1- "Miho, Karei Naru Henshin" ("Miho's Spectacular Transformation")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 01

Fancy LaLa - Episode 01

Airdate: 05 April, 1998

A young girl is having a nice time in a prehistoric village. When she plays in a stream, she finds an unusual-looking man on the bank. He speaks almost to himself, "Future. You always wish to know your future. Past. You are also wondering where yesterday has gone." He continues to say things which do not quite make sense to her until he suddenly vanishes when her attention is diverted to a fish in the river only for a moment. Then suddenly the sky changes its colour and she sees two dinosaurs attacking her village. A young man snatches her arm to take her into safety.

The girl, Shinohara Miho, sits up on her bed and rubs her wrist; he pulled it too strong. She walks down stairs and there is a draft of a comic "Fancy Lala."

At the breakfast table, the girl's mother, Mamiko, tells her sister, Chisa, to prepare the dinner that night as she will be late. Miho explains her dream to her sister... no, she insists it was not a dream. But Chisa isn't interested and rushes off to school with an embarrassed smile for Miho's compliment on her new uniform. Her father is barely in time to see Miho before she leaves home for her school as well.

A boy rushes out from the house next door. The boy, Yoshida Tarou, catches up with Miho and speaks to her. It is the beginning of a new school year and they are expecting to be in new classes. He wonders which class she will be in. Miho, who's been running to make sure she isn't late, suddenly stops; she has found the two monsters she saw in the dream. But apparently they are invisible to Tarou.

In the front yard of the school, Miho checks the notice board to see which class she is in. Before she finds the answer, her best friend, Akiru, comes to her to tell they are in the same class again. Miho's joy is cut short as also sees the name of Tarou in the class.

In the new class (3rd Grade, ie 8-9 years old), the home-room teacher introduces himself with a joke which impresses no one. Then he asks all the pupils to introduce themselves. While the other pupils [the pretty girl, Nozaki Anna, seems as though she may become a major character] are doing this, Miho indulges herself by imagining that she gives such a wonderful introduction she immediately becomes a popular figure in the class. But in reality, she is too shy and does not know what to say. Help though comes from an unexpected direction. The teacher cuts in to say, "Don't you have a sister?" He started his teaching career in the school and her sister was in his class. She must remember him as an incompetent teacher, who was so uptight not to be able to introduce himself properly.

On her way home from the school, she drops in at an art shop to buy screentones. In the shop, two voices whisper. "She must be the girl." "Why?" "I don't know." Miho hears it and looks around to find two dinosaurs dolls on the shelf. She reaches and examines one for a battery without success. She puts it back and walk off from the shop when the clerk stops her shop-lifting. The two dolls are clinging to her bag!

Miho denies the charge and tries to get rid of the dolls. The clerk insists that she should buy them, otherwise he will call her parents. "No, you need them." Surprisingly the strange man in her dream is in the shop. He pays the money, trying to settle the issue. But Miho is even keener to clear her name, "I'm not a shop-lifter!!" "I know that." His voice answers but his figure is nowhere to be seen in the shop. Somehow he is already out of the shop and walking away.

Miho runs back to her house, where she remembers the guy was in her dream. Her imagination goes wild depicting him as a scout who wants her to be a star in the future. Her eyes stop on the two dolls; "What weird dinosaurs..." "We are not weird dinosaurs!" Miho thinks she heard the dinosaur's voice but cannot confirm it as Chisa shouts at her to her prepare the dinner.

At the dinner table, Mamiko tells the girls she will be away for a few days from tomorrow for a filming trip. "You will be alright without me, won't you?" Miho tries to assure her by saying she made the 'hiyayakko' on the table ['hiyayakko' is chilled tofu, one of the easiest Japanese dishes (it would be very difficult to get wrong)]. Asked by her, the two girls go up to call their father. He is an archaeologist and has been pondering about a scar he has hound on a dinosaur skull, "It looks like one made by a sharp tool."

Chisa watches a TV program which has her favourite idol, Aikawa Hiroya, in. She asks her mother, who planned the drama, if he is as cool in reality. Mamiko's very emphatic answer pleases Chisa.

Miho is up in her room drawing her comic. Beside her the "whisper" goes on until Miho is finally sure the dolls are chatting. "Weren't you speaking?" She doesn't get an answer but is still convinced she heard them. "All right. I'll throw you away with the garbage tomorrow!" This warning scares the dolls enough; they start to explain about themselves to Miho. They (Pigu and Mogu) are a kind of fairy and have strayed into this world from their "World Of Memory Of Time." They ask Miho to let them stay here until they can go back to their own world. They will give her magic power in return! Miho gets excited over the word. "Magic!? You mean, the one you do like this, you'll become like this?" Mogu is not altogether sure if they can fulfill her expectation. All they can do is control a very short period of time. They produce a pen and sketchbook.

Downstairs, Chisa is sleeping in front of a TV set, on which an advertisement gets interrupted with an image of the prehistoric village.

Miho is told to draw clothes on the sketchbook. She will be in trouble if she grows up in the clothes she is wearing now. With a spell 'Dabu-Dabu', the sketch becomes a real thing! ['dabu-dabu' is a word to express clothes (or shoes etc) being too big] After changing into the clothes, she is handed the pen. Mogu tells her the spell to initiate the magic. "Listening to the memory of time, grow up elegantly to Fancy Lala!" Having checked she has really grown up, she is really pleased with the outcome of the magic. Feeling happy, she wants to go up to "Garden in the Sky."

It is small but a beautiful balcony only for her. She introduces herself to the fairies. Perhaps because her mother works in a TV station, she wants to work in media or be a manga artist when she grows up. Looking up at a wonderful starry sky and then at her new magic pen, she wonders how she will use her magic.

2- "Rara no Harajuku Debyū!" ("Lala's Debut in Harajuku")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 02

Fancy LaLa - Episode 02

Airdate: 12 April, 1998

n Miho's room, Pigu and Mogu are looking at Miho's sketch book and are obviously impressed. Asked why she wants to be a manga artist, Miho replies "Because you can create whatever sort of world you wish..." Then her sister, Chisa, abruptly comes in to tell her to come down for breakfast. Miho does not show any interest but Pigu does. He brings Miho's breakfast up into her room and eat it. In the mean time, Miho finishes off her sketch. She wants to go out as Lala. Pigu suggests that she should show "Lala" to her sister but, of course, Miho cannot do that. She decides to go out as she is and transform somewhere outside. The fairies want to go with her and transform themselves into bracelets to avoid being conspicuous.

At Lyrical Production, things are far from peaceful. They were going to send one of their models to a photo session for a fashion catalogue but the model, Lynda, is ill in bed. The head of the office, Ms Haneishi, loses no time and goes out to the session personally.

Miho is looking for a place where she can safely transform. She is too curious to not try walking down the street as Lala. Pigu suggests she transform behind a truck, which expectedly moves off while she is changing. Miho finally finds a suitable place Ferris wheel on the top of department store) and transforms into Fancy Lala. She is pleased with the outcome of the magic but decides the bracelets do not match her dress. The fairies now transform into earrings.

Miho wonders if she looks strange. Pigu confirms she does ['hen' in 'henshin (transform)' means strange] but Mogu assures her she looks fine. She heads for Harajuku, where Chisa was approached by a scout during Spring Holiday. They wanted her to be a model but it was for an H video [similar situation as in Eps.1 of Key The Metal Idol]. She was cool enough to fend them off, "Are you saying that, knowing who my Dad is? Your body would float in the pacific tomorrow." Mogu wonders why Miho wants to go to such a "dangerous" place but Harajuku is not only known for its danger; a lot of young people gather and some idols do, too. Miho lets her imagination run wild again; to meet her favourite idol, Aikawa Hiroya. She lets it run too wild and misses the Harajuku Station;

Ms Haneishi is in the client's studio and appologising to him. He insists the shooting must go on and all the clothes are sized for Lynda. Ms Haneishi asks him to give her 30 minutes.

Miho arrives at Harajuku Station and trapped by the gate machine because she has only paid a child's fee [In most case, a child's fee applies up to 12 in Japan]. She then get caught by a dubious scout and panicks a little as she tries to fend him off, "My Dad is the pacific and you will be..." Eventually she manages to run away.

In the Lyrical Production Emiko is searching hopelssly for a model who can act as a substitute. In the car outside the client's studio Ms Haneishi is looking very dejected. Ririka suggests that she could take Lynda's place. Yoshio opposes the idea as Lynda's waist is 55cm and her hip is... he does not get a chance to complete his sentence. Just then Ms Haneishi spots someone she thinks is more promising. Without a moment of hesitation she approaches a surprised Lala, "I'm sure we can get along very well."

Chisa brings a cup of coffee to her father, who is so absorbed in his research she has to help him to find the cup. She tells him that he is fortunate to have such a pretty highschool girl to bring his coffee. "Wouldn't you like to give her some sort of present?" He tells her he bought her clothes although that was more than three years ago. Feeling helpless, she goes on to say, "How did you make a proposal to Mum?" This is enough. His reply is, "Now then, shall we go shopping?"

Lala is dragged by Ms Haneishi. She bombards the bewildered Lala with questions. "How old are you?" "Can you spare some time?" "You're not under some contract, are you?" "Can you smile for me?" Lala is taken to the hair stylist, Komi-san, who advises her, "Hey, now that you've come so far, you should enjoy it. Be as vain as much as you'd like!"

Lala gains some confidence when she sees how she looks in the photograph. Ririka thinks she's pretty good but Ms Haneishi's opinion is "Very good." At the interval, Komi-san asks how she is getting on. Lala is now fairly confident and thanks for him. "Hehehe, it's pretty nice to be a model." The client is also impressed and tells Ms Haneishi he wants her for the next autumn catalogue as well.

After the session, all the staff from Lyrical Production are busy enjoying some sushi, which Ririka ordered without Ms Haneishi's permission. She wants to know Lala's bank account number to pay in her fee but Lala doesn't have one. Ms Haneishi insists on her address and phone number at least, which Lala cannot give, either. Whilst things are becoming awkward betwen Ms Haneishi and Lala, all Ririka can think of is the size of Lala's appetite.

On the way back, the girl in the office tells Ms Haneishi, Mr Honma of Ecran TV wants a new assistant for a variety show. She is confident that Lala will be more than adequate for the job.

It's dusk and Miho is running home. She never notices the mysterious man on the opposite side of the road.

When she gets home she finds that Chisa has got a set of new clothes! Youichirou suggests to her to go shopping together next time but Miho wants a bank account of her own instead.

Up at the "Sky Garden," Miho looks at a mobile phone which Ms Haneishi gave her. Suddenly it rings! She meekly answers it. It is for Ms Haneishi-- from Aikawa Hiroya!! The chance to exchange a few social words are enough to send Miho to Heaven.

3- "Dokidoki Terebi Shutsuen" ("The Heart-Pounding TV Appearance!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 03

Fancy LaLa - Episode 03

Airdate: 19 April, 1998

Miho's class is out for sketching trip in a park today. Miho's dream to be a manga artist and famous is laughed at by her friend, Akiru, "So you want to be famous, regardless of your job, right?" Miho can't deny it and asks Akiru what *she* wants to be. She shyly answers that she wants to be an actress although she is not sure how she'd react if she is asked "Can we see you nude. It's for the sake of the film"; Miho is sure she would not but Akiru says it depends on the scene. "As long as it is necessary..."

Miho finds the mysterious man at a fish shop. Akiru asks who he is but their conversation is rudely interrupted by Yoshida Tarou. The disruption is enough for the man to vanish again.

In the park, Miho is more interested in drawing Lala's new dresses than the scenery but, when Tarou finds out what she is doing, he isn't kind enough to let it pass and reproaches her. The teacher wants a peaceful reconciliation but both are refractory. Tarou wants the girl, who was drawing something she should have not, to be punished. The punishment the teacher comes up with is for both of them to sketch each other. Not surprisingly they show no sign of reconciliation during their punishment. Suddenly things are rather abruptly interrupted by a phone call from Ms Haneishi. She wants Lala to work for her right now but there's no way Miho can do so.

When she arrives home, Pigu and Mogu welcome Miho back. She has returned with a lot of sweets. In fact, her first guarantee as a model has evaporated buying sweets for them. Miho is not sure what to do about the phone call from Ms Haneishi. Given her school work, it will be difficult to work fully as a model. Pigu is rather selfish, "You need money to buy sweets." Mogu is more kind, "You should do it if you want to."

Anyway she decides to go to Lyrical Production for the day. Miho draws dresses and high heels and Mogu worries that Lala might no be able to walk on such tall high heels. Lala is not sure either and has some difficulty with them before she gets used to them. She also has to deal with her father, who happens to home at the same time. She tells him she is Chisa's friend.

At Lyrical Production, everyone seems happy with Lala's first success. Everyone that is except Emiko, who has just discovered that Yoshio made a mess of a job which was to provide a girl to a TV program. Ms Haneishi tells Ririka to go in stead as "They don't mind as long as you're a girl." But Ririka is having a date with her "main target." Then Lala arrives. She is pleased with the booklet which was the job that she was hired for last time and Ms Haneishi, who used to be a model herself, tells her she's got something special. She takes her to an audition of Soseido [pun for Shiseidou, one of the Japan's largest cosmetics manufacture].

At the recess, Miho and Akiru are reading an idol magazine. Miho finds Lala in a advertisement for deodorant, which reminds her of an embarrassing moment at the audition. Akiru shows Miho a page in the magazine which has Miho's favourite idol, Aikawa Hiroya on it. He is with another popular idol, Yumeno Miki but, of course, it is only Hiroya who catches Miho's eye and she lets her imagination run wild yet again. Surprisingly it turns out that Miki is Tarou's cousin. He tells them that he used to play with her but not recently. Unlike other pupils, Miho and Akiru do not particularly want her autograph. Anna agrees with them. "There are idols whose autographs are wanted but, at the same time, there are many - like this girl spraying her armpit - who will be forgotten long before they are really noticed. Tarou has a different view. "She's pretty, don't you think? Very different from Miho."

