1- 神秘音乐盒 (Mysterious Music Box)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 01 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 01 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Airdate: April 12, 2008

Magic fairy castle, the magic fairy queen is to break the magic cents cents stone secret and trouble; only black magic Xian by everyone do not pay attention, snatched the magic cents color and fled to earth. Lingmei Xue, Ling Meiqi two sisters often go to the school near a merchandise house to watch the strange products inside the display. Once they and classmate dragons accidentally found a very beautiful music box, want to buy and not. Dragons mischievous scare the boss, but it was so broken the goods in the store; just when the shop chaos, the two sisters unexpectedly found the magic of the music box. Boss that music box strange, then sent to the two sisters. Two sisters found in the accident which hidden inside a magic fairy, and thus know the existence of the magic fairy castle. The original magic cents is to recover the lost magic cents color stone. In order to facilitate the search for the fall of the color stone, magic fairy blue decided to stay in the identity of Lingjia nanny in the world.

2- 魔法的考验 (The Magic Test)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 02 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 02 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Ling two sisters want to learn magic, was the magic of small blue refused. The school held an open day, to the students design mind card; Mei Qi let the small blue for its beautiful card, but still can not get the teacher appreciation. Classmate Jing Yi is because the design is excellent and placed in the school hall hall. Unexpectedly as a classmate Yan Lili because of jealousy and the card thrown away. Ling family sisters then use the blue sent magic spar to retrieve the card. Just when the two sisters and little blue to show off their time, the magic fairy queen suddenly appeared.

3- 魔仙女王的降临 (Magic Fairy Queen's Coming)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 03 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 03 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Magic fairy king blame the little blue professor two sisters magic. The two sisters do not make the blue blame and willing to bear the responsibility to use magic, so that the fairy god moved the side of the hidden heart, decided to pass the test to decide whether to learn the magic of the two opportunities. Two sisters inadvertently through a house and found an old lady because of fear of raising their own cat's safety, and every day at home waiting, failed to live with his family. The two sisters then use magic to a dog into a cat, so that her mother and so happy, and ultimately to meet here to stay with their families live together. The two sisters also help others and get the magic fairy king's approval, become a practice of small magic cents.

4- 校园破坏王 (Campus Destruction)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 04 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧-024:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 04 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧-0

Class ready for the new semester to create a new blackboard newspaper, after discussion the teacher decided by Mei Qi responsible. Two sisters and students hard to prepare, and finally completed the blackboard on schedule; unexpectedly the next day back to school, we have accidentally found the blackboard newspaper was destroyed. The clever beauty of the snow after thinking, with the words cleverly out of the murderer out. The original Yin Yin because the hand is not smart, and jealous of Mei Qi's talent, angrily made under the destruction of behavior. Two sisters know that after the use of magic to encourage it as long as seriously, will be able to make progress. Finally, we forgive Yen Yin, together with the completion of the blackboard newspaper.

5- 魔法溜冰鞋 (Magic Skates)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 05 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 05 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Small round to participate in next week's ice skating competition hard training. Ling two sisters also teach small blue skates and came to the ice rink. Small round very enthusiastic to teach small blue skating, but it is so to the students Yan Lili plot, so that his foot hurt. Lily had also participated in the game, and want to win. The two sisters were deeply disgusted with their behavior and felt sorry for the small round of injury. Critical juncture, two sisters with magic to change the magic skates, so that small rounds as usual to show their level, and ultimately won the championship.

6- 黑魔仙现身 (Dark Fairy Appear)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 06 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 06 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Class out of the sketch, the two sisters actually forget to bring lunch. Small blue then use the magic will be brought to the two people, but in a waste house accidentally encountered stealing magic cents of the magic cents Satsuki. Small blue to recover the magic cents color stone, the two fight up. Outside the students have completed the homework, Mei Qi due to excellent works and teachers praise, Lily heart jealousy, sulk went to waste house, but accidentally see the two magic fairy fight. Satsuki fled, that was seen through the identity, then draw Lily, want to make it a little black magic cents. Small blue home, and the two sisters talk about what happened today, the magic fairy queen suddenly appeared.

7- 战幕的展开 (The Exhibition is launched)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 07 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 07 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Magic fairy queen so that the two sisters know Satsuki in the past, the two sisters decided to help small blue recapture magic cents color stone. Two sisters to help students, the use of a small blue new church magic, but inadvertently let Lily see. That night, Satsuki came to Lily, and a black magic of the powerful, and finally allowed to become their own men. Learn the dark magic of Lily the next day to find opportunities to challenge the two sisters, small blue and Satsuki also meet again, a battle of the curtain finally opened.

8- 小龙的运动会 (Sport Games)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 08 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 08 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Dragons in the practice of shot when the quarrel with Li and accidentally hurt the hand; just next Friday is the school sports. Dragons for this depressed Qi and snow decided to use magic to help dragons. Just the dragon is the last player, the last moment, the snow came up with magic to use the game all the shots are lighter. Unexpectedly in the game, Lily again the dragon's ball becomes very heavy, the results of dragons lost the ball, so that everyone was surprised, the referee came to check and found that other balls and the use of the weight of the dragon is not the same. The referee found that the shot was moved, so the announcement was delayed until next Friday. Finally, because of good hand injury and play well, but because of lack of training, and finally had the fourth.

9- 帽和小鸟 (Cap and Birds)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 09 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 09 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

School students to the mountains to the obligation to pick up garbage. Jing Yi's hat is very beautiful, get the praise of students; Lily dissatisfaction, with magic to blow the hat down the valley. Miyuki because of fear of high and hesitated, the final two people use the big kite flying down to the valley. Mei Qi heard the birds call, the two curious heard, accidentally found the original hat hanging on the branches, just cover a wounded chicks. The two will be the hat and the chicks to take home, how to leave the hat to the quiet and worry, helpless mother heard the bird call, surprise check the two sisters of the room, the two sisters had to hide the birds. Answer the school, Jing Yi also lost things for the hat muffled, Miyuki because Lin Xiaogang a joke, think of the method of hats. Jing Yi after school home to find a hat covered in a bird cage, remove the cage found in the young birds, surprised and surprised, suspected to help her find her hat, adopt a bird.

