1 (438)- "Chikyū ga Dai Pinchi! Nokosareta Saigo no Purikyua!!" ("The Earth is in a Big Pinch! The Last Remaining PreCure!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 01

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 01

Airdate: February 3, 2013

In the Trump Kingdom, Cure Sword was fighting against the Jikochuu monsters who have invaded the land. When she arrived at the castle, a giant shadow overcasts it and Cure Sword claims she is too late.

Later, a class of students are visiting the newly opened Clover Tower and Student Council Head, Aida Mana, ran about helping her peers in trouble. She did everything from finding a purse, tending a girl who got carsick, and finally settling a fight between her classmate and a group of boys from another school.

Her friend, Rikka dragged her off to the tower as she scolded Mana and told her that that she should set an example, delegate things, and not try to solve everyone's problems by herself. However, Mana claimed she always felt good after helping people and likes to do so. After helping a little girl, Mana then spotted a popular teen idol being mobbed by her fans. Mana went to take a look and found a fallen hair pin that belonged to Makoto. She managed to return it and Makoto thanked her. Mana was then approached by a young salesman and he offered her to look at his items on sale. She spotted an unusual pin which the man called it Cure Loveads. Suddenly, Mana got sucked into the Lovead and was stunned for a moment.

However she thought she was dreaming, and the man gave her the Loveads for free, even though Mana protested. Rikka dragged Mana again to queue in line to go up to the tower. Alice and her Butler, Sebastian arrived at the Tower for a tour. Although she was allowed to jump the queue, she insisted on staying in line as taught by her friend, Mana. A man in queue was spotted by a mysterious boy, Ira. He was able to extract the man's Psyche and create a Jikochuu Crab monster. It started destroying the place and was heading for the top. Mana fearing Michiko's safety, ran up the stairs, as one of the fairies, Sharuru, followed her from behind.

When she arrived on top, Mana managed to bring Michiko to safety and went to talk sense to the Jikochuu Crab. Sharuru introduced herself to Mana and transformed to a Lovely Commune. However Mana does not know how to transform and was chased by the Jikochuu Crab. Cure Sword arrived and quickly dispatched the Jikochuu Crab. Mana thanked her but was interrupted by Ira. Suddenly another Jikochuu Crab arrived with Ira's companion, Marmo. The crab grabbed Cure Sword and Marmo tried to force her to spill the whereabouts of the "Princess".

Mana tried to help but was pushed aside. Suddenly, the Cure Loveads shined and Sharuru instructed her to place the Lovead in the Commune. She placed it in the Commune and transformed to Cure Heart. As Rikka realised Mana is missing, the young salesman was pleased the way things is going as planned...

2 (439)- "Gān! Kyua Hāto no Shōtai ga Barechatta!!" ("Oops! Cure Heart's Secret Identity Has Been Blown!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 02

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 02

Airdate: February 10, 2013

Cure Heart was amazed by her new powers and agility. Ira and Marmo tried to attack her but she was able to evade their attacks. Marmo ordered the Jikochuu Crab to hang Cure Sword off the rooftop and told Cure Heart they are doing everything for Selfish King in order to rule the world. Cure Sword argued with Cure Heart and told her that this is none of her concern and she can handle everything by herself.

Cure Sword immediately breaks free from the Jikochuu Crab, however it caught her leg and they fell off the building. Cure Heart quickly caught hold of her and they landed safely. Cure Heart's heart brooch revealed an attack Heart Loveads, which Cure Heart immediately placed in her Lovely Commune. Cure Heart was then able to use "My Sweet Heart" and purify the Jikochuu Crab. She tried to be friends with Cure Sword, but instead Cure Sword gave her the cold shoulder and warned her that the Jikochuu will hurt her loved ones if they become serious. Cure Sword's partner, Dabyi, advised her to make friends with Cure Heart. However, Cure Sword rejected the idea, refusing to admit that she needed friends.

Once Mana turned back to normal, she met up with Rikka and her classmates who worried about her disappearance and safety. On the way back home, Rikka makes references to the Happy Prince story to her, hinting that she knew that Mana was keeping a secret. This prompted Mana to tell Rikka that she had become a Pretty Cure but was interrupted by Mana's parents who called out to her just outside their house. After getting advice from her father, Mana tried to explain more to Rikka but was warned by Sharuru and the two other fairies, Raquel and Lance, about revealing her identify as a Pretty Cure to anyone, as this would pull in innocent people into unnecessary danger. The next day, Mana resisted the temptation to spill the beans to Rikka, but ended up changing her mind.

Meanwhile, a student was late for class and wished he could control the traffic lights so that he would never be late. Ira appears and extracts the student's heart out and turn it into a Jikochuu Traffic Light Monster. It started freezing everything in it's path and head toward Mana's school. Mana ordered the unaffected students to evacuate as soon as possible. Rikka is, however, adamant about running away and insisted that she and Mana should work together to stall the Jikochuu for the students to have time to evacuate.

Mana decided to transform in front of Rikka, despite all the warnings Sharuru had given earlier, and she was surprised by the turn of events. Cure Heart managed to land a hit on the Jikochuu, but was soon frozen by the Jikochuu's red beam and laid on the floor helpless. Rikka spotted the traffic light button and managed to press it right before being shot by the Jikochuu's red light. This triggered a countdown for the green light to appear, which would undo the recent freezing. Luckily, a stray cat appeared as a distraction to buy time for the green light to appear, which freed Cure Heart and Rikka. Cure Heart immediately used her purification attack on the Jikochuu to purify it. After school, Rikka make Mana carry her school bag and wants her to explain everything about the Pretty Cures...

3 (440)- "Saikō no Aibō Tōjō! Kyua Daiyamondo!!" ("The Greatest Partner Appears! Cure Diamond!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 03

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 03

Airdate: February 17, 2013

Rikka makes attempts to study the Cure Loveads in the school science laboratory. Mana arrives and Rikka explains that the materials used in the Loveads does not exist on Earth. Mana claims that her transformation Cure Loveads was given to her by a young shop owner at the Clover Tower and the attack Cure Loveads appeared from her brooch. Rikka asks the fairies about the Cure Loveads', but they have no idea either. Suddenly, their teacher walks in and reminds them that they had only three minutes to clean up. They panicked and rushed to clean up, leaving behind Lance in the science laboratory. Mana comes across another poster of the young idol, Makopi, and goes on to talk about her concert. However, Raquel and Sharuru butt in and remind them about the mysterious Cure Sword and her agenda. Mana generates a few ideas and suspicions, possible about Makopi as Cure Sword, but her hunger interrupts this. Mana decides to invite Rikka over to her place to have dinner and discuss more about the Pretty Cure matters.

After informing her mother, who worked in a hospital, about going over to Mana's place, she, Mana and the two fairies go over to have dinner, provided by Mana's father. Raquel observes Rikka carefully, and decides that Rikka should be his partner. Mana agrees, and even comes up with a Pretty Cure name for her, Cure Dia. Despite all the support, Rikka declines, claiming that she is not worthy to be a Pretty Cure and that she would rather support Mana from behind. They agree to meet tomorrow to find the young man at the Clover Tower and go back home. Rikka receives a parcel, containing more figurines and small statues, and a letter from her father who is traveling overseas. She decides to write back to him and deposit the letter into the mail box the next day. Meanwhile, Ira and Marmo are visited by their comrade, Bel who was ordered from the "Higher-Ups" to help them.

The two girls bump into the young man from the Clover Tower. The man has just newly opened his shop and invites them in. However Rikka demands to know his connections with the Cure Loveads and the Pretty Cure. The young man goes on to change the subject and gives Rikka a Cure Loveads. Rikka goes into a trance, and is waken up by Mana. Rikka attempts to reject the Cure Loveads politely, however the young man told her that the Cure Loveads chose her and she should decide what path she will choose. Meanwhile, a young male student gets disgusted with the love letters being sent around. Ira extracted his dark heart and creates a goat Jikochū, which then proceeds to eat the letters in the mailbox instead of pursuing the Pretty Cure.

The fairies sense the Jikochū's presence and Mana quickly transforms to confront the Jikochū. Cure Heart tries to save the letters from being eaten, especially the one from Rikka, and ends up getting her hands full. Rikka wants to help, and suddenly recalls her first time meeting with Mana, who had been supporting her ever since. Rikka concentrates her strong feelings to save Mana and the Cure Loveads glows. Grabbing the opportunity, Rikka transforms into her Pretty Cure ego, Cure Diamond, and immediately purifies the Jikochū with her own purification attack, Twinkle Diamond. After the battle, Raquel reintroduces himself to Rikka as his new partner. Only when they mention Lance did they realize that he is missing and start panicking. Alice arrives with Sebastian and inquires about the girls' troubles.

4 (441)- "Okotowarishimasu wa! Watashi, Purikyua ni Narimasen!!" ("I Must Decline! I Cannot Become a PreCure!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 04

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 04

Airdate: February 24, 2013

When they were in elementary, Alice was bullied by two boys and Mana stood up for her. Now she invited Mana and Rikka at her house for tea. Alice revealed that Lance is with her and was found by her the night before. She then showed them a footage of Mana's transformation at the Clover tower and was interested in the Pretty Cures. Ira told the other two generals about Cure Diamond however Marmo teased Ira about having a crush on her which he denys immediately, Bel was saying to Ira that he got scared but Ira said that he would be scared of a hundred of them. However Ira was still displeased about it and swore to take the Pretty Cures down.

Meanwhile, Alice want to support Mana and Rikka as their producer when the mascots sensed a Jikochū's presence. Alice's butler Sebastian have pinpoint the location on his tablet and the girls took Alice's limo to the scene. Ira used an Ipod Jikochū to wreck havoc when Cure Heart and Cure Diamond arrived. As they were battling, Lance asked Alice to transform too however she was confident of the two Cures and truth enough, Cure Heart defeated the Jikochū when it ran out of battery power.

After the battle, Lance asked why Alice declined to be a Pretty Cure but Mana explained she need to have the Cure Lovead to transform. Alice showed she did have a Cure Lovead and it was given by Joe at the Clover tower. But still, Alice declined to become a Pretty Cure and it upset Lance. Mana and Rikka later explained that when they were in elementary, Mana told off two boys who bullied Alice. The two boys brought their older brother and started calling names to Mana. It upset Mana and Alice got angry, fought the bullies.

Rikka also explained Alice is taught several martial arts (Akido, Judo, Karate and Kendo) by her grandfather and after the incident, Alice was worried she might hurt someone if she used her strength again and stop her training. A new Jikochū presence has appeared again and both Mana and Rikka went to the scene. Lance decided to convince Alice again. Alice was pondering of being a Pretty Cure and recalled her grandfather's advice on her purpose of learning martial arts is to protect the one you love.

She got a new resolve and the Cure Lovead glowed. Meanwhile Mana and Rikka transformed to battle a Jikochū Stereo Player. However the Jikochū is plugged to a power socket which has unlimited power and took down the two Cures easily. Alice arrived and together with Lance transformed to Cure Rosetta. She got a new Lovead and used Rosetta Wall to neutralise the sound attack. Cure Heart then finished it with her special attack. Lance reintroduced herself to Alice and Mana claimed there are now four of them, including Cure Sword. Alice claimed she also saw the footage who Cure Sword really is and she pointed to a poster of Makoto...

5 (442)- "Uso! Kyua Sōdo-tte Anoko nano??" ("No Way! That Girl is Cure Sword??")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 05

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 05

Airdate: March 3, 2013

The three girls read an article about Kenzaki Makoto's road to stardom and wonder if she is Cure Sword. Alice explained Makoto and her manager are the only two people who did not leave the Clover tower during the Jikochū's appearance. Mana want to look for her but stop short after not knowing where Makoto is. However Alice has where Kenzaki Makoto is due to her influence. Meanwhile Ira complained to the other two generals about the appearance of a fourth Pretty Cure while Marmo decided to take action this time.

Alice brought the other two girls to the Yotsuba TV station which her father owned. They saw Makoto having a rehearsal of her song and Mana went crazy over her. She immediately found Makoto in her dressing room and bluntly introduced herself as Cure Heart. Makoto was angry by her introduction and chased her out of the room. Mana realized she should have consider Makoto's feelings, rather than using her usual way of handling matters. Makoto's manager named DB approached them and spoke about Makoto is actually a shy person. She used to perform as a street performer but her music brought a smile to people which is why she gives herself high standards as an idol.

Meanwhile, an idol performer before Makoto was jealous of her. Marmo used her darkness to create a Jikochū and caused havoc in the studio. The three girls transformed and tried to take down the Jikochū but it keep blinding them with strong lights. Makoto slipped while escaping and was cornered by the Jikochū. Cure Heart tried to stop it from attacking her and told Makoto she will protect her songs. Suddenly the lights went out and Cure Sword appeared in the spotlight. She took down the Jikochū easily and purified it with Holy Sword.

After the battle, Cure Sword refused to accept them and left into the darkness. Later, the three girls received a ticket to Makoto's fans thanksgiving event from DB. Mana met Makoto and told her she will protect the smiles of everyone and even gave some peach buns for Makoto. She paused and watched Mana reunited with her friends...

6 (443)- "Bikkuri! Watashi no Ouchi ni Makopī ga kuru!?" ("What a Surprise! MakoP is Coming to My House!?")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 06

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 06

Airdate: March 10, 2013

After finishing a recording, DB informed Makoto her next schedule which happen to be a cooking show at Mana's restaurant. Mana and Rikka were surprised to see Makoto as the guest idol at the restaurant. Mana's father tried to guide Makoto in cooking omelet rice but terrible results. She washed the carrots with detergent, destroying a chopping board and ruined some eggs. Mana's grandfather was furious about it and walked out of the kitchen. The studio crew decided to record it again tomorrow and later, Makoto told DB that she took this recording as to find out what kind of person Mana really is.

Mana, Rikka and Alice discussed about Makoto when Mana decided to help Makoto in her cooking. They saw Makoto and DB in front of their restaurant and offered to help her. The girls took time to teach Makoto and she learn it quickly. Meanwhile, the Selfish trio are in their hideout, complaining of their last defeat. Bel decided to take the offense and entered the human world. During the recording, Makoto followed Mana's instructions and finally make an extra large version of omelet rice dish.

The girls loved the dish and Mana's grandfather mentioned that cooking is all about love. Makoto recalled her past-she is a songstress in the Trump Kingdom and always sing for someone important however that person is gone now. The cameraman's heart was tainted and Ira used it to create a Jikochuu. Sebastian evacuated everyone while Mana, Rika and Alice transformed. They tried to stop the Jikochuu but it keep growing after eating everything in sight.