At the TV station, Anna's words lingers on in Lala's mind. She asks Komi-san, "There are all sorts of people, from big stars to the hardly known, in the show biz, right?" He admits it but encourages her that she'll be successful. In front of them passes a woman wrestler. Lala is afraid of her but Komi-san tells her she is actually really gentle and feminine. Lala asks Komi-san what she is going to do. Komi-san is surprised to hear she does not know anything and tells her she will fight against the wrestler. Of course, she will lose but she will be allowed to advertise her product for as long as she endures the wrestler's attack. Lala is less than happy to hear this; fighting against a wrestler is bad enough but losing means falling into white power around the ring. But Komi-san comes up with another piece of advice; "Lala, do you know what is required to be a winner in the show biz?" "Huh? Be popular?" "Nope. It's someone who enjoys it. Even if she becomes popular, as long as she does not enjoy it, she is a loser."

Lala is now in the ring and about to fight. She spots the mysterious man on the rafters, which triggers something in her mind, "All right, I'll do it. Regret after eating rather than regretting for not eating!"

She manages to last for the longest time of the day, ten seconds. Into this she manages to add to the advertisement her own message, "Yoshida Tarou of Fujigaoka Elementary School, be nice to girls!!" The message is duly received by the aimed recipient.

Miho is back in her Sky Garden. She tells Pigu and Mogu that she saw the mysterious man again; the one who bought them for her at the shop. Even the fairies do not know who he is. "How mysterious..." Now something comes into Miho's mind. "Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll call him Mr Mysterious!" Mogu asks whether Miho continues her show biz life. Miho is not sure but says, "I am getting fond of Lala, you know."

4- "Daburudēto no Nichiyōbi" ("A Double Date on Sunday!")

Fancy Lala - Episode 04

Fancy Lala - Episode 04

Airdate: 26 April, 1998

It's a Sunday morning. In Miho's room, her garlic alarm clock tells her it's time to wake up. There is an appointment as Lala today. She doesn't get up right away, though, and oversleeps a bit.

Eventually she gets up, rushes downstairs and washes her face. While she is hastily drinking some milk, her mother asks her why she has gotten up so early. Miho reminds her that she mentioned yesterday she was going out for a TV... no, shopping with Akiru. Chisa is also going out with a friend and their mother is expecting a busy day with her work. This leaves their father, Youichirou, to look after himself. "Why? He's gone for a conference, right?" wonders Chisa. Mamiko replies he suddenly came back late last night because of a change in the program.

Miho is ready to go... well, almost. Her mother points out her hair isn't done and Miho runs into the bathroom. Just when she is finally ready to go, there is a phone call from Ms Haneishi, telling her the TV recording has been canceled. Feeling dejected, Miho sees her mother and sister out. Pigu and Mogu seem to be feeling the same, too.

Miho decides to go out with Akiru but it turns out that she is about to go to an aquarium with her family. Tarou is also going out with his family - they're going out for a picnic.

So Miho stays in her room, reading manga. Pigu and Mogu are a very happy pair. There's plenty of food and, for the first time, they don't have to worry about people in the house! Unfortunately they don't know the other member of the family has come back and is sleeping in his room;

Meanwhile, Miho is having problems in drawing manga in her room. "Oh, no, I'm in slump!" Then she lets her imagination go wild; she is now a popular and busy manga artist, with Akiru and Tarou as her assistants. As in reality, the editor, Ms Haneishi, wants many things done by Miho.

It is not only Miho's imagination that has gone wild. The battle between the two fairies over the last piece of sausage has caused chaos in the kitchen. Miho comes into the kitchen and tells them off severely. Just then her father comes in. He is a little surprised to see two puppets moving and talking but convinces himself that he was half-asleep.

At the Eclan TV station, Mamiko is busy with her work but wonders about Miho's lunch. Youichirou has volunteered to cook it. He doesn't cook very often and is forever looking in the cook book. Then Ms Haneishi rings Miho up to tell that a deal for Lala's next work has been made; it's next Saturday as a model. Now the housephone rings and Youichirou asks Miho to answer. Miho has to deal with two phone calls as well as questions from her father, who is not sure where pans are, at the same time. It isn't too long before Miho has to give up.

The result of Youichirou's cooking turns out to be unsatisfactory; and they decides to go out for lunch.

They take a train to go to a place which Youichirou wants to visit. It turns out be a dinosaur exhibition at a department store. After enjoyable lunch and some shopping, they heads for the exhibition, not knowing Chisa is also there with her boyfriend. Miho is impressed with the models and fossils while her father is absorbed by a small piece of rare fossil. Pigu and Mogu are also moved with the exhibition, which reminds them of their homeland. In fact, they are too impressed and come out of Miho's bracelets, whereupon they begin to attract unwanted attention of other audiences. Miho has to leave them there so that she can pick them when no one is looking.

Then Miho finds Chisa and her boyfriend and sneaks after them. "Hang on, this is an ideal situation for..." She transforms into Lala and resumes her shadowing.

Chisa's boyfriend also seems to be very keen on fossils, which reminds her of another man around her. Lala, forgetting that there is no need, hides herself behind a big exhibit, where Youichirou joins to do the same; Lala reminds him she is Chisa's friend and met him the other day. But they are more interested in the couple than continuing their conversation

In mean time, Mamiko finds out the script writer has failed to hand in the scenario by the deadline again; But she is less annoyed than usual; now she can go home early to look after her daughter and her incompetent husband.

Lala and Youichirou's shadowing goes on until they see the couple kissing. Or they thought so. In fact, he is only putting a necklace on Chisa. It is made with the fang of Tyrannosaurus, "A brutal dominator of land." Chisa isn't impressed, "So what?" "So... I though it would suit you"; Chisa's boyfriend is obviously pretty bad at diplomatic conversation..., again like her father. Pigu and Mogu, completely forgotten by Miho, have to run away after biting a finger of a mischievous boy.

The noise brings the attention of all four to the situation around them; boys and guards are chasing the fairies. Just when they are about to catch them, Lala finds Mr Mysterious. He makes the people momentarily believe the fossil of Tyrannosaurus is moving. Lala does not miss the chance and picks the fairies up then explains, "I'm sorry but the robots aren't working properly."

Mamiko has arrived back home with a bag of sweet chestnut; [As many Ranma fan would know, this is fairly popular in Japan] but finds there's no one in and she doesn't have a key with her.

Youichirou is on the way home with an exhausted Miho on his back. He seems to be saddened and pleased at the same time at what he saw. "They grows up before you know it... Hey, Miho, *you* don't have to grow up." "That's impossible, Dad." With this, she falls asleep. They finally arrive back at their home, where Mamiko, who has been eating the chestnut to kill time, welcomes them back gently.

5- "Miho to Rara no Tabōna Ichinichi" ("A Busy Day for Miho and Lala!")

Fancy Lala - Episode 05

Fancy Lala - Episode 05

Airdate: 03 May, 1998

Akiru got accepted for a TV game show for kids, where the winner gets a trip to the various amusement parks around the world. Miho said that she would go cheer for Akiru, but Akiru said that Miho was going to appear with her. Akiru wanted to keep it a secret from the other students, as she said it would look bad if they lost. The TV show was going to be filmed on Sunday of the following week.

While walking from school, Miho was worried. Pigu and Mogu appeared, and asked what was wrong. Miho said that she was going to appear on TV. When they said that Lala had already appeared on TV, Miho said that she and Lala are different. Mogu said she understood Miho's feelings. Pigu didn't.

In a park, Miho transformed into Lala. "Toki no kioku ni omoi wo komete, ima Fancy Lala ni kareinaru seichou!"

Miho drew the clothes for Lala in the sketch book with her magic pen, and Lala wore those clothes.

When Lala went to work, the president of the production told her that she would be going to an audition. She said Lala would have to sing, so she would go to some lessons. She also assigned Ririka as Lala's manager, and said that the audition was going to take place on the Sunday of the following week.

On the way home, Miho realized that the audition was at the same time as the TV show. She decided to choose her work.

Miho was going to tell Akiru that she couldn't go with her, but she ran into Akiru, who was on her way to Miho's house. Akiru said that they had to have a parent go with them to the game show, but her parents couldn't make it. So she was going to ask Miho's parents.

Miho was about to refuse, but Akiru said that there were going to be many stars, including Aikawa Hiroya. At the mention of his name, Miho lit up and said that her father would go with them.

Luckily the game show and audition were going to take at the same studio. Miho was making plans as to how she can switch from one to the other.

Miho imagined herself winning both the audition and the game show. [Miho going into "dream mode"..]

Lala was taking singing lessons. When she sang a song, the president felt that Lala can do it.

It was Sunday, and Miho went to the studio. She found a parked truck in a garage that she was going to use as a place to transform.

Lala went to talk to the studio to meet with her manager.

Meanwhile, Akiru was waiting for Miho. Right before the contest was going to begin, Miho arrived. Miho didn't see Hiroya, so she asked where Hiroya was, and Akiru told her that he was going to be late as his previous work was running late.

The first game was the "knock down the monster" game. The two kids had to pedal a bike, and have that wind knock down the monster. The top four teams were going to make it to the next round. Miho was determined not to lose until she can meet Aikawa Hiroya.

The game began, and three other teams quickly knocked down the monster. Miho and Akiru were going to lose in the first round.. So Pigu used his magic, and caused more wind to knock down the monster. Miho and Akiru placed fourth, to move to the next round.

It was time for the audition, so Miho rushed to the studio after transforming into Fancy Lala.

Lala: Entry number 12, Lyrical Production, Fancy Lala

The second game was an eating contest. They had to eat a large mountain of manju. But in the middle of the contest, Miho had to go back to the audition. So she said that she was full and ran off. There was still a lot of manju left, that Akiru had to eat by herself..

When Miho was in the back of the truck to transform, the truck took off. Lala got off when the truck stopped, and rushed to the studio. When she was running, she ran into her father..

Lala: Father.

Father: ?

Lala: Shinohara's father..

Father: You must be one of Chisa's friends.

But Lala said that she was in a hurry, and just made it back in time for her turn.

When Miho got back to the game show, she found out that Akiru had eaten all of the manju and had qualified for the final round. Then Aikawa Hiroya came and gave a short message. Akiru said that he was using corny jokes, but Miho said that it was great..

The final game was a raft race on a river. Miho and Akiru were in the lead, but suddenly Akiru collapsed as her stomach started to hurt. Miho wanted to quit, but Akiru said that she wanted to continue. But Akiru was in too much pain and they had to quit.

Later Akiru was taken to the medical hut, and Miho left Akiru with her father and ran off. Lala went to the audition, and was about to sing.

Pigu and Mogu came and told Lala that Akiru had been carried off in an ambulance.

The music started for Lala's song, but she couldn't sing. Then Lala ran off.

When Miho got to the hospital, Akiru was fine. The doctor said that she had just eaten too much.

Later the president scolded Lala. She said that they are professionals, so they have to act as professionals. Lala said that she would be more careful in the future.

At home, Miho said that she had a lot of fun that day..

6- "Rara wa Raibaru?" ("Lala's a Rival?")

Fancy Lala - Episode 06

Fancy Lala - Episode 06

Airdate: 10 May, 1998

Miho as herself and Lala meets Miki, another teen idol. Miki has worked with Hiroya Aikawa. Miki is the older cousin to Miho's friend Taro. When Miho 1st meets Miki, she sees her as a sweet cousin. She is very nice, generous, and feels bad when people get hurt. When Lala 1st meets Miki, they are at a photo shoot for a summer catalog (normally summer clothes are photographed during winter). Miki puts forth a very nasty attitude, because that is how she believes big stars are supposed to act. Miki and Miho put their differences aside for the good of the shoot, and the welfare of others.

7- "Kyōbu no Mokko Tōban" ("The Terrifying Care Duty for Mokko")

Fancy Lala - Episode 07

Fancy Lala - Episode 07

Airdate: 17 May, 1998

It was a Saturday (or Sunday), and Lala was doing some work. When she finished, she tried to transform back to Miho. But the toilet was under repair, so she couldn't. Miho had to go to school because she was in charge of taking care of Mokko, the school's sheep.

Pigu and Mogu (they were in the form of ear rings) said that she can find a place to transform on the way to school, so Lala left. But it was so crowded everywhere, and Miho couldn't transform back. Then Pigu and Mogu said that she can transform in school, because there wasn't anyone there.

Meanwhile, Taro, Anna, and Akiru were waiting at school. Anna didn't want to start yet, as she didn't want Miho to work less than her share.

Lala rushed back to school. She ran into the building, and was running in the hall. Pigu and Mogu went back to normal (from the earrings). Just at that moment, Taro and Anna were looking at the school and saw the "flash" of Pigu and Mogu transforming. They thought it was a ghost.

Then Miho came running to her friends. But Taro and Anna were very scared because of the ghost. Miho said that she wanted to go look for the ghost.

They all cleaned the sheep house. Pigu and Mogu were now disguised as Miho's bracelets. Then Mokko bit one of Miho's bracelets. It was Pigu! Pigu (as the bracelet) rolled away, and Mokko started chasing it.

All the kids ran after the sheep, and Taro finally caught it at the shoe boxes in school.

Anna said that Mokko must have gone wild because he noticed the ghost. Miho and Akiru wanted to go look for the ghost. Anna didn't want to, but since Miho and Akiru went into the school, and she didn't want to be alone, she followed them.

Then Anna told them the story about the ghost. A girl got killed in piano room many years ago, and her ghost is still somewhere in the school. Sometimes there is some music coming from the music room, but nobody is there. Anyone who hears it will get killed too.

Then they all heard piano music. Anna ran off, and Akiru ran after Anna.

Then Mogu appeared and told Miho to escape too. Miho was scared, but she still wanted to go check out the music room.

Then she thought that she wouldn't be scared if she transformed into Lala. So Miho drew a dress and wig. But since she was scared, and her hand was shaking, her drawing wasn't very good. Miho had drawn a long, wavy dress and wig (sort of like what a ghost would look like).

Miho transformed and walked through the hall in this dress. Meanwhile, Taro was outside and saw Lala walking. He thought it was a ghost.

Miho walked toward the music room, where the piano sound was coming from.

When Miho got to the music room, the piano stopped. She looked inside, but the was nobody there!

Mogu wanted to leave, but Miho wanted to go in.

Meanwhile Akiru and Anna were by the shoe boxes. Akiru wanted to go get Miho. But Anna was scared and didn't want to go.

