Codename wa Sailor V
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Naoko Takeuchi
Years on Air 1993-1994
Episodes 15 (3 Volumes)


Aino Minako, 13 years old, found a talking cat named Artemis that sended from moon for bring peace. Artemis then chooshe Minako as his partner. Minako become Sailor Venus or called Sailor V that save people from monster and enemy from Dark Agency that be led by Danburite. Everyday, Minako fighting Dark Enemy wih Artemis and later she become famous. Using transformation Pen (sometimes called Boss by Artemis), Minako can able to transform. One day, Minako identity as Sailor V knowed by Natsuna Sakurada, a metropolitan police! Natsuna promise does not reveal Minako identity to everyone but Sailor V have to make a teamwork with Natsuna catch bad guy. Minako then agree as well as Natsuna don't reveal her secret. Sometimes, the mysterious Phantom Ace help her fight Dark Guys, but who knows his real identity is Danburite?