10- 小番茄之谜 (Mysterious Tomato Puzzle)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 10 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 10 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Students in the school's biology garden cultivation of tomatoes, Lily see their tomatoes grow slowly, afraid to lose to others, then use the dark magic to other people's plants together. Everyone gradually found their tomatoes grow slowly, only the growth of Lily good, then caused the two brothers suspected Lingjia. The original Satsuki handed Lily black biography book, let the book wizard Wuzhi Chi Lili more black magic, Lily learned to let the plants stop growing "condensate magic". The two sisters know Lily's conspiracy to lift the plant in the dark magic, but was Lily's stop; only night that blowing wind, and everyone's plants because of the condensed magic and safe and sound. Only Lili that pot full of fruit of the tomatoes have been broken by the wind blowing.

11- 月光魔线 (Moonlight Magic Line)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 11 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 11 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Ling mother and father to participate in the company party, accidentally put the evening dress dirty, then let the small blue take cleaning. Unexpectedly a mysterious man (that is, later the Prince of pleasure) driving electric cars through, accidentally cut the hands of small blue hands. Small blue helpless, the two sisters decided to seek magic books, find the magic of repair dress need to use moonlight magic line. Rare to wait until the emergence of the moon, small blue is preparing to repair the dress with magic; unexpectedly Satsuki suddenly appeared, blocking the small blue. Mysterious man at the crucial moment to help, but the dress was Satsuki burned. Small blue regeneration of a meter, the use of moonlight magic line prepared a touch of the same dress. Finally, Ling mother wish to wear a moving dress to attend the party.

12- 心爱的玩偶 (Beloved Doll)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 12 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 12 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

The teacher lets the students bring their favorite dolls to school to facilitate writing. Lily then we all have the love of parents, jealousy, while the students have to play in the playground, the Lingjia two sisters exactly the same dolls one of the invisible. The two sisters are missing a doll, and quickly returned to the classroom to find, but because they think that the rest of the doll is their own and make a mess. After a small blue to remind, know that Lily devils, then with the fighting method, and finally get back the doll.

13- 茵茵的狗 (Jessica's Dog)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 13 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 13 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Yan Ye's grandmother died, my mother wanted to bring her grandmother with a big dog back home. Yanyin dismay, argue with her mother. Mother to Xiaojun training dog in a short period of three days to complete a designated action, before promised not to leave the dog. Yen for this effort to train dogs, but the dog is still disobedient, the two sisters then use magic to help Yin Yin, but was hiding in the side of the Lili damage. On the day the mother was going to send the dog, the two sisters changed the ring of the mother with the magic, and wanted the dog to retrieve it; but Lily had taken the opportunity to take the ring. Fortunately, the dog with its sense of smell in Lily who found the ring, Lily escape. Mother finally touched, let the dog stay.

14- 爸妈的冷战 (Parents Cold War)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 14 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 14 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Qi, snow mother in order to prepare to celebrate the wedding anniversary, in the kitchen bitter fight boiled delicious soup. Qi, snow in front of students mention the parents of the anniversary, so Lily heart jealousy. How my father completely forgot, my mother was very angry, and then received a female colleague's phone, began to heart doubt, and began to fight with my father. Two sisters to make the two nice and offer a picnic to the park. Unexpectedly, Lili will be the father of the food disappeared, my mother accused my father, the two more disagreeable. The two sisters were found to be Lili damage, after a fighting trick, and finally forced Lily will disappear food. The two sisters turned the food into the park, but still could not lift the misunderstanding of the father and mother. Everyone unhappy and back, but Mei Qi accidentally fell, parents worry about it. The two sisters took the opportunity to make the two and good, my father took the opportunity to take out the pre-care female colleagues to buy earrings to the mother, the family finally return to happiness.

15- 另一个小魔仙? (Another Little Magic Fairy?)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 15 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 15 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Fenfen (new character) will soon represent the school to participate in the city primary school students track and field competition, the mother but because of her learning is not good, to her out of the game. Frustrated Fenfen accidentally met Satsuki. Satsuki want to re-training another magic cents, so to Fenfen a pair of magic shoes, and to Fenfen promised to do something for her after winning. Fenfen get magic shoes after the rapid progress, the two sisters noticed Fenfen shoes are weird. My mother know Fenfen did not give up training to immediately stop, disappointed Fenfen one came to the park, met Meqi and Miyuki. Two sisters advised Fenfen refused to use magic shoes, to use strength to prove himself. Suddenly Fen Fen fainted, Satsuki appeared behind, to deal with two people. Fortunately, a small blue in time, Satsuki was difficult to quit. Woke up Fenfen decided not to use magic shoes, with strength to participate in the game. Fenfen and her mother and so on, you can continue to participate in track and field training. The two sisters also help Fenfen, scoring 5 points, received a magic upgrade.

16- 莉莉出丑 (Lily's Fool)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 16 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 16 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Lily mother always in front of Lily count the results of other children how to shine, so Lili is not a taste, but also more concerned about their own results. Class math test, Yen Yin got the first, on the contrary Lily was accidentally missed, poor results. Under the annoyance, Lily steal the papers. In order to help Yanyin, Qi, snow to find Lily, with magic from Lily's hands to recover the Yin Yin's papers. Lily heart unwilling, want to burn the papers. Qi, snow in time to stop, but the papers are still burned more than half. In the snow Fei Fei's help, Qi, snow with the reduction of magic to restore the papers, and finally be able to return to the original. In order to tease Lily, the fun of the United States will Lily's test paper away, together to the Yin Yin, Lili in the class shame. Frustrated Lily returned home and found her mother had to find a new tutor for himself, and the teacher was even Satsuki. In order to better deal with the two sisters, Satsuki gave Lily new magic - black violin. (Qi, snow score: 0 points)

17- 黑魔法药粉 (Black Magic Powder)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 17 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 17 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

One day, Lingjia people after eating a meal suddenly hiccups, after a night is still the case. Small blue to the vegetable market to buy food, found that the nearby residents have also appeared the same symptoms. After understanding, small blue found only to eat the food market to buy things people will appear hiccups symptoms, so start the investigation, and finally found that all this is Satsuki engage in ghosts. Originally, Satsuki is testing her dark magic powder, this powder will eat after eating hiccups, a lot of use will be suffocating. In order to prevent Satsuki, small blue and her hands to move. At this time the mysterious man once again to add fuel to the flames. In the chaos, the powder was broken, a gust of wind powder to Satsuki blowing, Satsuki inhalation continue hiccups, so that small blue and mysterious men can not help laughing. Defeated Satsuki, everyone hiccups still failed to stop. At this time the Queen to visit, sent to the antidote magic pollen. Small blue will be added to the magical pollen market food trafficking, and finally cured the crowd constantly hiccups strange disease.