Then Akiru went by herself, and snuck up to the music room. When she looked inside, she saw the back of a "ghost" (Lala). [But Miho didn't see Akiru.]

Akiru slammed the door, screamed, and ran off.

Miho couldn't open the door, so she was trapped inside. Then Mogu flew out the window to get help.

Anna was hanging around the shoe boxes. Then Taro came. She told Taro to go get Miho and Akiru, but he was scared. Just then Akiru came running and screaming that she saw a ghost. Anna followed Akiru out into the school yards..

Taro went up and looked for Miho. When he got to the music room, he called out for Miho. Miho answered, and said that she was locked in the music room. She realized too late that she was still transformed..

When Taro opened the door, Miho scared him, by pretending to be a ghost. Taro instantly ran off. But he tripped and fell. He saw a large shadow (with a large blade) coming to him. He thought it was the ghost. But it happened to be his teacher, Asaka-sensei, who was carrying a cooking knife.

Then they went to the music room together, and found Miho there. [Miho had transformed back into herself.]

Miho, Taro, and the teacher went to the cooking classroom, where the teacher was cooking. He said that he liked to cook when it was his turn to look over the school. Also he had been listening to music on his radio cassette player, and that was the music that the other students had heard.

At night they all left the teacher's room, and left him all alone, after telling him about the ghost story..

As the kids were leaving, they spotted a statue of a cat. It was one which contained the "wishes" that they wrote when they were in first grade. They looked inside, and pulled out some of the pieces of paper.

Akiru had written that she wanted to become an actress. Miho had written that she wanted 2000 yen for some ice cream. Taro laughed at Miho's wish, then Miho kicked him in the head. Then Anna found Taro's wish.. It said that he wanted to marry Miho. But Anna didn't show anyone else.

Meanwhile Pigu was hiding in the school. Mogu was talking to him, and Pigu was still very scared of Mokko. Their voices echoed through the empty school, and Asaka-sensei became very scared.

The next day at school when Taro got to the classroom, there was a picture of an umbrella with Taro and Miho's names underneath. Taro got very upset and started shouting.

Taro: Whoever wrote it, hurry up and erase it!

Then Miho came into the classroom and saw it too. She calmly said, "Why don't you erase it yourself.."

8- "Chibi Neko Riru to Mahō no Himitsu" ("Kitten Lilu and the Secret of the Magic!")

Fancy Lala - Episode 08

Fancy Lala - Episode 08

Airdate: 24 May, 1998

Fancy Lala was being interviewed by a reporter. She talked about a cat that she had as a pet, called Riru. Lala said that she got the cat four days ago.

[switch to four days ago]

Lala and little girl (a child star) was posing for some photos. Then the staff brought out a cat for them to pose with. Lala and the girl said that it was cute, and the staff said that they can have it. Lala wanted the cat too, but since she was the older one, she let the little girl have it. [but actually, Miho was younger than the child star..]

After the photo session, Lala went to the dressing room and said, "buka buka" to make her clothes disappear. Then Pigu and Mogu transformed themselves into bracelets around Miho's wrists.

At home, Miho couldn't find Chisa compact, that she had taken without her sister's consent. Chisa was going to come home soon, so Miho drew a compact in her sketchbook. Pigu asked if the magic worked on things other than clothes..

Miho tried it (saying "dabu dabu"), and the compact appeared. So Miho replaced Chisa's compact just before her sister came home.

Then Miho realized that she can use the magic in many ways. Miho tried drawing a CD. She said she wanted the Aikawa Hiroya CD. The CD appeared, but when she played it in the CD player, it just made a scratching sound.

Then Miho tried making a camera. The body was fine, but there was nothing inside. So her magic only worked on simple things and the appearances. But then Miho drew a cat. The cat appeared, but it was just a statue.

That evening, while everyone was sleeping, the moonlight came in and hit the cat statue.

When Miho woke up the next day, she went down and saw a big mess. The manga pages that she had drawn were scattered all over. There were also small footprints all over Miho's manga. Miho thought it was Pigu and Mogu, but Pigu and Mogu were still asleep.

Then something fell from the bookshelf. Miho discovered that it was the little blue cat. The cat that Miho had drawn had come to life!

Miho was very happy to see the little cat. She snuck some milk up to her room, and the cat drank the milk.

Miho told Pigu and Mogu to watch over the cat while she was in school.

On the way home from school, Miho was thinking of some names for the cat. Akiru overheard them, but said that she didn't like any of the names.

At home, the cat was annoying Pigu and Mogu. Finally they couldn't take it any more and started chasing the cat around.

Miho came home carrying a bag of cat food. When Miho opened the door, Pigu and Mogu flew right into Miho's face, as the cat tried to hide behind Miho.

Miho had thought of some names for the cat, but Pigu and Mogu didn't like any of them. Miho finally chose Riru as the name. She also gave Riru a little bell, on a collar.

The next day when Miho came home, her room was a mess. Pigu and Mogu were busy cleaning up. But Miho didn't notice it, and was just happy to see the cat.

Later Miho tried to give Riru a bath, but Riru fought against it..

Pigu and Mogu wanted Miho to tell her parents about the cat, so that they wouldn't have to be the ones taking care of it. But Miho said that she didn't know if they would let her keep it.

The next day, when Miho's father opened the door to go out, Riru snuck outside.

Miho looked all over the house, but couldn't find Riru.

Meanwhile Yoshida Taro was in his baseball uniform, walking outside. He saw a tiny cat walk by him, into the middle of a road. Just then a speeding truck came, and headed for the cat. Taro couldn't do anything, and just watched in horror.. But the cat was too small, so the truck missed it completely.

Miho was now looking outside for Riru.

Riru was wondering all over.

Miho was very worried. But she ran into Taro, and Taro helped look for Riru.

Then the weather turned bad, and there was thunder in the distance.

Miho ran all over, but couldn't find Riru.

Then Miho heard Riru's bell near a shine. Miho went up the stairs of the shrine, calling out for Riru.

The it began raining, and Miho began to cry, As Miho was about to give up, Riru came out of the bushes.

Miho held Riru, and they sat at the shrine to get out of the rain. Miho wondered when they can go home. Then Taro came carrying two umbrellas.

The next day, as Miho was going to work, she told Riru that she will tell her parents about her when she got home.

After Lala finished her work, she took off her clothes and transformed back into Miho by saying, "buka buka". With those magic words, the clothes that Lala had been wearing disappeared. In addition, the compact, CD, and camera also vanished from Miho's house. There was also a little bell with a collar lying on the floor in the middle of Miho's room..

9- "Kashu ni Nante Narenai!" ("There's No Way I Can Be a Singer!")

Fancy Lala - Episode 09

Fancy Lala - Episode 09

Airdate: 31 May, 1998

Miho was doing homework in her room early in the morning.

Then she heard the voice of Yoshida Taro singing, next door. Pigu and Mogu woke up, because of the terrible, and loud singing. Miho just tried to ignore Taro, who had been doing this for years.

But it finally got to Miho, and Miho yelled at Taro from the window. Unfortunately Miho yelled out the wrong window.

Then Miho got a phone call from Haneishi. Haneishi told Lala that she was going to debut as a singer. She had gotten the position of singing the ending song for Aikawa Hiroya's new TV show.

Then Miho went into her "dream mode". She imagined Lala winning the new singer award. Lala was about to sing, then she saw Yoshida Taro singing instead of herself. Back in "real life" Taro was singing loudly next door.

The next day, Lala, Haneishi, and Ririka went to the TV station to meet the staff of the new TV show. Lala was very amazed at everything, and couldn't fully grasp the position that she was in.

Then they met Yumeno Miki. Miki looked very mean. Later Ririka told Lala that Miki was also in the running for this song, but Haneishi got the job for Lala.

The next day at school, the class was learning about sound during science class. They did an experiment, and Miho was chosen to record her voice in a tape recorder. When the teacher played back the tape, Miho heard her own voice for the first time.

Miho said, "This isn't me. My voice isn't this weird!"

Then the teacher explained to everyone about how people listened to her own voice.

Later Lala went to Haneishi and said that she wanted to step down from the TV song. Haneishi asked her to explain, and Lala said that she lost confidence in her own voice. But Haneishi scolded her. She said that there were many people already working on this project, and that she couldn't just quit.

Miho was feeling depressed. Mogu said that Miho was a much better singer than Yoshida Taro, but that didn't help at all. Miho said that she wished that they wouldn't finish writing her song. Then Pigu got an idea..

That evening, a "ghost" appeared in Ozu's house. (Ozu was the person writing Lala's song.)

The next day, Lala went to the studio for a test recording of her song. But Ozu-sensei was late. He eventually appeared, but he was all bandaged up. Mogu looked at Pigu suspiciously..

Lala was in the studio for the test recording. They started playing the music for Transparence, but Lala didn't sing. They kept playing the music over and over, but Lala didn't sing. Then Lala said that she couldn't sing.

The producer (Mizoguchi) said that Lala will have another chance to sing again, in a couple days when they film the image video. But he said that he will give the song to Miki too, and have her sing it if Lala can't.

On the way to school, Miho was very depressed. Taro passed her and said, "Hi!" but Miho didn't say anything.

Even during school, Miho was very quiet. When Taro asked Akiru what was going on, she said that it was because of the science experiment the other day. Akiru said that Miho hadn't talked much since then.

On the way home, Miho was thinking to herself, and kept walking in a different direction from her home. Taro wondered what was up, and followed her.

Miho walked along the river. Then she sat down on the grass next to the river and got depressed by herself. Then Taro came and rode a little tricycle down the hill, zooming past Miho, into the river. When Miho tried to help pull Taro out, Taro pulled her in.

Then Miho got upset and scolded Taro. Taro smiled and said that this Miho was better. Then Taro started singing his song. Miho even joined in and sang together.

Pigu and Mogu were across the river watching, and then Pigu started singing. [Pigu was way off key, and very funny!]

The next day, Lala was at Ekran TV, wearing her outfit, getting ready for the filming. Haneishi told Lala to have confidence in herself.

Yumeno Miki was also there. As she walked by Lala, she said, "Do your best." Then she added, "Don't misunderstand. If I end up singing, it will look like I stole your song."

Then Hiroya came to cheer for Lala. Lala became very embarrassed.

Lala froze, and didn't reply when everyone asked her if she was ready. Then Lala asked if she could sing a song before she started. Mizoguchi got angry, but Hiroya said that there was nothing wrong with it.

Then Lala started to sing Yoshida Taro's song. Everyone was shocked. But Hiroya laughed and said it was funny.

Then Lala asked them to start, and sang Transparence. Lala sang perfectly, and Mizoguchi even smiled.

After the song, Hiroya went up to Lala and said, "Congratulations on your debut. From now on, we are rivals."

10- "Suttamonda no Kyampēn" ("The CD Release Campaign Disaster!")

Fancy Lala - Episode 10

Fancy Lala - Episode 10

Airdate: 07 June, 1998

Lala was filming an image video at an indoor pool. She swam in the pool, as they were creating an image of a mermaid.

After the filming was over, Komi-san (the stylist) was working on Lala. They talked, and he said that the video looked great. Komi-san also said that he realized that there was a little girl inside of him.

Meanwhile, Kanno and Ririka were working out their schedules. Ririka wanted the weekends off so she can go out on dates, but Kanno wouldn't allow it.

Then the president (Haneishi) asked Ririka if the Shizuoka plan was ok. Ririka realized that she had forgotten to ask Lala. There was going to be an event at a record store in Shizuoka on a Friday, and Lala was invited as the guest. But since Lala (Miho) couldn't go far on school days, she couldn't work outside of Tokyo on weekdays. This was already agreed upon when Lala started working.

That night, Pigu and Mogu were eating fried chicken out on the balcony. Miho was thinking to herself, and she didn't want to eat. But Mogu said that Miho was a growing girl, so she had to eat.

Miho said that the other people of Lyrical Productions were working hard to try to make things good for Lala. They were changing their schedules around to meet Lala's needs.

Miho was disappointed at not being able to go to the Shizuoka event. She said that she would be able to make it if it was Saturday. Pigu pointed out that Miho had school on Saturday, but Miho said that they had a field trip to Shizuoka that day.

The next day at school, the teacher talked about the trip to Shizuoka. They divided up the class into groups, and Yoshida Taro was in a group of all girls, including Miho, Akiru, and Anna. When a classmate pointed it out, Taro said that he didn't want to be in the same group as Miho, and they started arguing.

Miho and Akiru walked home together. But Miho was still worried about Lala's situation, and wasn't paying much attention to Akiru. Akiru pointed out that Miho seemed very busy recently. Miho said that she wasn't very busy, but Lala was.. Then Akiru pointed out that Miho must be playing with Lala a lot. Miho said that it was "work" for Lala.. Then Miho snapped back to her senses and told Akiru that she will tell her all about it later.

Meanwhile, Haneishi and Kanno went to Cosmos Records to turn down the Shizuoka event job. They saw Narumi and a staff person putting up posters of Yumeno Miki (right next to the Lala posters). Then Narumi talked to Haneishi and teased her about Lala. The music top 10 TV show was on air at that time, and Yumeno Miki's song placed in at number 6.

Narumi said that Miki went around to the countryside, and worked hard to get where she was now. He said Miki was too busy now to do distant events, and asked if Haneishi would want one for Lala. Then Haneishi got mad and said that Lala already has one event set up in Shizuoka. But Narumi didn't believe it.

That evening Ririka called Lala (who was given a cellular phone), and told her that the event had been set up (for Friday). She hung up before Miho could say anything.

Miho was troubled, but Pigu came up with an idea..

Miho transformed into Lala, and dressed up as a street fortune teller. Lala, Pigu, and Mogu waited for Asaka-sensei to come out of a restaurant. Lala called out for him, and said that there was a disaster waiting for him. But Asaka-sensei wasn't too interested.

As he was walking away, Lala called out for him, and stated his name and age (Asaka Katsunoshin, 30 years old). He was very surprised. He wondered if he had met the girl before, and stared at her.

Then Lala said that there would be a disaster on the trip, if they went on Saturday. But if they went on Friday, everything would be fine, and in addition, Asaka-sensei would get a girl friend.