The Jikochuu tried to eat the omelet rice when Makoto gave the order to DB. She is revealed to be Dabyi and became a Lovely Commune. Makoto used the Lovely Commune to become Cure Sword. She quickly purified the Jikochuu with Holy Sword and after that, Cure Heart offered her hand in friendship. Suddenly Bell appeared and he sent all four of the Pretty Cures into another dimension...

7 (444)- "Girigiri no Tatakai! Saraba, Purikyua!!" ("An Intense Battle! Farewell, PreCure!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 07

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 07

Airdate: March 17, 2013

The Cures had seen Bel and he was telling that it was the last time they met then Bel made a portal to go to the Selfish King and they landed in the desert and were shocked by the giant scary figure. Makoto told them that is the Selfish King and they are now in the former Trump Kingdom, then Makoto also told them that she used to be the warrior which protected the kingdom. The mascots got separated from the girls, and were talking as then Dabyi came and said that she was going to take charge of them. They decided to head for the palace hoping they will meet up with the girls. Along the way, Dabyi and Makoto explained the reason of the downfall.

The Trump Kingdom was a peaceful country ruled by a kind Queen and Cure Sword is her protector. However one day, the Selfish Trio had made it in there and was taking people's heart and turned them into Jikochū monsters. The Queen never gave up with Cure Sword and the other servants had tried their best to defend but failed. The Queen had used her last strength to seal the Selfish King and turned him in stone but he still had power, threw all that war, Cure Sword was the last person alive from the Trump Kingdom.

She send the new mascots to seek out new Precures through a magic mirror. Marmo tried to capture her but Cure Sword interfered. They tried to escape into the magic mirror but Bel fired magic glasses at them so no one could go and past them but the Queen stayed behind leaving Cure Sword alone and who landed on Earth. Makoto's reason of becoming an idol is hoping her song can reach the Queen which she believes she is on Earth too. Mana told her they will help find the Queen since the Selfish trio has yet to find her.

They were suddenly attacked by hordes of Jikochū frogs and they make haste. While running a bridge was there, they all jumped but Makoto nearly fell off the bridge but the other three grabbed her hands and pull her up. They finally arrived at the palace and saw Bel holding the magic mirror. He smashed the mirror claiming there is no way back home however Mana then was reminded by Bel when he send the girls into the Trump Kingdom and bragged that if Bel can freely enter the human world, all they have to do is make him transport them back together. The mascots have also arrived making a big lamp hit Pell and then they quickly transformed to Cures together.

They tried to take down Bel but he was too strong since he knew all the movements the Cures did. Cure Rosetta was try to get the attention of Bel but she had failed then Cure Diamond suggested to work together and do their attacks in the same time, which they did and injured Bel and stole some of his energy. The Cures found a small piece of the magic mirror and teleported back to Earth. They landed back on Earth and now with a new purpose, the girls swore to find the Queen and restore the Trump Kingdom...

8 (445)- "Kyupirappa~! Fushigi Aka-chan Tanjō!!" ("Kyupirappa~! A Mysterious Baby is Born!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 08

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 08

Airdate: March 24, 2013

The episode first begins with Makoto appearing in the screen dancing as then people were happy seeing her, for a far place, Makoto happened to be seeing people talking about her and then from behind Mana was there with her friends cheering about then she got easily annoyed by Mana as she was always cheering. Then she got questioned by Alice about her career as an idol. Then they all went to Joe's Cure Lovead shop. As they saw many different Cure Loveads, they all saw an egg with hearts. As then it was shining making them see a cute baby fairy.

After seeing Ai being born, Mana was shouting making everyone feel surprised, then Dabyi turned into her human form and was saying to Makoto to leave after they left everyone felt sad. After spending time with Ai, she began to cry and was making people annoyed as then in Ai's hand there was a Cure Lovead and made everyone curious of what it was, then Mana took it and putted in her Lovely Commune to proof what it was then from the Commune and a bottle field with milk came (as Cure Vitan) and putted on Ai's mouth and was smiling and was eating Lance's ear.

Then after hugging her they spotted wings in Ai, and were surprised after that Joe came as he smiled because he saw them with Ai. Then Makoto also came as she saw Joe and Ai, and after seeing Ai smiling at her she just had to smile back because she was happy. Then Joe also said it was good to take a walk outside since the Ai was getting bored. Then they had been going outside but with Ai crying people got annoyed. Then they had trying to give the bottle with milk but nothing had come.

Then from another place, someone was trying to get sleep but he couldn't sleep because of Ai shouting then, Marmo was trying to turn him into a Jikochuu making that possible as then Jikochuu sheeps were there. Ai after seeing was starting to cry but then Mana gently putted her in a safe place and turned into a Cure as the others also. They started to fight but then the Jikochuu sheep was making them sleep, Marmo then accidently also got to sleep as also the Cures.

They were sleeping accept Ai who had been crying as then she shouted loud and made the Cures wake up and perform their attacks to defeat the Jikochuu which had succeeded. After all that fight everyone was back to normal as then Makoto started to understand how carrying worked, then everyone felt proud of their job of caring for Ai, as they had been working together.

9 (446)- "Hachamecha! Ai-chan Gakkō ni Iku!!" ("Nonsense! Ai-chan Goes to School!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 09

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 09

Airdate: March 31, 2013

Mana and Rikka were walking to school when Joe approached them with Ai-Chan. He told them to take care of her as he is engaged the whole day. After he pushed Ai-Chan to them, Mana was worried that they were unable to take care of her in school. However Sharuru and Raquel volunteered to take care of Ai-Chan. The two mascots called Lance by their Lovely Commune and he soon arrived. As Mana settle a dispute between the soccer and baseball team, Rikka placed Ai-Chan in the student council room and later left her in the care of the mascots.

The mascots soon find out that Ai-Chan has ESP powers and gave the mascots a hard time. Mana and Rikka dropped by during their break and found the room to be in a mess. Ai-Chan suddenly cried and Mana tried to feed her but it didn't work. Suddenly, a new Lovead appeared and it create a sleeping basket. They placed Ai-Chan in it and she soon fell asleep. After the girls left, the mascots accidentally woke up Ai-Chan which attracted the attention of a student.

Ai-Chan and the mascots ran out of the room hiding in rags and bucket. Ai-Chan started causing mischief in the school which later the students complained to Mana and Rikka. They both knew it was Ai-Chan and the mascots that is causing the commotion. The mascots rush to inform them they lost sight of Ai-Chan and they started searching for her. Ai-Chan make a mess with the Soccer and Baseball team schedule and cause an argument among the captains. Ira used their weakness to create two Jikochuu's and it started wreaking havoc.

Mana and Rikka quickly transformed and tried to stop them. But the two Jikochuu's were arguing among themselves and one of the balls flew towards Ai-Chan but was stopped by Cure Rosetta and Cure Sword. The Jikochuu's attacked the girls and they were knocked out. Ai-Chan witnessed it,says the word 'mama' and somehow gave the girls a temporary power-up that increase their speed. This gave the girls a chance to weaken the Jikochuu's quickly and Cure Heart purified them back.

After the battle is over, Mana and Rikka were glad that they make through the day and was planning to give back Ai-Chan back to Joe however, they saw Ai-Chan and the mascots sleeping soundly in the basket...

10 (447)- "Tenkōsei wa, Kokuminteki Sūpā Aidoru!!" ("The Transfer Student is a National Super Idol!!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 10

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 10

Airdate: April 7, 2013

Rikka was making her morning routine as she got up and ate and went to school with Mana. When they arrived, the teacher was making an announcement that Makoto was joining their school, then everyone got shocked and then Makoto gave them a smile, making them jump. Every boy was excited as they told each other about her. Makoto was confused at seeing the classroom but had help by Mana. Then while sitting they were talking about her coming to school, Mana, after spotted that she had taken Dabyi, but then Makoto hid it fast before the others saw it.

Later, in the classroom, they were doing a test. Rikka worried for Makoto before she did something wrong. The teacher then told them to begin. After the test was done, Makoto decided to go with Mana and Rikka to clean the classroom. In the door everyone was seeing Makoto cleaning and talking. Then she began to dance for the other students, but accidentaly she hit water and it spoiled making Rikka annoyed and cleaning it. While the girls were going they saw many people shouting as photographers and were asking her. Rikka then was saying them to get away, which it worked, but Rikka was alone.

While Mana was walking with Makoto, Makoto was questioned by Mana how her day went and Makoto had a smile as she was happy. Meanwhile, Rikka was alonewalking by herself and then a Pink Taxi came by and Alice appeared telling her to come with her. While they were in the car, they were talking about friend problems, and when arrived they saw Mana with Makoto but Makoto was too tired and fell asleep. Then Rikka went home as she felt sad but managed by Alice to be fine. Her mother was there and they were eating, and were talking about friend problems.

It was morning, Rikka was late in school and had to go without eating, when she arrived, she saw Mana with Makoto again and were feeding Ai, since then Rikka was starting to get jelaous. After she got distupted by a man that was angry, Marmo came and summoned a Jikochū because of him. Rikka then transformed and froze the Jikochū's legs. Then it was time for the other girls to transform as they did they fought together, and Cure Heart used My Sweet Heart and the Jikochū purified. Rikka was still sad but Makoto said not to worry, making her feel better than before and gave a big smile to her friends.

11 (448)- "Mezame yo! Purikyua no Aratanaru Chikara!" ("Awaken! The PreCures' New Power!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 11

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 11

Airdate: April 14, 2013

In school, Rikka saw, Mana telling a student to come with her to play, but then Rikka interfered as she saw talking to the student with a broken arm, and was saying to her not to play because of her injury, however, the student ignored her by coming with Mana. In the field they were playing softball as Mana was shooting. In home then Mana, was getting questioned by Rikka, as she was wanting to help Makoto learn softball, while talking Makoto got surprised by Rikka, then it was time for her to go. Then Makoto was in the car with Dabyi and was telling her about her feelings, to Mana and her friends.

Meanwhile, Bel was really angry since he had lost the battle, with the Cures.DDPC07In school, Mana had made shirts for people to join softball, making some of them shocked since some didn't know how to play. Then they were saying the rules and how to defeat the other team. They had finished practicing and then Mana got separated as she then met Joe with Ai, while walking then Joe showed Mana a new Lovead which had the power to perform a strong attack but then putted to Ai. While Joe was explaining he got interrupted by Bel, as he was about to capture Ai, he attacked then Joe came as he saved their life, however, Bel stil captured Ai.

It was the match and everyone had come but Mana couldn't make it, since she was busy searching for Ai, but she found her with Pell. Joe was in the hospital and was trying to escape and save Ai. Then Mana got worried and transformed. Cure Heart started attacking, then her friends got the signal and went in the place also. Bel was playing with her by avoiding her kicks, then he pushed her away, making Cure Heart in the ground. Pell than was about to kill Cure Heart by a truck but then Cure Diamond freezed it and saved her, and also by coming with the Cures.

Then, Bel was angry again and took the truck's driver's heart and used in on himself by making himself into a Jikochuu. All of the Cures got shocked by it, and then they started fighting. The Cures tried purifying the Jikochuu, however, the Jikochuu, avoided. The Cures were in the ground, as then the Jikochuu made a stick as he threw it to the Cures. Then Ai saw it and shouted as she then produced four Loveads. The Cures got them as then they produced a new weapon for each of them, called Love Heart Arrow. Each Cure then used it and did new attacks, respectively: Rosetta Reflection, Diamond Shower, Sparkle Sword and Heart Shoot, purifying the Jikochuu. Then everything got back to normal, as also Ai. In the match then Mana's team won as everyone got happy, also Makoto was happy because of her friends.

12 (449)- "Mana no Ketsui! Atashi Deshi o Torimasu!" ("Mana's Decision! I'll Take On an Apprentice!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 12

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 12

Airdate: April 21, 2013

A new student named Jun arrives, and he wants to become part of the Student Council. While walking, he opens the door and begs to Mana to become part of it. He has a conversation with Mana about being in the Student Council. Mana asked questions and he answered them. Mana than said if he did all the things that she was going to tell him, he would become one. The first thing was to hold books and help her however he was struggling and then Mana was carrying them, then Jun was dreaming about her as she was a knight. After waking up, he then went bakery in school. Mana, seeing many people asking for food, became a helper and gave food to everyone.

After doing many things with Mana, he rested and suddenly saw Ai, Mana than gave Ai to Jun as Ai was touching Jun's face. Rikka, then summoned a toy for Ai because of the Cure Lovead and was playing with Ai. Jun was eating and was getting questioned by Alice about his feeling about Mana, while answering, Joe appeared and gave Jun a Lovead. Meanwhile, Bel, was really hurt and was saying to Marmo and Ira to capture the Cures, seeing Marmo doing something else, he asked Ira if he could defeat them, and Ira said yes.

He was with Mana, and was seeing her playing badminton and thinking that he was just an apprantice of her, he became sad. Then they were running however, Jun fell, feeling the pain and saddness of Mana's apprantace, he was thinking of being like Mana. Ira then came as he said to Jun, to give up, Jun had no power and gave up, as Ira took his heart and turned himself into a Jikochū. The girls began to worry and transformed into Cures. While fighting the black heart began to talk as it was Jun by himself, saying his feelings.

When Cure Heart heard it she became angry and started attacking, everyone then summoned Love Heart Arrow and defeated the Jikochū. When, Jun woke up, Jun then become shocked at being seen by Mana and also being a Student Council as her. For the thing she had done, he planted flowers and told Mana and her friends about the flowers, Mana seeing it, become happy and suprised. However, unknown to any of them, the then-yet-to-be-identified Regina is watching them with a smile.

13 (450)- "Tsui ni Hakken!? Ōjo-sama no Tegakari!" ("Finally Found!? A Clue About the Princess!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 13

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 13

Airdate: April 28, 2013

Alice was telling her buttler the orders, however Alice was sad. After a while, Sebastian came and told that Mana and the others had come, making Alice smile. The girls and Alice were hanging out in the yard, and Makoto said that she had find a way to the Princess, according to a poster showing the contest called, "Rose Lady Contest" where you could win by getting the Yellow Rose. After hearing this everyone got shocked. On their way, a new person came out of nowhere, and touched Ai. Rikka started to wonder who she is however she was then gone.

On their way, they saw Itsutsuboshi Reina, as she was wearing a fancy dress. After a while, Alice remembered that she had seen her when she was a child. Then the game began and they were supposed to dance, and each of them dressed, however they failed since Mana fell in the ground. Then the other game began as they had to draw, however their drawings were ruined because of Reina, but Alice's drawing became more better. The other game was to play piano and not to wake up the cat. Each of the girls were scared but then Alice played the piano making the cat not to wake.

The last game began and in it they had to play badminton. However, only Alice and Reina. While playing the girls were shooting and trying to win. After a while, Reina began to get tired and wished to win the rose, however then Marmo showed up and she took Reina's heart and turned herself into a Jikochū. Alice became angry and transformed into a Cure. The Cures were struggling as they got trapped by the Jikochū. Seeing her friends struggle Cure Rosetta was avoiding the Jikochuu's moves. After a while she performed Rosetta Reflection making the other Cures get free.

