1 (243)- "Mogitate Furesshu! Kyua Pīchi Tanjō!!" ("Freshly-Picked Fresh! Cure Peach is Born!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 01

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 01

Airdate: February 1, 2009

The Elder of Sweets Kingdom, an old bird-like fairy called Tiramisu is holding Chiffon and comes to a shrine to summon four Pickruns to make the Pretty Cure legend come true and protect the world. The Pickruns then fly away to find the cures after they float around Chiffon for a moment.

Meanwhile in their home town, Love is crying about something but her friends can't tell what. Miki guesses that she dropped her lunch box, but Love reveals the rejection "she" suffered by the hands of a senior. As she continues to cry and bawl, she explains what happened to her friend. Miki and Inori manage to cheer her up but to their surprise she cheers up way too quickly. Afterwards, Love asks them to come and hang out with her but Miki informs them she has a date with her "boyfriend" and leaves. Inori also has to help her parents out so she leaves also, leaving Love all by herself.

With this in mind love decides to stop by Kaoru's donuts by herself, but on the way she gets lost!

After finding the Fortune Telling house, she walks inside once the doors open. She makes an attempt to ask for help, needing directions but the fortune teller begins to discuss how Love will soon find a great Happines, which makes Love very excited. She takes off soon after and without even realizing it, she finds herself back at Clover Town Street. Once back home, her mother reveals a surprise for her: tickets to see Trinity. As she goes on to take the ticket her mother pulls it away, causing her to collide into the wall, and tells her to wash her hands first. So once Love cleans up for dinner, she hands them over.

In the sunset Tarte, a ferret is carring Chiffon while wondering about why he had to search for Pretty Cures... Meanwhile in her bedroom while laying around, Love thinks about how she will finally get to see Miyuki tomorrow. She believes this to be the happiness she was supposed to get, but suddenly she gets a call from Miki. Who feels badly for ditching her that day and offers to do whatever Love wants to do tomorrow. But Love gleefully informs her she can't because she's going to be seeing Trinity. This is surprising to Miki and she doesn't understand how Love got the ticket. As this goes on, Love remains unaware of Tarte and Chiffon on her roof.

As Love is on her way to the performance she runs into her friend from school, who informs Love that the boy she had a crush on really did like her, but because he was too embarressed to say anything he tried to cover it up. And it turns out he isn't even moving away, just to a new house. The girl thanks Love for her help, but asks her why she got so worked up just for her. Love explains that it's because she wanted to see her dear friend smile, then she waves them off and continues on her way.

Meanwhile, Tarte has managed to find one of the Pickruns... on a sleeping dogs nose! At the concert, Miyuki dances to You make me happy! as the mysterious Fortune Teller watches behind the scene. She says to herself that all happiness should change to despair and switches to her true form of Eas and summons a Nakewameke, a big monster which turn people into despair. Love is just as frightened by this as everyone else and when she sees Miyuki in danger she comes in with a microphone stand and proceeds to hit the monster while Tarte comes in trying to catch the Pickrun.

The girls run backstage to hide from the Nakewameke but it begins to hit everything, causing objects and parts of the wall to fall down. As she tries to keep Miyuki safe, the pink pickrun morfed with her cellphone to become a Linkrun and protect her from the Nakewameke. Tarte sees this and informs Chiffon that they have found the first Pretty Cure.

Love picked up her new Linkrun and tranforms into Cure Peach before attacking the Nakewameke. Peach was much faster than the Nakewameke, so its attacks do not work on her and by using Love Sunshine she defeats it. An angry Eas tells Peach her name and proceeds to leave.

Miyuki soon awakens to see Love nearby and she asks her for her name. Love introduces herself and Miyuki asks her if she would be interested in taking dance lessons, which Love quickly accepts before Miyuki takes off. Love then discovers that she still has her linkrun, making her begin to wonder what possibly happened to her...

2 (244)- "Tsumitate Furesshu! Kyua Berī Tanjō!!" ("Freshly-Gathered Fresh! Cure Berry is Born!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 02

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 02

Airdate: February 8, 2009

Aono Miki goes on her usual daily routine of jogging in the morning, before proceeding to have a heavy breakfast, and then make preparations for the day ahead. Meanwhile Love awakens to find Tarte and Chiffon in her room, bewildered by Chiffon's psychic abilities and a ferret that spoke in Kansai dialect. Once she calms down Tarte introduces himself and Chiffon to her before he explains the parallel worlds, the legendary Pretty Cure, and Labyrinth, an organisation whose aim is to revive Infinity through gathering sorrow from humans. Love's mother then comes in unexpectedly to remind Love of her dancing lessons with Miyuki. On her way Love runs into Inori walking a dog. She tells her about the exciting news and tries to persuade Inori to join the dancing lessons, but Inori doesn't feel qualified.

But before she leaves, Love encourages her to keep thinking it over and runs off to go and find Miki. Upon entering Miki's house, Love finds out that Miki had already gone out on a "date" with her boyfriend and the only one at home now is her mother. She asks Love to be a model for her in order to try out some hairstyles. So as this goes on Love texts Miki to ask her about the dance lessons.

Meanwhile, Eas is in a horrible mood due to Pretty Cure ruining her plan. She talks to Westar and Soular about the other plan and she decides they have to think up something harder. She appears near the Clover Restaurant where Miki and her "boyfriend", really her younger brother are and she summons a vending machine Nakewameke, splashing and spraying fizzy juices of different flavours. The monster ends up rampaging near the restaurant and flooded it with orange juice. So Miki and her brother flee to the bathroom and due to his illness, he is beginning to feel really sick. Miki blocks the door with heavy objects to prevent the juice from flooding in and tries to get him outside by using the big window nearby.

Refusing to let her bother drown she pushes him up above her. She helps him escape but the door opens, allowing all of the juice to flood in and nearly drown her!

Love, who's hair was redone into an afro, realisez how late she is and rushes out of the salon as Tarte, holding Chiffon on his back, follows her to try to locate the Nakewameke. Chiffon's forehead begins to glow blue and this triggers Burun, a pickrun that had been observing Miki since that morning to fly into her cellphone while a blue barrier protects her from all of the juice. Miki then proceeds to transform into Cure Berry and with the help of her special purifying move, Espoir Shower, she is able to make the Nakewameke stop.

After Eas leaves Miki changes back to normal while trying to figure out what happened. Love confronts her about Pretty Cure and begins to recall what happened to her until remembering how late she is. When Miki's brother approaches she makes an attempt to speak to him. But Love grabs onto her and pulls her away while Tarte and Chiffon watch. They meet with Miyuki and quickly begin to dance.

As this goes on, nobody seems to notice a wistful Inori watching from a distance...

3 (245)- "Toretate Furesshu! Kyua Pain Tanjō!!" ("Freshly-Harvested Fresh! Cure Pine is Born!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 03

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 03

Airdate: February 15, 2009

Inori thinks back to the other day when Love was telling her about the news revolving her dance practice. Inori seemed excited but due to a lack of confidence she refused the offer. Then she thinks about how she stood watching them later that day. She really did want to dance with Love and Miki but she's too nervous in front of others.

Because of this, Inori heads to a church nearby her school to pray and insist this is why it's so important that she changes herself. She wants more confidence but isn't so sure she can get it. As she does this, the yellow Pickrun watches from overhead and soon Inori leaves to go to the park to see if Love and Miki are practicing, but she sadly doesn't find them, then heads home. Where she finds her mother and dad, and sees a kid leaving with his dog, Lucky.

Meanwhile, Miki and Love have returned to her home to discuss official pretty cure business. She tells her mother not to interupt them but doesn't explain why, and once in the room she moves her curtains aside to find Tarte and Chiffon waiting for them. Tarte gives them the gist of what pretty cure is about, but they are mislead into thinking they can become big time hero celebrities because of this. He explains that there are rules to being pretty cure and how wrong they are in thinking they can just openly let others know about it. But before he can say anymore, he is forced to hide when Love's mother suddenly comes inside.

Love scolds her mother, who assumes she has a boyfriend. But suddenly, Chiffon begins to wake up and she asks Love where she got the plush doll. Luckily, Miki covers for her by saying she had won Chiffon in a crane game earlier. With that she reveals the tarts she brought up for Love and Miki, only to see Tarte being held by Love. They are unable to give her a clear response, but because she thinks Tarte is adorable, Love's mother asks her father if they could keep him as a pet. He accepts, which makes her very happy.

The next day Love is leaving from school. She finds Miki reading near town and they run to the park where Inori is waiting to see if they show up again. She begins to leave, only to be distracted by Kaoru who offers her a donut while telling her he has a special going on. In order to help her out, he compares her lack of confidence to some donuts he made.

Meanwhile, Love and Miki are in the middle of dancing, inside today. They are very worn out and Miyuki explains that the dances were designed for a trio, not two people. Which makes them think about Inori some more while they leave sometime later. They know she wants to join them, but she's just so shy right now that they know if they just push her it will only make her upset. So they decide the best thing to do is just to wait for her to decide when she wants to join them. As Inori enjoys the view with Lucky and his owner, Inori reminds him that because she's still healing it's best to not let her push herself. However, Lucky runs off into the water while Inori chases after her. They begin to play in the water as the yellow pickrun watches from above. But unknown to them Setsuna is also watching. She transforms into Eas and approaches them, just as Inori goes on to reveal what animal she's afraid of. Which interupts and before they know what's happening, she changes Lucky into a proceeds to change Lucky into a Nakewameke. As Lucky causes destruction all around and everyone runs from the area surrounding them.

Love and Miki find everyone running around in a panic and when the find the dog Nakewameke, they run into hiding to change into Cure Peach and Cure Berry. Meanwhile Inori is trying to find someone to help while the pickrun continues to trail above her. She realizes that because she can't find anyone she's going to have to do it herself and runs back to the location. She finds Berry and Peach attacking Lucky and Inori is able to speak to her, trying to calm her down.

She asks them not to hurt Lucky and it seems to work, but suddenly, Eas convinces the Nakewamake to continue attacking. Berry and Peach grab onto Inori and pull her away, causing them the fall down and her cellphone to fly out of her pocket. The yellow pickrun takes advantage of this moment and flies into it, transforming it into a Linkrun and protecting her from the Nakewameke. As the cellphone changes, Tarte notices Chiffon's strange behavior and realizes that the third pretty cure has been located! After she changes, Inori is quick to realize that Peach and Berry are really Love and Miki. With that, the trio resume fighting the Nakewameke, but Cure Pine tells them not to hurt Lucky. She is convinced that even if she doesn't want to harm Lucky, she has to in order to change her back to normal. They are able to knock her down and when she's become weaker, Cure Pine uses Healing Prayer to fix her and tranform her back into normal!

After this, Eas takes a moment to observe what was going on and takes her leave. The three pretty cure observe Lucky and soon things change back to normal and they head back to Love's home to discuss the events that took place that day. They notice Inori seems to be very nervous and apprehensive, causing them much surprise in realizing she's frightened by ferrets.

However, Inori decides she is going to join them as Pretty Cure and she decides she is going to join their dance group also, taking this time to reveal that she made them some special dance uniforms and the episode comes to an end...

4 (246)- "Shifon ga Maigo? Machijū Mō Ōsawagi!!" ("Chiffon is Lost? The Whole Town's Already in a Big Riot!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 04

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 04

Airdate: February 22, 2009

At home, Tarte is explaining to the girls what it means to be pretty cure. They seem to understand it, but soon get distracted by the fact he speaks using a Kansai dialect. He claims it to be how everyone back where he comes from speaks, just for Chiffon to interupt by using her magic to cause things to float. They try to get Tarte to explain this to them but he provides useless and they try to avoid everything flying around, threatening to hit them.

Eventually, after her magic accidentally knocks over the glass of juice sitting near the donuts, everything comes to an immediate halt. Love is very frustrated but when Tarte claims they are still edible she challanges him to eat one. He does it very easily, but finds the flavours so overwhelmingly good that he eats the other two donuts too! At first things seem to be fine but Chiffon acts up again, like getting Miki angry after being embaressed. But when she asks Tarte why he isn't watching Chiffon, they find him missing. A note has been left in his place but it's not wrote in a language they can understand and try to look around the room to see if he's still there.

As they do this though, a few erasers sneak into their clothing because of Chiffon and tickle the girls until they are reduced to the floor, trying to remove the erasers. But when Love tries to tell Chiffon to knock it off, this just makes her cry.

They try to calm her down by making funny faces, but this only makes her cry worse. Miki thinks she knows what to do and she puts a cute accessory onto Chiffon's ear but when she doesn't want it, they try to baby her by seeing if she needs changed or fed. Chiffon cries and cries, causing everything to begin floating around again. But then, she suddenly stops and vanishes, floating outside!

While getting a while and the girls became annoyed by Chiffon, Chiffon decided to leave making the girls run into the city and fight Chiffon before she did trouble. Love saw Chiffon who was going alone but still making things float, ready to capture Chiffon, they bumped into each other, making Chiffon escape, then in another scene a clown was there performing a show but Chiffon showed up making the show horrible, but Chiffon laughed at them. Meanwhile, Eas was getting ready to attack but Westar said he was going to attack this time since Eas had already done many.

Westar turned into his human form seeing what was happening but then he was seeing that he was making people happy so then he summoned a Nakewameke. The girls weren't happy that they didn't find Chiffon but seeing a Nakewameke made the girls angry and they turned into Cures. They fighted but they got stuck because of the Nakewameke, Chiffon was there which he helped the Cures by unlocking them and they continued to fight, then Cure Peach performed Love Sunshine, that made the Nakewameke get defeated and also Chiffon got captured by the girls.

While they got home, making Chiffon not cry was a sucsess because of the Cure Vitan, and the girls also went dancing making them lively, who was making also their teacher happier, and Tarte got happy also by not Chiffon's cryness.

5 (247)- "Yūenchi de Dokidoki! Wakuwaku Dēto Kibun!?" ("Heart's Racing at the Amusement Park! Those Exciting Date Feelings?!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 05

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 05

Airdate: March 1, 2009

Chinen Daisuke, Sawa Yuuki and Mikoshiba Kento were in a room with Westar who disguise himself as a future teller, Yuuki then told Westar that he wanted to go on a date as the other boys also and Westar said he would in an amusement park. Miki then heard the news but then she didn't want to go with them because she already had a "boyfriend" but Love then said if everyone went it would be better and they accepted. Everyone was getting ready to go to the amusement and then Daisuke was with Love, Yuuki was with Miki and Kento with Inori .

In the amusement park, Daisuke had bought tickets to go see Trinity with Love. Yuuki was too shy to even speak, but then he remembered Westar's words that he said to him and said to Miki to have fun. They then got masked as the knight and the princess making them as a couple but Yuuki was really shy. Kento was with Inori in the horror house even though he was scared, but Inori coudn't help but to sit somewhere and talk to him, while they were talking Love then shouted her name when she was in a rollercoaster making her suprised if it was her imagination.

While they were heaing a good time, Westar then summoned a Panda Nakewameke making everyone leave but Miki, Inori and Love transformed in Cures. While fighting, Daisuke interfered and got grabbed by the Nakewameke but Yuuki came past and was trying to reach Daisuke but he then got throwed and was in mid-air, luckily Cure Berry came and grabbed him and made sure he was safe. After the Cures made a plan and defeated the Nakewameke. The boys were wainting again for the girls and they came then they fighted as the boys said the Pretty Cures were amazing, but as usual the began to play again.

6 (248)- "Kieta Hanbāgu! Daisuki na Mono o Mamore!!" ("The Missing Hamburger! Protect Your Favorite Things!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 06

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 06

Airdate: March 8, 2009

The episode begins with Moebius, telling his servants about the meter, and why should they fill it, after he dissapeared they all were dicusing the problem, then suddenly Soular, started laughing at them, he then told them that catching the Cures was easy and left, as he said to himself he was different from them. Meanwhile, Love's mother, Ayumi, was working in a supermarket, and then she saw Love with her friends, and asked them what would they make, Love then answered that she would make a hamburger and then Ayumi became sad.

Then it was night, Soular then had gone to a school, and then summoned a Nakewameke out of a chalk board. While, Love was making hamburgers for her family, but then she had to go get a letter and left the hamburgurs alone. Soular was thinking of his plan, if he could erase things from children they would cry and the more it would fill the meter, he first started with hamburgers. Then all the hamburgers in town started dissapearing including the ones which were Love'.