So the class field trip was changed to Friday, and everyone went to Shizuoka. In the afternoon, they had "free" time, so Miho, Taro, and their group were in the countryside, by some tea fields.

Then Taro took out a frog, and scared the girls. All the girls were scared except for Miho. Then Taro took out a snake, and this finally scared Miho. Miho started chasing Taro, but Taro was too fast for her. Miho couldn't catch Taro, so she though of a plan. She went to a nearby barn and transformed into Lala.

Taro got away, but was disappointed that Miho didn't keep chasing him. Then Taro walked back, and saw an older girl (wearing a kimono) picking tea in the fields. He asked the girl if she had seen Miho, and the girl (Lala) answered that Miho went into the barn.

Then Taro went into the barn, and saw something moving. He thought it was Miho, and tried to sneak up to her. But it was a bunch of pigs.

Meanwhile at Swan Records, in the city near the train station, Ririka was waiting for Lala. She said that Lala was never on time. Then Lala (still wearing the tea picking kimono) arrived. Ririka told her to hurry, and they went inside to change.

Lala was nervous, as this was the first time that she would sing in front of people.

Meanwhile, everyone else in Miho's group were going around the city sightseeing, and buying gifts.

Lala imagined herself singing in front of a large crowd. But when she actually sang (on the street just outside of the record store), there were only 5 or 6 people watching her (including Ririka).

There was going to be a signing session after the song. Lala and Ririka sat at a table, waiting for customers. But nobody came.

Ririka asked if Lala had ever signed her name before. Then Lala signed her name, and said that she had thought of her signature a while back.

Lala wondered who would be the first one to buy her CD. She went into her own world again, and imagined a huge line waiting to buy her CD.

Ririka said, "Please don't go into your own world by yourself.."

Then Fushigi-san came and looked at the CD. He didn't know what the CD was, but Ririka explained that it was something which had songs in it. Then Fushigi-san said that Lala had a wonderful voice, and left, without buying the CD.

Then Taro came up to the table. He recognized the Lala as the girl who was picking tea. He pointed out that he couldn't find Miho in the barn.

Taro said that Lala must be just starting out, so she had to work as a tea picker in addition to being a singer. Then he said that he would buy one of her CDs. Lala said that he didn't have to, but Taro gave her the money. Then Lala signed a signature board and gave it to Taro.

When he was walking away, Taro looked at the board. Underneath the signature, Lala had written, "Thank you, Yoshida Taro."

Taro wondered if he had ever told Lala his name..

11- "Karei Naru Pinchihittā" ("The Spectacular Pinch Hitter!")

Fancy Lala - Episode 11

Fancy Lala - Episode 11

Airdate: 14 June, 1998

Fancy Lala was wearing a pink baseball uniform (number 0), and she was standing on the pitcher's mound. Lala's song Transparence had been chosen as the theme song for the high school baseball tournament, so Lala was going to throw the first pitch even though she didn't know any rules about baseball.

Lala threw a pitch which took a bounce before it reached home, but the batter swung and missed.

Meanwhile, Yoshida Taro's baseball team (little league team) was playing a game, and it looked like they were losing.

After her pitch, Lala stayed in the dugout and watched the baseball game. POL High School (supposedly a famous baseball school) won.

After the game, Pigu and Mogu were saying that they didn't understand the rules. Then when Lala was walking in the halls of the stadium, she met Hoshizawa (the star player of POL High School). He said that he was a fan of Lala, and bought her CD when it came out. He also said it was a good song, and he listened to it on the bus when he was coming to the stadium.

Hoshizawa and Lala sat on a bench and talked. Lala asked why Hoshizawa swung and missed at Lala's pitch. He answered that it was tradition.

Then Lala congratulated Hoshizawa on his hit. Hoshizawa said that he was just lucky to hit the ball. Then he talked about batting (timing and swinging and reading the pitcher). Hoshizawa said that his younger brother (who also played baseball) had a bad habit of getting nervous against batters he faced for the first time.

Later, Miho was in a record store.

The owner of the record store noticed Miho and asked her if she would come cheer for their baseball team. He was the manager of a kids baseball team (Ganbarous), the one that Yoshida Taro played on. He asked Miho to cheer for Taro. He said that his team had lost 8 games in a row to the Blackies.

Meanwhile, Miho's father got a phone call. After he hung up, he made some motions as if he a baseball umpire.

The next day at school, Taro was playing baseball. But he dropped the ball. Miho was nearby, and said that Taro was bad in baseball. But Taro said that baseball was a very hard game.

On the way home from school, Anna and Akiru called out for Miho. They said that they wanted to go to a baseball game the next day. But Miho said that she didn't want to go cheer for Taro. Then Anna and Akiru said that they didn't want to either. They said that they liked the cool pitcher.

Miho ended up making pom poms with Anna and Akiru..

On the way home, Taro saw Miho. Miho apologized for saying that Taro was lousy at baseball. Taro was wearing his baseball uniform. Miho noticed that his uniform was a little torn. She said that she would sew it for him.

That night, Miho tried sewing Taro's pants, but she couldn't do it well. Then Pigu and Mogu suggested that she should just use her magic. So Miho drew the baseball pants on her sketchbook, and used her magic ("dabu dabu") to come to life.

On the day of the game, Miho and Chisa were leaving the house to watch the baseball game. Then their father was leaving too. He said that he was going to be the first base umpire for the game.

At the field, the Ganbarous were practicing. Akiru and Anna were there already. Miho went to sit with Akiru and Anna.

Then the Blackies came. Akiru and Anna noticed the cool pitcher, and Miho realized that they were going to cheer for the other team.

Before the start of the game, the Blackies pitcher went to talk to Taro. This was Hoshizawa, the younger brother (4th grader) of the POL star.

The game began. Taro was playing first base. Akiru and Anna cheered when Hoshizawa pitched. Miho just sat there.. Taro saw them, and was upset that the girls cheered for Hoshizawa. Akiru explained that Hoshizawa and Taro were rivals, as Taro broke up Hoshizawa's no hitter in a previous game.

When Taro struck out in his first at bat, Miho yelled at him to watch the pitcher more closely. Taro got upset, saying Miho didn't know anything about baseball. But the Ganbarous' manager said that Miho was correct.

In his second at bat, Taro popped out, and Miho yelled at him to completely follow through on his swing. Taro got upset, but the manager said that Miho was correct again.

In the last inning, the Blackies had a 5-4 lead. Then Taro lead off with a double. But the next two batters made outs, so the Ganbarous were down to their last out.

Then the Ganbarous manager called Shinohara Miho as a pinch hitter. Miho went to him and said that she had never played before. But the manager said that he believed in her. Taro kept yelling from second base that Miho can't play baseball. But the manager said that he'll make the decisions.

Miho went to change. She drew some clothes, and used her magic to make them appear. But it wasn't very cute, so she made them disappear. At that moment, Taro's pants "vanished" too! Everyone laughed at Taro, but the manager told him to stay where he was.

Then Miho returned to the baseball field, wearing a very cute uniform. Miho went to bat and faced Hoshizawa. The umpire noticed that the wind was blowing out..

As Hoshizawa threw the first pitch, Miho noticed that his left shoulder was up. Miho concentrated and swung the bat. She made contact, and the ball went flying into the outfield. The outfielder went back, and back, and back.. as the wind carried the ball over the fence for a homerun!

After Miho rounded the bases, everyone congratulated her. Then Miho noticed that Taro wasn't wearing any pants..

That evening, Miho heard on the radio that POL won another game to advance in the baseball tournament. She said that although they may never meet again, Hoshizawa was cheering for Lala, and Lala was cheering for Hoshizawa..

12- "Anata wa Daare?" ("Who Are You?")

Fancy Lala - Episode 12

Fancy Lala - Episode 12

Airdate: 21 June, 1998

13- "Rara to Hiroya no Sukyandaru" ("The Lala and Hiroya Scandal!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 13

Fancy LaLa - Episode 13

Airdate: 28 June, 1998

Lala was going to sing on the TV show "Music Highway". This was the first time that she was going to sing on TV, and she was nervous, as Komi-san was working on her hair. Komi-san was a little mean, and told her to sit still.

Lala was nervous, but she sang well. During her song, Pigu and Mogu flew around overhead, and caused some leaves to fall on the set. The people in the studio wondered if they had planned that..

Aikawa Hiroya was also on the same show, and he stared at Lala while she was singing.

After the TV show ended, Hiroya went to Lala and told her that she did well.

Lala noticed that it was after 7 PM. She hurried and called her sister, making up an excuse that she was at her friend's house. She said that she would return soon.

Yoshio saw Lala making the phone call, and thought to himself that Lala must be keeping her work a secret from her family. Then he imagined himself being Lala's "protector".

Ririka came and told Yoshio to stop day dreaming. She told him to hurry up with the car, as both Lala and Ririka wanted to go home quickly.

Ririka and Lala went down to the parking lot, and Yoshio came in the car. But just as Lala was going to go in, the car's engine started smoking.. Just then Hiroya came in his sports car, and offered to take Lala and Ririka home. He said that he didn't have any other work that day. So they got in and left Yoshio with the wreck.

As Hiroya's car left the parking lot, another car followed them.

Lala and Ririka were seated in the back seat of Hiroya's car. Ririka told Hiroya that Lala was a fan of him. Lala got embarrassed. Then Hiroya said that he was a fan of Lala.

Then Ririka asked if Hiroya had a girl friend (saying that it was Lala who wanted to know). He answered that he didn't have one.

Meanwhile Yoshida Taro was walking down the street, and he bought a can of juice at a vending machine. Hiroya's car went past him, and stopped nearby.

Lala got out, but tripped when she started to walk. But Hiroya was there and caught her. Just then, a cameraman appeared (from the car that was trailing them), and took a picture of Hiroya holding Lala.

The next day at school, Akiru went up to Miho with a magazine. She asked Miho not to get angry, and showed her the article which said that Hiroya and Lala were kissing. The picture was the one of Hiroya holding Lala!

Miho got very upset saying it wasn't true, and left. Then Taro came and noticed himself in the picture..

Ririka was on the train, half asleep. Then she noticed an advertisement poster for a magazine. It had the headline of Hiroya and Lala.

Ririka rushed off the train to buy the magazine. She saw the picture and realized that the picture was taken the night before.

Meanwhile at Lyrical Productions, the phone kept ringing. Kanno, Yoshio, and the others were busy answering the questions from reporters and angry fans. A bunch of reporters were waiting outside of the office too.

Haneishi Yumi got a call from Mr. Narumi of Five Star Productions. He said that she did well, saying that she set everything up to raise Lala's popularity. Haneishi got very mad..

Then Ririka called the office. She told Kanno that she was there when the picture was taken, and the story was a lie. Ririka said that she would take care of the errands and then go to the office.

Miho was worried about the situation. When she was walking home, the cameraman who had taken the picture was hanging around. Pigu and Mogu wanted to "take care" of him. The man asked if Miho knew about Lala. Miho said that she did, and said that Lala was right there, behind him.

When the cameraman turned around, he saw "Lala" (Lala's hair and jacket) turning around the corner. The man ran after "Lala". When the man had "Lala" cornered in an alley, "Lala" turned to the man and scared him. It looked like a ghost with two eyes and no face or body.

Ririka got to the office, and she was interviewed by one of the reporters when she was just outside the office. The TV was turned on inside, so everyone saw it.

Miho went to the office, but she saw the reporters everywhere. After Miho transformed into Lala, Pigu and Mogu acted as a decoy (the fake Lala) to get all the reporters away from the office.

Lala got to the office, and they had to go to a TV studio for work. But the reporters were still around the building. They all got into the elevator. Yoshio said that he would be the decoy. When the elevator opened on the first floor, all of the reporters rushed in. They snapped a lot of pictures, but it was only Yoshio in the elevator.

Meanwhile, Lala, Haneishi, Ririka, and Kanno came down the stairs, and snuck into the car. Kanno drove off very wildly. The others were very scared of Kanno's driving, and Haneishi said that she wouldn't let her drive any more.

They finally arrived at Ekuran TV, in one piece. But they discovered that there were a lot of reporters here too. They didn't know what to do.

Then Lala said that she didn't want to run away any more. She said that she would explain everything. Before anyone could stop her, Lala went out of the car, into the crowd of reporters.

The reporters surrounded Lala, and bombarded her with questions. The question got more and more extreme, and they didn't really give her any time to respond. Then Lala shouted and tried to explain everything. All she said ws that she just debuted as a singer, and she loved to sing, and she released a single Transparence.

Later Hiroya was on a TV program, and the interviewer asked him about Lala. Hiroya said that Lala wasn't his girl friend, but he said that he was cheering for her.

14- "Omocha no Kuni no Miho" ("Miho in Toyland!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 14

Fancy LaLa - Episode 14

Airdate: 05 July, 1998

On the way to school, Miho passed by some garbage and saw a stuffed dog that was thrown away. She stopped and stared at it for a while. Pigu and Mogu told her that she would be late for school, so Miho ran to school.

At school, the teacher explained how garbage is collected, and the different types of garbage.

After school Miho, Akiru, and Taro were by a river bed. Taro had built a pet-bottle rocket, and he was launching it. The rocket flew, but quickly crash landed in the river. Taro went into the river to retrieve the rocket.

Then it suddenly started raining. None of the kids had an umbrella, so they all ran to a nearby house for shelter. They stayed under the roof, but they were wet and cold.

Then Taro called out, saying he found a storage room that was full of old toys. Miho and Akiru said that he shouldn't go wandering into other people's homes, but they followed Taro inside. Taro said that it was spooky, like a graveyard for toys.

Just as they were going to leave, an old man came. Miho, Akiru, and Taro got scared, but then some little kids called out for the old man.

Miho and her friends got invited into the house, and the two little kids explained about the old man. They said that he was a "doctor" of toys, who cured the toys that were sick. On the table, there was an old clock which had a dancing figure (a prince). The kids said that the old man fixed that.

Miho and friends borrowed an umbrella, and walked home in the rain. Akiru said that she felt sorry for the old toys, and she felt that the toys were crying. But Taro said that the old man was just weird.

Then Miho stopped walking, while Akiru and Taro kept going with the umbrella. Miho was thinking to herself.