The other Cures then performed their attacks and the Jikochū was defeated. Alice won the rose, making Reina angry. However they both had a fun time. In the evening, Ai touched the Yellow Rose and then it glowed making a Yellow Crystal. Each person was wondering what it was. In the other side Regina came at the Selfish Trio and said to them that she is Selfish King's daughter making the Selfish Trio shocked and that she was going to work with them, and then she made a cruel laugh.

14 (451)- "Yume ka Yakusoku ka! Rikka Ōi ni Nayamu!" ("The Dream or the Promise! Rikka's Many Worries!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 14

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 14

Airdate: May 5, 2013

The episode begins with Rikka as she was little, with her parents. It shows Rikka in the school as she feels depressed, while seeing her score that is low. Rikka became angry seeing it. In home, Rikka sat in a corner and was quiet. The girls began to worry, and Dabyi told them about the Crystal that they had seen. As Ai touched the Golden Rose she said that the Crystal was one of the 5 Crystals, which would produce power if was they were all gathered together. After a while, Rikka said goodbye to them and left, making Mana shocked. Mana went to Rikka's mother with her friends, and they saw her.

Mana felt bad and asked if she knew something about Rikka's score. Rikka's mother told them that she knew and felt worried about Rikka's actions to her, as she shouted at her and also didn't talk as usual. Hearing it made Mana to do something about it. In school, Mana sat with Rikka. However Rikka then left quickly. While walking with Makoto, Dabyi said that something had possesed Rikka. Sharuru said that she thought Rikka was evil. Hearing these, Mana become worried and hurried to the place where Rikka went. There Mana opened the door and saw nothing but Rikka playing.

Rikka then told them the story, and said she was going to enter a Karuta competition. Rikka trained and practiced playing Karuta. After some time, she then entered a competition. After waiting in a line, all the people saw a girl with the nickname, "The Karuta Queen". Everyone was suprised and happy. The Karuta Queen beated people at the game, and a person came to get her signature. After turning him away, the Queen became angry, as she couldn't find herself a "King", a man who could challenge her. Seeking the problem, The Karuta Queen started shouting and she got stopped when Ira came. Ira then summoned a Jikochū.

The girls saw it and transformed into Cures. Ira then had became into a Karuta Jikochū, and he summoned a pair of Karutas. The Cures had to avoid the Karutas, however they got tired and they fell. After pausing for a while, everyone made a plan and they started trusting Cure Diamond as she knew the game pretty well. Cure Diamond then started playing as she avoided and hitted the Jikochū. Cure Diamond then saw that the Jikochū was about to fall, and asked Cure Heart to purify the Jikochū. Cure Heart then performed Heart Shoot and the Jikochū was defeated.

Everything got back to normal as Rikka started playing Karuta with The Karuta Queen. After the match was done, The Karuta Queen stopped by and gave Rikka a pair of Karutas. Ai then touched the pair of Karutas and a blue shine came and produced a Blue Crystal. Then Rikka's mother surprised them as she was there and Rikka felt bad about her score and was hoping if her mother would not be mad to her. Rikka's mother got proud and hugged her. Another suprise came as Rikka's father came. Rikka became happy and hugged both of them, then they took a ride together.

15 (452)- "Dai Isogashi! Makoto no Aidoru na Hibi!" ("Really Busy! Makoto's Idol Days!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 15

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 15

Airdate: May 12, 2013

Mana saw a poster that featured Makoto as "Snow White". Then Dabyi told them that she was busy searching for Princess Marie Ange, but then got accepted as Snow White. Mana heared it, and Makoto fall asleep in class. The girls decided to go to the studio. The girls saw many people acting and when they saw Makoto, everyone was pleased. However, in the other side, Tamaki, one of the actors who wanted to be Snow White was angry.

The girls saw Makoto worrying while playing and Mana had a plan. The girls went to Makoto's room and told her to give up on searching for the Princess. While they did the job, Makoto did the role. Makoto accepted it and left it to them. Meanwhile the Selfish Trio serves Regina corn on the cob, as she wished to eat corn, but she complains that the corn she wants to eat is "rich, luxurious buttered corn". When the Selfish Trio becomes annoyed by her orders, Regina goes off on her own to find a "rich, luxurious buttered corn"- a selfish person which she can make a Jikochū out of.

It is Makoto's last day of shooting. However, she and Tamaki are interrupted by Regina, who announces that she has found her "rich, luxurious buttered corn" - Tamaki, despite the actress having no selfishness in her heart whatsoever. Regina attemps to get closer to Tamaki, but Makoto protects her, telling Regina to leave at once. Regina becomes annoyed, and uses her powers to force Tamaki's Psyche to become black with selfishness, thus giving birth to a mirror Jikochū. Mana and the others arrive to aid Makoto, and they transform while Sebastian leads the bystanders away. Cure Sword tries to weaken the Jikochū with Sparkle Sword, but Regina once again interrupts her and the Jikochū attacks. Rosetta protects Sword with Rosetta Reflection, while Diamond freezes the Jikochū with Diamond Shower.

Cure Heart tries to purify the Jikochū with Heart Shoot, but the Jikochū simply reflects it back. Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, and Cure Rosetta worry that there is no way to defeat the Jikochū, but Cure Sword tells them that if they combine their powers, there will surely be a way to defeat the Jikochū. Ai-chan arrives and produces four new Loveads for the Cures. The Cures then used them and performed Lovely Force Arrow, purifying the Jikochū. Everything goes back to normal, and Regina introduces herself to the Cures as Selfish King's daughter. Tamaki gives Makoto her battered script as a thank you. Ai-chan touches the script, making it glow and the third Royal Crystal appears.

16 (453)-"Rejiina Mō Atakku! Mana wa Atashi no Mono!" ("Regina's Fierce Attack! Mana is Mine!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 16

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 16

Airdate: May 19, 2013

The episode begins with Bel, Ira, and Marmo doing manzai for Regina, who wishes to be entertained. Finding their performance to be lackluster, Regina goes off to find Mana, whom interests her. Meanwhile, Mana, Rikka, and Makoto are seen walking to school, and Regina meets up with them. Regina then apologizes for the fight they had with Tamaki's Jikochū, and announces her intention of becoming Mana's friend. Makoto becomes angry at her and transforms into Cure Sword, saying that Regina is the cause of the Trump Kingdom's destruction. Regina, however, says that it was her father who did that, and not her. Mana stops their argument, and Makoto de-transforms. Mana agrees to become Regina's friend, earning her the ire of Makoto, who leaves, saying that Regina is their enemy and she doesn't know what's going on in Mana's head.

At school, Mana becomes upset that Makoto is ignoring her. Regina arrives and tries to convince Mana to skip class and play with her. Mana manages to convince her to wait until school ends. After school, Rikka asks Mana to go with her to the student council room, but Regina leads Mana away. Mana decides to show Regina around town, and the two find themselves in a street full of trash. Mana starts to pick the trash up, and Regina decides to help Mana clean the street by creating a strong wind to blow away the trash, only to make the trash scattered across the street. Rikka is then seen at Solitaire with Alice, and the two talk about Regina and Mana. Alice questions Mana and Regina's friendship. Mana introduces Regina to Ai-chan and offers for Regina to play with Ai-chan. Mana then asked Sharuru to use the Lovead, producing musical notes that allowed Ai-chan to dance.

Regina then takes Mana away just as Alice finishes preparing the tea Regina asked for. Mana manages to return to Rikka and Alice, and asks them to deliver some omelette rice to Makoto before Regina takes her away again. Regina and Mana get ice cream at a shop, and Mana begins to tell Regina about Rikka, Alice, and Makoto's favorite ice cream flavors. Regina becomes annoyed, and tells Mana that she doesn't need Rikka and the others in her life since Regina is her friend now. Regina then receives the idea of erasing Rikka and the others from Mana's life, and vanishes before Mana can stop her. Meanwhile, Makoto was shooting a commercial and met up with Rikka and Alice.

Regina confronts Makoto and the others, and searches for a person to turn into a Jikochū. She then sees a man holding a box of refreshments, and forces him to birth a Jikochū. Makoto, Rikka, and Alice transformed to fight against the Jikochū. The Jikochū attempts to force the Cures to drink the refreshments, with Rosetta using Rosetta Reflection to protect the others. However, the projectiles were too strong, and the three Cures are knocked to the ground. Mana arrives, and Regina tells her she was willing to do this for Mana's sake, and Mana must now return the favor by cutting off her friendships with Sword and the others. Mana refuses, transforming into Cure Heart.

The Jikochū continues to attack Cure Diamond and the others, and Regina tells Cure Heart that her friends getting hurt is her fault. The other Cures say that they put themselves into the position of being Heart's friends, so facing hardships like this are nothing they weren't prepared for. The Cures use Lovely Force Arrow, purifying the Jikochū. Heart tells Regina she needs to understand the meaning of a true friend, and Regina disappears.

Makoto asks Mana if she still wants to become friends with Regina. Mana says that she still does, saying that since she saw Regina's smile, she didn't believe Regina was purely evil. Makoto says she'll never forgive Regina, even if she is Mana's friend - Makoto states that this is how she feels, and since true friends are honest to each other, she had to tell Mana. Makoto then says Mana that she made too much omelette rice, and asks for her to eat it with her. The episode ends with Regina contemplating what a true friend really is.

17 (454)- "Shokku! Ubawareta Kurisutaru!" ("Shock! The Stolen Crystal!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 17

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 17

Airdate: May 26, 2013

The girls were walking into a garden full of sculptures. Makoto then started telling the girls that Princess Marie Ange loved sculptures. Suddenly Regina appeared and laughed, and then she came closer to Mana, telling her that she wants her, and Mana then got taken by Regina. However her friends chased them. They all started talking about why Regina had to come, and she answered that she was there for Mana.

While talking, Makoto noticed a statue looking like Marie Ange, and told her friends about it. The girls got suprised at it, and also Joe appeared with Ai, talked about the statue. After seeing Ai, Regina pointed at him and was laughing. Joe then was in a hurry and gave Ai to Regina, and Ai began to cry. Then Rikka used another Lovead, and made Ai fall asleep. The girls started to study the Marie Ange-looking statue, and they saw a red diamond, which surprised the girls. Then Regina got in front of it and put her hand on it and the statue broke in pieces, and Regina grabbed the diamond.

The girls shocked and were trying to put it together. However they failed, and went to a person who could fix the statue. The girls had the help of him, and were putting it together, while then Regina was feeling bad because she broke the statue. Then her friends told her not to worry, and Regina became happy. Suddenly a red light came from her hand and as Regina opened her hand, there was a Red Crystal. Regina saw it, and her eyes transformed into red and she became mad. Regina then started to tell them to give the other crystals to her, but the girls coudn't.

Then Regina became mad and used the man's heart and summoned a Jikochuu. The girls got scared and transformed. Regina had summoned hammer Jikochuu which hitted the Cures. The Cures tried to protect each other, however the hammer Jikochuu's eyes started to glow and produced power to the Cures. Cure Sword tried to protect Cure Heart, however the dark energy reached her and she was starting to turn into a stone. The same thing happened to all of them except Cure Heart. Cure Heart was mad at her and was telling her why would she do that. Then Regina answered that she wants her.

Cure Heart then performed Heart Shoot, but the Jikochuu easily dodged it. Cure Heart then got tired and was not strong to dodge the dark energy of the Jikochuu, but then suddenly another person came as he protected Cure Heart. Then the new person said to Cure Heart to heal her friends and fight together. Cure Heart accepted, and performed Heart Shoot and healed her friends. They grouped together and performed Lovely Force Arrow, and the Jikochuu got defeated. Regina then left. The mysterious person then introduced himself as Jonathan, who was a knight that would protect them. The Cures then got shocked.

18 (455)- "Shutsugen! Saigo no Roiyaru Kurisutaru!" ("Appear! The Last Royal Crystal!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 18

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 18

Airdate: June 2, 2013

The episode begins with Sir Jonathan presenting himself, which made the Cures shocked. At home, Joe was telling about himself and the crystals. After saying about the crystals, he talks about how he met with Marie Ange. However, Makoto then disurpted him and he stopped. Then he started speaking about the crystals, again, and he told the girls that if grouped together, they have an amazing power. He then gave them tickets for a train to see and search for the princess on a field.

Meanwhile the Trio was looking and identifing the Red Crystal which Regina had. Then Ira and Marmo started fighting for it, however Regina who had power over it took the crystal from their hands. Then she left to see the Cures. The girls went in the train and were admiring the land as it had flowers. They then landed and saw a field of flowers which made Mana happy. The girls then listened to Joe to find out things about Marie Ange.

He told her that she worked hard and loved making sculptures, she also rode on horse along with Joe, and did archery. He also told her that she loved rides, being in trains, and fields filled with flowers. He once had to leave as he controlled a tower far away, and left. Marie Ange sended him letters along with a golden rose and told what was happening. One day Sir Jonathan got the news as Trump Kingdom was attacked by the Selfish King. Sir Jonathan then went to there. As he saw no one, he then went to the tower filled with transforming mirrors. He felt Marie Ange went to Earth and he also went to Earth to find her.

He ended the story, as the girls had sad faces. Makoto then started to cry, however, she pulled her cap down because of not showing in her face. Then in the station a boy wanted to go to the train, however people didn't let him. Then he started to wish to go to the train and suddenly Regina appeared creating a Train Jikochū. Joe saw it and alerted the girls. The girls transformed into Cures, and fighted the Jikochū, but then Regina showed up. However, Sir Jonathan came protecting them, and let the Cures to stop the Jikochū. The girls chased the Jikochū and easily purified it with Lovely Force Arrow. Regina saw it and went away. Everything got to normal, and Ai saw the train and touched it resulting into a new Pink Crystal, which made everyone happy.

19 (456)- "Kurisutaru o Kakete! Jikochū no Gēmu!" ("Betting the Crystals! Jikochu's Game!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 19

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 19

Airdate: June 9, 2013

The episode begins with Regina, who is holding the Red Crystal. She tells Marmo, Bel and Ira that they are going to do a game, because they want the other crystals. While Mana and the others worried about the Crystal, Regina suddenly appeared with the Red Crystal, and reccomended to them, to play a game with them, as the winner recieved all the crystals. The girls were about to attack, however Mana rejected and told Regina to promise about it. Then Regina, by clapping her hands, summoned a Jikochū as it was a purse, then the Jikochū started absorbing them as they went into another world.