Love then came back and saw her hamburgers dissapeared, then she started at Tarte, as if he did it, then he said no, then after Ayumi came home finding Love by herself and also the hambugers disaapeared. Ayumi then thought that Love ate them and told her that she wanted her to change, after some other talks Ayumi and Love became mad at each other and then got separated. Outside, Soular then got happy because of his success. It was a new day, and Love was still mad, then she got asked by Miki why would she help her mother, Love said because her mother was late she then started to help.

Miki then came up with an idea to forgive Ayumi and make her dinner, and they went to the shop. While Soular then choosed to erase games, and other things, then the girls knew it was Labyrinth. The girls separated to see about Soular and then Love also worried about Ayumi, but then kept searching. Soular seeing people again happy because of families, then started to erase love, making people hate each other. However, the girls then found him, and they turned into Cures. The Cures were fighting and then easly defeated the Nakewameke, Soular got dissapointed and left.

Everything got back to normal, as Ayumi forgived Love, and were eating together.

7 (249)- "Setsuna to Rabu, Yūjō no Kurōbā!" ("Setsuna and Love, the Clover of Friendship!")

(せつなとラブ 友情のクローバー!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 07

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 07

Airdate: March 15, 2009

Eas told Moebius about her plan, to become friends with Love, and when Love was not paying attention, she would steal her Linkrun from her. Moebius liked the plan. Eas turned into her human form, was carrying a hat, and she was waiting for Love to come. Love told her mother that she was going shopping. While doing so, she saw Setsuna's hat blowing down the street, but than she caught it. Setsuna told Love that it was a long time since they met and Love hugged her as hard as she could. While they were talking and walking, Setsuna asked her if she could take a look at Love's Linkrun; however Kaoru showed up and Setsuna became angry.

Setsuna told Love that she never tried doughnuts so Love shouted at Kaoru to give her one. He gave her a heart one but since Chiffon was crying, Love left leaving Setsuna alone with her Linkrun for a little while. However, Love quickly came back and took the Linkrun so she could feed Chiffon. Miki and Inori walked with a dog and than were waiting for Love to come. Miki was impatient and she was getting tired before they finally showed up. Setsuna knew that all of them were Cures and Miki was suspicious about Setsuna.

Then they went to the park and talked. Love said to her friends that Setsuna was a fortune teller and that she was lucky. Miki and Inori were really surprised because they were in the same age. Love then asked Setsuna what was her happiness but for Setsuna that was a hard question. After they went in a lucky lottery on the last day it was being held, Love got all hearts but you had to take a green clover so it could be lucky. Love could not pick any of the clovers. Then it was Setsuna's job to pick one and she picked one. They won and Love was happy. While they were cheering and were happy, Westar did a Nakewameke. Setsuna got angry and left, but the girls turned into cures and started fighting.

People were running but the Nakewameke could freeze time, making it so people could not move. Setsuna ran and then the Nakewameke hit her. She fell down and she was mad about it. The cures were hitting the monster, but it rewound time or they got stopped. The monster messed up and sped up time, so they had to get rid of it fast. Cure Peach did Love Sunshine, Cure Berry did Espoir Shower and Cure Pine did Healing Prayer but than Nakewameke stopped it. Peach was angry since the monster hurt Setsuna. She said that they were having good times. This powered up Love Sunshine, which destroyed the Nakewameke.

Setsuna could not believe it and everything got back to normal. Love was happy and gave Setsuna the green lucky clover that she won from the jackpot. Setsuna left and changed back to her normal form and was looking at the necklace. The girls danced and had fun, but Eas was getting her plan worked out. And Love was happy and remembered Setsuna along with her friends.

8 (250)- "Shifon Dai Pinchi! Pīchi no Atarashii Chikara!!" ("Chiffon in a Pinch! Peach's new power!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 08

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 08

Airdate: March 22, 2009

It was night and everyone was asleep, except Love, who was talking to Miyuki about her dancing schedule, Miyuki then told her to come at tomorrow noon. The next day, Love woke up as she thought was late, and was crying however she paused at a moment and then forgot it was in noon, suddenly then Chiffon started crying. Tarte seeing him cry then said if she was hungry. Love then opened her Linkrun, and produced the Cure Vitan, however the bottle was empty, resulting to Tarte getting panicked.

Then Tarte said it was okay, as he had the important paper, but then Tarte coudn't find it and asked Love where it was, Love then said she had throw it away, Tarte then fell down as he was angry. Love had no way but to feed Chiffon, she gave her milk, apples, pancakes, and rice, but Chiffon rejcted it and didn't want to eat. Love didn't give up, and made a cocoa as her mother used to when she was young. Love gave it to Chiffon, however she still refused, making Love angry. Chiffon became sad and used her powers to throw objects at Love.

Love then went to Miyuki and was dancing, however she thought of Chiffon who was sad, and hungry. Miyuki noticted that Love was sad, and told her to go and calm. Love then went quickly went to her home to see about Chiffon. Her friends also came and wanted to help Chiffon. Tarte then said to them that it was possible to make a Cure Vitan. The girls then started to heart about the ingridients, Tarte mentioned impossible things and her friends got mad at him. However then Tarte said they could do somethin similar to create the Cure Vitan, and everyone was ready.

The girls started with the "Rainbow Egg" Love tried coloring it but it didn't work, Miki then did it and one ingridient was gone. The second one was "A tear from the sky" the girls tried it as Love had to eat a spicy food to make her cry and it was done. The third one was "The tail from a unicorn" the girls tried it with Miki as she had a ponytail and it worked. The fourth one was "A tornado ingridient" the girls tried it as they had to spin and it worked, the last one "A ring from someone's happiness" this one was the trickiest, however they had the help of Kaoru. The ring (donut) was falling in the same time, Westar attacked by summing a Nakewameke. The girls saw it and then transformed into Cures and were fighting.

The Nakewameke was about to step at Chiffon, however Cure Peach came and was protecting, while holding the Nakewameke, she said many words about Chiffon. Then with the help of Cure Berry and Pine the Nakewameke fell down. Then the girls performed their attacks, however the Nakewameke was hard to defeat. The Nakewameke then produced dark energy and made Cure Peach fall down as her Linkrun fell down separate. The Nakewameke was about to step at her, then Cure Peach said sorry to Chiffon resulting to her to give a tear, Chiffon seeing it then drank Love's drink and then smiled. In Chiffon's forehead then it shined as Cure Peach's brooch shined then Pirun appeared.

From Pirun's power then Peach Rod appeared, as she was able to perform, Love Sunshine Fresh, then the Nakewameke dissapeared. The girls came back and finally do the Cure Vitan, however Chiffon didn;t need it as she then ate a burger with the help of Pirun and Tarte says that because of the new power, Chiffon has grown and now can eat more. Everyone then gets happy and Love smiles at Pirun.

9 (251)- "Miki no Yume, Watashi Purikyua Yameru!!" ("Miki's Dream, I Want to Quit Being Pretty Cure!!")

(美希の夢 私プリキュアやめる!!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 09

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 09

Airdate: March 29, 2009

The episode begins with Miki posing on the camera. Then, Love, and Inori were seeing how she possed. Then suddenly her manager asked Love if she would like to pose, and Love accepted. Then Love had to wear a bear costume, and her face was covered, Love did not like it, but she liked posing. Love then started posing with Miki. Then they went out, and were talking about the photoshoot. Then Miki explained Love and Inori the dream she wanted, to be a model, who would travel the world.

Meanwhile, Klein was telling that their mission was working, and if they defeated the Cures, they would have more power, then Lord Moebius answered where was Infinity. While, at Kaoru, Inori, Miki, and Love were hanging out with Tarte, who was explaining about Infinity, which was a memory card which had an infinite capacity. This talk made Love tired, Love than asked what would happen if they surrendured, and Tarte explained as this world would be like Moebius' world, where you were controled to do things.

Then while talking, Kazuki arrived, which made Love, and Inori think that it was Miki's boyfriend, then Kazuki told them that Miki was his sister, which made Love think that Kazuki was the younger boy, who cried. Kazuki then told Miki that there was a competiton of models, who could go and travel the whole world, Miki hearing it, then became intrested. It was night time, and everyone celebrated Miki's succsess. Then Miki had a talk with Love, and Inori, and told them what they had to do, and Love, and Inori axcepted. Then Tarte from the bad asked himself that why would she quit Pretty Cure.

The next day, Miki went to the competition, and she had passed the first level. While, Westar was in a park, and then revealed himself, and summoned a Nakewameke. Love, and Inori saw it and transformed into Cures. They were fighting, and trying their best while replacing Cure Berry. As in bad luck, both of them were getting defeated. Meanwhile, Miki was applining. Cure Peach, and Pine were still fighting and in the same time, people were filming them, as they appeared on the news. Miki seeing her friends on TV, then left the competition and went to save them.

While running, Kaoru appeared, who took Miki on a ride to the Cures. After some minutes Miki appeared, and transformed. Cure Berry then suprisingly came and fighted the Nakewameke, while then they regrouped and luckily they destroyed the Nakewameke. Everything, then was over, Miki then told them that she quited the competition, because of them. Love, and Inori started crying because of it, then suddenly Miki said that she would never leave them, and made everyone happy.

10 (252)- "Taruto ga Inori de Inori ga Taruto!?" ("Tart is Inori, Inori is Tart!?")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 10

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 10

Airdate: April 5, 2009

Love, Miki, Inori, Tarte and Chiffon are all in Love's bedroom. Love and Inori are making perfumes, Miki comments that according to your taste a great smell can change your mood. Chiffon smells Inori's fragrance and falls asleep. Tarte tries to smell Inori 's fragrance but she backs aways with intense fright, causing her fragrance to nearly topple on the floor if it wasn't for Tarte catching it. Without noticing it Tarte has cut his tail.

Meanwhile at an arcade Soular in his civilian (human) form sees a couple play with a gambling machine but lose. Soular grins at this, before changing into his Labyrinth form and turning the gambling machine into a Nakewameke. It starts to turn people into animals everyone runs away like a stampede. The people all pass Love's house, Inori and Tarte look to see what happens and the Nakewameke switches Tarte's body with Inori's. Love and Miki don't believe it at first but then they grasp it. Love and Miki go in search of the Nakewameke whilst Inori and Tarte go to Inori's parents vet.

Inori's parents call Inori to help at he vet since there was so much animals. Once they got there all the human-turned-animals had crowded around and was completely full. After some time all these people left saying the vet could not reverse the changes. Inori and Tarte arrive, beforehand Inori ordered Tarte not to speak because he still had his voice. Inori confesses to she too was turned into an animal, Inori's father notices the cut on her tail and ties a bandage around it. Her father jokes saying that she was turned into the animal she feared the most, a ferret. Inori does not find the joke funny but then he tells her that animals sense pain differently from humans. He tells her that her fear of ferrets came from when she was a child a ferret bit her. Meanwhile, after they've transformed, Cure Peach and Cure Berry are struggling to fight the monster of the week.

Finally Tarte as Inori and Inori as Tarte arrive, Inori can't bear seeing her friends getting hurt so she says if Tarte can challenge his emotions with her, he could transform into Cure Pine. They try and succeed, Tarte now gets a chance of seeing what it's like to fight as Pretty Cure. Berry shoots her Espoir Shower followed by Pine's Healing Prayer finished by Peach's Love Sunshine Fresh. Tarte and Inori high five causing their bodies to return to normal. Across the town,the people are reverted from their animal forms and vice versa. Inori finally gets rid of her fear of ferrets, and Love remembers that they have a dance lesson to go to. They all agree to have Kaoru's donuts after their lesson and then rush to their lesson.

11 (253)- "Miyuki no Ikari! Mō Dansu wa Oshienai!?" ("Miyuki's Anger! She Won't Teach Dancing Anymore!?")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 11

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 11

Airdate: April 12, 2009

The episode starts with the Cures fighting a Nakewameke. After Peach deafeted it with Love Sunshine, the attacked people thanked them and the Cures ran away. A moment after, Peach remebers that they are late for their dance lessons and they started to hurry. When they are there, Miyuki gets angry. The girls said that they can hurry and change, but Miyuki said that if they always are late, there is no need for dance lessons. Love tries to say that something came up, but Miyuki said that she don't about Love's exuces and she don't want to give them lessons anymore. After she said that, she leaved. The girls became depressed and did not know what to do.

Behind a tree, Setsuna is hiding. She saw everything and decides to use it for matrial to her new plan. When Love walked home Setsuna came and asked Love if something happend. Love explained everything and Setsuna gave her Fortune Telling as a gift. She told Love that if she is with Miyuki, they don't going to get their happiness. Love became even more depressed, and it was still so the day after. Only a pat on her back made her cry.

At Kaoru's Café, she still was down. But she got better when she eated a Donut. Daisuke asked about what happend, the girls explained everything for Daisuke. Love decided to call Miyuki and apologize to her, but Miyuki did not answer in the phone. Inori said that she must be working. Love decided to apologize to her face to face instand. Daisuke gave her Trinity's schedule and Love got suprised because she did not think that Daisuke had things like that. Love took photos of it with her Linkrun and thanked Daisuke.

It was really hard to find Trinity. First when the girl tried to sneak in to a building, they was discovered because of the saw a famous TV star. The second time the girls tried to reach them, they were pushed back by crazy fans. In the last stop, when they finally reached them, Miyuki did not care when Love was calling har name. She chased after their van, but Miyuki still ingnored Love.

Love walked in the street when she met Setsuna. Love said that Setsuna's Fortune Telling maybe was true after all. A moment after Miyuki appeared on the big screen. She talked about a girl that remeber her of her past self and how much she cares for the girl. Love knew that it was her. She apologized to Setsuna and said that she really love Miyuki. She left to apologize to Miyuki one last time, but when she came in to the studio, Eas attacked with a Nakewameke. Love became suprised, but she tranformed and fought it anyways. Later Peach got joined with Pine and Berry and she deafeted it with Love Sunshine Fresh .

After the fight, Love apologizes to Miyuki, and Miyuki apologizes to her. Miyuki said that they can continue with the lessons, if they don't will be late again.

12 (254)- "Minna de Henshin! Fusafusa Daisakusen!!" ("Let's Transform! The Big Fringy Tactic!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 12

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 12

Airdate: April 19, 2009

Love was feeding Chiffon, when Tarte came in a strange wig. It appears Love's dad makes wigs for pets and tarte is his test subject. Meanwhile, at the Fortune telling mansion, Westar is tensed because he can't think of ways to bring misfortune to people. He has no choice and asks for Eas and Soular's help. He is afraid to face Moebius now. Later, at Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe, Tarte is telling the stories of how he was testing various wigs for Love's dad. Love tells the others about her father. He is a wig maker and ws always obsessed with wigs, even when she was little. Then kaoru-chan comes telling a joke and Tarte goes away with him. Miki tells Love that her father gave a lot of wigs to her mom's store. Buki says pet wigs are becoming fashionable and shows a dog on street walking with a wig. Then the 3 girls notice, that the dog's owners are actually Love and Buki's dads. Meanwhile, Hayato is helping old lady to get rid of old machines like a fan or washing machine while being surrounded by fangirls. He asked the lady if there was something unfortunate recently, but the woman said now that he helped her she is happy. It apears that Eas and Soular suggested him to go to neighborhood to look for sorrow inspiration. The 2 gave him good advice, but everything seems to go badly. Then a man asked Hayato's help too. Back at the girls, Buki's dad and Love's dad tell the girls how they decided to work together. It was a hot summer day when Buki wasn't around and a pet was brought suffering from heat. It was wearing a wig. The dog was fine internally and the day wasn't that hot. Buki's dad looked how pets are suffering from fashion when Love's dad came. The 2 talked and decided to combine their experiences as a vet and wig maker to create a perfect wig for pets that would look stylish but pets won't suffer. After hard work they created a product - Casual Yet Thrilling Pet-kun Mark II. Buki asked do the pets like wearing the wigs since it can bring sorrow to pets who wear it against their will. Tarte said he enjoyed it. That's why Love's dad is working on a wig that will bring happiness to pets. He asked the help of Love who instantly refused. He asked the help of other girls and Love told him to not get her friends into those weird ideas, dragging them away. Hayato heard everything and he found his inspiration for sorrow - if humans are forced to wear those wigs they will become sorrowful. When the 2 dads were about to go home, Hayato Switched to Westar and created nakewameke from the wig. He changed the hairstyles of both men and went to the city. At first people were scared of monster but when their hairstyles changed everyone started laughing. Westar changed their hairtyles once more and more people became happy. Every time he tried changing more and more people became happy until he got tired and the world was happy. Meanwhile, the girls were walking and saw the monster. It changed their wigs. Miki and Buki got cute wigs while Love got afro. It was cinvenient playing with Chiffon, but they soon realized it's monster and transformed. They tried fighting but the nakewameke was too soft and fluffy to fight. Then Love and Buki's fathers came. Love's dad tried reaching the wig but Westar said it's no use. The Cures tried defeating it, when Love and Buki's dads helped them. They said it's like a child to them because they worked really hard on it. The Cures promissed to get this child back. they threw it and Peach finished nakewameke with Love Sunshine Fresh. The wig fell into water. Peach gave it back. Then Love's dad confessed that he might look obsessed with it because even his daughter think he's strange. Then Love's dad thought of something - they never thought about the wig's water resistance. They were about to return to work when Cure Peach said, that his daughter probably understand his feelings, or at least she thinks so. Love's das was happy and together the 2 dashed to work. Later the girls said how Love is similar to her dad - he takes his work seriously while Love takes dancing seriously. Love said it's different but the girls said it's the same. Meanwhile, failed Westar returned to the mansion and Eas with Soular told him the Gauge has filled by zero drops exactly. Westar said he followed their advice to the letter and Eas said giving advice to someone like is pointless. Soular said he'll report everything to Moebius.

