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Fushigi na Merumo
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Osamu Tezuka
Years on Air 1971-1972
Episodes 26

Japanese Title: ふしぎなメルモ

English Title: Marvelous Melmo

Italian Title: I bon bon magici di Lilly

Chinese Title: 神奇糖


After nine year-old Merumo loses her mother in a car accident, she is left to care for her two younger brothers, a task far beyond her age or means. However, in the midst of her grieving, Merumo is visited by the ghost of her deceased mother who gives her a bottle of miraculous candy, capable of transforming her into either an adult (blue candy) or an infant (red candy). A combination of the two can reduce her to a fetus and then change her into any animal she imagines. Drawing on a seemingly inexhaustible supply, Merumo uses her candies to solve the various problems thrown her way, aided by her younger brother Toto (who accidentally morphs into a frog in episode 7) and her cantankerous mentor, Dr Nosehairs.

Video Gallery


Fushigi na Merumo Opening & Ending (1971 Original Broadcast Version)02:27

Fushigi na Merumo Opening & Ending (1971 Original Broadcast Version)

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