When Miho got home, there was a message by her mother on the answering machine. She told Miho to take care of herself, as both parents were going to be away that evening.

Miho went to her room and looked through her old photo album. She recalled the time when she had to throw away her teddy bear.

[in the flashback, Miho is around 3 years old.]

Pigu and Mogu told Miho to transform, as Lala had to go to work. Miho transformed, and wore Lala's clothes. But then she suddenly fainted. As Lala was falling to the floor, she automatically transformed back to Miho (as well as the clothes disappearing).

Just then Chisa came home and knocked on Miho's door. Chisa opened the door just when Miho (probably naked) crashed to the ground.

Later Chisa talked to her mother on the phone and told her about Miho. The doctor said that it was just a cold, but Miho's temperature was 38.7 degrees.

While Miho was sleeping in her bed, Lala's portable phone (which was inside Miho's bag) started ringing. Pigu answered the phone, and pretended to be Lala. He said that she had a sore throat, so she couldn't go to work.

Just as Pigu hung up, Chisa came into the room. Pigu had his head sticking out of Miho's bag, and Mogu was staring at Pigu from the ground. Pigu and Mogu stopped still. Chisa stared at the two "stuffed animals"..

Chisa stayed next to Miho's bed, and took care of her that night.

Miho had a dream. A big stuffed bear (bigger than Miho, who was about 3 years old) came to Miho. He said that they had to go save the princess.

Miho and the bear walked around in the "land of toys". They weren't walking fast at all, and Miho thought that they should hurry. Just then the ground under them opened up, and Miho and the bear fell through a trap door.

The ended up in a room, and saw a professor who was standing still next to some control panel. There was a crank on his back, and Miho wound him up. The professor came to life, and he said that he ran out of power before he could finish his great invention. He took Miho and the bear to another room to show them the giant robot that he was working on.

Then Miho told him that they were on their way to rescuing the princess. The professor gave Miho a button (a push button switch), just for emergencies, and let them go off on a hot air balloon.

Miho and the bear were flying through the air on the hot air balloon. There was a city (of blocks) under them. Then all of a sudden they started attack the balloon, with cannon bombs. Eventually one of the bombs hit the balloon, and the balloon crashed to the ground.

Miho and the bear were put into a prison cell. Miho was small enough to walk through the bars, and she found out that the prince was locked up in the next cel. The prince was also on the way to rescue the princess.

They didn't know how to escape, but Miho recalled the button that the professor had given her. She pushed the button, and there was a big explosion.

Miho, the bear, and the prince were in a horse carriage hurrying toward the city gates (a giant door). There were toy soldier troops chasing them, and the gates were closing. The carriage arrived at the gates, but it was too late. The gates had closed. The troops were gaining on them too.

Meanwhile the real Miho was struggling in her bed. The she turned a little and her head touched Chisa's head, as Chisa had fallen asleep next to Miho's bed.

Then Chisa appeared in Miho's dream (as herself). Miho asked Chisa to open the gate (door), and Chisa was about to. But Chisa said that Miho had a cold, so she had to rest at home. Just then there was a delivery, and Chisa accidently opened the door.

The prince, Miho, and the bear snuck out when Chisa opened the door. They rushed to the castle where the devil had captured the princess.

A big dragon appeared in front of them. This was the devil. The prince rode a flying horse and attacked, but got hit and crashed. The dragon was going to step on the prince, but at the last moment a bomb hit the dragon. It was the giant robot that the professor had built.

Then the robot and prince fought the dragon, and won. The princess was saved.

When Miho turned around, she (still 3 years old) was in her kitchen. There was a roast chicken (past the freshness expiration date) on the floor in front of her.

Then the bear spoke to Miho. He said that he had to go. Miho cried and went after the bear, which was on a garbage truck.

Bear: You played with me a lot. It was fun. I don't exist any more, but I'm always in your heart.

Miho: But I'll forget about you.

Bear: That's ok. Don't be sad.

Then Miho woke up. It was the next morning. Miho had recovered from her cold.

Miho went to the old man's house to return the umbrella that they had borrowed the previous day. Miho noticed that the clock with the dancing prince figure now had the princess figure. The old man said he finally found the princess figure.

15- "Sono Yume wa Owaranai" ("The Dream Will Never End")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 15

Fancy LaLa - Episode 15

Airdate: 12 July, 1998

Lala finish work, and she was in Augie Studio. Hiroya had invited her to come to the recording, as he was recording a song.

When Lala was looking at the information board, a little kid shot her with a toy gun. Then he ran around Lala. Pigu and Mogu were on Lala's shoulder, and the little boy grabbed Pigu's tail and tried to pull him off. Then the elevator opened, and the boy ran off.

Hiroya was in the studio singing a song, "Birthday Girl".

Meanwhile the little boy ran out of the building, and went into a car. Haneishi, the boy's mother, was in the car waiting for him.

After Hiroya finished, Lala went to the studio and Hiroya introduced her to Kishi, the guitarist. Lala sat next to Hiroya while he talked to Kishi about his song. Lala just sad quietly, as she was very embarrassed. Then Kishi asked Lala about Lyrical Pro. Lala said that Haneishi was a nice person.

Then Hiroya asked about Tappei, who was Kishi's 5 year old son. Then Lala recalled the little boy who had teased her earlier.

Meanwhile, Haneishi and Tappei went to the zoo. They talked a lot (Haneishi asked a lot of questions). Tappei said that an "oneesan" made lunch for him..

After the recording, Kishi drove Lala to the Lyrical Pro office. He told Lala to do her best.

When Lala went into the office, Yoshio was sitting in the president's chair. Ririka was talking on the phone, and finally got off. Ririka asked if Lala had enough money to pay the taxi fare, but Lala told her that Kishi had given her a ride. Then Ririka was shocked.

When Lala asked about it, Ririka said that it was a secret. But Ririka started telling Lala about it anyway. Then as Ririka was whispering, Yoshio said out loud that Kishi was Haneishi's former husband.

Later, Miho, Pigu, and Mogu were at the riverbed. Miho went into her own world, and imagined her parents leaving her.

Later Lala went to the Lyrical Pro office, and asked Ririka about Haneishi. Ririka said that Haneishi chose her career over her family. Yoshio added that Kishi took Tappei because he had more free time. Then Lala wondered if Tappei wasn't sad, being away from his mother.

Then Haneishi came in.. She asked what everyone was talking about, and Lala said that they were talking about Tappei.

Then Lala and Haneishi talked. Lala asked Haneishi to try it again with Kishi. But Haneishi said that Lala was her treasure now. Haneishi said, "There are many things in life that don't go well. Maybe there are more that don't go well. But once you make a decision, you have to believe in yourself."

But Lala wasn't satisfied.


Haneishi thought back to when she and Kishi separated.. There were many images of when Tappei was little.

[end of flashback]

At home when her father was working, Miho asked her father if he loved her mother. She asked if it was going to last forever. Then Miho said, "What should I do if you divorce?"

Then Chisa came in laughing, and asked why Miho was thinking such things. Chisa said that if her parents separated, she would live alone, a rich single life, by getting money from both parents. When Miho asked what she should do, Chisa told her to decide for herself.

Meanwhile, Kishi was introducing Tappei to his future mother.

The next day, when Lala went to work, she saw Tappei in a room by himself, playing a little guitar. Lala went and talked to Tappei. She asked if he was happy, and he said that he was. He said that when his mother and father lived together, they always fought. But now they don't fight. Tappei said that he was happy to see if mother's smiling face.

Lala was very saddened to hear this.

Later when Komi-san was working on Lala's hair, Hiroya was there and they talked about Lala worrying about Tappei. Hiroya said there was nothing to worry about.

Later, Tappei was playing with Pigu and Mogu (who were acting as dolls). Tappei beat them up, so they got mad and started fighting back!

At night, Miho was in Chisa's room saying that a friend's parents had separated. She was still very worried about her own parents. But Chisa said that no matter what happens, their parents will think about them, and make sure they are taken care of.

That evening, Tappei and Kishi went to a park. Haneishi was sitting on a swing. Then Kishi called Haneishi, and they talked on the phone. Kishi was standing behind a tree, right behind the swing.

Kishi told Haneishi about his new wife.

16- "Miho no Saisho no Hitoritabi" ("Miho's First Journey Alone!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 16

Fancy LaLa - Episode 16

Airdate: 19 July, 1998

It was summer vacation, and Miho was going to her grandfather's house in the countryside. It was going to take 3 or 4 hours by train. Akiru and Anna were worried about Miho.

At night Miho was packing for her trip.

Miho's father made a plan for Miho's journey to her grandfather's place in Amekawa village. It was very, very detailed, and he told Miho to read it and memorize it. He had all of the exact times of the trains and transfers for Miho.

The next morning, father was still worried. But mother and Chisa said that father was too protective of Miho. Then Miho went off by herself. Pigu and Mogu were in Miho's bag,

On the way to the train station, Miho met Yoshida Taro and his friends (in baseball uniform). Miho said that she was going to her grandparents' home by herself, and Taro teased her, saying she would get lost and start crying.

Miho got to Rokunomiya station, and got on the train by herself. She said to herself that she can do it.

Then Miho got to Chuuou Station. It was very crowded, and Miho ran to her train.. but she missed it. Pigu and Mogu were worried, but Miho said that she will just ride the next train. They pointed out that it was a different type of train, but Miho said that it was all right. [Miho didn't realize it was a super express train.]

Pigu and Mogu were hungry. But Miho said that she didn't know if there would be enough time to eat, as their schedule was all messed up.

Then they asked Miho what kind of place her grandparents lived in. Miho said that it was the countryside, with a shrine nearby. She went there three years ago, and there was a summer festival.


The 6 year old Miho was wearing an orange yukata in the festival.

Miho recalled playing and becoming friends with the local kids. But there was one boy who was very mean and teased her a lot.

[end of flashback]

Miho was supposed to get off at Hinakozaka. But the super express train went by without stopping!

Meanwhile Miho's grandfather was very worried about Miho.

Miho got off at the next stop, and had to find a way to go back to Hinakozaka. But Pigu and Mogu said that they were hungry. Miho didn't know where to go.

Miho went up to ask one of the train station people, but she was very embarrassed. She couldn't say Hinakozaka, and muttered out "Hinako.." Then the man told her which train to go on.

Meanwhile, Miho's grandfather was getting more and more worried.

Miho got off at Hinago, which was the middle of nowhere.

Miho's mother called Miho's grandfather, and found out that Miho hadn't arrived yet.

While waiting for the next train to take them back to the previous station, Miho transformed into Lala and took some pictures at Hinago train station.

Miho got back to Hinakozaka. Then Miho had to hurry to catch another train to Amekawa.

Finally Miho arrived at Amekawa. But she still had to take the bus to get to her granparent's home. There was only one bus per hour, so Miho went to check the time of the next bus.

Pigu was too hungry, so he took off by himself. Mogu went flying after him.

Miho got to the bus stop and found out that it was only 10 minutes until the next bus. But then Miho noticed that Pigu and Mogu were gone.

Miho ran off to look for them. She looked all over, but couldn't find them.

But an older boy came by with Pigu and Mogu, and said that he found the two "dolls" that fell out of Miho's bag. The boy was Sakamoto Shouichi, the same boy that had teased Miho three years ago.

Shouichi took Miho to her grandparent's home on his bicycle.

Meanwhile Miho's grandfather was really impatient and called the train station. He got angry at the station master for not finding Miho.

But then Miho finally arrived.

17- "Kappa ga Detekita Hi" ("The Day the Water Imp Appeared!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 17

Fancy LaLa - Episode 17

Airdate: 26 July, 1998

Miho was playing and having fun at her grandfather's house. It was a very peaceful place.

Pigu and Mogu were in the fields chasing butterflies and grasshoppers. Miho was picking a lot of flowers.

Later Miho picked a lot of eggs from the chicken house.

Pigu was chasing a grasshopper and went into a shed. There were a lot of old things stored away inside. Miho went in and looked around. She found a box which was labelled "kappa's plate".

Miho brought it back into the house, and opened it. It had a real plate inside. Miho's grandmother said that Miho's father had put it away. He was a child with a lot of imagination.

Later Miho drew picture of kappa, and said that she saw one three years ago.


6 year old Miho was running in the rain, holding a big leaf. She saw a kappa standing in the lake. The kappa looked at Miho and then swam away.

[end of flashback]

Then Shouichi came by to take Miho to the lake. He said that they were filming some TV show there.

They went there, and saw Yumeno Miki. Miki recognized Miho. Miki was there as a reporter for a TV show. Then Aikawa Hiroya also came.

They were set to do a documentary on the village, but the village master got sick and couldn't do the interview. Some of the locals said that someone urinated on the statue of the kappa a few days ago, so the spirit of the kappa attacked the village master.

But everyone was saying that there was no such thing as a kappa. Then Miho said that she saw one before.

Then the director then got an idea..

Hiroya and Miki introduced the village, and said that there was a legend of the kappa. Then they interviewed Miho as the girl who had actually seen one. The director had changed the theme of the TV show toward the kappa.

They went to the lake, where Miho had seen the kappa three years ago.

Meanwhile Pigu and Mogu were playing near the lake. Pigu pretended to drown, and Mogu went to help him out. Then Pigu came out of the water and spit out water at Mogu. Mogu got mad and started chasing Pigu.

There was a break in the TV show shooting. Miki saw something moving in forest. She thought it was rabbit, and went after it. Miki went deeper and deeper into the forest.

Then Miki got lost, and started hearing voices. (The voices were Pigu and Mogu arguing..) She became very scared, and started running. Then she bumped into Pigu, and screamed. Miki started running like crazy, and fell into the lake.

The staff heard Miki's scream and went to save her. After rescuing her, they took Miki to Miho's grandparents' house.

While Miho was overlooking Miki (who was sleeping), she got a phone call (for Lala). It was Haneishi, and she wanted Lala to come to the office right away. But Miho said that she was in her grandparents' house in Amekawa village. Then Haneishi was surprised, and said that she wanted Lala to Miki's place in the TV program.

Then Lala went to the TV staff. The director had changed the schedule, and they were just going to concentrate on the kappa. They went to the lake, and got on a boat. Hiroya, Lala, and the TV crew were on the boat waiting for the kappa to appear. But Hiroya didn't believe in kappa. Lala said she believed in it because Miho saw it. Then Hiroya said that kids had wild imaginations.