The girls are transported into a world full of games, then the girls transformed. They put their crystals away, and prepared themselves. The first one was to play soccer, and to make goals. Cure Sword then shot as she made the goal, then Cure Rosetta had to be the goal keeper, versus Ira who had to shoot. Ira started with an easy shoot, but then suddenly the ball turned into a Jikochū. The ball then easily hit Rosetta, and went to goal by itself. Cure Diamond became angry then tried to shoot, however the ball dodged it.

It was Regina's turn to shoot, and she shot. The ball reached high, and the Goal Jikochū became longer enough to make it goal, however Rosetta used Rosetta Reflection and the ball got stopped. However the Goal Jikochū took the ball and did the goal. Cure Heart became mad and kicked the ball again, but it stopped, and the score reached into 21 for the Selfish Trio. The second one was bowling. Ira got a strike, and then Cure Rosetta tried but she didn't make it. Cure Heart tried next, and it doubled and she made a strike.

The third one was dodgeball, as the Selfish Trio threw the ball, however they doubled the amount resulting on making more than 10 and in Jikochūs. However the Cure managed it. Marmo became angry, and shot it, but acidentally she hit Bel, then Bel shot it, and threw it to Regina's leg, enough to make her angry. Then they began to fight, and the Cures won as a result. Everything goes to normal, but Regina does not let it happen, and breaks her promise, and summons again the Purse Jikochū to steal the Crystals, but the Cures quickly defeated it with their Lovely Force Arrow.

The Cures suddenly transport in the human world, and they see Joe. Then Makoto notices that she does not have the Crystals, and shouts for them, then Regina appears with them, and tells things about it, and suddenly they begin to shine, and they disappear. Everyone sees it and become worried about where they are.

20 (457)- "Kurisutaru no michibiki! Ōjo-sama no Moto e!" ("The Crystal's Guidance! To the Princess!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 20

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 20

Airdate: June 16, 2013

The Royal Crystals flew away and the Selfish Trio tried to follow it. Sebastian arrived and used the Yotsuba satellite to track the crystals. The girls found out it has landed in the snowy mountains and they headed there by helicopter. Along the way, Mana was conflicted that Regina broke her promise and the others believed that Regina could not be trusted. When they arrived, the innkeeper explained that the mountains are dangerous as they are not stable. But the girls insisted of going as such the innkeeper told them a legend-If you see a ray of light in your time of needs, a miracle will happen.

The girls transformed and together with Joe, scaled the top of the mountain. They saw Regina and the Selfish Trio ho have been trailing them. They started to battle and in the midst, Cure Sword accidentally fired at where Regina is standing and she fell off. Cure Heart tried to save her but fell in too. The others called for a truce with the Selfish Trio and they agreed. Regina woke up and Mana was still unconscious. Regina found the crystals and it revealed a woman trapped in a block of ice. Mana woke up too and believed she could be Queen Marie Ange. Regina's eyes went back to normal, she gives Mana back the crystals and apologized for what she has done. Mana forgave her, however Regina is worried about that her father will destroy the Trump Kingdom if Marie Ange returns.

Mana claimed that they will try to convince Marie Ange and Selfish King to get along somehow. The others found Sharuru and after Cure Diamond used Diamond Shower to create a slide, they finally found Mana and Regina. Regina also realised she can not use her powers for reasons that are unknown. Cure Sword and Joe were happy to find Marie Ange, however a Jikochū appeared created from a mountain climber earlier. Mana transformed and together finished off the Jikochū with Lovely Force Arrow. The Selfish generals took Ange and Regina away and headed back to Trump Kingdom...

21 (458)- "Toranpu Ōkoku e! Ōjo-sama o Sukue!" ("To the Trump Kingdom! Rescue the Princess!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 21

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 21

Airdate: June 23, 2013

The episode continues from the last episode, in which the trio kidnap the frozen Marie Ange and Regina.DDPC20 It then cuts to the Selfish base. Ira (unsuccessfully) attempts to release Marie Ange from the crystal using a hammer. Marmo tries to use dynamite in order to release the princess, but Ira stops her. The two drop the dynamite onto the ground, causing an explosion while Bel gives Regina a drink. Bel tells Regina that they're going to bring the princess to her father, but Regina is still thinking about Mana.

At Solitaire, Joe plans to head to the Trump Kingdom, knowing that the Selfish Trio is going to take Marie Ange to Selfish King. However, there is no way for him and the Cures to go to the Trump Kingdom. Suddenly, the Royal Crystals start to shine, and create a pentagonal portal. Mana guesses that the portal will take them to the Trump Kingdom, since the crystals have been guiding them all this time. At the Trump Kingdom, Selfish King plans on turning all the humans from Earth into Jikochuu. Regina tries to convince him not to, and in turn, her father electrocutes her. Joe and the Cures arrive, and Marmo and Ira send multiple Jikochuu to attack. Diamond, Rosetta, Sword, and Joe take on the Jikochuu, telling Cure Heart to go save the princess.

While heading towards Marie Ange, Cure Heart sees Regina, hurt and unconscious. Cure Heart manages to wake Regina up, but a spider Jikochuu attacks them. The Jikochuu makes Heart and Regina fall into a pit of magma, but Heart manages to grab onto the spider's string, with Regina holding onto her. While climbing up the string, then Regina notices the rope about to break, and alerts Cure Heart not to climb for a few minutes. Bel explains that the string can only hold the weight of one person. Cure Heart and Regina have a heart-to-heart talk, and Regina says that she loves Mana. Regina attempts to sacrifice herself so that Heart can climb up.

However, Cure Heart catches Regina with her legs. Because of Mana's love, Regina feels a strange warmth in her heart, and manages to recover her powers. Regina flies herself and Cure Heart out of the pit. Bel orders the Jikochuu to attack Regina, but Regina throws the Jikochuu into the distance. Multiple Jikochuu arrive, but the Cures manage to defeat them with Lovely Force Arrow.

Joe takes the frozen Marie Ange, and tells the Cures to hurry back to the portal. Regina goes with the Cures, but her father gets mad at her for making friends with a Cure. Selfish King calls down lightning to electrocute Regina once again, but Cure Sword pushes her out of the away. Cure Heart holds her hand out to Regina, with Diamond and Rosetta reassuring her that she can come with them. Regina takes Heart's hands, and the girls and Joe head through the portal. The episode ends with the fairies celebrating, and Regina holding Heart's hand.

22 (459)- "Pinchi ni Tōjō! Aratana Senshi Kyua Ēsu!" ("Appearing in a Pinch! The New Warrior Cure Ace!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 22

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 22

Airdate: June 30, 2013

The episode begins with all the girls who had come from battling the Selfish King. As then the girls try to break the frozen Marie Ange. But Joe, says that, if you would wait something would happen, and the girls accepted to wait. They got out of the house and then saw that Regina was worried about something. Mana asked her why, and she answered that her father is mad at her, then Mana said that not to worry, and thanked her for saving her. Then Mana invited Regina to come with her.

They first went to her family's restaurant, where Regina and the others were eating. Regina got suprised at the cooking and said it was good, while Mana's grandfather said that it would be better, if he made it, everyone then laughed at jokes, while Regina was seeing them, then she became happy. From dinner, then Regina went to Mana's bedroom, and was there with Mana. Still worried, Mana told Regina that they would do anything for her, and not to worry. Then they went to sleep, Mana got shocked at seeing Regina to be in the same bed, but both of them went to sleep. Meanwhile, in the same time, the Selfish Trio were looking for Regina.

The next day everyone was prepared to go to the beach, with a van. While going, everyone was suprised of the blue sky, and the blue ocean. They had arrived and everyone was about to play. They played with water, they builded sand castles, and then they were drinking tea, made by Alice. Everyone was happy, and then they were going to do a photo, but then Mana fell ruining the photo, however, for her father it was good. Then suddenly, the Selfish Trio arrived, this made Regina unhappy.

Ira came and was about to take Regina, but Mana's father was on his way, and he punched him. Seeing this the girls transformed. They started fighting. But this time, the Trio was harder than they thought. Ira and Marmo grouped and hitted them, while Bel appeared suddenly and then used janergy. While fighting, Regina was holding on to her heart, as she was afraid of it. Then, suddenly the Selfish King came, shocking the Cures, than he got Regina and was talking to her.

While Selfish King was talking, to her, but Regina rejected him while talking for the Cures. Then the Selfish King, made dark thunder and this made Regina's heart turn black, while and for a little before she got bad again, Regina thought of Mana, then soon her memory started disappearing, and then with her eyes red, she said that her rivals were the Cures. Once landing to Earth, Regina than started joking, and then she attacked. Cure Heart started calling her name, if she would be good again, but this time, Regina could not listen. Then suddenly the Cures, were performing, Lovely Force Arrow, but Cure Heart could not do it, because of Regina.

Then suddenly seeing this, Regina was about to kill the Cures, with a large dark sphere, but then from another place, another power broke Regina's attack. Than roses, started to come over then showed a new person, who introduced herself as Cure Ace. The news made all the people shocked, and so is Regina.

23 (460)- "Ai o Torimodose! Purikyua Itsutsu no Chikai!" ("Take Back the Love! The Five Vows of PreCure!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 23

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 23

Airdate: July 7, 2013

The episode begins with Regina who got angry at Cure Ace. She started to attack Ace, but Ace dodged her. Then Cure Ace performed Ace Shot, on her, this made Regina then fall down as she was badly hurt. Mana saw it, and started coming over at Regina but Bel took her. Regina saw Mana, and then got angry at her, and started shouting that it was their fault. Mana started to cry about Regina, then Cure Ace came at her, and took her Lovead, and told her that she would give it back, once she had learned how to behave herself, and should not cry about these things.

Meanwhile, at the Former Trump Kingdom, the Selfish King, was healing Regina, and then he called out his two other members, Gula, and Leva. The Selfish King told them to attack the Cures, they left, and this made Bel got crazy. Then at the town, Mana's family were packing things up, and needed help. Rikka, and Makoto then started helping. While Mana, was alone in her room, as she was sad about Regina. Sharuru then came at her and wanted to give her a cake, but she still was sad. Suddenly, Mana's mother arrived, with Ai-chan. She told her to take care of her for a while, Mana then smiled, and used a Instrument Lovead.

Then they, started walking around and saw how people were happy for this festival. While walking, Mana thought she saw Regina walking around the festival, then Mana started to chase her. Mana found that Regina wasn't there, but there was a mysterious girl and she told Mana to be careful of things which were going on and that Mana should watch out for people around her. Meanwhile at Makoto was busy signing autographs and she then stopped two boys then started to get sad, and think about why they didn't they get Makoto's signature. Suddenly, Leva and Gula showed up and summoned two Jikochuus.

Makoto, Rikka, and Alice transformed into Cures. They started fighting but, they were too strong. Leva used his hat as a cutter, and the Cures could dodge it, but Gula wanted to eat the Cures. Without Mana as Cure Heart, the rest of the Cures got defeated easily. Then Mana heard their friends' shouting, and then went to their aid even though she couldn't transform. She used an umbrella to stop the ink spray and seeing this the mysterious girl gave Mana her Lovead back. Mana transformed, and then the mysterious girl transformed into Cure Ace. Cure Ace, and Heart paired up, and started fighting.

While fighting more, Cure Ace performed Ace Shot, and Cure Heart performed Heart Shoot. Then suddenly, the two Jikochuus got purified. Cure Ace then left as she said goodbye and said that they have along way to go before they are up her level. This surprised the Cures.

24 (461)- "Shōgeki! Makopī Aidoru Intai Sengen!" ("Shock! MakoP Declares Her Idol Retirement!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 24

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 24

Airdate: July 14, 2013

The episode begins with Makoto performing, "〜SONGBIRD〜" in the concert then as she goes to the back stage, Makoto is wondering if, she should or not, continue performing and singing in concerts. The next day, Mana and the others rest at "The Pig's Tail". Mana, and the others have a discussion about Cure Ace, and who is she. Then suddenly, the mysterious schoolgirl appears, she introduces herself as Madoka Aguri. Makoto, seeing this becomes surprised.

Alice then orders Sebastian, to serve her a cake as a welcome sign, and then Aguri starts eating. Aguri, then gets shocked, and then tells her feelings towards the cake, she suddenly hugs Mana incidentally, and everyone gets annoyed. Then, as they were resting, Aguri then told Makoto about her idol career, that she was not professional at singing, Makoto hearing this, then became disappointed. Dabyi tried to tell Aguri that she was not wrong, but Aguri left.

The next day in school, Mana, made a mask with Princess Marie Ange's face, however, Makoto left. Then, Alice made a band, so Makoto could sing, but that embarresed her, and Makoto again left. Makoto then started running. Mana was with Ai, however, she started crying, which made Mana, sad, Mana then started singing, however Ai kept crying, Makoto came and told Mana that she was avoiding her concert.

Meanwhile, at the GoGo! Bar, the Trio was annoyed by Gula, and Leva's arrival, then the Trio left. Leva, then saw in his TV, as it was Makoto performing. Makoto, then was alone, and was thinking. While, a reporter wished if she could enter, and get an interview with Makoto, then suddenly Leva came and he summoned a Jikochuu. Mana, Rikka, and Alice heard it and came there. Leva then was saying in the middle of the concert to say things he said, however, no person was doing that, and Leva then told the Jikochuu to made bad music.

Mana, and the girls, seeing this, then transformed. Makoto then hurried at the place, however Ai jumped, at her. The Cures got captured and could not move. Makoto then saw a new Lovead, which Ai had made, and then suddenly it produced a mirror. In that mirror, Princess Marie Ange, could be seen. Makoto then heard Marie Ange, and then she asked her about her idol career, if she had to quit, or not. Marie Ange, explanied her, not to quit, since she was the best singer, of Trump Kingdom.

Makoto then transformed to save her friends. Suddenly, Cure Sword appeared, as then Aguri followed her. Aguri then came at her, and said to fight together. Cure Ace and Cure Sword, easily managed to bring the Jikochuu down, and then Cure Ace, did Ace Shot, as she used purple lipstick, then Cure Sword blowed with the final attack, Sparkle Sword, then the Jikochuu got purified. Everything got back to normal, as Makoto then chose to continue her career, then she started the concert.

25 (462)- "Karei na Henshin! Nyū Hiroin Tōjō!?" ("Brilliant Transformation! Appearance of A New Heroine!?")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 25

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 25

Airdate: July 21, 2013

The episode begins with the Cures fighting a Jikochuu, in an airport. The Jikochuu fired flames, and then suddenly, Cure Rosetta, performed, Rosetta Reflection. The Jikochuu fired more fire at her, and the barrier broke, and suddenly, Cure Ace finished it off, with Ace Shot. Outside, Cure Rosetta apologized for the barrier braking, the Cures forgave her, however, Cure Ace instead told her to train more, so she could not be disappointed anymore, this made Rosetta sad.

