Flowering Heart
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General Information
Type Korean Cartoon
Created by Lee Woojin

Ishihira Shinji

Years on Air 2016-
Seasons 2
Episodes 26+ongoing

Korean Title: 플라워링 하트

Japanese Title: フラワーリングハート


A special magical story of an ordinary girl! Ari is a fifth grade student who transform into adult with a variety of magical powers to solve problems of everyday life. One day, going to home Ari discoversa a strange hamster and ring. She collects hope energy on earth helping the others to save the Flowering Kingdom people of the despair energy.

Episode List

Video Gallery


Flowering Heart - Ari Transformation00:27

Flowering Heart - Ari Transformation

Flowering Heart - Suha Transformation00:27

Flowering Heart - Suha Transformation

Flowering Heart - Min Transformation00:27

Flowering Heart - Min Transformation

Flowering Heart - Syuel Transformation00:27

Flowering Heart - Syuel Transformation


플라워링하트 오프닝 티져 영상01:34

플라워링하트 오프닝 티져 영상

Flowering Heart Theme Song

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