Lala became a little upset, and went into her own world. She imagined lots of kappa attacking the boat.

Then Kanno, Ririka, and Yoshio arrived. They came to meet Lala, but none of them believed in the kappa either. Lala said that she believed in it, and ran off.

Lala went to buy some cucumbers, as cucumbers were food that kappa loved. Lala was standing by the lake waiting for the kappa. Then Shouichi came on his bike, and crashed into Lala. Shouichi saw that Lala had all the cucumbers, and Lala said that it was to attract the kappa. She said that Miho actually saw one, and then Shouichi satarted laughing.

Lala got angry and went off by herself. Then Lala screamed. Shouichi went to Lala and found out that she had fallen into the lake. Shouichi pulled her out, and then said that he would take her to the kappa.

Shouichi led Lala to an old shed. There was a box, and Shouichi took out a kappa mask and outfit. This was the kappa that Miho had seen three years ago.

Lala was very disappointed, and said to herself, "I believed in it for three years.."

Then Lala took the costume and threw it into the nearby creek.

Meanwhile, Yoshio was downstream, sitting by the creek eating. Then he saw the kappa costume drifting toward him. He got an idea, and grabbed the costume.

Yoshio, wearing the kappa outfit, was walking through the forest. He then bumped into Miki, who was also wandering through the forest. They both got scared and ran off.

The TV crew heard the commotion and went into then forest.

Yoshio ran in past Lala and Shouichi, and fell into the lake.

Later they finished making the TV show, and they concluded that kappa exist. Hiroya was disappointed that he didn't see it. But Miki said that she saw one.

Later Miho was sitting by herself and thinking. She was thinking that kappa didn't exist, because the one that they got on film was actually Yoshio. Then Miho thought, "But who was the first one that attacked Miki?" So Miho concluded that kappa exist. Pigu and Mogu didn't say anything.

18- "Rara wa Koi no Kyūpiddo" ("Lala is a Cupid!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 18

Fancy LaLa - Episode 18

Airdate: 02 August, 1998

Miho was at a little village store, sitting on a bench. A little girl came by and saw Pigu and Mogu. She told her mother that she wanted them. But Miho said that they were hers.

Then Shouichi came by with a girl (wearing a junior high uniform). He said that Miho must be bored in the country. He asked Miho to come watch his school soccer game.

When Miho was walking home, she met her grandmother, who had come to pick her up. As they walked home together, Miho sang for her.

Later Miho went to Shouichi's soccer game. Shouichi scored, and their school won. After the game, all of the girls went to him and surrounded him.

Miho was waiting for Shouichi by the school gate. But Shouichi didn't come. Miho went to the school yard to see him, and saw that he was still surrounded by all the girls.

Then a girl came to Miho (the same girl who was with Shouichi earlier). Her name was Haruka, and she went home with Miho, as it was going to take a while before Shouichi can get away from the girls.

They talked on the bus, and Haruka said that she wanted to go to Tokyo. Miho asked about their relationship, but Haruka denied that she has anything with Shouichi. She said that she just lived next to him.

Then Miho talked about Yoshida Taro, and all the bad things about him. Haruka said that Shouichi was just like that until junior high. She said boys will grow up and change very quickly. But Miho said that she couldn't believe Taro will become as cool as Shouichi when he gets older.

That evening, Shouichi came over with some fireworks, to apologize to Miho. Shouichi said that he just likes soccer, and the girls flocked to him after he started playing soccer. He said he didn't like those girls, but when Miho asked about Haruka, he said Haruka was different. Then Shouichi said that the idols must be the same, they sing because they like to sing, not to attract people.

Later, Miho called her father and said that she would go home the day after tomorrow. Father said that he would make a plan for Miho's trip, but grandfather got mad and said that he would make the perfect plan.

The next day, Miho went out to gather mountain vegetables with her grandmother. But Miho went off into the mountains by herself. Pigu and Mogu went looking by themselves too.

After Miho had gathered a lot, she called out for Pigu and Mogu. But there was no answer. Miho went deeper and deeper into the forest. Miho started running in the dark forest.

Then Miho became scared. There was a loud roar of a large animal. Then Miho found a giant footprint. When she looked around, she saw a giant dinosaur through the trees. Then Miho fainted.

Miho passed out, but she came to for a few seconds and saw Fushigi-san carrying her. When Miho woke up, Shouichi was looking over her.

Meanwhile, Miho's grandfather was carrying on a ritual in the village. He said he was going to sacrifice himself, and all the old people of the village to get Miho back from the gods.

Miho and Shouichi were climbing a hill to return to the village. Miho was riding on Shouichi's back. But then Shouichi slipped and fell. They both crash landed, and Shouichi injured his leg. Shouichi said it wasn't that bad, but Miho ran off to get help.

When Miho got some distance away, she imagined herself (as Lala) becoming a rescue girl.

Then Lala (dressed in a rescue outfit ) came running out of the woods.

Meanwhile Haruka had taken the bus to the woods. When she got off at the bus stop, she saw Shouichi and the rescue girl walking together. Haruka asked Shouichi who the girl was, but he said that it didn't matter to her. Then Haruka ran off. Lala ran after Haruka.

Lala caught up to Haruka. Haruka was sad, and said Shouichi was always bad to her. But Lala said that Shouichi told her that Haruka was different from all the other girls.

The next day, Miho went to the train station with her grandmother. Her grandfather didn't come. But he wrote a thick book, a complete manual on getting from Amekawa village to Tokyo.

Shouichi and Haruka also came to see Miho off. Haruka even brought a present for Yoshida Taro.

After the train took off, Miho opened her grandfather's manual. Inside, there was a letter to Miho.

19- "Onēchan no Wasuremono" ("Something Chisa Left Behind")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 19

Fancy LaLa - Episode 19

Airdate: 09 August, 1998

At school, Asaka-sensei gave asked Miho to return a report to Chisa. It was a report that Chisa had written when she was in third grade.

Akiru was walking home with Miho, and said that Chisa was so great. "She must have been cute since she was in third grade."

Akiru and Miho bought some food on the way home. Miho said that people always compare her to Chisa, and say bad things about her. Akiru said that everyone shouldn't be that truthful..

Meanwhile Taro was buying a toy in the vending machine, and his friends were eating ice cream. Then Chisa came by and scolded them. Taro argued back.

After Chisa (who was followed by Imaichi-kun carrying her stuff) left, Taro's friends blushed and said that Chisa was pretty, unlike Miho. But Taro said that he didn't like her, ever since he was little.

At home, Miho was eating the taiyaki that she bought. Then Chisa came home, and Miho was going to give her the report. But Chisa scolded her for eating. Then she got mad at Miho for telling her mother that she was secretly saving up to buy a portable phone.

Chisa called Miho a child, and Miho said that she wasn't. But Chisa said Miho was wetting her bed until just recently..

Miho was with Pigu and Mogu on her swingset, and Pigu and Mogu were hungry. Miho said that Chisa always got everything, and she was always the "good" sister, with Miho being the "bad" child.

Then Mogu started reading Chisa's report. It was about her family.

Miho started drawing in her sketchbook. It was a picture of Miho holding a little child. Miho said she wanted to be an older sister.

Then a bright light came out from her pen. It shot up into the sky, and then came down at her. Miho blocked the light with the sketchbook, but the force was too strong. Miho got knocked out.

When Miho recovered and went down into the house, she looked at a mirror and saw that she was inside Chisa's body. Chisa was around nine years old, and she had ribbons in her hair like Miho.

Chisa (Miho) went down and saw her father (seven years younger than now). Father asked Chisa to stay home to watch over baby Miho. But Chisa said that she didn't want to.

Miho (two years old) cried and woke up. Father had to go out, so he wanted Chisa to look after Miho. But Chisa said Miho always cried and wet her diapers. Then Chisa ran off.

Chisa went out, and saw little Yoshida Taro. Taro wanted to play with Miho. But Chisa just teased him and ran off. (Miho is still inside Chisa's body watching everything.)

Then Chisa went and bought some taiyaki. Miho got mad because Chisa got mad at her for doing the same thing.

Then Chisa met Fushigi-san, who gave her two eggs. The eggs had stars on them, and were blue and pink in color. Fushigi-san told her to keep them carefully, and disappeared.

Chisa put the two eggs in the garbage and ran off. (Miho knew that these eggs must be Pigu and Mogu.) Then Chisa got lost, and became very scared. Chisa ran in the wrong direction, and cried.

Miho realized that Chisa looks strong, but was just like her. Then a policeman came by and took her home.

Chisa came home. Little Miho was at home holding Chisa's ribbon. Then Chisa yelled at Miho, and made her cry.

When Chisa went to her room, she saw the two eggs on her desk. Later that night, Chisa went out to the river to throw the eggs away.

Little Miho and Chisa slept in the same room together. That evening Chisa wet her bed.. Miho was surprised. Then Chisa rolled baby Miho into her bed, to make it look like Miho wet the bed. Miho was very mad at Chisa.

The next morning baby Miho apologized for wetting the bed. (Miho was getting upset, saying she shouldn't apologize for something she didn't do.)

Later father and mother were cooking in the kitchen.

Baby Miho and Chisa played on the swing on the balcony. Chisa took off her blue ribbon, and put it on baby Miho. Then they both fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the two eggs hatched.

When Miho woke up on the swing, she was herself again. But she had the blue ribbon in her hair!

When Chisa saw the ribbon, she said that she had lost it when she was around Miho's age. Then Miho said that Chisa probably wet her bed until that age.. Chisa got mad and chased Miho around the living room.

20- "Okāsan to Issho?!" ("Together With Mom?!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 20

Fancy LaLa - Episode 20

Airdate: 16 August. 1998

Lala was working at the TV studio, and as she was leaving, she ran into her mother. Then Haneishi went up to producer Shinohara, and introduced herself and Lala. Lala was very embarrassed.

Since Miho's mother was very busy, she went off right away. Then one of the assistants said that Miho's mother was like a devil She made people work very hard.

This was the first time that Miho saw her mother at work, and Lala had to work with her mother the next day for a TV show..

At home, Miho was feeling very nervous and embarrassed at having to work with her mother. But Miho went into "dream mode" again. She imaged her mother ordering everyone around, but she was very kind to Lala, because Lala did everything well..

The next day, Lala, Haneishi, and Ririka met with producer Shinohara and Yano (an assistant). They were meeting about the TV show that Lala was going to appear on.

Lala was going to do an escape trick for a challenge TV show. They were going to have "Wonder Okayama" (an escape artist) teach Lala how to escape from an explosion.

They all went over to the stage where Miki was doing the filming for the TV show. Miki's challenge was to do a bungee jump. They showed the film of Miki doing it, and they were in the studio taking the comments and such.

Lala was going to do the same thing (do the challenge, and talk about it in the studio).

Lala saw and heard what was going on in the TV studio. Her mother was a different person from what she knew at home. Miho thought that her mother was really a devil at work.

The next day at school, Akiru was doing some card tricks. Then Miho did a magic trick, turning cards into flowers. She said she learned it from Wonder Okayama, and Anna said that it was because Miho's mother worked at a TV station. She said it must be hard for a working woman, if her family doesn't approve of it.

When Miho got home, she wondered if her mother was going to be late. But her mother came home right away.

Then mother made curry rice for Miho. Miho and mother ate together. Suddenly Miho asked her mother to stop working.

That evening, mother was at the tv studio watching the film for the final editing.

Later that evening, Chisa and Miho talked. Miho told Chisa that she said something terrible to their mother. Then Chisa said that she was like that when she was little. The reason why mother doesn't talk about her work at home was because of Chisa.

Mother had brought some of the TV people to the house when Chisa was little Then when she introduced Chisa, Chisa started crying. Since then, mother didn't bring her work home at all.

The next day, Lala was practicing the escape routine. But things weren't going well. Then Miho's mother came by. The staff said that Lala can take a break, but Lala said that she wanted to practice some more.

Lala just sat by herself in the box (that she was supposed to escape from). Then mother came inside too, and they talked for a while. Lala asked if mother liked her job.

Shinohara: Why do you ask that? Lala: I got a fan letter from a girl who was worried about her mother who worked a lot. Shinohara: My daughter asked me to stop working too. If that's what she really wants, I'll quit my job..

But then Lala said that it probably wasn't so.

Later, Lala was in the studio for the recording of the TV show. The stunt had gone over well, and they were talking to Lala about it.

At night, mother was watching the film of the TV show in the editing room.

Lala was asked by the emcee what she was thinking about in the box. Lala said that she was thinking about how to answer the fan letter. She said that she wanted the mother to talk more about her work at home, because the daughter probably thought it was wonderful that her mother worked.

21- "Asaka Sensei no Koibito?" ("Mr. Asaka's Girlfriend?!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 21

Fancy LaLa - Episode 21

Airdate: 23 August, 1998

Somewhere in the countryside, Asaka-sensei's mother wondered how long Katsunoshin was going to stay in Tokyo.

At school, Taro went up to a classmate Furuhata to say that he was correct in guessing the suspect for a TV drama. Furuhata was a big mystery fan.

A new student teacher came to the school, and was going to teach in Miho's class. The teacher's name was Mayuzumi Yuka.

The kids were talking about Asaka-sensei, saying how undependable he looked. They also commented that he didn't have a girl friend, even at his age.

But then Furuhata pointed out that Asaka had bought a portable phone recently. He said that it could be so that he can contact his girl friend. Taro and Furuhata were going to investigate it further.

That day after school, the girls were cleaning, but Taro and Furuhata didn't do the cleaning. They went to check up on Asaka-sensei. Then they came back and said they got some information.

They found the telephone number that Asaka-sensei had called recently. They thought it was the phone number of Asaka's girl friend. They all went to a pay phone, and were going to call to check it out. But it was turned out to be a pizza delivery store.

After school, Mayuzumi went to Asaka and said she learned a lot from observing him the first day.

Later a guy wearing dark glasses, a long coat, and hat was walking around the neighborhood. The guy was tailing a little girl. Mayuzumi spotted him and thought he was a criminal.

The guy got home, and it was Asaka-sensei. He got a letter from his parents, and it was a picture of a woman for an omiai (arranged marriage). Asaka wasn't too interested.