13 (255)- "Shifon ga Byōki!? Pain no Atarashii Chikara!!" ("Chiffon is Sick!? Pine's New Power!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 13

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 13

Airdate: April 26, 2009

While Inori, Love and Miki where eating, Tarte played a game. Tarte saw Chiffon and noticed that she did not look good. Tarte went to Inori, Love and Miki to tell that Chiffon did not look good. Worried, Love and Tarte want Inori to help her. Inori, who's aiming to be a veterinarian, took care of Chiffon. Inori did what her dad would do and did a palpation, which was to discover where it hurt. Chiffon was not giving any signs. Inori was sad and was going to have tell her dad that something was wrong with Chiffon. However, she saw her mother leaving and told Inori that she and her husband and going to a farm to give a birth to a cow, and that they were not coming back until tomorrow.

Inori was sad, and she tried some more. She searched on her computer and more till midnight, but didn't find anything. Chiffon was getting worse. While everyone was sleeping, in another scene there was two people playing with a game device. Soular in his human form came to the people which were playing. He was asking questions about the game. He then made a Nakewameke with a form of the game device, and the two people ran away. That morning Inori woke up and saw Chiffon feeling worse. When she opened the windows she saw a egg floating in the sky. Love and Miki had gone running and they saw a bunch of people watching the egg too. Love and Miki got worried because it was cracking. It hatched into a Nakewameke called Big Bird which came from the video game device. Love and Miki then turned into Cures.

The Cures defeated the monster. but the monster came back to life again. Soular said that this Nakawameke is immortal and it could not be defeated. When Inori sees Peach and Berry getting clobbered, Inori had two choises, to leave Chiffon and fight and defeat the Nakewameke or to see her friends get clobbered. When Chiffon sees Inori crying, she said that it was ok, you can leave me here and fight, after it shows Tarte sleeping and a bright light coming from her Linkrun and it produced a yellow Pickrun. When Peach and Berry were tired, Inori showed up with her Linkrun. She transformed into Cure Pine and she fought the Nakewameke, and was having a hard time doing so. Cure Pine used her upgraded power, Healing Prayer Fresh. When everything got back to normal everyone figured out that the problem with Chiffon was that she cannot poop. Everyone helped him.

14 (256)- "Yoninme no Purikyua!? Akarun o Sagase!!" ("The Fourth PreCure!? Find The Akarun!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 14

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 14

Airdate: May 3, 2009

Buki's yellow pickrun came out and Chiffon can talk now. He knows the girls' names and can say the names of the pickruns. Buki can now understand what animals are saying too. Chiffon says the names of the pickruns: Love's is Pirun, Miki's - Blurun and Buki's - Kirun. There is also Akarun, which is a surprise for the girls. If there is fourth pickrun, that means there are 4 Cures too. The girls realized it must be somewhere in Yotsuba and went out to search. Hayato heard everything disguised as a tree. He said he was here disguised whole week and hoped to hear their weakness. However Kaoru-chan knew it was him all the time. Later at Labyrinth Westar told his partners everything, saying they are now even with 3 on 3, but when the fourth Cure comes their team will be outnumbered. Eas only said they are not a team, but she and Soular decided to go together to defeat the Cures before they got stronger. Back in Yotsuba town, the girls were looking for Akaru, but Yotsuba is a big town. Then Buki thought of idea to ask the animals with her Kirun. They started from a hamster hat looked cute but was actually really rude. Then they asked a bird who asked them to feed her babies, who were really rude too. Then they met a cat and she said she'll tell them where is Akarun if they drive another cat away from her territory. Love decided to battle, because Miki as model couldn't risk scratching her face and Buki was really friendly with animals and they couldn't make her into such figths. Love tried her best but she lost in a catfight. Then a bird told them where to find Akarun. It was sleeping in a Prism Catcher. Love tried catching it, but Akarun kept moving aside right before she caught it. Then suddenly Akarun woke up and flied somewhere. Hayato was watching this. The girls were chacing Akarun with Hayato following them when it went to Yotsuba park - the place girls are dancing - and the first person they saw was Kaoru-chan. They thought maybe he is the fourth member but then they saw Miyuki. She said she was busy all day and wanted to eat so she came here to try Kaoru-chan's donuts. He brought her one donut and Akarun was inside. Miyuki was about to eat the donut when Eas stopped them, thinking Miyuki is the 4th Cure. Soular came too. Hayato crawled too. The girls asked Kaoru-chan to take care of Miyuki while they fight. Then they all transformed to Pretty Cure. They sepparated and fought one on one. Peach was against Eas, Berry was against Soular and Pine was against Westar. The generals were really strong. The Cures said they must work together and Ea understood that they are unable to defeat them one-on-one. However the girls had a plan - lure them all in one location. Their plan worked and after Westar crashed into the other members of the trio, Peach used Love Sunshine Fresh together with Pine's Healing Prayer Fresh and Berry's Espoir Shower. The trio retreated. Then Miyuki and Kaoru-chan returned and since Akarun was gone, the girls couldn't tell Miyuki anything. Then Miyuki decided to make them a special practice session - the girls will watch Miyuki trying a new step she just learned.

15 (257)- "Setsuna to Rabu, Aite o Omoiyaru Kokoro!" ("Setsuna and Love, Your Caring Heart!")

(せつなとラブ 相手を思いやる心!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 15

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 15

Airdate: May 10, 2009

After school Love is in good mood because she is meeting Setsuna later. Meanwhile, Moebius is angry why they still don't have Infinity. He tells Eas to take care of Pretty Cure and she agrees, saying Cure Peach is foolish enough to let her into her heart and she will steal her linkrun when she has chance. Later at the mansion Setsuna puts her pendant and leaves. Love is waiting for her near the statue and Setsuna is surprised to see the other girls but agrees to their company too. They are having fun time and go to Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe to eat some, but it's really busy there. It's all because Tarte is putting a show for Kaoru-chan. 2 performances a day for all-you-can-eat donuts. When Tarte explained everything, Kaoru-chan noticed another girl - Setsuna - standing there too. The girls asked her to don't freak out and keep their secret. Setsuna says she'll keep their secret because they're friends, but actually thinks how bored she is and wants to steal Love's linkrun and go home faster. Then they decide to go to bowling and Setsuna asks Love's email. She tires taking her linkrun but Miki and Buki suggest theirs too. Setsuna is surprised about this and says it's because their "phones" match. She tries taking the Lunkrun but CHiffon wakes up and starts using his telekinetic powers to make Love's linkrun and other stuff to fly around. Buki tried explaining and Miki with serious face told her to don't ask. Then they started talking about Setsuna's fortune to Love how she should give up on Miyuki. Setsuna said that regretfully she had to say this but her fortune changed now. Setsuna decided to play along to find their weakness. Meanwhile, human Soular - Shun - was out in the city to find some good nakewameke source and saw a parrot qouting the words of the store'a manager how he wants to date the woman. Shun Switches to Soular and makes Nakewameke from the parrot. Nakewameke can make people tell their true feelings to others and insult them too. They started arguing and the Gauge was rising. Then he saw the girls going to the bowling. Both girls chose their color bowling ball while Setsuna had to choose between red ball or black ball. Suddenly Soular made Miki and Buki say that it's unforgivable how her fortune made Love sad. Setsuna pretended to be hurt by their words and started crying. Love went to chace her. She tried to get Setsuna to forgive them and she did. Then Soular made Love say her true feelings - Love said she is happy Setsuna forgives them and that she is a good person. Setsuna was surprised by her words. Meanwhile Miki and Buki were sitting when they noticed the feathers on their backs. Meanwhile Love tried showing Setsuna how to bowl but missed. Setsuna said the phone might be in her way so she put it on the table. Setsuna (with black ball)scored a strike but then she pretended to faint. She said she's a bit dizzy and asked Love to buy her some water so she ran leaving her linkrun on the table. It was a good chance to grab it. Meanwhile Miki and Buki noticed how everyone seem to be arguing with the same feathers on their backs. More feathers flied through and they noticed Soular. He made the nakewameke bigger to fight the Cures. Love saw this and went to help them. They all tried transforming but Love didn't have her linkrun. She ran to get it while Miki and Buki transformed to Cures Berry and Pine. They tried fighting but their powers weren't enough. Meanwhile Setsuna tried grabbing the linkrun but it started shining and rejected Setsuna. Love came bringing her some water and told her to don't go anywhere and grabbed her linkrun. Soular was about to defeat the 2 girls but Love came and transformed to Cure Peach. After the fight Pine used Healing Prayer to purify the parrot while Peach used Love Sunshine Fresh to purify the rest. The people who were affected by nakewameke apoligized each other. Soular was mad. Then the girls returned to Setsuna and Miki and Buki apologized Setsuna for saying that. Buki was sure Setsuna was also caring about Love so she had to say such thing.

16 (258)- "Kyōfu no Bunkasai! Yoru no Gakkō ni Hibiku Ashioto!!" ("Horrible Culture Festival! Echoing Footsteps In The School at Night!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 16

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 16

Airdate: May 17, 2009

Love volunteered to organize the class festival so she with Miki and Buki bought a lot of stuff. Then Daisuke came wearing Frankeinstein's mask and carrying a dummy. Love was impressed. It appears their class are doing Haunted House. The 4 came to Kaoru-chan's donuts stand where Hayato was eating donuts and listening to music. Daisuke said he got them from his sister and Love said it was Trinity Power. Hayato removed his headphones only to hear -nity power. He assumed they were talking about Infinity. Then a box fell out of the full bags. Hayato thought Infinity is in that box. Since the bags were full, he put this box into his pocket. Later at school Love finished doing the hounted house when Daisuke came. His friends said he didn't do anything. Then he accidentally knocked over a skeleton. Both Love and Daisuke try catching it, but fail because Daisuke got scared of touching Love's hand. When Love and others asked why he didn't help her, Daisuke started saying how he doesn't care about this and it's just a simple festival nothing to worry about. After school Love and others went home with Love still angry about Daisuke. Then it started raining. Love remembered how she forgot to close the window at school and their well got wet. Love was trying to fix it when Daisuke came. He asked to help her when a thunder comes. Daisuke is scared of it so Love suggests him some tissues to use as airplugs. He is surprised that Love isn't laughing at him. He says to get to work and finish it faster. They are working when Westar creates the skeleton nakewameke. The 2 students hear a sound and assume the skeleton fell again. They go outside only to see the skeleton gone, 2 bony hands clamp on their shoulders. It was their skeleton that became nakewameke. The 2 got scared but before Love, recognising Labyrinth work, can transform, Daisuke drags her away. Love can't transform with Daisuke there and she just mails to Miki and Buki while the skeleton changes school to hounted house. Then Daisuke runs into a barrier while Love gets into a pit. She falls and is scared by nakewameke. She tries to transform but Daisuke comes and tackles it, only to get 2 skeletons instead of one. They baricaded themselves in the lab and Daisuke says he was worried about Love when she disappeared. Then the skeletons came to the lab and the 2 students escaped through the side exit. They were outside when Westar and nakewameke cornered them. Love asked him to run but he declaired he'll protect Love with the thunder punctuating his vow. Then he didn't moved and Love poked him only to see that he fainted standing, because he got scared by the lighting. Then Miki and Buki cme and the 3 transformed to Pretty Cure. The 2 skeletons attack when Westar ordered them to bring him Daisuke. Berry and Pine take care of them while Love tries protecting Daisuke. Pine finishes the copy with Healing Prayer Fresh while Miki battles the true nakewameke on the roof. She tries using Espoir Shower but it doesn't work. Then nakewameke brings Daisuke to Westar and he takes the box from his pocket. Nakewameke throws Daisuke and he almost hits the sign but is saves by Chiffon's telekinesis.Then Peach fired Love Sunshine Fresh to Westar and defeated nakewameke. Berry wonders why she couldn't defeat nakewameke. Later the hounted house is working and while Love and Daisuke get into one of their casuals arguments, Miki still wonders why couldn't she defeat nakewameke.

17 (259)- "Shifon wa Makasete! Berī no Atarashii Chikara!!" ("Leave Chiffon to Me! Berry's New Power!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 17

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 17

Airdate: May 24, 2009

The episode starts with the girls talking when Chiffon gets hungry. Buki translates her request of chocolate cake with her Kirun while Love takes away the cake with her Pirun. The 2 are having good time with Chiffon when Berry remembers her worry. She realizes, that she needs to take care of Chiffon more.She brings Chiffon to her room, but when she accidentally knocks over some perfume bottles, Miki scolds her. Chiffon starts crying and Miki apologizes her, however this doesn't stops her crying. Later she cooks Chiffon a meal when her mom comes. Miki blurts out that she is thinking what kind of menu would a baby like before remembering that she has to keep secret from her mom. She says it's practice for when she will become mother in future, which leads her into even more suspicions. Miki brought Chiffon some food but she refused to eat. Miki tried giving her some Miki special Cure Vitan she mixed with vegetables and asked her to bring out her pickrun. Chiffon refused to eat and splashed few drops of the Cure Vitan on Miki's clothes, making her panic. Meanwhile, Love and Buki were eating donuts and noticed Miki running with her hair messed up, which is unusual for her since she always keeps them perfectly combed. Miki went to the library and started reading childcare books. There she is noticed by Love's mom who tells this to Miki's mom when Love's mom comes to her hair salon. Back at home she decided to change her character so it's acceptable for a child so she changed her clothes and was too sweet, scaring Chiffon. Then she started crying for Love and buki which led her mom into even more suspicions. She came into her room to looks for the baby which Miki hid behind her back. Miki managed to get out this time. Later at the photo shoot Miki saw Chiffon using his powers to get the truck she was in flying. The photographers decided to take a break so Miki went to calm Chiffon. She tried offering her a rice cake but she refused again. Then Miki's mom came who was with Miki in the photo shoot and told her the story of how little Miki was playing hide-and-seek with others and got lost. Her mom went to look for her and found her in a park alone. While she was telling this story, Chiffon escaped to look for Love and Buki. After finishing her talking with mom, Miki went to look for Chiffon, even asking Hayato, not recognising him as Westar. She was looking for her everywhere and remembered more of the story her mom was tellng. She remembered how lonely she was hiding there and hoped for someone to find her faster and how relieved she was when her mom finally found her. Then she saw CHiffon, being fed by Love and Buki. She started scolding Chiffon for running away like that but then hugs her and apologizes her just like her mom hugged her. She starts crying and Chiffon gets her pickrun out. Then Westar attacks with sandwich nakewameke. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. The Cures were fighting nakewameke with Pine being chaced by sauces and they caught her pushing her and Peach inside the nakewameke, making, as Westar said, Pretty Cure sandwich. The sandich kept shooting some sharp sausages when one aimed at Chiffon. Berry saved her just in time and used Espoir Shower Fresh to defeat it. After the battle Miki says it was her mom who tought her a lesson how she should give her love to CHiffon, so Miki decides to be a firm caretaker, full of love and discipline to Chiffon.