18- 兩姊妹吵架了 (Two Sisters quarreled)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 18 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 18 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

When the United States and snow drink soft water when the United States Qi's comic, the two so quarreled together, coupled with the snow Fei Fei's trouble, the two sisters made trouble and who do not care who. Small blue several mediation did not succeed, caught in the middle quite feel helpless. In the morning, from the late snow to forget to bring magic fairy necklace came to the school, but also after the end of the physical education was assigned to Lili and equipment will be moved back to the equipment room. See Meiji and the United States and snow to separate action, Lily felt the right time, so the magic will be locked in the beauty of the equipment room. Can not cast the magic of snow alone trapped in the room, watching the dark down, scared to cry. At this time because of fear of the United States and snow to find out the United States Qi arrived, rescued the snow, the two finally return to good. (Qi, snow score: 0 points)

19- 神秘的王子(上) (Mysterious Prince, Part One)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 19 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 19 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

see the magic to tease the dragons, teach and ask the little moon. Know Satsuki temporarily hiding in the outskirts of the hut, blue to go to want to find Satsuki recapture magic cents color stone, only halfway sick fainted, saved by pleasure. Magic fairy king appeared to the green magic cents to give a small blue, cured the little blue disease. The face of the queen, play can not help but export ridicule, so small blue feel strange. Small blue to the Queen's medicine back to the Qi, snow taking. Qi, snow clothes after the drug, actually with the small blue mind interlinked Qi, snow and dragons to the mountain picking leaves to cope with school work, only the snake was snake biting, Qi, snow for a time I do not know what is good, then call a small blue, but also a small blue helpless. After the pleasure of the dragon, see the look of dragons, could not help recall some of the past fragments, so act decisively, picked up the dragon to sit on the electric car to the magic speed to the hospital. To the hospital, all the people found that the original is a false alarm, bite the dragons of the snake is simply non-toxic.

20- 神秘的王子(下) (Mysterious Prince, Part Two)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 20 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 20 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Magic fairy queen suddenly appeared, told the true identity of the small blue play. The original year when the magic fairy queen in order to concentrate on governance magic fairy castle, after the birth of the pleasure will be handed over to his nanny magic immortal, alienated from the relationship; five years ago, play with a small magician exquisite friends, play all day do not concentrate on learning magic And exudes a waste of time, although the Queen strongly opposed, but because of leisurely love, there is no way. One day two people play when the accident into the ban, so exquisite for the poisonous weeds hurt. Magic fairy queen refused to come up with antidote, so exquisite death. Since the play will be very hated the Queen, grew up is to flee the fairy castle, the game world. Queen hope that small blue can persuade the play back to the fairy castle. Unexpectedly, the face of small blue persuasion, play is not moving. Satsuki indiscriminately blue was rescued, the use of black magic to play with small blue trapped in the woods. Trapped, the play to the small blue told the resentment of the Queen. With the power of moonlight, the two finally from the magic of the moon in the storm. Then Satsuki again appeared in front of the small blue. Small blue determination this time must take back magic cents color stone. In the small blue is about to successfully recover the color of the time, the play against the Queen shot to stop the small blue, so small blue very upset.

21- 慈善卖物会 (Charity Bazaar)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 21 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 21 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

The school holds charity bazaars. Qi, snow and other people and small blue composition of the sale of homemade cookies cake, delicious biscuits by everyone's welcome, but also attracted Lily's jealousy. Satsuki appeared as a tutor, saw Lily unhappy, then taught her new magic, so that she made the small blue cookies so that it can not sell, but also for their own stalls to add a lot of new tricks. Facing the deterioration of the biscuits, small blue do nothing. At this time Qi, snow Ling a move, with magic to small stoves and materials from home to move, spot baked cookies, hot tunes really attracted many people to buy. In the end, Qi, snow stalls victory, won the bazaar's most popular award. Satsuki's plot was once again broken. (Qi, snow score: 0 points)

22- 神秘魔术师 (Mysterious Magician)

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 22 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧24:31

Balala The Faries (Live Action) 22 巴啦啦小魔仙真人剧

Satsuki learned from Lily's mouth, the recent school students are fascinated by the magic, so posing as magician, came to the school's magic interest group to teach magic. By Satsuki confused, many students are fascinated by Satsuki's magic, and in her control to make a lot of bad things. Small blue and Qi, snow found Satsuki's tricks after the tense, immediately with magic damage Satsuki action, scared to learn the magic of the children, and work together, with magic to Satsuki repulsed. A crisis finally resolved.

