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Dancing Baby: DoFaLa
Dancing Baby
General Information
Type Chinese Live Action
Created by Yanping Dong
Years on Air 2016
Episodes 30

Chinese Title: 舞法天女


Intense dancing war had completely destroyed the dancing world, group holy and group tennyo affiliate, they trap the devil called Ye Nu. Group Holy back to St. Cloud kingdom for resting as well. The stuff with strong power called DoFaLa was concealed in the regular human's body by group tennyo

After 6000 years later, Holy magic magnetic rotation day was coming, the devil called Ye Nu decided to wake up, he incite seven bad guys with magic power to find where DoFaLa are in Dong-Ein elementary school, one of the group holy called Eas appoint 3 envoys to Dong-Ein elementary school as well, they train 3 new dancing babies in order to fight with devils in Xianle house as the secret base, protect the regular human called Lan Tien and DoFaLa in his body.

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