Alice, then was worring about her powers, then Sebastian came, as he served her a tea. Alice explained about her powers, and how weak she was, out of the team. Then, Alice went into a karate room, and had weared karategi. Alice then started fighting off, with fake monsters similar to Jikochuus, however one of the fake monsters knocked her out. While in the door, Sebastian was crying. Then, Sebastian went into a room, and there opened a suitcase, containing a Commune similar to a Lovely Commune, and had a clover in it. Sebastian, then transformed into a superhero, by calling out the phase, "Pretty Cure, Love Link".

The superhero, had powers, and an attack called, "Sebastian Attack" as he hitted the ground, and had super speed. Meanwhile, Marmo, and Ira were resting outside, and enjoying the weather, and Marmo suddenly left. She went to a forrest, while Sebastian was training. Marmo started walking, however she fell, causing her luggage to mix, with Sebastian's. There, Sebastian went away. Home, Sebastian opened the luggage, and got shocked at seeing make up tools, while Marmo used the Commune, as she saw herself as a heroine.

Sebastian went again in the place, in hope of finding the luggage, however he saw nothing. Meanwhile, in a market, a Jikochuu was shown with Gula, the Jikochuu was easy on them, suddenly the Jikochuu then started to grow, and was attacking them, until, a mysterious heroine showed up, calling herself, "Cutie Madame". Sebastian noticed it, and started panicking. Cutie Madame, then performed an attack with her fan by blowing wind, as for the final attack, the Cures performed, Lovely Force Arrow. The next day, the girls saw that Cutie Madame had appeared in news. The girls then knew it was Marmo, who was Cutie Madame.

While, Sebastian was chasing Cutie Madame, to get his commune. As Cutie Madame was getting out of a store, Sebastian, dressed up as a knight, then told her to give back the commune, however she did not listen, and shooted a fire beam at him. After his failure, Sebastian was alone in a room. Alice then appeared. Sebastian then told everything about the Commune, and why he had builded it, and he said that it was because he wanted to help her. Alice, then told him that even if she wasn't strong she knew that Sebastian would be by her side, this made Sebastian happy.

The next day, in an amusement park, where a play was going on, Cutie Madame appeared as she defeated a fake monster, this caused everyone in panic. Alice, then appeared and told Cutie Madame to do a duel, she accepted. Alice, then transformed into Cure Rosetta. They began fighting, however Rosetta had difficulties, since Cutie Madame used her fan many times. Suddenly, Cure Heart, Diamond, and Sword appeared, and was helping her. Aguri then also appeared too, and transformed. Cure Ace, and Rosetta paired up, and combined their attacks to defeat Cutie Madame.

Cure Ace, performed, Ace Shot in yellow color, which made Cutie Madame trapped. Then, Cure Rosetta was trying to attack, however, Cutie Madame's hands were still useful, and used them by doing a fire beam, however, Cure Rosetta performed, Rosetta Reflection, which then also purified Cutie Madame, and turned her into Marmo again. This made, Sebastian proud, and cried. Cure Ace then appoligized to Rosetta, and made her feel better. Home, Alice then Sebastian proud.

26 (463)- "Hontō no Kimochi wa? Rikka Matamata Nayamu!" ("What are My True Feelings? Rikka Worries Once Again!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 26

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 26

Airdate: July 28, 2013

The episode begins with everyone in school, as they are talking for dream jobs, suddenly, Rikka gets worried, what will she become when she grows up. The next day, the girls were resting together, and Aguri left after finishing her food, then it became noon, as Rikka, and Mana were together, and were talking about Cure Ace, while Rikka was worried. Meanwhile, Leva, and Gula were joking with Ira, and were playing with him, Ira got mad at them and left. Midnight, Ira was traveling and was shouting, suddenly a thunder hit Ira, making him fall in the water.

While, Rikka was alone in the home, and called her parents, and told them to come fast from their trip. The next day, Rikka, and Raquel went in the beach, and were having fun. Suddenly, while standing in a cliff, Rikka saw Ira, as he was unconscious, and was in the sea. Rikka came up to him, and helped him, as she took him to a tree. She took care of him, and helped him calm. When, Ira woke up, he then saw Rikka, and told who was she. From this, Rikka then knew that Ira had amnesia. Seeing him in this condition, Rikka decided to take him in her house.

In Rikka's home, Rikka cooked food for Ira, while serving it, she then fell making her and Ira fall down. Rikka then asked if he was okay, and Ira said yes, Raquel then told them to get up, making them annoyed. While eating, Ira struggled to eat, as his arm hurt. Rikka seeing this, began to feed him. Raquel became jealous, and went away, as she told Sharuru, and Lance. Then, while feeding Ira, Sharuru, Lance, along with Raquel came as they were shocked. Ira, and Rikka then laughed.

Rikka, then told her friends about Ira, suddenly Aguri came and saw Ira, she transformed and was about to fight Ira. Rikka got in his way, and was protecting him, while dealing with Cure Ace. Suddenly, Gula arrived. Cure Ace then disappeared leaving this to Rikka. Gula then attacked, making Rikka protect Ira, suddenly as Ira fell he hit his head, making him remember some things. Then After this, all the girls transformed. Ira seeing the Cures, then got more memories. Gula attacked the Cures, and hurt them badly, Ira seeing this then got in Gula's way.

Gula saw Ira, and then attacked even if Ira was in his way. Ira saw it, and then stopped the attack by using his arms. Suddenly, Gula became angry, and again attacked the Cures. With the help of Ira, the Cures got saved. Ira, then disappeared. Cure Diamond gained more powers, and grouped with Cure Ace. Cure Ace performed, Ace Shot, in blue color, making Gula trapped inside a bubble, and for the finish Cure Diamond, performed, Diamond Shower, which defeated Gula, however he got away.

Back home, Rikka saw that her parents had arrived and she had a party with them. While, Ira was alone, and took off the bandages, as he had recovered.

27 (464)- "Barechatta!? Kyua Ēsu no Jakuten!" ("Discovered?! Cure Ace's Weakness!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 27

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 27

Airdate: August 4, 2013

The episode starts with Gula, who has summoned a bicycle Jikochuu, who is attacking the Cures. The Cures struggle to fight, as Cure Ace is not helping them. Then, she looks at the clock. Cure Ace tells them to fight by themselves not with her help with Aguri's voice. The Cures accept, and start fighting. Cure Sword, performs, Sparkle Sword, and then for the finish, Cure Heart purifies it with, Heart Shoot. Gula suddenly leaves, while the Cures cheer. Then, suddenly from far away, it shows Aguri, leaving by herself.

The next day, the girls were delivering. They stopped and were going to give it to an old lady, suddenly Aguri came, making the girls suprised and say, "Cure Ace" loud. Aguri, then said to call her Aguri, instead of Cure Ace. Then, an old woman came, Aguri said that she was her grandmother. Aguri, then left with Mana, and the others, and sudenly Aguri told her friends, to go in a tea ceremony together. Meanwhile, Leva, and Gula were alone at the bar, and were thinking of what to do. The girls then showed up, wearing kimonos.

In the ceremony, the girls sat down, while Aguri was making tea. Then after drinking the tea, Aguri started explaining about her alter ago, Cure Ace. The girls asked Aguri questions, and that is why did not she help them when needed, as Aguri told them she wanted them to do the work, not with her help. While, a boy, who was working, then got the target of Leva, and Gula, who then summoned a Barbeque Jikochuu. The girls saw this, and transformed into Cures.

The Cures started fighting, and were dodging the meat which was sent by the Jikochuu. Cure Ace started attacking by doing, Yellow Ace Shot, and trapped the Jikochuu, however the Jikochuu broke it, and strated attacking more. While, Gula came to Aguri's grandma, to eat something, Cure Ace seeing this tried to defeat Gula, however suddenly her brooch started shinging, as she de-transformed, and fell down. Then as Gula was going to attack, and the Jikochuu too, the Cures arrived, as they all gained more powers, they performed, Lovely Force Arrow, which purified the Jikochuu. Suddenly, the Cures found out that Aguri in Cure Ace's form, had just some several minutes to stay as Cure Ace. After everything was normal, then the girls celebrated, as they all laughed.

28 (465)- "Mune ga Dokidoki! Aguri no Natsuyasumi!" ("My Heart's Pounding! Aguri's Summer Vacation!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 28

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 28

Airdate: August 11, 2013

While the girls are running, Mana and the others spot a mysterious girl watching them. Suddenly, they stopped and then talked a while, until Aguri then fell, and was unconscious. Suddenly, the mysterious girl called Aguri's name, and the girls got stunned at her. Rikka, then got some towels, and wetted, and putted it on Aguri's forehead. Suddenly, the girls started talking to each other, and the mysteriour girl introduced herself as Eru. Eru told them about Aguri, who she had in class, and told them that she was bossy, and always protected people, around her school.

Suddenly, Aguri woke up, and started talking to them. Eru then left, as Aguri was anxious, however, the others told her, that friendship was one of the best things in life. Meanwhile, Leva, and Gula were angry at Ace, and about her arrival, and strated making plans. In the night, the girls weared kimonos, as they all came to the festival. There, they met with Eru, and then they saw Aguri. They started talking, as Aguri got shy. Then, they went to catch goldfish, however they ended up failing. Suddenly, they went to win toys, the girls did not won, however Aguri won, by using her "Ace Shot" technique, and won a Lovead, who she gave it to Eru.

After finishing playing the girls sat down, and started eating, as they started playing with each other. While, a boy got a target Leva, and Gula, they made a Jikochuu. Suddenly the girls transformed, with Aguri not present, as she was with Eru. Suddenly, Leva, and Gula started attacking as they saw Cure Ace was not there. The Jikochuu attacked Aguri, as she saved her friend. Suddenly Eru came and tried to save her, as Aguri began crying as she heard her Eru's words.

While, Aguri was with Eru, the Jikochuu trapped Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, and Sword. Suddenly, Aguri left her friend, and transformed. Suddenly, Ace arrived, as Leva, strated holding a timer, and the Jikochuu trapped Ace, seeing how they treated her, then Ace attacked, and saved the girls. For the final blow, Ace performed Ace Shot, and purified the Jikochuu. Suddenly, Aguri turned into her true self, and went to Eru, then they all went together and enjoyed, the fireworks.

29 (466)- "Mana no Tame ni! Sharuru Dai Henshin!" ("For Mana's Sake! Sharuru's Big Transformation!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 29

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 29

Airdate: August 18, 2013

In student council office, Mana and Juujou were working to prepare for Cultural Festival. Sharuru was worried at her, that she could be tired. Then, Sharuru started to help her by trying to clip the documents. However, with her weak and small body, Sharuru got sad, and was thinking of a way to help. In Joe's Antique Shop, Sharuru had a conversation with Dabyi to turn her human. Dabyi told them if she was going to be human, she could not transform into a Commune, or fly. Suddenly, Lance, and Raquel joined to turn humans, Dabyi told them that they had to think of somthing, before turning a human. They all thought of something, however they turned into different things, Dabyi then turned them to mascots again, and then suddenly Sharuru, Lance, and Raquel turned into human, making them happy.

Meanwhile the girls were hanging out, and suddenly, as soon as Sharuru, Lance, and Raquel came in as humans, the girls got shocked. Sharuru, and Mana met, as they were both happy. While, Raquel met Rikka, and Lance met Alice. In the night, Sharuru finished all the papers Mana had to handle, while Raquel started helping Rikka clean-up. Lance, then sung lulabies to Alice. The next day, as Mana was about to do her paperworks, Sharuru turned human. When Juujou came to the student council office and questioned who Sharuru is, Mana just answered that she's her "assistant". Then Juujou ordered Sharuru to assist him, and she followed his orders well. Juujou was amazed by Sharuru's works and complimented her by saying that she and Mana are "like sisters".

Soon after, a teacher arrived and asked Mana to deliver an important document to neighboring school. As Juujou reminded her that she had to help Volley club, Sharuru offered to replace her. She started running, and while running, she saw an old woman struggling on climbing the stairs along with a luggage, seeing this Sharuru took her luggage, and made it easier. Then, a boy dropped a ball, and was heading to the road which a car was, Sharuru quickly saved him, by carrying him, off the street, his mother was worried, and thanked Sharuru. Suddenly, Sharuru relized that her paper was in the car, and chased it. Meanwhile, in school, a girl got a target of Leva, and Gula, who summoned a Jikochuu. The girls were present at the time, and transformed, however Mana could not, as Sharuru was not there.

The Cures then covered for Cure Heart, and soon Ace came in, and performed Ace Shot to the Jikochuu, but had no effect. Ace's brooch started shining, meaning she had a little time to stay in that form. While, Mana found Sharuru, they talked about it, as Sharuru was sad about the news, as she had to turn into a Commune, however Mana told her that, she was still useful even in her mascot form. Suddenly, Mana transformed, and quickly arrived to the Jikochuu. Cure Heart joined, and performed Lovely Force Arrow, and in the same time, Cure Ace performed, Ace Shot, resulting to the Jikochuu to purify.

In the end, the people who had been helped by Sharuru, came and asked for her, Mana, and the others told her that she was another place, and Mana said she was going to deliver this news to Sharuru. As they left, Mana told Sharuru that she is happy to have her, and reminded her of Juujou's words that they're "like sisters". Sharuru was overjoyed to hear Mana's words and started crying. Aguri then suddenly told them, that they had to be prepaired for a test, making the girls suprised.

30 (467)- "Saigo no Shiren! Densetsu no Purikyua!" ("The Final Trial! The Legendary Precure!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 30

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 30

Airdate: September 1, 2013

The girls are on Alice's airplane. While in the airplane, Aguri started explaining about three Pretty Cures, who had defeated evil, ten thousand years ago, by using three magical items, Miracle Dragon Grave, Magical Lovely Pad, and Eternal Golden Crown. While explaining, Makoto had mixed feelings, if she failed the test, than evil could destroy the world, meanwhile Sebastian was dealing with a big dragon aside the airplane, and they all decided to land on a nearby island, instead of dealing with the dragon.

On the island, the girls meet up with a mysterious looking turtle, called Melan, Melan told them that he had an item called Magical Lovely Pad. Suddenly the girls start asking Melan if he could give it up to them, however, Melan transformed into the dragon the girls saw before, and the girls started running away, then transformed. However, the dragon was stronger then them, and dodged Lovely Force Arrow, along with Ace Shot, by airing a fireball at them, making a big explosion.

The girls lost to the dragon, and their hair was messed up. As it was starting to get dark, the girls decided to camp, and started talking to Melan. While eating curry, the girls found out that the Magical Lovely Pad was hidden inside the mountain, now with more powers, the girls transformed again, and started batteling dragon Melan again. The girls grouped to defeat it together, even if they were not strong enough. Together, to protect each other, the girls performed Lovely Force Reflection, after defending each other, Cure Rosetta managed to also attack the dragon with that attack.

