C³ - Cube×Cursed×Curious
General Information
Type Anime
Years on Air 2011-2012
Episodes 12
Others 1 OVA

ECCHI WARNING: This Magical Girl may contain nude scenes and some scenes may refer to sexual themes. The level of it depends on the Show. Be careful about this.

Japanese Title: C³ -シーキューブ-

Chinese Title: 魔幻三次方


The story begins with high-school student Yachi Haruaki naturally resistant to curses. His father, Honatsu, sends him cursed instruments called "Worse" to try to break this. One day, Haruaki receives a mysterious package, a super-heavy black cube from his father overseas. That night, Haruaki wakes to a suspicious noise in the kitchen and discovers a cute-looking stark-naked female stealing rice crackers. After the embarrassing moment, the girl presents herself. Her name is Fear (pronounced "Fia" in Japanese), and she is the first of several surprises that Haruaki is to receive. She is the human form of the black cube, an instrument of torture called "Fear in Cube". Haruaki and the girl "Fear" fight together against other Worse instruments and their owners using Fear's 32 mechanisms of torture.

OVA: Rinkan Gakkou Confusion!

Japanese Title:

English Title: The Outdoor School Confusion

Airdate: April 25, 2012

Unaired episode included with the fifth volume of the Blu-ray. The gang goes on a school trip.