18 (260)- "Purikyua ni Aitai! Chiisana Onnanoko no Negai!!" ("I Want to Meet Pretty Cure! A Little Girl's Wish!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 18

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 18

Airdate: May 31, 2009

The girls are at Miki's home, trying Blurun's power - to change Chiffon's clothes. When she dresses Chiffon as teddy bear, Miki's mom comes, saying Kazuki collapsed at school and now is at hospital. When the girls come, Kazuki is fine. Tarte is not allowed to hospital, since pets are not allowed. Then a little girl, Chika, notices Chiffon, thinking she is a teddy bear, hugs it. Meanwhile, at Labyrinth mansion, Westar is reading magazine about Pretty Cure, that they are popular with kids. However the thing he is worried about is that nobody wrote anything about him in there, even though he was also in there - small, in a corner of the picture, standing on the roof. Eas and Soular said, that if he defeats Pretty Cure before the eyes of their fanchildren, the Gauge will be filled in one go. Back at hospital, Chika's mom told the girls, that Chika will be having operation and is scared for it, so she wrote a letter to Pretty Cure, wanting them to come. However her mom doesn't know what to do. Later Love tells Chika, that they are Pretty Cure's friends and she will ask them to come to her operation. Later the girls transformed and decided to take some pictures for Chika on her "get well" autograph card from the Cures.

The girls decided to bring the card before her operation, so the girls can be really happy. Chiffon was still worried about her. She went to the hospital at night, making all her toys float around and then Chika too. She told Chika to do her best. In the morning when Chika woke up, she wondered if this was all a dream, but she saw the bracelet she made for Chiffon in her bed. She decided to make some for Pretty Cure, since they were coming to see her. Meanwhile the Cures were going to the hospital to see Chika and there was still time before operation. However Westar decided to attack. He created Nakewameke from the radio tower and made himself broadcasting in all city's TVs. the Cures saw him and decided to defeat him fast before Chika's operation. The Cures came to stop him and he made that the Cures will be broadcasted on TVs. He told the Cures, that their defeat will only fill the Gauge and they decided to try even harder for this. Then a nurse brought Chika, who was about to go for the operation, and she started cheering on the Cures. Then the girls defeated Nakewameke with Triple Fresh. Chika was spinning a stick too, just like Cures. Then she decided to be strong like Cures and went to her surgery. The Cures were sitting on the building and smiled to Chika. After the operation, the girls visited Chika. She said her operation wasn't that scary at all. Then she gave the girls bracelets she was making for Pretty Cure and one for Chiffon. Then the girls left. After saying goodbye, Chiffon showed herself and said goodbye to Chika. Chika had the Cures' autograph card.

19 (261)- "Aratana Kādo! Īsu no Atarashii Chikara!!" ("The New Card! Eas' New Power!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 19

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 19

Airdate: June 7, 2009

Miyuki told the girls, that a dance tournament is about to start. The same tournament Trinity made their debut. The girls decided to participate, so Miyuki said the practice will get tougher. Love decided to think of their team name. Meanwhile, at labyrinth mansion, Eas is scolded by Moebius why she didn't complete the Sorrow gauge yet. She said it's because of Pretty Cure. Moebius gave her a new card, that will strenghten Nakewameke. Later, the girls decided on team name - Clover, since they live in Yotsuba town. The girls went to practice together with the whole Trinity. The girls were training all day, so the next day Love oversept, Miki almost fell asleep in class and Buki forgot to bring her homework she done. After school the 3 girls were still tired and almost sleeping in Kaoru-chan's donut stand. Then the girls went to their dance practice, not eating Kaoru-chan's donuts. Tarte wondered if they'll be ok when they transform to Pretty Cure. Setsuna was watching the girls dancing and when she was about to throw away her clover necklace, because she used it only to steal Love's linkrun, Love noticed her. She didn't throw the necklace away. Love told her about the dance contest. Setsuna wondered if she has any self-awareness of her mission as Pretty Cure. Miki sees a corner of the card is Setsuna's pocket, which she quickly hides. Love asks if Setsuna is not lonely, since she is always alone whenever they see her. The girls leave,having to go home already, when Setsuna gets angry and Switches to Eas. She summons nakewameke. The girls are going home and talking about Setsuna, when they see nakewameke. They run behind the corner and transform to Pretty Cure. The quickly knock over nakewameke, making Eas realize how weak is nakewameke. Then she remembered the conversation with Moebius from before: using this card requires a sacrifice - it will cause unbearable pain and the worst is it can shorten her lifespan too. Eas was ready for that and used the card. Instantly the Eye of nakisakebe appeared on her hand and painful wines wrapped her arm. However nakisakebe was much stronger than nakewameke. However the Cures didn't give up and, as Miyuki said, used their teamwork. After kicking it away, the Cures used Triple Fresh. However nakisakebe blocked those moves. The girls were trying hard and because Eas' arm wines wrapped her chest and weakened her, together with nakisakebe, they managed to defeat the monster. Then worried Tarte and Chiffon ran to them, worried about the girls. They said they'll do their best. Meanwhile, Eas swears to herself to defeat Pretty Cure with this card.

20 (262)- "Dansu to Purikyua...Dochira o Erabu?" ("Dance and Pretty Cure...Which to Choose?")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 20

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 20

Airdate: June 14, 2009

Love, Miki and Inori are training for the Dancing Contest, all working hard while Miyuki watches. After the finale, the girls tires out from training until Miyuki scolds that they couldn't slack off after finishing causing them to rouse. Miyuki scolds them for tiring easily and have a week until the contest. Love, Miki, and Inori shows her that they're pumped up and vigorous, until their stomachs growled ruining the scene and embarrising them. Miyuki decides they take a short break and practice again. At Kaoru's Cafe, Miki and Inori were talking about how Miyuki is scolding them and that they aren't good enough. When they notice Love was dozing off, they asks if it was about the monster they faced from the last battle. Love affirm and says it was more powerful than the others they face. They wonder if they can keep up fighting monsters like that depressing Miki and Inori, but Love cheers them up telling they've been dealing it just fine as long they combine their powers and work together. Miyuki calls for them that break's over. They come back before Love thanks Kaoru for the donuts and he notices they didn't eat any on the table.

The next morning, Love was late for school and imediately went out of the house eating a few bites of breakfast. After she left, Ayumi was worried for her health telling herself that it was not good for the body. Tarte and Chiffon were worried also (and Tarte mouthwatering over her eggs she didn't eat). At Gym Class, Love's class were doing jump and when Love starts, she became dizzy and failed doing the excersise and injured herself. At break, Love was trying to reach for a bar until Daisuke came up to her hearing that she failed Box jump. Love thought he was going to taunt her like he always does and asks him to leave her alone. Daisuke said he was worried that he noticed she was acting weirdly; sleeping during class, didn't finish lunch and dozing a lot. Love thought Daisuke was watching her and it was disgusting. He finally leaves before telling to don't tire herself. In a studio, Miki was doing her modeling. The photographer didn't like the poses because he thought Miki wasn't herself and lacked energy and spirit for it. When they take a break, Miki tripped over and fell, starts to believe, "she's not perfect". At Inori's school, Inori was feeding the rabbits in the Rabbits pen. When she went to get them water, she became dizzy and nearly fell, but tripped a pitch fork that scared the rabbits. Inori was tired and didn't look so good. The rabbits came over to her and Inori tells them she is fine and apoligizes for scaring and worrying them.

School was over and Love walked home till she past by Kaoru's cafe. When Kaoru asked if she like his donuts, Love said she doesn't her purse, but Kaoru tells her she could have now and pay later. Love politly rejects the offer and leaves. Kaoru shouts out that when she comes tommorrow, he'll make special Donuts for her with ingredients that'll give her plenty of energy. Love thanks him and leaves with Kaoru secretly concerning. Love walking by to home, she saw Setsuna and comes up to her. When Setsuna asks Love how was her dancing, Love says she's doing great and full of energy, but Setsuna notices that Love was forcing herself and asks what was wrong. Love was about to say it but stopped herself and left after saying goodbye to Setsuna. The next morning, Love was packing up her stuff and was going to Dance practice. Suddenly, she fainted alarming Tarte and Chiffon. Love wakes up and Tarte tells her she's too tired and Chiffon begs her to stay home and rest. Love comforts Chiffon telling her that she's fine, but Chiffon was still sad.

21 (263)- "Yoninme no Purikyua wa Ansan ya!!" ("The Fourth Pretty Cure is You!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 21

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 21

Airdate: June 28, 2009

After fainting in previous episode, the girls are taken to hospital. Miyuki tells them to try and get well and that she won't let them participate in the dance contest unless they're healthy again. After Miyuki left, the girls were training while laying in their hospital beds. Tarte stopped the music and told the girls to stop dancing for a while and just focus on being Pretty Cure. Love and others said they can't choose between them so they just choose both. Then Setsuna visited them, offering to tell their fortune. She says Love's fortune changed, saying no matter how hard it looks she should work for both goals. Later Miyuki is wondering is she a good teacher to the girls, since she was with them every day but didn't notice they were suffering. Kaoru-chan told her you can't fake such honest smiles. Then Tarte came and started talking to Kaoru in front of Miyuki, who was freaked out. He asked her to join Pretty Cure, since it's an emergency. However Miyuki refused, saying she's the leader of Trinity and isn't going to try both. Tarte was worried. The dance contest started and the girls were participating. However tarte took the girls' costumes for them to give up on dancing, but Chiffon was sleeping inside. She started playing with the costumes, making tarte realize how important they are to the girls. He tried gatting the suits back, but the suitcase got stuck in the broken gate. The 2 mascots try to get it out, but they couldn't. Then Setsuna came. Together they delivered the suitcase to the girls. Love thanked Setsuna for always supporting her and promisse to win, which made Setsuna angry. She Switched to Eas and created nakisakebe from the girls' suitcase. The painful wines appeared on Eas' hand again. Nakisakebe started attacking.Everyone escaped, except the girls and Miyuki. Eas decided to attack Miyuki, since she thought she was the 4th Cure. To protect her, the girls transformed to Pretty Cure in front of Miyuki. The girls got Miyuki to safety before fighting. Miyuki realized she is the weakest here, since the girls were trying their hardest in both dancing and Pretty Cure. Then she started cheering the Cures. They started attacking and managed to throw Nakisakebe. They said it's because of others' cheering. They used Triple Fresh. The wines got around Eas' chest and she couldn't bear the pain anymore. The Cures have defeated nakisakebe. However the dance contest was cancelled. Miyuki scolded the girls for not telling her about Pretty Cure before. That way she could've rearranged the lessons before. Meanwhile, at labyrinth mansion, Eas has one final chance to defeat Pretty Cure. She gets home and collapses in front of the door. Her clover pendant falls from her pocket.

22 (264)- "Setsuna to Rabu: Anata ga Īsu nano!?" ("Setsuna and Love: You're Eas!?")

(せつなとラブ あなたがイースなの!?)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 22

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 22

Airdate: July 5, 2009

After the last episode in which Miyuki learned about Love, Miki, and Inori being Pretty Cure, they are all at the park explaining to Miyuki what they do as Pretty Cure and showing her their Linkruns and Pickruns. After that Miyuki tells them that she thinks they need to take a break from dance lessons until they are able to handle both dance and fighting as Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, Tarte is happy because he thinks he has found the fourth Cure (Miyuki). Tarte explains to everyone that Miyuki will soon be able to transform if she shows courage towards the enemy. Love then offers to help protect Miyuki in case Labyrinth tries to attack her, because as Labyrinth thinks she may be the fourth Cure as well.

At Labyrinth, Eas is thinking about the fact that the card can only be used one more time, and what would happen to her if she failed to defeat Pretty Cure again. Then, Klein visits her and informs her on the situation and asks her if she would like to give up. Eas refuses and tells Klein that she would never betray Moebius, and she will defeat Pretty Cure this time.

Love, Miki, and Inori are at Trinity's concert rehearsal making sure that Labyrinth is not there. Love is caught sneaking around by someone who thinks she is a fan trying to see Trinity and is kicked out. Miyuki explains that Love is really her bodyguard and to let Love back in.

Setsuna comes to Trinity's concert to try to defeat Pretty Cure, but on the way in she becomes delusional (because of the card) and collapses. Miki finds her on the ground, but sees the card in her pocket. Just as she is about to examine it, Love shows up. Shortly after, Inori calls and tells Miki that Chiffon is missing. Love says to Miki she will help Setsuna, and Miki should go to Inori to find Chiffon.

Setsuna wakes up and asks Love what happened. Love explains that she collapsed and she was brought to the infirmary. Setsuna asks Love why she cares so much about her. Love says she cares because they are friends. She says she overworked herself too, but she had people supporting her. Setsuna asks love why she dances if it's so much work. Love says dancing is her dream and she would never give it up. Love offers Setsuna a bottle of water, but Setsuna finally snaps and knocks the bottle out of Love's hand and runs away shouting her Labyrinth introductory speach (Love doesn't hear it).

Eas decides to use the last of the card and makes the final Nakisakebe out of a ventilation fan. Meanwhile, Miki, Inori, and Tarte find Chiffon crying because of what is about to happen. Back in the concert stadium the Nakisakebe is destroying everything. Love, Miki, and Inori all see and transform. During the battle, Tarte comes and tells Miyuki to run away, putting her safety over finding the fourth Cure.

Peach sees that Eas is in pain. She quickly hits the Nakisakebe away and jumps up to the platform Eas is on. She explains that she is angry at Eas for ruining the concert, but still can not bear to see her in pain. Eas is about to die because of the thorns, but Chiffon gives Peach the power to keep her alive. Peach preforms Love Sunshine Fresh on the Nakisakebe and defeats it, making the thorns on Eas disappear. Peach says she is glad Eas is okay. Eas then transforms back into Setsuna, revealing her identity to Peach. Setsuna says she was never really Love's friend and that her only wish was to defeat Pretty Cure. She takes the clover pendant that Love gave to her in episode 7, throws it on the ground, and smashes it with the heel of her shoe.

23 (265)- "Īsu no Saigo! Kyua Passhon Tanjō!!" ("Eas' Last Stand! Cure Passion is Born!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 23

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 23

Airdate: July 12, 2009

The episode begins with a flashback of the previous episode when Setsuna revealed to Love that she was actually Eas and told her she only tried to befriend Love to steal her Linkrun. After the flashback, Love is crying in her room. Miki and Buki come to Love's house to try to cheer Love up. There, they meet Tarte and Chiffon outside of Love's room and they explain that they were kicked out because Love wanted to be left alone. Miki and Buki come in to Love's room and Miki explains that Setsuna is their enemy and that she was never really Love's friend. As of hearing this Love tells Miki that this isn't true and runs off.

Then Miki, Buki, Tarte, and Chiffon go looking for Love. Meanwhile, Love meets Kaoru at the Doughnut Cafe. After a long talk with him, Love goes to the fortune telling mansion to find Setsuna. Having reach the forest and met Setsuna, Setsuna tells Love that she wants to fight against her.

While looking for Love Miki, Buki, Tarte, and Chiffon meet the Soba shop man who tells them that Love went towards the direction of the fortune telling mansion. They went into the woods to find Love.

When they reach the forest, Soular and Westar don't want them to discover the fortune telling mansion and conceal it with trees. Once they finally find Eas and Peach, Miki and Buki offer to transform and help fight Eas. However, Peach refuses and tells them that the battle is between her and Eas.

In their struggle, they continue to churn out the same moves at the same times (punch to punch and kick to kick). During this battle Eas remembers a given message from Moebius conveyed through Klein to her, informing her that her life span has been shortened and she is due to die later that day. Peach and Eas deliver one final attack, in which they both give off light according to their theme colors (Peach Pink, Eas Red). After this they both fall to the ground. Eas then says that after this harsh battle, she feels at ease. Miki says that is because she finally understands Love's true feelings. Then Eas spots a four leaf clover, remembers the clover pendant Love gave to her previously (FPC07). Peach tells her that only someone that truly wants happiness can spot a four leaf clover.

Peach picked the four leaf clover and offered it to Eas as a symbol of friendship. Just as she was about to take it Eas' life span ended and she fell dead. Suddenly, a red light started to glow from Chiffon's forehead. Akarun then appeared to save Setsuna. Akarun created a seperate universe where she could speak to Setsuna and explained that she was a fairy of Pretty Cure and that she was going to resurrect Setsuna and make her the Pretty Cure of Happiness, Cure Passion.