Cure Heart, who now had regained her powers back, then started attacking, much to having another power up. Cure Heart was about to finish Melan, however she suddenly paused resulting on her to de-transform. Now, seeing this Melan then thought of the Magical Lovely Pad. In the end, Mana woke up on the beach, along with her friends, and wondered until, the girls showed up with the Pad. Melan explanied to Mana, that she gave it to them, because of finding hope, and spirit inside her. The girls left with Alice's helicopter, and said goodbye to Melan.

31 (468)- "Ōgai-chō Dai Pinchi! Tanjō! Raburī Paddo" ("Oogai Town is in a Big Pinch! The Lovely Pad is Born!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 31

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 31

Airdate: September 8, 2013

The episode starts with Bel, who was eating a lollipop, joking with Leva and Gula because of their failures. Much to their annoyance, they claimed that they had another plan, which could work. Suddenly, in the town, some mysterious balls started coming, and then the balls were absorbed in the people's bodies, putting them to sleep. Meanwhile, Mana, and the others were doing experiments with their Pad, however it did not work, even if with Ai's power. With Mana becoming hungry and tired of the experiments, she invited her friends to go to her place, and eat.

In the restaurant, Mana and Rikka saw their mothers and with surprise Aguri saw her grandmother about to go to the restaurant. Inside, the people were watching the news about the mysterious balls. All of a sudden, Mana and the others were in a panic, as soon as they saw that their parents and family members were sleeping. Then, suddenly the girls warned Mana as the ball was coming towards her, but her Lovead protected her from becoming infected. Then the TV screen became distorted and Leva and Gula appeared, explaining their plans. They said that in the main bulding in the town, a Selfish tree was made, which made the balls that could put people to sleep, and as time passed, the peoples' hearts will completely blacken and turn them into Jikochuus, bringing about destruction to their world.

The girls arrived and they, with the exception of Aguri because of her time limit, transformed. Leva and Gula fused together to fight them. The girls started to fight, and used Lovely Force Arrow, but it was ineffective. The tree sent a powerful beam, however Cure Ace arrived on time and performed Ace Shot, however the beam was too powerful and the Cures were struck hard. After their defeat, the girls saw the fused Leva and Gula with the Pad, and watched helplessly as it broke the Pad.

With the broken Pad, the girls lost hope, and Cure Heart cried, finally understanding what it's like to have her home in ruins, while Leva and Gula taunt her. The hearts of the citizens completely blacken. However, Cure Heart brought herself to her senses and gathered the pieces. With hope left in her heart, Cure Heart said she would do everything to save the people of the town, suddenly Heart touched her heart with her hands, and cried out her wish. With the girls seeing this, the girls then gathered, saying they will never give up. With that, the Pad started shining, as the pieces of the Pad turned into individual Magical Lovely Pads. The Cures' strength is restored and Aguri transformed into Cure Ace once more. With their newfound weapons, they performed Lovely Straight Flush, which defeated the tree, Leva and Gula, thus breaking the curse placed over the town.

Everything returned to normal and Mana, along with the other Cures and their family members, had lunch. Meanwhile, Leva and Gula were on a hard position, as Bel drained their remaining energy into his lollipop and killing them. As they faded away, Bel put the lollipop back into his mouth and smiled.

32 (469)- "Mana Taoreru! Arashi no Bunkasai" ("Mana Collapses! A Stormy Culture Festival")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 32

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 32

Airdate: September 15, 2013

The school is preparing for the Cultural festival. As Mana motivated the others to make the festival successful, Nikaidou got annoyed and hoped that she wouldn't get exhausted. Soon after, Mana fainted due to exhaustion, making everyone surprised. She had a fever but insisted in going to the festival tomorrow. However Rikka ordered her not to do so. She later mentioned about Mana being the "Happy Prince" again which got Aguri curious. She went to borrow the Happy Prince book from the library and learnt more about the story. Meanwhile, Bel gave Ira and Marmo two Blood Rings which are supposed to enhance their powers. He even proclaimed that he is the leader of the trio. The other two generals were not happy and tried to revolt but instead got a electric shock from the rings. Bel then ordered them to go and create more havoc for Selfish King.

The next day, the girls minus Mana walked around the school festival. But Mana also arrived and Aguri immediately dragged her to the sick bay claiming she does not want her to be like the Happy Prince and asked Alice to keep an eye on her. Aguri instead volunteered to oversee the festival as Mana rested. Aguri started reprimanding the various club for their reliance on Mana and ordered them to solve the problems themselves. She went back to complain to Mana about how incompetent the clubs were. But Mana replied that it might be true that the clubs might be taking advantage of her however one might not have the abilities to solve a problem but if people will to help one another, they will feel good about themselves.

Just then, some students accidentally damaged the wood display for the campfire. At first, everyone was worried that they couldn't held campfire dance now that the campfire got damaged. Some students even went to see Mana to inform this. But then, Nikaidou asked Momota to help him lift a woodblock. When Rikka asked him why he did so, Nikaidou answered that they need to live up Mana's words to make the festival successful. Nikaidou's words motivated other students to reassemble the campfire.

After Mana took enough rest, she, along with Alice and Aguri, went to the school yard. The scenery of everyone working together to reassemble the campfire made Aguri speechless. Some student came to their place and apologized to Aguri. Meanwhile, a student got rowdy in a cafe and was corrupted by Ira into a Jikochuu. Mana and the others quickly transformed and began battling it in front of everyone. After a few attacks were launched onto the Jikochuu Ira showed himself to the Cures at the sight of Ira being an enemy again causes Rikka to get upset and ask him why he is doing this but he replys by saying that he has to orders the Jikochuu to attack but the Jikochuu is more stronger due to Ira's Blood Ring and quickly overpowered the girls.

Cure Heart got nauseous. Instead, Cure Ace went to battle the Jikochuu alone as the others tried to revive Cure Heart. Cure Ace then used her new attack Ace Mirror Flash to blind the Jikochuu as Cure Heart recovered. They finally used Lovely Straight Flush to deal the final blow at the Jikochuu and Ira retreated.

During the campfire dance, Aguri deduced that the Happy Prince's kindness might have an influence to the town people to lead a better life. Mana offered Aguri to dance with her and they too joined in.

33 (470)- "Arisu Papa Tōjō! Yotsuba-ka Otomarikai!" ("Alice's Father Appears! Yotsuba Family Stay Meeting!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 33

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 33

Airdate: September 22, 2013

The girls have a sleepover at Alice's mansion and Mana suggested some girls' talk. Alice was supposed to start the ball rolling but they heard a helicopter approaching the mansion. They realized that it was Alice's father, Seiji who has returned from an overseas trip. She introduced Makoto and Aguri to her father and commented they will make a nice idol duo. When the girls returned to their room, Alice explained her dream in helping the family business; She wants to fill the whole world with smiles.

Alice was inspired by Mana and she told the story of how she met her and Rikka. When they were six years old, Alice was physically weak. She nearly tripped after chasing a butterfly but was saved by Mana. Mana has earlier climbed into the mansion and was reprimanded by Rikka. However Mana invited Alice to join them and soon they were doing things together and became friends. After building a make shift shelter claiming to be their "secret base", Alice had a fever after being caught in the rain. Seiji got worried and decided to take her overseas for good. Mana and Rikka received the news from Sebastian and climbed into her room. Mana locked the room, preventing Seiji from entering. Sebastian also disobey his master's orders and take on Seiji's bodyguards.

Using a tablet, Rikka found the hidden doors and traps of the mansion. The three girls evaded capture and managed to run out of the mansion. Seiji tried to catch them and realizedd Alice is more physically active now. The girls were cornered at last and Alice finally told Seiji she wants to stay with her friends. He realized Alice has matured a bit and allowed her to stay. When Alice wants to continue, Marmo has corrupted the helicopter pilot into a Jikochuu. It went out of control and Seiji is trapped in the helicopter.

The girls transformed with Cure Rosetta rescuing her father while the rest battled Marmo and the Jikochuu. Cure Rosetta caught hold of Seiji and the pilot and left them to Sebastian's care. Seiji woke up and wondered who Cure Rosetta could be. Cure Rosetta joined in the fight and using Rosetta Reflection as twin blades, she overwhelmed the Jikochuu and used her new attack Rosetta Balloon to beat the Jikochuu. The girls then used Lovely Straight Flush to finish of the Jikochuu. After Marmo retreated, Seiji was ready to leave but he told Alice to tell that "girl" not to do dangerous acts. She wondered who could it be and he replied it is for Cure Rosetta...

34 (471)- "Mama wa Chō Taihen! Fukigen Ai-chan!" ("Being a Mama is Super Tough! Unhappy Ai-chan!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 34

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 34

Airdate: September 29, 2013

All the Cures are seen fighting Marmo and Ira however out of a sudden Ai shouts, and cries, this causes the Cures to worry, while Marmo, and Ira leave. Back home, the girls were trying to take care of her, and tried to make Ai happy. Though it did not work, the girls then saw Dabyi checking her health, as she was acting as a doctor. Rikka tried and used a Lovead to make a toy so Ai could sleep, and stop crying however, Ai still cried.

After many tries on making Ai to calm down, Rikka came to a good idea, as her mother could give her tips to stop Ai to cry. The girls rushed at their mothers, and Rikka asked her mother how to calm down a baby. She answered how she took care of Rikka, when she was a child. After her story, Ayumi, then started to talk about Mana as a baby. Both of the stories included how they were both energetic (especially Mana), and used to cry as much as Ai was now. Rikka's mother concluded that she held Rikka in her arms, and started to make her calm. In the same time, both mothers showed pictures of them as babies.

In the night, Rikka decided to join Mana on taking care of Ai in the night. In the night, Rikka carried Ai in her arms, the same as her mother used to do with her. Meanwhile, Marmo and Ira were having problems with Bel because of their failure. Ira then get into a plan, as if he used more Janergy, he could make Ai more sadder. The next day the girls take Ai into the park, however Rikka is tired, because of the night she spent. In the same time, Ira arrived and summoned a Jikochuu from the boy. This causes Ai to be afraid and become more sadder.

The girls suddenly transformed, however the Jikochuu started to attack the Cures violencly, as on the same time Ai was sad. In the end, Cure Diamond came near Ai, and suddenly understanded why Ai cried, out of a sudden, Ai stopped crying, and Diamond got better, and stronger causing on her to purify the Jikochuu, with her new attack, Diamond Swirkle and Lovely Straight Flush. In the end, Ira left. While the girls got suprised by Ai's sadness when being near Jikochuus. With this idea, the girls contract Marie Ange, with the magical mirror.

35 (472)- "Iya Iya Ai-chan! Hamigaki Daisakusen!" ("No No Ai-chan! The Big Toothbrushing Plan!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 35

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 35

Airdate: October 6, 2013

The episode begins with Makoto, and the others as they are looking at the Lovead Mirror, as they are talking to Marie Ange. As they were, Marie Ange mentioned how Ai could take off despair, and had the power of happiness. Marie Ange also mentioned how Ai's temper would change as the Cures got sad, or depressed. After they were finished, Rikka saw Ai as she woke up, and also teeth had appeared in her mouth. The next day the girls were taking care of Ai's teeth, and yet the girls found out that Makoto had problems with her teeth.

Later that day, Makoto made an appointment with a dentist, while she was with Mana, and the others. While her dentist was going to preceed by checking her teeth, Makoto suddenly got up, and left, this caused Mana to get shocked, and Ai to get sad. The girls later went in the park, and were discussing Makoto's fear towards dentists. As they did, Makoto then overcame it, and standed up, showing that she was going to do it. Meanwhile, Marmo targeted a boy, and later summoned a Jikochuu.

As this happened, Sharuru later sensed that something was wrong, and warned the girls. The girls later transformed as they saw the Jikochuu. The girls later paused, as soon as they saw Makoto did not transform, because of the toothache. Sensing it, Ai began crying. The Cures later started to fight without Makoto, however later got electroshocked by Marmo, causing them not to move. Makoto seeing this, and hearing Cure Ace's words, then transformed and fought the Jikochuu.

While fighting, Cure Sword then told Ai, and the Jikochuu that she would not give up, and later gathered power, causing Cure Sword to perform Sword Hurricane, which allowed her friends to be freed, and wounded the Jikochuu. All gathered, the Cures performed Lovely Straight Flush for the finale and the Jikochuu got purified. In the end, the girls later found a new Cure Lovead, to transform things into clothes.

36 (473)- "Rakeru Harikiru! Hatsukoi Pawā Zenkai!" ("Rakeru's in High Spirits! The Power of First Love, Full Throttle!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 36

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 36


Airdate: October 13, 2013

In school, Mana, and Rikka, were getting posters ready however did not have much time, as of this Raquel, and Sharuru transform, later Mana thanks Sharuru for helping out, while Rikka tells Raquel that it looked wierd for a elementary school student, to be on a middle school, making Raquel dissapointed. Later on, another student, called Yashima, walks in on the door on a rush, and tells that her bunny called, PonPon is missing. As she is describing PonPon, Raquel hides from her.

As everyone is searching for PonPon, along with Yashima, Raquel demands the news that he just found PonPon. With Yashima being happy, Yashima tells Raquel that he was her hero, as Raquel later thinks of her. In the morning, Raquel tells everyone that his heart has pumped faster than usual, suddenly Dabyi encouters the girls, and tells them that Raquel is in love, making everyone in suprise. Later on, Dabyi then tells them that fairies cannot love humans, and wants Yashima, and Raquel to break up.

Meanwhile, Raquel is helping out Yashima with the animals, his heart starts beating fast again, causing him to overreact. As Yashima was about to leave, Raquel grabs her hand, and tells her to spend and more minutes with her. As Yashima and Raquel go together, Bel, Marmo and Ira stand on a place as watching couples. Yashima and Raquel enjoy their riding on a duck boat, until Marmo targets a jealous girl and summons a Jikochuu.

The girls arrive on time, and transform along with Raquel to be on a commune. They later fight, and as Cure Diamond is about to finish, Raquel gets pumped up, and later attacks with Diamond bu his power, and causes the Jikochuu to wound. For the finish, the Cures perform Lovely Straight Flush and destroys the Jikochuu. As everything becomes normal, Raquel later is introduced to Harada, Yashima's boyfriend, and later says goodbye to both of them. Home, Raquel is sad, however with Rikka beside him, Raquel overcomes the sadness.

37 (474)- "Naose Suki Kirai! Ninjin tai Aguri!" ("Fix this Love Hate Relationship! Carrot vs. Aguri!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 37

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 37


Airdate: October 20, 2013

The girls were hanging out, and were eating. Mana, later then tried to feed Ai, with carrots, and the mixed juice she produced with the Magical Pad's power. As she started to feed her, the girls noticed that Ai did not like carrots, much of this shock, then Aguri tried to feed her, with her carrots. However, still not working, later the girls noticed that Aguri also did not like carrots. And the mascots, were making fun of her. Later seeing how Aguri was dodging the carrots, Ai also began to act like her, causing Makoto to tell Aguri to eat the carrots for Ai's sake.