At school, Taro and Furuhata spotted Asaka and Mayuzumi walking to school together. The girls arrived and saw them too.

That day, Mayuzumi taught the class.

After school, Asaka got a phone call. It was from his mother. Taro and Furuhata were listening in, and they heard Asaka say the name Sachiko.

Later Furuhata was trying to figure out the relationships with Asaka. He thought Asaka was having a triangle relationship with Sachiko and Mayuzumi. But the girls didn't believe it. They still needed more evidence, so they decided to go to Asaka's house. They needed to find some signs of a girl living with Asaka.

Later, Asaka was wearing the coat, glasses, and hat. Mayuzumi was following him. She didn't want to believe that he was a child molester.

She spotted Asaka following a little boy into an alley. Asaka stopped the boy. Then Mayuzumi came and told him to stop. But actually Asaka was steering the kids away from a dangerous street. He was on patrol duty.

The kids then were walking home from school, and they spotted Asaka and Mayuzumi walking together.

Later Lala dressed up as a pizza delivery girl, and went to Asaka's apartment. When Asaka said that he didn't order pizza, Lala said her stomach was hurt, and went inside Asaka's apartment.

Lala checked Asaka's toothbrush, and found that there was only one. Then Lala went to lie down and asked for he guest pillow. But Asaka said that he only had one pillow. Lala asked what his girl friend used, and Asaka said that he didn't have anyone like that.

Then Lala noticed some heart marks on his calendar. She asked it those marked the days of his dates. But Asaka said that those dates were the birthdays of his students. He marked them on his calendar so he wouldn't forget.

Lala was satisfied, and left. She left Asaka holding the pizza, but then the pizza magically disappeared.

The next day, Mayuzumi finished her student teacher term.

Furuhata was disappointed that his theory about Asaka-sensei was wrong. But he was still thinking who Sachiko was.

[Sachiko was the goat at Asaka-sensei's parents' home.]

22- "Sukūpu! Rara no Shōtai" ("The Scoop! Lala's Identity Revealed!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 22

Fancy LaLa - Episode 22

Airdate: 30 August, 1998

At school when Miho and Akiru were cleaning, a girl called Futatsugi Sayaka came up to Miho and asked for an interview for the school newspaper. Sayaka said that she had seen Miho on TV, claiming that she had seen a "kappa" (a legendary frogman creature).

After Sayaka left, her twin sister Futatsugi Asuka came up to Miho, also asking for an interview.

Sayaka and Asuka were in the newspaper club room. It was an old beaten up room, and it was dark, as they were developing some pictures. Sayaka had taken a "fake" photo of a UFO. Asuka was writing the "scoop" article.

They wanted to make the newspaper club prosper, so they can get more money and make more friends.

After school, the Futatsugi twins went to Miho's classroom. But Miho wasn't there. Akiru told them that Miho left to go to the dentist.

Meanwhile Miho was running to the office. She was talking on the phone, and telling her manager that she will rush to the office.

The Futatsugi twins were spying on Miho, and overheard her talking on the phone. They felt that there was a chance for a scoop. Then the Futatsugi twins dressed up in "disguise", with an overcoat with a scarf over head and dark glasses.

They saw Miho running into a department store. Miho ran to the toilet, and she was taking a long time. The twins waited outside, but Miho wasn't coming out. So they went inside.

They heard someone shouting something in the toilet. ".. kareinaru seichou!"

When the twins looked inside the toilet, they saw a bright flash of light. Then the twins saw Fancy Lala (wearing sunglasses) coming out of a stall, which was the only one in use. After Lala left, the twins went to the stall and found that Miho had disappeared.

When Lala was running, she stopped a few times to look around. Pigu and Mogu asked what was wrong.

When Lala got to the office, she told Haneishi that she felt someone was always following her. Then Kanno said that there were fans who followed idols around recently. Ririka said that they were stalkers, and she looked at Yoshio. Haneishi asked if something had happened, but Lala said that nothing has happened so far.

Then Yoshio found a strange fan letter. It was a greeting postcard which said, "We got married." The postcard had a picture of Lala and a strange guy. The guy's name was Sugio Takuya.

The address for Lyrical Production was..


Minato-ku, Nishi Aoyama 1-2-?

Lyrical Production

Lala said that she never took that picture.

Then a policeman caught a guy snooping around the office. Everyone went out to see him. It was Sugio Takuya..

The guard interrogated Takuya in the office. He had a Fine Pix 700 digital camera with him! Takuya kept singing Transparence.. But he since he wasn't dangerous, he was set free. He even got a personalized signature from Lala.

Yoshio said that it was easy to make such fake pictures with computers these days. But everyone said that Lala should be careful. Ririka kept picking on Yoshio, saying he was "one of them" too.

On the way home, Lala felt someone following her again.

Meanwhile the twins were sitting on a park bench feeling very dejected. They were thinking that Miho transformed into Lala, but they knew such things only happen in manga..

Just then Lala ran into the park, tripped and fell right in front of the twins. All her stuff fell out of her backpack, but Lala quickly picked up her things and ran off. But there was still a piece of paper on the ground

The twins picked up the paper, and found out that it was Shinohara Miho's math test (she got a 30)! The twins became very happy..

Later the twins were interrogating Miho about Lala, in a very dark room. Miho said that she knew Lala because she met her when she was out in the country. But Miho couldn't look into the twins' eyes when she talked. [The facial expressions of Miho were very cute!]

The twins asked about the toilet in the department store. They showed Miho the math test, and said that it was something Lala dropped. Then the twins accused Miho of being Lala.

That night, Miho was very worried about her secret being known. Pigu wanted to sleep, so he said that she should just have Lala and Miho appear at the same place. But Miho said that she couldn't do that because she was Lala. The Mogu thought of a good idea..

The next day, Miho went over to Takuya's apartment. Takuya's apartment had LOTS of pictures of Lala all over the walls. He also had a computer in his room. When he opened the door, Miho felt very scared..

The twins were sneaking around Ekran TV. They snuck into Lala's dressing room, and they found Lala's bag, as it was labeled with a big sign. Inside it, they found Lala's personal photo album.

The twins looked at the pictures, and were shocked. The album was full of pictures of Lala and Miho together.

Then Lala and Ririka came into the room. The twins asked Lala about Miho. Lala said that she became friends with Miho after meeting her in Amekawa-mura.

The twins were really disappointed. They collapsed outside of the TV studio. But then Takuya went up to Miho and asked how everything went. Miho said that it went well. The twins started listening into the conversation. Takuya said that he worked overnight to make the fake pictures. Then the twins appeared, and started asking what was going on. But Miho snuck away when they were talking to Takuya.

The next day when Miho left her house, the twins trailed her. The twins followed Miho all over the school too. Akiru got upset at Miho for not talking to her about her problems. But Miho said that everything was fine. Just then Miho slipped and fell down the stairs.

Miho sprained her ankle, so Akiru carried Miho home on her back.

The twins were very happy, as the idol athletic festival was supposed to take place the next day. Lala was going to participate too, and they knew if Miho was really Lala, she wouldn't be able to run with that ankle. They said that the "truth" would be revealed.

The next day, the idol athletic festival began, and the twins were at the stadium. The opening ceremonies began, but they couldn't find Lala among the idols.

Lala was still in the dressing room. Her ankle was still too sore for her to run. Pigu and Mogu told her to withdraw from the competition. But Lala said that she couldn't do that, as a lot of her fans had come to see her.

The twins were thinking that if Miho was Lala, she wouldn't be able to run. Lala was competing in the obstacle course. When the race began, the twins were shocked. Lala ran as if she wasn't injured at all, and eventually won the race.

The twins were really dejected, and left the stadium. At the entrance gate, they met Miho, who had just come to the stadium with crutches. The twins said that they wouldn't go around following Miho any more.

Pigu and Mogu (transformed as Miho's shoes) wanted Miho to take the shoes off, because they were tired. But Miho said that Lala still had more events to do.

Later the twins followed Takuya around, thinking that he was always around whenever Lala was..

23- "Onēchan no Bōifurendo" ("My Sister's Boyfriend")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 23

Fancy LaLa - Episode 23

Airdate: 06 September, 1998

Taro went to Miho's house, as they were going to do homework together. (This usually meant Taro copied what Miho did.)

Miho played the answering machine, and there was a message from a guy called Morio, who said he would be waiting for an answer. Miho thought it must be for Chisa.

Meanwhile at school, Imaichi-kun was helping Chisa carry the hurdles. (Chisa was on the track team at school.)

The other girls saw and said Chisa must be friends with Imaichi. They couldn't see why someone as pretty as Chisa would be going out with someone as bland as Imaichi.

Chisa got home, and listened to message from Morio. When Miho asked about him, she said that he was a second year student, and she had never met him before.

The next day, after school, Chisa went to meet Morio. Morio was sitting in a tree. When Chisa came, he jumped out of the tree, and sort of slipped in front of Chisa.

Chisa: Why were you in the tree? Morio: If you didn't come, I was thinking of dying.

Then Morio asked if Chisa had a boy friend, but he didn't want to hear the answer. He asked her if she would go to a movie on Saturday.

That evening, Miho was brushing her teeth, and Chisa was taking a bath. Chisa was feeling happy. Then Miho asked if Chisa was going to go out with Morio. Chisa said that she was, and Miho got upset. She didn't want Chisa to be a two-timer. But Chisa told Miho that it was none of her business..

The next day, Chisa went to sit next to Imaichi. She told him that she will go on a date. "Can I go?" But Imaichi didn't stop her.

Chisa: Aren't you worried about who I go with? Imaichi: Yeah, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Miho and Akiru were walking home after school. Akiru said that her cousin was an extra in movie. Akiru wanted to go to, but she couldn't go because they didn't need kids. She said that she wanted some magic to make her turn into an adult. Then Miho got an idea and ran off..

Miho drew a school uniform in the magical sketchbook. It was the same as Chisa's uniform. Then Lala wore the school uniform and went to Rokunomiya high school. Pigu and Mogu transformed into Lala's hair clips.

Lala went to the track team club house, as Chisa would be there after school. Lala stood at the door, because she didn't know what to do. Then Chisa opened door. Lala introduced herself as "Lili".

Lili asked Chisa about her date on Saturday. But Chisa got upset, as Lili was just a total stranger to her.

While a dejected Miho was standing by the gate, Imaichi came. Then they walked together. Miho said that Imaichi must be Chisa's boy friend, but he said he didn't know. He told Miho that Chisa was the one who approached Imaichi and said that she wanted to go out with him.

The next day Chisa and Morio went out. They went to a movie, and then dinner (spaghetti).

Komi-san was with Lala, and noticed that she wasn't feeling to happy. Lala said that it was about her "friend", going out with another guy. Then Komi said that everyone had their own way of dealing with relationships.

Then Lala went into her own world. She imagined a pistol duel between Imaichi and Morio. Chisa was just watching, willing to take the winner. Miho (as a maid) tried to stop her.

Back in the real world, Komi told Lala to do something about this habit.

At school Chisa was sitting at her desk. Imaichi asked how the date went, and Chisa said that she cried at the movie. Imaichi was surprised that Chisa would cry.

Miho drew some track team clothes. Then Lala (as Lili) ran with Chisa along the track. She asked questions about Chisa's relationship with Imaichi. Then Chisa got very upset again.

Morio and Chisa went on another date, to an Aikawa Hiroya concert. Chisa was a fan of Hiroya.

After the concert, Chisa and Morio were walking in a park. Morio whistled Hiroya's song, "Jewelry Love". Chisa said that she didn't know how to whistle, and Morio said that he would teach her. But he told Chisa to close her eyes, and then kissed her! Chisa started crying, and ran home.

Lala told Komi-san about her friend, and Komi told her to leave them alone. He said that Lala's friend has already made up her mind.

Chisa was with Imaichi. She said that she wanted to go see movie with him (the same one she saw with Morio). Imaichi said that she saw it already, but she said that she wanted to see it with him, and cry.

Miho and Taro were in Miho's house studying. But Taro just read Miho's manga, Ribbon. Then there was a phone call from Imaichi, and Miho answered the phone. Miho told him that Chisa liked okonomiyaki and kaiten sushi, instead of things like Italian food.

24- "Rara no Fāsuto Konsāto" ("Lala's First Concert")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 24

Fancy LaLa - Episode 24

Airdate: 13 September, 1998

At the Lyrical Production office, everyone was celebrating. But Lala didn't seem so happy or surprised. Lala asked if it was such a big deal to do a concert. Then Kanno explained about how the idol industry worked.

It was said that if an idol can do a concert within one year, the idol had a future. But Lala was able to do it in half a year. So Lala had popularity, talent, and luck. All three was needed for this to happen.

Lala then said she started to get excited about it too. Haneishi said this can determine her future. Then Lala (Miho) was stunned. She had never thought about Lala's future before.

Haneishi got a phone call from Tappei. She told him about Lala's concert.

The news of the concert spread. Hiroya told Miki about it. She couldn't believe it, as Miki herself didn't do a concert this fast. Then Miki's manager said that it was dangerous. This will destroy Lala's career if it doesn't go over well. He said Lyrical Production wasn't being careful with Lala, and they must have given up on her future.

Then Miki told Taro about it, and Taro told Miho, Akiru, and Anna the story. Miho was shocked.

Miho became sad, she told her teacher that she was worried about her future.

Later Miho was in the park, worrying. Pigu and Mogu told her not to worry about it, as it was just a bad rumor in the idol industry.

But Miho was still worried at home. She asked Pigu and Mogu what was going to happen in the future. When she becomes Lala's age, what was going to happen to Lala? Pigu and Mogu didn't know.

The family ate dinner together, and both Miho and Chisa were quiet, as they both seemed to have worries. Chisa asked her parents what they did when they fought. But her parents said that they never fought.

Meanwhile, an unknown girl headed for the "mezase star audition" (Become a Star Audition).

Haneishi gave Lala 5 tickets for the concert, and told her to give them to her friends and family.

Lala went to a dance lesson studio to rehearse for the concert. The instructor yelled and yelled at Lala. Lala got burned out, and she didn't think she can make it.

The next day the instructor yelled more and more.

