the Cures. He said, that Darkness will consume everything, and that he is immortal now. Mepple said for Black to do another Rainbow Storm, but she couldn't get closer to White. The girls were about to face one of Dark King's shadow balls, when they fell into some strange gap and returned at the forest near the Mansion of darkness. Porun and the Guardian came to the girls, and explained, that the balance is out of roder, so they fell into one of the spaces that unite Garden of Rainbows and Dusk Zone. But they weren't happy for long, because Dark King came all the way to the Garden of Rainbows. Guardian said, that the Garden of Rainbows now will be consumed by Darkness for sure.

49- "Mirai wo Shinjite! Ashita wo Shinjite! Sayonara Nante Iwasenai!!" ("Believe in the Future! Believe in Tomorrow! We Won't Let You Say Goodbye!!")

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 49

Futari wa Pretty Cure - Episode 49

Airdate: 30 January, 2005

Following from the last episode, Dark King came all the way to the Garden of Rainbows only to destroy Pretty Cure. Suddenly, the sky in town got dark and people were surprised what is going on. Meanwhile, Pretty Cure were trying to hold against Dark King powered up with the power of creation, but were blown away by his power. Then they noticed empty streets and vehicles like bikes or motorbikes fallen down. Dark King said, that he just prepared the stage for them, and if they want to return everything to normal, they'll have to defeat him. That's if they can defeat him. The girls asked Porun to give them powers again. Porun got all his power and gave Rainbow Bracelets to Pretty Cure. The girls tried using Rainbow Storm again with all their might, but Dark King repelled it single-handly. The cures were blown to the building. Dark King said, that they are on totally different levels, but Black wasn't going to give up. White either. They said, that they're going to defeat him with their own hands. Meanwhile, at the Garden of Light, Queen was very weak and the light was disappearing from the Garden of Light, when suddenly Porun came. Similar to how Elder and others could talk with Porun, he came to the Garden of Light and started talking with the Queen. He asked what can he do to save Pretty Cure. he said, that the girls were yelling at him and shouting, but they were laughing together. He asked is there any way he could save Pretty Cure. The Queen said, that there is a huge power awakening inside of Porun now. His real power. She said, that he must release this power in order to help his beloved Pretty Cure. Then Porun disappeared. Elder said, that Porun is spoiled child, and then added, that they are counting on him. Meanwhile, Dark King was about to kill Pretty Cure who couldn't get up, but Porun standed in a way. Dark King was about to move him out of the way, when Porun started shining in golden. Dark King's punch was neutralised. Then few lights got into the sky, and returned to the golden ball Porun was in. Then a wave of light went around and reached Pretty Cure. That light recovered the power of the bracelets. It even made them more powerful. Then Porun used all of his energy and returned to his commune form. The girls seemed to be recovered and got up. They used Rainbow Storm again. Dark King tried stopping it one-handly again. He used move back and almost defeated the Rainbow Storm, but the girls turned golden. Dark King started using his other hand to repel the Rainbow Storm, but they were more powerful. He started cursing the Queen. It appears, that the Queen was the one who gave power to Pretty Cure to defeat Dark King. Dark King disappeared with an exploson, which cleared all the evil clouds in a sky. Then a random man took his eyes from the newspaper, and a random child was asking his mother to hurry up. The city was back to life again and the cars were driving the street again. The girls were resting at the top of the building. Kiriya was watching them. he said to himself, that he would've given up. 2 drops, probably tears hitted the ground. He said, that now he understands. The place he wants to be at. But before saying it loud, he disappeared. Later, that night at Honoka's house, Sanae brought the girls tea, and congratulated them for job well done. Later, she revealed, that she ment their graduation from second grade of Verone Junior High. She said to keep up the work. Then she left, taking Chuutaro with her. Girls noticed, that Porun hasn't woken up since then. Then Mepple said, that since Dark King is now gone, they can rest. Nagisa and Honoka said, that even if Dark King is gone, they don't have to go rest, but Mepple said that they did their role. It's because of the girls, that they decided to stay here and sleep. They said the final "goodbye" and fell asleep. The girls were crying. Nagisa remembered, how Mepple hitted her head when he came. Honoka remembered how she found Mipple in the storage. the girls remembered, how they said for them, that they'll be fighting as Pretty Cure from now on. Both girls started crying. Next day, Nagisa and Honoka came to school. They were late. It was revealed, that Honoka was chosen to read the graduation speech for 3rd graders. She started reading,but putted the paper down. She started talking from her head. She talked about how they learned a lot from their senpais. There were tough times, but they were happy. At those times Senpais thought them, guided them, and got them through it. They were happy with the time they spent with senpais. After Honoka finished her speech, everyone started clapping. Including Nagisa, Shiho and Rina. Later, Nagisa and Honoka were at the town, where Honoka saw a boy with green hair, orange shirt and sneakers. The boy was very similar to Kiriya, but that boy had parents. Though he looked at Honoka for a long time. Nagisa said, that she'll meet him again, because they are under the same sky. Meanwhile, at the Garden of Light, Prism Hopish was safe with the 7 stones inside.