Still with the carrots theory, Rikka then went at Alice's home, and was explaining the possitives for carrots. That they had lots of vitamins. Still learning, the girls suddenly got shocked by the presence of a big carrot cosplayer, and yet tried to convince Aguri to eat carrots, still saying this, Aguri then ran away from her ignoring her. After the incident, Aguri went at Pig's Tail, and started to eat cakes. While, Mana asked her grandfather asking the person on the photo, her grandfather said that, that person was the owner of a carrot land which supplied Pig's Tail with carrots, yet Mana figured an idea.

Meanwhile, on the GoGo! Jikochuu, Marmo then gave Bel a big bowl of vegatables, only if Pell could remove the ring off her, seeking this, Bel then demanded that he did not like carrots, and said that he would only remove the ring once she defeated Pretty Cure. The next day, Mana invited Aguri and the other along with her grandfather and Aguri's grandmother. There they met, Kadono Aki, the owner of the carrot farm. There the girls did hand-on stuff, and were farming, as having fun.

Later on, Ira appeared and targeted a boy who did not like carrots, but wanted a cake, later created a Jikochuu, out of candies, which caused Aguri's mouth to melt. The girls later transformed as they saw Aki running towards the Jikochuu to save the carrots. Still fighting, Cure Ace then got on a trap as she fell inside the house, where carrot monsters were freaking Cure Ace out. Still with Ai, the other Cures were trying to win Ace, and Ai back. Now, on a big trouble, Ace, then was reminded of Aki, and overcame her fear towards carrots, causing Ai to become happy. Now getting more energy Ace performed Ace Shot, and got out of the house. Later regrouped with the others, they finished it off with Lovely Straight Flush.

As everything became normal, Aguri, and the other were trying carrots, and later Aguri then accepted that they were delicious along with Ai, and smiled at Aki's good job. Meanwhile, in Trump Kingdom, Regina woke up from her slumber.

38 (475)- "Bēru no Takurami! Ai-chan Jikochū ni Naru!?" ("Beel's Scheme! Ai Becomes a Jikochu!?")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 38

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 38


Airdate: October 27, 2013

Believing they'll be able to increase their power if they turn Ai into a Jikochu, Beel and the others use finger puppets to encourage Ai to play around at night. This results in Ai rekindling some of her rebellious behavior the next day. This carries on for several days as the Jikochu Trio spoil Ai and be less well behaved. After Sharuru spots Ai coming home early in the morning, Mana receives a letter of challenge from Beel calling her and the others to an abandoned factory, where they find Ai completely tempted by the Jikochu, giving the Trio more power. As Mana tries to bring Ai back to her senses, they are both trapped under a collapsed chimney caused by Ai's cries. After Mana reminds her of all the times they've spend together, Ai manages to cleanse the darkness in her heart, giving Aguri a boost in her power, allowing her to beat Ira and Marmo. Beel takes their Blood Rings to power himself, but the Cures manage to overpower him, destroying the Blood Rings in the process. As the girls contemplate that they may be ready to face King Jikochu, Regina returns to take command of the Jikochu Trio.

39 (476)- "Ai ni Kita yo! Rejīna Futatabi!" ("I've Come to See You! Regina Returns!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 39

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 39


Airdate: November 10, 2013

The episode begins with Regina in her newly renovated room, receiving her previously ordered takoyaki from Bel. She bites into it and complains about having octopus (tako) inside. Regina talks about their failures. Bel objects by saying that the Dokidoki! Pretty Cure retrieved the Magical Lovely Pad to gain the strength. Regina then says that the trio should go take one of the other three sacred treasures, which Bel then thinks of the Miracle Dragon Glaive. Eventually, they agree to go take it.

Meanwhile, Mana and Makoto are play fighting because they have gotten stronger. They then talk about settling things with Selfish King, meeting Regina, and restoring the Trump Kingdom. Rikka asks how they'll do it. The mascots sugest a meeting. When inside the Lovead Shop, Joe appears saying that he came back because he found out how to release Princess Ange from the crystal. He says that the Miracle Dragon Glaive can pierce through anything, and so they should attempt to retrieve it and free the Princess. Joe explains that the sacred treasure is located under the palace. They six question how to get there. Joe says learned teleportation while looking after the Princess. The girls look suspicious.

After, they teleport to the Trump Kingdom. They decide to take the sewers to avoid being seen by the Jikochuu. Ai takes out the Magical Lovely Pad and produces a map of the sewers and how to get to the Glaive. Eventually, they arrive. Before trying to pull it out, they ask for Joe's true identity. They knew it was someone else and Bel is revealed. Bel calls for his Jikochuu, a octopus, which falls in from the ceiling.

The girls transform and Cure Ace holds off the Jikochuu. The rest try to pull out the Glaive, which they are unable to do so. Regina arrives later because she doesn't trust Bel. Cure Heart expresses her feelings to Regina, but is unable to take her back. Sooner or later, Regina attacks Cure Heart, who blocks all the attacks. While Cure Ace almost finishes the Jikochuu wih an Ace Shot, Regina inputs some of her Janergy into the Jikochuu, powering it up and releasing it from Cure Ace attack. Cure Heart tries to get her feelings to reach Regina once again, but she talks about how only her father cares about her. Her feeling activates the Miracle Dragon Glaive, and she is able to pull it out. The shiny yellow part becomes a grey and purple surface. Regina uses a giant Janergy beam at the five. Cure Rosetta uses her Rosetta Reflection, but is unable to hold it back for long.

Ai takes out the Magical Lovely Pad once again, and makes an image of Oogai town and they teleport back safely. Regina then says that they won't get away the next time.

40 (477)- "Todoketai Omoi! Makopī Shinkyoku Happyō!" ("Feelings I Want to Convey! MakoP's New Song Announced!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 40

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 40


Airdate: November 17, 2013

Since the defeat of Regina, from fighting the Pretty Cures, Regina and Bel, decide to fight the Cures differently, and this time to succeed. Meanwhile, the girls were thinking of a plan to retrieve Regina, along with the Spear, however Aguri was mad at Regina, not wanting to. Then, Mana came at her and told her that Regina is a different person, then Aguri was thinking about it again. After the sun came down, and became night, D.B drived Makoto home, while there, Makoto came up with an idea of creating a music to reach her feelings, after seeing what Regina truly was, as a good friend to them.

Meanwhile, in Trump Kingdom, Regina, and Ira, along with Marmo had been doing her bedroom, full of pink. The next day, on school, Makoto was getting scolded by Mr.Kido, who found her sleeping during class. The girls became worried because of it. Later on the girls found Makoto writing a song, which got the girls together to discuss it. After its disucussion, everyone desided to work on it, as Alice played the piano, while Mana was trying to help with singing, and the mascots kept playing over with plates. After she got the full song written, Makoto's producers decided to use the song on her concert, and the next CD.

Later that day, as Makoto was preparing for the concert, Regina then summoned a Jikochuu after a producer of Makoto, as of a sudden, Makoto transformed as the Jikochuu was causing trouble. Still fighting, Cure Sword then got trapped by Regina while carrying the Spear. However, afterwards, the other Cures arrived, and so did Ira, and Marmo. Each fighting together, Makoto de-transformed, and with the given Lovely Income, Makoto started singing her new song, Kokoro wo Komete, much to everyone's surprise. Regina's trap then was blown, and Makoto came walking towards Regina with no fear of the Jikochuu, while Mana and the others protected her.

After arriving towards Regina, Regina tried to strike her with the Spear, however Makoto stopped it, and then transformed as she placed her hand on Regina's face, about to turn her good again. However Regina stopped it and slapped Sword, causing her Lovely Income to drop. With this, Regina gathered extra power to kill her, however with the girls' hearts becoming one, they created a Lovead, and with this Lovead inserted on the Commune it produced Magical Lovely Harp.

The girls then used Harp's power, and all transformed into angels. Now with full power, Heart then gathered everyone to perform Royal Lovely Straight Flush, and with its power, it stopped Regina's attack, and purified the Jikochuu. After everything became normal, as the sun was setting. Makoto was in a state of unhappiness, until Aguri came up to her encouraging her to sing more, until she reached people's hearts.

41 (478)- "Arisu no Yume! Hana ga Tsunaida Tomodachi" ("Alice's Dream! The Flower that Connects Friends")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 41

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 41


Airdate: November 24, 2013

The episode begins with Alice watering the plants, while the girls were watching, Alice then told them that she was going to sell flowers for the market going arouns in Oogai Town. Later on, the girls started arranging the flowers to be ready to sell, until Reina appears, much to the shock of the girls, except Alice. Reina then introduced herself to Aguri, who never had seen, however the others were annoyed. Then, Reina showed her flower shop, which was more bigger, and had more flowers than Alice's shop, leaving the girls suprised.

After some hours, Reina's shop was having more costumers and Alice did not, until a man came over, and then was impressed by Alice's kindness, and flowers, then he bought one flower. After the success, Regina appeared on the sky, and found a person who was about to become a Jikochuu, and later turned him into one. Suddenly, Regina disappeared, and the flower shops had wilted flowers, and Reina became sad, until Alice came over and saw that one of the flowers was about to grow.

Later on, Reina, and Alice reunited to make more flowers, and then Alice told Reina how young they were, and Reina had teached her how to grow flowers. After making more flowers, Sebastian came over and with his tablet, he showed the girls what was making the flowers wilt: a tree Jikochuu on Earth's orbit, and was using a potion to wilt flowers. Then the girls left Reina, on the care of the flowers, while the Alice, and the others were going on the stratosphere.

After finding Regina, and the Jikochuu, Alice transformed on the air, and was fighting, however Regina used the glaive and pushed Cure Rosetta causing her to fall down, while she was a holding a flower for her hope for Regina to become good again. Still falling, then Cure Heart used her harp, and created wings on herself, and her friends. Soon enough, Reina had come with her ship, and told Cure Rosetta she knew who she was.

Now with powers, Cure Heart then tried to defeat the Jikochuu, however founded that the Jikochuu was bigger and was about to kill her until Rosetta showed up, and was protecting her with Rosetta Reflection, then Regina used her Glaive and was making Rosetta's barrier about to break, however Regina as she was paying attention to the flower growing, then was starting to become good, however soon left. Then the Cures easly defeated the Jikochuu with Royal Lovely Straight Flush. The flowers strarting growing and the girls went back to Earth.

Then, Reina, and Alice appoligized to each other for the rivalry, and sealed their friendship one more time, and both exchanged flowers, as then Alice promises to save everyone from evil.

42 (479)- "Minna de Shukuō! Hajimete no Tanjōbi!" ("Let's Celebrate! The First Birthday!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 42

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 42


Airdate: December 1, 2013

Aguri started dreaming of Princess Marie Ange fighting Selfish King. Which made her worried. The girls were chatting about their date of birth and Zodiac. Aguri said that she didn't know her birthday and Zodiac and she left, and Ayumi told Mana that Aguri was adopted by Mari because she didn't have family and that's why Mari took care of her. As the girls believe that Aguri doesn't know her birthday, Mana guess that they need to hold a birthday party without telling her, so they agreed.

Meanwhile, in Regina's room, she heard what Sword and Rosetta said which started to annoy her, then Ira told her to act cold, and Marmo ate Regina's parfait and made her angry and she attacked Marmo for stealing her parfait. Regina will deal with the Cures and ask Ira to help her out.

Aguri saw Makoto and Dabyi buying something and she went to ask them what they were buying but Makoto pretended to say that she got the wrong person and left. She saw Mana and Rikka buying flowers and she helped them buy but they said that they didn't need it. Later, she saw Alice and Sebastian chatting with Mari and Aguri tell them what the secret and Alice and Sebastian said that Mari wanted honey and quickly left which made Aguri think that they were suspicious.

Aguri again had the same dream and was comforted by her grandmother. Aguri tried to make dinner but Mari suggested that they should eat at Mana's house. Aguri decided to sneak to the restaurant to find out what they were hiding. It seems that they held a birthday party all along just to celebrate her birthday, but she had been discovered by Mari and entered the house and was surprised by everyone.

Later, Regina targets the man who wanted to eat at the restaurant and turned him into ant Jikochuu and petrified Ayumi, Kentaro and Sokichi. She and Ira appeared, Aguri brought her grandmother to safety while the Cures fight the Jikochuu. After escorting Mari to safety, Aguri transformed too. This made Regina furious and attacked Cure Ace, but was saved by Cure Heart. After Ace understood those feelings, they defeated the Jikochuu but Ira stopped them and was hit by Diamond's Diamond Swirkle before defeating the Jikochuu. Mari brought the police officer to Mana's house but Aguri told her that the Jikochuu is gone before they continued to celebrate her birthday.

43 (480)- "Taisetsu na Hito e! Aguri no Jugyō Sankan!" ("To My Most Important Person! Aguri's Class Visit!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 43

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 43


Airdate: December 8, 2013

While fighting the Jikochuu, Mari discovered Aguri identities and makes her shock. When she returned home, Mari tell her everything that day where they met. She found Aguri as a baby, when the Jikochuu almost harm them, the light at Aguri and grow to 10 years old and the mysterious voice asked her to look after Aguri.

After explaining the stories, she found that Aguri ran away and been spotted by the Cures and start crying. Aguri tells them that her grandmother know everything and Mana was called by Mari said tomorrow is Aguri's school visiting so Mana allowed Aguri to stay at home as pyjama party.

In the school, Aguri wish her luck and enter the class. Her teachers said the students must draw their family who is important to them, as Aguri become depressed, her grandmother arrived to comfort her and start drawing.

Later, Regina arrived and create a eraser Jikochuu to erase everything around the school and stopped by the Cures. Just as the Cures about to defeat the Jikochuu, Regina ordered the Jikochuu to erase all the drawing that the students drawn, Ace must take all the drawing and her drawing was erased, making her sad. Mari stands up for her and their body glowing, then they defeat Jikochuu together, making Regina take her leave. Aguri becoming happy that she can stay with grandmother and go back home.

44 (481)- "Jikochū no Wana! Mana no Inai Kurisumasu" ("The Jikochu's Trap! A Christmas Without Mana")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 44

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 44


Airdate: December 15, 2013

The episode starts with Regina who is doing a plan, on getting Mana away from her friends, so soon they could attack her friends, who Regina thinks they are easily beaten. Meanwhile, Mana, and the others are celebrating, which Mana is excited, and is still decorating the tree. Soon, two mysterious people arrive, who tell Mana, about a Student Council Speech Contest, however which takes place on Christmas. Mana declines, however Rikka tells her to do so, while she covers for Mana.