After the rehearsal, Lala was lying down on the bench in the park. Then she saw Hoshizawa (the baseball player) swinging his bat.

Lala: Have you ever wanted to quit baseball? Hoshizawa: Many times. Practice was so tough and I didn't know why I wanted to play. Lala: But why were you able to continue? Hoshizawa: Because I love baseball, and I want to play in the majors someday. It's my dream.

Lala thought to herself and felt that she had never thought so seriously about her future before.

At school, the teacher assigned a report "my future dream" to the students. Then Taro said he had nothing to write about. He said that his report would be just one line, "I want to become a baseball player."

Later the kids were talking about their future dreams. Anna said that she wanted to be a diplomat. Akiru wanted to become an actress. Miho didn't know. But Akiru said that Miho wanted to be a manga artist.

At home, Miho was happy that she found her dream of becoming a manga artist. But Pigu pointed out that he hadn't seen Miho drawing anything, except for Lala's clothes. Mogu said Miho was too busy with Lala's work recently.

Meanwhile the unknown girl was at the star audition. She sang Lala's song Transparence.

The was a poster for the Fancy Lala concert, to be held on 9/20 at the Sun Piaza Nonaka.

There were just 12 days until the concert. There was an article in a tabloid magazine about Lala's concert. It criticized her about her singing ability, and that the concert will be a terrible concert. Ririka got mad, but Haneishi told Lala not to worry about it.

That evening, the dance instructor told Lala that she didn't have to practice any more. He told Lala not to come any more unless she really wants to do it. Ririka said Lala was just tired, but the instructor said he can see that Lala wasn't into it. He said he can easily tell the difference between being tired and not trying.

Later Miho was sitting on the park bench, feeling depressed. She said she was going to quit.

Then Fushigi-san came. He looked up into the sky an said, "Does that star know we are watching it? It might not know, but it's sparkling beautifully and showing us the light."

Then Miho heard the radio, which was playing at a nearby store. The DJ read a letter from a young girl. The girl saw Fancy Lala on TV and decided to go to an audition. She didn't win, but she had a great experience, as she go to sing her favorite song Transparence. The girl requested the song Transparence.

Then Miho became happy and ran off. Lala went back to the dance studio, and started rehearsing.

Later Lala gave two concert tickets to Miho's parents. Miho gave two tickets to Imaichi.

The poster for the Lala concert had a "sold out" sign over it.

Hoshizawa was teaching (baseball) his little brother in the park. He also had two concert tickets in his bag.

At school Akiru and Anna got tickets from Miho. Taro was very disappointed that he didn't get one

At the dance studio, the instructor gave Lala the ok sign. Ririka was very happy and had tears in her eyes as she hugged Lala.

Taro was walking home alone, looking very disappointed. Then someone called out to him from around the corner. It was Fancy Lala! Taro was shocked and he just froze. Then Lala gave Taro a ticket to her concert.

On the day of the concert, all of Lala/Miho's friends were at the concert. Asaka-sensei, Yumeno Miki (wearing sunglasses), Aikawa Hiroya (also wearing sunglasses), Narumi, Fushigi-san, and the girl who had auditioned were there.

Then the concert began. Lala had her hair in two fluffy pony tails off to the sides (sort of like Yumeno Miki).

The music to the ED started. Lala was going up in the elevator to stage. Then Lala reached the stage.

25- "Kieteshimatta Rara" ("Lala Has Vanished!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 25

Fancy LaLa - Episode 25

Airdate: 20 September, 1998

The day after the concert, Lala went to the Lyrical Production office. Everyone had gathered, and they had a celebration, for the successful concert.

They said that Lala was a star now. She was going to be very busy with lots of work.

Aikawa Hiroya also came. He gave a big bouquet to Lala. Hiroya said that he was lucky to have known Lala before she became so big. He said Lala will probably become a huge star. But Lala blushed and said she was always a fan of Hiroya. Hiroya was very happy to hear these words.

Then Lala had some work. She modeled and held a digital camera.

Later, Miho was walking home [with her backpack on her back]. She was carrying all the presents that she received, and there was a lot. Mogu suggested that they take a taxi. Miho was tired, and decided to take a taxi.

Miho put all her stuff down, took the phone out of her backpack, and called home. She told Chisa that she would be coming home soon. Then Miho tossed the phone in one of the paper bags. She grabbed all of the bags and went off. [Miho didn't wear backpack.]

Miho took a taxi to the train station, and then took the train home.

When she got close to home, Yoshida Taro saw her. He helped Miho carry all the stuff, and brought it up to Miho's room. Taro asked what it was. Miho said that it was like a birthday present, and then Taro got disappointed. "Why didn't you invite me?"

Miho tried to get rid of Taro, saying she had to do homework. Taro wanted to do it together, but Miho said he was just going to copy hers anyway.

Then Taro was looking around Miho's bookshelf, and found an envelope full of fancy Lala drawings. Then Taro said that Miho must be a fan of Lala. Miho finally chased Taro away.

That evening Ririka called Lala, to remind her of the work she had to do for a quiz TV program the next day.

Miho said she would have to rush to work, right after school. Mogu suggested that Miho draw Lala's costume now, so she doesn't have to do it in a hurry the next day. Then Miho went to get her sketchbook..

But Miho couldn't find her backpack. The sketchbook and magic pen was in her backpack.

Miho wanted to go out to find her backpack. But father and Chisa asked what was going on. Then Miho started crying.

Miho told her father about it. He said that it was too late to do anything now, so he will call the taxi company and train station the next morning.

But Miho couldn't sleep that night. She was thinking about the path she took to get home.

Miho asked Pigu and Mogu where they came from.

Pigu: The world of memory of time.

Miho: Where is that?

Mogu: It's in the same place as this world. The passing of time itself is the world of memory of time.

Miho: Are you going to return to that world?

Mogu: Someday.

Miho: Really..

Mogu: But not right away. It can be any time. Time will always wait for us.

Pigu: In another time, we were much bigger and stronger.

The next morning Miho was going to take a day off from school to go look for her backpack. Then Miho noticed that her mother had come home.

Miho, Pigu, and Mogu looked all over, but they couldn't find the backpack. Father called all over, but there was no sign of the backpack either.

Meanwhile Ririka was waiting for Lala at the TV station. Miho was very close to the TV station, but she knew she wouldn't be able to go to work as Lala.

Miho called Ririka with her portable phone. She said that she (Lala) couldn't go to work, and hung up. Ririka was shocked, and rushed to tell Haneishi.

Miho started crying. Then Haneishi called Lala. She asked her to come to the office later, to talk about it, but Miho said she couldn't do that either. She just apologized and hung up.

That evening Miho was lying on her bed. Chisa came and told her it was time for dinner, but Miho said that she wasn't hungry. Chisa asked what was in the backpack, she said she should just buy another one. Then Miho cried and said that there was only one of it in the world.

The next day at school, Miho was feeling depressed. Anna and Akiru were saying how great the Fancy Lala concert was. But Miho was feeling down. Then Taro came and said it must be "that day". Anna teased him, saying he knew everything about Miho. But Miho got angry and yelled at Taro.

Meanwhile Miki told Hiroya that Lala was missing.. She said that she had to pinch hit for her on the quiz TV program.

That evening, Miho asked Pigu and Mogu, "Why did you come to me?" Pigu: For some reason we knew that it was you. Mogu: We just knew that it was our duty to give you the magical power.

Then Miho suggested that Pigu and Mogu fly around, just like the first time, and create the magical pen and sketchbook. They didn't know if they could do it, but they tried.

Pigu and Mogu flew around in a circle. A circle of light was created. But then Pigu and Mogu vanished into that light!

Miho said, "Pigu, Mogu.. Where did you go? Why are you hiding? Pigu, Mogu, it can't be.. it can't be.."

26- "Minna Daisuki!" ("I Love You All!")

Fancy LaLa - Episode 26

Fancy LaLa - Episode 26

Airdate: 27 September, 1998

At school Miho was feeling very sad. She didn't say good-bye to the teacher when she left. Then Asaka-sensei told Taro to talk to her to cheer her up.

Komi-san was in a room listening to music (with earphones). Hiroya came in, and Komi-san knew it was him even without looking. Hiroya was feeling very disappointed, as it has been one week since Fancy Lala disappeared. He said Lala was very irresponsible.. but he didn't really mean it. Hiroya knew something must be happening to Lala for her to do this.

Hiroya said that he wanted to find Lala, but he realized that he didn't know anything about her. Komi-san said that Hiroya must have liked her. Then Hiroya said that he did.

Miho was feeling very sad at home. It was a weekend and she didn't have anything to do. It had been a long time since she had a free weekend like this.

When Miho went outside, Taro called her from his room next door. He said that Yumeno Miki was over. Then Miho went up to Taro's room. Taro asked Miki why Lala had disappeared. Miki didn't know. Miho asked Miki what the Lyrical Pro people were doing. Miki said that they were having a lot of problems. Taro didn't understand why Lala disappeared. Miki said she couldn't believe Lala would disappear like this too.

After Miki left in a taxi, Taro said that she would walk Miho home. Miho said that it was just next door. But Taro went with her. When they reached the door, Taro said, "If you are worried, discuss it with me."

Miho responded, "Are you sick?" But Miho thanked Taro.

Then Miho went to her father's room, to look at his dinosaurs and such. Father was working. But he stopped to talk to Miho about his work, and said that it was very interesting.

Later Miho saw her mother and Chisa talking about the disappearance of Fancy Lala, while watching TV. Mother said that Lyrical Pro was about to give up on finding Lala, as they couldn't find her anywhere.

The next morning, Miho asked her mother to take her to the TV station. The Lyrical Pro people would be over at the TV station that day. Then Miho left her mother and went off to see them.

The Lyrical Pro people were talking (apologizing about the Lala situation) to a TV producer. The producer was very upset, and left.

The Lyrical Pro people were left sitting on the couch. Yoshio said that he loved Lala, and he enjoyed his work while she was around. Ririka said that although she was much older than Lala, she thought she can become good friends with Lala. She started crying. Ririka said she wanted Lala to come back.

Miho was hiding a little bit away from them, and watching. Then Miho came out, bowed to them, and ran off. (Ririka was sitting with her back to Miho, so only Yoshio and Kanno saw Miho.)

Miho went to the Lyrical Pro office. Haneishi and Hiroya were there, talking about Lala. They were surprised to see Miho. Then Miho said, "Lala was saying that she loved Haneishi and Hiroya." Then Miho ran off.

Miho took the elevator down to the first floor. When she got out, she saw Ririka. Miho started crying. She bowed and ran off. Miho was crying while she was running..

Miho was on the swing by herself in the park. Then Fushigi-san appeared.

Fushigi: Are you in a slump?

Miho: Pigu and Mogu disappeared. I don't know where they went to.

Fushigi: They are in every "time". Miho is in every time too. But now, in this time, you are by yourself.

Miho: Can I ask? Why did you give me the magic?

Fushigi: A whim.

Miho: But I lost the magic that you gave me. Aren't you angry?

Fushigi: There are many kinds. Those who depend on it too much, those who throw it away, those who outgrow it.. Losing it is just one of the methods.

Then Fushigi-san put his hat over Miho's head. When Miho took off the hat, Fushigi-san was gone.

Later Miho was watching TV. She found out that Miki had done the quiz program in place of Lala.

Miho went to her father's room. She looked at all the bones and stuff that her father had lying around. Then Miho put Fushigi-san's hat on the dinosaur skull that was on her father's desk.

Then Miho heard Mogu and Pigu's voices! They said that they wanted to meet Miho again. Pigu said that he wanted to eat a lot of sushi. Miho said that she would let him eat it. "I promise. So please come again.." Miho cried.

Miho got a phone call the next morning. Akiru asked Miho to come to cheer for Taro's baseball team on Saturday. She said she would go, even though she didn't want to cheer for Taro.

Then Imaichi-kun came. He came at the exact time to pick up Chisa. But Chisa wasn't ready yet.

Meanwhile, Hiroya as acting in a drama. Miki was also there, and said Hiroya's acting had gotten better. She said that she can feel the emotions.

Miho and her parents were at the train station (Nankyuu Rokunomiya). Miho said that she was going to Harajuku, and had her sketchbook (not the magical one, but a normal one). Mother was slightly worried.

While waiting for the train, Miho's father put on Fushigi-san's hat. Both Miho and her mother laughed, saying it didn't suit him now, because it was autumn already. Then mother gave the hat to Miho.

Meanwhile Taro was at the baseball field practicing. Akiru and Anna were there too. They told Taro that they would go cheer for him at the next game, along with Miho. Taro said that he didn't care.

Then Taro saw a shadow of Miho (head with the two pony tails sticking out), and heard Miho calling out for him. But when he turned around, he saw that it was Anna who was holding her hair to be just like Miho, and Akiru who had impersonated Miho's voice.

At Lyrical Pro, everyone was busy again. Haneishi had found her next star, and Ririka was going to manage her.

Miho was on a pedestrian walkway over a busy street. She was drawing the scenery in her sketchbook. The the wind blew Fushigi-san's hat. It flew out of Miho's reach. But Komi-san, who was just walking by, caught it.

Then Miho said, "Komi-san.." Komi-san was surprised, as he had never met Miho before..

Komi-san then took Miho to the stairs, and asked her to sit down. He said that he was going to work some magic on Miho. But it was the kind of magic that will only last until Miho takes a bath. Then Komi-san set up his make-up kit, and worked on Miho's hair.

Komi: What do you call that man with that hat? I used to call him "boushi-ojisan" (hat-man).

Miho: Fushigi-san.

Komi: That's a good name.

Miho: Why do you know about him?

Komi: He said that the past and future are both made up of the additions of the "present". So the important thing is "now". No matter how hard it is, you have to live the present time.

Then Komi-san finished working on Miho's hair. [He put Miho's hair up, and it looked a little like Miki's hair.]

Then Komi-san said, "You're Lala." Miho was shocked and stood up. Komi-san continued, "I knew it was you when I started working on your hair. I know Lala the most."

Komi-san put up the mirror so Miho can look at herself. He said, "Smile. In a few years, you will become the real Lala."

Then Miho smiled.

[The ED animation was different for this episode.]

Miho was sitting on the swing on her balcony, and singing the ED song..