23- 游乐场大停顿 (Playground Big Pause)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2324:44

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 23

Lily's birthday is up, but her parents are busy with work and forget about it. Lily came to the amusement park, lonely for their birthday. Just Qiaoqi, snow, blue three also came to the amusement park that day to play. Not familiar with the small blue by the mobile game was confused and confused, and Qi, the snow is very fun to play. Unexpectedly, when everyone was happy, the amusement park was a sudden blackout. The original is a bad mood Lily deliberately committed to destroy. Lily's behavior was found by pleasure, but the game was chosen to sit idly by, even in the small blue to persuade himself back to the magic castle when to be ridiculed, so small blue is very angry. Finally, Qi, snow finally found this is Lily's plot, so with magic to defeat Lily, so that the amusement park to restore power. (Qi, snow score: 1 point)

24- 妈妈出走了 (Mom away from Home)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2424:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 24

Qi, snow mother was dismissed by the company, feeling very depressed, lost confidence in all things. Bad temper and her father because of a small matter after a quarrel, and finally run away from home. In order to find my mother, Qi, snow exhausted the way. They remembered the mother had the habit of listening to the radio, so would like to mother's favorite program on the message, hope mother can go home. Because the radio line is too busy, the two have been unable to get through the phone. In the snow Fei Fei's help, they use magic to interfere with the radio, and finally put his voice on the radio. My mother has not yet come home, the school's parents have arrived, my father can not take time to participate in the matter, so that the snow, I do not know what is good snow. Small blue spirit of a move, turned Ling mother to attend the parents day, but unexpectedly ran into a lion into the Lily mother's Satsuki, the two launched a war. Qi, snow and small blue away, is looking for this fake mother's figure, only then the real mother appeared in front of the moment. The original, Qi, snow mother heard their message was very moved, and finally returned to the family side. (Qi, snow score: 0 points)

25- 游乐人间 (Recreation Room)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2524:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 25

Amusement with a magic gun in the street tease passers-by, was Satsuki see. Satsuki ridicule amusement will only use magic to do some boring things, anti-play with a magic pistol tease. Magic fairy castle, the magic fairy queen to the spring, autumn and tell the past, the feelings of frustration. Small blue and Qi, snow two people to the suburbs barbecue, once again hit four wandering pleasure. Play with a magic pistol to barbecue food stained. Little blue deeply angry, cheating, and asked him to quickly return to the magic fairy castle. The dialogue between the two men were eavesdropping, Satsuki learned that the identity of the play. For the lessons of small blue nosy, play with magic to the small blue tied to the tree, walk away. Qi, snow to save the blue, but was Satsuki resistance, and to eliminate the threat of small blue. Qi, the snow under the urgency of only to do the magic cents for the exchange of conditions in order to release small blue. Critical moment, fun back, from the hands of small moon release small blue. Play the repeated behavior of small blue confused, denounced him I do not know is loyal to the rape. Know the status of the Satsuki, began to try to win together with the magic fairy queen.

26- 华服登场 (Costumes Debut)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2624:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 26

The school held clothing design competition, Qi, snow would like to queen fairy queen clothing competition, actually sweet words to please snow Fei Fei, let the fairy fairy came out to see them side, which painted the Queen's portrait sketch. With the help of my mother, Qi, the snow finally succeeded in making a very beautiful queen dress. School, Qi, snow queen dress attracted the attention of the students, so Lily is very jealous. Lily with magic to break Qi, snow clothes, so that they can not play. Qi, snow to fight back with magic, so Lily on stage a fool. Thus the three in the background to the magic of each other, chaos in the Qi, the snow was seen its magic cents shape, snow Jizhi students, arguing that the body is wearing clothing, accident got everyone's praise. The results of the two to the magic fairy shape to become the game champion. Because the identity of the little magic fair almost exposed, the last two were small blue and magic fairy king blame. (Qi, snow score: deduction 1 point)

27- 妈妈迷路了 (Lost Mom)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2724:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 27

Qi, snow mother leisure at home, often scrambling to do housework and take care of Qi, snow, but because they are not familiar with the housework and missed, so that Qi, snow is very helpless. Coincides with the school held parent-child travel, my mother was pleased to agree with the Qi, snow together. Li also hope that parents to participate, but the parents but have no travel to travel. Travel day, Qi, snow mother to the two care to, Li see in the eyes and not very taste, so the magic to make Qi, snow mother lost. Qi, snow did not see her mother is very worried, see Li in the snicker suspected her ghosts, to force the law to tell Lili, the three had a fierce battle. Finally, in the snow Fei Fei's help, Qi, snow finally untied the black magic, find the mother.

28- 疑幻屋惊魂 (Whimsy Scaring House)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2824:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 28

Ling's neighbors in the whisper, said a house near the haunted, live people have moved out. Soon see the new guests into, less than two days and moved out. Living in the house near a classmate quiet Yi disappeared, everyone suspected to be related to the haunted house, Qi, snow, dragon curious night to explore the haunted house, see the object no reason to fly, and the Phantom, is very gloomy. Snow feel strange, with the small blue talking about the small blue to the haunted house to inquire about the ghosts turned out to be fun, the purpose is to stay in this house. Little blue asked the whereabouts of Jing Yi, said the game that they do not know, small blue helpless. Finally, in anxious to wait, Jing Yi finally appeared automatically, she was afraid of poor performance was criticized by his family did not dare to go home. Nevertheless, the rumors of the haunted house are still circulating in the vicinity, we all dare not approached the house, anti-play can be fun to stay.

29- 魔法自行车 (Magic Bicycle)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 2924:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 29

Dad in order to facilitate the small blue often go out to buy food, their idle bike to the small blue. Did not think the small blue will not ride, after several twists and turns finally reluctantly on the road. The first time riding a bike out of the small blue mood particularly tense, unfortunately was Satsuki hit, then the magic to make a small blue bike out of control, hit a pass by the mother to buy food. In order to quickly send her mother to the hospital, small blue in the car cast a magic, so that the bike into a dedicated magic bike. With magic, small blue ride from the car is handy, to buy food is also a lot of convenience. Unexpectedly Satsuki in order to engage in damage, the small blue car stolen. Lost the car at home, small blue is very guilty. At this time the pleasure of the emergence of the hands of Sanda from the back of the bike back to the small blue. Satsuki followed by, want to destroy the bike, finally defeated by small blue.