As the following days begin, Rikka, and the others without Mana struggle to finish all the stuff which Mana had to do, but still settled everything onto place. Meanwhile, Mana, and the mysterious students welcome Mana into the place to speak, however soon Mana sees that the room is filled with papers, and is looking a nightmare for her, soon, Regina and Bel appear on much of her shock, and soon Regina declares that it was all a trick, and soon Mana gets trapped on a cage, soon the mysterious students reveal themselves as Ira, and Marmo.

Meanwhile, Rikka, and the others are tired, and soon, a student gives Rikka a letter writtten by Mana, telling that she never gives up, soon Rikka also finds a sorry note from Mana to her, which makes her feel better, however missing Mana. While, Mana transforms into Cure Heart, but has nothing to do. Soon, Rikka, and the girls start to go out together without Mana being present, and have fun. In the same time, Regina finds a target of a Jikochuu, which she later summons and appears as a Christmas Tree. As of the panic, Rikka, and the other girls, without Mana transform to fight.

The girls start to fight fast, as Cure Diamond battles Regina on one-on-one, while the others fight the Jikochuu, and the enemies. While, Cure Heart tries to push her powers more to get out fast. Still fighting, Cure Diamond decides to rest, and starts to say her hope words which Mana had told her, then soon declares they cannot be defeated because they are connected, soon trying to reach her heart. While on Cure Heart's side, Joe appears and helps her get away.

Soon, Cure Heart appears much of a shock to Regina, and turns Regina red because she finds out that their friendship still exists. Regina fights back, and causes the girls to turn into angels, and perform Lovely Royal Straight Flush, which defeats the Jikochuu. Soon enough, Regina's eyes turn normal, however leaves as her father appears. The girls then find out that it is snowing, and soon Joe comes...

45 (482)- "Shukumei no Taiketsu! Ēsu tai Rejīna" ("The Destined Showdown! Ace vs. Regina")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 45

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 45


Airdate: December 22, 2013

The episode begins with Joe, and the girls who are questioning Joe where has he been while they where not in his store. Soon, he says that he had taken Marie Ange's body on a forrest, and soon he found out that Ai had gotten Marie Ange's powers. Soon, using the Lovead mirror, Marie Ange had told Joe to find the Eternal Golden Crown, in which Joe had given to the girls. Soon, Aguri then held the Crown, but caused her to faint after seeing numerous things happening to Trump Kingdom. Later on, Aguri then woke up on her home, with her grandmother by her side. There, Mari told her that she should not be afraid of anything, but is now ready to choose her own future. Soon, Aguri calls Joe, and Makoto to meet at the Shop.

At the shop, Aguri arrives in, and soon uses her powers to break the crystal in which Marie Ange is on, and yet shocked Joe, and Makoto. As everyone asks her why, Aguri says that it is to trick the enemies. Soon, Aguri then says to them that she wants to have a showdown with Regina, in which to settle everything, but tells them to keep it a secret for Mana, and the others because everything would get complicated. The next day, Mana, and the girls were waiting for Makoto, and Aguri, and soon get found by Eru who told the girls that Aguri came at her, and dropped a drawing of her. Soon, she tells them that Aguri told her that she was her best friend, and left. After this, Mana, and the girls try to find out where Aguri, and Makoto are.

Meanwhile, Aguri, Makoto, and Joe arrive at Regina's room, and Aguri demands a fight against Regina for the Crown. While, Mana, and the girls arrive at the Shop and see the broken crystals, and see an Ace card, later on, their Pads start to shine. Cure Ace, and Regina start dueling, and fight. As fighting, Regina asks why Ace's 5-limit time has not gone yet, and Ace says that with the Crown, she has her powers to last more longer. As the girls get to their maximum powers, Ace performs, Ace Shot, and Ace Mirror Flash while fighting, while Regina used her janergy causing both of them to fall on the ground, while Bel, and his Jikochuus attack Sword, and Joe, and capture them.

Cure Sword, captured, then shouts out "Mana", and then Mana transformed as Cure Heart comes along with Diamond, and Rosetta, and make the entrance, and the whole group then performs Lovely Straight Flush, and with their angel forms, the Cures defeat all the Jikochuus. As this happened, Cure Ace saw Regina on the ground, and about to take the chance to kill her, Heart comes in, and defends Regina. As about to settle, Ace tells everyone that she and Regina are Marie Ange's souls, as Ace is the light, while Regina is the darkness. Soon, Selfish King appears, as he is getting stronger, while the girls remain at Trump Kingdom...

46 (483)- "Ēsu to Rejīna! Tanjō no Shinjitsu!" ("Ace and Regina! The Truth Behind Their Birth!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 46

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 46


Airdate: January 5, 2014

The episode begins with Cure Ace telling all the Cures that she, along with Regina, are Princess Marie Ange's souls. Seeing this, everyone is shocked at it.DDPC45 Later on, Regina then begins laughing, and then tells Ace to use the Eternal Golden Crown to see all the past. As everyone touched it, all of them got electroshocked, and found themselves flying over the past Trump Kingdom.

There, the girls saw a King, who was holding a baby, who was revealed to be Marie Ange. Aguri explained that Marie Ange's mother had died while giving birth to her, and the King was in despair, however with the chance of Marie Ange, he thought she was a new hope. As the years passed Marie Ange grew up, as she fell in love with Jonathan. However, one day, Marie Ange fell ill, causing the King to go into despair all over again. However after getting an answer from one of his friends, the King went to the Eternal Golden Crown to get an answer.

But the only problem with the Crown was that it was left by the Legendary Cures, and was considered to be a treasure, and was used as to seal a dark energy. As he is about to do this, his heart turned black, and he broke the seal to get the Crown, as he could find the Cures to help Marie Ange. Soon, the next day, Marie Ange responsed, as the King was proud that she was okay, as about this, soon, the dark energy came around the room and corrupted him, as he fell into the water, leaving Marie Ange shocked and worried at the time.

As the King became the Selfish King, Marie Ange wanted to help him turn back to normal. However he ordered his five generals, and send them to get people to turn into Jikochuu. Seeing this, Marie Ange and Cure Sword escaped through the transporting mirrors, but soon Bel tricked them, which caused Marie Ange to separate from SwordDDPC07, as Bel caught Marie Ange. There, Bel half turned Marie Ange's heart black, as to complete the full heart, Ange then caught her heart, ( meanwhile bel is in the shock ) and broke it into two pieces, the dark side which was Regina, and the good side which was Aguri.

Soon, as Marie Ange did it, she turned onto an egg, which was later found by Joe at first, then Mana, which was Ai all over. Seeking that, if Aguri, and Regina fuse together and both create Marie Ange was the choice, Regina refused, however Mana said that there was also other ideas, still taking her own. Regina then left them, and joined her father as he went to Oogai Town. As the girls saw this, they all hurry, and transformed, while many citizens panic...

47 (484)- "Kyua Hāto no Ketsui! Mamoritai Yakusoku!" ("Cure Heart's Decision! The Promise I Want to Protect!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 47

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 47


Airdate: January 12, 2014

Everyone on Oogai Town watch as the Selfish King, and Regina arrive. Soon, Bel comes tells that he is taking the situations, and along with Marmo, and Ira. Soon, Cure Heart and the others in their angel form arrive to have a battle. Soon, Cure Ace starts it with Ace Shot, and Cure Sword with Sparkle Sword where they defeat half of the small Jikochuus. Then, Cure Diamond also begins, as each of them defeat the Jikochuus one by one. Meanwhile, many of the citizens watch on their TVs the fight, including Mana's parents, Rikka's, and Alice's. Still fighting, the Cures separate onto different positions, and as each Cure has a fight with their enemy.

While, Cure Heart tries to convince Regina that she is doing the wrong thing. Cure Heart then also shouts at the Selfish King, but soon gets hit along with Ace and as both Cures are going to get smashed, both gain energy to stop the attack. While, Bel tells the other Cures to give up as the same thing will happen to Oogai town, as everyone will become a Jikochuu. However, the citizens show their strong part, and say that they will use their hearts to help people to evacuate, as this is being said, many citizens and characters are shown helping many other people.

The Cures then gather up towards to defeat many Jikochuus, and soon Regina and Heart have a showdown, however Regina hits Heart causing her to be left unconscious, soon Regina comes and as she is trying to kill her, Heart responses that they will always be friends, and Regina then gives up and both girls hug each other, and explain their feelings towards each other. Seeking this, the Selfish King becomes furious, and unleashes dark power towards them, but Regina uses her Miracle Glaive, causing to make the true power of the Glaive. Soon, Regina takes Cure Heart's hand and tells her love towards Cure Heart, and Selfish King.

Soon, everyone gathers up, and Ace, Regina, and along with Heart promise to save Selfish King's heart, however the Selfish King responses with a big dark energy, meaning he is going to still try to kill them.

48 (485)- "Dokidoki Zenkai! Purikyua tai Kingu Jikochū!" ("Heart-Pounding Full Throttle! PreCure vs. King Jikochu!")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 48

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 48


Airdate: January 19, 2014

The episode starts with an angry Selfish King, who is about to destroy the Cures, soon he felt confused, Cure Heart says it is because of love, however it makes me even more angrier, as he is about to destroy a tower, Regina shouts out to stop him, he felt a power, but continued to do it. The Cures run away noticing it, and Heart tells them that there is also a final hope to save him.

Soon, the Cures use the Pad to see where his heart is, and then Cure Heart says that she is going inside to save him. Then, with strong confidence, Cure Heart says who she really is, and shouts out to everyone on town, causing her parents, and her friends to shock as they cannot believe Mana is Cure Heart. But Nikaidou, after remembering Cure Heart introducing herself during school festival, thinks that it makes sense. The thoughts makes him immediately cheers her from the school's window, with his other friends and the whole school follow soon after.

Meanwhile, Sebastian gets panicked because even Yotsuba Corporation's power can't cover the Cures' identities anymore. Alice's parents come, and Seiji asks him to let it be known, because they're currently doing their best to protect the world. Seiji then shouts out his encouragement, and causes more and more people to cheer up the Cures.

As the Cures go, the Cures get stopped by Bel, and more enemies, along with Jikochuus. Soon, the Cures get rid of the Jikochuus, and enemies by working together, and Cure Diamond is warned by Ira that it is danegerous, however Diamond escapes. In order to get onto him, Cure Rosetta creates a giant Lance by performing Rosetta Balloon, and with Selfish King bitting him, it creates a opening which lets the Cures go, while Rosetta lets them go without her.

Next, as they enter, the girls find themselves followed by Jikochuus, and Cure Diamond then stays behind as she performs Diamond Swirkle which some Jikochuus get purified. Soon, as the other Cures go on, they again get chased, however with Sword's help they get away, while she tries to purify them. Soon, the Cure Heart, Cure Ace, and Regina start fighting but find it hard. While Diamond lets the Jikochuus pass her as she is out of energy, however her and Raquel then gather energy, and Cure Diamond performes Diamond Blizzard, freezing herself, as well as the enemies around her.

While for Sword, she has a hard time getting Jikochuus, while for Rosetta she exposes her last power. For Cure Heart, she begins to fight more and all head for the corrupted heart, as Jikochuus get in the way, soon, with Cure Heart's words, the King awakes, and the Jikochuus try to get the King's heart to get worse, but Heart does not let it, and awakes her full powers which blocks all the Jikochuus, and Cure Ace, Ai, and Regina to head towards their father. But still a little Jikochuu still alive almost tries to kill her, but Sword arrives and destroys it, soon everything became full of hope as the King has gotten back to normal with Aguri, and Regina's help, along with Ai's. However, in the end, Sharuru still felt a dark energy and Bel appears as he swallows a piece of Jikochuu, and turns onto a full Jikochuu terrorizing everyone.

49 (486)- "Anata ni Todoke! Mai Suīto Hāto" ("Deliver It To You! My Sweet Heart")

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 49

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure - Episode 49


Airdate: January 26, 2014

After Bell ate the little piece of Jikochuu, Bell turns into a bigger one, similar to the last one. Soon, he threatens them, and unleashes his power, while the girls then say that they will defeat him, as they will not let him defeat their friends, and all transform. Everyone begins to fight, but Bell's powers are more strong, and throws buildings towards them. The Cures try to dodge them, but Bel acted fast. Soon, Cure Sword performs Holy Sword in which she cuts buildings, while Regina fights with them. Cure Diamond, along with Ace fight together, however Bel overcomes all of them, while the Cures have a hard time fighting. Later, all of them gather and perform Royal Lovely Straight Flush, but Bell is not purified. With his powers then he appears everywhere with his fast ability, and causes all the Cures to be defeated after performing his dark powers.

Everyone in the town wonders if they are alright, while the mascots try to awake the Cures. Bell then talks again, but gets interrupted by Cure Heart, in which she again says about love, and hope, but Bel is not happy, and fights Heart brutally, as about to be defeated, Bel then uses dark energy to take Cure Heart's psyche and turn it black, and suceeds as Cure Heart falls on the ground, this panics her friends. Her friends come by, and try to bring her again, as this happens, Cure Heart's psyche suddenly becomes good again, and returns to Cure Heart, who regains herself. Soon, all of them gather, and Cure Heart rises, as all the other Cures give their power, and with the three Legendary Treasures, Cure Heart manages to turn onto her other form called Empress Heart.

Soon, Empress Heart fights Bell, and finds it easy, as she also creates duplicates. Later, she kicks him up on the sky, where she also goes, and starts fighting him up there. While, Joe says that now Empress Heart has the power to do everything. As they fight, Empress Heart confuses Bell as they go onto Earth, and space. Bel underwater, then awakes and tries to fight again, while Empress Heart performs a power-up version of My Sweet Heart, which traps him. While he is trapped, all the five Cures gather, and all tell him the power of love, and hope, where all of them smile, soon, all of them suceed, and Bell dissapears. While on the Trump Kingdom, everything becomes normal, and all the citizens returns.

While on Earth, everyone is happy, however Makoto says that Marie Ange is not there, but then, Marie Ange appears as she tells everyone about their best, and as for Makoto, who begins to have more feelings, she says to take care of Ai, and they both are the same person. Soon, she disappears, while everyone misses her. Soon, everyone hugs Ai as they watch her go. Later, as everyone gathers, Ira, and Marmo watch them, while they go away, with Bell as a Jikochuu mouse.

The next day, Mana, and Rikka go together to school, while Alice, and Reina go on to their school. Jun, along with the others wait for Mana. Soon, Regina appears in their school's uniform and goes along with Mana. Aguri shows her ability to cook, while Trump Kingdom, and Earth cooperate together because of the whole caused by Selfish King. While in the end, Makoto, about to go to her concert, then shows their friendship. Soon, a person call all the girls are together on Mana's phone about a falling satellite heading towards Oogai City. They all transform (except Regina) to save the city, then they fly off together and all pose towards, and the episode ends.