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Magical Detective

Charmy Chaka-chan

Charmy Chaka-chan
General Information
Type: Show within a Show
Appear On
Tittle Beelzebub
Type Anime
Created by Ryūhei Tamura


Years on Air 2010-2012
Episodes 60
Others 1 OVA

Concept / Plot

Charmy Chaka-chan using her wand
This is a magical girl anime that only exists in the "Belzeebub" anime. Nothing is known about it because only a 10 seconds commercial is shown. It seems that Chaka-chan is a magical detective called "Charmy Chaka-chan" who have a spell called "Pararira Pararira Horicouru! Tokarefu, Chakarefu, Patrol!" (not sure).

Appearance in Belzeebub

Charmy Chaka-chan commercial

Episode 27: Kazuya turns on the TV by accident and a commercial of Charmy Chaka-chan is shown: Chaka-chan is saying something like an spell: "Pararira Pararira Horicouru! Tokarefu, Chakarefu, Patrol! She introduces herself as the Magical Detective Charmy Chaka-chan and throws her wand shouting "slammer sausage". The wand transforms into the product and Chaka-chan says that is now on sale.

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