30- 钢铁老师 (Steel Teacher)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3024:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 30

Sports Division to a new teacher, very strict, very high on the physical requirements of students. Lily fell one day in physical education, the teacher did not allow students to help her, to her stand up to continue classes, Lily heart grievances, the magic to the teacher fell. The next day, the teacher is still wounded class, so that some students moved. Qin teacher from the mouth, Qi, snow know the teacher's past. His brother was a national athlete, because of a wounded slump, and finally embarked on self-destruction of the way, so Cheng teachers feel that the will of the students is his mission. Lili one can not, no good strike strike, want to hurt the teacher with magic, but was Qi, snow resistance, three against. In the magic of the lost Lili and fan classes, then Qi, the snow to explain the teacher is a good teacher, and encourage students can not give up, and finally let everyone accept the will of the super "steel teacher" The (Qi, snow score: 1 point)

31- 泳池大对决 (Pool Showdown)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3124:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 31

Hot weather, two sisters and little blue came to the pool to cool down. Clumsy little swim is swimed by the fun of some fun. Coincides with Lily and my mother came here to see Qi, the snow is swimming, Lili Dayton a meter, with the magic of the pool of water set off waves. Little blue so almost drowning, fortunate pleasure to save. Mei Qi heart grievances, with magic will Lily mix into the pool. Lilly did not suffer, and proposed to play swimming and Mei Qi, Mei Qi readily agreed. They started the game. In the side to watch the fun of the play in order to add the fun of the game, not only make the two hands and feet become heavy, but also with the magic once again make the pool set off waves, the result of a child drowning in distress. Small blue furiously jumped into the water, the children rescued, and blame the pleasure of doing things regardless of the consequences, only to be ridiculed ridicule, angry speechless. In the end, Mei Qi and Lily exhausted the physical, while reaching the end. Little blue but from the rescue did not intend to learn to swim.

32- 魔仙堡的花儿 (Magic Fairy Castle Flowers)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3224:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 32

Lily for the art of flowers and paste work distress, just met Satsuki. Satsuki then gave her the fairy castle of the beautiful flowers - rainbow flowers, and in the flowers by adding black magic. Lily's work was appreciated by the teacher and was hanging in the classroom. Since then, Mei Qi Mei Xue more and more feel no spirit, and always want to sleep, and ultimately even sleepy. Little blue had to go to school for two. Small blue came to the two of the classroom, it was found that Lily's work was applied to the magic, that is, the magic of the two sisters sleeping. Small blue want to burn flowers, was Lili's obstruction; but the face of mana than their own high blue, Lily eventually failed to succeed. Eventually, the small blue lifted the dark magic, the two sisters finally wake up. Three again on the road encounter pleasure. Small blue to persuade him to stop the boring life, but let the side of the eavesdropping Satsuki know the exquisite things, then come up with a plan.

33- 危机,游乐是敌是友 (Crisis, Pleasure is a Friend or Foe)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3324:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 33

Ride riding an electric car out, see a grandma struggling to walk, then set the old man a way. The mischievous play will speed up, scared old man shouting for help. After the United States and the United States to see the snow, blame the fun. Just when the three refuted each other, the play to see a very similar to the exquisite girl, quickly catch up; but almost hit the oncoming small blue, the girl disappeared. Night, amusement dream, accidentally dreamed of her own revenge for her, and the magic fairy queen enemy Ease of pleasure, met Meiji, Meixue and Lily quarreled outside. The original Lily use magic to make the work of the snow a blank, so that the teacher was blamed. Unexpectedly, the United States Qi said the sentence and then the queen cents queen similar words, to stimulate the play, then with the magic gun to deal with the two sisters. Mei Qi was a magic gun to live, could not move, see the pleasure of watching the horror, can not help but fear. Then Satsuki appeared, once again invited to join the black magic cents here, was the pleasure of rejection. Small blue appears that pleasure should not really want to make a queen against the Queen, or will not refuse the invitation of Satsuki. The play is scoffed at this.

34- 魔法蛋糕 (Magic Cake)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3424:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 34

Qi, snow mother to the neighbor wife steal, determined to make delicious cake, and asked the small blue side of the supervision and guidance. Has been using magic to do the cake of the small blue forced, had no choice but to teach, the two have broken the oven, or can not make a decent cake. So my mother decided to go out to find expert guidance. Satsuki incense pastry master, will be a bag of special materials to the mother. Mother according to their practice, really made a cake. Small blue try to eat cake, but therefore in the trap, can not cast magic. After school to find the two sisters learned, through the book to find the curse of the way, is to open the magic door, looking for thousands of old trees out of the flowers. But the two after several efforts, or can not find the magic door. At this time the Queen appeared to enhance the magic of the two people. In the Queen's help, the two finally opened the depths of the forest magic door, find the old trees. In the moment they took off their flowers, Lily appeared to obstruct. After several hardships, the two sisters finally made flowers, to help restore the magic of small blue. (Plus 1 point)

35- 美琪受伤了 (Maggie is Injured)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3524:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 35

Two sisters on the way home met Lily, found his look wrong, so track, then found Lily and Satsuki meet. From the two dialogue, the two know that Satsuki posing exquisite to win over pleasure. At this time eavesdropping the two were Satsuki found, Mei Qi to protect the snow was beaten seriously injured. Emergency, small blue shot to save two people. Mei Qi injured unconscious, so small blue left the United States and snow, with Mei Qi back magic cents Fort treatment. Satsuki become exquisite look deceive pleasure, to play to help the black fairy and queen for the right. Meixue appeared to remind the play and expose the scam of Satsuki. Satsuki angry into revenge Miyuki, was beaten by pleasure. Miyuki told the play Satsuki's conspiracy, and advised him to accept the fairy queen, but also with their own beauty of the United States to make a little play to the mother's hate. Little blue and rehabilitation of the United States Qi from the magic cents Fort return. Little Blue thanks to the pleasure of protecting the snow. But the play did not accept her thanks, alone to leave.

36- 小蓝病了 (Sally is Sick)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3624:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 36

Ling home ready to visit grandparents, had been working hard for the small blue but cold, and in the small blue repeatedly guaranteed, Ling Jia was relieved to leave. For the sake of a small blue health, Mei Qi, the United States and snow to the home of the snack away, greedy little blue to buy their own, the way the small blue disease increased, not only admitted to the door when the door also fainted. Kindly grandmother to take care of the little blue. After the fever, the little blue that grandmother is very fond of potted plants withered still reluctant to throw away, they offered to live for the grandmother to save the grass. Small blue for 3 consecutive days to get the morning dew, magic can be used to save. Satsuki once again embarrassed her, play and take the opportunity to make trouble, so that potted. Small blue and thus great pleasure on the play, and finally to help cure potted plants. Grandma to see the grass to restore vitality, very happy. Ling mind hung back early, and together for her housework, small blue was very moved.