Love, Miki, Buki, and Tart were shocked to see that Setsuna had become the fourth Pretty Cure. However, Setsuna told them that she could not be part of Pretty Cure after all the sadness she had caused, and walked off.

24 (266)- "Setsuna no Kunō: Watashi wa Nakama ni Narenai!" ("Setsuna's Distress: I Can't Be Your Friend!")

(せつなの苦悩 わたしは仲間になれない!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 24

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 24

Airdate: July 19, 2009

Setsuna is sitting on a hill and thinking, when Love's mom, Ayumi, walks past and sits down and starts talking with her. Meanwhile Love, Miki and Inori are wondering what to do and how to get Setsuna to join them. Love comes up with an idea and runs to ask her mom, who just got back home. They set out to find Setsuna, searching all the places she might be at - Clover Bowl, the hospital, even asking the birds and other people, but no luck. Meanwhile, at the fortune telling mansion, Westar also decides to go look for her, not accepting the fact that she is not Eas anymore. Setsuna, at the same time, is wandering in her thoughts. She is not Eas anymore and can't return to Labyrinth, but she can't become Pretty Cure too. Then she sees a light and gets to the place where Love, Miki and Buki are. Love invites her to have supper with them. Setsuna meets Love's mom again and they recognise eachother. Love's mom says it must be a sign. At the beginning of the supper Setsuna shows herself quite distant, but by seeing Love's family having fun she starts laughing too. She realizes how wrong she was destroying all those smiles. Just then Westar appears and makes a bell tower Nakewameke. Love and Setsuna run out to see what is going on. Love transform into Cure Peach, but Setsuna still can't forgive herself. Cure Peach tries to fight the Nakewameke but is thrown to the floor. Setsuna runs up to help her but is then faced with Westar. He tries getting her back to Labyrinth by showing her the misfortune he was bringing. Setsuna, shocked by all this, transforms into Cure Passion, the Cure of Happiness. She fights Westar and tells him she is not Eas anymore - she's Cure Passion. Then she is attacked by Nakewameke and saved by Peach, Berry and Pine who had just arrived. Passion usesHappiness Hurricane to finish off the Nakewameke. Later the 4 girls with Love's family are walking home, when Love asks Setsuna if she wants to go live at her house. Love's parents agree with this. Setsuna cries from joy and accepts. Everyone are happy.

25 (267)- "Īsu tai Passhon!? Watashi wa Umarekawaru!!" ("Eas vs. Passion!? I am Reborn!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 25

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 25

Airdate: July 26, 2009

Setsuna starts to move in to Love's house. She and Love need to go buy the things for Setsuna's new room, so they make it a race to get everything and to meet at Kaoru-chan's donut stall. Meanwhile, Westar is angry about Setsuna's choice becoming Passion, not Eas anymore. Soular decided to remind her who she is. Setsuna, finishing her shopping, gets to Kaoru-chan's donut stall first and walks of towards the park, only to find herself face to face with Takeshi and Lucky. Setsuna remembers how she turned Lucky into nakewameke. Takeshi says that Lucky likes her, although Setsuna is not so sure. As Takeshi convices her to play catch with them, Love, Miki, and Inori arrive with Love having bought Setsuna a lot of new stuff. Takeshi makes Setsuna to promise come to the park tomorrow again, but Setsuna is worried, since she took this smile away once. Miki tells the girls, that this is for Setsuna to solve on her own. That evening Setsuna seems down at supper. Meanwhile, Miki is making red perfume and Buki is reading a book about dog training. That night she has a nightmare about the Nakewameke Lucky. In the morning Love makes Setsuna breakfast and gives her omurice with her face painted on. Setsuna says she can't smile like that. She tells Love how she is worried about becoming Eas again. Love calms her down and together they go to the park. There they meet Miki and Inori who give her gifts. Buki gives her a notebook in dog training while Miki gives her relaxing perfume. Setsuna thanks them, when Soular appears and creates Nakewameke Eas out of Setsuna's shadow. The girls transform and Takeshi appears. Passion tries to protect him when Peach, Berry, and Pine all get caught. Takeshi is scared, since he remembers Eas who turned Lucky to monster. Passion says she will protect Takeshi, when Lucky decides to help by pointing at the shadow where the Nakewameke will appear next. The 3 Cures help Passion to defeat nakewameke with Happiness Hurricane. Setsuna is not Eas anymore. She is Cure Passion now. Later Setsuna helps Takeshi to train Lucky. Takeshi decides to call this move Passion catch, for Cure Passion, his favorite red Pretty Cure. This makes Setsuna blush when others say, that this red Pretty Cure will be happy to hear it.

26 (268)- "Yottsu no Hāto! Watashi mo Odoritai!!" ("The Four Hearts! I Also Want to Dance!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 26

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 26

Airdate: August 2, 2009

Miyuki invites the girls to announce, that she can't be the fourth Cure. Love introduces her Setsuna or Cure Passion. They invite her to dance together and want to show her how to do it. However the girls weren't working during the break at all, so Miyuki decided to invite them to train at the summer camp. Meanwhile, Hayato was going to the beach too to collect some sorrow, or so he thought. He got the wrong train and was now going to the mountains. Later when the girls got out of the train, Tarte told them they could teleport with Akarun's power. The 5 girls managed to teleport, but Tarte was left out. Setsuna and others returned to get him. After that Miki told she forgot her shoes. Setsuna brought them. Love said she forgot her beach ball. Setsuna went to get it by searching Love's house, but she almost got caught by Love's mom. When she returned Love saw that she actually took the ball. She asked to get her swimming ring, but Setsuna refused. Then Buki realized she forgot something too, but Setsuna refused to bring it. Miyuki told the girls to start their training and Setsuna said she'll just observe the first lesson. In the middle of the lesson, Setsuna just went away. Meanwhile, Hayato got out of the train and was surprised to be somewhere in the mountains. He followed a small river hoping to get to the ocean. After lesson it was dinner time and Buki went to invite Setsuna. She told them how shy she was at first and refused Love's offer to dance. Love waited for her. Now Love is waiting for Setsuna too. Setsuna told her she wants to dance, but there were no music or dance in Labyrinth and she just can't smile so much in front of everyone. Then Buki offered Setsuna to dance with her. Just the 2 of them. Meanwhile, Hayato reached the ocean and Switched over to Westar, summoning swimming ring nakewameke. However there were no people during the night. He just went somewhere to get sorrow. Buki and Setsuna finished dancing and Setsuna asked why can she dance so openly. Buki was about to ask Akarun a favor, when Westar's nakewameke interrupted them. The 4 girls transformed to pretty Cure. They tried fighting the nakewameke, but it started throwing swiiming rings, trapping Berry and Peach inside. Pine and Passion aved them. They split up and Pine used Healing Prayer Fresh, blowing the ring. Passion finished it with Happiness Hurricane. Later Setsuna asked what Buki forgot. She went to pick it and saw a sewing machine on her table as well as her body plan and some material. She returned wearing the costume Buki made for her. Buki said she gets courage to dance from these clothes and wanted them all to wear the same clothes so they all do their best and get courage. Setsuna thanked her, calling her Buki, not Inori and told the other girls she agrees to dance. Miki got her poster out and everyone started celebrating, saying now they'll be real four-leafed clover.

27 (269)- "Natsu da! Matsuri da! Ōdorī!!" ("The Summer! The Festival! Audrey!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 27

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 27

Airdate: August 9, 2009

The Clover Festival is here, so the girls invite Setsuna to come too. There's also dance and Manzai contests. The girls plan on entering dance contest and surprising Miyuki, while Tarte is a big fan of Audrey, the manzai duo. On the day of the festival, Love saw Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe and went to ask where to put their dance contest registartion card.There she saw Daisuke and others helping out. He said, that he went to get Miyuki some donuts, but Kaoru-chan asked them to help him and now he's gone. Love said she'll take the donuts to Miyuki. kaoru-chan returned and told them, that the entries are accepted at the angel statue. The girls got their audition card in the box, but after they left Chiffon with her powers messed the cards for dancing and manzai up. Meanwhile, Tarte is lost between all the people and accidentally hits somebody. He goes to sit under a tree when someone picks him up. He thinks it was Love so he starts talking, but then he sees it wasn't Love but Audrey. He tells he is their big fan, but then realizes he talked. Meanwhile, the girls bring Miyuki her donuts and say they have a surprise. Suddenly someone invites them backstage, where they meet Audrey. Tarte was there too. He told the girls they left him behind. Then Audreay announces them they'll have to do Manzai. The girls are split in pairs and they have to do manzai. Setsuna doesn't know what is this, but she'll make that nobody laughs at them. Sadly she didn't understand anything. They went and made everyone laugh for their fails. Then Audrey came to perform. They were performing, when Westar attacked making nakewameke from the festival prizes he won. The girls wanted Audrey to run away, but they didn't, since they were in the middle of their performance. Nakewameke started firing chairs at them. leaving the girls no other choice but to transform. They try attacking nakewameke, but it starts shooting in masks, covering the girls' faces. They couldn't see anything. Then Wakabayashi from Audrey removed their masks with a slap. The Cures tried attacking it by splitting up, but the masks could see everything. Then Kasuga from Audrey distracted them, making them look at him, and Peach used this chance to do Love SUnshine Fresh, defeating nakewameke. Later Audrey promissed to keep their identities secret and when everyone got back the duo finished their performance.

28 (270)- "Taisetsu na Kioku! Ojiichan to no Omoide!!" ("Precious Memories! Memories of Grandfather!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 28

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 28

Airdate: August 16, 2009

While going on the street, Setsuna asks Love what is her family doing. Love says, that even though they live on Clover Town Street, their family has no store. They ran a tatami shop 10 years ago. It wa done by her grandfather. Meanwhile, at Labyrinth mansion, Soular was reading a magazine and Hayato was making shaved ice. Soular was reading about photographs and thinks it might be useful. At the same time, Love shows Setsuna a picture of their family and grandfather. She said his name was Genkichi but couldn't remember something more. The photographer reminded her, that everybody called him Gen. He reminded her, that she always used to call him Grandpa. He said, that she was really small when her grandpa died. Later Love was spacing out and Setsuna asked her if something's wrong.Love confessed, that she doesn't really remember about her grandpa. She knows his face from pictures but doesn't know what was he like or what he said. The girls said they were 4 years old back then, but Love said she feels like she's forgetting something important. Meanwhile, Shun came to the same picture shop and asked if this camera made a lot of photos. The owner said all the pictures on the wall were made with this camera. He Switched to Soular and created nakewameke from the camera. When it started rampaging, the girls came and transformed to Pretty Cure. Then it started hiding and when it got chance, it took picture of Peach. Suddenly Love appeared in strange place. She saw writing "Yotsuba Shopping District", which is an old name of Clover Town Street. She saw the soba guy who called her small. She looked at the mirror and saw herself 4 years old.

Then suddenly she heard her grandpa's voice. Back at the battle, Peach was just laying with no signs of life and Soular explained, that she is now at her most precious memory. He said she will never wake up. The Cures tried waking her up. Soular was trying to take pictures of other Cures, but they were fighting. Meanwhile, Love was having fun with her grandpa she didn't saw for 10 years. She saw how he was making tatami. He said, that he's not using machines to make tatami, since every needle contains his love for tatami customers. In the present, Tarte and Chifon came to the battle and found sleeping Peach. Chiffon used his powers to wake up Love. She got into her dream for a moment, only for Love's grandpa to notice her. Love didn't see anything. They came to the sweets shop and the grandma who was selling candies didn't change at all. Love took water candy while the saleswoman noticed Love's grandpa looks tired. She suggested giving the business to next generation since he has a daughter, but he refused, saying her husband is salaryman and it feels wrong forcing him to make tatami. Later they were going home when Chiffon contacted Love again. Her grandpa saw her friends shouting for Love and realized she doesn't belong here. She needs to return to her own world. He showed Love her friends shouting. She told, that she can't go yet because she hadn't done anything for her grandpa. He said she already did a lot for him just by being by his side. He told her, that she is full of love. That'w why he called her Love. She wondered why in english and he said, that Love is more popular in the world that Ai. Then Love saw more of her friens' cries and said she has togo to help her friends. She turned to 14-year-old Love and woke up as Peach. Soular was about to take pictures of other Cures when Peach stopped it in time. After some more fighting, Peach defeated it with Love Sunshine Fresh. Later Love told the girls how her grandpa gave her the name Love and how he wanted her full of love. She wants to fill everyone's hearts with love too.

29 (271)- "Nazo Darake no Otoko! Kaoru-chan no Shōtai!?" ("The Man of Secrets! Kaoru-chan's True Self!?")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 29

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 29

Airdate: August 23, 2009

TThe episode starts with a mysterious woman meeting Kaoru-chan in a foggy bay. Next day the girls came to buy some donuts, but Kaoru-chan wasn't here. He was meaeting with the woman who told him about the Mekurumeku royal family and their prince Jeffrey, who got into argument with his parents and escaped from hotel. He has family's treasure - Poseidon's Sweat. Mysterious Get Mouse is after it. There were four days already since Kaoru-chan's donut cafe came and some people wanted to use this space to build benches there. Love said she believes kaoru-chan will be back and the goys said they want to eat Kaoru-chan's donuts too. The girls were walking and met Jeffrey sitting alone. Love tried talking in english but failed. Jeffrey could speak in Japanese perfectly. Since he was hungry the girls treated him a hamburger. meanwhile, the woman and Kaoru-chan met with Jeffrey's parents. they were worried about the jewel more than about their son and Kaoru-chan told them straight, that they should care of their son more than some kind of jewel. Back at the restorant, Jeffrey loved his hamburger. He wanted to try more fun stuff and told the girls his sensei calls Yotsuba the town of Happiness. They were having fun, when news showed the truth about him, that he's the missing prince. He ran away but the girls found him and he told them the story - both his mother and father hate him and they only want a good successor, so he ran away. He felt useless. Setsuna said that nobody is useless in the world. She gave some supporting words for him and he cheered up, when some men in black came. The girls tried fighting but there were too many of them. Tarte saw everything and Kaoru-chan was there. Tarte told him everything. They followed them to their hiding place and Kaoru-chan contacted Jeffrey's butler, saying only he truly cares about Jeffrey. Reinforcement will be here in 20 minutes. The butler knocked Kaoru-chan out and revealed himself to be themysterious Get Mouse. He took the jewel and Jeffrey and wanted to escape, when Westar made nakewameke from the jewel. Tarte woke the girls up and told them about Labyrinth. They transformed in front of unconscious Kaoru-chan. Get Mouse ran to the hellicopter who arrived and was at least glad to have hostage. The Cures were trying hard to fight, but the jewel was too hard and it trapped them all. Then Kaoru-chan threw his new extra spicy donut straight to Get Mouse's mouth and made him let go of Jeffrey. He saved him and then showed the Cures it's weak point by kicking there. Peach finished it with Love Sunshine Fresh. Later Tarte asked Kaoru-chan to return to his donut stand, since everyone missed his donuts. The woman came, telling him, that they caught the boss from helicopter and Get Mouse case is closed. She asked him to return working with them, but Kaoru-chan said he has a place to return. Next day Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe was back. To make up for his abscence, today is free for all day. He gave them donuts by saying Pretty Cure intro. The girls wondered if he saw them. Then he thanked them. For protecting this place while he was absent. The girls said there's no way he saw them. Suddenly he got more calls - someone needed his help for a difficult operation, someone was missing an astronaut, someone needed a vocalist. In the end, Kaoru-chan's true identity was even more mysterious than before.

