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Foeksia de Miniheks
General Information
Type Holland Live Action
Created by Johan Nijenhuis
Years on Air 2010
Movies 1

English Title: Fuchsia the Mini-Witch

French Title: Fuchsia l'apprentie sorcière

Polish Title: Fuksja - mała czarodziejka

Airdate: October 06, 2010


A child with magical powers takes on mean-spirited grown ups in this family-friendly fantasy from the Netherlands. Quark (Porgy Franssen) is a wizard who happens upon some unusual eggs while taking a walk through the Witches' Woods. To Quark's surprise, when the egg hatches, what emerges isn't a bird but a little girl; naming her Fuchsia (Rachelle Verdel), Quark raises the child as his own, and he's pleased when she shows an impressive aptitude for magic. Quark arranges for Fuchsia to attend a school for witches run by Miss Minuul (Annet Malherbe), a witch who has long been infatuated with Quark. Fuchsia has a mischievous spirit and her tricks sometimes go wrong, but when she learns that a powerful businessman plans to buy the Witches' Woods and clear out the trees, she teams up with Tommy (Lorenso van Sligtenhorst), a mortal boy who is also the nephew of the conniving tycoon, to foil his scheme.

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