37- 小君的烦恼 (Jun troubles)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3724:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 37

Dragons hit the small Jun's notebook, the two then quarreled, after the dragons picked up the notebook, mischievous to close up. Xiaojun found that the notebook was lost and crying, it turned out that Xiaojun transfer before the best friend gave her, also wrote a message, so Xiaojun has been very cherished. Dragons intend to return the notebook, secretly put it into the Xiaojun desk, to the United States and Qi, the United States to see snow, accidentally let the crayon paint stained on the book. Two sisters want to use magic to repair, then asked the dragon to take the notebook.Two sisters came home, they need to use snow Fifi told "the world's most beautiful song" made magic magical brush, wipe off in order to remove the paint without handwriting. The next day, Lily overheard the conversation of two sisters, in classrooms in public refers to two sisters stolen laptop. Small blue because telepathy that two people in trouble, using mobile conjured away the notebook, they escaped a misunderstanding. With a little blue bird singing call conjure collected "the world's most beautiful songs," repair notebook. Two sisters take advantage of the sense of mind to inform small blue book transfer from home to the exercises in this class, the Xiaojun then retrieve the notebook. Jun's parents because of work reasons, to emigrate to Canada. Jenny reluctant to leave, take the laptop to let everyone write a message, Lily Jun dismay and separation rather than written, but in the farewell meeting, Lily understand the message of friendship as a witness, then write the first page of the notebook in Jun the message. See Lily and sincere friendship Xiaojun, two sisters Lily did not really feel bad. (1 point)

38- 神奇的古董 (Ancient Magic)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3824:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 38

Dad for the boss to sign an antique, take home. I heard to pour in the antique and placed in the sun, you can learn to see their future looks like. Fun two sisters for the sake of truth then secretly experiment. Unexpectedly Satsuki with Lily suddenly appeared, the two men sealed in antiques. Play again appears to be sealed into the inner antique Lily, want to force the release of two Satsuki, Satsuki refused. 3 people into the antiques meet, find themselves in a surprise but not the end of the corridor. Forced, only to find out with the method. 3 will bring up their spirits, but also led two elves grudge. Lily learned from the black magic elf ways to break the seal, and read at the same time break the spell, two sisters through telepathy, so that small antique blue broken, three people successfully escaped. Small blue with antique magic fix, so the two sisters from scolded. The results are deducted magic fairy king 1 min.

39- 莉莉的悲哀 (Lily's sorrow)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 3924:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 39

Lily's mother lost an important file CD, Lily want to help retrieve it, then lied to lend Satsuki black crystal, that CD is located. Jenny had to find Lily go to the movies, go to the disc was surprised to find Lily. Lily find the CD-ROM, can be found in the disc is broken. Helpless black magic can only be destroyed, can not help people, it can not be repaired, Lily worried. At this time, Lily's mother came back, Lily thought it was a misunderstanding hide CD and put it crumbled, their temper. Lily then accuse their parents just busy work never cared about myself, my mother Lily angrily hit a slap in the face! Lily large wronged, ran out of the house. In the street, Lily met up Majestic, Miyuki's mother, invited to their home. Majestic, Miyuki was surprised, thought she was going to carry out his destruction, the Majestic, the occasion Miyuki's mother left the house, the three will fight, the result of the mess of things. Lily's mother learned that Lily Majestic, Miyuki home, hurried to look over. Lily's mother from the mouth, and Miyuki Majestic learned that Lily's mood, so full of compassion for her. They use magic to fix Lily's mother disc and sent to the Taking Lily. Lily heart full of gratitude, to reduce the resentment of Majestic, Miyuki.

40- 黑魔仙的阴谋 (Dark Fairy Conspiracy)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4024:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 40

Mom felt very at home idle, want to help small blue share the housework, but it misunderstanding that you want it to leave. Uneasy little blue falls in the street of a woman, only to pull out of the originally Satsuki. Satsuki catch them with small blue mirror will seal in the mirror, and let Lily will inform the Majestic, Miyuki two sisters. Two sisters after that happened, recreational want to find help; but to play with the little blue magic fairy relation Fort refused to help. But unfortunately two sisters went to rescue the little blue. Satsuki original study magic fairy stones for a long time still have no idea, then want to use two sisters and little blue magic fairy king threatened to break the spell to find out. Two sisters Satsuki found, unable to cope with two small blue worry, the two do not want to manage themselves. While the two sides dispute, amusement suddenly appeared, claiming stones. Satsuki shocked, and quickly to catch up. Two sisters Yujiu small blue but to no avail, only Lily was rescued by black magic little blue. Three puzzled by their behavior, Lily said the last time they helped their mother, even if this grace also. Two sisters and a little blue to worry about catching colors will punish Lily, persuaded her to leave Satsuki, Lily tantrum.

41- 莉莉的领悟 (Lily's Insight)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4124:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 41

Lily listless ground physical education, volleyball was stunned. Lily parents are very worried, Satsuki visits to tutor the identity of Lily is very cold. Mid-term exam ended, Lily won the first class in the mid-term exam, but they do not feel strangely happy. Lily after a pet shop and happened to meet the Qin teacher in here to buy cat food. Lily asked the teacher how to be happy Qin, Qin teacher's answer is to be happy, they let other people happy, Lily if the Wu. Saw the dog is very cute, Lily would like to raise one. Mom also think that the dog can break up the monotony for Lily. Satsuki delve into the magic of black water, sprinkle on top as long as the instruments used, can make magic out of order. Satsuki Lily idea to sprinkle water on the black magic Majestic, Miyuki spar over the chain, Lily reluctantly agreed. Her voice reform to Majestic phone call, about Qi, a snow park to gather. Lily forced Majestic, Miyuki showed Spar chain turned to wait for an opportunity sprinkle magic water. Lily being hesitant when they see someone in another corner of the park, holding on to tease the dog in it, and Li Qi, the snow hiding in the side watching, Li is very angry, to make magic man palm on fire and fled. Later, the owner came to sight the dog, very happy to leave. Lily eventually comprehend teacher Qin words of truth, Qi, Xue Li also light. To Li Qi, the snow frank Water Black Magic, with Qi, the snow carefully. Satsuki appears at this time, attempted to use black magic potion to harm and Majestic Miyuki two. Lily petit month stop there, we have to deal with them, but secretly let go of them. Lily came home, her mother bought her favorite puppy, making Li Lili excited. Lily finally gave up the battle with Majestic Miyuki, and they made a friend.