30 (272)- "Taruto Kikiippatsu! Shōtai ga Barechau!?" ("Tart in Danger! His True Self Exposed!?")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 30

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 30

Airdate: August 30, 2009

The episode starts with Love and Setsuna returning back from dance practice in hot summer day and wanted to eat ice cream, but Love's mom told them to wash their hands and change clothes first. When they did that, they wanted to eat the ice cream, but Chiffon told Love that Tarte is sick. The girls saw him suffering and contacted Buki. She said to don't bring him to the hospital since he's not just a ferret - he's a fairy from Sweets kingdom. The girls hurried away to buy stuff for him and to meet other girls. Meanwhile, Love's mom went upstairs to clean the room and saw sick Tarte. She decided to bring him to hospital. The girls left Buki's hospital with some medicine and other stuff and went to help Tarte and as soon as they left, Love's mom with Tarte came to the hospital. His body temperature was a bit low. Then Buki's dad noticed something and told the nurse to prepare X-ray. Meanwhile another patient was a tv reporter who has his own tv show, Detective Pet Schoop, with low rankings. His dog, Maron, has hurt it's paw. Back at Love's house, the girls were worried about Tarte's disappearance. In the clinic, Buki's dad told Love's mom that Tarte - a ferret - has no belly button, which is impossible for a mammal. The detective took a picture of this, saying his show will have high records now. Meanwhile, Love and others were looking for tarte and Love found her mom's note that she took Tarte to the hospital. Then they saw Detective Pet Scoop on tv and it was about Tarte. The customer from before, Animal Yoshida, said all mammals, except those that are born from an egg, must have a belly button. He said, that Tarte's either a ferret born from egg or just a ferret-like creature. Then Love and others asked to let them through, saying Love is his owner. Yoshida was interviewing her before Love's dad stopped it and Miki's mom distracted them. Buki's dad got them inside. He got Tarte to sleep in Buki's room for safety. The girls wondered what to do with the scandal, while Tarte woke up and, after noticing the ruckus outside, decided to escape with a wig from before. However he got noticed and everyone started chasing him. Love and others too. Tarte went to Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe where he told his problems to Kaoru-chan. Then Love and others found him and were relieved, until the crowd found them. They all standed to defend Tarte andwere joined by their parents. Then Westar distracted them all by creating nakewameke from the net in order to capture Tarte and make everyone despair. The girls escaped and transformed to Pretty Cure. They fought nakewameke until it captured Tarte and Yoshida's dog, Maron. Pine used Healing Prayer Fresh to remove the bag and save the pets while Peach finished nakewameke with Love Sunshine Fresh. Later Animal Yoshida apologized everyone and said his show will now feature happy pets. Later Love asked why was his stomach hurting and at home Love and Setsuna noticed that he ate all their ice cream. The girls got really mad at him.

31 (273)- "Rabu to Daisuke: Nakanaori no Shikata!" ("Love and Daisuke: The Make Up Strategy!")

(ラブと大輔 仲直りのしかた!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 31

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 31

Airdate: September 6, 2009

New semester is starting, so Setsuna is going to Love's school now. She meets with other girls and Daisuke wants to tell Love something. Then he sees Setsuna.

At school Daisuke tried talking with Love a lot of times, but Love only cared about Setsuna who was great at school. When Daisuke wanted to talk with Love, he said some bad things about Setsuna so Love got angry at him. She said he hates him for insulting Setsuna, while he just wanted to remind her of something. Later Love was still angry at Daisuke for his words, even when dancing with Miyuki. Miyuki said he's nervous because his baseball match is coming up. Love remembered, that she completely forgot Daisuke's match. He became a regular on the team and his match will be after the summer break is over. The night Love was conflicted, not knowing if she should go cheer on him or not, since they got into a fight. Setsuna said, that she should go to cheer on him - he will be happy to have Love's support, even though they got into a fight. Setsuna commented, that Love and Daisuke are really similar. That evening Daisuke was angry at Love and was eating a lot of donuts. He couldn't believe, that Love would forgot something like that. Next day, during the dancing lesson, Love was thinking about Daisuke and the girls told her to go to him. Daisuke was angry that Love didn't come and his pitching was bad, so Love came and scolded him. The rest of the match went fine and in the end it was up to Daisuke if the team wins or not. He tried his best, but they lost 5:4. Hayato was watching it all and created nakewameke from baseball pitching machine. Love got joined by others and they all transformed to Pretty Cure. The girls tried fighting when Peach got an idea. She told Berry to change their clothes to baseball outfits. They played 4 times and the Cures striked perfectly all the times, making nakewameke out. Then they threw away their outfits and defeated nakewameke with Quadrupal Fresh. Later Daisuke told Cure Peach that Love is missing and she told him, that Love is safe. He told Peach he'll apologize to Love. Next day both of them apologized each other. They wanted to be friends again, but when they pressed their hands to make up, Daisuke got all red and got his hand away. He told Love, that CUre Peach is great and Love should be more like her. Then Love said Daisuke should be cooler like Miyuki. They started fighting again.

32 (274)- "Sayōnara! Taruto to Shifon!!" ("Good bye! Tart and Chiffon!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 32

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 32

Airdate: September 13, 2009

Setsuna and Love return back and see Tarte packing his stuff. He says, that he and Chiffon are returning to Sweets kingdom. Miki and Buki came too and Tarte said, that his mission was to find the 4 Cures and now he has to return to Sweets kingdom, because that's Elder's order. He packed his stuff and said goodbye to everyone. He asked Passion to teleport them with Akarun and she did. Tarte and Chiffon returned and the girls followed them. They all went to the castle when they found out Tarte is a prince and that everyone talk in Kansai dialect there. They also met Azukina, Tarte's fiancee. Elder told Tarte to go to the Mushy Beans Woods and bring something for him. He was about to go when Azukina stopped him. She said there's an evil spirit in this forest, but Tarte said it's already sealed. The Cures said they'll go with him. When they went out, Setsuna said, that Azukina is hiding something. The girls asked Tarte how the forest looks like and Tarte said it's a calming forest where birds are chirping and it's very beautiful in there. However when they reached the forrest, it was really dark. The wind was storming, the crows were cawing and the "beautiful" Mamedaifuku flowers almost ate the girls. They tried running away, but the flower was chacing them. The girls transformed to pretty Cure. Passion used Happiness Hurricane to defeat the flower. The run to the place tarte leads them and see that the seal, trapping the evil spirit was broken. Azukina came there and was almost attacked by the spirit, who became a mochi-themed monster. The Cures are trapped in the spirit's elastic mochi and can't cut it. Tarte wants to help them, but Azukina stops him. She confesses, that she was the one who broke the seal. She is always worried about Tarte in human world and she knows, that after he gets the item he'll have to return to human world. Tarte assures her he'll never forget her, even in human world. He told her to go and bring the item from the shrine and she goes, despite the spirit chacing her. She touches the item and it starts shining. It's the music box. It starts playing beautiful music and the mochi looses. Peach, with the help of other Cures, seals the spirit again. The birng the music box to Elder and he says, that this is the legendary Clover Box. Tarte and Chiffon say goodbye to the girls, but Elder says for him to go and protect the Clover Box. Outside, Azukina is sad, thinking that Tarte is mad at her, but he says that next time he's back he'll bring some donuts for Azukina too. They return to the Clover Town Street and eat Kaoru-chan's donuts. Elder says, that the box contains a key to save the world.

33 (275)- "Miki to Setsuna no Kowai Mono!" ("What Miki and Setsuna are Afraid Of!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 33

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 33

Airdate: September 20, 2009

Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna are planning to go shopping for an outfit for Miki's modeling audition. At the last minute Inori calls Miki and tells her that she can't come because her parents need help with a crowd of injured and sick animals. Once Miki arrives at where they were all supposed to meet, Setsuna explains that Love couldn't come because she is feverish and Tarte and Chiffon will not let her get up. Miki realizes that it's the first time she and Setsuna have ever been together without Love and/or Inori there as well.

At Labyrinth, Westar is starving. He exclaims that there isn't anything to eat and that he is going out to find food. After Westar leaves, Soular pulls a bag of chips out of the left side of his jacket.

As she and Setsuna go to the shopping district, Miki tries to make a conversation. However, Setsuna gives short responses and makes it hard to keep the conversation going. While shopping, Setsuna rejects every outfit Miki tries.

On the way home, Miki and Setsuna pass a takoyaki stand. A worker at the stand comes up to the two to advertise and tells them that their takoyaki has large chunks of octopus in it, and then holds up a live octopus to which Miki runs away screaming.

Setsuna finds Miki sitting on the balcony of a building. Miki tells Setsuna to leave, but Setsuna refuses. Setsuna apologizes to Miki for not being any help while trying to find an outfit. However, Miki thanks her for being serious about it. Miki says that she is actually afraid of octopuses due to an event that happened when she was a child. She was running across the beach and tripped over an octopus. She picked it up, but it crawled up her arm and scared her. Miki then asks Setsuna what she is afraid of. Setsuna says that her worst fear is her friends disappearing.

In town, Westar smells the takoyaki from the shop. He walks to the shop and quickly eats all of it. He thinks that the taste of the takoyaki will make humans happy, so he makes a Nakewameke out of the fake octopus on top of the stand. Miki and Setsuna notice, but Miki is afraid to fight it. Back at her house, Love is feeling better, and thanks Tarte and Chiffon for their help taking care of her. Just then they all notice the Clover Box glowing. Love opens it and sees that Miki and Setsuna are in danger.

While Miki is still refusing to fight the Nakewameke, Setsuna transforms and goes to fight. Miki thinks about calling Love and Inori, but realizes that she should not bother them and that she has to fight herself. She tries to stop being afraid and go, but is too scared to stand. Meanwhile, Passion is being defeated by the Nakewameke. Miki finally brings herself to stand and transforms in to Cure Berry. She quickly saves Passion and beats up the Nakewameke. Westar questions what good it would do Berry to save Passion. He says Passion is a traitor and asks Berry how she can be so sure she will not betray her too. Berry says that Passion is a serious and honest person. She says that while she may not be very good socially, she is very kind. Berry says to Passion she will never be alone, and Peach, Pine, and herself will always be by her side.

Berry and Passion try to fight the Nakewameke, but still fail. Just as they are about to be crushed Peach and Pine appear and use Double Pretty Cure Kick on the Nakewameke. All together they fight by dodging and tangling the octopus' legs. Berry and Passion finish it off by using Espoir Shower Fresh and Happiness Hurricane on it.

Everyone meets up at the Doughnut Cafe. As thanks for helping take care of her, Love tells Chiffon and Tarte to eat all they want. Soon after, Miki and Setsuna arrive after finally choosing an outfit for the audition.

34 (276)- "Infiniti Arawareru! Ashita o Torimodose!" ("Infinity Arrives! Reclaim Tomorrow!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 34

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 34

Airdate: September 27, 2009

The episode starts with Love and Setsuna shopping and there's a sale in vegetable section - 100 yen for all the vegetables you can pack in the bag. Love started packing green peppers and Setsuna said she doesn't like them. Love started teasing her so Setsuna started putting carrots inside the other bag. They put as much as possible, and both bags broke. When they returned home, the bag was full of potatoes. Love's mom said, that tomorrow they'll have croquettes and she'll teach Setsuna how to make them. Setsuna wondered how much the Gauge has filled. Later Setsuna tells the other girls how the Gauge works - Labyrinth members collect the misfortune by making people unhappy with nakewameke and when the gauge is full, Infinity will appear. Infinity is the infinite memory that will help Moebius to conquer all the parralel worlds. Setsuna said tht it's like vegetable sale - even if you put the bag full, it will eventually break. But what if the bag had no limit in size? This bag is Infinity. If Moebius gets Infinity, there will be nobody to stop him from conquering all the worlds. Meanwhile, in Labyrinth, the Gauge is almost full and there's one more attack that should do it. Westar wondered who will do it and Soular said, that they both can do it together. Later the 4 girls were going through the candy store and the owner's grandchild is getting married tomorrow. She is really excited for this. Back at Miki's house, her mom's old friend invited her to hawaii and she's leaving tomorrow. In Buki's house, her dad is out in a farm where a cow is giving birth. They will be born tomorrow. At Love's house, Love's dad is going to a golf tournament and he's really excited for this and Setsuna's corquettes. This night Westar and Soular meet on the roof with Westar bringing Soular a calendar. He summons nakewameke from it, which locks the pages with chains and announces, that tomorrow's not coming. Love woke up at 12 o'clock and thought it's 12 PM already, but then she looked through the window only to see that it's dark outside. She assumed it's still midnight and returned to sleep. She woke up later and it was still midnight and still dark outside. She started panicking, waking up Tarte when Setsuna knocked her door. She went to the living room where her parents were with Setsuna and news on TV told them, that every clock stopped at 12 o'clock and it's still dark outside. Tomorrow might never come. Then Westar started wrecking around and the Gauge was getting fuller at Soular's watch. Tarte showed Love and Setsuna that Clover Box was acting up and it showed Westar and nakewameke. She called other Cures and togethery they ran to the place Westar was, transforming to Pretty Cure. The calendar nakewameke was pretty weak, so Westar summoned a huge truck nakewameke. The Cures were fighting, the Gauge was increasing, the citizens were worried and Chiffon was crying. The girls remembered all important stuff that's happening tomorrow and promissed to get back tomorrow. They used Quadruple Fresh to defeat nakewamekes. The sun got up and everyone were happy, including the Labyrinth duo but except CHiffon who was endlessly crying. The Gauge was full and Moebius ordered Infinity to reveal itself. Chiffon's forhead mark started glowing gray and she started floating. Then suddenly Chiffon stopped crying and announced herself as Infinity, the infinite memory.

35 (277)- "Shifon no Kakusareta Himitsu!" ("Chiffon's Hidden Secrets!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 35

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 35

Airdate: October 4, 2009

Following from previous episode, the gauge is full and Infinity was revealed to be Chiffon. In the Sweets kingdom, both Elder and King Waffle know who is Chiffon. During class Love couldn't get Chiffon out of her mind, Miki was also worried about her while Buki was praying for Chiffon to return. After school the girls met with Tarte and he said he didn't find anything and CHiffon has probably left the town already. Then the girls see Elder in Clover Town Street. They took him home and tried avoiding meeting Love's mom since she would freak out by seing Elder, but she didn't. At Love's room Elder said, that he can hide his presence easilly. When they were alone, Elder told them the story. One day when he was relaxing, a shooting star fell. He went to look closer and saw a baby hugging the music box. He and King Waffle read the legend, saying that when a clover child falls from the sky, evil ones will come to lay their finger on it and the world will be doomed. The 2 decided to protect the baby. They hid the box in the forrest and raised the baby, calling it Chiffon. Then Labyrinth appeared. Elder decided to leave Chiffon with the Pretty Cure, so he awoke them. Love decided to search for Chiffon again, saying they won't find her sitting here. Meanwhile, in labyrithm, Moebius revealed the location of Infinity - it's in the Kingdom of Toys. Hayato and Shun went in there and wanted to ask some toys about it's location, when Hayato saw her. Meanwhile, Love came to the forest looking for Chiffon when other girls caught up with her. Elder suggested using the Clover Box to get Chiffon and Love agreed. Meanwhile, Hayato and Shun were chacing Infinity, when it teleported away just before their noses. They got teleported too. All appeared in the same place Cures were. hayato and SHun Switched over to Westar and Soular while the girls transformed to Pretty Cure. The Cures were fighting against Westar and Soular while Peach went to get Chiffon. She caught her, bur she was still Infinity. Westar and Passion were fighting and their attack wave tossed Clover Box from Tarte next to Peach and Chiffon. Peach begged Chiffon to return to normal and shed a tear, which fell on the Clover Box. It started playing a lullaby and Infinity turned back to Chiffon. Everyone were happy and Westar with Soular left. Later Setsuna was baking her croquettes and Love's mom asked Miki to stay over at dinner. Buki's parents came too. They invited even Daisuke and his friends who were near the house, saying Love acted strange at school. Love was happy for the croquette party. Meanwhile in Labyrinth, Moebius said  he can't afford the mission of capturing Infinity to Westar and Soular anymore so he summoned a new commander - Northa.

36 (278)- "Aratana Teki! Sono Na wa Nōza" ("A New Enemy! Her Name is Northa!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 36

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 36

Airdate: October 11, 2009

Westar and Soular are planning their next move in the Mansion, when Klein comes to them. He says he has some gifts for them - one of them is Infinity Radar - it helps locate Infinity when it appears. And other is something they will find out soon. Meanwhile, the girls are playing with Chiffon when she starts to stand up and walking. The girls were really happy for this. Love decided to take her out, because there's treasure on the ground on such days. The girls confused followed Love to the park where Love said the treasures are acorns. Miki and Buki remember this place as the Kingdom of Acorns. Love said, that when they were little they were collecting acorns a lot on this place and it felt like treasure hunting. They were all having fun and teaching Chiffon to walk when a mysterious woman was watching them.Chiffon wanted to take some acorns from the branches but Love told her, that they are still baby acorns and are still sleeping. Suddenly Chiffon turned to Infinity and the Infinity Radar started acting up. Tarte started playing the Clover Box lullaby and Infinity returned back to Chiffon. Then Westar and Soular appeared, wanting Infinity. The created 2 acorn nakewamekes and the girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They kicked nakewamekes away and one of them was about to land on the mysterious woman. The 3 Cures tried to save her, but Passion told them to stop. Suddenly nakewameke got plant wines all over it. The woman came out of the dust, insulting Westar and Soular. Then she Switched over, revealing herself to be Northa, one of Labyrinth members. She summoned another monster called Sorewatase. It was a plant and it absorbed the other 2 nakewamekes, becoming acorn sorewatase. The 4 girls used Quadruple Fresh to defeat Sorewatase, but it almost broke free. Sorewatase used wind to push away the Cures, making some of the brached acorns to fall. Chiffon stars crying and the Clover Box opens, giving the attack more power. They use this chance to defeat sorewatase. Northa opened a portal and left. Meanwhile, at Labyrinth, Northa used the Gauge's liquid to create sorewatase seeds and Westar with Soular understood, that Northa is the second gift Klein was talking about.