42- 游乐的抉择 (Recreation Choice)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4224:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 42

Satsuki break the spell magic fairy stones are still unable to do anything, think to take advantage of amusement. Qi, the snow eventually deal with the black magic water law in the book treasure was found, then inform the little blue. Pleasure to sleep all day to escape from reality, a small blue met amusement sleeping in a tree, then submitted to reproduce the magic to make trips to the happy days of childhood magic fairy king together in a dream, to evoke miss their mother's. Satsuki discovery tour, also old trick disturbed dreams, so exquisite fragments to reproduce, but also through the exquisite mouth, cheat amusement Satsuki is their revenge, called Satsuki play to help break the stones spell. Satsuki found a small blue interference, then hunt Satsuki, Satsuki use black magic water, but unfortunately the blue has long been cracked, losing the magic, when the blue fast can catch the occasion of the Satsuki, Satsuki tour intervene let go, little blue rebuked swam though knowing Satsuki cast, his mind still no match for the hatred of the heart. Satsuki to find swam eventually agreed to help them break the spell of stones. The Queen learned from a crystal ball in play behavior very sad, he tried to personally pick up the pieces of the human world on the occasion, vision is sometimes shaking magic fairy castle. Astrological magic fairy queen told millennium catastrophe is coming.

43- 黑暗之神 (God of Darkness)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4324:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 43

Under Queen pondering estimate earthquake or so sleeping in darkness underground for thousands of Guna La god wake. Blue positive Qi, the snow talking about the god of darkness living things, the original god of darkness eighteen hundred years ago, was originally a magic fairy magic fairy castle magic strength, but great ambition, is the ancestor of black magic, self-styled dark God, at that time was a very fierce fight, the result was Xisuo Na Queen (magic fairy king) using the arrow magic fairy of the town of darkness deep in the ground, Qi, the snow deep listening feel incredible. The Queen is very worried, life astrology magic fairy to think about countermeasures. Astrological magic fairy said planetarium show to resolve the Holocaust must rely fetish queen could not help but think of the missing magic fairy stones. Satsuki play to help break the stones spell, but still to no avail, Satsuki rage, was about to withdraw the occasion of the stones, I heard someone calling for her.

44- 危机迫近 (Crisis Looming)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4424:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 44

Satsuki more I want to break the spell more stones not, but during infiltration actually feel a strange force. Astrological magic fairy queen informed, save feasible solution is to break the magic fairy castle magic fairy spell color stone to quell the magic castle fairy stones, Sheena Queen of thousands of years ago is precisely the magic fairy stones to success make magic fairy castle transition storm. Even though I did grasp the queen can break the spell, still intends to take a turn into the human world, we hope to recapture the magic fairy stones. To deal with the two sisters Satsuki Lily, Lily could not bear, but the last joint deal with two sisters Satsuki together. Satsuki he tried to destroy the three, small blue time to save three. Back home, a small blue-black magic mentioned Satsuki become strong, positive sense of wonder, magic fairy king appeared, to tell you the magic castle fairy crisis. Little Blue decided to play to help persuade magic fairy castle through the Holocaust. Satsuki break indulging in a spell, trapped in semi-crazy state, while influenced by the power of the god of darkness, behind the incessant urging its claimed position of the queen.

45- 小蓝要走了 (Sally go)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4524:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 45

Fort because of the Blue Fairy of magic, become restless and often flawed, Ling Mom scolded. Blue with Qi, Fort talking about snow magic fairy thing, that he should strive to recapture the magic fairy queen of color stone, it's time to leave Langkawi, Gu Yu resigned from the post of nanny, Qi, Snow urged his left, blue to Italy res. Qi, the snow then come up pretending to be ill to leave the blue, two the number of days healed, the heart a sense of wonder, it is deliberately cook food table temptation two, and finally found the two trick, Qi, blue snow frankly do not want to leave, three cried one o'clock. School Parents' Day, held fast, Qi, the snow in the middle class and Lily counterparts, Li represents the parents may not be able to find time to participate, Qi, Li Xue deeply lonely, and it said to be good friends, Lily decided not to do little Dark Sin, black Box should return Satsuki. Unexpectedly Satsuki have to destroy the three, but fortunately small blue and amusement timely manner, to repel it. Little Blue never been able to recapture the magic fairy stones, I decided to be magic fairy castle complex life, two sisters reluctantly bid farewell to the little blue.

46- 黑暗前奏 彩石回归 (The Prelude of the Dark Stone Return)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4624:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 46

Satsuki heard a voice sounded, the power of the god of darkness comes again, force more and more Qiang Lie, the god of darkness constantly repeated ear-catching colors speak, Satsuki agreed to grant more power against the queen, but Satsuki magic fairy to help pull it out of arrows, can not own forces to make Satsuki become, eventually go to hell to find mountain of darkness seal of the land, and got strength from her. Little Blue Devils back to the fairy castle, all the way to the Queen say their experience, the Queen lamented that her play so clouded; the other side of pleasure is still hovering in the conscience and hatred, I do not know what to do. Two sisters in a small blue world do not get any news, very worried.