37 (279)- "Shifon o Mamore! Purikyua no Atarashii Chikara!!" ("Protect Chiffon! Pretty Cure's New Power!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 37

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 37

Airdate: October 18, 2009

The episode starts with the girls dancing, but they're worried about Chiffon too. Miyuki notices this and asks what is wrong. The girls tell her about Northa and say they need some training, but they're not sure where to get it. Miyukitells them to leave it to her. The girls later come to the place Miyuki told them and transform to Pretty Cure. Miyuki reveals this to be the mansion of Mikoshiba group and that they let Trinity use their training room before their concerts and they let Pretty Cure use it now. The mansion door opens and reveals Daisuke and his friends inside. One of his friends is Mikoshiba Kento, the heir of Mikoshiba group. while the 3 guys are impressed by pretty Cure, Miyuki leads them further to the training ground. She analyzes their data and says, that Peach is good at punching, Berry is good kicker, Pine has stamina and Passion is sprinter. She suggests them doing individual training, but she has doubts, remembering them dancing. The Cures ask for the indiidual training. Meanwhile, in Labyrinth, Westar is training his strenght when Northa comes and gives him sorewatase seed. He takes the Infinity Radar and goes out. Back at the training camp, Miyuki tells the Cures to dance, surprising them. They try dancing but fail. Miyuki tells them, that today's lesson is over and tomorrow they'll be dancing. After going out, the girls started fighting, making Love shout to stop them and making Chiffon cry. She tried stopping them but they all started blaming her. Next day the girls except Peach asked for their individual trainings when suddenly Chffon became Infinity. Clover Box lead got stuck and Westar came. He made the training items sorewatase. Cures tried fighting it but they weren't in sync. Miyuki started playing their dance music and reminded them their feelings of the day they formed the four-leaf Clover. The girls remembered their teamwork to protect Chiffon when suddenly Clover Box opened and with the help of Infinity, Clover Box sent them new powers. After a bit of teamwork kicking and punching, the Cures used their new move - Lucky Clover Grand Finale - defeating sorewatase. After that Tarte played the lullaby and Chiffon returned to normal. The Cures were happy.

38 (280)- "Kurōbā Bokkusu o Sagase!!" ("Let's Find the Clover Box!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 38

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 38

Airdate: October 25, 2009

The episode starts with Love sleeping when Chiffon suddenly becomes Infinity. Setsuna comes and they wake up Tarte.They calm her down when Tarte plays the Clover Box again. Love tells him to play the lullaby while night while the 2 girls are sleeping. Next morning Tarte told everything to Miki, who was waiting for others. He has to play the Clover Box whole night, because nobody knows when Chiffon becomes Infinity again and he can't sleep. Miki volunteers to play the Clover Box so Tarte can get some sleep. She was playing when a random girl came and asked to play the box too. Miki couldn't say no, since the girl was about to cry. When the girl was playing Clover Box, Miki got a phone call. The girl with a Clover Box saw her friend and wanted to show her the Box, but she didn't notice a car coming. Miki barely saved the girl but she lost Clover Box that fell into a truck. Miki was blaming herself for what happened. The girls went back to Love's house where Miki was still blaming herself. Chiffon tried cheering her on and suddenly became Infinity. Miki went to search for the Clover Box while others chaced her. Love was alone with Infinity Chiffon. Miki was looking everywhere for the box while Buki and Setsuna found the girls from before. She told them how it happened. Setsuna said, that Miki didn't say them anything because she thought this would sound like excuse. Miki met with Kaoru-chan and asked if he had days when he wanted just to give up. He told her some comforting words and Miki regained her hope. She wanted to see Chiffon's smile again. Meanwhile Soular received sorewatase seed and went to look for Infinity. There was a strong signal until he reached a park where a little girl was playing Clover Box. Shun asked her to give him the Clover Box and Switched to Soular when she refused. Miki saw him and transformed to Cure Berry. They were fighting but Soular had the Clover Box. He tried destroying it but couldn't. Berry summoned her Berry Sword as distraction while she got the Clover Box. Tarte came and started carrying the box to Love and CHiffon with sorewatase following him. Buki and Setsuna came just in time, transforming and punching sorewatase. Tarte escaped. Love was singing Chiffon the lullaby so she won't disappear. Tarte came with the Clover Box just in time. Chiffon returned to normal and Love went to fight against Soular, transforming to Cure Peach on her way. She came in time to save her friends and they all used Lucky Clover Grand Finale, defeating sorewatase. Later the girls wondered why didn't Chiffon disappear and Love said she was singing the lullaby. She suggested Miki to sing the lullaby too and Chiffon fell asleep.

39 (281)- "Kenka wa Kinshi? Okinawa Shūgaku Ryokō!!" ("Quarreling is Not Allowed? Okinawa Research Trip!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 39

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 39

Airdate: November 8, 2009

Setsuna and Love came to Okinawa with a class. Love is pretty excited. Daisuke says he was born here in Okinawa so he'll be Love and others' tour guide. His plan is to make some great memories and don't fight with Love. When Love and Setsuna get their bags out they see Tarte and Chiffon inside. Tarte said, that Chiffon really wanted to come so he had no choice, even though he is dressed in tourist clothes too. Setsuna and Love were walking lead by Daisuke who was explaining them some Okinawan things like Shisa - a lucky animal that protects people's homes when you get it's statue on the roof. Love and Setsuna went to see some more Shisas, making Daisuke get angry for not listening. Then he remembered his promise to himself to don't fight with Love and with a weird smile he said he's not angry. Back at the campsite Love wanted to go to the forest to get some more delicious fruits when Daisuke stopped her, saying there are dangerous animals in there. Love got angry and Daisuke got his creepy smile on again, saying he's not mad. Later Love was bringing a lot of fruits when 2 boys got in her way. She got all of the hard fruits on Daisuke, but he was creepy smiling and didn;t get mad. Love was worried. Meanwhile, Hayato was in Okinawa eating some Okinawan food. Tarte and Chiffon were eating too when suddenly she became Infinity. Tarte couldn't get the Clover Box out since he's an animal so Infinity wandered off to the forest. He got to Love and Setsuna and told them everything. Love went to look into the forest when Hayato's Infinity radar reacted. He created sorewatase from Shisa. Love was looking in the forest when Westar riding on sorewatase came looking for Infinity. tarte went to find CHiffon while Love transformed to Cure Peach. She was fighting alone when she heard Daisuke looking for her. She pushed sorewatase away and, protecting Daisuke, fell off the cliff to the water. Daisuke got them out and luckily both were fine. Daisuke confessed Peach that he was trying to make some good memories with a friend so he tried to not fight. Peach than saw a shooting star and wished for Love and Daisuke to make up. He told him to be himself. Meanwhile Setsuna called Miki and Buki asking where they are and she came to their place telling them how Chiffon became Infinity and Love is fighting alone. Westar found Infinity, but she got a protective shield around her. Suddenly the 3 girls landed near Chiffon and on Westar's back. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure without getting off Westar. He told sorewatase to attack them but Peach kicked it away. She came to the shielded Infinity and told her how fun it is with Chiffon. The shield broke and with tarte playing Clover Box Chiffon returned to normal. The Cures used Lucky Clover Grand Finale to defeat sorewatase. After that Daisuke scolded Love for going to the forest even though he told her to don't. Love started talking about shooting stars and apologized to him. Daisuke it's ok and Love was happy to have normal Daisuke. Next day they started friendly arguing over their art skills in painting shisas.

40 (282)- "Setsuna to Rabu, Okāsan ga Abunai!" ("Setsuna and Love: The Endangered Mother!")

(せつなとラブ お母さんが危ない!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 40

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 40

Airdate: November 15, 2009

The episode starts with Northa growing another sorewatase seed and she has a new plan to get Infinity. Meanwhile, at Love's house, Love's mom made Love a pink bracelet and red for Setsuna. She asked how is Setsuna doing at school and said she is her mother now. Setsuna heard this. Later they went shopping with Love's mom buying the things girls don't like - carrots and green bell peppers. They decided to stop at the cafe where Love's mom showed them new skirt she was wearing. Then she went at the bathroom and was washing hands when Nayuta came. She switched into Northa and called the mirror sorewatase. Later "Love's mom" returned and told the girls they have to go already, since they don't have time to waste. They can come again sometime. Love didn't suspect anything but for Setsuna it seemed suspicious. Later at home she asked about Chiffon. Setsuna quickly said that Tarte likes playing with this stuffed doll. Love asked how does she know Chiffon's name and "her mom" said she told her the name before. Setsuna got even more suspicious when "Love's mom" didn't force them to eat carrots and peppers which the real Love's mom forces them. At night she saw "Love's mom" talking with Northa through plants and she saw Northa's mark on "Love's mom's" neck. She realized everything and almost got busted when Love's dad returned from work. That night "Love's mom" tries getting Chiffon while they sleep. She goes into Love's room but CHiffon is not there. She goes to Setsuna's room and sees a pillow in her bed. Setsuna turns on the light and reveals her that she knows "Love's mom" is sorewatase. "Love's mom" asks her to give Infinity, but Setsuna refuses. She starts attacking Setsuna, waking up Love. She comes into Setsuna's room where Setsuna just pushed "her mother" away. "Love's mom" starts crying how she was just trying to be like a real mom to Setsuna while Setsuna cruely says that she's not her mom. Love gets angry at Setsuna for not seing how much "her mom" is caring for her. Next day Setsuna told everything to Miki and Buki and they went to help her find the real Love's mom. She was normal at the mall. Then they went to the cafe and Setsuna remembered that when "Love's mom" returned from the bathroom she was acting strange. They looked around in bathroom but didn't find anything.  Then Setsuna noticed a piece of red clothing in the mirro reflection of one cabin, which wasn't in the real world. She realized it's part of Love's mom's skirt and decided she's in the mirror. She teleported inside and found real Love's mom. Meanwhile "Love's mom" came to the living room where Love was worried about her words for Setsuna. "Love's mom" called Setsuna by her full name not Sets-chan like she always do, making Love suspicious. She also said she's worried about Setsuna because she's with Chiffon and asked Tarte where is Chiffon. Love decided to test "her mom" by putting the red bracelet her mom made for Setsuna on her arm and thanked her. "Love's mom" said this color fits her, failing the test. Love realized it's not her mom and Setsuna appeared with the real mom. The fake mom changed to sorewatase and the 2 girls transformed to Peach and Passion. They teleported on the roof when suddenly CHiffon, under the care of Miki and Buki, became Infinity. Sorewatase and the Cures hurried to Chiffon's place. SOrewatase fused with 2 trees. It caught Peach but she escaped with the help of Passion's Happiness Hurricane. Tarte took care of Chiffon while Miki and Buki transformed to Berry and Pine. They were fighting and used Lucky Clover Grand Finale to finish the sorewatase. At home Love's mom gives the girls bracelets she made, saying they both are her precious daughters. Setsuna calls Love's mom as her own mom.

41 (283)- "Inori to Kento no Senjō Pātī!" ("Inori and Kento's Boat Party!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 41

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 41

Airdate: November 22, 2009

The episode starts with Kento, one of Daisuke's friends, watching Buki going to school. Then he goes out and gives her some kind of invitation. It was revealed the invitation to be into the cruise ship Princess where a party is hosted by Mikoshiba group. The whole cream is going to be there. The girls encourage her. At home Buki finds a dress for her from Kento. In the boat Buki tries keeping companyto Kento while other girls are jealous. Buki was worried about being in such fancy party until she saw animal circus. She was invited as the trainer's assistant and had to work with a white tiger. Buki, being animal's friend and Pickrun translating what the gentleman white tiger was saying. Inori wasn't scared at all. Later she had a talk with Kento who confessed her how nervous he is for being future chairman of Mikoshiba group and for today he's the ship's owner. Hayato was in the ship too. He Switched to Westar and summoned sorewatase from the ship. The ship got posessed and headed to the port. Girls saw this and transformed to Pretty Cure. Westar told them he'll stop this if they get him Infinity. Passion told the girls to distract Westar and she'll teleport inside. Peach and Berry kicked him to the water while Passion teleported inside the sorewatase. She got everyone out except Buki, who went to get the animals out and Kento who stayed to help Buki. They got the animals free but one of sorewatase wines caught Kento. Eagle got him free and he landed on the white tiger, but he was unconscious. Buki transformed to Cure Pine and started fighting the wines. Other Cures safely docked the ship. Meanwhile Kento woke up and saw  Pine. She said Inori got out already.She said that the bad guys probably are controlling the ship through it's most important place. Kentosaid it must be the Engine and they started riding to the engine room on the tiger. Pine tried fighting alone but Kento said they must co-operate. The animals helped her to defeat sorewatase with with Healing Prayer Fresh. After that they both got out on the shore, Kento appreciated both her and Cure Pine's work and decided to make another party and invite both of them someday. The girls said this might be difficult a bit but Kento said he'll try hard.

42 (284)- "Rabirinsu kara no Syōtaijō!" ("The Invitation from Labyrinth!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 42

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 42

Airdate: November 29, 2009

As Setsuna gets ready to leave, Love comes and tells her to hurry up. When she goes away, a piece of paper falls out of Setsuna's mirror, which is revealed to be a letter from Klein. Northa is revealed to be the one who thought of sending it. Later on it shows the girls and Tarte with Chiffon walking back from their dance lesson. Setsuna is down after the letter, which asks her to return to Labyrinth as Eas. The girls wonder how to stop Chiffon from becoming Infinity and Love suggests destrying the Gauge. However after the Gauge is destroyed the whole sorrowful energy will be releaed and others will get hurt. Setsuna decided to use the letter she scratched away earlier and destroy it alone. At home Setsuna was really good - she said she'll eat Love's carrots, she masaged mom's shoulders, thanking her for everything.She was even funner than always. Tarte noticed something being wrong about her. The next morning she woke up early and left the house without saying goodbye. She thanked everyone and left. In the woods she met Northa, who told her to return to labyrinth as Eas. Arriving at Labyrinth she transforms to Cure Passion and wants to destroy the gauge, but is stopped and trapped by Northa who uses her Happiness Hurricane against her. Love wakes up and realizes that Setsuna is missing. Her linkrun is glowing red. She calls Miki and Buki and they all set out to look for her in the forest. When Setsuna wakes up Soular and Westar are in the room. Westar wants the old Labyrinth Trio to return. Northa comes and sends them to get rid of Pretty Cure with sorewatase. Soular creates ground sorewatase and the 3 Cures transform. Northa tries to confront Setsuna, saying she has no right to be a Pretty Cure since she was the one who collected all this sorrowful energy and it's her fault her friends are hurt. Just as Setsuna believed her and said she's not a Cure anymore, Love and others' voices reaches her, giving her the courage and she broke free and went to the others. The girls use Triple Fresh, almost defeating sorewatase. Passion uses Happiness Hurricane breaking the shield hiding the Mansion and helping defeat sorewatase. The Cures hug, her saying that they are together again and they promise to destroy the Gauge together. However Northa appears at the window, clearly planning something evil.

43 (285)- "Sekai o Sukue! Purikyua tai Rabirinsu!!" ("Save the World! Pretty Cure VS Labyrinth!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 43

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 43

Airdate: December 6, 2009

The 4 Cures are about to go inside and destroy the Gauge, but Northa has a plan. The girls enter the Mansion while Chiffon and Tarte wait outside. Door close behind them when they all teleport to the place Gauge is. The girls are surprised how huge it is when Northa sprays sorrowful energy on them, sepparating them. Love appears in empty Clover Town Street. Miki appears in empty restaurant where she sees Kazuki. Buki is in empty zoo with animals outside their cages while Setsuna is in her home with everyone gone. Love wanders around empty street and bumps into kaoru-chan. He says he sees no point in making donuts anymore. Other store owners feel the same. Kazuki tells Miki he's giving up on studying and his future and his dream of becoming a doctor. In the zoo animals hate humans and want to kill Buki for being human. Setsuna is looking for everyone but nobody's there. Then the girls all realize this world is fake and the people they know are not like that. They get out of their sorrowful minds but Northa isn't done with them yet. They each appear in different worlds where they have to fight a monster. However it's all part of Northa's plan for the Cures to actually fight each other. Chiffon feels the girls fighting and starts crying, telling them not to fight, going inside. Tarte chaces her. The door opens and the 2 go inside. Northa fights Chiffon while Westar fights Tarte. The Cures keep fighting when Chiffon's voice stops them. Northa wants to use the Smoke on her too, but she breaks the bottle freeing the Cures. She and Tarte land on the place Cures are, followed by Northa and Westar. She created sorewatase from the Gauge. Cures teleport outside when giant sorrowful smoke-firing sorewatase appears. Northa says if they destroy this soreatase they will be trapped in her world forever. When Chiffon was about to become Infinity again, Cures got out of the smoke and used Lucky Clover Grand Finale. They destroyed sorewatase, but the Gauge was destroyed too. when the Sorrowful Energy was about to get into their world, Chiffon tod the girls to use their Cure Sticks and Passion Harp on her. The girls were worried but she said she'll be fine. The Cures used Quadruple Fresh on her. Chiffon got all that power and destroyed whole sorrowful energy, much to Northa's anger. Then Northa noticed somethig shiny on Chiffon's forehead and grabbed this thing. Back in her lab Northa had another evil plan.

44 (286)- "Ayashiki Kusabue! Ubawareta Shifon!!" ("Suspicious Reedpipe! Chiffon is Stolen!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 44

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 44

Airdate: December 13, 2009

The episode starts with Miyuki telling the girls about dance contest. The Cures are ready, since Chiffon hadn't turned to Infinity ever since they destroyed the Gauge. Meanwhile, Northa took Chiffon's light and has it in a jar. She kissed a leaf and put it in the same jar. She said when this leaf becomes black she'll be able to control Infinity and even the Cures' Clover Box will be useless. At Daisuke's home, Miyuki suggests him to form a dance unit and participate in the contest, so Love might notice him. He asks his friends and, after mentioning Love and Others, they agree. They form unit caled Tri-color Dango. They train together with the girls and even though they start from zero they become pretty good. Daisuke promisses himself that if he wins the contest he will properly confess to Love. The night before the contest everyone are nervous and Love has trouble sleeping. Chiffon cheered her up and she fell asleep. Next day both girls and boys performed, but only team Clover got into the next round. Meanwhile, Northa's leaf became black. Hayato and Shun were inside the dance studio where the Cures and Chiffon were. Hayato changed to Westar and created nakewameke from the loudspeaker to distract the Cures while Northa gets Infinity. The girls saw nakewameke and transformed to Pretty Cure. The Cures were fighting when Northa used the leaf and Chiffon turned to Infinity. Tarte tried playing the lullaby, but it didn't help. Then Shun Switched to Soular and summoned sorewatase to get Infinity. The Cures were busy fighting nakewameke and didn't notice sorewatase. Miyuki helped them by pulling out the speaker's wires. The CUres used Lucky Clover Grand Finale to defeat nakewameke. However Tarte couldn't protect Chiffon alone and it got taken. Later Peach was sitting alone when Daisuke came. He told Peach his troubles, how he wanted to confess Love, but Peach was still sad from getting Chiffon taken away and she just went away.

45 (287)- "Yonin wa Purikyua! Kurisumasu Ibu no Wakare!!" ("We are Four Pretty Cures! Separation in Christmas Eve!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 45

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 45

Airdate: December 20, 2009

When Chiffon was captured by Moebius, Chiffon as Infinity will become a follower of Moebius in Labyrinth. Northa who can do it, remove the mind of Chiffon, who becomes a follower of Moebius.

When Chiffon was captured, Love and her friends apologized to Tarte for not guarding Chiffon very well while Northa captured her. Then, they went into the forest to talk to to the Elder, by using Akarun which can only be controlled by Setsuna. Once there, they were puzzled what the Forest would be like had there been something unfortunate happen. As they searched for the Elder,

Buki saw the Elder facing the same direction as Buki (not looking in the opposite direction, the point is visible from the rear because it did not show his face). When Tarte requested his help, Azukina crashed into him because Azukina came with a welcome jump. Then when they saw the Elder's face directly, it turns out Elder is being controlled by Moebius helped by Klein by using a computer and a machine that comes from above the spot near Labyrinth. Likewise with the other residents in the Forest is also being controlled. They return to Love's home and bring Azukina as well.

Tart was shocked by what was said earlier to Azukina. After that, Azukina told Tarte why he is not controlled like the Elder. The world there needed the desire order to become a follower system of Moebius, but right there the forest is being destroyed by the system. All Forest was controlled except Azukina, because when Azukina was going to be caught to become one of the followers of Moebius, the Elder pushed Azukina from behind. Then, the Elder told Azukina to notify the Pretty Cures about the news. Setsuna said she had suffered like the people there. But, she also has a grudge on Moebius. But, Love, Miki, and Inori soothe Setsuna and tell her they will face the danger together because friends are everything. After that, before they go they decide to tell the truth to their parents and friends. When they got to where they

usually practiced dancing with Trinity, they tell the truth to their parents and friends as well. When they transform into Pretty Cures, they surprised her parents and the Cures also tried to tell their parents they want to go to save Chiffon, but failed because their parents did not allow it, and they fear that will not work and will not survive there.

The Momozono parents, Love and Setsuna (as her adoptive parents) see the same television shows and all their contents. When Miki's parents go to the salon Miki, Love calls Miki and wants to leave first because they could not stay very long in their homes. Inori who had gone ahead, et Love, Setsuna, Tarte, and Azukina. Then Miki when leaves, she met with her brother, Kazuki. Kazuki helped Miki to say goodbye to her mother.

When Setsuna, Tarte, Azukina, and Love ran to escape the house, Love met and wanted to apologize and say goodbye to her friends. Then after the meeting and apologized and said goodbye to her friend, Love caught up to Miki, Inori, Setsuna, Tarte, and Azukina. Their parents had come to Love about her mother was angry and did not want to allow Love to leave, but eventually decided to allow this, and Love wept in her mother's arms. Then they went to Labyrinth to try to save Chiffon.

46 (288)- "Saurā to Wesutā Saigo no Takatai!!" ("Souler and Wester: Battle of the Last Stand!!")

(サウラーとウェスター 最期の戦い!!)
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 46

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 46

Airdate: January 3, 2010

After saying farewell to their parents, they finally reach Labyrinth, the place where Chiffon was being held and the place of Moebius.

They see the people that have been hypnotized by the system created by Moebius. Eventually they followed the people until they reached the middle of the road, then Love spoke to a pink-haired young girl before they left. However, they were caught by Moebius because the computers that Klein runs can see anything that happens in Labyrinth. Finally, when they arrived at the entrance to where Moebius was, Sorewatase suddenly arose . They were shocked, then they transformed into Pretty Cure. With one hard blow from all the cures, Sorewatase finally fell down, and then they quickly went into the entrance so Sorewatase would not follow them. But Sorewatase did follow.

They ran to find the room where Moebius located, but ran into a dead end until they could not get anywhere because they are in a trap created by two metal walls (right and left). Sorewatase came and appeared at the bottom, then it became a hole that made everyone fall except Tarte and Azukina because the hole quickly closed the door. Finally Sorewatase left, and Azukina and Tart survived.

Berry and Passion fell in a strange place. They met with Soular and Westar, two of the followers of Moebius. Peach and Pine fell into a strange forest. Berry fights against Soular, and Passion fights against Westar. When Westar continued to attack Passion, she persisted in pushing away with her ​​hands. She continued to speak to Westar to try to convience him to believe that Moebius is only toying with his followers. Berry also repeated what Passion said to Soular: that Moebius is only toying with his followers. But, Soular and Westar did not believe in the words of Berry and Passion.

Suddenly, a fairly large hole came to suck everything up where Passion and Berry were located. Passion tried to save herself, but she was caught by the tangled cables. Westar saved her from the fan going towards her. Westar now believed what Passion said, that Moebius only enslaved and toyed with his followers, then finally Westar fell into the Hole of Death. Likewise with Soular, he finally believed in what Berry said to him. Finally he also inhaled by the Death Hole.

Peach and Pine were suddenly hit by a trap that drew them to the place Northa was located to fight against her. Tarte and Azukina suddenly went down into the tunnel toward the Moebius system was and fell right next to Chiffon. They were surprised to see Chiffon was already a follower of Moebius and was being controlled as Infinity.

47 (289)- "Sekai ga Kawaru! Dōnatsu ga Okoshita Kiseki!!" ("The World is Changing! The Miracle Donuts!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 47

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 47

Airdate: January 10, 2010

Tarte and Azukina land near the giant ball that holds Chiffon as Infinity a hostage. They tried saving her, but mechanical hand took Azukina. tarte pulled out few wires before he got captured too. Meanwhile Moebius has captured all the worlds and is now the ruler of all world. Peach and Pine, at the same time, were battling Northa. Berry and Passion were looking for them. Tarte and Azukina were thrown into a hole and returned to the centre of the city. There they met a kid from Labyrinth who was lifeless and Tarte offered some donuts. The kid ate them and regained energy. They were delicious. Meanwhile, Northa showed the Cures, that all the world, including Yotsuba, are under Moebius' control. Also the Cures' battle against Northa is shown on Labyrinth TV with Tarte, Azukina and the kid seeing it. Northa tried proving them, that they are getting hurt because they had free will to choose to come here and be defeated, but the Cures said it's because they had free will they became stronger and met a lot of wonderful people. Meanwhile, Tarte, Azukina and the kid were watching Pretty Cure on tv when some people saw them and stopped too. More and more people noticed them and stopped. Pretty Cure were in pinch when Tarte decided to play the Clover Box to reach Pretty Cure. People, by their own free will, decided to help them. Some knew electronics, some knew where the wires are and by working together they connected some microphones to the tv loudspeakers and were able to play the music loudly. It reached Peach and Pine, who were battling Northa and destroyed her wooden tentacles. It also showed the light to Berry and Passion. It reached Chiffon too. Then Klein cut the power out. Tarte and Azukin thanked everyone nd gave them few bags of donuts. The kid thanked them. Meanwhile, Berry and Passion reached Peach and Pine. They told them about Westarand Soular and Northa called them trash. The 4 Cures used Quadruple Fresh on Northa, but she swallowed sorewatase seed and turned to monster.

48 (290)- "Saishū Kessen! Kyua Enjeru Tanjō!!" ("The Final Battle! Cure Angels Are Born!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 48

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 48

Airdate: January 17, 2010

When Northa changed into a giant and powerful monster, the Pretty Cure was wondering if this was Northa's original form, and it turns out that it is. Northa's original form is a powerful giant monster. Pretty Cure does their best in the fight against Northa.

Then the followers of Moebius saw that Pretty Cure was fighting against Northa from afar. Northa was eventually defeated by the combined Triple Fresh and Happiness Hurricane.

After that Klein was angry with to Pretty Cure because Moebius's followers ran into the street cheering on Pretty Cure. Klein eventually becomes his original form that is also a strong giant.

When people stand up to cheer on Pretty Cure, Tarte and Azukina also ran toward them (Pretty Cure). However, Tarte fell while running and a donut from the bag of donuts Kaoru gave then fell to near Westar's shoes, who showed up suddenly. Tarte and Azukina were surprised that Westar and Soular were there.

Northa and Klein merged together, and then finally carried out the attack in the direction of Pine, Berry, and Peach. They make a plan to fight the Giant combined Northa and Klein. The first was with Love Sunshine, Espoir Shower, Healing Prayer, and Happiness Hurricane directly. Then they proceeded with Lucky Clover Grand Finale. Unfortunately, that did not affect the combined Giant Northa and Klein because it is quite resilient and strong. The Pretty Cure were thrown and weak because of their strength was not limited in use. Soular and Westar came in front of them and the Pretty Cure glad to see they finally believed what they said. Then when they are knocked unconscious, the Pickruns speak to Pretty Cure. Pickruns eventually turn into winged and Pretty Cure transforms int Cure Angels. Cure Angels were born!

Westar and Soular were surprised to see that Cure Angels were born. Finally, the fight starts between Angel Cure against the combined Northa and Klein.

49 (291)- "Odoroki no Shinjitsu! Mebiusu no Hontō no Sugata!!" ("The Surprising Truth! Moebius's True Self!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 49

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 49

Airdate: January 24, 2010

After the Cure Angels were born, they fight the combined Northa and Klein. With the power that they have now, they beat the combined Northa and Klein with their combined attack, Pretty Cure Loving True Heart. Eventually they were defeated and disappeared. Northa and Klein turned out to be made from a plant and a lizard.

Soular was grateful to Berry while Westar admired Kaoru's delicious donuts that he made for Tarte! Eventually they locate and all go to Moebius's place, Cure Angels ride with their wings while Soular, Westar, Tarte and Azukina ride Hohoemina, which one part of a Nakewameke version that is on Pretty Cure's side (Cure Angel).

When they had reached Moebius's place and meet Moebius, they saw Chiffon who have become the Infinity and was controlled by Moebius. When Passion saw Moebius had taken over Labyrinth completely, she had wanted to convince Moebius to change sides; however Moebius wanted Setsuna to return to his service. However, when Moebius decided to attack Passion, Berry and Pine protect her and eventually the three of them were exposed to attacks including Peach.

Then, they followed Moebius out after they found out that Moebius is an artificial robot that Passion destroyed with Happiness Hurricane (Passion tried to invite Moebius to change sides, but failed because Moebius is a robot).

The first ones to fall were Azukina, Tarte, and Westar. At that time Azukina accidentally fell from the protection of Westar and Westar as Tarte rescued and he also saved them both together with Hohoemina and Hohoemina eventually became as common anymore (its original shape, fur and objects to be Nakewameke).

The second to fall down is Soular. When the Cure Angels were heading toward Chiffon, there was a giant cable interference and Soular copes with objects that became Nakewamekes. Soular is finally attacked with a one-time attack and he fell. Berry, who yelled down to Soular because it seemed that Berry likes Soular. Eventually they all fall down and they pass out.

50 (292)- "Egao ga Ippai! Minna de Shiawase Getto da yo!!" ("Full of Smiles! Everyone Will Get Their Happiness!!")

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 50

Fresh Pretty Cure! - Episode 50

Airdate: January 31, 2010

When they all fell and were weakened, the data of all people in Labyrinth were captured by Moebius. Then Peach, Berry, Pine, Passion, Tarte, Azukina, Westar, and Soular separated from each other by the data cable.

Eventually they all fight a army of Moebius. One by one they were defeated and one by one people were missing data. When all were beaten by Moebius, Moebius would destroy the entire Labyrinth using Chiffon. Peach, Pine, Berry, and Passion faced in the direction Chiffon would be saved but they were attacked by Infinity.

Then they collected a lot of heart power to save Chiffon with Pretty Cure Loving True Heart Fresh attack. With the attack, Chiffon eventually regained consciousness and returned to her normal self. They were very happy because they had saved Chiffon.

Eventually they all went back to their own world again. Inori, Miki, Setsuna, and Love went back to their home (Setsuna with Love). Their parents missed them, the Cures also missed their parents.

The next day, Setsuna said good-bye with Love, Miki, and Inori because she, Soular, and Westar were returning to Labyrinth that is now safe. Before they do that, they said they woild follow the dance contest. The theme song they dance is H@ppy Together!!! sung by Miyuki Chinen. They won the dance contest and ultimately that is where they parted.

After that, Love and Setsuna took a picture with the family. As a memento, Setsuna. Tart, Chiffon, and Azukina get a picture too because they will go back to Sweets Kingdom, which is their home. Setsuna, Soular, and Westar go home to Labyrinth. Miki became a very beautiful model. Inori became a smart and great veterinarian . While Love, does the same activities that she usually did. After that, everyone gets their happiness back.