47- 母亲的心情 (Mother's Mood)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4724:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 47

Astrology horoscopes magic fairy rely on the results, predict catastrophe will come, the god of darkness is about to wake up. Satsuki once again the power of God's darkness, the decision to kill the queen, then go looking for the two magic fairy castle. Astrological magic fairy queen heart still experiencing pleasure, to enlighten its magic fairy to Fort safety as the most important. Magic fairy king arrange everyone's task, play finally put down the burden, we decided to help a hand; everyone was very happy. Little Blue is thinking about how to break the spell, left over teasing her play, and thus play a small blue and Satsuki talked about his own past, the original two childhood is a very good friend. While they miss the time, Satsuki came to the door, and the two men fight; While two people in crisis, magic fairy king appeared promptly repelled Satsuki, save two. Chia Tai surprised everyone when Satsuki suddenly enhance the magic, but because the Queen and Satsuki battle and was seriously injured, we panic.

48- 魔仙彩石 (Magic Fairy Stone)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4824:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 48

Magic fairy king saw his injury, fear would delay the magic fairy stones break, so let's play two small blue and start from the Queen Hina history, records from the classics, thousands of years ago to make big storm queen Xisuo Na lost only son, but she understood what the result of magic fairy stones spell and make storm subsided. The two decided to enter the tomb of Queen Xi Suonuo find clues, Qi and snow requirements peers. He painted a portrait of the queen's life on Xi Suonuo tomb walls, one of which is the Queen son died, the Queen cried, but the hands are holding a magic fairy stones. Also failed to discern the final two months of mystery, very disappointed. Satsuki break into Fort fairy magic, conjure Majestic, Miyuki two sisters necklace, lure amusement Prince and two small blue forbidden to go to, and use magic tricks and make the little blue poison Scorpio grass. Pleasure to see the little blue fainted shocked.

49- 毒草之谜 (Hemlock Mystery)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 4920:26

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 49

Little Blue Devils will play back to Fort fairy, magic fairy king knew little blue in the Scorpion's poison poisonous weeds, but still reluctant to come up with an antidote, so that recreational leave in anger. The matter brought back memories of amusement, recalled the year exquisite death. Because small blue coma, recalling his own gloom and Satsuki break off things. Just endless amusement depressed when magic fairy king does not save the day eventually unlock the exquisite fans, because there is no antidote, either in the original Queen three hundred years ago, actually fell in love with a human, to be brought into magic fairy castle , who later rebelled against the Queen, took all the magic fairy fort Xianyao, all Xianyao can be re-refined from green magic fairy, with the exception of the antidote is poisonous weeds had earlier lost, can not be made, in order to protect the Queen dignity, the matter can not disclose, only to say that only magic fairy king has only antidote to this amusement know the wronged queen, two sisters do not trust the little blue, and Lily together to end magic fairy castle, that little blue incurable burst into tears, unexpectedly.

50- 破解咒语 (Break the Spell)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 5020:28

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 50

Majestic, Miyuki two sisters tears make magic fairy stones shine, Queen's Xi Suonuo white energy to the crowd explanation, did not spell the original stones, only sincere tears can turn on energy, energy help small blue stones revived , everyone was overjoyed. Guna La Darkness also get energy magic fairy stones and invaded the body Satsuki. Magic fairy king inability to use magic, then included his energy to a small blue and amusement. While we were deliberating how to deal with the dark god of time, appears to be possessed by the god of darkness Satsuki, and trying to control everyone to deal with Lily; but Lily is recall Majestic, Miyuki two sisters really; Darkness furious desire the destroyed entire hall, Credit goes to the magic fairy king planted outside early enchantment, under the god of darkness but had to quit magic fairy castle, a small blue and amusement decided against chasing the god of darkness, and the two sisters and everyone to stay in study hall how to destroy the front line of disaster Jiuxing like.

51- 拯救魔仙堡 (Save the Magic Fairy Castle)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 5120:33

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 51

Before rattling in Hell cave, a small blue and play a positive Satsuki tried to stop the use of the power of the dark god of destruction magic fairy castle. Astrological magic fairy to tell, only use enough magic fairy energy, moving the sky nine bane of arrangement, can not be allowed into the array in order to break the power of the god of darkness. Magic fairy Lily Wang purify the dark energy of the body, let her talk Majestic, Miyuki save magic fairy castle together. However, even if combined with the power of spring, autumn and green magic fairy, or the array can not destroy the Bane. According to the analysis astrological magic fairy magic fairy king will Miyuki Majestic and magic to the highest level. Majestic, Miyuki sent to hell mountain, shoot an arrow to the magic fairy Satsuki, seal the god of darkness, and Satsuki recaptured the magic fairy magic fairy castle astrological magic fairy king told God is only darkness and Miyuki Majestic with magic Sin arrow wounded and seal the god of darkness Guna La but still survive and go on relying on the dark forces of darkness still waiting for the next opportunity to break the seal of God break the seal every time the forces of darkness will be more powerful. Magic fairy king let the little blue, recreation, and Miyuki Majestic mountains into hell, Arrow will use magic fairy god of darkness Guna La wipe. However, Majestic, Miyuki magic fairy emitted Arrow was the god of darkness Guna La swallowed, four people disappointed.

52- 人间小魔仙 (Magic Fairy World)

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 5224:35

Balala, Little Fairy - Episode 52

Majestic, Miyuki magic fairy Arrow emitted through the sky in nine bane, to break the power of darkness God. In the fierce explosion, nine Guna La bane even been eradicated. Satsuki fainted after waking up unexpectedly lost his memory, of what he had done no memory of the past, the queen decided to let her start again. Queen give Qi, needed a last minute snow, making it officially the little magic fairy, give them energy box, so that they can at any time enter the magic fairy castle. And Lily can become a little magic fairy practice, can help others re-learn magic. Little Blue is already atone, may again become the guardian of magic fairy. Queen mother love rebuilt with amusement. In the human world, Li and Ma Ling Ma Ling father found her daughter missing, police have been apart more urgent as the pot ants, fortunately, did not take long, three people were already home. A year later, the little blue magic fairy to play and try to upgrade again as examiner came to earth and Majestic, Miyuki reunion. Originally Miyuki Majestic small blue and amusement think can live in harmony, the results because no two people with the subject matter of shirking responsibility, but changed back to the old way.

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